The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, May 20, 1886, Image 7

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    Thursday , May 2oth , iSSG. i.
'Indicates that your subscription to this
paper HAS KXPinr.n , and that < i conljnl
Invitation Is extended to call and rontyv
ithe same. Subscription , $2 per yen1
Local Intelligence.
Fresh candy at the City Bakery.
f C. P. Rinker is headquarters
to W. W. Palmer for y
harness. 32-tf
Crown : ewing Machi
Rinker' s.
The best vratch on earth for
1,000,000.00 to loan
Agee & Wiley.
Xew curtain scrim and new goods at
Wilcox & Fowler's.
Mason & Hatnlin organs at McCook
Implement Emporium.
A car-load of seed corn at Fry &
Snow's feed store.
Money loaned to persons to make final
proof. Agee & Wiley.
Organs rented until tho rent pays for
them at C. P. Ilinker's.
A full line of hardware , stoves and
tinware at C. D. Palmer's.
The finest stock of groceries in the
city at Wilcox & Fowler's.
Do you want the best wind mill made
go to C. P. Rinker , he has it.
Brewer Bros , butcher only corn-fed
steers. No cows or range cattle.
J3"Sweet Michigan Cider of excel
lent quality at the City Bakery.
They have the purest , kettle-rendered
lard in the city at Brewer Bros.
Buy one of those new watches of Mc
Cracken before they are all gone.
$16.00 buys a first-class cultivator at
the McCook Implement Emporium.
G. D. Palmer , opposite McEntee , is
the best place to buy your hardware.
White Russian or White Prussian
soap only 5c.a bar at Wilcox & Fowler's.
Special attention given to ice cliest
and refrigerator work at C. D. Palmer's.
Xew dress goods , prints , ginghams ,
etc.just opened at Wilcox & Fowler's.
Remember that C. D. Palmer is the
place to get your roofing and spouting
Sewing machines at the McCook Im
plement Emporium. C. P. Rinker.
Have you seen the new all-over em
broideries , laces and ruching at Wilcox
5 , & Fowler's.
The City Bakery's bread is known all
along the B. & M. west of here for its
All persons indebted to Anderson &
Boehl are requested to call and make
immediate settlement.
The Metropolitan Drug Store is in re
ceipt of a fine assortment of wall papers.
Call and examine them.
Eaton Bros , will furnish you with
pure milk at your door for 4 cents per
quart for the season. 47-tf.
Who put up Farmer Dodge's wind
mill ? Ans. Rinker. Why ? Ans. Be
cause he sells the best
GW. . Bede & Co. have some special
bargains in real estate. Office 4th door
south of U. S. Land office. 27-tf.
The choicest meats at the Central
Meat Market of Brewer Bros , corner of
Main and Dennison streets.
r Furnished rooms for rent , on second
floor , by Gr. W. Minkler , at his house
northwest of school house , McCook.
C. P. Rinker has the best set of
pump men in the country. See him
before you buy a pump and wind mill.
Paul E. Wirt Fountain Pens for sale
by F.L. McCracken. Give absolute sat
isfaction on any work , and in any hand.
Xettleton will sell Wind Mills and
Pumps as low as the lowest , Feed Mills
The Metropolitan Drug Store is offer
ing a handsome chair to the person b'uy-
ing the largest number of cigars between
May 1st and July 1st. 1SSO. Smokers ,
note well.
The last of this week , M. Ernian will
return from Iowa with a car-load of fine
young draft mares. Parties' wanting a
< ; ood team should call at Lindner & Er-
man's barn , one door we t of the Com
mercial House.
Probst Bros. " are selling more of theii
- = bscellent bread than ever , and shipping
immense quantities west daily. Theii
well earned reputation has secured foi
them a cnstom that keeps them as busj
as bees to fill.
1 hereby give notice that [ have sold
my hardware business to W. C. La
Tourette & Co. , they to assume all lia
bilities and collect all bill ? due in con
nectiou with said business.
Legal business is booiuinsr.
All in tin-horn-dom .
quiet - - again.
Another strike last week two of Mc-
Cook's painters.
Quite an exciting tin-horn racket ,
Sunday evening.
Old Kolk'-s Concert , Opera Hall/Cnes-
day night , May 25.
What is the ratio between thebread
nners and the cake takers ?
a Hall , next Tuesday night. Old
's Concert. Great time.
ic Methodist brethren have purchas-
! \ new organ of the celebrated Estey
for use in their church.
n _
m 1 f - * -
eir District Court next week. There are
some fifty causes on the. calendar , to dis
pose of , which will probably occupy the
entire week.
As to rebuilding , Mr. J. D. McXeely
wrote some week's since , that he would
rebuild as soon as the necessary bricks
were burned.
A large number of pic-niccrs are
enjoying themselves on the classic Drift
wood to-day. The festive mosquito , it
is useless to remark , is also enjoying
Eleven head of fast stepper ? , all lo
cal steeds , are in training at the associa
tion's grounds , east of the city , among
them being some most promising ani
On the second Sunday of next month ,
the 13th inst. , the Congregational Sun
day School will observe Children's Day
with appropriate exercises and decora
A Lawn Social will be held on Re
ceiver Babcock's lovely grounds in the
near future under the auspices of the
Congregational Sunday School. Date
is ; is yet undecided.
Lirxc FEVER Conductor A. P. Bon-
not has been confined to bed at the res
idence of J. R. Phelan , since Saturday
last , with lung fever. His many friends
hope for his speedy recovery.
The band boys , we are credibly in
formed , are making extensive prepara
tions in the way of fine music for deco
ration day. The music will be a prom
inent feature of the exercises of the
A HAM.MOXIJ Frank Harris of the
superintendent's office has replaced his
Remington type writer by one of the
celebrated Hammond make , one of the
finest and completest instruments in the
Our brilliant broad-guage ( ? ) con temp ,
on Main Avenue acknowledges the corn ,
( the juice of the corn ) but thinks the
greatest difficulty would be to prove it.
The district attorney has a keen scent
for such animals.
On Monday. F. A. Thompson moved
his household effects into the Morris
property on East Dennison street , ( re
cently vacated by the family of W. II.
Thompson , ) where the family are now
comforably situated.
On Sunday evening , the horse being
driven by Messrs. Walsh & 'Boyd be
came unmanageable and backed into the
slough just east of the McCook Feed
Mill , damaging the buggy considerably ,
but injuring no one.
The debris before the McXeely lot ,
we take unusual pleasure in stating , is
being removed , and the appearance of
Main Avenue is already much improved
thereby. These things come slowly
sometimes : but they DO come.
Wednesday of last week , B. J. Ryan
returned to his former home at Harvard ,
this state , having disposed of his inter
est to his partner , Mr. Turner , who
has just recently taken a ' 'life partner , "
and will continue business at the old
Among the places devastated during
the recent Ohio cyclone was the old
homestead of 11. S. Cooley of our city ,
which was entirely wrecked by the ter
rible storm which lately raged in parts
of the old Buckeye State , as well Penn
sylvania , Illinois , etc.
The family of W. H. Thompson , late
line repairer on the B. & M. . took their
departure for their new home in Michi
gan , Sunday afternoon on 40. They
leave many friends who were sorry to see
them leave our city , but who wish them
happiness , contentment and success in
their new home.
Parties who have purchased lots in
the vicinity of the park block are natur
ally inquiring why the Lincoln Land
Co. is not fulfilling its contract by plant
ing those trees , etc. It is but reason
able that those who exact compliance
with contracts from others should try a
little of their own medicine.
The water supply must have been
[ quite limited on the hillSundayto con
clude from the procession of sweet-tem
pered men which might have been seen
wending its way to the lower town for
that indispensable liquid. "You never
miss the water no matter how bad it
is until the well runs dry. "
A few day's since , Receiver Babcock
sold his fine river farm near Cambridge ,
embracing 330 acres of deeded land and
the lease on a school section adjoining ,
to a Vermont party for § 5,700 cash.
The farm is one of the finest in the val
ley , with one and a half miles of river
front , timber , etc. . and is a bargain even
at the price sold.
The last of this month , Prof. A. G.
Bixler will be in the city for the pur
pose of organizing a singing class or
musical convention or of preparing and
giving the oratorio , Queen Esther.
Keep this in mind , singers , and take
every advantage of this opportunity.
The professor will follow the wishes of
the class as to what course will be pur
sued. Talk the matter over.
The next man that airs his grievances
against his robustuotis incompetency at
these headquarters will run the risk of
being a victim of a horrible homicide.
Go pour the burden of your sorrow into
h. r. n.'s right auricle , and mayhap pol
ish him off in the highest style of the
manly art , but we weary of these reci
tals of shortcomings , against which
naught but the interposition of infinity
will avail.
What's the matter with that sidewalk
which was ordered built from the U. S.
Land Office to S. W. Huddleston'sresi
dence , some weeks since. Messrs. Brown ,
Berry , Trowbridge , Lytle , Harris and
Huddleston have laid their walks and
would like to see the others do like\ise.
We believe the company owns most
of the lots abutting on the east side of
Main Avenue between the above men
tioned points.
We chronicle the fact of ex-county
superintendent Xettleton's serious ill
ness with feelings of sorrow and regret.
Mr. Xettleton has ever been a most'en
ergetic and tireless worker in everything
he has undertaken , and consequently
made too heav } * draughts upon a con
stitution already weakened during the
late war's campaigning , and his present
sickness seems to be a general constitu
tional break-down , with slight hopes of
recovery , unless nature revives and re
asserts herself in a positive manner.
In the suit brought before Squii'e Col
vin , last Friday , by Elisha Rowland
against James B. Miller , for damages
and debt , the plaintiff alone offered tes
timony and was duly awarded judgement
in the sum of $93.50. The case was
appealed to the District Court. This is
but one of a series of suits in which
these parties have been involved lately ,
all growing out of a neighborly ( ? ) rack
et , in which pitchforks and other such
playful weapons have figured with some
what uncomfortable prominence. ' 'How
pleasant it is to dwell together in unity. "
The Children's Day exercises at the
M. E. church , last Sunday , were both
interesting and instructive and were par
ticipated in by a large number of
children , while the audience present at
the various exercises during the day
filled the house. The decorations , flow
ers , birds , etc. , were profuse and beau
tiful , while a genuine fountain added
much to the scene. The little children
performed their parts in a creditable
manner and their efforts were apprecia
ted by the adults present. The pastor
and others who had the affair in charge
and who spent much energy and time in
preparing for the occasion are to be
congratulated upon their success *
Elsewhere in this issue we present a
sensible communication from an old set
tler on the "contest question. " The
contesting of claims where the law
HAS BEEcomplied with , thus nutting
the settler or entry-man to a needless
expense , an expense which few are able
to stand , is a manifest outrage , against
which there seems to be little or no re
dress. These contests , we pay , insti-
! tuted in the main bva pack of louncin"
I * I O O
I scavengers , are grievous burdens , which
the honest settler is sometimes forced
to bear , perforce of the operations of
rascals who ought to be in the state's
prison. The rights of honest settlers
J should be protected. * On the-other hand
it is notorious that failures to comply
with the law are numerous. That such
claims should be contested is clearly
lawful and for the best interests of the
country. However , demonstrations ,
1 such as occurred on the Driftwood , re
cently , save in extreme cases , ought
not to bo tolerated.
t3T"'Undet this head wo would bo pleased to
have our friends throughout tho city acquaint
us of tho arrival and departure of their visitors.
Jerome Lewis was a Sunday sojoumer in
the city.
The Misses Stockton visited friends down
the road , Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs.V. . Jo-iselj n visited friend-r
down the road , Sunday.
Itoadniaster Highland of lied Cloud had
biiMiiexs in town , Monday.
James LaTourette returned to his home in
St. Louis , Sunday morning.
. J. It. lioxby spent Sunday with the family
on the farm down the Valley.
Miss Agnes Leach came down from the
claim , Saturday evening on 40.
L. Uernheimer made a hliort business visit
down the road , Friday evening.
llogers , the Texas pony man , is in the city ,
having arrived on .TJ , yesterday.
Mis s Mattie Smith came down from the
claim near Wano , Kansas , Monday.
Miss Tillie Thompson went up to McCook ,
Thursday. Cambridge Kaleidoscope.
W. C. Bullard , one of Culbertson's lumber
men , was in the city , Tuesday evening.
M. Stem of Hastings wsis in the city a few
hours , Sunday , on a short visit to relatives.
Mrs. T. M. Helm and son Elmer left on 40 ,
3 esterday evening , on a visit to Kirwin , Kan.
Mrs. Capt. Goodwin started to her new
home at MeCook , last week. Crete Vidette.
Will Fisher came down from the French
man , Monday evening , on a limited business
District Attorney W. S. Morlan of Arapa-
hoe passed Friday in the city , on legal busi
Mrs. S. U. Colvin and mother went down
to Kdison , Monday evening , on an extended
C. . Cornwell and 1. J. JJeynoIds , C. H.
. .Rogers"cleiks at Culbcrtson were in the city ,
Ernest Benedict of Oshkosh , Wisconsin ,
isuow holding a position in the First Xation-
al Bank.
Fred S. Work" left for Connecticut the
land of wooden nutmegs on Xo.-JO. Tuesday
Samuel Tate of Carrico , Hayes county ,
came down to the city , Monday evening , on
a short visit.
Mr. and Mrs. F. 1) . I'itney of Culbertson
was among the out-of-town Xebraskans in
the city. Friday.
H. W. Pike was down from Akron , Friday ,
seeking further into the mysteries of the
Masonic Order.
Mr. Diehl of the firm of Diehl & Padget
of Stratton , spent Monday and Tuesday in
the city on business.
Miss Flo Pitcher of Indianola spent the
fore part of the week in our city , the guest
of Miss Kate Williams.
General Superintendent T. E. Calvertof
the B. & M. , A\as a passenger from the west
on 40 , Mondaj evening.
Lawrence McEntee , a brother of James
McEntee of this place , arrived in the city ,
Saturday night , from Ireland.
Cashier Brown went out to the homestead
at Yuma. Colo. , Saturday afternoon , return
ing to the city , Monday evening on 40.
Register and Mrs. G. L. Laws and Mrs. T.
S. Bo.Mey were the guests of .Judge and Mrs.
Royal Buck at "Forest Home , " Sunday.
MKs Lou Clark went out , Sunday after
noon , to take charge of her school , between
this city and Culbertson , on Monday morning.
Mrs. John Gordon of Arapahoe , the estima
ble help-meet of Agent Gordon of that place ,
made a flying vi.-it in the city , last Friday
L. Lowman was confined to bed a couple
days , the first of the week , with a light at
tack of intermittent fever , but is able to be
around again.
Rev. Richardson has gone out to Superior ,
Indianola and McCook to give the compan
ions some special pointers in the chapter
work. Crete Vidette.
R. A. McCracken of the Hayes Centre
News came down to the city , Saturday even
ing , on a short visit , returning home , via Cul
bertson , on 39 , Monday noon.
Attorneys Suavelyand Starrof the county-
heat were in town , Friday , counsel in the
Rowland-Miller trial , which transpired be
fore Squire Colvin on that day.
Charles Oden of Beatrice arrived in the
city on 39. Tuesday , and will spend some
time here in the interests of the Western
Mutual Benevolent Association.
Charley Morrow , who has been yard-mas
ter in the B. & M. yards at this point for a
couple of years , has gone to McCook to accept
a more lucrative position. Crete Globe.
R. S. Cooley returned. Monday , from his
Beaver farm , where he .spent a few days
looking after his trees , of which he has a
number of acies growinp in a nourishing
Messrs. J. AV. Campbell , J. F. Forbe.s and
A. C. Ebert went down to Blue Hill , Satur
day night , to as-ist in the institution of a
lodge of the order of K. of P. in that bunr.
They report an elevated season of fun.
Col. T. J. Pickett of the Bloomington
Guard , and little niece enjojed the lib
erty of the metroK. li > , Sunday. The Colonel
gives his roving tendencies full sway on
Sundavs. alwaysojourning inome valley
town on thatdaj.
Dr. J. S. Shaw of Indianola came up to the
city on 09 , Monday , and , together with Dr.
T. B. Stutzman of our city , held a consulta
tion in the ca e of C. L. Xettleton , who has
been quite seriously ill foranumber of weeks
at his residence southwest of town.
Mr. and Mix Ed. Marquis returned to
their former home at Ha-tings on P'riday
evening of last week. This excellent young
couple will be missed by the large circle of
friends made by them during their short resi
dence in our city. Success attend them
wherever they may cast their lot.
& $ "We have some cheap pants of special merit , | *
for working men. They are the best ever offered at
the price. Everybody is invited to call and examine
goods and get prices.
Charlie Davis is building a carriage
shop in the rear of Fisher's blacksmith
shop on South Marshall street.
The Water Works Co. should erect
a much larger and more ornatetand
pipe. The present one is far too small ,
and homelier than original sin.
Some excellent work is being done on
our streets , these days , by Street Com
missioner Bennett with his gang of men.
Let the commendable work go on.
All the available teams in the city
were called into requisition , to convey
the large pic-nic party to the scene of
their festivities on the Driftwood , today.
The Old Folk's Concert at the Opera
Hall , next Tuesday eveningpromises to
be an enjoyable old-time affair , and if
you want to have a hearty laugh , and to
hear some good music as well , don'c fail
to turn out on the occasion.
The action brought by Andy Miller
against James Liddell to secure the
payment of an alleged unpaid balance
due Miller for labor performed , which
occupied Justice Colvin's time , Tuesday ,
resulted in a verdict for Miller , he re
ceiving judgment in the sum of $15.25.
The accounts of both partieswe under
stand , were badly mixed one of the
parties keeping his on the back of a
McCook Club Room card.
The suit for selling mortgaged prop
erty brought against S. A. Daniels by
the state , with Mishlcr & Bergor as
prosecuting witnesses , was the absorb
ing event , yesterday , and occupied
Squire Colvin's attention until quite
late in the evening , in its disposition.
The case was warmly and closely fought
by the counsel on both sides , Messrs.
LeHew , Starbuck and Cordeal appear
ing for the state , while Messrs. Agee &
Wiley and Major Criswell looked after
the defendant's interestDaniels was
bound over to the district court and in
default of bail was given over into the
sheriff's keeping.
On next Tuesday evening , a chorus
of home talent will give an Old Folk's
Concert at the Opera Hall for the bene
fit of the M. E. church of our city. The
chorus embraces some of the best talent
of the city , and an enjoyable concert
mny be expected.
All members of McCook Lodge , Xo.
137 , I. 0. 0. F..are requested to attend
their regular meeting , Friday evening.
May 21 , as business of importance will
come before the Lodge. Also all visi
ting brothers are invited to attend this
meeting. R. C. FIMIEK. Sec'y.
On deeded land and on final receipts ,
and furnished without delay at straight
ten per cent , by J. D. Turner. 2d door
south of U. S. Land Office , McCook , Xeb.
If you want the best gasoline stove ,
go to C. D. Palmer's.opposite McEntee.
Rinker sells the Decring Binders and
Money to loan on improved farms. ,
Agee & Wiley.
Baled hay at Fry & Snow's feed store
in any quantity.
Fresh and salt meats of the choicest
quality at Brewer Bros.
A car-load of choice potatoes just re
ceived by Wilcox & Fowler.
All kinds of sheet-iron , tin and cop
per work done at C. D. Palmer's.
Fresh oysters , fresh fish and chick
ens at Brewer Bros. ' meat market.
All kinds of farm and garden seeds
at Fry & Snow's flour and feed store.
Wilcox & Fowler are in receipt of
some extra fine Valencia Sweet Oranges.
See the improvements in tin roofing
at C. D. Palmer's before you order your
roofin < r.
We hereby announce to the people
of MeCook and vicinity that we have
purchased the hardware business of C.
K. Lawson and will continue the same
at the old stand under the firm name of
W. C. LaTourette & Co. and hope to re
ceive a share of your patronage. All
bills due C. K. Lawson or W. C. La
Tourette are payable to us and parties
owing same will please call and settle
without delay.
Xow is the time to give orders' for
Binders and Mowers. C. P. Rinker
has just received another car-load of the
world-renowned Deering Binders. Let
strikes come , thunder roll , and cannon
boom , Rinker can supply you with
Binders and 3Iowers.
Cash Down. No Delay.
Xo need of waiting to send oft"appli
cations. Money paid over as soon as
papers are completed. Call on or ad
43-tf Tndianola. Xeb.
All persons indebted to the late firm
of Lawler & Magner are requested to
call at once and settle the .same , and
thus avoid additional costs.
F. S. WILCOX , Assignee.
A second-hand square piano. Must
be sold within 30 days. Time given on
Rood security. Enquire at the residence
of J. P. Mathes. 49-St.
Tribune and InterOcean $2.SO.
For the next 30 days all new subscrib
ers who will square their subscription to
date and one year in advance will receive
THE TRIBCXE and the Chicago Inter
Ocean for $2.50.
FOR SALE 50 head of young marcs
and 20 head of mules. Lindner & Er-
man , McCook , Xeb. Barn west of
Commercial Hotel.
5 J
Pure Wines arid .Liquors