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ITpon the white sea fiand
Tniiin Mri8ttt a P'tolra ' band
ielllrur the losses that their lives had known ;
while evening waned nwny
A „ i r ° rabrcczy cliff und bay ,
-and tlio strong tides went out with weary
One spake with quivering lip
HM.I , ° n Ualr fre ffhtod Bbip ,
With all -
his-household to thodeep gone down ;
But one had wilder woo ,
tOILa fftir fnco lon f a °
\ \ i.ost In the darker depths of a great town.
There were some who mourned their
_ . .With a most loving truth ,
* or its brave hopes and moraorlescver green ;
And one upon the west
Turned an eye that would not rest.
For far off hills , whereon Its Joy had been.
Some talked of vanished gold ,
borne of proud honors told.
Some epake of friends that were their trust no
more ;
And of a green grave ,
Beside a loroign wave ,
That made him Bit bo lonely on the shore.
Hut when their tales were done ,
Ihero spake among them one ,
A stranger , seeming from all sorrow free ;
"Sad losses have ye met ,
But mine Is heavier yet ,
For a believing heart hath gone from me. "
"Alas , " these pilgrims said ,
"For the living and the dead ,
1 or fortune's cruelty , for love's sure cross ,
For the wrc'cks of the land and sea.
Uut , however. It came to thce ,
Thine , stranger , is life's last und heaviest
loss. "
TFbr/c Preserves the Jlcalth , Idleness Weak
ens It.
Philadelphia Bulletin.
Ericsson , the veteran inventor , was
eighty-one years old yesterday. He is
in excellent health , and works , it is
said , sixteen hours a day , thus proving
an exception to the general rule that
old men are incapable of great exer
tion. But perhaps this general rule ,
like many others that are received
without question , is a fallacy. Perhaps
it might be fairly asserted that busy
men live longer than idle men ; that
work is , after all , the true elixir of life
Many noteworthy instances where lon
gevity coincides with remarkable men
tal activity will easily occur to the
Was not Sophocles more than ninety
when , to prove that he was not in his
dotage as his heirs claimed , in order
to get his money he wrote one of his
greatest tragedies ? Did not Humboldt
„ do more work at four score than many
bright men at forty ? Goethe , as every
one knows , died with pen in hand at
the age of eighty-two. Von Ranke , the
foremost of living historians , has just
published another volume of his Uni
versal History ; he will be eighty-nine
years old next December. Carlyle and
Emerson lost none of their vigor until
they reached three score years and ten.
And , to-day , who imagines that Oliver
Wendell Holmes , already on the verge
of seventy-five , is old ? Longfellow did
some of his best work shortly before his
death , at seventy-five , and Whittier is
now two years older than that. The
vast energies , whose sum in many di
rections are known as Victor Hugo ,
snow no signs of decrepitude , although
it is more than eighty-two years since
Victor Hugo was born. Historians , it
may be remarked , have usually been
Voltaire died at 8-t. Thierry and
Michelet at 76 ; Mignet and Guizot at
87. George Bancroft is now 84 , and
George Tichnor lived to be 80. In pub
lic life we have had several recent ex
amples of great men whose power for
statesmanship , did not dimish through
age. Gladstone is nearly 75 , and Pal-
merston was prime minister at the time
of his death , two days before he had
his . Benjamin
completed eighty-first year.
jamin Franklin , in the last century ,
lived to be 84.
These instances suffice to show that
there are constitutions which not only
can bear , but which actually need the
stimulus of hard work up to a very advanced -
' vanced period. Of course , on the
other hand , might be cited the remark
able men who died young , but even
from their experience the fact migl
be brought out , not that they were
killed by overwork , but by irrational
work. Usually , as in the case"of
Keats , early death is the result of
chronic disease. Shelley , who is al
ways mentioned among those whose
lives stretched but a span , was drown
ed accidentally , and there is good rea
son to believe that but for this he
would have lived to old age , because
he was physically strong.
Raphael , Mozart , Byron , Burns and
Schubert succumbed just at an a
when most men reach their prime , but
it must not be forgotten that the last
three undermined their health by ex
cesses. Shakespeare , Napoleon , Cresar
and Beethoven , recognized as the un
rivalled giants in their respective de
partments , died between fifty and six
ty. But on the other hand , Michael
Angelo , than whom no man ever ex
pended more energy on his vast achiev-
ments , lived to be ninety , and Titian
was ninety-two. It is evident , there
fore , that while no strict law can be
established , there is a relation be
tween longevity and labor. Work pre
serves the health , while idleness tends
to weaken it.
A I-ucky Kangaroo Hunter.
One of the most daring Kangaroo
hunters of Australia , and his stag
hounds , were terribly lacerated by a
wounded Kangaroo , on the great sheep
ranche of Mr. Alfred Hay , Boomanoo-
mana , 2J. S. W. , and were entirely
cured by the use of St. Jacobs Oil. Mr.
Hav writes that it is the greatest pain.-
cnre ever introduced lor man % or beast.
Henry Clay and Defeat.
The Todds and Clays were always
on intimate terms , and in 1844 were
livinf near each -other in Lexington ,
Ky. ° Henry Claj' and James K. Polk
were then rival candidates for the pres
idency , the Cchances , as was generally
supposed , being strongly in favor of
the great whig leader. As it turned
out , however , the contest was much
closer than had been anticipated , and
finally advices from other states show
ed that the result hinged upon the
vote of New York. There were no tel-
e raphs in those days , and news had to
come by the slow course of the mails.
The New York mail was due in Lex-
inton about 10 o'clock in the evening
of ° a certain day , and it was known
would tell the story of victory or de
feat. As it happened , a young rela
tive of Mr. Clav was to be married on
the same evening , and insisted upon
his presence , though under tlje circum
stances hewould much rather have re
mained at home. Mr. and Mrs. Todd
attended this memorable wedding par
ty , which was not large , and composed
a'lmost exclusively of the family con
nections and intimate friends all ard
ent whigs , and of course deeply inter
ested in the pending political event. As
the hour for the arrival of the mail
approached , Mrs. Todd saw two or
three gentlemen quietly leave the room
and , knowing their errand , watched
eagerly for their return. When they
came in she knew by the expression of
each countenance that New York had
gone democratic. The bearers of the
bad tidings consulted together a mo
ment in a corner , and one of them ad
vanced to Mr. Clay , who was standing
in the center of a group , and handed
him a paper. Mrs. Todd , aware of
what it contained , fastene4 her eyes
upon him. He opened the paper , and
as he read the paragraph which sound
ed the death knell of his political hopes
and ambition she distinct
life-long , saw a
tinct blue shade begin at the roots of
his hair , pass slowly over his face like
a cloud and then disappear. Without
saying a word upon the subject , which
must have monopolized all his thoughts ,
he laid down the paper , and , turning
to a table , filled a glass with wine , and
raising it to his lips with a pleasant
smile , said : "I drink to the health and
happiness of all assembled here. " Set
ting down the glass he resumed the
conversation as if nothing had occur
red , and was as usual the life and light
of the company. But Mrs. Todd said
that as soon as the contents of the pa
per were known , "a wet blanket fell
upon everybody , " and in half an hour
all the guests had departed with heavy
hearts feeling that the "Harry of the
West" had fought his last presidential
'battle , and lost the prize forever.
riso's Cure for Consumption does not dry up
cough ; It rcmox es the cause.
Reminiscences of S. S. Prcntiss , the Elo
quent Slississippian.
Chicago Saturday Herald.
Sargent S. Preutiss , of Mississippi ,
was undoubtedly the most eloqent man
who ever addressed the house of rep-
sentatives. A carpet-bagger from
Maine , he went to Mississippi poor and
friendless , and not only became fore
most among her sons , but acquired a
national reputation. Edward Everett ,
after having listened to one of his im
passioned bursts of eloquence in Fan-
nell hall , turned to Daniel Webster ,
who sat near him , and said : "Did you
ever hear anything like it ? " . "Never , "
said Webster , "except from Mr , Pren-
tiss himself. " He was indeed a re
markable orator , his intellectual en
dowments presenting a remarkable
example in which great logical power
and the most vivid imagination were
most happily blended.As Dryden
said of Halifax , he was a man
Of piercing wit and frequent thought ,
Endowed by nature and by learning taught
To move assemblies.
The great secret of his oratorical
success was his readiness he se'emed
never at a loss for an epigram or a re
tort , and his impromptu speec es were
the best.
Prentiss used to tell a good story
about his second canvass of the state of
Mississippi. He had arranged a route ,
and one of his friends had gone ahead
to make arrangements feT a hall in
each successive town and to advertise
the meetings there. The proprietor of
a traveling menagerie took advantage
of these congregations , and followed ,
exhibiting at Teach place on the day
Prentiss spoke. The first intimation
the orator had of this rivalry was at a
small town in the northern part of the
state near the Alabama line. After
Prentiss had been speaking for about
an hour , holding the attention of the
audience , he observed some of the out
siders looking over their shoulders ,
and this movement was gradually fol
lowed by more of his audience. He
began to think he was growing dull
and tried to rouse himself up to more
animation ; but it was all in vain. He
at length looked in the popular direc
tion , and there , to his horror , just com
ing over the hill was the elephant
dressed in his scarlet wrappings and
oriental splendor. A foolish feeling of
vanity , not to be outdone by the ele
phant , came over him , and he contin
ued to talk. He found it was no use ,
he said "Well ladies and
so : , gentle
men. I am beaten. But I have the
consolation of knowing it was not by
my competitor. I will not knock un
der to any two-legged beast , but I
yield to the elephant. "
Prentiss afterward made an ar
rangement with the proprietor to di
vide time with the monkey and the
clown , the first hour being given to
politics. One of the cages was used as
a rostrum : Soon he heard a low sound
which resembled a growl , and he
learned that the hyena was his nearest
listener. There were large auger
holes in the top of the box for the ad
mission of air. Prentiss commenced
speaking , and when he reached the
blood and thunder portion of his
speech , he ran his cane into the cage ,
and called forth a most horrible yell
from the enraged animals , at the same
time gestulating wildly with the other
hand. "Why , fellow citizens , " he
would exclaim , "the very wild beasts
are shocked at the political baseness
and corruption of the times. Hear
his yell of political shame and indigna
tion. " The eflect was electric ; he
called down the house in a perfect tem
pest of enthusiasm. He hurled his
anathemas at his foes , and enforced
them by the yells of his neighbors. The
people of Mississippi worshipped Mr.
Prentiss , his habits , which would have
condemned him in any other section of
the country , only endearing him the
more to them. Generous to his foes ,
faithful to his friends , he won the confi
dence and affection of all who knew
liim. Bailey Peyton used to illustrate
his readiness at an impromptu speech
by narrating an incident which oc
curred in 1844 , when Prentiss joined a
iiunting party , with which he spent a
week or two under a tent in the forests
of the Sunflower small river tribu
tary to the Mississippi in the vicinity of
Vieksburg. Towering above the tent
stood one of those remarkable eleva
tions , evidently the work of art , which
abound in the Mississippi valley and are
commonly called Indian mounds. One
day Mr. Prentiss , with the aid of the
vines and the overhanging boughs ,
made his way to the top of the mound ,
when his fnends , who were collected
around the tent , united in a "call for a
speech a speech from Prentiss. "Up
on what subject ? " "Upon the subject
on which you now stand. " He at once
set oft * in a playful sally for the amuse
ment of himself and friends , but , warm
ing to the subject as he proceeded , his
creative imagination now peopled the
forest with the lost tribe , that mysteri
ous race who ages past inhabited tte
country before the birth of the aborigi
nal trees that abound upon , these huge
piles. He introduced every variety of
character fairies , princes , courtiers ,
warriors , marshaled armies and fought
battles , going on thus for more than an
hour , in a vein on philosophical reflec
tion and poetical invention , which im
parted thrilling , almost a 'real interest
in the imaginary scene. The gentle-
from whom I had this incident is a man
of cultivated tas'tes , and often heard Mr.
Prentiss at the bar and on the hustings ,
and he considered this one of his happi
est efforts.
Wyman Commercial , College ,
This institution has an able corps of
instructors , and furnishes its patrons
an excellent preparation for business.
Full particulars as to the course of in
struction can be obtained by sending
to the president , Mr. A. L. Wyman , a
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) gue.
Swiss Girls.
No sooner are the girls large enough
topossess the requisite physical strength
than they are set to the most servile
work the land affords. The child has a
pannier-basket fitted to her shoulders
at the earliest possible moment , and
she drops it only when old age , prema
ture but merciful , robs her of power to
carry it longer- have seen sweet little
girls , of 12 or 14 , staggering down a
mountain side , or along a rough path
way , under the weight of bundles of
fagots as large as their bodies , which
they no sooner dropped than they hur
ried back for others. ,1 have , seen girls
15 or 16 years , bare-footed and bare
headed , in the blistering rays of an Au
gust sun , breaking up the ground by
swinging mattocks heavy enough to tax
the strength of an able-bodied man.
And I have known a young miss no
older than these to be employed as a
porter for carrying the baggage of
travelers up and down the steepest
mountain path in all the region round
about. She admitted that it was some
times very hard to take another step ,
but yet she must do it. And she car
ried such an amount of baggage ! A
stout-limbed guide is protected by the
law , so that he cannot be compelled to
carry above twenty-five pounds , but
the limit to the burdens often put upon
girls is their inability to stand up under
anything more. But the burden in
creases with the age and strength of
the burden-bearers , till , by the time
girls have come to womanhood , there
is no sort of menial toil in which they
do not bear a hand and quite com
monly the chief hand.
People IFIto Do Not Eat Jlrcatl.
The Gartenlaube has an article on
those civilized nations a large portion
of whose peasantry eat little or no
bread. Baked loaves of bread are un
known in many parts of South Austria
and Italy , and throughout the agricul
tural districts of Roumania. In the
villages of the Obersteiermark , not
very many miles from Vienna , bread is
never seen ; the staple food of the people
being sterz , a kind of porridge made
from ground beechnuts , which is taken
at breakfast with fish curdled . milk ,
at dinner with broth or fried lard , and
with milk again for supper. This sterz
Is also known as heiden , and takes the
place of bread , not only in the Steier-
mark , but in Carinthia and in many
parts of the Tyrol. In the north o"f
Italy the peasantry live chiefly on po
lenta , a porridge made of boiled maize.
Ihe polenta , however , is not allowed
to granulate like Scotch porridge or
like Austrian sterz , but is boiled into a
solid pudding , which is cut up and
portioned out with a string. It is eaten
jold as often as it is hot , and it is in
jvery sense the Italian peasant's daily
3read. The modern Roumanians are
icld by many scholars to be descended
: rom a Roman colony , in other words
; o be cousins of the Italians ; and , curi-
nisly enough , a variation of the polenta
jailed mamaliga is the national dish of
Rumania. The mamaliga is like the
jolenta in that it is made of boiled
naize , but it is unlike the latter in one
mportant respect , as the grains are not
illowed to settle into a solid mass , but
ire kept distinct , after 'the fashion of
> atmeal porridge.
Sorrow and gloom the soul may meet ,
Yet love wrings triumph from defeat ;
nd the coarsest hair can still be fine
By using Magic Carholine.
There are 209,631 Germans in Chicago
nd only 143,000 native born Americans.
A Perfect Ketnvdy for all abrasions of the skin
nd nil diseases of the feet of Horses and Cattle. In-
aluable to Stockmen. Cole's Veterinary Corboll-
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"Thomas of the tinted top knot" is what
hey call Tom Ocb.iltree in Texas.
"Konch on Corn * . " 15c. Askforlt. Complete
ore , hard or soft corns , warts , bunions.
Recollect every dav the things seen , heard
r read make an addition to your under-
tanding. I. Watts.
Allen's Iron Tonic Hitter * strengthen the
: stem. All genuine bear the signatura of J. P. Al-
n , Druggist , St. Paul , Minn.
Mrs. Mulock says that it takes a heroine to
e economical.
Meniman'i Feptmized Beef Tonic , the
nlr preparation of beef containing its entire natri * I
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in , nervous prostration , o > erwork , or acute disease ,
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A SWELL , HAZAED & Co proprietors , Kcw Torfc ,
old by druggists.
The bicycle has been described as an ideal
. A Printer's Error.
Sweet are the uses of adversity , the
copy said , but he set it up , sweet are
the uses of advertising. Street , indeed
to those who in sickness and suffering
have seen the advertisement of some
sovereign remedy , which upon trial has
brought them from death's door. "The
best thing I ever saw in my paper was
the advertisement of Dr. Pierce's Golden - "
en Medical Discovery' " is again and i
again the testimony of those who have
been healed by It of lung disease , bron- '
tihial affections , tumors , ulcers , liver
complaints and the ills to which flesh is
heir. ,
A sensational flutter passed over the
congregation at the First Methodist
Church in Auburn , New York , Sunday
evening , when Rev. Dr. Queal , the pas
tor , said : "Those who do not what to
hear me say anything about skating
rinks had better stay at home next Sun
day evening. "
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It often happens that a clergyman
will forgo the name of a child at bap
tism , but the case of a minister in South
Carolina who purposely miscalled a
child is peculiar. The child's god
parents had bestowed the name "Leti-
tia Adelina Angelina. " The parson
calmly said "Mary , " and so baptized
her. "I hope you will not mind the
alt ration I have made. I hope it will
prove useful to the child in afterlife ; so
many names are a mistake , " exclaimed
the clergyman coollv.
"flip't in the Bud ! "
Sad to say , many a good thing at
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Professor Dana , of Yale , rejects the
phrase "seismological disturbance" in
the description of the present earth
quake. He says it was an "unaccount
able impertinence. "
"Bnchn-'Pnlba. ' Quick , complete cure , all
ftnEO ) Ing Kidney and Urinary O seases. tl.
Hops is the only thing which is common
to all men ; those who have nothing more
possess hope still. Thales.
on Itch" cures Humors , eruptlons.rlBg-
worm , tetter , sa t rheum , irosted feet , chilblains.
We never know how much we love until
we try to unlove. Mrs. Stowe.
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It is a fortunate thing that our naval ves
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When the State is most corrupt , then the
laws are most multiplied. Tacitus.
Laura , the bright little daughter of Mr. J'
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pears suffered from hip-joint disease , which
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the limb. A month or two ago her mother
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lias much improved.
' Dr. Hammond , of New York , advises
vomen who wish to be b eautiful to live
ipt-n mutton.
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ou sleep and cause you to get up in the
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he transportation of our foreign mails.
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The reputation of
Hostetter's Stomach
Bitters as a pre\en-
tle of epidemics , a
stomachic , anlnilg-
orant , a general re-
etorath e and a specl *
fie for fe\cr and
ague , fndlgestlon.bll"
Ions affections , rheu
matism , nervous de-
bllity , constitutional
weakness. Is estab
lished upon the
sound biisls of more
than twenty \ ears
experience , and can
no more be shaken
by the clap-trap nos
to.STOMACH f * trums of unscientific
. pretenders , than the
BITTER5 e\erla tlng hills by
the t\ind that rustle
throu ch their denies ,
For Mle bj all Druggists and Dealers generally.
Iowa Boilnen College.
' Book-keepers * * Teachers : two lead
ing Penmen , Short hand. Telegraph
ing. 1 : OBcei for Students actuci
- practice. Beu location , cheap board
Tuition low. Journal free. JZIIIIINCS & FILCIIU. Des Koines. I
rt strap fer BT ciiroUr. 1750 E j r : er. How I
Mulct l-oultrr " Eo taoUc IxrtMarconnLf
IfllUinK. liowtobuEaeht.i > iim.p -
errt * rT > . cure ehobim. m&ke Dtaa U j , Ac. A ir
book. C-G Eunr. AbCra. ruui. Cn 2 < r P.
B. Fowls nl P. C. ETiat. Bwlaa drenlan frte.
Best Cough byrup. Tastes good.
Use in time. Sold by druggists.
L2O6 , 12O8 and 121O Farnnm ft. , Omaha
experie need Book and Bible Agen
In every county. Liberal salaries paid. Address ,
tating experience , P. O. Box g g , St. Louis , Mo.
A GEXTS "WAATED for the best and fastest
* selling Pictorial Books and Bible' . Prices re-
luced 33 per ct. NATIONAL PUB , Co. , St. Louis , Mo.
TypE WBITING here. Situations fiir-
U nisheil. Address Yaleiitine Bros. , JjneaTille , is. _
( M 1n Handing. )
The ElRhty-flwt- Session will opct-TBeiday.
3d. FultCoanesln
Claiitc * , Law , Scleneet , XatheiMtte Md
A thorough COMMERCIAL COURSR Is one of tb
dtitlnRuUlilnR featurei of the Institution. Special
tdvantsge * are offered to Student ! of the Law Couno.
Thr Minim J > in rtraent ,
for boyi under IS. Is unique in dcalra andln the com-
pletcnuM of It * equipments. Catalogues , giving full
particulars , will be tent free by addro-iInK
. X v. T. E. WaUh. C. 8. C. . JPre.Id.-nt.
Xotre Dume. Indiana.
A. k.ln of ISeanty ! Joy Forever.
Oriental Crcura , or Magical Beuntifler
A * * . flB
Removes Tan.
Pimple * . liaih.
Freckles and
Skin diseases ,
and ever ;
blcmlih on
benutr. and
dene * detec
tion. It has
stood the test4
of thirty jean
and Is so
hnrmle 3 wo
taste It to b
sure t\e prep-
aratfou It
properly made.
Accept no
counterfeit of
_ similar name.
The "distinguished Dr. L. A. Say re gold to a lady of
the haul ton ( a patient ) : "As you ladles win use
them. I recommend 'Qouraad'i Cream * at the least
harmful of all the ifcln preparations. " One bottle
will last six months , using It every day. Also Poudre
Buutllc removes superfluous hair without Jnlury to
the skin. MME. M. B. T. GOUUAUD. Sole Prop. , a
Bondst-jN.T. For sale by all Druggists and Fancy
Goods Dealers. EVIieware of base Imitations ;
11,000 Reward for arrest and proof of any one selling
the same.
All those painful Complaint *
* and Weaknesses so common *
' * * to our best , * * * *
Trite $1 In ll'inlil , pill or lounge farm.
tts purpoK is solely for the legitimate healing of
disease and the relief of pain , and that it does alt
it claims to do , thousands of ladles can aladly testify. *
It will euro entirely all Ovarian troubles , Inflamm *
tlon and Ulccratlon , Filling and Displacement * , aw.
consequent Spinal Weakness , and is particular
of life. * * * '
adapted to the change
It removes Falntnes * . Flatulency , destroys all crartrjj
for ttlmutants , and relloes Weakness of the btoinnch.
It cures Bloating , Headaches , Nervous Prostration ,
, , Depression and Indk
General Debility t Bleeplexsnesa ! * jjj * * * * * * * * *
ge tlon. That fetlinK of bearing down , cousin ? poiJi
and backache.isolwuy * ptnnariently cured by Us ue.
bend Htump to Lynn , Mass. , for piunplilet. Letters of
Inquiry connilentlally answered. For sale at druggists.
* * * * * * * *
The BUYERS' GUIDE is issued Sept.
nnd March , each year : 221 pages , 8 * x 1U
inches , with over 3,3OO illustrations- -
a whole picture gallery. Gives wholesale
prices direct to consumers on all goods for
personal or ' family use.
Tells Low to k order , and
gives exact f Wk cost of ev-
erythingyou H U use , drinfc ,
cat , wear , or T have fun
with. These sisi invaluable
hooks contain information gleaned from
the markets of the world. We will mail
a copy Free to any address upon receipt
of the postage 8 cents. Let us hear
from you. o Respectfully ,
887 Je S 9 Wabiuh Avenue. CUcaco. 111.
. , } Zu
„ ' ff
COC & COS IVyamlottoSt. , % j 'fra'ciice-lZ /
KANSAS CITY , 3IO. Chicago.
Authorized by the State to treat
Chronic , Ncnoas nnd Prhnte Die-
, eases , Asthma. Epilepsv. nhenma-
.tism , PlcsTapc-worm ; , urinary and
ibkin Diseases , SEMINAL \\jKAKKzea \
\night leyei ) , Say JLI. DEBILITT
' ( lets of sexual par .r ) , Ac. " Cures
guaranteed or money refunded Charges low.
Thousands of cases cured. No I jurioup medicines
used. No detention from bus * ess. All medicines
furnished een to patients r a distance. Consul
tation free and confidential call or write. Age and
experience are important. A BOOK for both
sexes illustrator ! and circular of other thing !
sent tiealed t . Trrr
Sold by ALL DEALERS throughout the World.
Sold medal Paris Exposition , 187S.
IrouLerers , Eteel l'r rlng . Brail
Tare Beam and Beam Boz ,
J01 ES h poyi thefrelght for frt
Price Lint mention this paper and
Blnsbamton. IV. 1
W. & N. Oil Tube Colors. c. doz. ; Sable A K I
inishes. S c. up. Bristles. ; c. up ; PUques. S c. up ; Palettes , 15 c. ;
Easels. 90 c. ; Artists' Boxes , | i so. Panels , 10 c. up ; Oils. 12 % c. :
, 'arnisli. 25 c. : Cold er Silrcr Paint. 35 = - ! Canvass , 75 c. yard ;
lottery and S'orelties for Decorating- e. up ; Studies rented ,
oc. per week : Gold Plush Frames , Mouldings , Paintings. En-
rravinR * . Cord and Nails ; PIANOS and ORGANS , from Jajup ;
( 'iclins , 5s : Guitars. Is ; Banjos $3 50 ; Drums. Flutes. Fifes.
BIR I I O I f * Zithers. Sliest Music. K off printed list ;
IVI H O I Music Instiuctnn for all Instruments , joe.
. _ . A. HOSPE , Omaha.
> end a ct. Stamp for Catalogue :
Aeents wanted In every county to sell this popular
ork. Illustrated. 600 pages ; endorsed by tne Na-
onal Committee. You tan make WO to 0 a week ,
holce of territory. Outfit 50c. Terms one-half off.
Also , LUes of Cle\ eland and Hendrlckg. Extra
: rms. IXTERIOB PUB. CO. . Lincoln , Xeo.
- Rifles ;
L. A. L. SniTIl It IO. , Jc "st raTatike , I1L
In Itt
ar d.
Da. J. s. Jx.-b.tnon. Oh la
"VV. X. U. , Omaha , 224-33.
say you saw the advertisement in this paper.
Wm keep yon dry In any itorra. The new POMMEL SLICKEK ! * perfect rid.
Ingcoit. Boldererywhere. Illustrated Catalogue free. A.J.Towtr.Bo toa.Ilm.
Poittive :
have "In no i use no oiner. J. . MOJ. , . . . - ,
my prmctiea iiennison. DeWitt. .owa. Bold orcrr-irbere or sjrat
U eU. in tUmps. ValuU luformaUou gfasg. I. a. JOHHSOU * cS.BO8T < S.