The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, October 12, 1888, Image 5

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    | 1L Friday nvKxixc. ocr. is. isai
Pi gj * Stationery. Suluxrf Supplier
* * Ill&nk Books. Lcpul Blanks.
r Itemetuber Noble Fur groceries.
Sweet cider at the City Bakery.
Noble for superb hanging lumps.
Freeh candies at the City Bakery.
Qt. f School books at cost at TuE TltlliUXE
eiIt , offic * .
EETDr. Halls office , over First Na
tiotial bank.
SSB FrPsh sausage at the B. & . M.
Meat Market.
fi Try McMillcti ' s • • Ketch 'Em and Keep
Id | "Em * * fly paper.
I Best quality of Hani and Soft coal
• sold by Howard Lumber. Co.
Fresh and Miioketl meats of all kinds
at the B. : M. Meat Market.
I A coiisijr ujent of nice fresh oysters
I just received at the City Bakery.
j Everything froli and clean in the
I # ay of groceries at Noble ' s store.
CasU paid f jr livt * stock , poultry and
I hides at the B. & MMeat Market.
. Th re is no other way. Buy your
gToceriesqueenswareetc.of Noble.
If t tt want o mI coal try the
I G te McCracketis for miiMeal instru
ments. We have everything in that
A fuM Ke * * f strictly pure spice. for
1 pickles , sauces , ete , at the City Drug
Plumbing ih alt its brunches prompt *
Ij aj ? I skiHfuIfy performed by F. D.
r I Burgess
A j DRs ! Dolls ! ! DOLLS ! ! ! All
) \ I Hb& . AM size * . AH prices. At
f McMillan ' s Drl'g Store.
1 S The price of liberty is eternal
| i vigUaaee , bet Noble ' s prices ou groceries
! I I are sere u * catch y * a-
I | N w is the time to .ret your winter
supply f Hard and Soft coal from
The Howard Lumber Co.
I A skipaeat f freh candies just re
ceived at tke City Bakery. Call while
tioj are Froh a . aiie.
Tke celeVrat t 4 OH > wagmi for sale b\
! LoLis & M * mMr. Alspri wagons.
j ksg fes etc AM very cheap.
& A carina f Dakota Hard Wheat
" " FJ er Wit receive * at
CG 1'OTTEB. & CO ' S.
A Wr aift ! We kre just a few d * zen
' . We will sell
rses s aj fai-iB hts Left.
t * H at § ! , * -k _ THE FAMOUS.
TUs veek.L t 4 & 3Inr ar hare re-
Fait afni winter
eetffe a cxr-l a4 f
vkeat Sec TWy • aery the best grades.
! lf jmt 'w t aire te I-T beefsteak
* eke IS , & M. M U Market a eatl.
TW * botcher M e Wt the ebvMest t f
k v r. AAKii til e * telte
y-t p < ? fcwl M 8w4" Sf r arEs. Four
ift-kz j , air etwi a-t * hr > t\ls.
Tfce H K-kK LrxBEac C ca f r
j&h. # fc * dtf wniww * * * J J a-
l-r x lfc W * ft iwi ss * j a a br > t
< db o aMkcl-
I hJal & X m v rt a * fHB4ete |
I I * * • & # f • * * t * o * > -bf 6eI.a d it * fact
W • f : nrmrj b nr I jlaw JwL , • * a Sfct doss
5 era i m i
i Ny 4bMe * MMtg imitJ J a Joufclir
I I s < * m * * * y e p tw T-8' * * , * * r
I | * ifcaft a c THK FAMOUS.
I Qfmmimm * * yi A-UhWeawkt
% -j i wiLf V w 't o t * s < > e bim if
v 2 jiirirr1 * WmK. G-4 x rkawR-
B thif jiimiotr > l rW 4 r Wve t.
&mw * * * e fc * p fer s < have
lli jr Ji dl > y nitAi t w ir.i < wt th * ftBt
, < h r J * * amd m * fK * * A itaiwi
aoiufijiiw .
rmdbh hi i- -e i
if , c w S i > g
afae r rf a hs = * * - * * • • c-M
t IUh > aw * * < * f th *
4 leaf * * r Wws k s ths-eseerB
t Sr nfwiriiTs c Ti CS R wrj ? reot
; zlof < tc • • • f fcrf a < B * hfcr at wt
i < < f A * Mwr jf rty Rn * &W b the
i I Ss k rrgttwufwtl e' * > * * . N ! • *
I H&er hoss si tt5tj
| a * $ * • * owl M
A HSwU ! * 5 * 8 & 4 afre h
tl Sie f s Bi gs frc fe foJI aWg iatrts
Pay Your Subscription
Quite a number our of subscriber
ara in arrears one year or more , t
cordial ard prsssing invitation is ex
tended such to call promptly an. .
$5 000.00 !
We have $5,000.00 to place oi
good farms during the next 20 days
So delay if security is approved.
Hocknell Brick Upstairs.
$ iQOooo.da
To loan on deeded lands. Mone )
advanced to make final proofs. Offfci
opposite Arlington Hotel.
At the Commercial House. Cai
G to Nolile For your family groceries
School hooks at cost at TlIK TltlBUNI
Fresh oysters at the City Bakery
Just received.
Ilt'iupuiber that Lelaud & Morrow sel
the reliable Olds wagon.
Nothing but Freshest and puresl
drugs at the City Drusr Store.
Go to Lelaud & Morrow for every
thing in the flour and Feed line.
Citv Hotel & Star Restaurant
The place For a good meal and clean bed
Farmers , the place For you to stop al
is the City Hotel & Star Restaurant
George M Chenrr } at the City Dru
Store makes a specialty oT prescriptions
Railroad men will rjinl the City Hotel
cc Star Restaurant the place for them
Noble , the leading grocer , carries the
most complete line oF queciisware in the
city. Inspect it.
If you are in search of a really deli
cious drink of soda water wander into
the City Drug Store.
McMillen ' s drug store i > the place to
find the largest assortment of DOLLS
ever brought to McCnok.
2 In the line ol plain and Fane }
groceries , C. M. Noble will fill your
every want satisfactorily.
.1UST Received ! Two barrels oF ex
tra sweet cider at the City Bakery , winch
will be sold at 5(1 ( cents a gallon.
Fine , medium , fall and winter coats ,
and immense stock to .show Don't Fail
to see them. THK FAMOUS.
If you contemplate building be sure
to consult 31. A. Libbee. He guaran
tees his work to be the best and his
prices the lowest.
The ladies of the Geometrical Society
if the Congregational church will serve
iinner and supper , good tea and coffee
JtieIection day.
Strasser has two of the finest offices
in the city lor rent. Front rooms , with
tiay windows. Call at once ifyou want
to secure elegant office quarters.
The late > t novelties in gents' shirts ,
hosiery. underwear , handkerchiefs
Many styles in fine goods that you can
not find elsewhere.
When you get hungry or thirsty on
flection day , remember the dinner to be
served by the Geometrical Society of
the Congregational church , and couie
ind be refreshed.
Ju t remember this , no other house
in southwesten Nebraska can show you
iia f as ui ny styles , and as to price , well ,
they are marked in plain figures.
What I must do is all that concern *
me , and not what people think. It is
the harder because } ou will always find
tho > e who think they know what is your
duty better than you know it. It is
easv in the world to live alter the world' *
Hoiniou ; it is easy in solitude to live
after your own ; but thereat man is he
who. in the midt of the crowd , keeps
with perfect sweetness the independence
f solitude. Emerson.
Now THAT both parties have pre
> entett their > ehemesoF tariff reduction ,
the voters are brouiiht to the Forks of
tUe roads. One party proposes n reduc
tion of $55U0OU0D. much of it taken
Mff WMiLatid the other or § 70.tt00.l0 ( ( ) .
two filths oF which is to come off sugar.
The means and methods proposed to re
il ce the surplus are widely different
The democratic party is stinggling and
ggbtioir to take the road which leads to
free trade , while the republicans are de
termined t. take the other fork and keep
inside the lineof protection.
I hnre two teams , one hpavy and one
tight , and Mime rows and calves , that 1
wilt * M reasonable for cash , or will sell
h owe year * * time , with good security.
I 1m have SO acres of'second hottoiu ' *
lowJ , only four miles from 3IcCook , to
sell , or will trade for stock.
J. P. Squire.
WAG6asT WAG0tls ! ' r WAGONS ! ! !
Hall & Coehran have just received a
large shipment of the celebrated MlL-
the * an ? ready to sell at fair prices.
I can mike you farm loans at lowest
rates. Office 1st door west of Citizens
bank. H G Dixoi or Cha . H Boyle.
We delirer daily fresh buttermilk
frora the 3IcCo > fc crcamrrv.
Eaton & Ca
* < ' " " * " * ! * p > % VV | : : * " tMHtttt Htfj
The American Settler's Guide for sale n
this ofllce.
We iiiiiU'rstinil that the creamery has clot
ed down lor the season.
( nod w ill. liUeaKoodname , i.tgot hy man :
actions and lust by one.
All kinds of school supplies at This Turn
u > "E office nt lowest prices.
Republicans of Red Willow , be on tli ;
Kuard. Bland by your colors.
llnliadny's ne ro minstrels at the Menard
Thursday evening , October 18th.
Don't buy a foot of lumber until yon hav <
seen Billiard and learned his figures.
Complete stock and best grades of lmube ;
and coal at W. C. Billiard & Co. 's yard.
Early to bed auu early to rise ; vote tin
straight republican ticket mid advertise.
The yellow fever entertainment , this even
ing , piomiscs to be worthy a large attendance
"Pumpkin brown , " sais an eastern ex
change , "is the latest fashionable shade 'ou
west. ' "
Preaching at. the Lutheran church , nex
Sunday at 10:30 : and 7 P. AL , M. T. , by tin
You will enjoy yourself at the social a
Air. J. 11. Yarger's , next Tuesday evening
Don't fail to attend.
Thu Congregational pulpit on Smuhij
morning was occupied by the Rev. Fraiicfc
Luwson ol Duntnt , iowa.
The Investment Co , will soon commcuc (
the. erection of another dwelling house , whicl
will be lor rent in due time.
W. C. Billiard have in stock best quality ol
hard and soft coal. Remember this when
laying m your winter's supply.
It is expected that Senator Charles F. Man-
deison will be secured for a speecli at this
place before the campaign closes.
The pale harvest moon now peeps from be
hind the clouds at one of the most bountiful
harvests the country has had in years.
a public sale is advertised by George Lcser
of o-20 : tor Thursday , October 18th. lie
will offer his stock and faim implements.
A spoonful of kerosene oil to a pail of
water , in boiling clothes , is said to make
them wash more easily and appear whiter.
Let Bollard figure with you if you con
template building or making any improve
ments , lie will save jou money every lime.
Now it is that the twittering swallows
homewaid fly and the inipioviileut settlei
goes back to spend the winter with his wife 's
The. old pioneer turniiuru men , Lmlwick &
Trowbiidge have animpoitaut aniioimcment
in this issue , thatou can read and act upon
with profit.
Science comes to the front again , claiming
that each atom has a soul. And the deduc
tion is that some men seem to have swapped
souls with atoms.
The new pumps oidered for the water
works will be superb machines , capable of
raising to the stand pipe ou the hill 1,000,000
gallons of water per day.
The Brown vs. Dunham case which had a
hearing before Squire Hulburd.lastSaturday ,
occupying a good part of the day , Wi ! s con
tinued until the 17th instant.
No man makes much of a success of any
piece of work unless his heart is in it. Gen
erally those who do a task because they are
compelled to , make a sorry job of it.
The postmaster was somewhat taken aback ,
the other day , when an old lady appeared at
the general delivery and complacently in
quired for "a yaller development to do letters
up in. "
It is expected to commence work on the
flouring mill in a few days. The contractors
and builders now have plans and specifica
tions estimating the cost of constructing the
We have just teceived an unusually fine se
lection of writing tablets. Also of regret and
calling cards. Our pi ices are reasonable and
tlie goods are of standard excellence. Step
in and examine.
The ladies of the Methodist church will
hold a ten centsocial at the residence of J. 11.
Yaiger , Tuesday evening. October lBth. Pie ,
cheese and coffee will be served. Your pres
ence is cordially requested.
"It is a remarkable , singular fact. " observ
ed a local philosopher , the other day , "that
: i man who is clearly second in command at
home , always wants to rule all creation
when he gets outside his own door. "
The first ot the week , Frank Allen sold his
dwellings on Main Avenue and Macfarland
stiect to J. G. Hamilton. Mr. Allen has pur
chased the Cal. Iteid residence on Madison
A\enue , now occupied by him and family.
Every man aims to "strike the nail on the
head , " as the old saw has it , but when suc
cess crowns his efforts , and it happens to be
his fmger-uail , his enthusiasm at once be
comes wild ami incoherent and utterly unfit
for publications.
A French doctor who has been seapening
for a mtthod to ward off intoxicifum recom
mends , before dtinking , "an appropriate
amount of food of albuminous and tatty na
ture , " paiticularly cheese. The beer saloon
seems to get at science by instinct.
How women can manage to sit bolt upright
mid not change a position , looking neither to
the right nor left dmihg a senium in church ,
passes the uuderstauu ing. A man will sit on
a picket fence all the afternoon to see a ball
match , but put him in a church pew for three-
quarters of an hour'and he will wobble all
over the seat. /
It has been discovered that excellent pre
serves can be iftade of banana peels. ' It is to
be hoped that the discovery will be taken ad
vantage of to such an extent that the banana
peel will never be found on asidewaik again.
That kind of preserves will have much to do
with preserving the dignity and equanimity of
many men on many occasions.
Halladay & Co. 's colored Georgia Minstrels
occupied the boards at the Ashland Theatre ,
Thursday evening. They are of tli. regular
old-uishioned soi t , such as causes one to kind
ly remember the good old days of minstiel
shows. The programme was new and varied ,
and the entertainment was greatly enjoyed
by all who were present. There Is no disput
ing tiie fact that they are "original" in every
respect. They drew the largest house of any
entertainment this season. Ashland Courier.
A sleeper is one who sleeps. A sleeper is
that in which the sleeper sleeps. A sleeper
is that over which the sleeper which carries
the sleeper while lie sleeps runs. Therefore ,
while the sleeper sleeps in the sleeper , the
sleeper carries the sleeper over the sleeper
under the sleeper , until the sleeper which
carries the sleeper jumps off the sleeper , and
wakes the sleeper in the. sleeper by striking
thu sleeper under the sleeper , and there is no
longer any sleeper sleeping In the sleeper on
• 9
m-ssj rr _ > ' - ' • * " • " " * " * ? it * " - • *
- The Prejudiced Poltroon.
Tho enicrorlsiiip ( ? ) proprietor * of the Tain
use uitil Demouriir at Mciook. ! presented tlieli
readers with u tln-phito tn.v list , lat > t wcolc. I
din-county commibsinncrs liiitt had a little wl
ihey would huvu let the contract to papers li
the county thai are capable ofdnliurull tin
work ut home. Hut thusendle otT thetax Us
lohavu it set up ami stcieotyped la on a pa
with semlhur the county Job work to got it ilom
by wm-piiyerfl , by people who have no Intorcf
in thu county nioio than to niuke money ou
of It. Wo hope another year "MM see a cluuigi
along this lino and that Tor all work that cm
be dene in the county , the contracts bo lot U
residents and taxpayers who will do tho wort
hereand thus keep the innncy itt homo.
Wehavotosay fortheeiilighteiinientof tin
unsophisticated coot wiio penned the ahovt
bilious bilge that the plates of the delinquent
tax list now running in the Tjchiunh ami
Demociat of this city were cist in the stereo
typing rooms of Thu JIcCook Tiuiiuxk
Oh , thou jealous jade , who shall deliver you
A Solid Growth
Beats a boom , it is said ; and the truthful
uess of the statement , is beautifully exempli
fied in the thousands of dollars invested ii
splendid , substantial improvements hi thfc
city , this year. The work has progressed
without special blowiiurof trumpets , elegant
buildingsaiidothercostly improvements havi
been completed , one after another. Perhap *
the city has never experienced a moies.olil
growth in any one year of her history. And
McCook's building boom has not yet com
menced her era of growth seems just about
to dawn. The zenith of that growth will bi
glorious ; its culmination bids fair to exceed
the expectation of many Impel ill ones even.
Will Have Handsome Quarters.
The Me'Jook Book and Stationery Co. are
having the old postollice building , lately pur
chased by them , thoroughly overhauled stud
renovated , preparatory to moving into the
same. A new hardwood floor , raised a few
inches to correspond with the street giade ,
hits been laid ; the walls and ceilings hand
somely and el ihorately decorated with paper
espcially designed ; shelving of yellow pine ,
with hard oil finish , provided ; and everything
painted up inelegaiitshape. They will have
a line , well-appointed store room , which they
expert to occupy by Saturday evening.
The Boom Edition.
We still have ou hand a uiuuberof hundred
copies of the "write-up edition. " We hope
to have them placed where they will do the
most good ; and to lids end will dispose of the
remainder at 2 cents per eopj ; 25 cents a
dozen ; S2.00 a hundred. At these low figures
they ought to be taken rapidly. We have
been to considerable expense of money and
labor in its preparation , and do not feel able
to stand the expense of circulating them as
well. Do j our part in advertising the city by
sending a number of copies to the east.
Last Saturday Right's Rally.
A ciowded house greeted M. A. Ua.rtigan ,
Esq. , at theopera hall , last Saturday evening ,
lie Handled the issues of this campaign in a
most masterly manner , and held the close at
tention of his large audiencediiriug the hour
and a half occupied in the delivery of his ex
cellent speech. Perhaps no more able address
on questions political litis been made in our
city during this campaign. It was a clear ,
condse , foicelul and convincing statement of
the present situation.
a ro1js1ng rally.
The republican rally at the opera hall , to
morrow evening , promises to be the grand
est of the season , and an immense attendance
is assured. Congressman Laird and Secre
tary Laws will make the speech's ; on tho
occasion. Music will be lurnished by the
baud. It will be a rouser. Don't fail to
Town. 4 Republican Club.
A republican club wsis organized in Town.
4. Wednesday evening , by Messrs. T. E. Mc-
Cracken and C. W. Davis , with the lollowiitg
oflieers-elect : President , N. A. Frame ; Vice
President , W. K. Foisei ; Secretary , W. M.
Kozell. The club commence * its organized
lite with a membership of some 15 or 20 ag
gressive , intelligent republicans from whom
good work may be expected in that locality.
The Rule Declared Off.
The inspiring music ot the water works
whistle will puihaps be heard no mure this
season. .Those who have paid their lawn tax
will hereuttarbu allowed the. privilege of us
ing water for lavwi purposes at hours of their
jwii election aiiuvin amounts without par
ticular limitation. Tins will allow ot the
thorough wetting down of trees , etc. , before
the winter season sets in , an actall who have
tees started should perloriu.
Halladay 's Minstrels.
J. U. Ilulla/ay & Co. 's minstrels , well
iiiown to tlie > ueatie-going people ol ourcity ,
ivill give cutf'ot their popular eiiteilainmciits
n the oj-ra { hall , Thursday evening next ,
Jctohjir 18th. The company is said to be bct-
; e > j > jiepareil to delight the public than ever
Jctoie. A full house is assured.
Assume All Risks.
It is authoritatively stated an unusu-
dly large amount of counterfeit money is at
iresent in circulation in tlie city. But don't
et this deter any of our delinquent subscrib
es Iroin coming in liquidating , for fear of
jassing some of the "queer" on us. We will
issume all risks.
The ' 'Sere and Yellow Leaf "
Cool mornings and evenings , brown prai-
ies , and tlie fact that the trees are rapidly
issuining their autumnal foliage all go to re-
niiidus that the suuimer is over , harvest eud-
: < 1 ; and that shortly Jack Frost will coolly
Iraw his mantle of white around him and
eign supreme.
Two of a Kind.
On Monday , James Teachworth's little
tirl sustained a fractured arm , below the
dhow , in ji fall. And on Wednesday , Mike
IVeicl' 's young daughter received a similar
njmy in a like manner. Both of the little
mics are doing well under the skillful care
if Dr. Davis.
Don't Live in Indianola , You Know.
The Indianola Cornier thinks that the
: ounty fair was not a success and places the
esponsibility upon the fact that William
Joleman , president , and C. W. Beck , secre-
ary , live in McCook and Bartley respective-
y. To be sure.
On His Own Hook.
John Steinmetz , late chief clerk to Iteceiv-
jr Steinmetz , has resigned his position and
roue into business for himself. Ho will do a
real estate and loan business , making con
tests a specialty. His office Is over Citizens
bank. T
Monthly Examination.
Tho rcjrular monthly xiuidnittloii rortoach-
jra-will be'hold at thVschool-fibSso lu Indian ;
jla , Saturduf , October SOtn.
- • • * S LUPI ? c - . • & > - - . .
W" i iiiwi. n , , . . . , . , . , II hi mi , , . . . d . | , .
Mrs. Cho3sl gtoi and children tiro vlsltlpj
in the city.
Mr.and Mrs. II. It. Snco of Hayes Centroarc
in tho city , to-dny.
W. C. A6hwill of tho Herald , Strtitton. was t
city visitor , Monday evening.
Squire and Will Flahor woro down from the
Falls , tho curly part of the week.
Mrs. J. W. Ivoy of Hayes Ccntro visited Ir
the city , this week , piiest of Mrs. J. B. Jen
E. A. Lench , who has been up at Akron ,
folo , fora low weeks , returned home , yester
duy morning.
Mrs. George Hocknell went down to Indian
ola. Tuesday morning , ou a short visit to roln
fives mid friends.
Tlins. H. Denton , our next f Into auditor , wju
a Commercial guest. Tucsduj * . Ho went cast
on the evening passenger.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Quick of tho county-pout
canto up to tlie city on Saturday , visiting
friends here until thu following evening.
Mr * . W. m. Martin or Flanagan. III. , who hn *
been visiting her sister. Mrc.Z. Ij. Kny , loft Tot
Iter homo on Monday morning of this week.
Cashier Ilrown or tho First National went
over to Uird City. fCiinpas , Monday , ou pnnu
business returning home , Wednesday morn
Mr. V. Franklin of the Citizens Bunk intulf r
llvinir trip to UcMikelinau , yesterday , on ihc
Dyer.returning houieon the evening pusson
Mr. Thomas Lonergan , Jr. , departed , Mon
day morning , for i lticitgo , after a few weeks
visit hero , the guest ot his sister , Mrs. Franl *
II. Spearman.
C. W. Meeker. J. C. Hayes nnd J. S. Shoo'
maker of Imperial , and I. H. Stiipleton , Wan-
iteta , wore of thu numerous visitors in the
city. Saturday.
Will F. Lister , Halladtiy's clever and populut
advance agent , wits in town , jcsterdu.y. seeing
to hilling tho oily for their minstrel show on
iliulb'th instant.
Mrs. S.J. Jordan arrived from Sutherland
Iowa. Wednesday evening , and will spend
few weeks in the city , ihc guest of her ueice ,
Mrs. S. It. Colviu.
Rev. I. W. Dwire or the M. E. church was
taken sick in tho pulpit , last Sunday , and has
since Veen confined to the house. Ho is con
valescing sl wly.
Mr. and Mrs H. G. Dixon returned on
Wednesday , from their eastern trip of a num
ber of weeks , visiting friends in the Quaker
City and elsewhere.
Mrs. Sullie It. Lamborn. of Kansas City , is
stopping with H. G. Dixon on her way home
from the mountains , whore she has been
spending tho summer.
Mrs. Cronkhitc of Hastings is in theci'y , to
day , the guest of her daughter , Mrs. J. H.
Burns , t'he is on her way homo from an ex
tended trip to the Pacific coast.
M. ii.Thomasof theBcnkclmun Pioneer , who
is now working in the interests o * thesutiscri.i-
ttoi department of tho Stale.loitrnul , wasfn
the city on Monday and Tuesday.
George Pax ton , tho Main Avenue tobacco
nist , was up in Ha > os Centre , the Hist or the
week , stocking the merchants of that live burg
with his popular brands of cigars.
Capt. It. O Phillips , the indomitable Lincoln
Land Company man , is in the city , to duy , on
important business mutters connected with
the company ho so ably manages.
Mrs. J. A. Snyder and daughter. Miss Katie ,
returned , lust Suturduy , irom a two week's
visit to friends in Denver and the mountains ,
having enjoyed a most pleusurnble trip.
County TreasurerGoodrich and Ex-County
Clerk Cramer drove up n-om the county capi
tal , Tuesday afternoon on some business mat
ters , driving back home after supper.
Mrs. A. D. Do Lund urrived , Thursday morn
ing , from Sheboygan , Wisconsin , and will make
a visit in the city or some length , the guest of
Mrs. C. L. Nottloton , county superintendent.
Etnil Lindner took No. 1G. Wednesday morn
ing , for St. Louis , after Mrs. Lindner who hus
been visiting in the ancient city a number of
weeks. They will return , tho first of next
C. II. Blnckwell departed , Wednesday morn
ing , for Hopewell , N. J. , where he will spend
the winter. In the meantime Messrs.Colviu &
Uempcy will look urter his business yet un
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rowel ? arrived Wednes-
lay , Trora Mt. Ayr. Iowa , and are tho guests
if Mr. and Mrs. C. B Howell on iho farm
northeast of the city. They contemplate lo
oting hero.
Mr. J. H. Lonorgan ard Miss - Lcner-
fun. who have been guests of their sister.
VI re. Frank H. Spearman , for past few weeks ,
lephrted for their home iu Chicago , on Wedues-
lay morning's flj or.
Mr. Will p. Luwson enjoyed tho pleasure of
i short visit rrom Lis futher. Rev. rancis Lai -
ion. or Durum , lowu. who arrived in thecity „
Friday night lust , and started Tor tho east on
he passenger of Tuesday moroi tig.
Mr. J. W. Hann of the Wauneta Breeze and
iride were in I he city , Tuesday , on their way
jack to New i'ork state on u vis it. They were
narried nt Wuunpta , Monday , Mr. Hann's
' uther accompanied tho huppy young couple
C. W. D.ivis.Esq , loft on last • evening , for tho
astern part at the stute on a speech-muking
our with Geo. H. Hustings. E-q. . of Crete.
: hey will Hrst appear ut Udell , then at Liberty ,
tepublicun City. Dxford , etc , and will no
loubt give their hearers able discussions of t ho
itul issues of tho campaign.
jdb 5jie3s : _
VMjBukn Uf apoplexy , at the residence of
T .U. Welbnrii Esq. . . Sunday. Uut. Tth. ItSt .
Mrs : T. O. WelUoru , ugtd 77 years aud 8
The deceased was born in February , 1811 , in
'ennessee , and while quitojoung uifaved to
Centucky. When it j oung ludy. she joined i ho
resbjteriun church of wbich she remained a
uithtul nnd consistent member up to liur
euth. Uver fitly years ago she married Wil-
ium Welburu. Seven children came to bless
heir union and wore spared to caro for their
larents in their old ago. In J851 tho family
uoved to .Missouri and in 1S35 to ths state
khoro they have continued to reside. The four
ons. T. MFrank , John ; uid Jesse are well
; : ! own to our citizens ; the two daughters re-
idc in Cass county , flic lemidns were buried
n tho cemetery at this place. To the hcicur-
id ones a host or friend * join with us in ex-
ircssinj wur sincere symputy.-Indianohi
IOUCHIS-ELLIS On Monday. October Sth.
1SSS. ut the residence of John Whittnker , Mr
James Houehin to Miss Mary Rilis. both or
Gi-rver precinct , John Whittukot , Esa. . . offi
The youns people start , tho lust of the week ,
or southwestern Iowa , where they expect to
nake their future homo , taking with them the
test wishes of their many friends. J. W.
The Republican Rally
At Culbettson , last evening , was a stupen-
lousudTiiir. _ The attendance was something
uiuieusc. ' 'Tht Hon. M. A. llartigan made
i profound hit lu & wont tlotjueut speech ,
' %
ryrerv : - , . , , . . , , , , - . „
A new taritr on live stock will go lulu ellcci
October SSth.
Another harvest excursion , Wednesday
Tho next and last of the season will bo run
on thu lrd.
Eighteen or tho old B. & . M. men uro now
running out of Trinidad , Colo. , on tho Forth
Worth roud.
Carl Clark was down from Trlnldud , Colo. ,
whero he has an engine , tho Hrst of thu week ,
visiting his family hero.
Foreman John Young returned , yesterday ,
from his visit to Cortland to witness tho mar-
riugc or his sister thnrc. the first or tho week.
It is now claimed that tho llurllngtnu Is do
Ing tho largest business In tho history of the
roud Its traffic out of Chlcugo being simply
Muster Mechanic Archibald takes consider
able satisfaction iu liisUtiocuttlo having been
uwardedtwo Uist premiums ut the county futr
last wcuk.
Nos.2 aiul 10 wcrodolayod a number of hours ,
Wednesday morning , by thefreiuht necidenl
a few miles this side of Akron. No. U curricii
a large Culifornia excursion party.
There was u slight freight wreck , a few mile !
this side or Akron. Wednesday morning early
cuuped by tho train breaking In two aud tin
sectiotiB colliding. No one injured.
Foreman Irwin.of the carpenter department
arrived home , yesterday morning , Irom his ox
tended visit in Ohio. I'onus.ilvantu and else
where. He reports having hud it simply im
mense time.
James Fisk is down from Denver packing u |
his household effects preparatory to romovlnt
to that city. Ho expects to go not later thai
.Monday morning next. Wo wish Jim and hii
cstimuble wife happiness aud success.
Beginning with Monday. October 15th. thi
employes iu tho shops lu this city will worl
under central standard time. Instead or mouu
tain standard time us during Hie summer. Ai
order to this effect has been issued from dlvl
siou hcudquurters.
Among iho now machinery lately added tt
the facilities or the .repair shops here are : < 1
bund saw. u table emery wheela slotting ma
chine , a turning hit he. etc. In fact the fiicd
Hieshave been greatly enlarged during tin
past summer , ami the force of machinists uni
other employes increased accordingly.
Let Us Come To Cash.
[ Uaih ha World 1
A strong effoi t Is being made by certain mcr
chants iiiUmahu to comu to a cash system urn
induce o ustumcrs to pay tor what they get in
sieud ot L living it charged Could such a re
form general it would provu u health
giving tool - to our city biidiiieas. And ivhj
not ? Why t hould we go on jeur urter yea
asking credit and givingcredit , keeping claim
ruto hooks ofaccount , employing collectors
Buffering losses and worrj ingovur bud debts
Why not stop it ? Why not catch u.o . ? Why ul
ways be u month behind ? Why mortgttgi
your future ? Why not. paj as iou go and ual
others to do tho same ? fan jouusttyoirrgroc
er to sell you a sack of Hour or a bushel or pc
tutoes at u reasonable prieo if .i ou at the sunn
timeusk him to alt a month for his mono ;
or perhups two ? Cun you expect your uutehe
to sell you meat at a fair p out over it * cost I
you expect him to wnita month for his monej
.and thuti send a collector Tor it ? No , you can
mot. You know that if he keeps an uccouo
against you ami others he mustemploy it book
keeper nnd a collector. Yon know tuat whei
yoods go out of his store he must buy others V
ctuko their places. You know that he must pa ;
for these , and often bur * ow moiiev to do it , o
else.if he buys on time , pay moro for the good
WioM iibfy would cost in cash. A II these exui
expenses of merchants and storekeepers an
churged up as part or the goods and so are tli
losses , and the merchant in turn charges tnor
for hi3 goods , and thus the cost of living is ut ;
necessarily increased. Every merchant is core
polled to do a ruinous bunking Dusiness. lout
ing money without security ami without eve
having auj deposits. The World hopes to se
more merchunts adopt tho cosh system ; it wi
reduce tlie cost of living , save losses , put trad
• on a sound basis and in tho et.d tend to mak
people more thrirty and saving. It is
tonic which we need iu Omaha. It is like moE
toiiics.a little bitter at flntt. but it is healtl
Siring and the whole system will soon brae
up aud tone up from its effects.
Vcrcold weather at preseur.
Mrs. Benjamin and children went to visit h (
son Harry ; . Sunday.
Misses Richardson nnd Lawthcrs rcturnc
from iheir i iait. Sunday , Ojt. 1.
Tho people Of this vicinity are digging the
" is their reward.
potatoes ; a vei "j small yield
A few young folks went from here to M
Purtiul's dance. Friday night. It was enjoyt
by all.
There will be a ; nccting at the Dodge schoi
bouse , Sunday nib d't , October 11th , Itcv. Gib
meeting at tl
There was a re
school house. Sutur day night Mr. Davis or M
Cook was the spi'aki : r. A verv good time wi
had. We need more speakers like Mr. Davi
Cyclone Jim.
Tlie peopliToIliar 'ley seem to be intent t
having that canj I. The Injunction case h ;
been dissolved by .Judie Cochran and it
claimed that the work ot excavating the can
will be pushed forwaru ' wilh : , U lS3'bIe , ' e
pedition. May their britllltot xPuCtllim !
be realized.
The " 'elilll"ent l'
tlirillliijc tale of "The L
* ' is " 11"1
List , or , the Publishers'Piide , J" .
in serial form iti the country pres. ' is : .
' ed , tl
iiiiiimil beni > on of toil ; it diverts ti.'e .
h' , cnu
ial mind from '
thoughts of sorditl siu
to the intriy jingle oi an inflated till. Cu
lui Herald.
On account of the illness of the pastor , the
pulpit at the M. . church will be occupied ,
next Sabbath , in the niornimr by Itev. U. II.
Berry or this city anil in ihe evening by Kev.
J. M. Mann of CulberLson.
Alanru number of harvest excursionists
simu in on No. 15 , Wednesday night , and
! iave been looking over the city and surround
ing country , with which they can't help be
ing pleased , of course
An effort is being made to have ; tlie Cul-
H-itson-Ilnyes Centre star loute increased to
i tri-vuekly. Hayes Centre is 'iitilled ton
laily mail from McCook and ougnttohave it.
The H.mksville star route has been in
: reased from a semi to a tii-AeeJiy mute ,
he increase iu business justif/ing ; tlie action
if the postollice depart incut.
Among the visitors iu tle city , ycstertlaj
vere. W. II. Starr , Esq. , < jf lndiit mla , ami
Editor Howard of the Be nkelmau Democrat
Extensive arr.ingemeMts have lieen mad *
or the rally at liolles' grove , nearUoxKl
ler , to-moiiow.
You will note cl 4 : ; ie of advert sement b }
jjtle Bros. & Co. , thr.vrwup.
Keep in miml thw y r.t tlie - pcra half
o morrow evening.
Main Avsiinieis hoaIv ! assu.iijjga mon
lomely appeajaucp.
All kinds of scSi'mlMiiiylies-ac 'Tur : Tuib
> " " " ' ' ' T
" , D i i i . • ui .ii. in. i -YMJSEMMMBBBMjy i j
'SAH k „ § * * FOR AS. |
For Salo by A. MoMlllcn.
TilK tolls are gradually tifliteinng g
about the "twin relic. " The Huprotno . |
court of * tlie Territory of Utuh rendered I
a decision recently in the case or tho
United States against the Mormon
church , which declares the corporation
of the church dissolved and that the
voluntary religious sect now in existence
has no rii ht to the corporate property *
except the temple block aud the build- |
nigs which are set aside to it. It is al
so decreed that all the property of tho
late corporation is escheated to the gov
ernment. The case was most stubborn-
contested , and is a complete triumph
for the government. This decision fol- • • " " * \
lowing so close upon the iiiipiixitiiiient
of ex ( . 'oneresbinaii Cannon for polygamy
furnishes significant proof of lh < 5 rapid
growth of public sentiment against Mor-
moiiisui in its own stronghold. It.shows
that the moral leaven which has been in
troduced into Utah by the Gentile ele
ment of its population is working , and
that by the natural process of growth it
will gradually overshadow and finally
obliterate the evil which has so long
rented like a withering blight upon the
territory of Utah. The onward march
of civilization is mightier than the con
quest of arms , and the dark blot of poly
gamy will lade from the American re- •
public in the clear light of progress
which sheds its rays to the remotest . .
boundaries of the tuition. * I
It being notoriously the practice with
democratic administrations to hire ft
great sipind uf men itt all the navy
\ards just before an election to use as
heeler.- the polls , emigres * passed an
act , iu ISTli , prohibiting an increase of
the force at any navy yaid within sixty
days of an election unle.s the secretary
of the navy issued a certificate to thu
i-ffect that tlie needs of the service re
quired an extra lot of men. Secretary
Whitney ha * consequently just issued a
certificate for the increase of the force
immediately at the Brooklyn navy yard.
They .want voters badly in New York
and the navy lias got to hump itself
pirbt away. The secretary says that
the einergpiicy is the necessity of liur-
ry-u > r up the completion of the work on ,
a. number of old vessels. These vessels ,
by the way , have been at the yards over
since tiie administration came into
power and will probably be there long
after it goes-out.
It has beep decided by the su
preme court of Illinois in a case touch
ing a claim of a benevolent institution
the House of the Good.Sjiepherd that |
it is unlawful to employ public school
money to "feed , clothe and educate
waifs in a religious institution. " There
was no question as to the service'having
been rendered by the institution , but
the county attorney resisted payment
upon the ground that such an appropria
tion of the public school fund would be -
uncon-dittilional.aud his action has beeu
sustained by the highest tribunal of the
state. There can be no doubt about the
justice of the decision.
The interstate commerce commission
has decided adversely to the plaintiff in
the case of Griffe against the Burling
ton & Missouri Itivcr Railroad company
in Nebraska. The offence of which the
road was alleged to be guilty was unjust
discrimination in the issuing of a pass
to one 0. II. Waite , a former employe.
The commission decided that as the pass
had not been usedno offense existed
under the section of the statute under
which the complaint was brought.
What the decision would have beenhad ,
the case been brought under a different
section is not hinted by the commission. ]
A Dkmockatic journal estimates that
"Gen. Harri.ou ' s speeches thus far in
the campaign have enough material in j
them , if properly make for- '
ty annual messages to congressseventy-
five thanksgiving proclamations , seven-
i teen inaugural addresses , ninety-seven
Jveto messages and eighty-four miscel
laneous speeches to delegations and
special audiences of all sorts. " And
the oddity of it is that he has not yet
made one poor speech , nor said one
thiutr which the democratic press can
, ' pick to pieces or turn against him.
Had Lee conquered at Gettysburg
and Bragg at Chattanoogaand had the
whole North been swept over from Maine
L • Oregon by the rebel armiesthe de-
, ' ctitni lo Northern industrial inter-
r |
' . ! -ould not have been so great at
' " . \3 3f . , * -nosed by the ( Jtevelaiid-Coufed-
th * Iru - oiraey in the Mills bill. If
e eoiib J . , . , .
• * -ad been inaugurated Fresi-
n . .
Jeff - fjcton after Buj , Run ho
t \ \ aMn. •
dent a . . trae ar.
eould n Ot have . Consttann ; ;
uric . * ! " • Com .
, h CIevo.
info .
mom thoroughly
„ do.
to •
- • . - oposes
- i . l
lane wl/iUTilstratinn pi.
Uhif Sfct.n Journal.
Tub news comes from
, : * ded
that Chinese laborers arc being
righralong in spite or the Scott c ' ' 11 *
siou Jaw just passed. Several of tb.C c
Chin. 'incu rcro landed tin the pier 'ha-
thev vere citizens of the United States.
It : r pears a very simple matter for
a Clr.iiese petitioner to add the nanrtfZ
of an alleged father and mother wh6"
will sv.ear that they were born in this
conntiy. The ' • American citizen" loop
hole in the Scott bill seems a very con
venient dodge for the influx of Coolies.
Found ! Found ! j
In City Drug Store , a sum of money. '
; Owner can have same by proving prop
erty and paving for notices ,
jf * ' XjEO ; M. ClIBNEHi * .