The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 12, 1886, Image 5

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    Thursday , August i2th , 1886.
Indicates that your subscription to this
X paper HAS EXPIUKD , und that n cordial
invitation is extended to call and renew
the same. Subscription , $2 per year.
Local Intelligence.
all at THE TRIBUNE office for
c stationery , pen holders , pens.
to W. W. Palmer for your
harness. 32-tf.
EsT'Hot and cold baths at the Com
mercial Hotel.
$ l , 000 , 000.00 to loan on farms.
Agee & Wiley.
Call and inspect our line of Knight
Templar cards.
Money to loan on improved farms.
Agee & Wiley. _
School commences the first Monday
in September , the Gth.
Money loaned to persons to make final
proof. Agee & Wiley.
A full line of hardware , stoves and
tinware at C. D. Palmer's.
Main Avenue will loom up large with
four new brick buildings.
Sewing machines sold at cost at the
Metropolitan Drug Store.
Money to loan , 3 or 5 years time.
J. D. Turner , McCook , Neb.
B3F"Baths , both hot and cold , at
Johnston's Commercial Hotel.
All kinds of sheet-iron , tin and cop
per work done at C. D. Palmer's.
Money to loan on final proof or deed
ed land. J. D. Turner , McCook.
Divine service will be held in the
Catholic church on next Sunday.
C. D. Palmer , opposite McEntee , is
the best place to buy your hardware.
Commercial Hotel baths ,
hot and coldfinestin , Western Nebraka.
If you want the best gasoline stove ,
go to C. D. Palmer's , opposite McEntee.
Money to loan on annual or serai-
annual interest. J.D.Turner , McCook.
If you want a nice buggy at reasona
ble figures please call on G. B. Nettle-
ton , agent.
The City Bakery's bread is known all
along the B. & M. west of here for its
Pianos and organs rented at the Met
ropolitan Drug Store until the rent pays
for the instrument.
Please do not forget to call and settle
your account with me at once , and oblige ,
G. W. Bede & Co. have some special
bargains in real estate. Office 4th door
south of U. S. Land office. 27-tf.
Pocket state maps at this office.
These maps are just from the press and
are accurate and complete to date.
G. B. Nettleton is agent for a horse
power feed grinder , with attachment
for shelling corn or any other kind of
rotary work.
FOR SALE 50 head of young mares
and 20 head of mules. Lindner & Er-
rnan , McCook , Neb. Barn west of
Commercial Hotel.
Take all work to McCracken , the
Jeweler. He turns out good work only
and guarantees what he does. East
side of Main Avenue.
We have just received a nice line of
calling cards of the latest styles. Also
have in stock an assortment of fraterni
ty cards. Call and see them.
Two car-loads of Sutton flour just
received by Belnap & Harvey. Em
bracing the following popular brands :
Eclipse , Western Rose and Magnolia.
A bargain for some one in purchasing
the stock and fixtures of a well-estab
lished harness business in McCook.
Being obliged to go east , I will sell at ;
a sacrifice. W. W. PALMER.
The City Bakery has just received a
large and fine assortment of fresh can
dies. If you want something tooth
some in the candy line , the City Bakery
is the place to get it.
Probst Bros. ' are selling more of their
excellent bread than ever , and shipping ?
immense quantities west daily. Their
well earned reputation has secured for SI
them a custom that keeps them as busy
as bees to fill. :
The demijohn remarks that , "it may
be gratifying to its readers to know that
M cCook is to have a brewery. " IT MAY >
BE GRATIFYING to the demi's readers ,
but the event will be a sorrowful one for
this already whisky-cursed community.
ei ;
Parties wanting a piano , or are think- G
of purchasing one sometimebe sure a
call on F. L. McCracken for prices o
first. I have a sample of one of the tiw
best make. Will sell any make at low w
est prices and on terms to suit. Don't cla
a L
forget this.
e ;
G. B. Nettleton has just received htl
another car load of those celebrated tlsi
"Challenge Windmills. " By the way , sisi
out of over 100 he has now running , si
only 5 have ever made any trouble , which >
trouble was caused by quick sand in the
well or lack of water. n
Hotel Baths.
The Republican County Convention
will be held at Indianola , Saturday , Aug.
21st , at 1 o'clock , P. M.
Precinct caucuses are recommended
for next Thursday afternoon , August
19th , from 1 to 7 o'clock.
The Lincoln Land Co. has purchased
80 acres of land at Wray , Colo. , and
will lay out a town at once.
The old Gazette building on West
Dennison street is now occupied by a
dealer in shells and other trinkets.
The Methodist pulpit will be occu
pied , next Sunday morning and evening ,
by P. C. Johnson , P. E. , of Indianola.
In the line of improvements we notice
a commodious addition , by Leon F. Moss ,
to his residence on Marshall street , this
On and after August 16th , this will
be a money order office. An announce
ment that our people will hail with de-
lightVe '
\Ve understand that H. W. Pike has
decided to locate in Kansas City , in busi
ness , the nature of which we have not
Ten Cents will buy a nice box of paper ,
containing 25 sheets ot paper and 25 en
velopes , at THE TRIBUNE stationery
Young man Friday of the "Democrat
for revenue only" is accurately describ
ed as the "Truth Colorer , " by an admir
ing friend.
Cholera morbus and typhoid fever are
the prevailing ailments. Judgment and
prudence should be taken by the people
in large quantities , as preventives.
I now offer my store room on Main
street , as good a location as in the city ,
for sale cheap for cash , from now to
September 1st. W. W. PALMER.
The small building being erected ad
joining Colfer & Cordeal's old law office
on South Main will be occupied , next
week , by Geo. Sheppard , with his jewel
ry stock.
A man by the name of Ihle , who lives
a few miles south of this city , was ar
rested on Wednesday of last week and
taken to Iowa. On what charge we
have not learned.
On the inside of this issue will be
found an interesting biography of the
departed Sage of Grannnercy Park , who
laid down the cares of earth , at Grey-
stone , August 4tb.
The south half of the Scott building
lias been rented by E.G.Fisherwho will
at once open a cigar store and factory
therein. THE TRIBUNE wishes him suc
cess in this new business enterprise.
Three or four hundred dollars worth
of new and additional machinery has
ust been put in the McCook Feed Mill
) y C. A. Xettleton , and he is in better
: orm than ever to meet the increasing
demands of his trade.
Rev. Joel S. Kelsey will speak next
Sabbath at the Congregational church
upon "Agriculture and its Merits. " A
special address to farmers , yet of inter
est to all. In the evening the subject
will be "The Black Tongue. "
The Red Willow grist mill is being
30 over-run with business as to require
in addition , work on which is now pro
gressing. The proprietors have a snug
little mill , which turns out first-class
svork , and is making its owners money.
If white clothing , say a dress , is put
iway in a dark closet or drawer , it will
in time become yellow. But if it be
placed in a box lined with dark blue
paper , or even wrapped in dark blue
iloth , it will come out as white as it
jver was , no matter how long it lays.
A specimen of 00-day corn was ex
hibited at this office , the first of the
tveek , by Geo. Starbuck , which is fully
Matured , full and large. The corn was
planted on the 10th of May , showing
t to be genuine 90-day corn , long since
jut ef the way of fall drouth or frost.
In addition to the bank building , Y.
Franklin will at once commence the
rection of a handsome brick on the op-
sosite cornernow , occupied by Brewer's
neat market. Both of these structures
yill be carried right along to comple-
ion , as soon as possible after the plans \
ind specifications are at hand.
Three individuals , by names , Thomas
Eluggins , Frank Johnson and George 3
reeland , were arrested , last Fridayfor 3t
ireaking into the campany's tars at this 3i i
itation. They were duly tried before t
squire ColvSnfound guiltyfined $5 and
osts and remanded to Castle Welborn
it the county-seat , to work out their
ialvation with fear and trembling , or in
thcr words to board out the amount of
ine and costs.
Last night , the grim destroyer invad- a
d the happy home of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. t
lanschow of West McCook and stole t
way its brightest , most highly treasured 2
irnanient , their beloved little boy of 2I 2c
wo or three summers. The little one I
vas taken sick , Monday morning , with c
iholera infantum , which , together with a .1
lung complicationdespite the greatest .1I
ifforts of professional skill , in a few I C
murs transplanted the dear one from I C
his to a brighter world beyond , where J
ickness and sorrow are unknown. The J
itricken parents have the heartfelt sym- I
athy of all in their sad bereavement.
Dhe funeral will take place , to-morrow
uorningat 9 o'clock , mountain time ,
Call at THE TRIBUNE office for
\ cheap stationery , pen holders , pens.
Not having the legal means of raising
the money to pay the unreasonable sala-
| ries of the city officers it has been neces
sary to resort to schemes to compass
the desired end. And a more disgrace
ful travesty on the law were hard to
imagine than the course pursued at the
beginning of this month. We under-
. stand that the police simply went around
| to the gamblers and prostitutes and taxed
them so muchamounting to $140 , which
money instead of being placed with F.L.
McCracken , the City Treasurer , to. the
credit of the school fund , as the law ie-
quires , was applied on the salaries of the
city officers , entirely contrary to law.
As a matter of law and justice the police
have no more authority to lay an embar
go on these outcasts , in this manner ,
than they have upon the most immacu
late citizen amongst us. These people
should be arrested , brought before the
Police Judge , and fined , according to
law , and the officer that pursues any
other course , does so at his peril. The
procedure is illegal , outrageous and nas
ty , and the man who dabbles in it ,
throws himself open to severe criticism.
Contrast the condition of affairs in
Western Illinois , as described by the <
Monmouth Gazette , with our owncst
Western Nebraska , the "Great Ameri
can Desert , " where we have plenty of
moisture and superabundant crops :
' 'It would be possible but not profitable to
talk long about the weather. Suffice to say
that the mercury keeps up in the nineties , it
doesn't rain and the drouth has probably
placed the corn crop beyond redemption ,
even by copious showers. Stock is being
shipped for want of feed and water , and all
the unpleasantness of the largest dry spell
for years is being endured. ' '
Last Monday afternoon , while doing
some shopping at Wilcox & Fowler's
store on West Dennison St. , Miss Mary
Melia , was a victim of some miserable
sneak thief , who relieved her of her
purse containing about $25 in cash.
Miss Melia had jrone over to the McEn
tee House to see some samples and had
placed her shopping bag , containing the
purse and moneyon a shelf in the above-
named store. Upon her return from the
hotel , the purse and contents were gone. >
No clue to the thief. The loss falls the
heavier upon Miss Mary at this juncture ,
when she has the greatest need of it.
It is a matter of humiliation and re
gret that the base ball players of this
city do not possess the good taste , the
regard for the day , and the respect for
the feelings of others , to refrain from )
playing on Sunday. The yelling and
profanity of those engaged in this sport
in past Sundays , has plainly been heard ai
by the residents in the eastern part of
the city. It is to be hoped that this
reference to the matter will suggest to
the base ballists of the city the proprie
ty of observing the day in a more civil
ized and becoming manner.
The county central committee conven
ed at Indianoia , last Saturday , in pur
suance of a call of Chairman Berger.
The time for holding the county con
vention was settled upon for Saturday ,
August 21st , and Thursday , August 19th M M
was recommended as the time for hold
ing the various precinct caucuses. The ce
basis of representation is the same as of
the past two years , the vote for Regent
Burnham being the criterion for this to
year. Elsewhere we give the call , which
contains the number of delegates from v (
each precinct.
Among the officers to be elected at
the coming fall election , none are of
more vital importance than that of Bi
County Commissioner. To this office , Jt
the second .district , which comprehends thw
the city of McCook , is entitled. It is w
time that the people were casting around cli
for some active , business man to repre trW <
sent the second district on the board of W
county commissioners. The time for se
holding the county convention draws on se
apace. th
Last week , Dr.L. J.Spickelmierwho de of
lives just northeast of the city , threshed he 0
340 busels of oats from a planting of 7 of
bushels. The oats is of the white va :
riety , and the threshers declare it to be
the heaviest yield they ever handled
in their years of experience. A neigh ev
bor of the doctors also threshed Go in 1
bushels of wheat from a 3-acre patch.
A very fair yield , by the way.
The wet goods organ is quite profuse su
with its advice to other towns "to fire out sumi
the festive demi monde , that they are mi
productive of no good , " etc. , but for ap
"fear of giving the town a bad name , " tic
you know , never raises its voice against sai
that element in our city. It may be a c
little difficult for that organ to "sting as i
the hand that feeds it , " however.
" "
We , the undersigned , residents of Mc th :
Cook , Neb. , believing that a n organiza sel
tion having for its object the advance th ; (
ment of popular intelligence by means of e
public library , hereby extend to all la
dies and gentlemen a cordial invitation tin
to attend a mass meeting for the organi thi
zation of a Public Library Association , UK
on August 24th , 1SSG , at 8 o'clock P.
M. , M. T. at Menard's Opera Hall :
The stock market brace up.
The brick building boom continue.
A more respectful observance of Sun
The grist mill project on its feet , ready
for business.
The gamblers and demi-monde made
beautifully scarcer.
Hon. G. L. Laws in the State Secre
tary's office at Lincoln.
The Mayor make a decent show of
doing his duty , and executing the law.
A straight Republican elected to rep-
resentlted Willow county in thehallsof
The most sanguine expectations for a
profitably fall trade , reali/.ed by our
More pic-nic occasions our people
have too few recreation days but less
on Sundays.
Everybody speaking a good word for
and taking an active interest in the com
ing'county fair.
The would-be representative from this
pit } ' , ( who is so cute in barter and trade , )
deliver i the goods.
Greater harmony in the Republican
ranks , and the bourbons getting away
with less of the plunder.
A candidate for representative come I
forward who does not have to go to Tn-
dianola to make his announcement.
Some of our real estate and loan
agents satisfied with the profits of their
own business. Not laying an embargo
on the publisher's.
A man elected representative from
this county who has shown the very nec-
sssary qualifications of a law-abiding
zitizen. Not one who has grown rich ,
through years of VIOLATION of law , to
notorious degree.
This evening , at the residence of the
n'ide's parents , on Main Avenue , two
f our well-known young people , Mr.
? red. S. Harris and Miss Eda Menard ,
yill be joined together in the bonds of
ETymen , Squire S. H. Colvin officiating.
The affair will be a very quiet one , only
he members of the family , Mr. and Mrs.
\ . Campbell , Mi' , and Mrs. J. R. Phelan ,
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Leach , and Messrs.
? . M. Snow and E. L. Laycock are to be
rcsent. Mr. F. M. Snow and Miss Josie
Henard , and Mr. E. L. Laycock and
Hiss Dell Menard , will be bride-men
md bride-maids. The following is a.
lartial list of the presents :
LARGE RUG Miss Dell Menard.
FULL SET CHINA Bride's Father.
SET SILVER SPOONS Miss Josie Menard.
Jrandfather , Chicago.
CNIFES Bride's Mother.
Irs. A. Campbell , Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Phelan ,
Ir. and Mrs. E. A. Leach.
ELEGANT Swiss CLOCK Mr. E. L. Lay-
ock and Mr. A. E. Cromwell.
A number of useful presents from Groom
THE TRIBUNE wishes them a bon
oyage over the sea of matrimony.
. L. Hulburd for County Attorney.
The members of the Red Willow county
ar held a meeting last night at the office of
ennings & Starbuck to express a choice for
ic office of County Attorney. The meeting
as ; called to order and I. J. Starbuck made
liairman. The following resolution was in-
oduced and unanimously carried :
We , the undersigned , members of the Red
Pillow County Bar , do hereby pledge onr-
ilves to support for nomination to the office
County Attorney , the person who shall be
elected for that position by those present
lis evening , without regard to the politics
such person , and to request the nomination
such person by both political parties. We
further pledge ourselves to use every
onorable means to secure the nomination
the choice of this meeting , and if noniiua-
d by either party , his election.
Signed by every member of the
McCook , August 11 , ' 80. McCook Bar.
Motion made that a copy be furnished to
rcry paper in the City and that the papers
the county be requested to copy , carried , \
lotion made that we now proceed to an elec-
011 of a candidate for the office of County
Homey , carried. Ballot taken which re-
ilted in the selection of L. L. Hulburd , who :
as then made the unanimous choice of the
eeting. Motion made that a committee be *
pointc > d to present Mr. Hulburd's noniina-
011 to the respective parties as a non-parti-
in candidate for the office of County Attor-
jy , carried. The chair appointed Messrs.
ochran. Cole , Williams , Colfer and Wiley
such committee.
This action was based on the broad ground
latthe office of county attorney is and should
anon-partisan one and that the man should
selected without regard to party lines and
iat the attorneys should have a voice in the
ilection of the man who should represent
em in this professional office. Mo\ed that
now adjourn , carried.
The entire Bar of McCook were present at
e meeting and the.enthusiasm with which
is selection was made shows that the senti
ent of the Bar is with Mr. Hulburd.
To My Friends and Patrons.
On account of the failure of my i'ath-
's health "in the eastI , am in duty bound
be near at hand with him , and I there-
ire offer you special bargains from now
September lstin , harness goods. And
also ask those knowing themselves to
indebted to me to call between this
id September 1st and settle up their
counts. Yours Respectfully ,
WE - : - WANT
OLD - : - RAGS
t sr > s\ * * * rss s- - s
ndei tbis liend wo would be pleased to
have our friends throughout the city acquain
us of the arrival and departure of their visitors
II. W. Colo returned , Monday noon , frou
lis Illinois trip.
E. S. Wood left , Tuesday , for Farragut
Iowa , on a three week's visit.
Louis J. A. Toilers , county clerk of Duudy
had business in this chief city , Monday.
Master Mechanic D. Hawksworth of Platts
mouth was here on business , yesterday.
State Treasurer Willard of Lincoln went to
McCook , yesterday.-State Journal of Sunday.
II. T. Anderson made a business visit to
the county-seat , week.
Editor Ralph McCracken of the Xews ,
Hayes Centre , was a Sunday visitor in this
R. H. Hamilton of the county-seat trans
acted business in this commercial centre ,
Mrs. Frank Everts has been very low with
typhoid fever , with some improvement at
this time.
Oscar Shaw , one of ludianola's business
men , was in town , Monday , between trains
39 and 40.
Miss Jennie Richardson of Plattsnionth ,
niece of Squire Colviu , made a Hying vWt in
the city. Tuesday.
W. E. Fry made a business trip to Lincoln.
Beatrice and other points , Friday , returning
home on Sunday night.
John C. Ilarlan of the Kaleidoscope and
Frank Kelley of Cambridge were among the
Sunday tourists in the city.
Sylvester Cordeal of Akron , attended the
meeting of Coiistantine Coiiunandery in this
city , last Thursday evening.
T. J. Floyd of the Trenton Torpedoas a
caller at these headquarters , Saturday , while
eu route to the state capital.
Charles Buschow of Red Cloud , a member
of the railroad commission , was a visitor in
the city , Friday of last week.
Dr. L. J. Spickehnier went down to Blue
Hill , to-day , expecting to be absent about : i
week ou some business matters.
J. E. Cochran , Esq. , went down to Crete ,
yesterday evening , on business. He will re
turn to-night or to-morrow noon.
Judge Cobb of Lincoln , came up to the city ,
Tuesday , on a short visit to Register Laws ,
returning home , yesterday morning.
E. W. Tiers of Elliott , Iowa , brother of
Mrs. Jos. Spotts , arrived in the city : Friday
of last week , on a short visit to his sister.
G. W. Jacobson of Girard. Saline county ,
was in town , the first of the week , and while
here invested in ome citv residence lots on
the hill.
Mrs. C. A. Scott and Miss Edith Crane ,
who have been visiting their mother , Mrs.
Sutton , at Franklin , returned home , last
Frank Casebeer , of Somerset , Penna.stoi > -
ped over in the city , a few ( lays , the first of
this week , on his return from Denver and
the mountains. He has taken a position in >
the Gazette office.
R. C. Fisher went to Denver. Monday even
ing , to complete arrangements for opening
up a cigar store in the Scott building in the
immediate future.
Fred Harris returned from Brooklyn , X. Y. ,
Tuesday evening , his sister having so far re
covered as to allow of hireturn to his posi
tion at this place.
II. H. Troth is down from the Willow , to-
ilav. He will remove his family here , the
last of the mouth. He expect * Mr. Clothw :
from Philadelphia to arrive on to-night train ,
to .spend some time on the ranch.
Rev. M. W. Hanna , 1) . D. . of Baltimore ,
Md. , an active memberof the Board of Home .
Missions of theEvangelical Lutheran church ,
stopped over here , last week , to visit Rev. J.
\V. Ivinnnel , and while here took a drive north
if 8 or 10 miles. He wassiirprKed , both at the
eauty and growth of our city , and the fine
> rospects for crops. I Ic said lie had not seen ;
is good com west of Baltimore. He paid a
omplinient to our hotels , by saying that they
vere the best lie had visited west of tiie
Mat Rollins is low with an attack of typhoid
Mrs. Merrill , who has been visiting friends
in the city , for some days past , returned to
Stratton , Monday night. She expects to re
turn to Chicago , "about September first.
E. M. Kendall , who has been quite serious
ly ill , for a number of days , with summer
complaint , is at this writing improving and
hopes to be around again in a short time.
Rev. Harris of Oberliu , who is conisdera-
bly interested in citv property here , was over
looking after his affairs , Monday. He con
templates the erection of one or more resi
dences , for rent.
A. C. Ebertwas called to his home in Wis
consin , yesterday morning , by a telegram
announcing the serious illness of his mother.
Tim TRIHUNI : joins Mr. Ebert's many friends
in the hope for his mother's recovers' .
J. E. Berger was called to Louisville , Cass
county , last Thursday evening , by a telegram
informing him of tlie dangerous illness of
his mother , who died shortly after his arrival.
Mr. Berger returned home , last night.
Chas. E. Kimball left , yesterday noon , for
the west. He said he was going out to see
his father's timber claim , but we don't see
how he is going to bring the aforesaid claim
from Cheyenne county to McCook. Crete
John R. Clark , the well-known Lincoln
banker , vice-president of the Citizen's bank
of our city , was in town , last Saturday , cm
business. Mr. Clark was most enthusiastic
over the future as well as the present of our
little city , and advocated extensive improve
ments , which will follow in due time.
Jonas Louthers has the corn-field to look at.
Mr. and Mrs. Coltrahfs baby was buried ,
Monday , August 9th.
Everybody wants TUB TnmuxR in our
neighborhood to read Pleasant Prairie Items.
Everybody come and see the boys play ball ,
Friday , and stay for the dance at the Windsor
Mr. Kimball , of Crete , is visiting in our
neighborhood. Hope he will see fit to stay
with us.
Bauksville dude dun got mad gwine back
: o Iowa , and get his old wife. Better luck
: han none.
The hum of the threshing machine is the
music of the day. Grain i.s far l > etter than
was expected.
Our Banksvillc writer said there would
lave been a racket at the ball ground , but for
he lack of sand ; not wishing to expose him
self , hedid not say where the sand was lack-
ng. The man that insulted the ladies asks
hem kindly to excuse him , and hopes he may
lever do so again. We hope so to.
B. B. Burley , proprietor of the Burley
louse , Belle Plaine , Iowa , relates his exper-
ence as follows : ' 'I have had the opportunity
f testing the merits of Chamberlain's Colic ,
Jliolemand Diarrhwa Remedy in several in-
tance.i in severe and dangerous cases .of
iholera morbus. From my experience in the
ise of this medicine I can recommend it with
) leasure. Every one traveling should have
t and no family should be without it. " Sold
y Willey & Walker.
The Board of Education held a spec-
al meeting , last eveningto take action
n the matter of the teachers who failed
o receive certificates at the late examin-
ition. An Examining Committee
iomposed of Messrs. G. L. Laws ,
kV. E. Dauchy and J. E. Cochran , was
ippointed by the Board. They will
lold a meeting on Saturday. Another
ommittee , Messrs. J. E. Cochran and
F. It. Phelan , was appointed to look
ifter the manner in vhich the city au-
.horities have been disposing of certain
ines levied and collected , the first of
his month , in a manner that has more
if the appeaiance of a black-mailing
chcmethan of legality. We hope that
his "smelling committee * ' will do some
borough work , and ventilate this per-
bruiance as it deserves.
A - : - FULL - : - LINE - : - OF
Pure Wines and Liquors