McCook weekly tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 188?-1886, October 16, 1884, Image 7

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Kale Dallas was the prcCticst girl in
socictjftha > i\vintcr. *
Peoplc's-'fcfeas of beauty diflcr as
widely tvVtho' poles , "but Kate's dewy ,
.scarlet lips' , and pearl-clear complexion ,
with its rich relief of golden hair and
oycs deep lilue , like the petal of a lark
spur , claimed a sort of allegiance from
every one and I , as Miss Dallas' fiance
of course was the mark of envy for
half the young men about town.And ,
to tell the truth , I could hardly realize
iny own good luck !
She had really promised to be mine
the fair , graceful young belle to be
come the oeacon star of iny home the
guardian angel of my life ! I tried to
think of these things when I saw her
the queen o the drawing-room circles
and the favorite where all were fair !
And I tried moreover to remember them
when it happened , as it often did , that
Kate was unreasonable or disposed to
be capricious and exacting.
"You late Fernando ! "
are .to-night ,
she said , pettishly , one evening as I
came into her"presence.
She was looking bewitchingly pretty ,
with her cherry lower lip pouted a tre-
lle her pretty brows contracted and a
deep carmine flush upon her cheeks ,
while the violet silk dress that she wore
made her "blonde beauty even more
brilliant ' than i § natural effect.
' 'Just five Ininutes , Kate that s all ! "
I apologized , as I set down beside , her ,
and drew her little hand into mine , by
way of making peace with her. But
she jerked it petulently away.
"Did you bring the white tea roses ? "
"I couldn't get them Katie upon my
word. There has been a lloral masque
rade somewhere up town , and every
tea rose is gone. I ordered a lot of
white violets they are sweeter still ! "
"I don't want them , " fretted my
fiance. "When I say tea roses I mean
tea roses ! "
"But , Katie , I'm not a magician , to
make flower blossoms at midwinter ! "
" 1 wont have the violets , any way ! "
said Kate fanning herself violently.
"Don't sit so close to me , Fernando
you have been smoking ! with a curl of
her pretty * lip and an indescribable
grimace of disgust.
"Only o ° ne' cigar , Katie , and I sup
pose that the wind would have removed
all traces of that long before I got
here ! " I confessed in laughing contri
"I hate cigars ! "
"But , Katie "
"And you know it , Fernando Orr. "
"Indeed , " Katie , I didn't intend to
annoy you.1'
"But you do annoy me and you
keep annoying me and "
"Stop a minute , Katie ! " There was
a something in her tone , that warned
me to protect , my own dignity. "Do
3011 really mearnvhat you say ? ' '
' 'Yes , ' ' she retorted. ' " 'I suppose you
take me for a child , who don't under
stand her own words , but I'm not a
child , and I won't be treated so ! "
Katie ! "
"And I won't be scolded , either. "
went on the spoiled child , shrugging up
, " , * , ° ° n *
* i m
her shoulders. 11L never many a man
that won't indulge me and look up to
me , and let me have my own way in
everything. I can't bear to be snubbed ,
and governed , and scolded , and I won't
I'll break the engagement first ! "
"Are you in. earnest ? " I asked
gravely. . "
She tore the diamond ring from her
forefinger and gave it back to me !
"There ! " she said , defiantly. "I am
free from man's tyranny now , at all
events ! "
Perhaps she thought I would insist
on her retaining the sparkling token of
our engagement perhaps she expected
a pretty little scena , wherein 1 should
go down on my knees and ask pardon
for my cigar and the missine tea roses ,
and the five minutes of tardiness , and
the various other delinquencies of which
I had most undoubtedly been guilty.
But if any such impression had taken
possession of her mind , she was very
soon disabus'ed of it. I had already
endured enough to bring me to the lim
its of patience , and rose quietly up.
" then Katie ! "
"Good-by , , *
"Good-by , Mr. Orr ! "
1 stopped at the door and turned
"Katie , if you should think better of
this during the next week I will come
to you at any time you choose to send
for me ! "
"You jaeedn't trouble yourself , " ' said
Kate haughtily : "Ishall not send ! "
So we parted for fifteen long years.
It was love's first young dream with
me , and Twas a little inclined to be sen
timental about it at first but then years
afterward , when I married Florence
Silon , out in Chicago , I was as heart
whole a young gentleman as the United
States could afford. Florence wes not ,
perhaps , so radiantly pretty as Kate
Dallas had been , but she had one of
those pure faces which make a man feel
better and holier only for looking.into
its sweet lineaments ; and , moreover ,
Florence didn't object to cigar smoke ,
and had a way of being satisfied with
whatever offerings I laid at her feet ,
whether they were tea roses or white
violets. And when I saw Florence
Silon sitting opposite me as my wife , I
could not regret the abrupt termination
of my first engagement , although I still
reinbered Kate Dallas' golden hair and
limpid eyes ; and wondered within my
self wlilit luckless cavalier was the pres
ent object of her pretty despotism !
* * * * *
"Fernando , I'm quite sure you have
missed the way ! "
I burst out laughing at the bewilder
ment of my wife's voice.
I * I looks like it , Flora , I must say.
< Well , wo must drive back to the last
cross-roads five miles if it is astep. "
I looked around at the fine old woods
on either side of the solitary road , in
hopes of seeing something like a human
habitation. ,
"Look , Florence ! ' ' I cried triumph
antly , as I checked my horse , "isn't
K that smoke ? "
Florence shook her head.
Mist from some low-lying stream ,
more likely , " she said , incredulously.
"As if my eyesight were not more
trustworthy than that ! I tell you ,
young lady , that is smoke. There's a
rural cot among those cedars , and I in
tend to cast myself and 3011 upon the
hospitality of these dwellers in the wil
derness. I am hungry. "
"So am I , " laughed my wife , "but I
don't believe "
I sprang out , picketed my horse to a
tall birch sapling and gave my arm os
tentatiously to my bright-eyed compan
ion."At all events , " I said , "we'll go and
see. "
Across the cool aisles of the midsum
mer woods through dense underbrush
and thickets of wild roses , that show
ered their pink petals round our feet as
we walked over a clear stream , by the
aid of a fallen log , we made our way ,
until Florence's doubts were solved by
the actual appearance of a little one-
story cottage or cabin of unpainted
wood , in a stump-dotted clearing ,
where a melancholy pig , rooting under
the-porch foundation , and a patcli of
yellow-looking stunted cabbages in the
back-ground , denoted something like
"Oh , Fernando ! " whispered my wife ,
as we saw a course-looking shock-head
ed man , smoking a short black pipe in
the porch , with his elbows on his knees
and a greasy newspaper before him ,
while two or three sun-burned elves in
faded clothing played around his feet.
"Let us go back ! This is such a horrid
place ! "
"I dare-say we can bu3T a draught of
milk or even a raw cabbage here , ' I re
assured her. "Why , Florence , child
you wouldn't make much of a soldier ! "
The man looked up as we approached
and we explained the dilemma in which
we found ourselves.
"Oh , of course of course , " he said ,
with a gleam of courtesy which showed
he had not always passed his life in
these dreary wilderness. "Sit down.
Jamie , call 3our mother. I believe my
wife's somewhere round at the back of
the house , splitting kindlings. "
Florence opened wide her soft brown
eyes at- this speech.
"You are an invalid ? "
"An invalid , " with a hearty laugh ,
which plainly indicated the sound con
dition of his lungs at least. "Not * much
of the invalid about me , I guess ? "
"Then why don't you split the kind
lings for her ? " asked frank Florence.
Ho arched his eyebrows with lazy
"I don't believe in this business of
Woman's Rights and Female Suffrage , "
he answered , slowly pulling at the
black pipe "I'm for keeping women
down where the } * belong. If my wife
isn't hard at work she'll be whining
and complaining about the days when
we were better off. I'm not the man
to humor a woman's whims. St. Paul's
better than any of your modern apostles
tles , and he believed in keeping women
at work.
Florence was about indignantly to
combat this position when a little bare
legged urchin came tumbling round
the corner of the house.
"Mother ain't splittin' kindlings
she's gone to the spring for water ! I
hollered to her to come quick , Poppy
wanted her ! "
"That's right , sonm ! " said our host
Almost in the same minute a bowed-
down , weary-looking woman emerged
from the wall of woods below the
house , carrying a brimming pail of
water in either hand a faded , bonnet-
less woman , whose yellow , lustreless
hair was twisted into a tight knot at the
back of her head and whose brow was
already seamed with wrinkles , though
she had scarcely reached middle age.
Yet there was an impalpable something
in the wan face that strained my mem
ory strangely.
"Kate Dallas ! " I involuntarily ex
She stopped and set down her pails ,
coloring scarlet ; I saw that our recog
nition wars mutual.
"Let me carry them I said , advanc
"Needn't trouble yourself ! " said the
master of the house. "She is used to
it ; aren't you Kitt } * ? So you know my
wife , eh sir ? "
I introduced myself and Florence ?
and learned , in my turn , that my "first
love" was married to Mr. Sykes , who
had failed in business three times in
New York and its neighboring cities ,
and taken to "farming" by way of final
settlement in life.
"You see that we are very poor , " '
Kate nervousl * "and "
began , } ,
"Nothing to be ashamed of in that , "
broke in her husband as she was stop
ped by a fit of coughing , the consequence
quence of a black pipe which Mr. Sykes
had relighted and was puffing vigor
ously into her face.
"You don't object to smoke nowa
days , Katie , " I saida * little mischiev
ously. But I was sorry a moment after
ward , when I saw the scarlet mounted
into her cheek.
We remained only long enough to
partake of a slight repast of crackers
and milk , and Katie turned away her
head as Mr. Sykes pocketed the bank-
bill I handed him , with a gruff :
"All's fish that comes to my net ! "
Poor Kathie ! I knew how mortified
she was , but I did not wish to witness
her discomfiture.
And I have not seen my first love
ia *
Blue Grass Breeders.
Mr. R. S. Withers of Fairlawn Stock
Farm , Lexington , Ky. , writes : "I have
such confidence in St. Jacobs Oil , the
that I use it on
great pain-cure , every
thing ; myself , my horses , my negroes.
Everybody and every horse , for all
kinds of aches and pains , believe in its
sovereignty as a cure "
Do not forget that the pigs like a
drink of fresh , cool water as much as
other animals. The slops they receive
will not always suffice. It is merciful ,
and profitable as well , to give them ac
cess to all the pure water they can
drink , even if the3 * can not have the
bath they love so well.
Dairying in Great Britain is growing
with great rapidity. It emplo3's $875-
000,000 to § 1,000,000,000 of tenants'
capital , and 86,500,000,000 to $7,000-
000,000 of landlords' . Yet the weekly
consumption of milk is but 3 pints per
inhabitant ; of butter , 3i ounces ; of
cheese , 4 ounces.a
Public speakers and singers use Pico's Cure for
hoarseness and R-cak lungs.
The family of vridow Elizabeth Ellis of Abbe
ville county. " South Carolina , numbers 195.
Storm Signals.
As the coming of a great storm is
heralded by the display of cautionary
signals , so is the approach of that
dread and fatal disease , Consumption
of the Lungs , usually announced in ad
vance by pimples , blotches , eruptions ,
ulcers , glandular swellings , and kindred -
dred outtvard manifestations of the in
ternal blood poison , which , if not
promptly expelled from the system , at
tacks the delicate tissues of the lungs ,
causing them to ulcerate and break
down. Dr. Pierce's "Golden Medical
Discovery" is the great remedy for this ,
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An Ohio fanner says that a mule can be
cured of kicking by catching hold of his leg
while in the act. But when the unfortunate
operator is sailing through the empyrean
dome , he probably wishes he hadn't interfered
with the inalienable rights and hereditary
customs of the mule. Fuck.
Young or middle-aged men , suffering
from nervous debility or kindred affec
tions , should address , with three letter
stamps for large treatise , World's Dis
pensary Medical Association , Buffalo ,
N. Y.
An exchange says butter was first used as a
medicine. It is now used for wagon grease
and a good many wagons have been laid by in
the fence corner. Come to think of it , we
have heard butter and medicine mentioned in
connection. A very particular friend of ours
told us he'd rather cat soap grease than but
ter. But we suppose his bringing up had
something to do with it. Clinton JJlade.
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tery and bloody-flux , coh'c or cramps in
stomach , use Dr. Pierce's Compound
Extract of Smart-Weed. Specific , also ,
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Politics makes strange befellows.
How would the Widow Butler's night
cap look hanging"on Cliet. Arthur's bed-
post. Gorhnm Mountaineer.
The state of Maine has 64,480 farms ,
which is only 20,000 more than Massa
chusetts has , though Maine is terri
torially much the largest state. In 1879
the estimated value of all farm products
for the 3ear was $21,945,489. Maine is
a good deal of an agricultural state.
The nerves and brain depend
almost entirely upon sleep to
recruit their forces. In the
early history of England person
were put to death by deprivations of
sleep and invariably died raving mani
acs. People who are starved to death
suffer brain starvation also , and pass
from hallucinations to insanity.
- ma -
The flight of the Pen.
Oh , the orator's voice is a mighty power ,
As it echoes along the green ,
But the fearless pen has more sway o'er man
To sound the praises of Carboline.
In South America there is found a fruit
which boiled with tough moat makes it tender.
The boarding-house motto , "BlessOurllonie , "
may yet become less of a mockery.
A Special Invitation.
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Do not bo discouraged , but try it.
The terrible drought in the vicinity of Sierra
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A prominent alienist when asked what was
the leading cause of insanity answered , "Ex
. "
cess. _
Farmer * and Stockmen.
The only remedy that readily cures Galls , Cuts nnd
Wounds on horses and cattle , nnd always brines the
hair in the orif-Inal color. Is Veterinary Carbollsalve.
In SO cents and ) cans , at Druggists or by mall.
, Prop'sI31ack Klver Falls , "WIs.
Absurdities of fashion are increasing. The
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shape of elephants. _
A CARD To all who are suffering from
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It is now absolutely settled that the Arkwas
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TOE. " la curing Briglit'a
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Chicago News.
"Lend you money , sir ! How -on
earth can you ever pay ? "
"Well , sir , I am going to be a very
rich man soon. "
"How's that ? "
"I'm going to marry the richest
young woman in New York. "
"You don't say ! "
"Yes , I do. "
"When did she accept you ? "
"I haven't said anything to her
about it. "
"Then how in the world "
"Her father has hired me as coach
man , and "
"Ah , well , then , of course , sir. What
sum do you wish ? "
Skinny Mpn.'WeTls'Health Renewer" reitorti
health and visor , cares Dyspepsia , Impotence. II.
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-THE g
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C'urcH I.v iC | > Hli , IndlgcMlon , Wcultnetiw ,
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Kti'ncyH nnd IJvcr.
It is invaluable for Diseases peculiar to
\Voinen , and all who lend sedentary lives.
Itdocs not iiijiirc the teeth , cause hcadache.or
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Itenrichesand purifies the blood , stimulates
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lieves Heartburn and Belching , and strength
ens the muscles and nerves.
Vor Intermittent Fevers , Lassitude , Lack of
Energy , &c. , it has no equal.
jJSJ- The penuine has above trade mark and
crossed red lines on wrapper. Take no other.
UIEJIICAL CO. n LTi5ioiiEnn.
de ! < iiiir > > r nitons ,
Areuneqiialled inEXACTING SERVICE.
Used by the Chief
( Mechanician or the
U. S. Coast Survey :
-by tlio Admiral
commandingin the
U. h. Naval Ohserv-
ntory , for Astro-
knoiiilcal ivork ; and
-by Iiocomotlve
Engineers , Con-
3ductors and Kail-
7 way men. They are
_ _ _ . . recognized as
-for all uses inwhich close
[ time and durability are re-
quisites. Sold in principal
I cities and towns by the COM-
_ J PANY'S exclugive Aeeiits
( leading Jewdart. ) who eivo a Full Warranty.
Protection. Uosuch
protective against
chills and fever and
other diseases of a
malarial type e\ls'3
as Hosteller's Stomach
ach Bitters. It re-
Ilex es constipation ,
liver disorders , rheu
matism , kidney nnd
bladder ailments
with certainty and
promptitude. A
change , as Rratlfi Ing
as it Is complctc.soon
takes place In the ap
pearance , as well as
the sen atlon. of the
\tnnand hajml : In
valid who uses this
standard promoter of
health and strength.
For sale by all
DruKsl'ts and Deal
ers generally.
Fafw. UMU.U , Wk. . . BE Gir
10 i.Jt. ! ' . Itjorr. E. I. . .
jl > U U Wtt1. 2 9T 1 l"kp M
l .nrk. WIlp , . H r fctf l _
k > i. - Ik d na. n M.M . .4 pm -
t. A. 1 SJ1IT1I * | O. , / , 111.
Morpnine 1'EuoiiCured InIO
, No pay till Cared.
11U. J. bTKi-HKV. . I cb.inon. Ohio.
BestCoui-hbyrup. Tastes pood.
Use In time , feold by druggists.
VFATCFimtor the best and fastest
selling Pictorial Books and Bibles. Prices reduced
33 per cent. NATIONAL PUB. Co , St. Louis , Mo.
Fnil iUmp for 07 dmilEr. * ? T50 a ye r ; r , now
Mtnic loultrr. " How tomikeanlniit > abTC < Mtiiiff
leal than SO. llow tolmilaehcippoultrj * .
err * CP.coreeholtrft msk0beDlU7Ae. Anew
boot C.G. Bniir.Alilcnc.Euuu. Brwdir P.
R. fowl * u * P. C. Ewh * . 3wliie cirealin tne.
IUCII Away , n 8125 O'R ! > n. n Ith family outfits of
6 lYuiRnblier Type , AcSend htanip for circular
to BRF/.VSTEI : & Co. , 21o 5th St. , DCS Molncs , la.
EiHIUl TYPE WRITING here. Situations fur-
II nished. Address Valentine Bros. , Jjneiville , Wis.
icorporated underihe Laws of the State of Missouri
induniilspntsd m tie BROAD CLAIM olteM
Ever offered to the public.
The Bun-HS" GUIDE is Issued Sept
and March , each year : 22-1 pages , 8 J x 11 J
inches , with over 3,3OO illustrations
whole picture gallery. Gives wholesale
prices direct to consumer * on all goods for
personal or a family use.
Tells how to A - order , and
gives exact if lfl | cost of ev
erything you 1 m use , drink ,
eat , wear , or F hare fun
with. These l invaluabla
hooka contain information gleaned from
the markets of the world. "Wo will mail
a copy Free to any address upon receipt
of the postage 8 cents. Let us hear
from you. _ Respectfully ,
U7 A 8SJUV bo h AT.nue. Chl m . -II-
All those painful Complaints
* and Weaknesses so common
* * * * to our best * * * * * *
I'rlre $1 In liquid , J.UI . or loung * form.
Tts purpose is solely for the Itgltlmate Baling of
disease anl the relief of pnln , and that it does ail
it claims to tlu , tkoasanJaof laities can gtadlu testify.
It will cure cntlrily nil Ovarian troubles , luflamina- *
tlon and Ulceration , Falling and Displacements nnd
consequent Spinal WiaUntss. and Is particularly
adapted to the change of life. '
Goncral D liility , Hleoplcixnt-w. Uepro&lon anil lurti-
ECNtloiu That IrclniK of bearing do n , ciuisinz pain ,
and backache , i'.nlu.iy * permanently ciirudby itansf.
Send stamp to Lynn , Mas * . , for imniplikt. Lctttra pi
inquirycunlidcntially answered. Foraaleatdrumitt * .
and608 Wyandotle Street
Kansas City , fvSo.
Aothorlzedlo treat Chronic , JCcrvous snil
"Social DUeasef/'Eemlnal Weakness , ( nfffAX
" " .Strual Debility ( tow of sexual potctr ) ,
Kcnoua IJeWIlty , etc. Cures guaran
teed or money refunded. Charges low.
Thousands ot cases cured. Experlcnco
is Important , All medicines ready for
use. No mercury or injurious medi-
1 clnes csed. No detention from bust-
. ' ncsa. Patients at a distance treited by
letter ana express , medicines sent everywhere free from
pze or breakage. State your case and send for terms.
Consultation free and confidential , personally orbyict-
tcr. 'A BOOK for botn sexes Migrated-sent fealcd
to ylslii cavclopo for Cc lu sumps , bcu my free JStueu-n *
The above cut shor.s ourSPFCIAI , < 6 oo Belt which is Uchter ,
mure effecme and durable than any 1 Icctric licit in existinc ? .
It cures Rheumatism , Constipation. Dyspepsia. Female\\eak-
ncisKidney , bpme and Liver diseases. , etc. Send fnrcircular.
Papier Electric Belt Co. , Omaha , Neb.
Will bsy 25 per cent , mora Groceries at the Old E .
liable Store of
a. II. XVBENCIK < fe CO. , OMAHA ,
than can be bought elsewhere In the state. Ther ea
18 Ib * . A Sqcar for . . . . 81.OO
13 1-3 Iba. Extra O Sugar for - 81.OO
11 1-S Ibi. eranalated Hnscurfor - gll.GO
14 Ibo. Hew Orleana Sugar Tor - 191.OO
And other goods In proportion. Bond for Monthly
ttlce List , J. B. FKKNCH & CO. , OHABA.
\j W. It Ji. O-.I Tube Colon , eo c. doz. ; Sibie
Brushes. 'c. up. Bmtes.7- ! ; ; Piletta.jse.j
E h. 9oc ; Artists"Boies.$1.50 ; Panel * . IOC.UP ; Oilx.n e. ;
Varnish , 250. . Cold er Silver Punt. 730. ; Canvisj , 75 e. jrird ;
Pt.fery anil Novelties for Decorating , i c. up ; Studies rested.
RK 3 3 CJ 8T * Zithers : Slieet Music. K off printed tot ;
l\33 t3 O U Qs ? Musiclnsliuctnnforall Instrumemtl.soc.
A. HOSPE , Omaha.
Send act. Stamp for Catalogue :
" Rifles !
.V. X. U. , Omaha , iS 42
say you saw the advertisement in tins paper.
' Jme chanced to such an extent that It lifcomeu
im as Important for the Physician to sot forth his
idvantaw and facilities for the practice of hlspro-
.esalon. as It Is that of any other liuslnc-i or profes
sional man.Vc. . therefore , feel h.ippy in lieliiK able
: o direct the attention of those who require Surgical
> r Medical aid to the
Western Medical and Surgical Institute ,
Th's Institute , which I under the clnrge of skilled
mu eminent burgeons. Is now liestowla upon the
Jeforijicd , the Lame. Helpless and i'aralv/c'i silffer-
: r , upon tlio-ie. who are Kenerollyron'Idcrcd hopeless
ind Incurable , untold benefltg.Ve du\oeouratten-
lon to the treatment of Illp-.Inlnt Disease. White
swelling. Hair I.ip. Humpback , Clul ) Foot , 1'aralj sl ,
Jeformedl.linbj. irlicuniatlsin.I'ilesristula , Cancer ,
I amorsf , Diseat-ed Hone , Disease * of the Eye and Ear.
.atarrh. Female Complaints Impurity of the Blood
iml other Clironlc Disorders. t"M > yR NO rincfM-
A larpe amount of money ha * been expended by c < j
n fitting tip in the Institute the Sew < H > h Mt \ ement
ure , tne only steam Propelled Motrinrnt Cure
Vest of the Mississippi and East of the Itoclcy Moun-
ain .
PaMentsare famished the comforts of a iiorne In
he institute.
No efforts will be spared to make the Institute an
ittrattUc home for Its Innnte , and one with which
Peasant n collections of restored health will alays
ic associated. Send for circular. It will be sent free.
Address Dr3. DOKESOtf ( & STAEK ,
Surgeons In Charge , Western buixiral Institute.
WIHkeepyondrylnnnyitonn. Thenrn-POlHIELSUCKERUapCTfectriil-
Inpcoat. Soldererj-wberc. Illustrated Catalogue free. A.J.Tow > 103.g M.
Pooitlvclv cure SICK-HEADACHE , Blllou-neas. and all LIVES and EOVTHL Cora-jlnsntn , JIALAEIA ,
BLOOD POISON , and Skin Diseases ( ONE PILL .A DOSE ) . For Foraalc Corolam--j thr e I-ie
have no equal "I Und them a valuable Cathartio and Ljrpr Pill. Dr T.SI Palmfr. AloctitCtls. F" .
"Ic m ? praetSte I uir oc othpp - J * 3fiimso2t SIJD , OeWjtt Towa I " " ' " Sold erfrTwhfrp. or B"
* jo < io > rev - * / -