The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, July 15, 1886, Image 7

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Deep in the grass a maiden knelt ,
Turning the green lilades over.
With fluttering heart and anxious eye
Hunting a four-leaved clover.
No treasure rare of jewel or gem
Seemed half so fair to her vision
AB that slender wand of palest green ,
Prophetic of lands elysian.
With n joyful cry she held the prize ,
' Oh ! darling tour-leaved clover
yVVt bring my lover back to me ,
.jf Vlien 'this cruel war is orer1
"Wilt thou give him a sword , and shoulder
Honor , and fame , oh , clover ,
Give riches , and health , and bring him back
When 'this cruel war is over. ' "
* * * * *
A faded woman with streaks of gray
Her scanty brown locks threading ,
In sorrow and loneliness took the way
Which many feet were treading.
To honor the bravo and noble dead
With chuplet and wreath and emblem ,
With roses , and daisies , and violets fair ,
And lily-bells nodding and trembling.
In a narrow grave , a flag at his head
'Kcath a simple stone she found him ,
2vo honors , no lame , no riches were there ,
No tokens of rank around him.
No , none of the gifts she had asked that morn
Of the treacherous four-leaved clover
Had come to the man who lay at her feet ,
Her youthful and beautiful lover.
* * * * * * *
No cross , no crown , no wreath of bav ,
Did she place on the grave of her lover ,
But tied with a ribbon of blue and gray
A bunch of four-leaved clover.
"Oh , mother , I wish we were rich !
I think 51 is a shame that we are oblig
ed to live in this little hut , while my
haughty ccusin lives in a mansion ant
wears the diamonds that should have
been mine. "
"My dear , how can you call this
pretty cottage a hut , and how can you
complain when you are doing so well ?
Let May wear her diamonds , and
please , dear , for my sake , if for noth
ing else , do try to be contented. "
Florence Arleigh made no reply , but
pressed a kiss on her mother's forehead
and left the room.
As the door closed , Mrs. Arleigh
leaned back in her chair and watched
the last rays of the setting sun , while
her thoughts Hew far away to the home
of her childhood. Her cheek was fan
ned by the soft South wind and no sound
disturbed her musings of by-gone days.
She gazed into the blue skwhere the
clouds iloated and iloated away in the
distance , but she saw not the clouds ,
for her mind pictured the old home ,
where her infant footsteps had been
guided by the tender hand of a mother.
Then she saw herself , a happy
maiden , in the shady , old forest ,
twining a wreath of ilowers and crown
ing herself Queen of the May. She
smiled as she thought how surprised
she had been to learn that an artist
had been sketching her while she ad
dressed the trees as her subjects. How
her young heart had leaped with de
light as she saw the admiration express
ed in the eyes of the stranger. Then
she thought how she had been wooed
and won by the artist and how he had
taken her to the residence of his father.
Then tear after tear fell from her eyes
as she thought how she and her hus
band had been turned away from the
home of her father-in-law , and how
her husband's proud sister had said :
"When 1 many , I .shall not disgrace
my family by marrying the child of a
poor former. " Oh ! the da\-s that fol
lowed , the happy days , in which she
tried to make their cottage a pleasant
home for Leon , who worked early and
late to paint the pictures which brought
enough money to support them. Bit
terly fche wept as she thought of the
brilliant June da } ' when death entered
her home and her brave , handsome
Leon was laid in the little parlor and
her two children walked
on tip-toe say
ing , over and over. "Papa is dead , and
mamma is sick. " Her reverie was in
terrupted by sounds of mirth , which
came from the chamber of the little
cottage which Mr. Arleigh had been
pleased to will to his son's widow.
Upstairs is a cozy room in which
Florence and Leoline Arleigh do the
copying by which they earn their bread.
They have been copying , but are not
doing so now , for Leoline is laughing
heartily while Florence stands before
the mirror saying , in tragic tones ,
"How have the mighty fallen ! And Ar
leigh must earn her bread by the sweat
of her brow. Where is the poet who
will immortalize the fair face rellected
in yon mirror ? Where are the brave
men who will gaze with admiration up
on these golden tresses , these azure
eyes ? Where are they ? Alas ! they
are here , but the } ' are not the ones in
whose pockets the gold dollars jingle
merrily , for the men whose money
would make them acceptable in my
Bight pass my 'beauty unadorned' and
bow at the shrine of my cousin. "
Leoline leaned back in her chair and
laughed until the tears started from her
eves. "Oh , Florence , " she said , "are
you crazy or are you rehearsing for pri
vate theatricals ? "
"Neither , but , seriously , Leo. , I was
not intended for this kind of existence.
E was not born to spend my life daub-
in" " my finders with > nk. I was born to
walk like this through rooms which art
had done its most to beautify , " and
Florence raised herself to her full
height and walked majestically across
the room.
"Well. " said Leoline , "if you have
finished , we will continue our work. "
"Oh , dear ! Work ! work ! Nothing
- ut work ! I think our grandfather
Iwas too mean for anj'thing or he would
not have given all his property to Aunt
Emma and left us without a cent. "
"Florence , " said Leoline gravely ,
"our grandfather is dead and whatever
his faults may have been , we are not to
judo-e him. He gave us this pretty cot-
tao-e and we are doing nicely. "
° 'There , you little saint ; I take it all
back Let"us have peace , " said Flor
ence , kissing Leoline and hurrying to a
imali table on which were scattered
jens , ink , paper , etc.
Not Ion2 after this Florence anc
Leoline hud been out for a walk and
were returning home when they were
met by one of Mrs. Leslie's servants.
"Oh. MissLeHjne. " said the servant ,
"your cousin , Miss May , is very sick ,
and Mrs. Leslie sent me to inquire il
you would assist in nursing her. "
Leoline thought a moment and then
said , "Tell Mrs. Leslie I will go il
mother is willing. "
"Oh ! " exclaimed Florence , "you arc
a little idiot to think of going , and 1
hope mother will not permit you to go.
The disease may be contagious , and
you will come home sick and we'll
have no end of trouble. Yes , and who
is to do all the copying while you are
gone ? Let Aunt Emma hire some one.
I am sure she has enough money. "
"You need not copy any more than
usual. ' You know I have a little money
which I saved for a rainy day , and we
will manage some way. So don't look
so cross , for I feel it my duty to go. "
"Duty ! Fiddlesticks ! Aunt Emma
did not think of duty when poor father
died. "
By this time they had reached home
and Florence rushed in exclaiming ,
"Mother , May Leslie is sick and Aunt
Emma wishes Leo. to help take care of
her , and Leo. says she is going and I
know she'll catuh the small-pox or
something dreadful , " and Florence sat
down , out of breath , while Leoline knelt
by her mother's chair and said , "May
is very ill. May I go ? "
Mrs. Arleigh kissed the little upturn
ed face and , for a moment , she thought
how cruelly she had been treated by
this sister-in-law , who now asked that
Leoline , sweet Leoline , whom everyone
loved , should nurse the descendant of
the Leslies. She smiled , scornfully , as
she thought , "She shall not go ; " but
soon her better nature conquered and
she said quickly. "You may go , dar
ling , and may Qod bless jrou. "
In the days that followed , May Leslie
received the best of care and the doc
tor's directions were carefully followed
by Leoline who , hour alter hour , sat by
the side of the sufi'erer and never coin-
plained of weariness.
At last the crisis was passed and May
was quiet and rational and she no longer
raved as she had done when the fever
was at its height. 'She was surprised
to learn that Leoline was the one whose
hand had cooled her fevered brow , and
whose soft voice had lulled her to rest ,
and she begged her to stay awhile.
One day Leoline and May were sit
ting in the latter's beautiful sitting-
room , May lying on acouchahdLeolino
sitting in an easy chair , reading aloud
an interesting story in a late magazine.
Suddenly there was a rap at the door ,
followed by the entrance of Mr. Deane ,
who said , cheerily , "Well , how is our
patient to-day ? "
While he talked to May , Leoline
walked out quietly and , going to her
room , threw herself upon her bed and
wept bitterly. Anyone seeing her
would be surprised , for quiet Leoline
seldom shed tears. If it were Flor
ence , one would not think it strange ,
for Florence often became so angry
that big tears coursed down her cheeks ,
but , a moment after , she would break
out in a peal of laughter at something
which excited the risibility in her na
ture. Florence was all clouds and sun
shine and as changeful as the wind , but
when Leoline wept it was not from
anger , it was because something serious
disturbed the serenity of her soul. The
cause of her present grief was this :
Unasked , she had given her heart to
the handsome young doctor , whose
skill had saved the life of her cousin.
"Ah. " she mused , "what chance have
I to win him ? I , who has neither
beauty nor fortune , can inspire no love
in his breast ; and even if I were as
beautiful as Helen of Troy , and pos
sessed of the virtues of Penelope , I
could not hope to win him , for I am
certain that he loves my fair cousin.
She , 1 know , returns his love , for when
he calls , her black eyes sparkle with
pleasure , and yesterday she told me
that her heart had passed from her
keeping and that she hoped to become
the britle of one who is all that is good
and true. I must carefully conceal my
love for him , for mother and Florence
must not know that I have lost my
heart while under the roof of the
Leslies. Gentle mother would be more
sad than ever , and impulsive Florence
would sa } ' she knew something would
happen to me , and she would hate
cousin May , who is the innocent cause
of my sorrow. "
The next day Leoline determined to
go home , and in spite of May's en
treaties , declared she must go that
evening ; for , said she , "You will soon
be well , and mother and Florence need
me. "
"Well , " said Mrs. Leslie , ' if you
must go , I suppose we cannot keep you ;
but here is a small sum as a return for
your kindness in coming to help us ; "
and she passed a check to Leoliue , who
laid it on a table , saying she could not
accept money as payment for her ser
vices. Mrs. Leslie liked Leoline , and
she said , mentally , 'I will give her a
liandsome present. "
That evening Leoline returned home ,
and , as she left her.aunt's house , she
noticed how beautiful May looked in
lier white cashmere wrapper , and she
murmured : "No wonder Dr. Deane
loves her. "
When she reached home her mother
was out ; but she was warmly greeted
by Florence , who waltzed around in
great glee. After awhile she seated her
self by the side of Leoline , exclaiming ,
"Oh , Leo. I'm the happiest girl alive !
Rich Mr. Way has returned from Eu
rope , and he saj's he fell in love with
me hist year , and he has proposed , and
L'm going to marry him , and I'll buy
you and mother a "lot of nice things ,
ind , oh , I'm too happy to live ! " When
Florence was excited she paid no at-
: ention to the repetition of conjunc
Leoline replied : "I am very glad to
icar of your good luck ; but are you
sure that you iovc him ? "
"Love him ! Of course I love him.
Wouldn't I love anyone who asked me
: o share a fortune of a million of dol-
ars ? Mother is coming ! " and she ran
down the path that led to the street and
met her mother ere she entered the
"When Leoline retired to her room ,
she gazed in her mirror , but could see
no beauty in the small , pale lace , large ,
earnest gray eyes and brown hair brush
ed plainly back from her forehead.
"Beautiful Mashe said ; "Heaven
help me that I may not envy her hap-
pimj > s. "
For two davs Leoline was busy and
did not go out at all , but on the thin ! ,
which wts hur birthday , she and Flor
ence went for a stroll. Florence was in
the best of humor and talked inces
santly of her approaching marriage ,
telling about the dresses she would
have , the diamonds she would wear ,
etc. At first Leoline listened and tried
to be interested , but , try as she would ,
she could not forget Dr. Deane. His
faco seemed ever before her and the
more sfhe tried to crush her love lhe
stronger that love became and wider
grew the gulf between them. Flor
ence chattered on , wholly unconscious
that her sister was not listening. "It
is a mystery to me how Mr. Way ever
fell in love with me. 1 always knew I
was not born to work , but I did not ex
pect to get out of it so soon. How the.
girls wiU envy me when I become Mrs.
Theodore Way , and how May Leslie
will stare. Say , Sis , you are twenty
years old to-day , and I must look after
you or you will be an old maid. Wait
till I'm married and see if I don't find
a rich husband for you. "
The two girls were returning home
when Florence thought of a letter she
had forgotten to mail , and Leoline , not
wishing to return to Main street , walk
ed slowly on , while Florence returned
to the postoffice. Leoline had not " [ one
far when she heard some one say , "Good
morning , Miss Arleigh , " and looking
up , her eyes rested upon the handsome
face of Dr. Deane. They walked on
until they reached an arbor which was
provided with rustic chairs. Dr. Deane
suggested that they enter , but no soon
er were they seated"than Leoline's hands
were clasped and she heard the Doctor
saying "Oh , Leoline , can you not see
how dear you are to me ? Sweet Leo-
line , raise those truthful gray eyes and
tell me , you will love me just a little.
Tell me , Leo , is there no hope for me ? "
Leoline did not reply , but she offered
no resistance when he took her slight
form in his arms and showered passion
ate kisses upon her face , which had
lost its wonted paleness and assumed
the hue of the bright red rose. At first
she was too much confused to speak ,
but at last she looked into the deep
blue eyes so close to her own and said ,
"I thought you loved cousin May. "
"Thought I loved cousin May ! Why ,
how could I be charmed by May's black
eyes when I was in love with her little
nurse ? " Here Leoline receives so
many kisses that she begs for mercy
and declares she will be smothered.
One day Mrs. Arleigh was greatly
surprised to see , in the village paper ,
a notice to the effect that , through a
dishonest agent , Mrs. Leslie had lost
the greater part of her fortune. A few
weeks later the same paper announced
the marriage of Miss May Leslie and
Mr. Richard Lee , the coal merchant ,
and stated that the happy couple had
gone to Chicago , where they would re
side. Lcoline burst in to tears when she
heard of her cousin's marriage , for she
still thought that May loved Dr. Deano.
Florence remarked , "Serves her right.
She liked you , but she always hated me.
and now she has lost her fortune ami
has had to marry a bald-headed , crous-
eyed , ill-natured old-codger , whom she
must already hate. "
The days passed swiftly away. The
paths were strewn with the leaves of
Autumn , and the cold blasts of Winter
were followed by the soft breath of
It is a bright June day. The inter
ior of Mrs. Arleigh's cottage is pictur
esque in the extreme. Each room
seems a bower , for beautiful June ro es
are here , there and everywhere. Tiie
inmates of the cottage are hastening1 lo
and fro as if preparing for some special
event but upon the faces of all , there is
a look of happiness , for there is to be a
double wedding , and the brides will be
Florence and Leoline.
There is a ring at the door , and a
small package is handed to Leoline.
She sees that it is addressed in her
cousin's hand writing , and she hastily
tears off the wrapper. All day sho has
been thinking of May and wondering
if she has forgiven her for winning the
heart of Mr. Deane. When sh& has
torn oil" the wrapper from the package ,
she finds a little box , and , upon open
ing it , she feels a thrill of delight , for
she sees a beautiful diamond ring , in
which is inscribed the word , "Leoline. "
JElla Hall , in GoodaWs Sun.
Telegraphing Seven Thousand Miles.
An Englishman , after haviug been
shown the operations of the pneumatic
tube for carrying parcels in Now York ,
said : "I have seen just one thing more
wonderful than that. I have talked by
cable from London to Calcutta , India ,
over 7,000 miles .of wire. Two years
ago I called upon Managing Director
W. Andrews , of the Indo-European Tel
egraph company , at No. 13 Old Broad
street , London. It was Sunday even
ing and the wires were not very busy.
Mr. Andrews called up Emden , a Ger
man town. 'Give me Odessa , ' he
wired. In a few seconds we got the
signal from the Russian seaport city ,
and asked for Teheren , the capital of
Persia. 'Call Kurrachee , ' said An
drews. In less than half a minute we
were signaling that Indian town. The
signals came at the rate of fifteen words
a minute. After learning that the Lon
don oflice was testing the long wires ,
Kurrachee gave us Agra , and we chat
ted pleasantly for a few minutes with
the operator on duty there. In a short
time the operator switched us on the
.jable to the Indian capital , Calcutta.
At first the operator there could not
believe that he was talking to London ,
and he asked , in the Morse language :
'Is that really London , England ? ' It
was a wonderful achievement , metallic
communication without a break be
tween the caoital of the English nation
and the seat of her government in In
dia , 7,000 miles away as the bird flies. "
New Orleans Times-Democrat.
Preferred tlie Kangaroo.
Small boy dialogue actually heard at
the circus : "Say , Patsy , which would
you rather , that the hippitypottermouso
was a runnin' after you or the
rvenowserhoss ? " "By golly , Mike ,
Id rather it was the kangaroo , 'cause
I could get inside and ride. " Boston
Old I ovo Letters.
Old-love letters arc much like cold soup.
A love letter that telegraphs a delightui
tin-'le tc the tip ends ol the fingers and
toes , makes the heart thump fast and ever
warms up the stonmch when first written ,
if read alter theiliimo which inspired it had
3Jed , possesses all the flatness , stalenesf
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bean brotli thnthnsluid in the refrigerator
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The fashionable sandwich iscut trian
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The cheapest method of raising fowls is
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A liberty pole is not the proper thing for
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Forgiving one's enemies is like a draught-
of water to the parched soul.
"Her face so fair , as flesh it seemed not ,
But heavenly portraitof bright angel's hue ,
Clear ns the sky , without a blame or blot ,
Through goodly mixture of complexions duo
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WeaklyVoijieii with Pale ,
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Browns Iron
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headache , or produce constipation nil other iron
medicines do. ItltOWN'S IKON IJITTEKS
cures Indigestion , Biliousness , Weakness ,
Dy&pepsia , Dizilarin , Chills nncl Fevers ,
Tired FeeIingt5cncrnlDebiIkyPain in the
Side , Bade or JimbsIIcadnclio andNenrnl-
jliti for all these ailments Iron is prescribed daily.
minute , tike all other thoroash medicines , it acts
slo-.vly. "When taken by m'n tho first symptom of
benefit is renewed enerjrr. Thenrasclesthen become
firmer , the digestion improves , the lio-vels are active.
In icomen tho elf ect is nsailly more rapid and marked.
The eyes begin at once to brishten : the skin clears
up ; healthy color comos to the cheeks ; nervousness
disappears ; functional derangements become regu
lar , and if a nur = mg mother , ebumlant sustenance
is suppiied for tli child. Remember Brown's Iron
Bitten is the ONI/Yiron medicine that H not in
jurious , rhyficitini ami Jlruyyiiti rteammetul it.
Tho Genuine has Trade JIark and cros od red lines
on wrapper. TAKE NO OTHER.
It haa stood tho Test of Years ,
in Curing all Diseases of tfco
i r > > . ELOOD , LIVES , STOM-
' *
ELS , &c. It Purifies tlio
Blood , Invigorates and
Cleanses the System.
disappear at once Tinder
KIDNEYS its beacScial influence.
STOMACH It is purely a Uledicine
AND as its cathartic proper-
tics forbids its use as a
beverage. It is pleas
ant to the taste , and as
easily taken by child
ren aa adults.
PRICElDOLUR Sole Proprietors.
ST.Louisaad KANSAS Crrr
Fiirjil.slie 1 on S3iort 3fof ice From.
Omaha , sit CIticsiaro Prices.
Omaha , Neb. , 12th and Howard.
and Morphine Habit Cured InlOto
FPSRn3 : ! o days. Refer to .OHO nations mrei !
BQd&lH in all parts. Dr. Karsh , Quincy,2Iich.
' JI.YWliS. Iluveuport , lowu.
W. N. U _ Omaha 319-29.
Tie Best
TheFISHBBAJfD BUCKETS \rarrantttlwatirproor , and Till fc P I" " < ! IT '
tilt harden Harm. Tho new POMMEL SUCKEKls a pr'trcc ridinc'ceil. and
coTen tba entlr * laddie. Bewaro of Imitations. Konorenninwltlwnt th * * 7t l
Brand" trade-mark , lllcilntcd Catalogua free. A. J. Tower. B'jttou. Alau.
PJiysicians. Ministers , Missionaries , Man
agers of Factories , Work-shops , Planta
tions , Nurses in Hospitals , in short ,
everybody everywhere TI''IO has
ever given it a trial.
THRO AT , &c.
BITES , &c.
Prices 25c. OOc. and Bottlo.
, . , . $1.00 per .
JG57"Beware of Imitations. "
A Specialist for IMovcii Yonr I a t ,
lias treated Propiy ancllta complication * with th9
most wondi-rfiil Bitrcrsj ; me * veiurnMu remedies ,
entirely harmR-H * . Removeall symptoms of dropir
In elclit to twenty days. . . . . . . . .
Cures patients pronounced hopeless by the best of
From the first dose th symptoms rapidly disap
pear , nnrt In ten days at least two-third * of the symp
toms are n > im > r < d.
Somemir cry ImmliuK without knowing anything
about It. R'member It does not cost vou anything
to realize iho merits of my treatment for yourself
I am constuntlv curing cnic < of Ionstaminc.cases
that li v * bei-n tixopcd a number of times , anil iho
pntlent declare 1 iinabli ! tit live a wi-elc. lilrcfull
history of ca'e Name sex. h > . ' lunir-iKHctcd. how
badly nwolen nn 1 where. Is bowels otilve. have lej ;
bureC'iI and dripped water. Srnd for free pa-nphlet.
containing testimonials , questions , etc.
IO il : vs trniitiiKMit furnished frealiymnll.
Epilepsy flts positively cured. sunJT cents In stamps fonty posinea.
II. 1I.RUKKV. M. II. .
55 Jones Avenue. Atlanta. Ua.
A Great Mcrl'cil TTirJc on Mnnliood , Nervous and
Physical Debility. Premature Declli e In Man. Kx-
&aust d Vitality. * c. , &c. . and the untold miseries
rcsu tlr.jr from Indiscretion or excesses ; 300 paxes.
! uhtuml.illy l > < uiul In gilt , mtiMIn. Contains mura
than 135 lnvaluiuo : prescriptionembracing every
vegetable remedy In the pharmaca-pla for ail acute
and chronic < Il5c.i e- ' . It Is on phatlcally a book for
every man. Price only $1 by mail postpaid , concealed
In plain wrappir.
youiiK and middle a ed meu for the next ninety days.
Bend now. nrciit this mil. as you miy never se > - It
again. AUdre b DK. W. 11. PARKEU.I Iltilllnoli SL.
X. I ! . Ur. P.irker can be confidentially consulted
Dn all dheaso of man. his specialties
_ _ U ll B
fThen 1 say euro i u nut moan itiprely to ktop tncm n > r
nthne and then u.ivetncm return a .iln. I mvan aradl-
cal cure. I have m.iilUio din < o < > f KITS. El'II.EPaY
or FALLISO SICKSESSr. life lo-i-jstnrty. I warrantnij
remedy to cure tha worst cases Uecauso others bava
failed is no ro'iinn for not now rocnvln ; ; a cnro. Send a :
ones for a treiulso and a Free linrtlo of my Infallible
remedy. Give Express and Tost ( ) lice. Il cusu yuu
nothinpfor a trial , and I will ruro ymi.
4.'rc slr II O. BOOT , IS 5 Vearl St. , Kew Tori.
PIso's Keaetfy for Catarrh Is the
Best. Easiest to Use. and Cheapest.
Also ( rood far Cold In the Head ,
Headache. Hay Fever. tc. 1 cents.
( .eriuaii Antlntiu Cure never fail * to ( riref-
immediate relief la the wor-t ca w. injure * com-g
afortabte sleep ; effects cure * where all others fall. .1 ?
HfriiZ cojiniicr-t t\t movt fkepticat. Prlc ? io - * 1'
iI. ( ) ( ) , of Druiii ti or br mall. Simple FIJ
g taap. UK. K. > CHIii'Fl > l.VX. > > t. I'uiil.
. ifncss and Na M rniarrh
, . -"r .i.ii-ntly rnrt-i G.a 'ei
9 fitted for all forms of dufec-
„ 7 & THROAT
Inserted. Address IJr. I UI'EV.Omahx _ Xch.
ITabSt. .
Qnlcklysnd Patale * * liorae. Corrcepotidenco
solicited and Jrte trial of cure sens
honestinveatiKatore. TiiElIu AN
I'.EUEUT CUSH-AAY. Lafayette. Intf-
lorpliine Ilaliit Curodla 111
; wa to o < liy.s. Xo it.ty till Cured.
' * l > i : J. SrEi'itKN's , Leiianou. uaio.
! PfiJSKDUV teurn here and earn jjood
CLtUnArni pay. Situatio turinauej
Valentine Bros. Janesvllle. VTIJ.
Tliicnrantisra , Scratches , >
Burns mid Scalds , Sores nml Galls ,
f'tinsrs anil IJitcs , S-pnvin , Cracks ,
C'uts and Ilniisct , Scrcvr Worm , CJrub ,
prninn S ; Stitclie-s Foot Hot , Hoof Ail ,
Contracted JIucc'cs ,
: " 5tir Joints , Swinny , Fonndcr ;
Sprains , Strains ,
Irruptions , Sore Feet ,
2rost Bites , Stiffness ,
and all external diseases , ard erery hnrt or accident ,
for general use iu famll y , stable and stock-yard. It Is