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_ _ Thursday , October 2il 1884.
Indicates that your uubKci-iptlou to Tin :
X TmnuM : has expired , and that * an Invita
tion to rcnuw the same. Is extended.
Ml locals tinder this heatlliitfJOc. ti line for
each Insertion , and same Inserted until order
ed discontinued , unless time is spccHIcd. IMI In
payable ! mnntlily.
CONnitKGATIONAL.-Siinday School at 10
A. 31. every week. Preaching services everv
.Sunday night itt 7.iO. : M. T. Also , every altcr-
imto Sunday morning at 11. M. T. Kxecptions
to the above will bo noticed in locals.
_ OnoitOK DtrxoAx , I'astorl
METHODIST. Services every otheFs7ui7la v
morning- . Kl.w : , M. T. , and evening at s , 31. T.
bunday School every week ati.0 : : ! , .M. T. Ser
vices held in Opera Hall.
_ _ _ AM.KN HAUTI.KV , I'aMor.
CATHOLHJT Services will bc held In the
Opera Hull once every four weeks.
_ weeks.v. . I'.istor.
1. O. G. T. The independent Older of Good
Icniplars meet in the Congregational Church
every Tuesday evening.
Local Intelligence.
flraham Flour at City Bakery.
The latest at the Jewelry Store.
Ketchum We've got 'em vou bet.
ROOMS FOR UE.NT. Call on S. H.
For the best Flour in town call at
City Bakery.
Remember the Jewelry Store sells
only warranted goods.
J. S. Phillips sells the Ketchum
"Wairons the best in the world.
Drop in and see the late styles in
Jewelry. It costs nothing to look.
Extraordinary bargains in remnants
of all kinds , at Chicago General Store.
We arc informed that another beef
round-up will occur on the Frenchman
on the 5th inst.
$500 reward is offered on the purity
of Lcis' German Baking Powder. Sold
by C. TJ. loger. ! .
Lytle Bros. ' implement shed was
pretty well distributed among the neigh
bors , Wednesday night.
We don't know , but will risk the
assertion that dug-outs were in active
demand. Wednesday night.
We are happy to note that Mrs. W.
J. Hills , who has been quite ill for some
time , is able to be around again.
A large bunch of cattle were shipped
from Benkelman , Saturday nighc. and a
heavy train from Brush , Sunday.
We oft'er our entire stock of Lawns ,
to close them out , at from 7 to 10 cts.
worth 10 to IS cts. Jos. MKXAKD.
Hayes Couuty makes a lair showing
of cattle , horses , etc. She has over
13,000 head of cattle.and almost 1,000
All kinds of hair work done to order.
Langtry Bang ? , Pinafore Waves and
Switches done in first-class style at
Chicago Store
The City Bakery has just received
the finest line of Candies ever brought
to McCook. Remember this and go
there for your candies.
The Jewelry Store is the only place
to buy reliable goods. Everything is
guaranteed and sold at prices a ? low as
any house in the business.
Just arrived , at the City Bakery , a
car-load of the Cream and Fancy brands
of Grand Island Flour. Also , a supply
of white bolted corn meal.
West McCook Laundry is now pre
pared to do everything in "its line , shirts ,
collars and cuffs a specialty. Xo extra
charge for putting on polish.
FOR SALE First-class millinery and
dress-making establishment. Doing
good business. Terms easy. For par
ticulars , address TIIK TuiurxE.
The Catholic people have selected
the square northeast of W. 0. Moody's
residence for their church site , and will
commence its erection at an earl } ' date.
The W. C. T. U. will meet at the
residence of Mrs. Geo. Dungan's , Tues
day afternoon. October 7th , at o'clock.
Mountain time. All are cordially in
McCook has some neat residences
and we noticed several handsome lawns
of blue grass and white clover as rich
as any we ever saw anywhere. Fron
tier Fabcr.
'The portly pen propeller of the Avap-
ahoe Mirror has been sued for libel by
Mrs. Emma McCaslin of Beaver City.
Emma fixes the modest sum of $3.000
as the damages.
The cattle shipment continues , train is
loads of Chicago-bound stock arc daily
occurrence. The number of stock ship
ped is larger than anticipated by cattle ed
men themselves.
The M. Jtl. Quarterly Conference will
take place at Indiunola , Saturday and
Sunday , Rev. J' . C. .Johnson , the new
Presiding Elder of thj.s district , will be
The Fail-field Herald says that "Me
Cook and Indiaiiolit. in Bed Willow county -
ty , contain some of the finest buildings
" M the state. McCook is destined to bo
a big town at no distant da ) ' . "
The following-named land seekers
arrived from Chatsworth , 111. , Wednes
day : J. F. Smith , W. En trestle , E.
E. Bangs , S. M. Harry , M. B. Lewis , I
Geo. Halhtm. S. F. PearsonD. W. Bash ,
0 B. Larncd , Wallace Wallrieks.
'Ere the elapse of many days this
village will have the answer to the im-
porlunities of its citizens in the form
and under the style of a ' -city cooler. "
A building for that purpose is now be
ing erected on the vacant land west of
Mcnard's buildin
Sneeze Root. Soap Bark for extract
ing grease from silks , velvets , fine cloth
and kid gloves. Ely's Balm for catarrh ,
colds in head and hay fever , Pure Pine
Tar , Pure White Lead in 1 and 2 Ib.
cans , Linseed 051 , Japan gold size , new
casks aill sixes at B. & M. Pharmacy.
"Seventy-six moving wagons , " says
the Oxford Register , "passed through
this place , last week , for the untried
west. When considering the number
going through the towns north and
south of us , estimates can be formed of
the exodus from the eastern states. "
Just as inevitably as day follows
iiight , do certain courses of action pur
sued produce certain 'and like results.
If men will persist in becoming inebria
ted , and are relieved of their gold , as
was the case with one of our citizens ,
this week , silence is the part of discre
Through courtesy of J. W. Dyer we
are enabled to give a report from Hayes
county , in this issue. Now , who will
favor TIIK TIIIIJU.XK with a compilation
of the crops , stock and the like of Red
Willow county. We w'll take pleasure
in putting such a report before our
J. D. Rowley , of Weaver precinct , ai
came down from McCook , where he is
employed by the raihoad company , about
ten days ago. ami improved his home
stead five miles southeast of town by
erecting thereon a good frame house a
12x20. He returned to McCook on
Monday. Arapahoe Mirror.
Long before the land office doors are
open a crowd of land seekers may be
seen thronging the doorway leading to e
that Mecca of the land-hungry. Parties
having claims cannot exercise too much
care concerning them , as contests arc
being instituted wherever there is a show
of successfully prosecuting the same. S13J
The wind has been having a little 3JR 3JE
"blow-out , ' ' the past few days. On R
Wednesday night that very familiar T
element in Nebraska became exuberant
and playful to an uncalled for degree ,
and Lytle Bros. " implement shed and a
number of other structures of minor
mention wcic blown over and demol
ished. Ill
All person.- wanting water service
should make application for the same 11)
at once , so that the ; vork. can be done 11)S'
before fi'oe/.ing weather , as it will save rc
expeiifcc to the consumer. The Compa S
ny will put in all connecting works from di
their own material. dibi diw
W. F. WALLACE , biff
Lincoln Land Co. T
It's a fact wherever Leis' German ff
Baking Powder has been used , it re in
ceives the indorsement of every house
wife. This Baking Powder is made from to
pure Cream Tartar , and we offer the
large reward of 300 as a guarantee of
its puriity. It received the highest in- in
dorecmcnt at the Great Western Nation tl
Fair. Sold by C. II. Rogers. tlN
A large audience , composed of people N
ple from Arapahoe , Cambridge , Indian- C (
ola and our town , greeted the performers tcki
ers in Satuulay evening's musical re
cital. Some parts of the program , ivh
which was unfortunately not conspicu cl
ously brief were well received ; others
gave evidences of having been too hast
ily prepared , and consequently were a <
rather indifferently rendered. tl
The skating rink on West Deniiison
street is assuming form rapidly , and will ai
soon we ready for the pleasure loving 111
public. The building is as to dimen 111R
sions (10x40 ( feet , rather too small for
the purpose , but we understand that it
the intention to enlarge the rink if "
the business assumes proportions justi
fying such a course. Properly manag
a rink cannot fail of bcini ? well
patronized. E
TIIK Courier replies to the Bee's attack -
tack on Senator Dolan's record , this
week. Such a course , it seems to us ,
is not necessary and impolitic. The
Bee's attitude is well undcrstqod by
j thinking voters , and will be treated act
\ I cordingly : One who replies seriously
j to Rosewater will have his pains for
his trouble.
Wo arc authorized to announce that
the public schools will open on Monday
a week , the 13th day of October. The
board had hoped to be able to open on
the ( u'th inst. , but find that it will be
jj impossible so to do. The children can
begin ' the task of resurrecting their text
books , removing the dust therefrom ,
preparatory to starting to school on the
We noted the presence of the follow
ing people from down the road , at the
musical recital , Saturday evening : Dr.
and Mrs. Shaw , Mr. and Mrs. Maikcn ,
Senator and Mrs. Dolan , Treasurer and
Mrs. Goodrich , Sheriff and Mrs. Wel-
born aid : daughter , Mr. and Mrs. Ileth-
erington , Mr. and Mrs. Ward and
daughter , Mrs. S. W. llarney and Thos.
Teas , Indianola. E. E. Teal , Nora
Wcstgate , W. S. Green and JI. If. Ifow-
cnstcin , Stockville. Sallie Van Arsdol , |
Geitrude Newman and Mr. and Mrs.
James John , Cambridge. 3Iiss J. Clute ,
Mrs. 13. Elliott , Miss Colvin and Messrs.
Stewart and Colvin , Arapahoe.
The ball given in Mcnard's Hall ,
Monday evening _ . * , by Stokes & Troth of
the Willow , in honor of eastern friends
now visiting with them , was an * affair
to which all present can refer with
pleasurable recollections. The gentle
men having the dance in charge had
invited a large number of friends on
the Willow , in McCook , and from Ben
kelman , and a jolly , eager lot of danc
ers responded. The evening was brac-
ing , and as all present were in a "light
fantastic" mood , the dancing was en
joyed with a keen relish. Lunch was
served at the City Bakery and the man
ner in which the refreshing coffee , sand-
wiches. ct ceteras became non cst is ,
suggestive of an invigorating climate.
The affair was withal a pleasant one ,
and a happy reflection of the generosity "
of Messrs. Stokes & Troth. F
A missionary of the Woman's Christ
ian Temperance Union , in the person
of Mrs. Cooley of Valparaiso , this state ,
addressed < a large audience at the Con-
gregational Church , Sunday evening , on tlof
the work and aims of the W. C. T. U. , ofvi
and on the vital question of temperance. vi
After her address Mrs. Cooley proceed 01C
ed < to organize a local union. A goodly C
lj number of signers were received , and
the following officers elected : Presi \
dent , Mrs. W. 0. Moody : Vice Presi U
dents , Mrs. Geo. Dungan of the Congre fa
gational Church , Mrs. Patton of the
Methodist , and Mrs. T. ( . Rccs of the ar
Episcopal ; Secretary , Mrs. Stevenson ; i
Recording Secretary , Mrs. Carl Clark : ill
Treasurer , Mrs. J. B. Meserve. This
union ] , audit is to be hoped that its num '
bers will at once be largely augmented ] a
by the earnest women of McCook , has a , M
2reat work to perfom and doubtless will
receive the support and co-operation it
IF anything in the world will make a
man ) feel badly , except pinching his fin bi
gers ' in the crack of a door , it is a quar
rel. No man fails to think less of him
self afterwards than he did before ; it
II [
degrades him in the eyes of others , and IITi
what is worse , tends to blunt his sensi TiTi
bilities , and increase his irritability. Tier
The fact is that the more peaceably and n1
quietly we get on , the better for our
neighbors. In nine , cases out of ten ,
the better course is , if a man cheats you
quit dealing with him : if he slanders
you take care to live down his slanders.
Let such persons alone , for there is noth
ing better than this way of dealing with
those who injure us. Selected.
THE amenities of journalistic life in
Nevada are spiced with oirginality. One
editor recently declared that his "es
teemed contemporary has been known to ,
kiss a child and inoculate it with delir
ium tremens. " But upon investigation
< was compelled to admit that it was a
child recently from the east. ro
Sick head-ache arises from eating I.
adulterated food , and is brought on by
the use of ammonia and alum in Baking
Powders. Ask for Leis' German Bak
ing Powder. $500 reward offered for
ammonia or alum found in Lcis' Ger
man Baking Powder. Sold by C. If.
. "l
The bricklayers are making fair pro-
guess on the walls of LaTourette's store.
W. C. looks forward eagerly to the time or
when he will be able to occubv the same. P. .
A choice Timber Claim for sale.
Enquire of J. E. Cochran. th
H. G. Hills of Michigan is visiting
his brother W. J. , of our town.
Miss Cline of Benkelman was one of
the t merric dancers at Monday night's
ball. 1
Mrs. T. S. Boslcy has returned from
an extended visit at her sister's in Fair
mont , this state.
Mrs. G. L. Laws and daughters re
turned Irom their visit to Sioux City ,
] owa , Wednesday noon.
D. W. R. Pcttibonc , agent of the
Bankers' Association Insurance Co. ,
was in town , Tuesday , on business.
J. R. Scdgwick , of the Lincoln.111. ,
Times , arrived in town , Wednesday , in
search of land and a location for a
William Black of the Willow , Ed.
Ryan of Culbertson and Mr. McKillip
of Cambridge were callers at this oflice ,
this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. II. H. Troth , Misses
Lucy Braiigh and Etna Kceler. Messrs.
Stokes. Tate and others from the Wil
low were participants in the dance ,
Monday night.
Postmaster Weiningof Franklin pass
ed some time in our sanctum , Tuesday.
He has recently been traveling all over
this state , and came up to McCook to
buy some real estate.
Michael Duffy of Friend was in town ,
between trains Saturday , looking after
his landed interests. He has a deeded
quarter and a timber claim about 8
miles south of here.
T. W. Hughcn of Crcston. Towa , well-
known to our first settlers in the capac
ity of cashier of Use State Bank , arrived
in McCook , Tuesday of last week. He
is the i uest of J. B. Mcserve.
Reinster Laws returned from Sioux
City , Iowa. , Saturday , but as Mrs. Laws
and daughters were having such an en
joyable time , he is still an inconsolable.
Mr. Laws also visited in Minnesota
during his absence.
J. C. Kestcrson , D. J. Kestcrson , F.
Kestcrson and Mathcw Kesterson of
Fairbnry , came up to McCook , Tuesday. '
These gentlemen arc interested in stocks ,
and made a shipment from Culbertson ,
Wednesday night.
Col. Burch. known to the people of
this count } ' as the author of a history
Red Willow county , made a ilying
visit to McCook , Wednesday. The Col
onel is now publishing a magazine in
Chicago , devoted to the sheep interests.
Samuel Tate. Manager of the lied
Willow Cattle Co. . was in town. Monthly.
Tilde Sam has beaten the lecord , this
Fall. lie turned loose 43S steers , last "
year , and gathered 4GQ beeves , this fall.
ind has 33 more to gather. This looks
little dubious , but Manager Tate can
Humiliate the doubting mind. °
R. 0. Phillips of the Lincoln Land
'o. was in town a number of days , the . .
alter nart of last week , seeing to some .
proposed improvements in the water
ivorks system. Another pump and en
gine will be put in at once , a building
.Tected for the supplies that the compa-
ly will cany hereafter J and thiniis
jraced up generally.
31 r. and Mrs. C- Clothier of Mt.
FIollv. X. J. . were guests at tiic Eatinir
' i * J
louse a number of days , last week.
I'hcy accompanied Messrs. Stokes &
froth up to their ranch on the Willow ,
fuesday , where they will spend a week
ten days. Mr. C. is interested in
tock on the above-mentioned stream. to
Both Mr. Clothier and lad } ' were agree-
ibly disappointed in this country , hav-
ng expected to sec a-much rougher and
vildcr state of things than they found
jxisting here.
A brown leather pocket book , on the
oad leading south from McCook. on $
Monday. Finder \\ill be liberally re- C
ivarded by returning the same to this
frice. | CIIAKLES ALV.E. A
For Sale or Rent.
A house in South McCook. Has 3
oems and a brick basement. Address
G. Eaton. McCook , Neb. 18.
"Wood Wanted.
F want 50 cords of wood at my brick
fard. immediately. Good prices paid.
McCook , Oct. ± II. P. KELLV. „
j sold [ ofi'or c' '
laving my mare now my
juisgy for sale very cheap.
The test of the oven is a guarantee V
the purity of LeiY German Baking
I'owder. Sold by C. H. Rogers.
All kinds of blanks kept fur sile at He
his oflice.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Stone lluvegone
to Kansas on a visit.
G. B. Nettleton lost a cow a fev
days ago from eating corn.
Miss Minnie Boyle of McCook i :
teaching in the Brush Creek Schoo
E. Matson returned , Saturday , Iron
the eastern part of the state with a finu
drove of cattle.
Mrs. Hart of Driftwood postofiiec
was taken to McCook , last week , to re
ceive medical treatment.
Mrs. C. L. Nettleton started , last
Wednesday morning , to visit her ol < J
home and friends in Wisconsin.
If there is an agent for a stump pull
ing machine in the county he would do
well to call on C. L. Nettleton , about
the time he gathers his beets.
Mrs. J. G. Eaton's brother and family
and Miss Eaton , a sister of the Eaton
Bros. ' , who have been visiting friends
here and on the Willow will return to
Indiana next week.
Mr. Benjamin of Western Iowa , who
located on the divide south of here
last spring , arrived last week , with his
family and a car-load of goods , which
looks very much as if he meant busi
Do not imagine for one moment that
Mother's Son is cither dead or dying ,
for neither is the case. He has only
been lost in the labyrinth of thought ,
as the enormity of his position ( that of
city rcpoiter for THE TUHJITXB ) arose
before his mind's eye.
Before we proceed with the news of
the day we wish to tender our sincere
thanks to you. Mr. Editor , for your gen
erosity is unbounded it far surpasses
that of the majority of your profession.
WE called for AVOKICKUS. Let your
drones come this way and you'll find
how soon they'll be stung nigh unto
death. We have none such nor wish
none. McCook is perfectly welcome to
all the box weights.
A. J. Brent spent the past week at
Bondville expects to be well repre
sented at the county fair.
Rain is greatly needed just now. as
'tis too dry for fall wheat.
E'l. Mack's new match buggy team
was seen on our streets. Sunday.
J. C. Lafferty's latest revision is ,
' -A new son makcth a glad father. "
Rev. D. S. Morris and family , late of
Missouri , arrived , Friday last , to begin
the work of the next conference year.
We understand that Mr. Armstrong
is to teach the school of district No. 31 ;
W. 0. Bond No. 10 , the coming winter.
Perry Jones is making a noticeable
improvement in the way of a neat frame
dwelling. Eugene Dutehcr being the
workman. !
The Alpha Beta Literary Society
meets now Thursday evenings , instead
of Saturday. It has been Avell attended
and very interesting so far.
Messrs. N. Whitescl. Al Griffin , J. A.
Carter. W. 0. Bond and Joseph Junkee
took ( in Cambridge , last week. They
report a vast improvement in the looks
of the country and crops along the way.
We were an eye witness to the un
earthing of some enormous potatoes >
produced in Red Willow &oil many
measuring 7 , S , S.I and 9 inches in
length , and from 2 to 3.1- inches in
Bondville arises in indignation. Why
do not the people of Indianola look af
ter the doggeries of that city , or are
her authorities asleep to such ? We
arc weekly a'nd often daily victimized -
listen to the railings and cursings or
witness the pugilistic feats and bloody
faces of the intoxicated men. This
tells the talc of a temperance town.
We feel for the future of such.
For 3O Days
Will sell Ash Extension Tables for
$1.00 per foot. Kitchen Safes for SoO ,
Carpets 3.c. per yd. Windmills way
down , Sewing Machines cheap for cash.
large and complete stock of Furni ai
ture 35 per cent , cheaper than can be
old by any other dealer.
J. S. PHILLIPS , fndianola. Neb.
Something New !
At Chicago Store , tinder the Opera
Hall. A Calico Dress given away with
every $10 worth of Dry Goods. Cloth
ing. Millinery or Boots and Shoes pur
chased at my store for the next 30 days.
All goods marked in plain figures.
Some of the new colors found in fall
velvets arc nutria , castor , beaver. Colorado
rado , niauura. and Havana cigar browns : ew
also seal and mink fur shades , hazel , a
nut shade , and iron rust browns , vert
gris. crcsson , and bronze shades of o
green , and coquccot. or poppy aed.
A carefully prepared report of Hayes
county for the year 1884 , ( report being
completed September 24 , 1SS4 : )
"utter . flaw U.S.
Hurley . r > acrcs-UiO bushels.
Hreakiiu , ' . IWjHenw.
U plowing to ( lute. )
Uonns . ; ; l
Cattle . IH.7IH.
Corn . UW acres ! ) THI lniHholM'
Corn roililur . i ucrvti Itti tons.
Carrots . 1 ! ) Inmliols.
CulihiiRus . . | ( xxi lu-ail.
Foiicc ( wlru ) . 147 mile * .
Horsi-.s . . JUT.
I III/- , " . . . . . . , , . , * . . . . . . . .I ! 1.
Hay ( wild ) . * atj tuns.
Mules . 10.
.Millet . 174 acres - ' ( > tons.
Oats . : c acrcs-Kt'U ImnliclH.
Onions . - . . 77 bushels.
Potatoes I rlsh. . ! ' . ncrcs lGTlhushels.
Parsnips . x > bushels.
I Jyc . 10 acres ! HO bushels.
Uyul'all ( sown ) . ii acres.
Sliec-ii . - . . 1700.
Sorghum ( feed ) . 57 acres 281 tons.
Sorghum ( lor syrup ) . t ! acres.
Turnips . 1170 bushels.
Tomatoes . ati bushels.
Believing the thinking mind can never-
object to facts , I have visited nearly
every home in this county and carefully
compiled a report of stock , crops , etc.
I feel safe in saying that for the most
part the report will be found correct.
L would thank you individually and
collectively for the readiness with which
you have responded and assistance giv
en to make this a correct compilation.
Respectfully submitted.
A IH.M and lurid glow has been per
ceivable since Saturday evening on the
southeast"sky. ! ! . Rut no one need think
that the aurora borealis has shifted
its quarters or that the world is burning
up. It is only the reflection of the red
with which Leavenworth was painted
when the news came that the soldier's
liome was secured. Topics.
R. S. Cooley 's Bulletin Board.
One quarter deeded land. (5 ( miles from
town. Price , $040 cash.
One quarter deeded land , 11 miles
: 'rom town. Price , $ (140 ( cash.
One quarter deeded land , timber and
water , ( j miles from town. Price , $900.
One quarter deeded land , 2 miles
irom town , timber and water. .Price ,
$1.200 cash.
Houses and lots in McCook to sell.
4 houses and lot" in West McCook. 3
louses and lots in South McCook. One
icre of land , with good house. All cheap.
Foil SALE. A complete outfit for a
retail grocery store. Also , will lease
or a term of years a splendid location
'or a country store in the Beaver Val-
ey. Address R. S. COOLBV. McCook.
Many other bargains to offer. Call
on R. S. Cooley , Real Estate Agent.
1st door south of V. S. Land Oflice.
Local < under thi head "ic. ii line for each
n ertion. Hills im.valilo monthly.
J. E. Berger is agent for the Western
Cottage Organ , which he will sell cheaper
or cash or on long time. 4.
DeLand's Chemical B.tking Powder
s put up in cans only. You are thus
rotected from imposition which is the
ea.-iest thing in the world with bulk
goods. Sold by Ilaydcn & Co.
II. W. Pike btartcd a Lumber Yard
n MeC'ook. Neb. , January , 1884. and
ia. < come totay. . Full assortment of
jumber , Sash , Doors , Lime and Build-
ng Material , sold at close prices , con-
-idering the freight.
l.Jank Deeds. Real Estate Mortgages' .
je.i-SL's. Bills of Sale. Bond for Deed ,
Quit Claim Deeds. Contracts for Uuild-
nir. Mortuaire _ Deeds. Release of Mort-
- *
jTagc. Official Bonds. Soldiers Discharge ,
'ctition for License. Notes. Receipts ,
etc. . at THE Tiimrxi : office.
L am now prepared to offer Flour and
Mill Feed in exchange for Wheat , and
am also prepared to buy grain to ship.
July ii. ' 84-Gm. CLAKK WARD.
We would like to entertain two or
hrce hundred of our subscriber.-
thcf-e headquarter.- a few minutes
each. Many are owing us from one to
two years for their paper , and we give
such an earnest invitation to call ami
ettle by ca.-h or bankable paper.
A limited number ( about LOiWheadlorSpaii-
sli Merino ewe-s lorale. . TlueIieep are L'
mi ! :5 : \ ears old. bred and raided in Webster Co.
rom hfoli grade and thoroughbred Wisconsin
- . are well grown. Irc-e trom any diseuse
mil in the be.-t possible breeding condition :
vill shear ! i pound" . Als-o a number of thor
oughbred Merino Hams registered in Wi.-con-
in and Vermont herd books. A rare chance
start u breeding tlock. For further partie-
ilars addict CODMAX A : WHITXEY ,
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