McCook weekly tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 188?-1886, April 30, 1885, Image 2

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F. M. & K. M. KUHIKIX , 1'ubs.
HOPING A RUNAWAY. Puoplo on Sixtccnl
etrcct , at about three o'clock yesterday af te
noon , were trcatsd to an exhibition of hors
manshlp which is a peculiar product of tl
great American west. The Tartar of tl
Ukrano , the Cossack of the Steppes , the Art
of the desert , the eavapo of the plains ai
justly famous for their Etrnngo proficiency . '
controlling the spirit o the noblest of tl
anliLal kingdom , but none of them ooul
equal the performance on horseback of tl
cowboy.who entertained the pedestrians o
Sixteenth street ,
Ho sat astride a little yellow pony , impose
Llo to decide upon between a broncho and
cayuso. Ho were a white felt hat and U ath <
leggings ; his deep Texas saddle was grace
nt the pommel by the heavy cells of a hem
lariat ; his feet burled in big stirrups wll
enormous tapadlllos almost trailed the groun
on either side of his diminutive steed. Jo ;
ging leisurely past the park , coming up towi
ho was scarcely observed by the busy thron
of passers.
At this point , a sudden warning cry startle
the crowds , and a block alovo appeared
team , harnessed to a heavy wagon , dashin
down the smooth thoroughfare nt a f urioi
paco. The people in the streets hurrlodl
sought the sidewalks and teams were shortl
drawn up to the curb. The runaways dashe
by , large , strong horses , in their frightcne
flight , gaining pace at every stride. The cov
boy had quietly gathered rein to one sidi
.Like a flash the team passed him , but at tb
moment he rose in his stirrups , Bank his spui
into his pony's sides , and with an urgin
Bhout , dashed forward. The lank limbs of th
little beast stretched forth and with asurprii
ing burst of speed , the side of the Uoein
horses was reached. The reins trailed th
ground at the horses' heels and the terrifle
animals were bent to thefr best exertions. Th
little- horse drew up a nock and kept a
oven pace. A block and n half wer
passed and the cowboy seemed decide
now upon a plan of action. He drew alongsid
the running team , stooped forward and lear
Ing dvwn to the ground gathered the reins
He quickly regained an upright scat , swlftl
passed the reins , a turn or two , about his sad
die pummel and spoke Miarply to his steed
An instant , and the little animal's mad curce
was checked , the forward hoots were plantei
fairly and the hinder limbs were gathered f o
support. The reins tightened like a Has-h. th
speeding team was drawn back with a vlolon
jerk , and slipping on the asphalt paving th
horses rolled together to the ground.
Bystanders ran forward and caught the anl
mals as they struggled to their feet ; the ruu
away was stopped.
It was a brave and valorous action skillfull ;
done. All honor to the cowboy and his
scrub nag. Omaha Kepubllcan.
THE RAILWAY RATE WAI ? . The flght or
freight rates between Chicago and Omaha
Btill continues , and t-l.ippsrs of west-bound
goods from Chicago can make about any rate
they please. It seems to be the determina
tion of the manager. * to stick the knife in
deep and make the u a- sharp and strong.
The claim is made in sonic quarters that the
trouble cannot be arranged without recon-
etructing or abolish ng the Tripartite and
making a new deal oa Nebraska business.
The Northwestern is i.ot anxious to continue
in the Western Trunk Line association except
upon its own terms > u its refusal to put in
the Sioux ; City & Pacific business shows. The
Union Pacific , which saw jn the formation of
the Tripartite a menus of shutting off useless
competition , awakes to the grim fact that one
of the members of the association Is pushing
a parallel road westward through its territory
with alarming rapidity , and i even now bid
ding high for the cattle and grain traflic of
NebrasKa. The Bock Is-land and Milwaukee
& St. Paul also view with dissatisfaction the
branching out of the Northwestern into Ne
braska and the great west beyond , while they
are chopped off on the eastern banks of the
Missouri. Taken as a whole the situation is
peculiar. There is not a road in the associa
tion , with the exception probably of the Wa-
br.6h , which is Jn the receiver's hands , that
can tell decisively whether it wants to break
the treaty or not. Most of them are "playing
It both ways" in the hope of "wfiipsawfug'
thegame. The Burlington , of course , is an
interested onlooker , just doing enough to
protect itself.
Meanwhile rates go tumbling down , and
Omaha merchants are putting in heavy stocks
of goods. One commission firm in this city
Bent a man to Chicago yesterday to buy pota
toes , in preference to getting them at Papil-
lion , the freight from tbo latter station to
Omaha being 14 cents per ICO Ibs. and from
Chicago to Omaha only 10 cents a 100.
[ Omaha Herald.
The three-year-old child of John Estel , of
Omaha , fell down stairs and suffered concus-
lion of the brain.
Hon. B. F. Perkins , of Tecumseh , is en-
Horsed by the Johnson county democrats for
United States district attorney.
The Nebraska stock yards company nt Lin
coln is making preparations to proceed with
The Buckingham theater at Omaha became
too "loud" in its performances and the au
thorities were compelled to suppress the
Plans for the retaining wall of the Douglas
tounty court bouse have been received and
the contract for the work will be let at once.
From Custer county residents it is learned
that a large majority of new comers to tha"
county are of the wealthy class. Some of
them have invested as high as SJ.OOO In im
provements on claims filed on since Febru
ary. Large frame houses and roomy barns
are numerous.
The village board of Juniata have decided
lo grant license to sell liq-or to all who apply.
The Arapahoe Pioneer says that a new
comer whose name was not learned had his
household goods entirely destroyed /md a
number of sheep badly burned by the flre
which raged east of Elm creek last week.
Negotiations are under way for the trans
fer of about 13,000 acres of land in a body in
Harlan county.
The Orleans Sentinel had a close call for
destruction by flro last week. Timely arrival
of help subued the flames.
Ashland has no adequate means for extin
guishing fires , and as where this is not at
hand insurance men are refusing to issue
policies , the citizens will probably take steps
at an early day to provide protection against
An Omaha hotel has registered 5,000 names
since the 1st of January.
The official returns give Mayor Boyd , ol
Omaha , a majority of 177 votes.
Arapahoe Is thinking seriously of raising
the saloon license to $1.000 per annum.
In the oratorical contest at Hastings , A. V.
House , of Crete , was given the first honors.
Dawes county is eaid to bo filling up fastei
with eettlers than any county ever before
settled in the state.
The county commissioners of Douglas
county expect to take possession of the new
courthouse In a few weeks.
At Genoa , W. E. Walton , while loading
bogs , was badly injured by being hit on the
head with a piece of scantling.
has developed a1
A severe case of small-pox
Omaha a negro from Denver. He was taken
to the pest house and will probablydie.
The superintendent of the Homo of the
Friendless at Lincoln reports : Admitted dur
Now in the Home
, sixty-five.
lag the quarter
children and
thirteen babies ,
twenty-five adults.
nv *
The new mayor or umana proposes to rcj
ulato the gambling bouses. Some of tbo mo
dlsrcputiiblo places bavo been closed cntlr
ly. uml at others the doors ore shut to tblevc
tramps and "tin-horn" gamblers.
Prof. Lane , superintendent of census , ar
bis chief clerk , Braa Cook , pays the Llnco !
Journal , are deep In the work of preparir
for a thorough and complete census of tl
state , under the law passed at the recent se
slon of the legislature. They will have over ;
thing ready to begin the work at the time r
quired , unless the apathy of the people In r
mete and sparsely settled Districts leav (
them without competent enumerators.
The grand commandery of Knights TempU
in session at Lincoln elected officers for tL
ensuing year as follows : Grand Commando
Allen B. Smith ; Deputy Grand Commandc
Edwin F. Warren ; Grand Genorallssimi
Charles P. Kcedham ; Grand Captain Genera
John J. womple : Grand Prelate. Lcroy ]
Brltt ; Grand Senior Warden , Henry Gibboni
Grand Junior Wnrden , H. E. Nlcodemuf
Grand Treasurer , James S. France ; Gran
llecorder , William B. Bowen ; GnradStandar
Bearer , Edgar C. Salisbury ; Grand Swor
Bearer , Alfred C. Cass ; Grand Warden , Alfre
W- White ; Grand Captain of the Guard , Asl
bury Townsond. Fremont waa selected
the next place of mooting of the grand con
The farmers of Harlan county have sow ;
about aa much small grain this year as lasl
The corn crop will be about one-third more 1 ;
acres than last season.
Brownville saloon keepers have been BUCI
by Mrs. Worrall for $10,000 damages. Mrs
Worrall's husband was recently killed by on <
Hall , whom it is said was drunk at the tim
on whisky sold by defendants.
The Bcporter says there were forty-flvo en
tries made at the Valentine land office befon
noon on Monday. This gives something o
an Idea of the rush for land In that section o
the state.
Creljrhton needs and Is determined to bav <
a mill and a brick yard in the near future.
Tie Atkinson Graphic says : Last Wedncs
day , Mr. Chambers' children , living on tin
Mead farm In Pleasantview neighborhood
were playing with a 32-calibro revolver , am
while in the hands of a boy twelve years ok
It went oir. the ball striking his little sister
flve years old , just over the left eye am
came out at the side of the head without pan
etrating the brnln. It was a narrow escape
for the little one , but with proper trcatmcii
she will probably come out all right.
Judge William Gaslin has sold h's farn
west of Alma to parties from Humbolt
There were 1,1520 acres In the place and it sold
for $12.50 per acre.
On last Friday , says the Alma Tribune , f
prairie fire broke out on Mill creek , this coun
ly. The wind , which was blowing a gale , seer
ilrovo the flre toward the residence of M. H
Burr. In his effort to save his residence he
ivas overtaken by the flre and almost burned
; o death. His face , arms and legs were horri
bly burned and his hands were so badly burn-
? d that the nails are all coming off. A. Bald
, vln , who happened to be at Mr. Burr's was
ilso badly burned about the hands and face.
't was by his efforts that Mr > Burr was saved
: rom being burned to death. No damige : was
lone to property by the flre farther than the
lestruction of timber.
In Nanco county the other day two chil-
Iren , one ten and the other two years old ,
vere burned to death. The elder child , by re-
luest of his father , flred a hay-stack , his litt.e
> rother being on top at the time. Seeing his
irother enveloped in flames the larger boy
vent to his rescue and both were EO badly
mrned that death soon ensued. The parents
ire terribly distressed over the sad event.
Dixon county recently voted on a proposl-
ion to Issue 530,000 In bonds , with which to
ike up the outstanding indebtedness against
lie county.
The total bonded debt of Otoe countv with
atercst duo thereon up to April 1,1885 , is
4C2.012.50. This does not include registered
- outstanding warrants.
Twenty men and ten horses keep the paved
trcets of Omaha clean. Their work com-
icnccs at midnight and generally ends about
a. m.
Preacher Van Doran. of Boone county , la. ,
rent to Hasr.ngs in October last to expound
he gospel. In walking about the back streets
t a late hour of night Van Doran fell off the
ralk and sustained injuries for which ho
liinks the city of Hastings should pay him
10,1:51. : Van Doran claims ? 5.030 for bodily
njuries , 85,000 for less of time and § 131 for
A cowboy , in Adams county , too poor to
avc but one name , and that "Tom , " was be-
ore Justice Kirk last week on a charge of
dultery with Mrs. Bosye , a married woman ,
'om wan'ed a change of venue , and look It
iy jumping on the back of a thoroughbred
anre , and striking out for Kansas.
A district fair will be held in Omaha in Sep-
cmber at which tTicrc will be races and other
Two companies of the Fifth Unite ! States
avalry have been ordered to the western
iartof thesta'c.
John McCarty has been arrested and jailed
t Falls City on charge of stealing cattle
The son of Dr. Kerr , at Falls City , acciden-
ally shot himself in the leg with a 32-calibre
evolvcr. There are doubts about physicians
icing able to save the injured member.
Among needed enterprises at Plainview is a
rist mill. The man who puts in the enter *
irlEe will get good interest on the invest"
The Lincoln Journal says the University
acuity , which has been working at the course
if study for some time , has finally completed
ts 1 bors. Sweeping changes have been
lade in all the course ? , the general tendency
icing toward specialization.
Kearney is building two school-houses at a
est of $10,000 each.
Bcatrica Is building $40,001 worth of
hutches this season.
The commissioners of Douglas county , nct-
ng under the advice of the county attorney ,
rill refuse to accept the furnishing of the
lO'inty officers' rooms.
Mrs. Patrick Finnegan , of Platte county
las been decreed a divorce on the ground of
irunkcnncss and extreme cruelty. Dcfend-
mt also has to pay SJ.500 alimony.
Mrs. George White , of Butler county ,
uicidcd by the u-e of strychnine , dying in
ibout twenty minutes after taking the fatal
! rug. The lady was laboring under an abcr-
atlon of mind.
A dog supposed to be suffering with rabbics
fas shot in Schtiyler the other day. It is
cared that he bit several dogs in the nelgh-
lorhood , and owners have been requested to
: eep them chained. /
At Beatrice durin ? a heavy rain storm , the
inrn on the premises occupied by C M. Bigg
.t Fourth and High streets , was struck by
Ightnlng , and taking flre , soon burned down.
Lt the time of the flre , a heavy south wind
ras blowing , but the rain had been falling
teadily for two hours and every thing out of
; oors was thoroughly soaked so that the flre
ras prevented from spreading.
Two spans of the B. & M. railroad bridge ,
00 feet In length , across the Republican at
Joncordiowere burned.
The , week of opera in Chicago was a gro
success. Tbo receipts were $135,000.
John M. Buchanan , postmaster at Vlctx
Iowa , has been arrested for converting mon
order funds to his own use.
The president of the board of police co :
mlssloners of St. Louis has laid all the part
ulars of Mr.Prellor's murder before Secreta
of State Bayard and the British minister
Washington and asked their co-operation
arresting the murderer and bringing htm
Mrs. Mary Ireland , of New York , who
husband was , as alleged , Involuted Into Ca
ada by English officials and thence transpoi
cd to England for trial on the charge of d
sertton from the British army , has recclvi
word from her husband at Sterling Cast !
Scotland , dated the Oth inst. , stating that 1
had been released as no evidence can t
found against him , and he "would not sum
dor. "
Dispatches from Fulton , Mo. , state that tl
people of CaliOwny county are greatly d ;
courafecd at the failure so/far to stamp 01
pleuro-pneumonia among the cattle in th
county. Leading stockmen of St. Louis w
mnke n personal appeal to the governor f i
an extra session of the legislature. It
stated that the cattle interest in the state hi
already suffered a depreciation in value i
over half a million dollars.
The published reports of the battle of Cht
cuhuapa , on March 31 , say that theGimtemn
ans left l.GOO on the battlo-flold. San Sulvadc
had 50 killed and 150 wounded , includin
many officers. The Guatemalans say that 1
obtain the body of General Barrios coi
twenty lives. The body waa conveyed 1
Guatemala and interred with military hoi
ors. Since pence was signed by San Salvad (
and Guatemala , general confidence in con
mcrcial circles is returning.
.The Spanish government has received offei
from England for several torpedo boats 1
process of construction in England on Spai
Ish account.
Ernest Williams and Patrick Lawler , minei
and noted pugilists at Wilkesbarre. Pn
agreed to settle a grudge by resorting to th
prize ring. Accordingly the men met in
lonely spot on Snake Island. After the fin
round , during which Williams had the n <
vantage , Lawler's friends broke into the rin
ind a general tight ensued. Pistols , clubs an
billies were used , and a number of William ;
friends were injured.
The news that General Lawton had decline
the Russian mission was received at Savar
lah from Washington on the 2Ist. Gcncrt
Lawton's action was based on a desire to sav
: he administration any possible embarrass
nent which a flght over his confirmation ii
.he senate might cause.
Near Greenwich , Conn. , Barclay Johnsor
ion of a prominent railroad lawyer , whll
valklng in the woods with his mother and sif
er , shot and killed them both and then kille
limself. Mrs. Johnson was shot in the baci
if the head , the sister in the mouth , after a :
ipparent struggle , and again in the eye. Th
nurderer then placed the revolver to his righ
ye and sent a bullet through his own brain
le was insane.
The commission appointed by the Mexicai
; overnment to revise the Mexican Centra
irovislonal tariff and classification has ac
epted the new tariff proposed by the com
inny. It now goes 10 the secretary of publii
rorks for approval , which is merely a form
iowever , now that the commission is notified
nd it will probably take effect June 1.
Gen. Grant weighs 141 pounds. Thre (
ionths ago he weighed 102 pounds.
J. B. Hagan , a prominent stock raiser and
hipper of southern Illinois , fell under a Wa-
iash train near the stock yards , in Chicago ,
nd was instantly killed.
The heaviest snow storm ever known ir
lolorado occurred on the 24th. Fully twentj
iches fell , as much as the aggregate of tin
revions falls of a whoa ! winter. 'Jjiie snow
i very heavy and numberless ro5fs have
alien , but without fatal results so far as ra-
At the session of the Iowa encampment of
lie Grand Army of the Kepublic t ie state
jgjslature was recommended to appropriate
lO..OOO for the establishment of a soldiers
The revised edition of the Old Testament ,
rhich will appear simultaneously in London ,
few York ana Philadelphia May 21 , will meet
rith a large sale , but it will not be so large as
liat for the revised edition of the New Testa-
icnt. This version is the joint property ol
lie universities of Oxford mid Cambridge ,
nd each will issuvs its own edition , although
oth will be printed from plates fiom one scl
f types. The various publishing houses are
rorkingin harmony , and copies of the new
rork cannot be obtained before the time
pccifled. All the editions offered for sale in
liis country are imported complete , no sheets
ven having been sent forward for binding ,
leavy orders for the work from New York ,
loston and Chicago have already been re-
eived , and the sales will no doubt be very
A Washington special says : Representative
leaver is here , very busy looking after mat
ers for his constituents and endeavoring t <
ecure in their places various clerks for when
e has found office in times past. He will ob
ect to certifying to the fitness of his demo
ratic constituents who apply for office , ai
everal other republican congressman arc
oing under the new era of good feeling. Tin
ntlre Nebraska delegation are fully satisllec
rith Mr. Cleveland's course. Laird and Val-
ntine still linger here.
A grand jury in London indicted Cunning
am and Burton , the dynamiters , for trcasoi
nd felony.
Nearly 10,000 Sunday school children of Dub
n marched in procession to Phtcnix Park
rith banners and musicto present an addresi
o the prince and princess of Wales.
In a Chicago court a cattle dealer front
'exas was awarded judgment for $ t5Ct5 againsi
he Western Union Telegraph company for ai
rror in a quotation sent over the wires
hrough which he lost the amount claimed.
The Illinois house declined an Invitation ol
he Illinois Central road to visit the New Or
3uns exposition , notwithstanding that tin
peaker drew up a resolution favoring the
Eeighteen cases of small-pox have devel
ped within a week in the Hotel Dicu at Mon
Under orders of the United States court al
ndianapolis , the Cleveland , Indiana and Si
, ouis road was sold to Thomas C' Platt , foi
he American Express company , his bid being
40,000. There are eighteen miles of track ir
peration , from Anderson to Nobleville.
The secretary of state has received a d !
mtch from the United States consul at Mad
id. saying that he is informed by the direct
ir-peneral of health that there is no cholcr ;
n Spain , and that the cases recently reportei
n the province of Valencia are not cholera.
Postoffice Inspector Stewart arrested Ed
v-ard'Whalen , Frank Mitchell. Wm. Conners
'ohn Harrison and Albert Hal-.tead on th <
" * "
. - , - - -
charge of robbing the postoffico at Gils
111. , on March 10th. The inspector , in hist !
patch , states that the evidence is conclusl
as to the guilt of the persons arrested.
The president has made the following i
polntrncnts : Ministers resident and consi
general Wm. D. Bloxbam. of Florida , to I
livla ; Bayless W. Hanna , of Indiana , to P
sla : Walker ream , of Louisiana , to Bonn
nia , Servla and Greece. To be consuls of t
United Slates James Murray , of Now Yoi
to St. Johns , N. B. ; Boyd Winchester , of Ki
tucky , to 'Nice , Franco ; Charles P. Kimbn
Of Illinois , to Stuttgart , Germany.
Senator Manderson had a conference w !
Secretary Manning , to hasten the nrran )
menu for making Omaha a full port of cuti
Uku St. Louis.
The secretary of the treasury has detail
three clerks to the second comptroller's elli
to assist in the settlement of accounts , part
ularly those of pension agents , which are
arrears. Arrangements have also been mai
for a more prompt examination of these t
counts in the third auditor's office.
The secretary of the treasury has given c
tiers for the immediate repairs of .the reveni
steuiner "Manhattan , " now at Baltimore , wl
a view to utilizing It as a quarantine boat
Cape Charles station.
President Cleveland refused to pardon Gei
oral Swaim , judge advocate genera , of tl
The president has signed the commissions <
the collectors of internal revenue appointc
since the adjournment of congress , includii ;
that of Ebon F. Pillsbury as collector of tl
Third district of Massachusetts , over whic
there was said to be some dispute. Nofurthi
notion has been taken in the case of CollecK
Craig , of Virginia , who declined to resign !
the request of the secretary of the treasurj
It has been referred to the president and it
understood that he will order the suspcnsio
of Mr. Craig.
William Jono1 , a workman , brutally mu
dered Mrs. Alexander Kinney at Stony Hill ,
lonely place on the Second Orange mountaii
about four miles from Plalnfleld , N. J. , an
then committed suicide.
City Marshal Stcele , of Clarksdale , Miss
tried to arrest John House , a drunken braki
man , the other day. House drew a si ?
shooter and opened fire. Steele returned tli
shots. After emptying his pis'.ol Hotis
sought refuge behind a box. The City ma
slial flred his last shot just as House was ge
ting behind his barricade and the latter fe
Near Forney , Texas , two strange negroe
with drawn pistols entered the caboose of
freight train on the Texas and Pacifle roat'
A brakeman named B. S. Cloud , who was foi
tunately armed , opened flre. The negroc
jumped off and the train hastened to Forne ;
station. An alarm was given and aposs
started in pursuit of the negroes , who wer
soon coutured. _
Dispatches from Cabul state that the amee
of Afghanistan has reiterated the staternen
that he is competent to defend Herat agains
the Russians without the aid of the Englisli
The Armstrong works at Newcastle havinj
eceived an order from Russia for a larg <
quantity of war material , declined to fill i
and has given notice to the British admiralt ;
of the nature of the order.
The Duchess of Edinburg , daughter "of tin
czar , is greatly distressed at the strained re
lations existing between Russia and England
She is prepared to start , if necessary , in a fev
hours for Cobourg , where she will reside ii
the event of war.
A telegram from Alexandria to the Ex
change Telegraph company states that th <
French consul general has informed the khc
dive and Nubar Pasha , Egyptian foreign mln
ister , of his instructions to suspend oflicia
relations with the government of Egypt. The
same telegram also states that the consu
general has left Cairo for Alexandria to cm
bark for Europe.
1 Storm That is Feared to Have Jlcen Disas
trous in Its llesnlts.
A Mcxia ( Texas ) special says : Prairie
irove neighborhood , eight miles south of
dcxia , was visited by a severe cyclone , caus-
ng serious results to life and property. A
, wo-story school house , in which were about
Lfty children , was blown down and torn to
rieces , killing one and wounding several.
several residences and stores were demolished.
Larkin Gentry's house some distance from the
rillage was wrecked , and himself , wife and
: hild" killed. Other serious results are proba-
> le , as the country is thickly settled in the
lirectitm which the storm took.
The Wichita road is badly washed. A freight
jain on the latter road went through a bridge
it Clear "Water , and Frank McDaniels , engi-
iccr , was drowned. The fireman and brake-
nan also went down with the train , but they
aught in a tree and were rescued. At the
atest accounts the water was subsiding , but it
vas still very high and it will take several days
or it to run off. Advices from Kingman con-
irm the previous reports of the flood there.
Jreat damage was done to business property
n town and ten live ? are reported lost. Traf-
ic on the Wichita & Western railroad between
iVichita and Kingman is suspended and
he bridges on this road and. the Atchison ,
Toncka and Santa Fe at Cheney , Belle Plaine
md Clear Water arc washed away. Other dls-
jatches state the storm extendeil into western
Missouri , and that many streams there over-
lowed their banks , and that much property
las been destroyed , and that the railroads
raversiug that section have been washed away
n places , and traflic is greatly interrupted.
Advices also come from northern Texas noting
L very heavy rainfall , extending over a large
cction oC country.einbracing Dennison , Abi-
ene , Fort Worth , Dallas , and other places. At
Jainsville , the Pecan and Elm creeks over-
lowed their banks , and besides washing away
nuch propcrtv , several lives are reported lost.
iVomen and children clung to the branches of
, rees for hours before they were res-
: ued. Several streets in Dallas were deluged
vith water , and a high wind damaged a nura-
> er of houses. The Red river is very high and
it last accounts was rising very rapidly , and
'can of great damage aloug its banks was ap-
BeacJi , the Australian. Wears the Champion
ship Jielt.
The steamer "Australia , " which arrived at
5an Francisco a few days ago left Sidney ,
Vmrch 27th , the day before the Hanlan-Beach
ace occurred. The Auckland Evening Star
jubllshes the following telegraph particulars :
The skulling match between Wm. Beach and
Bdward Hanlun. on March 2Sth , on the Para-
mil. a river , was for 500 and the champion-
ibip of the world. The banks of the river
ilong the course were crowded with spectu-
: ors and the most intense interest manitestcd
jy all prer.ent. Both men were in splendid
jondition. Hanlan rowed in his new ruddered
joat. Both men got away ivell together. In
i few moments Beach gradually drew ahead
jntil ho was half a boat's length from Han-
an. At Putney the Australian was a length
o the fore. At this point Hanlan seemed to
jo laboring heavily , while Beach was fresh
ind pulling strong. In passing Gladesville it
, vas apparent to all that the race was virtual-
y over. Beach won as he liked , coming in six
engtbs ahead amidst a perfect storm of the
wildest cheera. "
The new Christian church at Ashland is re *
iving the finishing touches and will be
eady for dedication In a couple of weeks.
In Conteyitence of the Threatening Atllti
of Oregon Indiana.
Portland ( Ore. ) dlepatch : Very recent i
ports from portions of eastern Oregon , caste
Washington Territory and western Idaho itu
cate a restlessness among the Indians th
bodes trouble in the near future. Betwci
the white settlers and the Indians a stroi
feeling of animosity exists , which has intcm
fled with time. One fruitful source of Irrit
tion between the whites and Indians has bc <
the rivalry and jealousy concerning the u
and occupation of immense grazing tract
These grass-producing regions have for yea
been considered as "neutral grounds , "
which the horses and cattle of one belonged i
much as to the other. Naturally , the hostlli
of conflicting Interests had full scope fi
action ami exercise under such favorable co
dltions. If cuttle were run off , stolen , i
killed , belonging to white ranchers , the I
dians m'ssed any of their horses , the whi
man was at the bottom of It. Frequently tl
inevitable clashing of Interests resulted i
sanguinary meetings between herdsmen an
Indians. Occasionally the bodv of a whil
man was found pierced by an Indian bnllc
In sueh cases the real mur.Icrcr could not I
tracked down , and not infrequently unjustifli
ble revenge was taken by the friends or rcli
tivvs of tlie murdered person on some unfo
tuuate and innocent Si wash found stragirlln
away from his tribe. For years these i-eprl
als have been indulged in. In few cases tl
perpetrators of murders have been detectec
arrcs'ied and punished by the civil authorities
and , in not a few cases , the Indian effendi
has been dealt with summarllv at the hands c
a court presided over by Judge Lvnch. I'r
vate and personal revenge has been gratilie
in numbers of cases on both sides , and "tl ;
score has been wiped out in blood. " Utiriii
the more recent wars the Chief Joseph , am
later , the Bannock campaign murder : ; , crue
tics , and nameless outrages were committed b
the brutal and lustful savages on helpless an
defenseless women. Relatives and Irlemls c
these helpless victims survive , and ritli thei
the lires of hatred and vengeance atill jxloi
with a fierce heat. A few days aso consider : )
ble excitement was caused In Asotin count }
Washington territory , by the appearance c
two Indians , who , it is asserted , came froi
Umatilla reservation , in Oregon. These hi
dians were said to ba horsj thieves. Bet
were stopped , and their horses tikcn fror
them and sent back to their owners. This , i
was thought , was the easier way out of th
trouble. Along thu Whiuman county shore
of the Snake river numbeis of Indians win
make their living by fishing in the river am
raising horses upon the surrounding hills
These Indians possess many horse * , and , as ;
' - the well eatei
coiiM'quencc , ki-ep range pretty
out , to thedlsgustof afew white tattlers in tha
vicinity , who have no better riuht to the rangi
than have the Indians , " \et desi.c to monopo
lize it. Word has just" been received that i
number of white men are now engaged ii
making a round-up of Indian horses. for tin
purpose of driving them off the ran < re am
over the line into British Columbia. The an
thorities of Whitman countv arc inve itigatim
the matter. Retaliation is expected from thi
Indians should this outrage be allowed ti eon
linuc , and serious dilliculfies would inevitable
follow. The Indians in southeastern Oregon"
about Fort liidwcll , Stein mountain and War
ner vulluy , arc reported to be very restless am
insolent , and trouble is apprehended. Theau
thorities state and military are very vigi
lant , and are taking every precaution to prevent
vent an outbreak among them. It is thought
however , the Indians are too wise especiailj
! u the light of their past experience with tin
ivhites to provoke another war.
The Effort Halting to Guard Ayalnst Theit
Spreading Disease.
The commissioner of agriculture has issued
; he following circular : "My attention has re-
: ently been directed 'to the fact that various
itates and territories have prohibited the in-
reduction of Texas cattle because of the al-
eged danger they will communicate a fatal
liscase to the native cattle of such states and
erritories. Such prohibition is very dctri-
neutal to the cattle industry of the whole
, tate of Texas , and I am informed by the chief
if the bureau of animal industrv and by man }
ithers acquainted with the subject that the
attic from a considerable part of this state do
lot communicate such diseases and are not
ources of danger to the cattle of other states ,
therefore , to secure reliable and abundant in-
ormation as to the limits of that portion of
Texas from which cattle may be safely taken
o other states without restrictions , the com-
aissioncrs request the cattle men of the vari-
us grazing counties in Texas to send an au-
wer to the questions appended , directed to
he bureau of animal industry , department of
griculture , at Washington.
First Have you purchased any bulls or
tber cattle , or "do you know of any that have
een brought from north of the south line of
Tansas to your vicinity or to any part of the
ounties named ! If so. state tne number and
> cation as near as possible to which they were
iken , and the number , if any , which died of
cclimut on.
Second Do you know of any case in which
attic from the'castern counties of Texas have
een taken to the coun tics named in the spring
r summer months and allowed to pasture on
: ie same ranges with cattle native to these
3imties ? If so , state if any disease occurred
rnong the native cattle and give the symp-
jms and numbers affected as far as possible.
The commissioner then says : If the cattle-
icn of the district referrcd'to unite in send-
ig this information at once it is hoped that it
ill be possible to secure a modification of
ic restrictions now placed upon the Texas
ittlc trade to such an extent as to bringgreat
Commissioner of Agriculture.
I Large Force of United States Marines on
A dispatch from Panama , via Galveston.
Ipril 21st , says : The arrival ot the steamer
Acapulco" places a very strong force of
imerican marines and sailors on the isthmus-
t waa expected that the landing of this force
roull cause much Initation , and this was
rue. More feeling , however , was displayed
iy the French than the Colombians. The lat
er understood the cause of the proceeding
etter than the former. All opposition is
iow ended. Captain Itied's company furni h-
s a guard to trains on the Panama rai.road ,
nakinjr six trips daily with armored cars ,
'he men are now comfortable at their bar-
acks. At Matchin. Captain Huntington.
rith 150 men and a battery of three guns , has
upprosed the trouble and yielded good ser-
icc to the interests of the place.
The peace commission from Panama reach-
d Buena Ventura on Friday. Their mission
ras ignored and the canal launch conveying
ho members of the commission captured
: hc war ship Bovaca is towing an Enirlish
nlk and ihe Italian bark Genova. with one
houBand men on board , who will attack Aiz-
iura at Panama. The revolutionary leader
vcrs that he will resist this force , and states
hat their presence Is an invasion of one sov-
reign state by another and i * not a national
ffort to enforce authority. The troops are
eported to be embarking at Buena Ventura
or this place. Serious trouble is expected ,
nd It is believed it can only be avoided by
oreign intervention. The canal work is hin-
ered , business is beinir destroyed and the in-
abitants are in a continual state of alarm ,
lany families are leaving the city.
A * to suppression of I'neittnonia.
The first comptroller of the treasury has
iven an opinion to the commissioner of agrl-
ulture in regard to his authority under the
ppropriation for such "disinfeclon and
uarantine measures as may be necessary to
rcvent the spread ot disease from one ptate
nd territory to another. " Under the bill for
lie establishment of a bureau of animal In-
ustries the first comptroller holds that the
owerof the commissioner is broad and un-
imitcd as to the means employed by him to
arry out the disinfection and quarantine and
liat he can cause such disinfection as be may
ecm proper and use such means as bethinks
eat t carry out the purposes of the act. He
aid the slaughter of mfectcJ animals mar bo
nlcred if it is deemed necessary and any
tl'er moans employed that do tot exceed the
itnits of the appropriation.
Interesting Fact * Recalled ly a Visit to the
1'renldent by Col. Sillier , of Xebrtnku.
Washington special to the Omaha Herald
"You are a remarkably well preserved man for
of " remarked President
eighty-sir years age ,
Cleveland to Col. Miller , of Omaha , as he
shook his haud warmly. "How do you man
age to retain such excellent health ! " inquired
the president , and thereupon Col. Miller dis
closed the secret of Ids longevity , which con
sisted in the utter disuse of overcoats , llaunel
ehlrts and extra warm clothing generally. Thu
president , whose vigorous health Is quite re
markable , heartily agreed with Col. Miller
and was Inclined to fully carry out his meth
ods , as he had practically done In part for
many years.
"rorty-two years ago , " said Col. Miller ,
"on my last visit to Washington , I had a
pleasant chat with President Jackson. "
"Well , we sec few men hero who can say
that. " replied the president. "I had one vis
itor last week who said he had seen every pres
ident except Washington , but this was an ex-
c-ptlonal case. "
"We came down from Utlca , " continued
Colonel Miller , "mostly by stage , except down
New York bay In u steamer and a remarkable
ride of 17'xJ miles hi 47 minutes over the little
railroad from New Castle to F/enchtown. The
best hot"l in Albany charged 75 cents per day ,
but in Washington we paid § 1.5'J at the 'In
dian Queen , ' which was an exorbitant price
for that day. Congress was in session and
Webster , Cullioun , Butler and other great
men were In the senate , and the North Carolina
lina secession question was agitating thu jml > -
llu mind. Washington was u mud-hole then ,
and I had a hard time reaching the. U'liite
House , the same building we sit in
to-day , ( ieneral Jackson greeted mo warmly
and inquired about the sentiment against se
cession in New York. * I have heard from
every hamlet in the country , ' nervously ex-
i-laimed President Jackson , 'and Tstippo = e we
should make some concession to UIUH : Carolina
lina people , but if the worst comes to the
ivorst , I can have in twenty days u hundred
thousand troops on the move , ' and the general
leaped from his chair and struck a most fero-
Lious attitude. "
1'residcnt Cleveland was much Interested in
[ Vilonel Miller's reminiscences , and made an
/niragemcnt with the colonel to firing around
in "original Cleveland man. " So to-day the
oloncl escorted young Master Polloek , of
hn.ih.1 , to the White Home. President
L/'luveland was much interested in the bright
) ov and predicted great things for him In th-
future. "You may be president some day , "
xelaimed President Cleveland as he putted
: he head of thu child.
Et-llpprcsentatlvc Valentine was here for n
'cw davs looking after some land matters. A
nan like Valentine , with an eye to windward
or the main chance , has plenty of opportuni-
ies for making money in Washington by in-
brmation obtained "ahead of the publie
hrnuch the various departments.
"We are not vtry much disturbed out of our
ray about the allotment in thu opening of the
antee Sioux reservation , " remarkedvalun-
ine. "We were glad to get the executive or-
ler in any shape , and could not anticipate
.and Com'missioner Price's instructions allot-
ing eighty acres to each Indian child. This Is
learly" in" opposition to all existing treaties
nd will , of course , be changed. We have put
hu matter in such a clear light that the gov-
niment understands the situation and will act
eon , I think. "
The Admiralty JlitiliUinj the Scentof a De
utritetire JZfploslon Titvoriea lleijardlmj
the Samp.
London dispatch : This morning an explo-
iioti occurred in the basement of the admiralty
milding. The building was badly damaged ,
md many persons injured , among whom are
, hc head ollicials of the departments. Kdwin
wainson , assistant secretary and principal
: lerk , received a severe scalp wound. It is re-
rartlcd as certain that gun cotton or dynamite
vus the cause of the explosion. Mr. Swain-
on's room was completely wrecked , and tliu
.djaicht corridor * badly damaged. A critical
xamination into the cause is in progress. No
me has been arrested , nor any ou detained
in suspicion. No clue of any kind has \et
icen obtained. Swainson gives as his
'pinion ' , that the explosive wa * thrown
ute the room through a window. His
oem was On the ground floor ami im
mediately back of the admiralty oflice.
'he staircase leadirg to the board room in the
outhwest corner of the building waa dcinol-
shed. The iron railm ; ; of the was
rrenchcd from its fastenings , and windows
, -ithin fifty yards of thu phu-u n here tuts ex-
lesion occurred were broken.
It is said two men were noticed reconnoiter-
ig. They wen ; seen to enter tnu garden in
rout of Swainson's oflice this inocning. One
f them carried a tin can which he placed in a
ecess in the passjgeway leading to the ollice > .
'he men attracted little attention , as survey-
rs and a number of workmen had been at
ork on the ground for some time. Two olli-
ials , however , took particular notice of these
ten , and claim they can identify them in a
rowd. Detectives arc working up their cases ,
wainson , who is now known to be the only
erson injured , was taken to the hospital. Nears
ars are entertained of his death.
The cabinet was immediately informed by
degrjph of the explosion and tacts connect-
1 therewith asci-rtalnable. At first it was
opposed the explosion was caused bydvna-
ilte , and was the outcome of a plot hatched
y either dynamiters or nihilists for the pur-
ese of hampering war preparations by the
in-eminent. An inspector , after a cursory
xamiuation , expressed a doubt as to whether
ic explosion was caused by gas , gunpowder
r dvnamite.
The police now think that the explosion was
ic result of private malice , a Swalnson was
reatly disliked by several emploves of the
Ilice , and it is thought that the outrage was
ic work of employes , for no stranger could
ass the janitor without documents showing
e had business with some of the heads of th ;
Ulo loijija Xoffd Desperado and Horxe
Thief Killf-d tttj u Sheriff.
McPhersontKansasdispatch : MikeTouna- .
noted desperado and horse thief from Mon-
ina. was wanted for a long time by the au-
lorities of Mitchell , Itice. Ellsworth and
cno counties , for numerous crimes. Finally
reward of S100 was offered by the authors-
cs , and Sheriff Frank McGrath. of Mitchell
junty , took the case in hand. He followed
ic desperado for two weeks until he had lo
tted him near the farm of Frank U'auth. a
-spectabic larmer. to whose daughter the
9unsr outlaw was engaged. The sheriff suc-
. * eded in gettmy a letter addressed to the-
jungladyin question , announcing the des-
erado's arrival and makinjr arrangement"
> r an elopement. Mr. McGrath then entered
IB house of Mr. Wauth under an atsumed
lime , pretending to be a Missouri fanner
iokmg for land , and waited two days for hie
On the eveninir of the second day , April 13.
boy entered the house bringing a message
om Youn& that he wished to § etc
icgirl. The sheriff remarked : "Why don't
2 come himself like a gentleman ? " The mes-
> n-er departed and a few minutes later the
jsperado rode up to the house on one of bis
olcn horses. Aa soon aa the desperado en-
Ted the bouse Sheriff McGrath covered him.
Jdmg in his left hand n 44-calibre Colt's and
i bis right an American bulldog revolver.
s he exclaimed. "Mike Young , I have awar-
intforyou. hold up your hand" , " thpdescer-
lo tried to icach his pistol pocket. The sher-
: called once more to him to hold up his
inds , and a * he did not obey the second time.
flred with his left hand , hitting the outlaw
i the forehead , riirht above the eyebrows.
s the man fell he dropped a 43-calibre
) lt's revolver.
The dead outlaw stood six feet two In his
xits. His last crime was the theft of flve
; rses. stolen within two weeks , and amongst
icm ere a pair of fine mares belonging to
ic father of his sweetheart.
A COOL burglary Breaking into a
LOW bank.