McCook weekly tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 188?-1886, November 20, 1884, Image 7

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Now the florco election's over
And we'll BOttle down to peace ,
Fill up the copper boiler
Give ttio gearing lota of grenso.
Send tbo r.ows across the ocean ,
Send the newt afar and wide
For America's In clover
And upon tbo peaceful slide.
Now tbo clouds of bitter scandal
They are banished out of sight ;
Drath unto the ruthless vandal
Who would drag them into light.
Lnt's support the victor bravely
Whether yes or whether no ,
We voted for or 'gainst him
In the great politic throe.
throe.Chicago Sun.
IlVlf JDOlt'ff AT LAST.
A 1'osial TJilff Captured by a Government
Vetcctlee in Zc3farii Saturday Evening
After a Year's Search.
„ LcMars ( Iowa ) Globo.
A man giving the mime of diaries J.
Santy came to this city about six weeks
ago and obtained employment with C.
Corkcry , the livery man , as a carriage
painter , at which work he has been en
gaged ever since. He was accompanied
by Jiis wife and two children , and they
went to housekeeping in the building
formerly occupied by the Troy laundry ,
on Hubbard street. Saturday a gentle
man arrived in this city from the west ,
and after making some inquiries went
to the house occupied by the Santy people
ple and had a conversation with the
woman. When ho left he stated that
he must go up town to find out what
time the train left. The gentleman was
John Steen , of Omaha , postoffice inspector
specter and government detective.
Santy was the alias the carriage painter
had assumed , his real name being Harry
De Leslie. A jrear or more ago lie was
in the employ of the government , as
route agent , on a ! line running west
from Denver. About that time regis
tered money packages were lost on that
route , and he was suspicioned. He was
r watched , and discovered purloining a
registered letter containing $160 , but
was sharp enough to get away before
being arrested. Inspector Steen has
been after him ever since , following him
r over many of the far western states , the
search extending over a period of twelve
months , and resulting , as stated , in his
arrest here Saturday evening. He was
taken to Omaha for safe-keeping. .
De Leslie was not taken completely
by surprise , but received a warning of
peril from his wife. It seems that after
the detective had the conversation with
i Mrs. De Leslie at their home , she had a
premonition of what was about to hap
1 pen and went to Corkery's stables ,
where her husband was at work , and
ff warned him. De Leslie then hurried
I home , telling his employer that one of
his children was sick. He was watched ,
i however , and when it was discovered
that he had sought refuge in his house
the services of Marshal Morris
cured to make the arrest , as the detec
tive had no authority to take the man in
his own house. Upon reaching the
premises Officer Morris , made a thorough
i > > searclfof the building from cellar to gar
ret , while it was guarded from the out
side but could not find his man. He
then questioned Mrs. De Leslie and she
i acknowledged that her husband had es
caped through a window. Morris then
proceeded to the house of the next door
neighbor , Nick Reese , suspicioning that
the man was concealed there , and was
awarded by capturing him in the cellar ,
e where he was found crouched in the
- darkness. When he was discovered
. Marshal Moms could make out nothing
in the darkness but a man's hand , but
made a quick move for his man , and
getting a secure grip , the prisoner gave
up without resistance , knowing that it
would be useless. De Leslie is small
in stature , dark complexion , about 35
years old and probably French descent.
"Acted Like a Cliarm. "
This is what Mrs. Maj'er , of Baronne
street , New Orleans , says of Brown's
Iron Bitters. A "charm" works quietiy ,
surely , promptly , thoroughly and with
delightful effect. . That is just the way
this wonderful family .medicine works
on the invalids who have been suffering
the woes of liver complaint , dyspepsia
and impoverished blood. Those who
know its worth say it is a complete cure
for dyspepsia , weakness , malaria , neu
ralgia , etc.
Patent T.'iat inil R elieoe Homes of
Dead IVciijht.
A new style of journal box , applied to
one of the line pulleys which carry the
cable of the Brooklyn bridge , has .at"
tracted the attention of passing mechan
ics of late , saj-s the New York Times.
It is situated near the New York en
trance to the bridge , and has the virtue
of not needing lubricating oils and at
the same time not heating. For forty-
two days it has run continually , and it
is pronounced a success by Col. Paine.
The journal is a new anti-friction pat
ent , and is based upon a system of bear
ing rollers supporting a journal and re
rA c * volving about it in a smooth journal
Y box. The axle is fitted closely in a
Jfe sleeve , which revolves with it , and
around this sleeve , rolling between it
and the journal hex , are twelve bearing
rollers , also with journals , which re
volve against short separating rollers ,
the only office of which is to prevent the
bearing rollers from touching each oth
er. The sleeve revolving with the axle
presses against the inner surface of the
journal , ' and the journals of which , bear
against the separating rollers. The sur
faces of these , in turn , roll around the
bench and produce only rolling motion ,
without appreciable friction and there
fore without heat.
The uses of the new journal are in
numerable , and it can be modified so as
to fit all machinery where journal bear
ings are used , and it is expected to rev
olutionize the department of mechanics.
It is believed that a racing sulky or road
wagon with these bearings would give a
trotter the advantage of three or four
seconds over a wagon of the same
weight having greased axles.
Brown's RronelihilTroches for Couehs
aud Colds : "The only arUcleot the kind which
has done me jwort service. I want nothing
better. " Jtev. It. If. Graiff , Otisville , JV. 7.
Sold only in boxes.
No wonder the defaulting bank officers run
away to Canada. Whisky is quoted there at
17 % cents per gallon.
Colorado's enormous crops the pre
sent year are not caused as much by
the land producing more abundantly as
the largely increased acreage.
The Agony Over at Latt and the Eectlon of
the .Democratic Candidate a XatterJfot A'ow
In , Dispute ,
Nr.w , YOHK , Nov. 15,18& .
The national and state headquarters
of the republican and democratic committees
are closed to-night. Chairman Jones , of the
republican national committee , left his rooms
early.Secretary Fcsscnden and Committeeman -
man Elklns remained during the early evening
and were in conversation with Walker lilaine.
All conceded Cleveland's election. Assistant
Secretary Loomis said : ult is all over ; we
only await the action of the state board of can
vassers on Wednesday next , but we have made
a good fight , considering that we did not have
one-third of the amount of funds controlled by
the national committee in the Garfield cam
paign. "
The democratic national committee's head
quarters were deserted. Senators Gorman ,
Jones and Barnum had. left the city , feeling
that their work was ended. The Tribune gives
Cleveland a plurality in New York state of
1,070. The World gives Cleveland 4,107 plu
rality in New York state. The Times' figures
say 1,105. The Sun makes the plurality in the
state for Cleveland 1,037. The Chicago Inter
Ocean prints under the headt"With Colors
Flying : " "The count Is completed and the
old guard marches off the field , but it goes
with colors flying , and with 'step as firm and
true as went the men from Sumpter , undaunted
and in splendid fighting trim. The old guard
goes with measured stepping to the old refrain
of Blaine and Logan , Elaine and Logan
Elaine , Blaine , Blalnc. "
There was great rejoicing by democrats in
all sections of the country over a result that
has so long been regarded as doubtful.
Is it Really Consumption.
Many'a case supposed to be radical
lung disease is really one of liver com
plaint and indigestion , but , unless that
diseased liver be restored to healthy ac
tion , it will so clog the lungs with cor
rupting matter as to bring
on their speedy decay , and
then indeed we have consumption
which is scrofula of the lungs , in its
worst form. Nothing can be more hap
pily calculated to nip this danger in the
bud than is Dr. Pierce's "Golden Medi
cal Discovery. " By druggists.
In the Russian-town of Svsran there is now
living a man whose age is 127 , a fact of which
there is said to exist indubitable proof. He
was wounded in the battle of Borodino , and
afterward entered Paris with the allied army.
He is supported by charity. -
Cancer of the lower bowel sometimes
results from neglected or badly treated
piles. By our improved methods , with
out knife , caustic or salve , we speedily
and permanently cure the worst pile tu
mors. Pamphlet , references and terms ,
two letter stamps. World's Dispensary
Medical Association , 663 Main Street ,
Buffalo , N. Y.
0\ven Brown , the only survivor of the old
John Brown Harper's i erry episode of 1859 ,
lives in the Jay Cooke island mansion "Gibral
tar , " Put-in-Bay island. Owen is now about
fifty-five years old.
To break up colds , fever and inflam
matory attacks , use Dr. Pierce's Com
pound Extract of Smart-Weed.
"The Star Spangled Banner" was
written by Francis Scott Key while
watching the bombardment of Fort
McHenry in 1814. The song was printed
in Baltimore "American" eight days
after the battle under the title of "The
Defense of Fort McHenry. "
The son of G. P. Cole , of Farlington , Craw
ford countv , Kan. , has "been badly crippled
from white swelling of the knee joint. He is
now at Drs. Dickcrson & Stark's Surgical In
stitute , of Kansas City , and is rapidly improv
During the past year more homestead claims
have been taken up in Nebraska than in any
other state.
Allen's Iron Tonic Bitters cause food to
assimilate. All genuine bear the signature of J. P.
Allen , Druggist , St. Paul , Minn.
0 Mrs. John Jacob Astor is seeking to found a
college for American women in France.
A CARD To all who are suffering from
errors and indiscretions of youth , nervous
weakness , curly decay , loss of manhood , &c. ,
1 will send a receipe that will cure , FREE OF
CHARGE. This grout remedy was discovered
by a missionary in South America. Send self-
addressed envelope to REV. JOSEPH T. IHMAN ,
Station D , New York.
One county in Australia has this year paid
the bounty on 25,840 dozen of captured spar
rows' eggs.
Sprains , braises , stiff joints , burns , scalds ,
and rheumatism are relieved bv Uncle Sam's
Nerve and Bone Liniment. Sold" by druggists.
Worms cause peevishness , fevers , convul
sions and frequently death. Apleasant , safe
and certain remedy is Dr. JAQUE'S GERMAN
WORM CAKES. Sold by all druggists.
Headaches , constipation , liver complaint ,
billiousness are cured by that mild , cleansing
reniedv ' which never produces pain. EILERT'3
Sold by druggists.
An economical man will keep the leather of
his harness soft and pliable , which preserves
It from cracking or ripping. He always uses
Harness Makers.
One-third of all who die in active middle life
arc carried off by consumption. The most
frequent cause Is a neglected cold , cough ,
hoarseness , bronchial trouble or asthma , all of
which may be perniantlv cured by EILERT
Sold by druggists.
A farmer's wealth depends on the condition
of his stock. When scraggy and feeble they
arc especially liable to distempers , fevers , colds ,
and all diseases which destroy animals. Thou
sands of dollars are saved annually by that val
uable old' stand by , UNCLE SAM'S CONDI
Restless , fretful , crying children are suffer
ing and need for their relief DK. WIN-
ful not only for all the disorders of teething
infants , but cures coughs , croups , sore throat
colic and cramps of older children , and should
always be kept in every bouse for emergencies.
Only 25 cents. Sold by all druggists.
A tea-totaller The tea merchant's account
Every nervous person should try Carter's
Little NERVE Pills. They are made specially
for nervous and dyspeptic men and women ,
and are just the medicine needed by all persons
who , from any cause , do not sleep well , orwho
fail to get proper strength from their food.
Cases of weak stomach , indignation , dvspepsia ,
nervous and sick headache , " &c. , readilv yield
to the use of the Little Ncrvo Pills , particular
ly if combined with Carter's Little Liver Pills.
In vials at 25 cents.
Now is the harvest time for purveyors of
curatives for hoarseness and bronchitis.
I n haxlncM rollrge. Pracilca ]
Couk-kerjierfl AM Teachers : twolead-
Ins Pefmni. Shnrt baud Tvlcgnpb.
IDE. IX 'HKctti for . ludcnf ttctatl
practice. Br ioeatlno cbcapboard.
Tuition low Journal free. JI ; > MI.OI ftLcuc * , ties lloin ; * , I
Tonnff M nl R d ThUb
THE VOLTAIC BELT Co. , of Jlarshall , Mich. ,
offer to send their celebrated ELECTOO VOLTAIO
trial for thirty days , to men ( young or old )
afflicted with nervous debility , loss of vitality
and manhood , and all kindred trouble * . Also
for rheumatism , neuralgia , paralysis , and
many other diseases. Complete restoration to
health , vigor and manhood guaranteed. No
risk is incurred as thirty days trial Is allowed.
Write them at once for Illustrated pamphlet
Iroe. v
A new village In Kentucky has been named
OHy Garamen.
A nick-name . law
- given to.a smooth-talking
yer. But there Is no Gammon about Carbo-
llnc , the great Petroleum Hair Renewer. It
will do Its work.
Philadelphia has seventy public libraries con
taining more than 1,000,000 volumes.
A new hospital with a capacity of fifty beds.
Private rooms for those who desire them.
Ladies In confinement will have every atten
tion and absolute privacy. All surgical opera
tions skillfully performed , Experienced
physicians hi constant attendance. Kates
reasonable. For particulars address Central
Hospital , Omaha , Neb.
Queen Victoria has nineteen grand-children.
London has a society to promote window-
Mensman'i F pt.miMed Beef Tonic , the
only preparation of-beef containing It * entire nutri
tious properties It contains blood-making , force-
ffeneratlng and life-sustaining properties ; Invalua
ble for IndlK-.tlon. Dy i ei in , nervous pros
tration , and aUforms of general debility ; also. In all
enfeebled conditions , whether the result of exhaust-
Bold by druggists.
The darkest hour is when you can't find the
Cotn'cCarboii i lv- Instantly relieves the pain
of Burns and Scalds and never leaves a Scar. It Is the
best salve In the world for general family use. 2Sc.
andTSc. At druggists or by mall ,
J. W. CO1.C fc 0. , Black Klvcr Falls , Win.
The hard drinker generally gets a-head in
the world.
Hosteller's Stomach
ach Bitters Is a flna
blood depnrent , a ra
tional cathartic , and
a superb anti-bilious
specific. It rallies the
falling energies of
the debilitated , and
checks premature
decay. Fev r and
ague , billons remit
tent , dyspepsia and
bowel complaints are
among the evils
which It entirely re
moves. In tropical
countries , where the
liver and bowels are
organs most unfavor
ably affected by the
combined Influence
of climate , diet and
water , It Is a very
necessary safeguard.
For sale by all Drug
gists and Dealers
-THE §
This medicine , combining Iron with pure
vegetable tonics , quickly and completely
Oureo Dyspepsia , Indigestion , WenkneM ,
luiDuroBlooUi1IalariaCUUUandFeTcr ,
and .Neuralsin.
It is an unfailing remedy for Diseases of th
Kidneys and JLlver.
It is invaluable for Diseases peculiar to
Women , and all who lead sedentary lives.
Itdoesnot injure the teeth , causeheadache.or
produce constipation other Iron medicine * do.
It enriches and purifies the blood , stimulate *
the appetite , aids the assimilation of food , re
lieves Heartburn and Belching , and strength
ens the muscles and nerves.
For Intermittent Fevers , Lassitude , Lack of
Energy , &e. , it has no equal.
JO- The genuine has above trade mark and
crossed red lines on wrapper. Take no other.
Bad * only by lUtOVrX CUKBIC1L CO. , BiLTIXOBK , MB.
Dyspepsia , General DeUIity *
Jaa&dioe , Habitual Constipa
tion , Ldver Complaint , Sick
Headache , Diseased Kid
neys , JEto. , Etc.
It contains onlv the Purest Drags , among
which may be enumerated F3ICU ? ASS BASS
ISS SCSB3 , KATOKAZZ , 8UCH7 , CC73A , Ito ,
It cleanses the system thoroughly , sad as m
Is Uuegnoled.
It Is not an intoxicating beverage , nor eax
It bo used as such , by reason of Its Cathartic
Solo Proprietors ,
pares men better for business than any other In
stitution 1 * the testimony of the commercial -world.
For circulars address
LILLIBIUDGE & DUNCAN. Davenport. Iowa.
taught at Omnha School Telegraphy , Omaha.
Neb. Serd forcircular. L.M.Hhccm.Mansr
WA.J TEI for the best and fastest
selling Pictorial Books and Bibles. Prices reduced
S3 per cent. NATIONAL PUB. Co , St Louis , Ma
YflnNR MRN Iele.RraPh-v "Dl1 Shorthand Sefcodi
paying '
sttnationtguarant'd. Amo ?
Iran Pchool of Triffgraphv ft Krinrthinrt.M dI on.w
. U. , Oinulm. 233-47.
guy you saw the advertisement in this paper.
When jou vtait New York City , T ! Central
ocpotgavcBaggageEzprcssogeand | 3 Car
nage Hire , andstop at the Grand Union Ho
tel , , opposite said depot Six hundred elegant
rooms fitted up at a cost of one million dollars ;
II and upwards per day. European plan. El-
evafrar. Restaurant supplied with the best
Horse cars , stages and elevated railroad to all
depots. Families can lire better for less
money at the Grand Union Hotel than at any
other first-class hotel In the City.
It Is an unmarried lady of Boston who pro
poses that single ladles hereafter he called
' ' "
C. V. Majors , Esq. , of Roll a , Mo. , writes :
. "I take pleasure IB adding my testimony to
that of hundreds of others , as to the efficacy
of PBICKLT ASH BITTEKS. I have not only
sold it here and in Arkansas , but hare used ft
myself , and as a regulator of the stomach and
bowels , I do not think there is anything better.
Its action on the bowels is free , without caus
ing any griping or pain whatever.
_ _ _ _
- BK > BMW M - - VlmM < BMM
Angling on the UpperThames , above Staines
is now wholly prohibited by those who own
the fisheries.
Rheumatism , Neuralgia , Sciatica ,
Lumbago , Backache. Headache , Toothache ,
iore Th rout.HvellliiB . Sprain.Krul e ,
Burin. Mcultlx. Froct It lie * .
BoMbrDrugzliUaa.lDfulerierorTwhers. Fifty CtQUtbottl * .
Dlrretlaai la 11 t.tugtlafti.
to take , betnjj PURELY VEGETABLE. _
THE TBFFIfc ! Well Rock Boring Drilling A
For Horse or Steam Power
Hundreds of th * beat men in 30 States
andTerrltoriBs use it and trill bare no
other !
Established OTer 85 years.ire have ample |
facilities to fill orders promptly , and '
to satisfaction of our customers. Cata-
lorue PBXX. Address ' _
LOOMIS & NYMAJf , Titan. Ohio.
Bold by ALL DEALERS throughout the World
Gold Itledal Paris Exposition , 1378.
Oculist and Aurist.
Practice limited to diseases of the
Eye , Ear and Throat.
1503 Farnam St. . . . . Omaha
rcaccr of Ibio j pcr who
( Will nrce tosiiowoari
catalogue and price list
of Kubber Good ] to ticlr
* ' . friends nnd try to In- * ' & ' ' W&
Caecca Pules for m. We will cn < t you free , port-paid two full
; = " ' . ' f AD.Ei COSSAMIOi KUEBEB WAlElS 1'ttOOP OAK-
II CMS , c-i a f ample , anil one of our handsome Colored Covers 41
n.7 CaU'ngues with wIiolesale price list showlar how von can mala
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L > W.&N. Oil Tube Colors , 90 c. doz. ; Sable
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A. HOSPE , Omaha.
Send act. Stamp for Catalogue :
irnibny25 per cent more Groceries t the Old Re
liable Store of
than can be bought elscwnere In the state. They Ben
15 IbBA Sugar for . . . . Sl.OO
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And other goods In proportion. Send for Monthly
Price Lift. J. B. FKENCH < fc CO. . OMAHA.
I hare a positive remedy for the above disease ; by Its
use thousands of caiesnl the worst kind nnd of Ion5
Ftuncllne have been cured. liulPfil. f
Jnltsefflcacy.thntlwlil semi TWO BOTTLES FREE ,
together with a VAI.CABT.ETREATISE on this disease
to any sufferer. GIra express and F O.sddr ss.
BB.T. A. SLOUDil.ieiPearlSt. , Sew Tori.
A SURETUING ! SentFrcoto
Anyone. 1 manufacture and keep
constantly on band every article need
IbytneBportlnpfrctcnilty toWlN wltl
tin frames of chance. Send for mam
'mothcircular..Afidren V1CBUTDAM.
C3ud67 XuuaSlmt.nnr'V.rk Ulj.
Relieved Immediately and cnred Dy
° I"B CONE ASTHMA CosquzRoe.
price fUl ) per bottle or 3 bottles for
IS delivered. Address Dr. C. MABK.T , Manager , Ham-
Uton. Ohio.
O C. CAMPBEXI. , P. oprl-tor.
New Homse , Tt > nns. S2 per day. 1213 Donglai 8U
O.tlAHA , Neb.
Wrci a B IVHM9
_ . - - - - - - - -MivKKnsiso CARDS.
Scrap Pictures and Slinpc N'o cities In rndlcsx styles
and varieties. Send lOc. for sm.ill orlJOc. forlanrc
panipleof Frlnsrd f liristinasCards. . Larce holldav-
caMIogue free II. M. 11KOOKS & CO. , SprfnsCeld , O.
Danger from Catarrh.
If you iuffcr from catarrh , however rtlRhtly , you
era In danger , because the disrate , If not attended
to , will teen become chrontp , affecting your general
health , and may alw develop Into bronchitis or con *
Kunipllon. AB catarrh If thu ruiult of Impure blood
It Is rcndlly cured by Ilood'a Snruapirllln. which purl-
net the blood and Rives the whole y tcm hcsltli and
strength. Thousands of people hiwc been cured of
catarrh by Hood's Sarsaparllla. Give H a trial.
"I suffered severely from chronic catarrh , onMtte , I
believe , from Impure blood. It become very bail ,
causing much son-ness of the bronchial tube * , and n
troublesome COUKM. which pave great anxiety to my
f rlemU and myself , a two brother * tiled from bron
chial consumption. I tried many advcrtlied medi
cines for catarrh , both Inhaling and Internal : but It
wax limply money thrown away , a * I received no
bonent. 1 wa at last Induced to try Hood' * Sar a-
parllla , and after taking five or MX bottle * I am not
jhc snme man In health or feeling * . My catarrh I *
cured , my throat In entirely well , and a dyspeptic
trouble acccompanlod by dick headache have all dlH-
appeared. " K. M. LINCOLN ; 33 Chambers street ,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all drupclsts. $1 : MX for $3. Made only by
C.I. HOOD & CO. , Apothecaries , Lowell , Masx.
100 Doses One Dollar
"Kidney-Wort la the moat succeecful remedy
leverused. " Dr. P.O. Ballon , Monkton.VU
" reliable. "
"Kidney-Wort la always
Dr. E. K. Clark , So. Hero , Vt.
"Kidney-Wort has cured my-wlTo after two years
Buffering. " Dr. C. II. Summerlln , Sun Hill , Oa.
It has cured where all else had failed. It ia mild ,
but efficient , CEKTAUi IN ITS ACTION , but
harmless In all cases.
t5TIt elcaiue > the Blood and Strengthens and
give * New Life to all the important organs of
the body. The natural action of the Kidneys ia
restored. She Liver Is cleansed of all disease ,
and the Bowels more freely and healthfully.
In this way the wont diseases ore eradicated
from th.0 system * _ _ _ _ 3
Dry can be sent by moil.
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- LOM and Gala *
1 wiw taken sick a year ago
With bllloua fovor. "
"My doctor pronounced mo cored , but I got
sick again , with terrible pains ia my back and
eldoe , and I got BO bad I
I shrunk I
From 228 Ibs. to 120 1 I had been doctoring
for my liver , but It did me no good. I did not
expect to live more than three months. I be
gan to use Hop Bitters. Directly my appetite
returned , my pains left me , my entire system
seemed renewed as If by magic , and after using
several bottles , I am not only ns sound as a
sovereign , but weigh more than I did before.
To Hop Bitters I owe my life. "
Dublin , June 0 , ' 81.
r "Maiden , Mass. , Fob. 1 , 18HO. Gentlemen
Cl suffered with attacks of sick hemlnolio. "
Ncuraltrlo , female trouble , for years In the
most tcrriblo and excruciating manner.
No medicine or doctor could give me relief
or cure , until T used Hop Bitters.
"The first bottle
Nearly cured me ; "
The second made me as well and strong as
when a child.
"And I have been so to this day. "
My husband was an invalid for twenty years
with a serious
"Kidney , liver and urinary complaint ,
"Pronounced Boston's best"
by physi
"Incurable 1"
Seven bottlca of your Bitters cured him ana
I know of the
"Lives of elpht persons"
In my neighborhood that have been saved by
your bitters ,
And mouy more are using them with great
"They almost
Do mlraclesl" 3Tn. B. D. Stack.
How TO GET SICK. Expose yourself day and Jilffht ;
eat too much without exercise ; work too hard with
out rest ; doctor all the time ; take all the vile nos
trums advertised , and then yon will want to know
now TO OKT WJELI * whlcb li aniwered In three words
Take Hop Bitters !
. - t None genuine without s > bunch of' green IIops
I on the white label. Shun all the vile , poisonous stuff
1 with "Hop" or "Hops" in their name.
* * * * * * * * * *
All those painful Complaint *
* and Weaknesses 80 common
* , * * * * to our best * *
Price SI In liquid , pIH or Io n j form.
Jts pvrpots to solely for the legitimate hcaUng of
tlttase and the relief of jxiln , and that it doe * all
it clalmt to do , thotuandt of ladles can gladlu tuUfy.
It will euro entirely all Ovarian troubles ! InBamni *
tlon and Ulceratlon , Falling and Displacements , aa
consequent Spinal Weakness , ar.d 1 * particular
adapted to the change of life. "
It removes Falntness. Flatulency , destroys all craving
for stimulants , and relieves Weakness of the HU > macti
It cures Bloating , Headaches , f.ervou Prostration.
O < ncrdl Debility , Sleeplessness ! , Depression and IndJ
ration. That tecllnjr of bearing down , causing pobv
and backache , is olwaya permanently cured byltsuae.
Send stamp to Lynn , MOSA , for pamphlet , letter * ot
inquiry confidentially answered , t'arwileatdruggitit.
The BuYZBrf GUIDE is Issued Sept
and March , each year. : 224 pages , 8 * x 11 J
inches , with over 3,3OO illustrations
a whole picture gallery. Gives wholcsala
prices direct to consumers on all goods for
personal or H family use.
Tells how to k order , and
gives exact f B costof ev-
erythingyou B U use , drink ,
eat , trear , or F have fun
with. These invaluable.
books contain information gleaned from.
the markets of the world.Vo will mail
a copy Free to any address upon receipt
of the postage 8 cents. Let us hear
from yon. v _ Respectfully ,
A 829 Wabult Avenue. Cklum. UL
Morphine Habit Curort 111 JO
toaOfliiys. > Toniy : till cured.
Da. J. STEPUKMB. Lebanon. Ohio.
ninnP Sample Hook. Premium List , Price List
UHnUO sent free. U.S.CardCo. , Ccntcrbrook , Conn
A $25.00 WATCH FOR ONLY $5.27.
IOO.OOO watches less than cost to make.
What nil newspapers munt lirtvc to live Ia fiubscrib-
er * . A large aubscripf ion lint brings Iicnvy advertising
Twenty- patronage. This sale of advcrtiiuni' Epacc is what pays the pub
lisher , NOT THE suBScniraous to his paper. We have adopted
five the following honest and eqnaro plan to pet 100,000 new rabficrib-
crs. A contract ia signed in which we have bound ourselves to I
take inside of CO days
$5.27 The Watch isn Key Wimlinjr Wntch with the Celebrated I
. Anchor Lever Movement. Expansion Balance. Fully Jeweled.
They arc mode of the hert material and in the veiy best manner ,
eo as to insure peed time-keeping qualities. The Caw are made
of the celebrated metal known as Aluminum
Gold. This metal has a sufficient amount of pold
in the comiosition to Rive the watch n genuine i
Kohl nppcnrniirc. Indeed , it cannot be told from I
a Genuine field Watch except by the best judges. I
They are finely engraved or cnRine turned anil are
massive and Kirnng and very handsome , making it
just the watch for all who require a coot ) strong
trntch and on accurate timekeeper. For I
trading and speculative , purposes , it is rapcrior to J
any watch ever before offered. They can be Kild I
> readily for $20 each , and traded for horbcs , cattle ,
\ etc. , EO as to double this amount.
> . Xfotr yon can I
IB ffft f 'tit bran fi-\ \
fill irate ft for /ft * titan coil. ICeaet
and profit by our contract. Vo luc
a fair offer teat erer matte before !
We will send this watch to any port of the United I
States by registered nmil or to Cnnnila by K.x-
press upon receipt of S-5.-7. ( ThiHirt less than
cost. ) Each and every person who takes this watch at
this price < S5.27)must ) agree to ( .how it to their friends
and tell them how and where they pot it. Positively
this mu5tbedoneand upon receiving the ivnlcfi
must sign and return ths following fair contract :
In imsidemtinn ol Ihe fact that the pnUishf r of the Farm. Field and Stableman his told me the Amerlr LtTf r UnitIng -
Ing Caie Watth for 15.27 , which watch I have received and find rrartly as reprn.rtiit'1. therefore I promise in one
yearfiom date to send one dollar far the Farm , field and Stockman , sarao being fijaeat for the piper wnt
me during the entire put year.
Datedat 1851. Signed , „ _ _ _ _ _ .
In ordering the watch you must say in yonr letter that if It is as represented nnd after a thorough ciam-
{ nation of ten days the watch gives Eatisfocuon you will fill out , sign and return a blank contract like the j
above , which ' is Een't with . each watch. . .
vcrtisin ? . Every person wfio getf" n watch will be a subscriber. "How do' you knowi" Why , a man that
gets our watch will rtoy with us because he lias pot double what lie pniil for. On this lot of 100,000
wntchos we shall lose fifty thousand dollars , but this loss will ftcure us 100.000 new subscribers
to ourprpcr , which will moke our subscription list over 50,000. With our present circulation of 150.000
Eubscnbprs , our advertising patronage is 540.000 a year , and we have 8,000 lines of f pace per month hich ,
with OUT increased list , will make our receipts from ths source alone $120,000 for the year. Deducting
loss oil watch , and current expenses ! , will leave us a praSt of about $30.000 for the year. Furthermore , |
Bhonl'ionr estimate on advertising receipts prove too larRC. we will have due us from Rubscribra $100,000 , i
wHWBTre count good , as every watch will have proved so Rood that every man is sure to pay. You see
EOTT hr * we propose to lose mnney lo mate money and give every person a benefit and sell the watch lest
titan cost to manufacture. AVe knotv this offer win demoralize the watch business of this country , but it Ia
everr man for himself in this ojre of newspaper war. and if we give cur readers a watch THAT Wllalj
CO.AIPAUE nnd Is as Rood as any one hundred DOIYTiAR watch for $5.27 we propose to do
it and give them the benefit of our capital. In this way we benefit our subscribers and by so doing help ourselves - I
selves as well , ft if no Idle boast to nay that thi icatcA loots as well as a hundred-dollar repeater. Reader , [
there is an immense amount of ratif faction in displayinca beautiful watch. Here isan opportunity 1or joa
to show a watch as beautiful for S5-2 as vour rich neighbor shows for one hundred dollars.
TO SHOW THAT OUR OFF lt IS SQUARE we will send a copy of the paper and the
American L > cver Watch by express. C. O. D. , subject to examination , upon receipt of § 1 JO to guaran
tee charges both ways. The receiver accepting the watch will have to pay a balance of $3.77 and express
charges to his place. Where 5.27 cash is sent in advance we pay all charges and guarantee Eafe delivery. This I
is yonr opportunity. Don't let it pass ; if you do you will regret it. The offer is opn for sixty days from |
dote. It yon want to make husband , brother or friend a handajme present , this is yonr time. Send money
by express , poetoffice order , postal note or registered letter. Will take Z-cent postage stamps. Address '
FARM , FIELD AND STOCKMAN. Bryant Block , 57 & 59 Dearborn St. , Chicago. HI.
//SH B Coren tha entire uddle. and -will keep yon dry In any storm.
Sold eTeryarbere. Illustrated catalogue treo. A. J. Tower. Bottoa.
It Is a well-known fact that most of the
j Horse and Cattle Powder sold In this coun-
jtry -mirthless ; that Sheridan's Condl- AKE HENS
I tlon Powder Is absolutely pure and very LAY
{ valuable. .Nothing on Earth ivill
( make hens lay like Sheridan's _ . _ .
( Condition Powder. Dose , one teaspoonfnl to each pint of food. It-Bin also prevent and care
* b ffj % R * f VV3 1LM t BJ K9 f slog Cholera &c. Sold everywhere , or sent by mail for
x BaHw Kii \il\/H i % * * 25 cents Inztamps. Also furnished In large cans , for
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