The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, April 19, 1889, Image 5

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J ; < 11
Fl Jftcfnfc PM&
I FltlDAY EVENING. APRIL 10 , 1885) ) .
I [ Has now open a line
I assortment of NEW
[ \ Wall Paper ,
Hy I' H. & M. Tinted Leads
B' ' I for house painting.
I [ | n Please call and exam-
nj | I amine my selection be
ll ! I fore purchasing.
Bl 1 A. McMILLEN ,
H < t A Farm Loan , to get Insured , or have
> \ any Real Estate to Sell or Exchange
H i for Merchandise or other Personal Prop-
I f erty , go to
j F. L. BROWN.
! ' Tribune Building.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
| | CASH ! CASH !
H [ i I / This is to notify our customers that
m I I , . " we will adopt a strictly CASH system
m , of business , May 1st , 1889 , also that
B ; we will sell all goods at greatly rer
M l , duced prices. We do this believing it
H \ I will benefit our patrons as well as our-
H [ 4 , \ [ selves. Our entire stock of Boots and
mfi \ ! x Shoes at cost.
I I Hamilton's Cheap Store.
H | Have just received a new lot of No-
Bf j tions and Millinery. We are not the
H ! I only store in town and don't need courts
Hf or juries to decide qualities or prices as
Hi I our goods will show for themselves.
Hl j Just continue to follow the crowd to
BL • Hamilton's Cheap Store.
Hj j Pony For Sale.
Hl ill A handsome , "single-footer" pony.
Hj | * | Will be sold cheap. Call at this office ,
H | | ! at once.
M * City Drug Store.
H Noble for superb hanging lamps.
Bi ' A fine line of new Curtains at
E ' Pade & Son's.
Hi Ik : r
B j ( New goods received daily at
H j. . A. Oppenheimer's.
For Baby Carriages go to
m ' Pade & Son's.
K . j | "Fresh sausage at the B. & . M.
B ( ' Meat Market.
Hr Large consignment of attractive Fur-
H § i niture at Shahan's.
H | . A full line of gent's furnishing ' goods
H ! , ' cheap at A. Oppenhedier's.
B Fresh and smoked meats of all kinds
B11 at the B. & JUL. Meat Market.
' lV *
Bk i
Rfi Everything fresh and clean in the
B \vay of groceries at Noble's store.
K Buy your hat for spring wear and
B : get it cheap at A. Oppenhedier's.
B v > * Cash paid for live stock , poultry and
Bi , hides at the B. & M. Meat Market
B There is no other way. Buy your
B groceries , queensware , etc. , of Noble.
H A splendid line of patterns in French
B - Satteens at A. Oppenhedier's.
BJ Croquet , Hammocks and Sporting
B- -Goods at
B McCook Book & Stationery Co. 's.
H Xudwick's Pawn Shop. Opposite
B 1. McEntee Hotel. Plenty of cash on
H hand.
B" For home sugar-cured meats hams ,
B breakfast bacon , etc. , go to the B. &
B Meat Market.
B Let us furnish estimates if you wish
B Wall Paper or Shades. We can save
B you money.
B McCook Book & Stationery Co.
B g In thel ine of plain and fancy
B groceries , 0. M. Noble will fill your
B. every want satisfactorily.
B Second Hand Cook and Heating
B , Stores wanted opposite the McEntee.
Bi 3. H. Ludwick.
Bl Every roll of Wall Paper in our stock
B < is first from the factory.
B " " v McCook Book & Stationery Co.
B We have the largest stock of seeds
B for farm , field or garden in the city.
1 Tree seeds a specialty.
| Bj C. GPotter & Co.
Bl If you want nice'tender beefsteak
B'l • .give the B. & M. Meat Market a call.
B \ , 'They butcher none but the choicest of
B& * i Ibeeves.
K& SJ XJiave a large stock of Hose , Lawn
B N \ t , Sprinklers , Hose Keels , and Hose Fix-
B B \ * turesconstantly on hand , of the best
B j . grades. F. D. Burgess.
) y WAGONS ,
BT/7 m ; at McCook Book & Stationery Co. 's.
B t
B T A If you want something handsome in
B jjthe way of a hanging lamp , call on C. M.
B //I "Noble. He is just in receipt of the
B . / / \ largest and finest stock of hanging
BfJ \ Oamps ever brought to southwestern
B i
r )
The following prices for meats will
be offered our customers on and after
April 15th , 3889 :
Loin and Porter House Steak , . . . . 10c.
Round and Shoulders , 7c.
Boasts , 7c.
Boiling Meat , , 3c.
Pork Steak and Boast , 8c.
Pork Sausage , So.
Mutton Chops , lOe.
Mutton Boast , 8c.
Mutton Stew , 3c.
Veal Cutlets 10c.
Veal Roasts , 7c.
Veal Stew , - 3c.
Dry Salt Pork , 10c.
Front Quarters Beef , 3c.
All other meats in proportion.
Brewer & Wilcox.
Pay Your Taxes.
.1 will bo in McCook , at store of
Charles Rogers , to receive taxes on
Thursday and Friday , April 25th and
2Gth , 1889. J. H. Goodrich , Jr. ,
County Treasurer.
Read the lines below , your eyesight is
"George M. Chencry at the City Drup Storo
sells ituro drugs and medicines. "
S100.000 to Loan on Real Estate.
Insurance written in reliable com-
panys , city property for sale and rent.
Office up stairs in Morlan block.
C. J. Ryan.
How Do You Stack Up
For Hay ? Eaton & Co. have quantities
of nice bright hay for sale at lowest mar
ket prices. Call at the
Circi/k Front Livery Barn.
Hall , Cochran & Co. have just received
a large shipment of the celebrated Mil-
burn Tubler-Axe Wagons , which
they are ready to sell at fair prices.
A second-hand Wind Mill and Tow
er , in excellent condition. Inquire of
F. E. Stock at
B. & M. Meat Market.
J For Safe or Trade.
I have a Norman stallion for sale , or
will trade for land or cattle.
F. S. Wilcox.
. A good girl to do general lioustt-
work. Call at once.
A good girl. Inquire at the Commer
cial House at once.
For Sale Cheap.
An M. K. Lewis Well Augur and
Horse Power. Inquire at the
First National Bank.
100 cords of well-seasoned , 4-foot
wood. By Mrs. P. J. Taylor ,
44-8ts. Red Willow , Neb.
A furnished room to rent. Desirably
located. Inquire at The Tribune of-
fice at once.
On first-class farm . 1
- applications. Ap1
ply to Wm. Coleman , at Commercial
Hotel , McCook , Neb. (
Remember Noble for groceries.
• New Rugs at Pade & Son's. '
Go to Noble for your family groceries. ] '
Go to Shahan's for Furniture and
Baby Carriages. i
; '
831F For Refrigerators see
Pade & Son.
A line of trimming silks and plushes '
at A. Oppeniieimer's. j
Ladiesvisit , Shahan's Furniture Store '
and inspect his newly arrived goods.
Rattan and Oak Rockers , justrcceiv- 1
ed , at Pade & Son's. !
Hose , Lawn Sprinklers , Hose Reels j
and Fixtures , for sale by F. D. Burgess , j
League Base Ball supplies at
McCook Book & Stationery Co' , s. J
A great assortmentin ladies' , gent's -
and children's hose at
A. Oppenheimer's.
We make and hang all window shades
bought of us.
McCook Book & Stationery Co. ]
Plumbiug in all its branches prompt- (
ly and skillfully performed by F. D. :
Burgess. ;
Prescriptions accurately com- [
pounded , day or night , at the City '
Drug Store
Noble , the leading grocer , carries the <
most complete line of queensware in the
city. Inspect it.
Frank D. Burgess carries a full stock
of Hose , Lawn Sprinklers , Hose Reels , ]
etc. , :
Go to the Huddleston Lumber Co. ;
for the latest winter styles in Hard :
Soft Coal. :
and • - * *
l-iP'The price of'liberty is eternal '
vigilance , but Noble's prices on groceries ;
are sure to cateh you.
If you have any Second Hand Goods
for sale , postal card notice will receive
prompt attention. J. H. * Ludwick.
J. H. Ludwick will buy and sell or
trade for all kinds of Second Hand
Goods. Opposite McEntee Hotel.
Try us on flour , feed , or seeds , and
we will guarantee satisfaction , in both •
price and quality. Seed sweet potatoes
a specialty. C. G. Potter & Co.
We are receiving all the time new de- ' .
signs in Wall Paper Decorations and
Window Shades at u
McCook Book & Stationery Co. 's.
It Is sprint ? . And bulidinp ; operations are
in full blast
Easter services in ConKK'Katlonal church ,
Sunday evening , by Sunday school.
A large bam is being built on ills Madison
Avenue property , this week , by A. C. Clyde.
IIoksi : Bills Tins TiunuNK lias splendid
facilities for piinting liorso bilR Call and
see our cuts and get figures.
Changes of advcrtUements by Messrs. L.
Lownmu & Son and J. C. Allen & Co. , this
week. Head them carefully. '
Tlio Lord's Supper will be held at the
Lutheran church , next Sunday , at 10 : $ ) .
Special Easter Services at 7:3C. All are In
This week , UBefniieiiper , the tailor , makes
an announcement of interest to ali our lead
ers who need anything in the merchant tall-
oting line.
A recent Issue of the Bloonn'ngtoa (111. ( )
Pantagraph continued twentyfivecolumns
of lax sales. And McLain is one of Illinois'
finest counties
School books , blank books , scale books ,
letter copying books , legal and land blanks ,
pens , inks , pencils , tablets , etc. , at Tiie
TmiiuNE office.
Dr. L. W. Critser , physician and surgeon ,
offers his professional services to the people
of McCook and vicinity. Office opposite the
Ailington House.
Work is progressing on Larry McEntee's
brick residence on Mucfarland htiei-c , north
of Joe McManigsil's property. It will be a
cicdit to tho owner and city.
A more recent slang word is "crab. " To
"crab" or do the "crab" act , is to go back on
one's friends , etc. ; and like ail slang words
or expressions it is veiy expressive , at least.
The retail merchants of Beatrice have
formed an association for mutual protection
against the omnipresent "dead-beat. " A
similar organization might be beneficial to
McCook merchants.
The Society of Christian Endeavor hold a
pop corn social in the Congregational church ,
next Thursday evening , the 26th inst. , to
which all are respectfully invited. The ad
mission fee is 10 cents.
Are you seeking an investment ? Aie you
thinkiug of building ? See F. L. Brown's ad
vertisement in this issue conceiing the TJ. S.
Loan and Investment Co. ot Omaha , Neb. ,
of which lie is local agent.
The greatest vaiiety of tablets in tills sec-
tion of Nebraska may bo found at The Tkit
BU2E Stationery Department. The line has
just been largely increased. Call and see
the assortment and get prices.
The list of patents in this issue of the
Courier , printed in Indianola , this county ,
are taken from Tiie Tkibune sans credit.
As the Courier is very particular in this rei
spect , it is perhaps an oversight.
We have for sale in our Stationery Depart-
ment one hundred pounds of fine paper cut
into various sizes for figuring pads. Every
business man should lay in a supply , Only
13 cents a pound. Don't forget us if you
want any figuring pads.
The blacksmith shop of Predmore Bros ,
was the scene of a robbery , Wednesday
night , quite a number of tools , drills and the
like , being taken. No clue. The boys rej
port their loss quite considerable , some of
their best tools being missing.
.Elsewhere appears the advertisement of
Directors Ebenezer Addlefaddle , Epaphordi-
tes Ilutton and Ichabod Pecksniff , of district
No. 17 , for a pedagogue. The spring session
opens , in the Menard on the evening of May
2d. Tou should attend one and all.
An irrigating ditch over a mile long is be-
ing j excavated from the river to his land
by | Andrew Carson , one of our most ener
getic i "up river" farmers. It is to be arrang- '
ed so that a considerable portion of his land J
may be irrigated , for "gaiden truck" and
hay land purposes.
Lent is coming to a close and the forty days ,
or to be exact , forty-six , of thought on relig-
ious matters , and , peihaps , of self-denial , i
will not come again for another j'ear , There j
ismoreover , sweet memory about these fasts <
and feasts , whether one believes in their util- <
ity or not , but it does seem as if there was a
dignity in the church crying "halt" to the
"fashionables" ' once a year. But really it is
a simple matter to keep Lent and physically <
it is a pleasure.
This week , The Huddleston Lumber Co.
purchased lot 19 , block 2S , from Banker Clark
of Jlolyoke , Colo. , and leased lots 20 , 21 , 22 , 1
in same block , thus giving them control of :
the entire west half , of block 2S. Their pres
ent offices , or new quarters , will be in due c
time be located facing Marshall street and on i
the Dennison street lot , which will place i
them in much better position to improve the s
shining business hours as they pass. t
Early in the week , S. W. Huddleston ex
hibited tho soundness of his 'judgment and .
the quality of his confidence in McCook's fu
ture by purchasing three lots on Upper Main ,
Avenue fioin H. W. Cole , Esq. , who held ,
contract from theLincoln Land Co. for same. .
Mr. Huddleston has one ot tiie choicest loca- .
tions in the city and in the course of events r
hopes to have erected thereon a comfortable , ;
commodious and convenient home , in which {
the ornate will not be lacking.
The detestible dog poisoner is putting in ]
his odd time , just now , and as is usually the i
case , a number of valuable and highly prized 1
canines have climed the golden staiis by that 3
route , among the number being those of Tony 1
Probst and W. M. Lewis , the former's dog 1
dying in the owner's stable on West Denni-
son street , Lewis' large animal being found
dead in front of Tire Tiubuxe office , early t
yesterday morning. Unfortunately the crop
of worthless curs is still by far too great. j
The improvements now progressing on 1
Register Hart's farm east of the city are of a t
most substantial character. The dwelling is (
being increased in height to full two stories , 1
besides a large addition is being built to the 1
same ; all of which will make it a model 1
fdrm house , commodious and convenient. A (
new well of ample flow of the costal liquid 1
has been sunk ; trees and vines planted in j
prbfusiou ; fences , eta , provided as the needs i
of the case required. Mr. and Mi's. Hai t exj
pect to occupy this new , suburban home the 1
first of the coming month. 1
While F. O. Newman was driving Regis
ter Hart's blooded colt. Sunday afternoon , '
the high-spirited animal , in some inexplicaj j
ble manner , got one les over one of the
shafts , and became unmanageable. Newman
was thrown out of thecartauddniggedsome 1
distance , when he fortunately extricated s
himself from a perilous position. In the <
runaway following , the animal was badly in1 1
jured , one of the thills penetrating through a i
front leg , making a large , ugly wound , i
which may result seriously. The aniinal is 1
a very valuable one , the Register has refnsed <
§ 400 for her , and it is to be hoped that i
the injury may not be permanent. F. O. had ]
a narrow escape , upon which iio congratu- i
lates himself , as the outlook for him for a :
while was not particularly loseate. I
The New Form of Proof Notice.
Genkual Land Okftci : , >
Washington , D. C , Marcli 30 , ' & ) . J
Register and Reckivkh ,
McCook , Nebraska.
Gentlemen : I transmit herewith 200
now forms of "notice for publication" (4-347) ( )
with tho following clause attached : "Any
person who desires to protest against the al
lowance of such proof , or who knows of any
substantial reason under tho law and the icg-
ulations of the Interior Department , why
such proof should not be allowed , will be
given an opportunity at the above mentioned
time and place to cross-examine the witnesses
of said claimant , and to olfer evidence m re
buttal of that submitted by claimant. "
You will immediately on receipt of these
blanks acknowledge the receipt thereof , and
return all of the old form "notice for pub
lication" in your office , and hereafter use
only the new forms furnished.
Very Respectfully ,
S. M. Stockslagek , Com.
CSsTWe havo a supply of the new forms
in stock at this office.
Nebraska Sunday School Association.
State Seciietaky's Office , I
Fremont , Neb. . April 15. J
The twenty-second annual convention of
tills association is hereby called to meet in
the city of Tecumseh , Tuesday afternoon ,
June 11 , to continue in session until Thurs
day evening , June 13,18S9.
William Reynolds , Esq. , of Peoria , 111. ,
president of the international Sunday school
convention , will be present to aid by wise
counsel gleaned by his wide experience. Tho
usual railway courtesies may be expected by
the delegates. Tho people of Tecumseh ex
tend cordial welcome to tho Master's work
men , and hospitality is most heartily proffer
ed to pastors , superintendents and delegates.
In behalf of the executive committee.
I. P. GAGE , State Sec.
Ready for Active Business.
The secretary of state , Friday , filed for re
cord articles incorporating the Nebraska
Loan and Banking. Company , which desig
nates McCook , Red Willow county , as the
principal place of business and'asserts an
authorized capital of S100,000. Ninety-nine
years , dating from April 8 , is , the indicated
duration of the enterprise. Banking in its
broadest sense , is tho purpose of the com
pany , the solvency of which is attested by
the following named gentlemen , who are tho
incorporators of the institution : Charles E.
; Shaw , C. A. YanPelt , Jay Olney , Evan D.
VanPelt , Henry O. Wait aud Clarence A.
Thompson. t
School Census Reports.
It is of vital importance that school census
reports : be sent into the state superintendent
by ] May 1st , at the very latest. Those having
charge , of this matter in this county's various
districts i , should see to it , without fail , that
reports ] are transmitted to the proper author
ity ] , not later than the 1st May. There are
at ; this writing more than a score of districts
delinquent ' in this respect.
District School Teacher Wanted.
The Board of Directors of School district
No. 17 are authorized to hire a teacher for
the i Spring session which commences May 2d ,
18S9 , atMenards Opera Hall. He must be a
single man , sound in body and intellect , not
afraid j to use the rod. Wages , S10 per month ,
aud j "board around. "
( Ebenezek Addlefaddll.
Directorsr-j Epaphrodites Hutton.
( Ichauod Pecksniff.
City Clerk's Office. \
. McCook , Neb. , April 17,1SS9. j
Sealed bids will be received by the City
Council for team , wagon and driver to work
for the city by the month. On sprinkler
when required. Bids may bo filed with the
undersigned at any time before 5 , P. M. ,
April 24,1SS9. J. E. Kelley ,
City Clerk.
We are requested by C. T. Watson , local
manager of the Western Union , to announce
that there lias been a permanent reduction
in telegraphic rates , the most important re
ductions , however , being in rates to points
east , the Nebraska rate being the same.
Two good office rooms. Inquire of Frees
& Hocknell Lumber Co.
A 4-room house north of Catholic church.
Inquire of W. H. Davis.
A man who kicks his wife out of bed on a
cold wmtpr morning when the thermometer
is twenty degrees below zero to build a fire ,
is a mean man. A church member worth
5100,000 and pays only one dollar per year to
the church , is a very mean cus with whom
the angels will never care to associate , a.
man who will live two \ \ eeks on a soup made
from two horn buttons , is a mean , niggardly
creature on whom the devil would never care
to feast. The man who will beat hi child
for poking its finger into a pail of water and
then inquiring what become of the hole when
it took its finger out , is a terribly mean man.
The man who loafs on street coiners for
the sole purpose of making remarks about
the ladies who chance to pass by , is one who
ought to be stretched up by the heels till the
part where his brains ought to be is filled
with blood. But J. D. Sexson , of Spring
field , Neb. , who took the Pioneer for overlO
years without paying for it and then put it
back in the postoffice , marked "Refused , " is
aboutthe meanest man the Lord ever let live.
We have the names of a few more men about
as mean that we will publish in the near fu
ture. Arapahoe Pioneer.
We notice by our exchanges in this sena
torial district that it is pretty generally ex-
pected and desired that Senator Lindsay of [
this city , will soon receive the appointment ,
of Register of the McCook land office. It is
not unlikely that he may receive the appoint
ment Certain it is that no better appoint
ment could , be made. Mr. Lindsay is well '
qualified to discharge the duties of the office.
It would bother anyone to state a good rea- '
son why he should not have the appointment '
if lie wants it We judge that he would feel ;
at liberty to accept the position should , it be
tendered him. While we should very much
regret to lose Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay from
Beaver City , we are the last to impose any
objection , should he regard the tender of the
place in a favorable light Beaver City '
As the lawns about the city are showing
themselves in their delicate green tiie thought
arises that this color is the leas : tiring to the
eye of all the colors , due to the fact that the
number of pulsations on the retina of the eye
in receiving this color is very uiuch less than '
is the case with other colors. Some will say
that this is a special arrangement of nature ,
while others will say that the eye has become
accustomed to the universal green , and if the
prevailing color had been red the same re
sult would have been brought about by the
same experience and association. Yoii' are
free to choose.
vr f +
, • ± a ,
MlMTIifa Humes Is spending "this week at
her In iiil" In ladlunola.
C.T. UrowcrwasonthoSouthOmnhnmarker ,
Momlur , with another shipment ofcnttk * .
Dr U.J ) . Davis was called down to Aiiipa-
hoo , this morning' , on a "consultation cuac. "
T uaourer Moreo of Dundy county n-us down
from llunkolman , yeslcrOuv , 011 business bent.
Judge Israel and Frcomrii Scott or Rcukil-
man aro down from tho ucst , to-dny , on mat
ters of business.
C.T. ltrowor Is confined to bed with an un
conscionable case of "big head , " technically
known as mumps.
Miss Tbcodosla Laws departed , Wednesday
morning , for her Lincoln home , after a few
duy's visit to friends In tho city and vicinity.
Joo McColougb , a finished tonsorial artist ,
arrived from Lincoln , Tuesday morningand
has taken 11 chair in Simpson's shop. His wife
accompanied him.
Poto Miller , Andy Hatch and "Nttsby" Yates ,
three of Hayes Centro's clever and onterpris-
ing business men , were In tho citj , Monday ,
on land business.
Chas. W. Knights , wife and daughter Mattlo ,
of McCook , were tho guests of friends and rel
atives here , the fore part of tho woek. Cam
bridge Kaloidoscopo.
C W. Beck was up from Hartley , yesterday ,
securing advertisements for the premium list
of the county fair to be held in Indianolu , this
fall. He was quite successful.
O. E. McPherson succeeded in getting homo
safely Saturday ovoning , with his commission
for county dork in his pocket. Wo congratu
late him. Phillips County ( Colo. ) News.
Col. K. M. Snavely , state's attorney , exhibit
ed his stalwurt proportions and ample bum-
sides on the streots of tho metropolis , yester
day. Legal business was his mission galore.
Pat Walsh will move his family to McCook ,
about tho middle of the month , where he goes
to look after his business. Tills will make a
vacancy in the city council. Holyoko Herald.
Hilen Trowbridge left on Sunday evening's
passenger to report for duty at Omaha. His
run will be on the Alliance branch of the B. &
M. , betweon tho capital and Box Butto's prin
cipal town.
Dr. A. R. Mitchell , ono of Lincoln's leading
physicians , was up to see Mrs-Louis Lowman ,
Monday. Mrs. Lowman is Improving slowly ,
but the condition of her eyes still requires
them to be bandaged.
C. F. Babcock started , Sunday , to drive his
fine team of thoroughbreds to Denver , where
ho hopes to dispose of them at a fancy price to
some enthusiastic fino stock lover of tho
"Queen City of the Plains. " He will be absent
until the first proximo.
Rev. S. P. Dillon of Litchfield , Sherman Co. ,
has been in tho city , tho past week , the guest
of friends. He filled the M.E. pulpit , last Sun
day , in a very satisfactory manner. Be v. Dil
lon was chaplain of the lower house during
tho last session of thelegislature. Ho is a cous
in of Mrs. M. A. Northrup.
Pat. Walsh has returned from nolyoke and
will conduct tho West Dennison streot saloon
of Walsh & Boyd in the future. Mr. Boyd will
bo in charge of the saloon shortly to bo opened
in the old McCracken building , opposite tho
now First National bank. The building is now
undergoing extensive lepairs and improve
ments to that end.
No. 2 , through passenger , 5J5 , A. M.
No. 4. local passenger , 0:05. : P.M.
No. 128. way freight 5:15 , A.M.
S3EWay freight No. 130 arrives from west at
4:30 : , P. M. , mountain time.
No.3 , local passenger , 7:35. A.M.
No. 1 , through passenger , 9:30 , P.M.
No. 129 , way freight 5:45 , A.M.
"Wny freight No.127 arrives from the east
at 7:20. P. M. , central time.
A. Campbell , Supt. A. J. Welch , Agent.
Engineers' and firemen's time books lor sale
at The McCook Tiubune oifice.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Goodwin departed , Mon
day evening , for Curtis , where Mr. Goodwin is
located for tho present.
Mrs. NT L. Cronkhite of Hastings spent Sun
day and Monday in the city , the guest of her
daughter , Mrs. J. H. Burns.
Mrs. J. J. Bcid , mention of whoso serious
illness was made , last week , has been given up
and her death is expected at any time.
Engineer Frank Uhler of the "Sunllower"
branch , who has been at headquarters a few
days , returned to Oxford , last evening , to re-
sumehisrun. *
Sunday was a day of mixed pleasure and
pain to the boys. It was pay day. It was also
the day when an order for further retrench
ment went into effect , and quite a number of
the company's employes "walked the clank. "
By a card received at these headquarters
from Deeorah , Iowa , we learn that Miss Lucie 1
Thomson , formerly of Bed Cloud , was recent-
ly united in marriage to Mr. E. McCullow , and '
has again returned to Nebraska to live. Her
home will hereafter be at Curtis. Bed Cloud 1
Contractors Lewis & Searls are putting ud a '
dwelling for Conductor Ed. Kane. It is locat- '
ed on the sightly slope in tho northwestern [
part of the city , and upon completion will be '
one of our prettiest homes. The house is
planned after the Oyster residence on Upper
Main Avenue.
A head-end collision between a light engine
and freighttrulu No. 27 , was narrowly averted ,
Wednesday evening , this side of the "Nar- :
rows. " We understand that the engineer of (
the light locomotive pulled out without orders j
and met No. 27 , this side of the "Narrows , "
as above stated , fortunately seeing the train 1
in time to avert a collision , however.
The Burlington officials , Messrs. Holdrege , .
Stone , , Peasley , Calvert , all of the division
superintendents and assistant superintend- .
cnts , were here Monday in consultation as to
the advisability of cutting down the force of .
the road's employes , in all departments , at '
least 20 per cent. This move creates a good
deal of excitement among the employes of the '
road , and many of them are consequently on
the anxious seat. The action of the confer- :
ence cannot yet bo ascertained , but Ihe feel- '
mg is strong that there will be a general lopp- ;
ing off of the company's help. Bee. ]
The recent long distance runs of Iocoxno- .
tives and crews on eastern and western :
railroads foreshadow an early radical change ]
in the present system of train running. For :
sevoral months past new and improved loco
motives havo been in operation on the Penn- ]
sylvauia road , making the trip from New York <
to Pittsburg without change , and also on the j
New York Central between New York and
Buffalo. These tests have proved entirely sat- ,
isfactory , and demonstrated the capacity of J
first-class engines for distance as well as
speed. The annoynnces of frequent crews are '
obviated and a considerable saving in time
and money effected. Several 6uch tests have
been made on the western roads , notably on
ttm Union Pacific and Chicago & Northwestern
It is confidently inserted that In a few years
four and flvt * hundred mile inns will become '
IhesiveniKuof. psssomjer eruns. The time is
not distant when trains will regularly run five
hundred miles in from twelve to ten hours ,
11 hi ' > niHii ii TiiiiiiiiWi ' | ' 'uVy p J
In order to reduce my largo stock of Spring M
Goods , will sell them at the following H
Business Suits from $22.00 up. H
Business Pants from $ 5.00 up. H
All other suits in proportion. All orders receive prompt 1
attention. If required , will make you a suit in 2d hoars. . M
Main Avenue , building formerly oc-1 T\IY . tf 'niYlr7 ! * "ivi ia ' ! rT ! H
111 .
cupied by First National Bunlc. f L.V > UUJV , JA OUXtlSJVcl. H
The U. S. Loan andjnvestment Go , of Omaha , Neb.
Will furnish tho means to build a home , pay off a mortgage cancel u debt , or educate your H
children , and take had ; the amount in small monthly puyments , on a less rate than ordiuury B
rentals , and n lesser interest than is charged tiy other money loaning institutions. H
Or it will receive small deposits of fixed amounts from thoso who desire to invest their sav- H
ings and not becomo borrower and iimko oach deposit earn from ten to thirty per cent , a year H
ns though they wero a part of a htrgo investment , us per examples given below , showing tho H
estininted cost and protlt derived by both the borrowor and non-borrower , on u ccrtlllcato of H
one share in llvo years , or one-half of tho full maturity period. M
Of a Certiflsata cf Oas Chito 1 ; Fho Tears. Earleg , tecsr a Honfctr Six lljatfc : aal BcnsTtag 5500.00 | H
Pays a membership fee of $10.00 Has paid a membership Too of $ 10.00 |
Sixty monthly installments of $ : t 00 Pays during the 5 yenrs to monthly In- 1
each lbO.OO statlmontsof ? . ' 100cnch , 180.00 M
Twenty quarterly installments of 2.50 Twonty quarterly Installments of S.fiO. . . 50.00 H
each . ' 0 00 Also his interest of $3.S3i5 per month H
A cancellation fee of 10.00 lor fr ! months 180.00 H
Making a total of all expenses for tho Also pays tho principal $3.S1M per mouth , l
aro years of S M.OO ror&t months 180.00 M
He is then Entitled to $500,00.c' ' "u"'SSV = ; r' S
Tho non-borrower has had the adrantngc of As his shares havo arrlrcd at their ilflh year 1
our peculiar system of accumulation , wherematurity period , his certificate aud Ioawill H
by every installment paid in draws interest be cancelled. Thus the borrower has hiuV.tho H
immediately and is compounded monthly : he usoof his money in adranco of accumulating H
has participated in the lapse prollts , and the his savings mid pay theroforo but $110 , or nov H
accumulation from flues , dues aud penalties , quite llvo per cent , per annum , for ho com- H
has had an absolutely secure investment , unbines his loan with an Investmonr , mid whllo , H
disturbed by fluctuating values , aud has realrepay Injr the loun , is realizing upon tho invest- H
ized a clear prollt of ono hundred per cent , in 5 ment. Ho also knows in advance Just what | H
years , whilo accumulating the capital paid in. he will pay and how long ho will pay it. H
For further particulars of tho plan , call on "J ? T TJlJOWTV A ° * 01lt \ 1
County Commissioners' Proceedings.
Countv Cleiik's Office. I
Indianola , Neb. . April lUth. 1&9. f
Board of County Commissioners met pursu
ant to adjournment. Present , Stephen Bollcs ,
Henry Crabtree and C. T. Blackmail , commis
sioners , and Geo.W. Koper , clerk. Minutes of
previous meeting read and approved.
In the matter of the Bartley Village Bonds ,
Board proceeded to ascertain tho result of tho
canvas of votes cast at tho special election
hold in the village of Bartley , April 8th , life ! ) ,
upon the proposition to issue bonds of said
village in the amount of § 2,000.00 to aid the
Bartley Canal Co. to complete their canal and
construct a dam across the Bepublican Hirer.
Tho Board And that more than two-thirds of
tho votes cast at said election were in favor of
said proposition and it is hereby ordered that
the notice of adoption of said proposition bo
published in the Bartley Inter-Ocean of Bart-
lev. Bed Willow Co , Neb. , for two successive
weeks as by law required.
On motion the appointment of Will Gillen ,
constable of Indianola precinct , was revoked
for tho reason that said appointment was ille
gal and void , for at tho time of said appoint
ment there was no vacancy in said office.
In the matter of tho petition of Milton Van-
Doren et al. , asking for license to sell malt ,
spirituous and vinous liquors in the Village
of Danbury , on motion same was rejected and
license not granted.
On motion the following claims were allowed
on county bridge fund levy 18S8 , as follows :
John Sheppard , work on bridge at Mc
Cook , S10.00
LaTourette A : Co. , nails for bridges $22
Frees & Hocknell Lumber Co. , bridge
material 21.77
On motion the following claim was allowed
on county road fund levy 188S , as follows :
Western Wheel Scraper Co. , one rever
sible wheel scraper. $225.00
Road No. 212. Petition of C. F. Buhler et
al. , for consent road , read , considered and
granted ' , establishing a public road as follows :
Commencing at a point 80 rods east of S. W.
corner Sec. 2 , Town. 4 , Range 26 , thence north
one mile to county line and terminating
thereat. <
Vacating Road. Petition of George Wil-
helm : et al. , for vacation of public road , read ,
considered 1 and granted , vacating public road
as follows , to-wit : Commencing atN.W. cor
ner Sec. 2 , Town. 4 , Ranse 2C , thence south on
section line to S. W. corner of said section ,
thence east on said section line 80 rods , and
terminating thereat.
Road No. 213. Petition of Samuel Teeters
et i al. , for consent road , read , considered and
granted , establishing a public road as follows ,
to-wit ; : Commencing at N. E. corner Sec. 2-1 ,
Town. 4 , Range 27 , thence west one mile to N.
W. corner of said section 24 , and terminating
Road No. 214. Petition of Frank Moore et
al. , for consent road , read , considered and
granted , establishing a public road as follows :
Commencing at S. E. corner Sec. 2 , Town. 3 ,
Range 28 , thence west on section line to S. W.
corner section 3 , same town , and range , and
terminating thereat.
On motion the following claims were allow
ed 1 on county general fund levy 1838 , as fol
lows :
State vs. Shaffekt. W. S. Phillips , clerk ,
? 3.43 : H. W. Kcyes , judge , 5:35 : ; Lee Starbuck ,
deputy sheritf , 19.10 ; Adam Grass , interpreter.
5.00. m \
State vs. Russell. James Hetheringtoa- \
clerk , 3.63 ; John Welborn , sheriff , 30.50. JaBR ! ?
State vs. Walsh.W.S. . Phillips , cler&j wl. j
E. C. O'Donnell , police judge , 3.45 ; Lee StaP ? ,
buck , attending court , 1.00 ; A.Dewey , police ,
State vs.Dibble. W.S.Phillipsclerk,9.35 ;
H. W. Keyes , judge , 11.75 ; Lee Starbuck , dep
uty sherifl , 20.50 ; H. Crabtree , deputy sheriff , I
3.20. j
Witness Fees. J. W. Hupp , 14.00 , allowed j
at9.00 ; W.T.Evans , 11.00 , allowed at 9.00 ; L. I
F. Nichols , 9.40 , allowed at 9.00 : B. A. Johnson. '
19.00 , allowed at 9.00 ; C.A.Johnson , Jr.,9.00 ;
C. T. Blackman , 9.00 ; L. W. Robinson , 9.C0 ; F.
M. Pennington , 9.00 : J. W.McClung , 2.0) , al
lowed at 1.00 ; J. H. Goodrich , Jr.,2 00 , ' alio ' wed '
at 1.00 ; C. F. Woehner , 2.00 , allowed at 1.00 : J.
J. Lamborn , 2.00. allowed at 1.00 ; J. W. Dolan , 1
2.00. allowed at 1.00 ; T. P. Crumbaugh. 2.00. al- !
lowed at l. 0 ; 1.31. Beardslee. 2.00 , allowed at'
1.00 ; C. S. Quick. 2.00 , allowed at 1.00. j
State vs. Dc > 2 \ W. S.Phillips , clerk , 18 3S ; j '
L. L. Hulburd , justice. 4.70 ; W. O. Russell ,
sheriff , 22.10 : Lee Starbuck , deputy sheriff ,
1.25 ; J. H. Knowles. sheriff Furnas Co. , 2.G0.
Witnesses. H. II. Pickerel ! , 9.00 ; Mrs. H.H.
Pickerell,9.00 : C.B.Gray. 5.50 ; William Gay ,
8.00 ; John P. Eksardt , 5 50 ; G. W. Starr. 5 50 :
J. M. Farrington. 8.00 ; Lee Starbuck , 2.10 ; H.
Crabtree , 210 : W. O. Russell , 2.10-
State vs. Sheiieey & Rowe. E. C. O'Don
nell , police judge , 10.50 ; J. H. Bennett , city
marshal , 8.00 ; John C. Laus , witness. 2.00 ; J.
P. Burton , witues2.00 ; Mike Dillon , witness ,
Fees Mauch Teum District Coukt. W. O.
Russell , sheriff , 2.75 ; W. S.Phillips , clerk , 4.00 :
Leo Starbuck , deputy sheriff , 3.75 ; n.Crabtree ,
bailiff , 12.00 : W. O. Russell and deputy , 28.00. H
Special Election , Bahtley , Aimul 8,1889. H
S. Grlssoll , judge , 2.00 ; F. A. Leap , judge , H
2.00 ; Z.T.McCoIlum , Judge , 2.00 ; C. W. Beck H
clerk , 2.00 ; G. W. Bartlett , clerlr , 2.00 ; S. W * . H
Gossard , canvassing returns , 2.00 ; C. D. Cra- H
mer , canvassing returns , 2.00. H
Geo. A. Hobson. boarding Jurors , $0.25 H
J. Byron Jennings , attorney , defend- H
Ing Thos. Dunn , 50.00 H
S. R.Smith , attorney , defending J. W. H
Lashley , 25.00 H
R. M. Snavely , attorney for county , Co. H
vs. C.B.&Q. I J. R..S35.00. allowed at 25.00 M
It. M. Snavely , county attorney , salary H
flrstquarter 200.00 H
Julia A. Fov , boarding pauper , 12.00 H
Wilcox & Fowler , mdse , for pauper , Mrs. H
E.E.Waite , 2087 M
J. E. Kelley , list of lands proved upon. . 2.70 H
C. E. Frederick , blank claims 0.00 M
S. W. Gossard , repairing Jail wall 1.00 H
T. B. Stutzman , mod. attendance pauper H
Mr8.M. Doyle 11.85 H
Joseph Menard , good3 furnished "Coun- H
tv Hahv' " " • ' " * l 1
Huddleston Lumber Co. , coal for jail , . . . 3.75 H
Omaha Republican Co. , blanks for clerk H
or court , 1.50 |
Omaha Republican Co. . blanks for cleric H
Ofcourt.r „ 17.50 H
State Journal Co. , supplies for C. II 25.10 fl
Stephen Bollcs. services Co. Com 4.50 H
Henry Crscbtrce , 3.00 M
C. T. Blackman , 8.43 M
On motion board adjourned to meet May H
Attest : Chairman. M
GEO. W. ROPElt , Clerk. H
o M
Ilattie Bunnell from Indianola has enroll- M
ed in the third irradc. |
irisses Edna Meserve and Theo. Laws vis- H
ited the High School room , last Friday. H
The amount deposited in the saving's bank , S
this week , was ST.09 ; Miss Murpliy/s depart- H
ment having $4.20. H
Several of the pupisin ! the pi iinary grades , |
who have been effected with mumps , return- H
ed to bchool , this week. H
The sixth and seventh grades have been H
having some written examinations in arith- H
metic , this week. The average of the seventh H
being 90 per cent , and of the sixth grade H
SG per cent. H
It is requested that the attention of the H
parents be called to the fact that pupils who H
are absent four half days in four consecutive H
weeks , without satisfactory excuses , are lia- H
ble to suspension.
The following named pupils spelled their
respective schools down , last Friday : High H
School room , Ben Homer. Grammar De- H
partmenl , Selma Xoren , and 3Iiss Condit's
Department , Maggie Cullen.
The present enrollment in the High School 9
room is 31 , Grammar Department 50 , Miss I
Murphy's Department CSMiss Hart's Depart-
ment 09 , Miss McXamara's Department G7 , I
Mi&s Condit's Department 55 , and Miss Kee's
Department SO. Making a total of 420.
| | ? | yJC S OF LAND 1,200 I
KirsJ Quarter Circle "C" Stock and
Gra 5rCorey.3iniles - east of
Fa1fGiw i pSg tlie market , and will
be sold ' body-er ft Mlei-s to suit the * '
purchaoer , fotl oi ilfc gj location !
and soil in the coWy. CI Jfcij iujiiiial- 5- " „ 4. i
lyonllay. 400 acp Wfe.i % fe0O ? M \
acres plow and pastui . ' gjjgggjgj f | | )
crop. 2acres heavy ash /50j wfllc < v * . k ?
of river front. Wind mill and tan s-isi K * ' " * - * * j § | | 1
7-room frame house and stabling for S0lw& fk"IgK f
of stock. 10 miles of wire fence. Xo Iieavy T f „ I B.
mortgages to pay. United States patent ! and * lj& 1
warranty deeds for title. Don't miss this lpH !
chance , as 1 am bound to sell and will make "lIcBt
lower prices and better terms than any live R 5
man in the Valley. Iieason for telling , want Ufc
to ' go back to mv old love , the Pacific Coast , 5H *
md the photograph business. Address , A.V. . * !
Corey , McCook , Nebraska , Lock Box 400 , or 'v&sm.
call at farm. \ C fl *
Pay Your Water Tax. ; ip * {
Pay your Lawn Tare before nsing water on $ & * * *
lawn , trees or garden , as water will be turn- V
ed off from all service without notice , where *
water is being used for any purpose not paid | '
for. C. II. Meekek , Supt. Ij
| j
A Pop Cam Social. \
The members of tho Society of Christian I
Endeavor will take pleasure in entertaining 1
their friends at the Congregational church , I
Thursday evening , April 25th. Admission , I
two nlckles , I
Ii i ,
1 A