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    The Tribune
Thursday , Sept. iStli , 1884
Indicates that your subscription to Tins
X TKIHITNI : ImB expired , and tlmt un Invita
1 tion to renew the same Is extended.
All locals under this heading1 lOc. u line for
ouch insertion , nnd sumo Inserted until order
ed discontinued , unless time is specified. Billj
payable monthly.
CONGllEOATIONAL.-Snndiiy School at 10
A. M. every week. Preaching Kcrvlccs dvery
Sunday night at 7.00. M. T. Also , every alter
nate Sunday morning at 11 , M. T. Exceptions
to the above will bo noticed In locals.
_ _ _ _ GiiouoB Duxo.iy , Pastor.
METHODIST. Services every other S unday
morning at 10.UO , M. T. , and evening at8 , 31. T.
bunday School every week at : i.JO : , .M. T. Ser
vices held in Opera Hull.
. _ _ A.UMK
CATHOLIC. Services will be held in the
Operu Hall once every four weeks.
_ _ _ _ JosKi'K Cr.KitY , Pastor.
I. O. G. T. The Independent Order'of Good
Templars meet in the Congregational Church
every Tuesday evening.
Local Intelligence.
Graham Flour at CitBakery. .
The latest at the Jewelry Store.
Ketchum We've got 'cm you bet.
For the best Flour in town call at
City Bakery.
The crack of the target gun is now
lieard in the land.
Remember the Jewelry Store sells
only warranted goods.
J. S. Phillips sells the Ketchum
Wagons the best in the world.
Drop in and sec the late styles in
Jewelry. It costs nothing to look.
Extraordinary bargains in remnants
of all kinds , at Chicago General Store.
The first regular passenger train run
the Kenesaw-0xford cut-off Sun-
over , - - , -
da } ' .
$500 reward is offered on the purity
of Lois' German Baking Powder. Sold
by 0. H. Rogers.
Five trains of fat cattle were shipped
from points west of here , Saturday and
Sunday evenings.
Two new business houses are in
course of erection on West Dennison
street , adjoining Wilcox Bros.
We offer our entire stock of Lawns ,
to close them out , at from 7 to 10 cts ,
worth 10 to 18 cts. Jos. MEXARD.
Hayes Centre is the name of a pro
posed new town in Hayes county. Its
name denotes its location and purpose.
We notice among the M. E. church
appointments in the Valley , the name
of D. W. Dwire for the MeCook charge.
Merchants report Saturday as being
the best day , despite wind and dust ,
they have had in three months. Trade
is brisk.
A little ripple in legal circles was
noticeable , the first of the week , but
we have not been able to locate the
All kinds of hair work done to order.
Langtry Bangs , Pinafore Waves and
Switches done in first-class style at
Chicago Store
The City Bakery has just received
the finest line of Candies ever brought
to MeCook. Remember this and go
there for your candies.
We hear of a number of needed im
provements that are to be consummated
in the near future. Let enterprise be
unrestrained ; we need it.
The Jewelry Store is he only place
to buy reliable goods. Everything * " is
guaranteed and sold at prices as low as
any house in the business.
A force of mechanics , plasters , paint
ers , etc. , from this place are working
at Culbertson on a number of houses ,
now going up in that village.
West MeCook Laundry is now pre
pared to do everything in its line , shirts ,
collars and cuffs a specialty. No extra
charge for putting on polish.
FOR SALE First-class millinery and
dress-making establishment. Doing
seed business. Terms easy. For par
ticulars , address THE TRIBUNE.
C. H.Rogers has just icceivcd a
complete line of crockery , which he will
' sell cheaper than anybody at price ?
that defy compction. Call aud inspect
Just , arrived , at the City Bakery , a
car-load of the Cream and Fancy brands
of Grand Island Flour. Also , a supply
- of white bolted corn meal.
Work was commenced on the large
addition which J. E. Ucrger intends
- building to his furniture store , this
morning , The addition will be 54 feet
in length. ,
f f TT
Trainmen arc experiencing consider
able trouble with tramps , who insist
upon decorating the trucks of trains
Atlanta is the name of the new town
on the cut-off. The gentleman who is
to take charge of that station is now in
the office at this place.
We had an amusing specimen of ju
venile pugilism on Main avenue , Satur
day morning The granger lad was
rather too much for the town boy ,
By the change of schedule that re
cently went into effect on the B. & M.
No. 2 arrives from the west at G.45 and
leaves at 7:10 : , taking breakfast at this
The Upper Willow men got down to
Culbertson on their round-up , Sunday ,
and shipped eleven hundred head of
fine fat cattle from that station , the
same day.
It is an undeniable fact that men of
more than ordinary good sense and
sound judgment usually make the most
consummate fools of themselves when
Let the public encourage manufact
urers who are endeavoring to place upon
the market pure goods. Call for Lcis'
German Baking Powder. Sold by C.
H. Rogers.
In the further line of improvement ,
A. McCr. Robb is building a little barn ,
and has purchased a handsome Fquare-
toppcd basket phreton , which , with the
&prightty little dun. makes a nobby
Monday was the liveliest day the
local land office has ever seen. Over
50 entries were made , mostly homestead
and pre-emptions. Land is now being
taken \ri\y up in the northeastern part
of Dundy count } ' .
This is the way the railroad boys
address "Neighbor"'now : Mr. R. B.
Archibald. The whtnccness of this is
that 'Neighbor' ' is the presiding spirit
who hovers over and around things at
the round house as Master Mechanic.
The foundation for LaTourette's
hardware store is being raised twelve
inches higher than was originally de
signed. In view of the washing and
filling being done on Main Avenue by
the water , the move is a sensible one.
Just a little correction. That ante
lope referred to last week was killed by
Mail Agent Alden eight miles west of
Akron , and not in the Circle Ranch
pasture. H. II. is one of those dough
ty nimrods who do not have to have
their game corraled.
The building adjoining the Central
Hotel , West Dennison street , is being
fitted for occupancy by the young lady
proprietors of the West MeCook Res
taurant. The rooms now occupied by
the restaurant will be used by A. W.
Shaeifer as a residence and shoe shop.
Segrist , Howe & Co.'s Great Monster
Aggregation showed at this place , Mon
day night. The canvass was pretty well
filled and the performance received its
full meed of approval , rather out of
proportion to the deserts of the same ,
however , as the circus can be safely
catalogued in the lit called "snide. "
An evidence of the great increase in
the population of this section of coun
try is to be seen in the immense amount
of lumber and supplies uow going out
of this town. Great quantities cf freight
are being hauled to Kansas also , show
ing that Decatur and Rawlins counties
are sharing largely in the increase of
Through courtesy of Mr. Hotze. agent
for the Crete Nurseries , we enjoyed
some excellent varieties of grapes grown
by that well-known firm at Crete. We
did not learn the names of varieties , but
can fully attest their excellence in taste
and flavor. We also placed on exhibi
tion a number of specimen apples grown
at the same nursery.
Dr. Willey went up to Parks , Monday
night , to attend to the injuries received
by a step-son of Aug. Plasmyere , the
section boss at that point , while firing
oft an old blunderbus that had been
overloaded. The gun bursted and inaif-
gled the young man's hand horribly.
The doctor hopes to save the lacerated
member , and the injured man has come
down to MeCook to rei-eive treatment.
A new residence is being erected on
the hill near the school house by Mr.
Ludwick of Onargo , HI. , the gentleman
who purchased A. McGr. Robb7s claims.
We understand that Mr. Ludwick pur
poses moving to MeCook and embark
ing in business in our midst. Men 'of
moans will find ample opportunity to
invest their capital here. Money is one
of the things necessary to develop this
The editor made a trip to the western
poition of tlitf stat6 last week and was
agreeably surprised to see the advanced
stage of improvements and civilization
along the route. Crops of all kinds
looked well.Vc passed through thriving - j
ing little towns , by farms well improv
ed , and noticed many herds of fine cat
tle , everything bearing evidence * > f en
terprise and prosperity. . Table Rock
There was an apt illustration , a hand
some fashion-plate , of the beauty and
general-symnictry of the Father Hub-
bard , at the depot , Sunday night. The
instructions had been implicitly observ
ed : That garment of the finest lin
en which is supposed to adorn the
wearer's manly breast was artistically
draped adown his nether extremities , a
la F. II. , producing a wicrd and fantas
tic effect in the gloaming.
We have an excellent communication
from Culbertson on our table , that we
are unable to publish by reason of the
writer failing to attach his name to his
epistle. We can never deviate from
our rule , name of writer must be signed
to all communications not for publi
cation but as an evidence of good
faith. If the writer will send his name ,
there is much of interest in his letter
that we will take pleasure in producing
next week.
Probably you have observed an unus
ual buoyancy of spirits about W. C.
LaTourette and Dr. Johnson , and were
at a loss to account therefor. Well ,
the facts in the case are that St. Peter
mu&t have been drowsy and in a meas
ure careless about the gates celestial ,
Sunday , and allowed two of the little
ones up there to wander out into this
stern world. Whether we have prop
erly located the responsibility or not ,
W. C purposes in his heart to adopt
the girl , and our "big medic" the boy.
Of a verity.
A number of our denizens arc now
engaging in the cheerful and healthful
occupation called in local parlance ,
"Setting up with the sick. ' ' The exi
gencies of this game are such that
whereas some enter into the same with
zeal , health and a replete wallet immediately -
diately after the arrival of the pay-car ,
in a few short days they are the happy
possessors of none of the above beatif-
ics. "And thus runs the world away. ' '
In the kindly dispensation of Provi
dence have we the "suckers" ( and
many there be ) and the "bleeders" 1
in numbers few.
The social given at the residence of
W. 0. Moody , under the auspices of
the Independent Order of Good Tem
plars , Friday evening last , called together -
gether a goodly number of the members t
of that order and friends , all of whom
enjoyed the short literary program , the
music and social intercourse of the
evening in a manner encouraging to
those having the affair in charge. The
members of this order purpose , at stated
periods during the coming winter , giv
ing other socials , which we have every
hope will be largely attended , and in 1
which great interest will doubtless be
taken and much good done.
By reason of a press of other matters
we omitted to mention last week the
departure of Mark Morris and family
for Western Nebraska , where they go to
reside permanently. Mark designs go
ing into the stock business in Red Wil
low county , near MeCook , aud hopes by
being relieved from the hard work and
drudgery incident to crop f arming to
regain his health which has suffered in
that style of farming. He is an enter
prising , wide awake man and he and his
estimable wife are acquisitions any com
munity may be glad to make. The
Tribune and their many friends here a
wish them health , wealth and unbound
ed prosperity in their western home.
Lineville ( la. ) Tribune.
The body of one , John Coville of
Cambridge , was found along the rail
road track about one and a half miles
cast of Cambridge , Sunday morning ,
bearing marks indicating that he had
been struck by an engine , although none
of the east-bound engineers saw him on
the track , Saturday night. ] t appears
that the young man had been cutting
broom corn in the neighborhood of Bur
ton's Bend and was returning to his
iome in Cambridge. Nothing further
: s known other than the fact that he
was found dead in the weeds a short
distance from the track at the point
above mentioned , and that he bore
marks indicating that he came to his
death by being struck by a locomotive.
Who has a Windmill and a Well
needs a Water Tank. H. W. Pike has
a lot of "Tank Plank. "
District Attorney Morlan had busi
ness in MeCook , Monday.
John Wray , Sam Ashmorc and a
j friend were in town , Monday ,
| Miss Ida Hollister returned from her
visit at Hastings , Sunday evening.
Mrs. A. Constable and daughter re
turned from a visit down the road , on
30 , Monday.
Register Laws disturbed the monotony
ony of routine by a visit down th'e Yal-
ley , Sunday. x
Mrs. C. F. Babcock and Mrs. Steven
son went down to Cambridge , Wednes
day afternoon. '
Miss Jennie Fisher returned , Sunday
night , from a visit to friends in Friend ,
Saline county.
Messrs. Boehner and Wright of Arapahoe -
ahoe visited in town , Sunday , coming
iip on 30 and returning on 40.
E. M. Kendall and family have been
away the past two we ks visiting at
Crete and in attendance at Nebraska's
finest fair.
Henry Crabtree , R. M. Sibbett , J.
W. Maikcn , W. K. Lynch and Thomas ,
all of the count-seat , were in town on
business Monday.
Mr. Brown of Charleston , 111. , inter
ested in stock up in Hayes county , has
been spending some time in town , the
guest of W. W. Fisher.
Dr. Johnson was called to the county
seat , Wednesday , to attend Mrs. W. H.
McCartney. It is a female cherub of
which W. U. feels proud.
W. W. Fisher and Charlie Fisher
came down from the round-up , Tuesday ,
bringing with them a quantity of wild
grapes and plums from their ranch on
the Frenchman.
W. D. dimming , our embryotic cow
boy friend , is with us again. We would
suspicion that carnation pioboscis , did
we not know Scotty's dislike for the
things bibulous.
Mr. Stephens of Marengo , Iowa , was
in town a number of days this week.
Mr. j S. is in the drug business in the
town ( above-named , and came out for
the < purpose of investing in some real
estate for speculation.
Cr. W. Burton , Orleans' enterprising
banker , spent Thursday and Friday of
last week in MeCook , while on his an
nual tour through the valle } ' , in which
he has a large amount of money loaned ,
tie | went westward , Friday.
Rev. and Mrs. Dungan stopped at
the residence of Royal Buck , while on
their return from Indianola , Sunday ,
and assisted in disposing of the largest
melon heard of to date. The same tip
ped the beam at 30 pounds.
Mrs. Joseph Menard started for Chicago
cage , Tuesday , for the purpose of pur
chasing goods. She took her little
daughter as far as Omaha , where the
little girl will remain in an institute for
deaf and dumb , for some time. '
James Campbell , night agent at this
station , started for his home in Mans
field , Ohio , Tuesday afternoon , in re
sponse to a telegram informing him of
the death of his father , who has been
seriously ill for some months , but con
cerning whose ultimate recovery strong
hopes were entertained.
Messrs. Whitaker & Jackson , after
making due preparations to burn anoth
er kiln of brick , abandoned the work
and this week started for MeCook where
t\\cy \ expect to take charge of a yard al
ready in operation. They also succeed
ed in getting a homestead each within
day's drive of that town , which we
think was the principal inducement for
them to move. We are sorry to learn
that they have concluded to make this
move as they-were producing an excel
lent quality of brick , and a brick yard
is something that cannot well be dis
pensed with at this place. However we
svish them success in their new location ,
and congratulate MeCook people on the
addition to their town. They are men
who understand their business , and will
be found upright in their dealings.
Gauclc Rock Sicnal.
Scientific men say that the kidney
disease in this country is becoming most
ilarming , and that it is caused by using
adulterated food. Ammonia and alum
n our Baking Powders is injurious , and
should be avoided. Leis' German Bak-
ng Powder is free from any adultera
tions , and is made from- pure Grape
Cream Tartar. Sold by C. H. Rogers. v
We are under obligations to William
McQuay for a present of an excellent
melon from his claim east of town.
A "bran new" girl at C. II. Jacob .
N. has gone to the Willow
to finish his haying. He took a new
Buckeye Mower with him.
Mrs. John Whittaker returned , last
week , from her visit to Michigan and
Miss Xettic Black of MeCook has
charge of the .young hopefuls in school
district No. 8.
We hear of a few cases of "black
leg" south and west , but cattle gener
ally never looked better.
The late fine weather has given the
fanners a chance to' secure their hay
cane and corn fodder. The early cut
hay and millet were badly injured wy
Cattle For Sale.
. Commencing on TUESDAY , SKPTE.M-
IJKU 23rd , 1884 , and continuing until
all are sold , I will offer for sale at
ORLEANS , in lots to suit purchasers ,
ISO cows and 2-ycar old heifers ; 3
bulls , and 100 calves , with security on
land or town property , on several years
time , or on personal and chattel security ,
on a few months time , to be renewed
only on real estate security. A fair dis
count for CASH. GEO. W. BURTON. !
Orleans , Neb. , Sept. 9th , ' 84.
People come into the world , cat and
drink and enjoy themselves the besl
they can and have never a thought foi
others. They leave no trace behiiui
them ; no signs painted , etc. II. W.
Pike has his sign painted on a stock
shed full of Seasoned Lumber , selling
at close prices for the quality , and a
yard stocked up with a full assortment
suitable for a "Claim Shack" to a Palace
For 3O Days
Will sell Ash Extension Tables for
$1.00 per foot , Kitchen Safes for $50 ,
Carpets 8 , ) c. per yd. Windmills way
down , Sewing Machines cheap fore-ash.
A large and complete stock of Piu ni-
ture 15 per cent , cheaper than can be
sold } } any other dealer.
J. S. PHILLIPS , Tndianola , Neb.
Something New !
At Chicago Store , under the Opera
Hall. A Calico Dress given away with
every $10 worth of Dry Goods , Cloth
ing , Millinery or Boots and Shoes pur
chased at my store for the next 30 days.
All goods marked in plain figures.
Will open in a short time and you
will find a full stock of school supplies ,
pens , inks , paper , pencils , slates , copy
books , school bags , book straps , and all
the different giadcs of school books ,
adapted for use in the county , at the
post office.
For Sale.
I will sell my brown mare very cheap.
Warranted to haul a buggy in 3 min
utes. Only reason for selling T am
away from home so much , cannot take
care of her. J. B. MESERVE.
WK hear it remarked quite frequent
ly by the ladies that "very few men
have the slightest idea how to hold a
baby , * ' and they might add with equal
veracity that probably not one man in
a hundred has the. slightest desire to
hold one except it be an entrancing
little bundle of femininity who has at
tained the exuberance of 1G summers.
MeCook , Neb. , Sept. 13th , ' 84. j"
The following patents have been re
ceived at this office and will be deliver
ed on the presentation of "Receiver's
Duplicate Receipt" properly endorsed .
George W. York , N. / X.E. H Sec.SO.T. 3,11.29.
Elizabeth Lay. S.i \ X. E. U Sec. M , Tp 3 , K.29.
Robert O. McKnight , S. E. h Sec. 35 , 'Up 8 , K. 23.
WHILE there is some complaint of
dullness in real estate in the more east
ern part of the state , land is still rapid-
ily changing hands further west. The
Republican Valley papers are full every
week of transfers and of notes of the
arrival ot new people and more capital.
Young ladies troubled with eruptions
Dn the face should not use Baking Pow-
icr containing ammonia or alum. Lcis"
German Baking Powder is free from
any deleterious substance , and is made
from pure grape Cream Tartar. Sold
by C. II. Rogers.
THE warm , dry , dusty weather is try
ing to the public eye and apparel , but
tvhen we think of the corn crop we con
sole us with the remark of the boy to
bis dad , upon whom he was training his
bull pup. It is the making of it.
THE Culbertson Sun comes to us en
larged to an eight-column folio , this
iveek. Also , with a new man at the
iielm , S. E. Solomon. The Sun has
liad a checkered career , but seems to
have smooth sailing before it. |
No Medicine Stands Higher Than '
Marsh's Golden Balsam.
' One yftar ago I caught a severe Cold ,
which settled on my Lungs. I tried
many remedies without getting' relief ,
until I used your GOLDEN BALSAM. I
consider it a gift from heaven. ' ' Mrs.
James Lucev Omaha , Neb.
"For Consumption of the Lungs , T
know of no medicine that stands higher.
will cure where cures arc possible. "
II. L. Smith , Fort Scott , Kans.
"Xot one of the thousands who have
city , has ever made a complaint that it
did not do all claimed for it. " Kansas
City ( Mo. ) Times.
mous Throat and Lung medicine , and
Toxic , the great alterative and cholu-
gogue , are for .sale by S. L. Green , j
druggist , MeCook. Large bottles 50
cents and SI.
A.MONU the most interesting features
of the Nebraska state fair are the dis
plays made by the far-west counties ,
which only a few years ago were consid
ered non-productive on account of alack
of rain in that section of the state. " It
is a well-known fact that the rain belt is
constantly extending westward over this
state. Regions that , formerly were rare
ly ever visited by a rain storm now have
an abundance of rain , and the soil has
proved to be as productive as that in
any part of Nebraska. Lands that were
formerly thought to be fit only for gra/-
ing purposes arc now being tilled and-
abundant crops are being produced. In
a few years there will be but very little
land left in Nebraska that is not used
for agricultural purposes.
R. S. Coolcy's Bulletin Hoard.
One quarter deeded land. ( I miles from
town. Price , $040 cash.
One quarter deeded land , ' 11 miles
from town. Price , $ ( i40 cash.
One quarter deeded land , timber and
water , G miles from town. Price$000.
One quarter deeded land , 4 miles
from town , timber and * water. Price ,
$1.200 cash.
One splendid stock ranch on Beaver
Creek , 1,280 acres , timber and water ,
fair improvements. Price , $3,500. Time
will be given on part of purchase money.
House's and lots in MeCook to sell.
4 houses and lots in West MeCook. 3
houses and lots in South MeCook. One
acre of land , with good house. All cheap.
Many other bargains to offer. : ( Jail
on R. S. Cooley , Real Estate Agent ;
1st door south of U. S. Land Office.
Locals under thh > head .r.c. a line tor each
insertion. Bills payable monthly.
J. E , Berger is agent for the Western
Cottage Organ , which he will sell cheap
for cash or on long time. 4.
H. W. Pike started a Lumber Yard
in MeCook , Neb. , January , 1884 , and
has come to stay. Full assortment of
Lumber , Sash , Doors , Lime and Build
ing Material , sold at close prices , con
sidering the freight.
Some of the extensive advertisers of
Baking Powder calculate to pay their
advertising bills by the adulteration
they put in their powder. DcLand's
Chemical positively contains no filing
whatever. For sale by Hayden & Co.
Blank Deeds. Real Estate Mortgages.
Leases , Bills of Sale , Bond for Deed ,
Quit Claim Deeds , Contracts for Build
ing , Mortgage Deeds , Release of Mort
gage. Official Bonds. Soldiers Discharge ,
Petition for License , Xotes , Receipts , THK TRIBUNE office.
I am now prepared to offer Flour and
Mill Feed in exchange for Wheat , and-
mi also prepared to buy grain to ship.
July 5. 'S4-Gni. CLARK WARD.
We would like to entertain two or
three hundred of our subscribers at
these headquarters for a few minutes
each. Many are owing us from one to
two years for their paper , and we give
such an earnest invitation to call and
settle by cash or bankable paper.
At my residence 5 miles southwest of 3Ic-
2ook , on Driftwood , two mare ponies , one
ight gray branded with two half circles X on
right hip. and one dark gray bnmilcil with a.
iulf circle and letter ) lt on right hip. Al o. a
lorizontul bar on left hip. above hip bone.
Che ponies came to my ranch on AugifetUth. .
August 27th , 1881. 13-3t ,