The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, November 18, 1886, Image 4

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Editors and Publishers , i
The following i& the text of the annual
Thanksgiving Proclamation , which was is
sued by the president on Monday , 2fov. 1st :
'It has long been tiie custom of the peo
ple of the United States , on a day in eacli
year especially set apart for that purpose by
their chief executive , to acknowledge the
goodness'and mercy of (3od , and to invoke
Ifis.continued care and protection. In ob
servance of such custom , I , Grover Cleve
land , president to the United States , do here
by designate and set apart Thursday , the
25th day of November , instant , to be ooserv-
ed and Kept as"a day of thanksgiving and
prayer , on that day let all our people fore
go their accustomed employments and as
semble in their usual places of worship to
give thanks to the Ruler of the Universe for
our continued enjoynients of the blessings
of a free government , for a renewal of busi
ness prosperity throughout our land , for the
return which has rewarded the labor of those
who till the soil , and for our progress as a
people in all that makes a nation great ; and
while we contemplate the infinite power of
God iu earthquakes , Hood and storm , let the
grateful hearts of those who have been
shielded from harm through His mercy be
turned iu sympathy and kindness toward
those who have suffered through His visita
tion. Let us also , in the midst of our thanks
giving , remember the poor and needy with
cheerful gifts and uttermost deeds of charity
so that our service may be made acceptable
in the sight of the Lord.
"In witness whereof have hereunto set
my hand and cause the seal of the United
States to be affixed.
"Done at the City of Washington , this 1st
day of November , in the year of pur Lord ,
one thousand eight hundred and eighty-six ,
and of the independence of the United States
of America the one hundred and eleventh.
( tllOVBK
"By the president. T. F. UAYAIJD ,
"Secretary ot State.
GOD bless all good women. To their
soft hands and pitying hearts we must
I . all come at last. Holmes.
THE matter with Grover Cleveland
is egotism. lie is an immense egotist.
Grover Cleveland is his ever prevailing
and pervading sentiment. X. Y. Sun
( Dem. )
THE strike just declared off in Chi
cago , cost the Knights of Labor $50-
000 per day. $50,000 represents-
good many beef-steaks , not taking into
account luxuries.
: ELECTION day should be made a hoi- *
jJ ji j i idayin Nebraska. Workingmen find it
I difficult to vote on their way to and
irom their work. With the day a holi- .
day. there would be no difficulty found
in securing a full vote.
THE Holdrege Republican has some
what severe to remark concerning the
"fool friends of prohibition. " Milt
forgets his personal use for just that
"fool thing" prohibition , in the sharp
ness of his strictures there against.
England , ia quoted as sayingJudges
are weary with calling attention to
drink as the principal cause of crime ,
but I cannot refrain from saying that
if they could make England sober they
would shut up nine-tenths of the pris
ons. '
SHREWD a lawyer as Mr. TSlden was
supposed to be he seems to have made
a will so loose that some ten or twelve
million dollars he desired for the pub
lic use will eventually be divided among
his relatives. By a provision of his
will he devised the bulk of his property
to the. ' 'building and endowing a li
brary and an educational institution in
New York. " But the will then goes
on to declare that if the trustees "shall
deein it inexpedient" to apply the prop
erty or any part of it to "the said in
stitution , ' ' they are authorized to apply
it "to such charitable , educational and
scientific purposes as in the judgment
of my said executors and trustees will
render" the fund "most widely and
substantially beneficial to the interests
of mankind. " The supreme court has
declared that a man cannot delegate
such a power to a trustee.
WHETHER the work of anarchist ,
. communist , or madman , the discovery
* of dynamite bombs under a car in which
. innocent passengers had sat and per
haps slept for many hours is an addi
tional warning of the necessity of anti-
dynamite legislation by congress and
by all the states. And it is also a no-
* V
ticc to the public that it is time to
summarily squelch the Celtic dynami
tic shriekefs. .Murder by dynamite is
just murder by dynamite. No sympa
thy , for oppressed Ireland or oppressed
labor or oppressed capital or oppressed
anything else can make it otherwise. If
we hold that it is right to purchase dy
namite to kill Englishmen with , some
Pole or Hungarian may makelthe de-
* } , duction that it is not wrong to buy it
* 1to kill Americans with. The use , pur
chase , or possession of dynamite should
be conceded only to persons who are
licensed by state or municipal authori
ty. The possession of it without li
cense should be made a misdemeanor.
, Chicago Inter-Ocean.
EVIDENCES 'continue to accumulate
that the year's corn crop is heavier
than at first reported. Last month's
government report placed the total
yield at 1,650,000,000 bushels , in ad
dition there remains from last year's
harvest some 350,000,000 bushels.
There is evidently to be no scarcity
this winter of our great western staple ,
in spite of the predictions of bulls and
the reports of speculators. A feature
of the crop which has an important
bearing on prices is the unusually prime
condition in which corn is coming into
the market. Chicago dealers report
that much of this year's crop is already
grading No. 2. Fine weather has al
lowed the kernel to ripen and dry , and
it is reaching the sea-board in competi
tion with that of last year's crop. Weak
ening prices are the natural result. The
prospect of stiffening value in corn this
winter are not brilliant. There will be
an ample supply for all domestic wants
and a full exportable surplus. This
means cheap food in the cities and
small returns on the farm. The rail
roads will as usual lose nothing. In
moving the crop the extortionate trans
portation middleman will see that the
lion's share of the difference between
prices at the country elevator and the
lakes shall fail into his capacious maw.
But the best prospect for corn in Ne
braska is that a larger amount than
ever befare will be turned into Jjeef ,
pork and mutton within the limits of
our own state. The number of cattle ,
hogs and sheep , which will be fed in
Nebraska during the present season ,
will exceed by many thousands the rec
ords of the best years of the past. The
ranges have been moved west but the
range cattle will winter among us , fur
nishing at a score of large feeding es
tablishments a ready home market for
our staple crop. Corn on the hoof dis
counts corn-on ear. It pays double the
profit of corn at the elevator. The
economic' problem of the day for farm
ers is condensation of product. The
experiment cannot be more profitably
tried than with corn and stock feeding.
Omaha Bee.
THE railroad commission has for
several months been corresponding with
some of the corporations of the state in
the matter of the transportation of
sheep. It has been the custom to charge
regular stock prices for car loads of
sheep , whilenone but single decked
cars were used. The commissioners
have insisted upon the substitution of
double decked cars as soon as practica
ble , or a reduction of the charges , to
correspond with the charges made in
those states and by those lines where
double decked cars were in use. The
companies have complied with the re
quest of the commissioners , and new
schedules have been issued making a
double decked carload the standard , and
where they are not furnished , reducing
the chargesoncha'lf. This will be of
great service to the sheep growers and
will increase the sheep culture of Ne
braska. State Journal.
HARD coal at Lincoln has gone up
$11.50vper ton. The Democrat of
that city feels constrained to the opin
ion that the entrance of another big
railroad or two into the state capital
would probably raise the price to $ K- > .
Pleasant are the ways of competition
wherein is no competition.
ONE of the greatest difficulties which
the speaker of the next house of repre
sentatives will encounter will be the se
lection of-capable men for committee
chairmanships. More than half of
those occupying these positions in the
present congress , were retired by their
IT there is to be a county in the state
without a railroad twelve months from
now. all signs fail. Nebraska will see
more railroad building in 1887 than she
bas witnessed in any one year of her
Beggs' Cherry Cough Syrup
Will relieve that cough almost instantly
and make expectoration easy. Acts simul
taneously on the bowels , kidneys and liver ,
thereby relieving the lungs of that soreness
and pain and also stopping that tickling
sensation in'the throat by removing the
cause. One trial of it will convince any one
that it has no equal on earth for coughs and
colds. McMillen & Weeks have secured the
sale of. it and will guarantee every bottle to
give satisfaction.
GOVERNOR DA WES "has issued the
usual thanksgiving day proclamation.
Salt Rheum or Eczema ,
Old sores and ulcers ,
Scaldhead and ringworm , .
Pain in the back and spine ,
Swelling in the knee joints ,
Sprains and bruises ,
Neuralgia and toothache ,
render feet caused by bunions , corns and
chilblains , I warrant linens' TKOIMCAJ , OIL
to relieve any and all of the above.
The substantial brick building for the Citi
zens bank is nearing completion.
The pupils of this school will he glad to
learn that May O'Brien is convalescent.
On Monday , the 2oth of this month , the
new nfusic books were tried and gave greai
. We think gambling should be preventei
on the school grounds at least as much as
on the streets.
Monday of this week , schpol opened ii
the new building recently finished for tha
purpose , with Mrs. Smith installed as teacher
On the 20th of this month , nine pupils ii
the high school department were examined
in spelling. Great excitement prevailed , as
the successful ones would give up the study.
Although the words were long and difficult
all but nine passed , and we offer them our
hearty congratulations.
On last Saturday afternoon , one of the
most exciting foot races ever witnessed bj
the reporter , took place on-the farm of Mr
John Everts , one mile east of town. It was
between two well known champion hunters ,
and owner ofsaid farm. For further partic
ulars inquire of Wilcox , Clyde or Helm.
Last Friday morning , the Ladies' Aid So
ciety of the M. E. church gave a New Eng
land supper , which proved to be the mos
pleasant social event of the season. At ai
early hour the guests began to arrive am
partake.of an excellent and substantial re
past. Handsome cakes , chickens , pies , the
old fashioned pumpkin pie of our grand
mothers , and other delicacies too numerou ;
to mention , loadedthe tables , and all tin
fault the guests could find was that thej
could not eat enough. The southwest cor
ner of the church was tastily fitted up as a
bazar for the display and sale of fancy am"
useful articles prepared for the occasion
Excellent music Avas furnished by the choi
with Rev. E. J. Hall presiding at the organ
We noticed several of the High School pu
pils present , who seemed to enjoy them
selves very much : we especially .noticed Lev
Sanderson and some of the other most prom
Inent school boys , paying particular attcn
tion to the girls. After an evening of unlim
ited pleasure , the guests departed for home
and the weary workers gathered around i
table to compare notes and count the shekle. '
and were pleased to find their efforts hat
been generously rewarded , and we hay just
ly so. The affair was a grand success.
Thanksgiving. Exercises.
Chorus . . - . School.
Declamation . Dick Jarvis.
1 leading . Amy Avery.
Piano duette. . .Eva Hurd and Anna Collins.
Jtecitation , . ( The Creeds of the Hells ,
Grace Martin.
Music. .
Dialogue. . .Elmer Helm and Edwin Wilcox.
Quartette . Anna Dixon , Elva Hunt ,
Elmer Helm and Edwin J. Wilcox.
Recitation , . "Miltiade's Peterkin Paul , ' '
Bertha Boyle.
Reading of the paper , . Independent.
Thanksgiving selections.
Singing . School.
Wednesday , November 24th , 1SSO.
t Nc
The following was the attendance at to nam m
school , Friday : and terc
High school department Dect
MibS Murphy's room . 20 Hou
Miss MoNamara's room . 9 and
Eastward . ir > nort
West Ward . 1:5 : ing i
W. ]
Total . IS Tohr
The amount of money now on depos Neb.
it to the credit of our city schools , in
the name of Principal Webster , as trus No
tee. is $87.01. nam
to m
and 1
tor o
Nov (
2fi2i : ,
the 1
and ,
After Forty years 20
experience in the
preparation of more
than One Hundred
Thon. and application ! ) for patents in No
the United States and Foreicii coun
tries , the publishers of the hcientific IIUIII
American continue to act as solicitor ! : o m
for patents , caveats , trade-marks , copy mil t
rights , etc. , for the United States , and er >
to obtain patents in Canada. England. France , Dec.
Germany , and all other countries. Their experi
ence is une'iualcd and their facilities are unsur steur
passed. .ion
Drawings and specifications prepared and filed own
in the Patent Office on short notice. Terms very folio
reasonable. No charge for examination of modeld esicl
or drawinRs. Advicn by mail free.
Patents obtaiiipdtlirousrhMiinnACo.are noticed viinn
Inthe SCIEXTIFIC AMEKICAX.uhich Ha * inn
the largest circulation and is the most influential Neb.
newspaper of its kind published in the world.
Tha adrantagaa of ttuch a notice every patontes
understands. 9
This large and splrmlidl v illustrated newspaper
Is published 'WEEKLY at $3.00 a year , and id No
admitted to ha the best paper devoted to science , nmu <
mechanics , inventions , engineering works , and o in :
other departments of industrial progress , pnb- ind I
listiod in any country. It contains tho names of
all patentees and title of every invention patented stcr
each week. Try it four months for one dollar. Novc
Sold by all newsdealers. lorn
If jou have an invention to patent write to , tc
Mnnn .t Co. , miblishpn of Scientific American , mini
Kl Rroadway. > 'e\v York.
Handbook about patents mailed fret. conti
Of , SJ
ill ol
November Oth , 1880. (
Notice is hereby given that the following- No
named settler has filed notice of his intention nam <
to make final proof in support of his claim , 0 n
and that said proof will be made before Reg- ind t
isterorReceiver at McCook , Neb. , on Friday , eroi
December 17th. 18815 , viz : Arthur B. Goodner , Novc
I ) . S. o)95 ( ) , for the southwest K section D. S.
1 , N.range 29 west Oth P. M He names the fol 1 nor
lowing witnesses to prove his continuous res hef
idence upon , and cultivation of , said land , viz : ousr
E."L. Macy.C.C. Smith , Frank Spicer , Christ and ,
Ely , all ot Cedar Blufls , Kan. .Trim
24 S. P. HART , Register. Veb.
November 8. IBfcO. f
Notice is hereby given that the following- Noi
named settler has filed notice of his intention name
to make final proof in support of his claim , o mi
and that said proof will be made before Regis and t
ter or Receiver at McCook , Neb. , on Tuesday , eroi
December 21ht , 1886 , viz : Harrv L. Rosecrans , ? e.ce
D. S.2505 , for the west J southeast k and east 5. t )7
5i southwest J section Jo , town.4north , range no
150 west. He names the following witnesses to hefi
prove his continuous residence upon , and ous r
cultivation of. said land , viz : Michael C. and.
Rider. Samuel McClain , Charles W. Augel and
John S. Modrel , all of McCook. Neb. Eldei
24 S. P. HART Register. 23
November 1,1880. j
Notice is hereby given that the following- Noi
named settler has filed notice of his intention name
to make final proof in support of his claim , o m :
and that sad | proof will be made before Regis nd t
ter or Receiver at McCook , Neb. , on Saturday eroi
December llth. 18SO , viz : Charles E. Stiles , Dece :
Homestead 5609 , for the cast } J southwest h , 'ani ' !
and east } northwest Ji section 2 , town 4 , TlSt
north range 29 , west. He names the following vest ,
witnesses to prove his continuous residencn icsse
upon , and cultivation of. said land , viz : Rich n , 111
ard E. Moore , Henry Winaus , Thomas Cow Dodg
ard and Fred Coggor , nil of Box Elder , Neb. nin ,
; 8 , P , HART , Register. 23
Silver Mine
We have come to McCook to stciy. Have built a brick building on
Main street and have 110 rents to pay , and can sell goods for less money than
any one west of Chicago. We keep the Largest Stock of Diamonds , Watches ,
Jewelry and Silverware in the West , and every one is surprised at the ex
tremely low prices we are selling them for. We keep everything usually
found in a first-class store. We want your trade and will mako it to your r i
interest to buy of us. A full line of Roger & Bro. Knives , Forks , Spoons and
Table Ware at Chicago prices. ' *
AV8U SU 90111 ST ? Vl pill ?
pm ? Stir.iiixIo.T HI
puq oogijr \
li ? pirc pa.irucI0.i t 03 o ; sjpojQ pin ? 3npTq.
October 2Uth , 188G. f
lice is hereby given that the following
eil settler has filed notice of his intentjon
uke Until proof in support ol'his claim ,
: lmt faid proof will be made before Kesris
Heceiver : it McCook , Neb. , on Friday ,
nnber 10th , 1881 ! . viJohn II. Evert ,
icstcad 301 : . ' . for the south > . northwest Jj
north li southwest 14 , section 27 , town. U
Ii , range 29 west. Ho names the follow-
vitnesses to prove his continuous resi-
c upon , and cultivation of suid land , vi/ :
i. Hamilton , William Doyle. Richard
stoii and W. H. Smith , all of McCook ,
23 G. L. LAWS , Register.
October 12th , I8Mi. f
tice is hereby given that thefollowing -
2rt settler has filed notice of her intention
ake final proof in support of her claim ,
: hat said proof will be made before Roiris-
r Receiver at McCook. Neb. , on Friday ,
jmber 10th , 188fi , viNettie C. Kast , I ) . S.
for the southeast1 ! southwest 5t section
wnship 4 north , range ; W west. She names
'ollowing witnesses to prove her contin-
residenee upon , and cultivation of , said
viH. . H. Berry , H. L. Berry , F. L.
n and C. M. Collins , all of McCook , Ncbr.
G. L. LAWS , Kegibtcr.
LAND OFFICE AT MrCooic , Neb. , I
November 1st , ISM ! . f
lice is hereby given that the following-
id settler has filed notice of his intention
; ike final proof in support of his claim ,
hut said proof will be made before Regis-
r Receiver at McCook. Nob. , on Thursday ,
Jiith. Jf8 < 5 : Amos II. Reynolds , Home-
"il'.i , for the south ' < j southeast ' 4 sec-
II , and north ' northeast 1i section 14 ,
. 4 , north range 29 , west. He names the
iving witnesses to prove his continuous
encc upon , and cultivation of. said land ,
, lo < iah Moore , Alex. W. Campbell , Valen-
lioxlc and Jacob Long , all of Box Elder ,
22 S. P. HART , Register.
October Uth , 18SC. f
tice is hereby given that the following-
; d tettler has filed notice of his intention
ike final proof in support of his claim ,
hat said proof will be made before Rcg-
or Receiver at McCook , Neb. , on Monday
inber 2th ! ) , 1880 , viz : John Henderson
estead 292 , for tho northwest h section
wn. 4 north , range 29 west , ( ith f. M. He
jsthe following witnesses to prove his
nuous residence upon , and cultivation
lid land , viz : Hiram K. Bixler , James
uson , John Modrcll and Alfred Carter.
1 McCook , Neb.
G. L. LAWS. Register.
October 12th , IbtMJ. f
tice is hereby given that the following-
. d settler has filed notice of his intention
ake final proof in support of his claim ,
hat said proof will be made before Rcgis-
Receiver at McCook , Neb. , on Monday ,
inber 22nd , ISSli , viMatthew Stewart ,
1782 , for the northeast J.t section UT , town
th , range 2 ! ) west , fith P. M. He names
ollowiug witnesses to prove his continu-
L'sidence upon , and cultivation of. said
viz : J. H. Stephens , J. Ii. Piper , W. I ) ,
me and Win. Weygint , nil of Box Elder.
20 G. L. LAWS , Register.
LAND OFFICE AT McCoou , Nin. ,
October SOth. 18SIJ. f
: ico is hereby giren that the following-
id t-ettlerhas filed notice of his intention
ike final proof in support of his claim ,
hat said proof will be made before Re is-
Receiver at McCook , Neb. , on Monday ,
mber 13th , 1880 , viJohn Moriarty , U.
1. for the northwest J section IS , town ,
-th , range 20 west , fith P. M. He names
jllowing witnesses to prove his continu-
esideneo upon , and cultivation of , said
viz : A. C. Harlan. Osburn , Neb. ; A. P.
sn. McCook. Neb. : W. A. Glasscock. Box
, Neb. ; L. H. Stenson , McCook. Neb.
G. L. LAWS , Register.
October SOth , ISSfi. f
ice is hereby given that the following-
d settler has filed notice of his intention
ike final proof in support of his claim ,
hat said proof will be made before Kegis-
Receiver nt McCook , Neb. , on Saturday ,
: ijbcr llth , 1880 , viz : James Blossom
worth. Homestead 2128. for the south-
U section 17 , town. 1 north , range 20
( ith P. M. He names the following wit-
s to prove his continuous residence up-
id cultivation of , said land , viz : Sidney
e , John Goodenberger. Saxton B. Colt-
Amos Goodenberjjer , nil of McCook , Xeb.
G. L , LAWS , Register.
. , PM
. . , . -i , ( '
- .f & r. 43tA < * ? '