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    The Tribune
Thursday , October Qth , 1884.
Indicates that your subscription to I'm
x TmiiuNE has- expired , und tliitt an invtta
I tion to rojiow the sumo is extended.
AH locals under this hcadlnglOc. allno fo
each Insertion , and same inserted until order
l/1 discontinued , unless tltnc is specified. Bllli
CONGHEGATIONAL.-Sunday School ut 11
A. SI. every week. Preaching services ever :
Sunday night at 7.30. M. T. Also. , every alter
nuto Sunday morning at 11 , SI. T. Exception :
to the above will bajioticcd in locals.
METHODIST. Services every other Sundaj
morning at 10.aO , SI. T. , and evening at 8 , SI. T
Sunday School oven- week at3.W ) , M. T. Ser
vices held In Opera Hull.
_ lUim.Ky. Pastor.
CATHOLIC. Services will bo held in the
Opera Hall once every four weeks.
_ _ _ JOSEPH CijEUv. Pastor.
1. 0. O. T. The Independent Order of Goot
Templars meet In the Congregational Churcl
every Tuesday evening.
Local Intelligent G e.
Graham Flour at City Bakery.
The latest at the Jewelry Store.
Toilet sets at Metropolitan Drug Store
Kctchum We've got 'cm you bet.
Zylonite combs at Metropolitan Drug
For the best Flour in town call at
City Bakery.
China Dolls/from lOc. to § 2 , at Met
ropolitan Drug Store.
Remember the Jewelry Store sells
only warranted goods. .
A genuine imported English pug dog
at Metropolitan Drug Store.
Prescriptions accurately compounded
at Metropolitan Drug _ Store.
J. S. Phillips sells the Ketchum
Wagons the best in the world.
Drop in and see the late styles in
Jewelry. It costs nothing to look.
For anything you need in fancy China
ware call at Metropolitan Drug Store.
$500 reward is offered on the purity
of Lois' German Baking Powder. Sold
by C. H. Rogers.
Don't forget that the "New Home"
kept at the Metropolitan Drug Store is
the best sewing machine extant. .
The party who lost that gold tooth
pick in the Metropolitan Drug Store last
week , can have the same by calling at
this office.
The City Bakery has just received
the finest line of Candies ever brought
to McCook. Remember this and go
there , for your candies.
The Jewelry Store is the only place
to buy reliable goods. Everything is
guaranteed and sold at prices as low as
any house in the business.
Just arrived , at the City Bakery , a
car-load of the Cream and Fancy brands
of Grand Island Flour. Also , a supply
of white bolted corn meal.
J. Lyinan Winners of McCook , came
down on 40 Monday afternoon to sec
his folks , who live southeast of town.
Cambridge Monitor , Oct. 4.
C. A. Dibble started for Red Willow
county on Monday to look for land in
that locality.He went with a team.
York Republican of Oct. 1st.
FOR SALE First-class millinery and
dress-making establishment. Doing
good business. Terms easy. For par
ticulars , address THE TRIBUNE.
A meeting of the members of the Mu
sical Union is called , Saturday evening ,
in the Opera Hall. Important business
is to be transacted , and a full attend
ance is desired.
Three car-loads of fine grade heifers
were unloaded at this point , Monday
evening. They were shipped here from
the cast by parties whose names we
were unable to ascertain.
A blacksmith shop and feed stable
combined are going up on Railroad street ,
opposite Pike's lumber yard. Small &
Co. . are building the same , and hope to
open up for business at an early date.
Sneeze Root , Soap Bark for extract
ing grease from silks , velvets , fine cloth
and kid gloves , Ely's Balm for catarrh ,
colds in head and hay fever , Pure Pine
Tar. Pure White Lead in 1 and 2 Ib.
cans , Linseed Oil , Japan gold size , new
c -asks all sizes at B. & M. Pharmac } ' .
iill persons wanting water service
ould make application for the same
at once } so that the work can be done
before freezing weather , as it will save
expense to the consumer. The Compa
ny will put in all connecting works from
their own material.
Agent Lincoln Land Co.
Artists Plaques at Metropolitan Drug
Cuspidors at Metropolitan DrugStor
Lytlo Bros , have just received a car
load of Bain wagons.
lOc. will buy an American dog a
31etropolitan Drug Store.
* -
Go to Lytle Bros , for two-scat Spring
Wagons , and Half-Spring Deinocra
Hair brushes , nail brushes , tootl
brushes and infants hair brushes a
Metropolitan Drug Store.
No. 39 was over six hours late. Tues
day , being derailed somewhere down thread <
road , and detained thereby.
If you want a Heating -Stove foryoui
school houses , adapted for either woot
or coal , go to Lytle Bros.
Don't forget the fact that at Metro
politan Drug Store you will receive the
worth of your money every time.
Parents should see that their childrer
start to school the first day. This will
aid the teachers in classifying and orga
At the office of the Spring Creek Cat
tle Co. may be seen samples of some
very fine sod corn , grown on the compa
ny's land , near Indianola.
The livery and feed stable of B. F.
Olcott is being considerably enlarged by
the addition of a commodious shed. B ,
F. is spreading himself , as it were.
We are requested to announce a meet
ing of the W. C. T. U. at the residence
of Mrs. J. B. Mcserve , Tuesday after
noon , from 8 to 4 o'clock , Mountain
Remember , school opens on Monday
morning. Children will materially as
sist the teachers in putting the school
in working order by beginning with the
first day.
That "politics makes strange bed
fellows" is a truthful old saw , and that
certain associations will sometimes
place people in awkward positions is
equally true. Well , it will.
It is rumored that the B. & M. has
leased the St. Joe bridge , and will here
after make that their route ta Chicago.
It is stated that by this route the time
from Chicago tj Denver is shortened
some five or six hours.
We are informed that J. .E. Cochran
has purchased a lot adjoining the one
upon which his house now rests , and
that he will move his building on to
the same at an early date. The sale
was made by H. C. Rider.
The Git } ' Restaurant lias changed
hands , Mr. Goodlier retiring to his claim
south of McCook , and J. Goodenberger
assuming thu management and proprie
torship. Business is continued at the
old stand on Main avenue.
Extensive preparations for feeding
this winter have been made bv stock-
raisers. Thousands of tons of hay ,
millet , sorghum , etc. , have been put in
stack , and should the coming winter be
a severe one , this preparation will have
been a wise provision.
An exchange puts the following "pos
er" : "When should a cow go dry ? "
That's a pretty hard nut to crack , but
while there may be some question as to
when they should run dry , they usually
go dry after the supply of the lacteal
fluid fails at any rate.
Lytle Bros , have just received the
most complete assortment of Heating
Stoves ever brought into Red Willow
County ; including the latest styles of
Base Burners. A complete assortment
of Soft Coal Burners. Wood Heating
Stoves of all descriptions.
Rev. P. C. Johnson , Presiding Elder
of this district , will preach in Menard's
Hall , to-night. ( Thursday , Oct. 9th ) and
hold the First Quarterly Conference at
the close of the meeting. Official mem
bers of the M. E. society will please be
present. Services will begin at 7 Moun
tain time.
One of the adorning features at this
sanctum is a sample of corn grown by
D. J. Osborn of the Willow. There is
no question but that the corn is fine , be
ing large and well filled. Mr. Osborn
has a thousand bushels just as good as
the samples left at this office. We have
seen none better.
The Leis German Baking Powder Co.
ivill give $500 to any Chemist or Bak
ing Powder Co. if they find any injuri-
3us or deleterious substance in the Leis
Grerman Baking Powder. It is the only
Baking Powder that is advertised abso
lutely pure , and has never been disput
ed by any of its competitors. Sold by
3. H. Rogers.
For pure drugs and medicines go to
Metropolitan Drug Store.
White and black mustard seed and
celery seed at Metropolitan Drug Store ,
J. A. Richardson , who has recently
successfully conducted a class in Indian
ola , is in town with a view of organiz
ing a music class. He will be around
to see our people at their houses , and
we hope they will give him a hearty
support in this important matter.
Call at LaTourette's and see that
magnificent Hard Coal Base Burner that
he is giving away to purchasers of Heat
ing Stoves. Each purchaser of a heat
er receives a ticket for the drawing ,
which takes place January 25 , 1885.
Parties drawing the stove and not wish
ing to take it will receive $30 in cash.
Dent fail to call and see it.
The sad occurrences of the past week
or two cannot fail of setting in motion
certain trains of thought that will be
productive of future good. Different
agencies are at work in this world , and
different means are sometimes employed
to make clear the duty we owe to our
fellow man. As a matter of chivalry
and those who occupy the plains ,
hills and valleys of this great west pride
themselves in its possession the strong
ought to support the weak. Be awake
and alert.
If the sterner portion of the denizens
of this vicinage have indulged in more
than their wonted amount of profanity ,
this week , we bespeak- that "He who
knoweth our frame , that we are but
dust , " will exercise toward them a cor
responding degree of charity and for
giveness. All who have been engaged
in the inspiring task of joining all-sized
stove pipes , and the performance of
other duties connected with setting up
stoves , will doubtless appreciate this
School facilities do attract. J. P.
Matthews and Mr. Arbuckle of Atwood ,
Kansas , have purchased lots adjoining
Chas. Noble on the north , and will com
mence the erection of houses , ( lumber
for that purpose is being hauled on the
ground ) at once , and move their families
here. These gentlemen are of the solid
and substantial kind , and will be an ac
quisition to our town. They have both
contracted for houses 28 ft. square.
The time will come when McCook will
be headquarters for the majority of
stock raisers of this section.
On Friday afternoon a large delega
tion of our people went down to Indi
anola to attend the county fair. The
band , in which our citizens take a very
proper pride , accompanied and headed
the delegation , enlivening the occasion
with some of their most inspiring strains.
The boys marched out to the fair
grounds and there discoursed some mu
sic that received the hearty approbation
of those in attendance. In the evening
a number attended the ball given in
McCartney's Hall by the Indianola
band , returning home on No. 1 , having
enjoyed a very pleasant trip.
The intelligence that Abe Constable
had died at Bennett , this state , on Fri
day morning , was received by many of
our citizens , to whom he was personally
known , with expressions of sorrow and
regret. Mr. Constable was kindhearted
ed and indulgent , and but for drink
that dread curse that yearly removes
from this scene of action so many of
those whose qualities of heart and mind
are transcendant might be amongst
us , an honored and respected citizen.
He was buried at Bennett , where he
formerly lived , and where two children ,
who preceded him into the great un
known , are buried , his wife and daugh
ter from this place being present. The
bereaved ones have the deepest sympa
thy of the community.
Parties entered Geo. Hocknell's resi
dence , Saturday night , with burglarious
intent , and after making a complete
survey and taking the bearings of things ,
left the house without , so far as known ,
disturbing anything. The burglars used
parlor matches , the marks made in
striking them against the wall showing
that they went almost all through the
building. Partially burnt matches were
even found in the closets. Mr. Hock-
nell , who was absent at the time , re
turned Sunday night , and by fixing a
contrivance on the door knob ascertain
ed that a second attempt to enter the
house was made Sunday night , parties
being frightened away by the article
placed on the door knob falling to the
floor. Apropos we suggest to our citi
zens the advisability of making prepar
ations for these outlaws against peace
and property. They are numerous in
this vicinage just now , and unless due
precautions are observed the burglaries
Df last fall will be duplicated. Don't
stop to interrogate these scoundrels ,
but insinuate a Joad of bird-shot into
the adipose tissue of their anatomy
tvithout any preliminary ceremonies.
"Perry's moth and freckle lotion1
at Metropolitan Drug Store.
Dr. A. J. Shaw of Indianola made i
short visit in town , Wednesday. .
For musical instruments and musii
go to Metropolitan Drug Store.
T. B. Babcock of Cambridge spent i
short time in McCook , Monday.
Moustache cups and cups of all de
scriptions at Metropolitan Drug Store ,
Mrs. Wallace of Chicago , is visitipj :
in town , the guest of her son , W. F
Mr. and Mrs. Davenport of Culbert
son drove down to town , Monday morn
ing , returning in the evening.
W. W. Stewart of Chicago , spent s
few days in town , this week. He lefl
for home , Wednesday morning.
Mr. Wright of Arapahoe , clerk foi
District Attorney Morlan , was in Mc
Cook , Wednesday , on legal business.
James Campbell is back in his ok
quarters at the station , having returnee
from his visit in Ohio , Thursday night
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson of Rawlins
county , Kansas , arc visiting in town the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Moody.
Mr , Ludwick of Onargo , 111. , arrived
in town , Monday. Mr. L. proposes
going into business on West Dennison
Miss Susan Roop , who took a claim
south of McCook , last fall , and recent
ly made proof on the same , returned to
Crete. Wednesday.
Jackson Tubbs and family arrived
from Illinois , Monday. Mr. Tubbd was
detained much longer in Illinois than
he anticipated , by sickness in his family.
J. F. Forbes returned from his three-
week's vacation , Friday , looking rested
and refreshed , and at once entered on
the discharge of his duties in the train
dispatcher's office.
W. J. McGillin of Benkclman and
Edwin Wilson of Max , foreman of the
New United States Cattle Ranch Co. ,
limited , were in town , Saturday , on
business connected with their respect
ive companies.
Messrs. Schumacker and Sherrcr , two
young men from Cullom , 111. , in the em
ploy of the Illinois Central , arrived in
McCook , last week , and spent some lit
tle time in our town. Both left on a
trip to Denver , Monday.
.Senator Dolan , J. W. Maiken and
Major Criswell of the county-seat were
in town on business , Monday. The
Senator does not appear to have lost
any flesh by spending sleepless nights
over Rosey's absurd pronunciamentos.
Presiding Elder Johnson , and Rev.
Bartley of the Benkelman charge , were
welcome and pleasant callers at this
Dffice , Monday. Rev. Johnson has just
recently entered upon the discharge of
the duties of presiding elder of the Re
publican Valley district , and is making
& rapid circuit of his territory. He
preached to a necessarily small audience
( the seats having been removed to the
school house ) in the church , Monday
3vening , and will aeain address our people
ple in the Opera Hall , to-night.
For 3O Days
Will sell Ash Extension Tables for
51.00 per foot , Kitchen Safes for $50 ,
Carpets 35c. per yd , Windmills way
down , Sewing Machines cheap for cash.
A large and complete stock of Furni
ture 15 per cent , cheaper than can be
sold by any other dealer.
J. S. PHILLIPS , Indianola , Neb.
Save Your Eyes.
Eye protector's at the Jewelry store.
A.lso , spectacles of all kinds : Smoked3
) lue and green glasses , shooting-specs ,
For Sale.
A house in South McCook. Has 3
oems and a brick basement. Address
I. G. Eaton , McCook , Neb. 18.
"Wood Wanted.
I want 50 cords of wood at my brick
, Tard. immediately. Good prices paid.
McCook , Oct. 2. H. P. KKLLV.
Clocks ! Clocks !
A new lot of clocks at the Jewelry
store , from $2.00 up. All warranted
ierfect lime keepers.
"Cubas. " a long Havana filled cigar ,
'or a nickel at Metropolitan Drug Store.
Cheap sponges for school children at
Metropolitan Drug Store.
All kinds of blanks kept for sale at
his office. '
Patent medicines at Metropolitan
) rug Store. .
Tin1 third minimi meeting . f the Hot
Willow County Fair was held at Indian
ola on Thursday , Friday and Saturday
of last week. The grounds were ii
about the same shape as they were lasl
season , with the exception that anothei
building had been erected in which tc
exhibit the fancy work that the Indict
and others might bring. Tic | race
course , corrals , etc. , were repaired , ant
arrangements made for a largci display
than last ye'ar.
The best features of the fuir was the
display of vegetables , and in this line
Red Willow county can challenge the
world. If there is any spot on thin
terrestrial sphere where can be grown
larger and finer beets , potatoes , toma
toes , parsnips , carrots , onions , pump
kins , cabbage , pop corn and field corn
than was exhibited by Messrs. Fitch ,
Hotze , Buck , Helm and others , we
would like to hear of its location. All
who examined the display of vegetables
were unanimous in the verdict that they
had never seen anything better in that
department. And Bodwell's Beaver
beats , weighing as they did , as much as
32 pounds , were mastodonic.
The exhibits made of stock were very
fair for a new country , where the breed
ing and raising of blooded stock is of
recent date. The Spring Creek Cattle
Co. had two pens of Ilcrefords and
Short Horns that averaged well. Sen
ator Dolan also had a large bunch of
Short Horns on exhibition from his fine
herd. J. F. Helm of the Willow was
on hand with a fine lot of Herefords and
Short Horns that gave indications of
excellent handling and feeding. Mr.
Helm exhibited some sleek , fat cattle.
I. J. Starbuck had a number of Hoi-
steins there j also two blooded bulls of
the Holstein and Hereford strains , that
are amongst the best in the county.
A. E. Lang , who is engaged more par
ticularly in raising blooded stock , ex
hibited a1 small bunch of his excellent
stock. Royal Buck and Chas. Hotze
each had a bunch of fine grade calves
at the fair that attracted considerable
attention. Mr. Buck also a handsome
premium colts. Mr. Hotze exhibited a
number of brag milk cows. Thos. Clark
entered a magnificent yearling horse
that was especially commented upon.
There were other exhibitions of stock
that had been taken away before our
reporter was on hand , that were worthy.
J. M. Edmiston of Lincoln , State
Agent of the Union Central Life Ins.
Co. of Cincinnati , is in town this week ,
and has paid Mrs. Auelia Lee , Two
Thousand dollars , the full amount of a
policy her husband , John A. Lee , ( re
cently deceased ) held in taid company ,
payment being made nearly two months
before the claim was due. Mr. Lee
had paid but one year's premium , as
policy was taken October IGth , 1883 ,
Had he lived until the age of 51 he
would have drawn the two thousand
himself , ( policy being an endowment )
his full payment in that event would
have been one thousand and ninety del
lars. Mr. Edmiston has a large list
here among our business men , and is
increasing it each trip. His company
is the only Regular Life Co. in the
State of Ohio , and one of the most pros
perous and prudently managed in the
country. They issue policy upon the
most approved plans , their specialty
being endowments at regular life rates.
We believe our citizens appreciate this
solid and honorable company and will
continue to patronize it.
We use Leis' German Baking Powder
and prefer it to any we have ever tried ,
and we have tried them all. Can also
say the same thing of their Fruit Ex
tracts. [ Signed ] A. S. McCuLLOCH ,
Steward Kansas Deaf and Dumb Asyl
um , Olathe , Kansas. This certainly
speaks in high praise of the Leis Ger
man Baking Powder. You have only to
ive it a trial to fully indorse the above.
Sold by C. H. Rogers.
Teachers' Association.
The Red Willow County Teachers'
Association will meet at the School
[ louse in Indianola on October 7th and
3th , 1884 , commencing on Friday at
1:30 : , P. M. and closing at 12 M. on
Saturday. Let all teachers attend.
The public is respectfully invited.
Oct. G , " 84. 0. L. NKTTLKTOX , Pres.
MOORE October 2d , 1884 , at the
residence of his parents on Drift
wood , Ernest E. Moore , aged 11
months and 3 days , only son of Ed
ward and Florence Moore.
The Hewer that blooms to-day , '
To-morrow dies.
Hanging lamps and hand lamps at
Metropolitan Drug Store.
Old Settlors1 Meeting.
Pursuant to adjournment from July
the 4th a meeting of old settlers was
held on the fair grounds on Ssiturday ,
October the 4th inst. , and on report of
the committee , a constitution and rules
for "an Old Settlers' Society was adopt
ed. Residence in Red Willow county
from 1872 to 1S77 , both yeans inclusive ,
was fixed as the qualification of mem
bership at present , to be opened and
.extended at any time as the years roll
on. Royal Buck was the first President
for the current year , R. II. Criswell
Secretary and E. S. Hill , Treasurer.
There arc to be twelve Vice Presidents ,
one from each township in the county ,
only a few of which can be filled at
present. All residents of the county
from 1872 to 1877 inclusive are re
quested to call at the office of II. IT.
Criswell in Indianola and register their
names in a book to be provided for that
purpose. There will be appointed a
committee on the political history of
the county and on natural history and
antiquities , collections of curiosities
to be made , and a museum of minerals
and fossils to be established. The first
meeting will be held about the first of
June , 1885 , at the call of the President
and Secretary.
R. II.'CIUSWKLL , Scc'y.
Peregoy & Moore's success explained
at Metropolitan Drug Store.
THK young men of this free and inde
pendent satrapy who do not manipu
late "the ribbons" in the capacity of
family coachman and who arc desir
ous of committing civil suicide , will
have to be expeditious about the matter.
As a towering climax to the "tales of
woo" that have been going the land over ,
[ jer the associated dispatches , comes the
startling intelligence that a coachman ,
lias eloped with two girls , and coming
from the Buckeye state the report must
needs be true.
"Corporal Cigarettes" at Metropoli
tan Drug Store.
R. S. Cooley's Bulletin Board.
One quarter deeded land , G miles from
town. Price , $040 cash.
One quarter deeded land , 11 miles
from town. Price , § 040 cash.
One quarter deeded land , timber and
water , G miles from town. Price$900.
One quarter deeded land , 2 miles
from town , timber and water. Price ' ,
$1.200 cash. " - . -
Houses and lots in McCook to sell.
4 houses and lots in West McCook. 3
houses and lots hi South McCook. One
acre of land , with good house. All cheap.
FOR SALK. A complete outfit for a
retail grocery store. Also , will lease
For a term of years a splendid location
\ > r a country store in the Beaver Val-
cy. Address R. S. COOLKV. McCook.
Many other bargains to offer. Call
on R. S. Cooley , Real Estate Agent ,
1st door south of U. S. Land Office.
Locals under tills tieiiu ac. : i Hue for each
nsertion. Hills payable monthly.
Bread and milk sets at Metropolitan
3rug Store.
J. E. Bcrger is agent for the Western
Jottage Organ , which he will sell cheaper
or cash or on long time. 4.
Points in which DeLand's Soda ex
cels , viz : Color , Strength , Fineness.
) urity. Weight , Style of Package , and a
juarantce of satisfaction or money re-
unded. Sold by Hayden & Co.
II. W. Pike started a Lumber Yard
u McCook , Neb. , January , 1884. and
las come to stay. Full assortment of
jumbcr , Sash , Doors , Lime and Build-
ng Material , sold at close prices , con
sidering the freight.
Blank Deeds. Real Estate Mortgages ,
jeasc ? . Bills of Sale , Bond for Deed ,
} uit Claim Deeds. Contracts for Build-
rig. Mortgage Deeds. Release of Mort
gage. Official Bonds , Soldiers Discharge ,
'etition for License. Notes , Receipts , THE TiunrxK office.
1 am now prepared to offer Flour and
Mill Feed in exchange for Wheat , and
iiu also prepared to buy grain to ship.
July 5. 'S4-Gm. CLARK WARD.
A limited number ( aliout 1.000 head ) of Span-
sh Merino ewes for snle. These pheep are 'J
ml : > years old. bred and raised In Webster Co.
roni high grade and thoroughbred Wisconsin
wes , are well grown , free from any < Hsco.-e
ml in the best possible breeding condition ;
vill shear 9 pounds. Also u number of thor-
cghbred Merino lUtms registered in Wibcon-
in and Vermont herd books. A rare chance
o start a breeding Hock. For further partic
ulars address CODMAX & WHITNEY" .
Guide Rock , Nebraska.