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Lieut. Greely and Six Others
Rescued in the Nick
of Time.
Seven Out of the Original Twenty.
five Potash in the Arctic
' Region.
Horrible Details of the Manner in
Which the Brave Explorers Were
Compelled to Subsist.
The acting secretary of the navy re
ceived a telegram from St. Johns on tbo
17th stating that the Oreely expedition had
found the survivors of Greely's party. The
survivors number seven men in all.- Their
names are Lieutenant Greely , Sergeant
Brainard , Sergeant Fredericks , Sergeant
Long , Sergeant Ellison , Hospital Stewart
Bieberback and Private Council. They
were found by the relief ships "Thetis"
and "Bear"five miles off Cupo Sabinein
Smith's sound. Sergeant Ellison was very
badly frost-bitten and died at Godhavcn on
July 6th while undergoing a surgical opera
tion. The relief ships "Thetis" and
"Bear , " with the survivors , are now at
St. Johns , N. P.
The following is a second telegram re
ceived at the navy department :
ST. JOHNS , N. F. , July 17. 9 a. m. To
Hon. H. B. Chandler , Secretary of the
Navy , "Washington : The "Thetis , "
"Bear" and "Lock Garry" arrived here
to-day from W.est Greenland. All were
separated from the "Alert' ' one hundred
and fifty miles north during a gale. At 0
o'clock p. m. on June 22(1 ( , fire miles off
Capo Sablnc , in Smith's sound , the "The
tis" and "Bear" rescued alive Lieutenant
.A. "W. Greely , Sergeant Brainard , Ser-
§ eant Frederick , Sergeant Long , ' Hospital
toward Beidenbeck , Private Connell and
Sergeant Ellison , the only survivors of the
Lady Franklin Bay expedition. Sergeant
Ellison lost both biu.hands by frost bite and
died July 6th at Godhaven , three days after
amputation , which had become imperative.
Seventeen of the twenty-five persons com
posing the expedition perished by starva
tion at the point where they were found.
One was drowned while sealing to procure
food. Twelve bodies of the dead men were
rescued and are now on board the "The
tis" and "Bear. " One Esquimaux ,
Turnedike , wag buried at Disco , in ac
cordance with the desire of the inspector of
Western Greenland. Five bodies , buried
in ice near the camp , were swept away to
sea by the winds and currents before my
arrival and could not be recov
ered. The names of the dead recov
ered , with date of death , are as follows :
Sergeant Cross , January 1 , IS jWederick ,
an Esquimaux , April 5th : Sergeant Linn.
April 16th ; Lleutenint Lockwood , Ai.rU
9tn ; Sergeant Jewell , April 12th ; Private
Ellis , May 19th ; Sergeant Balston , 3Iay
23rd ; Private Henry , June IStb. The names
of the dead buried in the ice fort , with date
of.death , whose bodies were not recovered ,
are as follows : Sergeant Rice , April 9th ,
18Si ; Corporal Salen , June 3d ; Private Ben
der , June 6th ; Assistant Surgeon Pavy ,
June 6th ; Sergeant Gardner , June 12th ;
drowned by breaking through newly formed
ice while sealing , J. Edwards , April 24th.
I would earnestly suggest that the bodies
now on board be placed in metallic cases
here for safer and better transportation in a
sea way. This appears to me imperative.
Greely abandoned Fort Conger August 9 ,
1883 , and reached Baird inlet September
20th following , with the entire party well.
He abandoned all his boats and was adrift
for thirty days on an ice See in Smith's
Sound. His permanent camp was estab
lished October 21 , 1833 , at the point where
he was found. During nine months his
party had to live upon a scanty supply of
lood brought from Fort Conger and that
cached at Payer harbor and Cape Isabella
by Sir Geo. Nbres in 185 , but
they found it much damaged by
lapse of time ; that cached by
Beebe at Cape Sabine In 1SS2 , a small
amount saved from the wreck of the "Pro-
> teus" In 1883 , and landed by Lieutenants
Garlington and Colwell on the beach where
Greeley's party was found. " When these
provisions were consumed the party was
forced to live upon boiled seal fikin stripped
from their sealskin clothing , and lichens
and shrimps caught in good weather , when
they were strong enough to make exertions.
As it took 1,310 shrimps to fill a gallon meas
ure , the labor was too exhausting to depend
upon them to sustain life entirely. The
channel between Cape Sabina and Littleton
island did not close on account of violent
gales all winter , so that 240 rations at the
latter point could not be reached. All
Greeley's records and all the iastruments
brought bv him from Fort Conger are re
covered and are on board. From Hare
Island to Smith's sound I had a constant
.and furious struggle with impassible
floes. Solid barriers were overcome by
watchfulness and patience. ' No opportunity
to advance a mile escaped me , and for sev
eral hundred miles the ships were forced to
ram their way from lead to ksart through Ice
varying in thickness from thrc e to six feet ,
and when rafttd much jireater. The
"Thetis" and "Bear" ' reached Cape York
June 15th , after a passage of twenty-
one days in Melville bay with two
advance ships of * the Dundee whal
ing fleet , and continued to C-ipe
Sabine , returning seven days later
and fell in with seven others of
the fleet off Westenholm island and an
nounced Greely's rescue to them , that they
might not be delayed from tiieir fishing
grounds nor be tempted into the dangers of
Smith's sound in view of the reward of
$25,000 offered by congress. Returning
across Melville Bay they fell in with the
"Alert" and "LochGarry" off the Devil's
Thumb , struggling through heavy ice.
Commander Coffin did admirably to get
along so far with the transport so early in
the season , before an opening had occurred.
Lieut. Emery with the "Bear" has sup
ported me throughout with great skillfulness -
ness and unflinching readiness in accom
plishing difficult tasks in relieving Greely.
The Greely party are much improved since
their rescue , but were in a critical condition
In the extreme when found and for several
days after. Forty-eight hours delay in
reaching them would nave been fatal to all
now living. The season north is later than
for years. Smith's sound was not open
when I left Cape Sabine. Thewinter about
Melville Bay was tie most severe in twenty
years. The great result is entirely due to
the unwearied energy of yourself and the
secretary of war In fitting out the expedi
tion for the work it has had the honor to
( Signed ) W. S. SCHLEY , Commander.
ST. JOHNS , July 17. To the chief signal
officer , Washinirton : Brainerd , Bierder-
back , Connell , Fredericks , Long and my
self , the sole survivors , arrived to-day , hav
ing been rescued at the point ot death from
starvation , by the relief sbips"Thetis" and
" 'Bear" on June 22d , at Camp Clay , north
west of Cape Sabine. All are now in good
health but weak. Sergeant Ellis , rescued ,
died in July. Cross died last January ,
ChristiansenLinn , Rice , Lockwood , Jewell
and Edwards In April ; Whlsler and Israel
in May ; Kelingbury , Saloi , Henry , Bender ,
Paw , Gardner and Schneider in June. "We
abandoned Fort Conger August 9thand
were frozen in an ice pack off victoria Head
August 29th. Abandoned the steam launch
September llth eleven milts northeast of
Cocked Hat island. When on the point of
landing we were three times driven by the
southwest storms into Kane's sea. We
finally landed September 29'in Baird Inl .
Learning by ocouting parties of the PorteuH
disaster and that no provision had been left
for us from Cape Isabella to Sabine , we
moved and established winter quarters
at Camp Clay , * half way between Sabine -
bine and Cocked Hat. An inventory
showed that bv a dally ration of four
and onethird"ounces of meat , seven
ounces of bread and dog biscuits and four
ounces of miscellaneous stuff , the party
would have ten days' foil rations left for
crossing. Smith's .sound to Littleton Island.
Unfortunately * Smith's sound 'remained '
open the entire winter , rendering crossing
impracticable. Game failed , despite dally
hunting , from early February. Beforei ho
sun returned only 500 pounds of moat was
obtained. This year , minute shrimps , sea
weed , sassafras , rock-llckers and uealskln
were resorted to for food , with the results
as shown by the number of survivors. The
last regular food Issued was on May 14th.
There were only 140 pounds of meat
left by Garlington. I was compelled
to send , in November , four .men to obtain
144 pounds of English meat In Cape Isa
bella. During the trip Edison had frozen
solid both hands and feet and lost'them all ,
surviving , however , through the terrible
winter and spring until July 8th. The sur
vivors owe their lives to the indomitable en-
erey of Captain Schley and Lieutenant
Emory , who , preceded by three and accom
panied by five whalers , forced tneir vessels
from Uperuavik through Melville bay into
the north waterat Cape York with the fore
most whaler. They gained a yard where-
ever possible and always held it. ' Smith's
sound was crossed and the party res
cued during one of the most violent
gales that ever been known. The boats
were handled only at imminent risk of
swamping. Four of us were then unable to
walk and could not have survived exceeding
twenty-four hours. Every care and atten
tion were given u's. We saved and we bring
back copies of the meteorological , tidal , as
tronomical , magnetic , pendulum and other
observations ; also a pendulm , Yale and
standard thermometer. Forty-eight photo
graphic negatives , collection blanks , photo
graphic proofs , JSequimaux relics and other
things were necessarily abandoned. The
Thfitis remains here five < layn , t robably.
( Signed ) GBEELY , Commanding.
Seven "Wise Blen Baffled.
The New York Morning Journal says
that Mrs. F. G. Kello g , 50 E. 86th
St. , was partially paralyzed , and lay
for seven days in convulsions. Phys
icians were engaged and discharged
until seven had failed to help or cure
her. She was unable to leave her bed ,
and was as helpless as a child. After
using all sorts of salves , ointments ,
lotions and plasters , her case was given
up as hopeless. Sh.e was induced to
try St. Jacobs Oil as a last chance.
She began to improve from the time
the first application was made , and by
its continued use she has completely
The Romance of a Solitary Gulch.
In one of the gulches of the gold
mining district of the Divide , probably
twenty-five miles from Denver , stand
the remains of a cabin , if a few black
ened and charred timbers and a pile of
stones , evidently at one time a chim
ney , can be called remains. To the
miners and prospectors who pass over
the rough trail to-day the place has a
lonely and mournful look and many
speculations are indulged in as to the
history and fate of its former occu
From 1858 until 1861 this wild and
almost uninhabited country was filled
with a busy population who had left
comfortable homes and loving friends
in the east in the wild pursuit of gold
in these rich diggings. In the latter
year , however , the number dwindled
from several thousand to perhaps less
than a score of white men , new excite
ments having carried the restless tide
in other directions. Among the few
who remained were two brothers who
had left their home in a pleasant town
in Illinois to make their fortunes in
these marvelously rich placers. These
were Thomas" and William Coleman ,
who , though so closely related , were as
utterly different in disposition and
manner as could well be imagined.
Thomas , who was of a dark and
swarthy complexion , was always mo
rose and disagreeable , and generally
disliked by his neighbors. William ,
however , with his bright , blue eyes and
sunny hair , was ever a favorite with all.
But little was known of their previous
history save that the elder was uumar-
ried , but that William had left a young
wife and one child in the east. It was
known , also , to a few , that this mar
riage was a continual source of conten
tion between the two , and it was gen
erally understood that the brothers
had been formerly rivals for the hand
of the girl whom William afterward
married. One day , in the summer of
1864 , the siage , which was still running
in that section , brought as a passenger
a beautiful woman to the cabin who
proved to be the wife of William Cole
man. The meeting of the couple was
joyous to a degree , she explaining that
parents and child haying both died ,
she had resolved to join her husband
end individually share his fortunes and
hardships. Upon her arrival Thomas
went out of the house and wandered
a long distance over ridges and through
gulches , nor returned until long after
dark. Just exactly what happened
after he reached the cabin was never
known , but it is surmised that a fierce
quarrel and double murder ensued , as
late that night a man passing near
there on horseback thought he heard
loud and angry words followed by two
reports from a pistol , and looking back
after getting on top of the ridge he saw
the bright light of a conflagration.
Upon reaching the nearest settlement
he reported what he had seen. A party
of men started the next day to investi
gate the matter , and fouhd the charred
remains of the cabin and beneath the
still smoking ruins the burned bodies
of William Coleman and his wife.
Thomas Coleman was never afterwards
heard of. The placs to-day has a
mournful loneliness and silence , un
broken save by the twitter of birds by
day .and the howling of the coyote at
Beware of the * Incipient stages of Consumption.
Take Plso's Cnie in time.
The story of the romantic life of Gen
eral Sam Houston , who was in turn
United States senator , Cherokee chief ,
general in the army , and first president
of the Texan republic , will be told in
the August Century by Alexander
Hynds , who has been assisted in the
preparation of his paper by the family
of the "hero of San Jacinto. " Two
portraits of Houston , one from a mini
ature showing him as a Cherokee chief ,
will accompany the article.
"It Knocks the Spots , "
and everything itf , 'tho nature , ef erup
tions , blotches , pimplffl , ulcers , scrofu
lous Jhumors , and ihclpient consump
tion , which IB nothing more nor less
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out 'of 'the , timulates and
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Btptuach , regulates.the bovyels , purifies
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places of the body. It is a purely veg
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Pierce's "Golden Medical Discovery. *
A horsd attached to a buggy , in which
were three drunken men , refused to pass
the Third Frecinct Fojice Station in
Albany. The bystanders said the horse
knew the men ought to be put into a
cell. The men were finally compelled
to quit the wagon , whereupon tbe horse
was driven off without difficulty. .
"As Good as New , "
are tbe words used by a lady , who was
at one time given up by the most emi
nent physicians , uud left to die. Re
duced to a mere'skeleton , pale and hag
gard , not able to leave her bed , from
all those distressing diseases peculiar to
suffering females , such as displacement ,
leucorrbou , inflammation , etc. , etc.
She began taking Dr. Fierce's "Favor
ite Prescription , " and also using the
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Edwin Booth'is said to be gradually
withdrawing from-theatrical life. He
is too young a man for that. If , as is
alleged , Mr. Booth is weary of the bus
iness , let him retire for a year or two ,
and he will go upon the stage again
with renewed interest and power.
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Rumors of a "War .on Rates Between the
East Bound Roads.
The. cattle traffic from Nebraska
points will begin in about two weeks , and if
aaunderstanding is not reached by the roads
interested before that time a live war on
rates is very probable. The Chicago Tri
bune Bays that several conferences have
lately been held between General Manager
Potter , ot tbe Burlington , and General
Manager S. H. H. Clark , of the Union Pa
cific , but the prospect for an amicable
agreement are not very flattering , owing to
the reluctance of the Burlington to treat
with the Western Trunk Line Association.
Last year the Union Pacific had an exclu
sive arrangement with the Bock Island and
Milwaukee & St. Paul roads , by which the
latter received tbe bulk of the Union Pacific
cattle traffic. But at that time the
Iowa pool , to which the Burling
ton was a party , was still in
existence , and the Burlington received its
alloted percentage east of the river. Since
then , however , xhe Iowa pool has been
busted , and the Westean Trunk Line asso
ciation formed , which makes all the Iowa
lines allies of the Union Pacific , except the
Burlington. Under the new srate of things
all the Union Pacific's cattle business would
go to its eastern allies , and the Burlington
would receive such as comes from its own
Burlington and Missouri River line in Ne
braska. The Burlington contends that it is
entitled to a share of the business from the
Union Pacific at Oinaha , and threatens to
open a war on rates ii it is not eranted.
It is claimed that the Union Pacific would
be willing to make a few concessions rather
than have a war , but is not willing to do
anything without the consent of its eastern
allies , and they , of course , are anxious to
keep all they < an.
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swer that we have found the remedy in
Papillon Cough Cure. It never fails , and
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It does seem that the only rights the white
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Shot in a Saloon.
In Germantown , Pa. , John S. Sutton , a
building contractor , entered the saloon of
Joseph . Songster on Miller street about
1 o'clock in the morning. A dhcussion over
the Chicago convention arose. Songster ,
who is a democrat , made an insulting re
mark about Biaine , and siid that Cleveland
or any other democrat could beat him.
Sutton cautioned Him facetiously against
talking that way in this Biaine stronghold ,
and Songster retorted ( bathe would "shoot
a hole through a Blaiue man any day. "
Without provocation the saloonkeeper went
behind the bar , obtained a revolver of 'arge
calibre and pointing it at Sutton's head de
liberately fired , the ball entering the bruin
about two inches above the right ear. The
wounded man fell to the floor and was
taken as quickly as possible to the Germantown -
town hospital , where ho died. His assail
ant is under arrest. Sutton is a man of
some prominence in political circles and
leaves a large family.
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person suffers to a greater or less extent
from impurity of the blood , biliousness ,
( fee. , &c. This should be remedied as soon
as discovered , otherwise serious results
may follow. Sherman's "PRICKLY ASH
BIPTERS" will effectually remove all taint
of disease and restore you to health.
A dispatch says that two of London's dis
tinguished authors are writing a Joint book.
A work on anatomy , doubtless.
TER. fur Backache , fains in the Chest , Rheuma
tism 25c _
Queen Victoria is sixty-five years old , has
reitrned forty seven years , and has been a
widow twyn'y-thrge yars. _
A Del Worte lawyer bays the term duces
tecum means where you take 'em with three
When you visit or leave New York City ,
via Central depot. n ve Baggage EXITCBsage
and $3 Carriage Hire , nnd stop at tbe Grand
Union Hotel , opposite said "depot. Six
hundred elegant rooms fitted up at a cost of
one million dollar * : $1 HIM ) upward * per day.
European pln. Elvvmor. Ib xt&nrant * up >
plied with the best. Hor- - earn , btattCH and
elevated railroad to all depot * * . Fnmlllo *
can live better for ! ei-n inon > > it the Grand
Union Hotel than HI ny < > thT tlrt-t-clasn
hotel In the rltv.
Paul Martin , of Milwaukee , has gone to
the penitentiary for thn e months for steal
ing a kiss from MUa Ernftlne Curtb.
"KOUOn ON F.NTI T" Tooth Pow
der. Fine. Smooth. Cleansing , Uefreshlug. Pre
servative. 15o
Acrematonm built in the time of the Ro
man invasion ha Just beendlbcovcred in the
city of Lincoln.
FOB In curing Bright' !
Kidney & Liver Troubles , Diaeaso , Pains In the
Bladder. Urinary one adBsckXoIns or Bides ,
Liver Diseases , Dropsy. Retention or Non-Hoten-
Gravel and Diabetes. Uonof TJrine.
It cures Biliousness , Headache , Jaundice , Sour Stomach
ach , Dyspepsia , Constipation and Pilea.
and cores Intemperance , Nervous Diseases , General
Debility , Excesses and Female Weakness.
It restores the KTONETB , IiTViSB , and BOWELS , tea
a healthy action and CUHES when all other medicines
fail. Hundreds havebeensaved who have been given
up to dlo by friends and physicians.
Price $1.25. Send for Illustrated Pamphlet to
HUNT'S KEMEDY CO. , Providence , K. J.
Dyapepoia , General Dolility ,
Janndioe , Habitual Constipa
tion , Iiiver Complaint , Sick
Headache , Diseased Kidneys -
noys , .Etc. , Etc.
It contains onlv the Purest Drugs , among
which may bo enumerated P2ICEIY ASH BAI2
1172 BKSISS , HAlT32i22 , BKEJ , CENSA , Et : ,
H cleanses the system thoroughly , and as
Is Unoqualed.
It io i ot an intoxicating beverage , nor car
it be uucd aa such , by reason of its CathartK
Sole Proprietors ,
To the needs of
the tourist , com
; mercial traveler
and new settler.
Hosteller's btow-
ach Bitters Is pecu
liarly adapted , since
it strengthens the
dme tlve organs ,
and brace- , the
physical enerele to
f-s. unhealthtul infln-
g ? ences. it removes
and crevents mala-
r rial fever , conatlpa-
tlon. dyspepsia ,
healthfully stimu
lates the kidneys
and bladder , and
enriches as well as
purifies the blood
When overcome bv
f atlzue , whet her
mentnl or physical
the weary and de
bilitated find it a
reliable source of
renewed strength and comfort. For sale by all
Druggists and Dea'ers generally.
Used br the Chi el
Mechanician of th
, TJ. S. Coast Survey I
by the Admiral
commanding-in the
U. S. Naval Observ
atory , for Attro-
nomicalwork ; and
by l > ocomotlv
Engineers , Con-
ductorg and Rall-
way men. They are
_ rocojfnlzed as
for all uses In which close
[ time and durability are re
quisites. Sold In principal
I citieg and towns by the COM-
I PANY'S exclusive Agent *
0 ultncJaUr , ) TvhoKlva a Full Warranty.
rS MB SlCanses no Fain.
IttKSB = -
j _ . . : : ? ( \ < fl biJniipp. . Thorough
Treatment will
Cure. Not a Liq
uid or Sunff. Ap-
m with Finger.
Give it a Trial.
0 cents at Druggists ; 00 cents by mall registered.
Sample bottle by mail 10 cents.
ELY BROTHERS. Urngplsts , Oweeo. N. Y.
TW taughtat ELECRAPHY Omaha School TelegraphyOmaha ,
Neb. Send for circular. E. O. WAIT , Manager '
W N U Omaha 21C 30
please say you saw the advertisement in
this paper.
For more than flvo year * pnit n mtm e-of my
t in/lly has beou rtilicted with Ilnr Ferer. cnlmlnat-
Ini : lute In the fail wl-h a nnck'nv coiutu which
would Incrmike In tore-lty until th-r inrn of warm
weir r. Kvery > enirdr inrei futile , and relief
WHS on'y found In achnnneiif cllmnte. Tn re w
a recurr-nro < f tb d fllculty lattfall , attended IUi
theutual coiiK'i and tinlenl protracted meeting.
Not naif n buttle of f apll.lon fatarri < nre hailbe n
OR d before th coiuh entirely disappeared. nd
K ner/il relief fo'Iuwcd. It 1 Mmplr wonderful
Don't full to iy It J. . Br-nuowe.
( Ki-Mcm."onoro-ii t& OUt. Mich. )
Knliuazo-s VI h. March 12h 1881
A. Hkln of lleunty ! n < Ioy Kurcver.
Oriental Crenni. or Magical IIeuatia r.
E i- . fc Heraove * 1 n.
WrSx go 'lmplelMh
" * H" - - -
blomlsh on
teauy , aid
duties detec
tion. It h j
stood the te *
ot thlrtv yean
and ft 10
hnrmtepn we
tnstn It to b
tare t'.o prep
aration Ii
proppr'y made
accept n
The dbtinsulthcd Dr. I * . A. "ajre said to a lady of
the haul t.n ( nputlcnt ) : "As T. u ladies will use
them. I recommend ' ( .ouraud's ( 'ream' as the lentt
hnnnfulof ult the Bktn preparation * . ' One bottle
will last six niombs uslns It every day. Also Pon-
dro Hubtllo removes eopcrfluoun hair without Injury
to the skin. MME M. u.T. UOUitAUn. Hole Prop. .
48 Bond ft. N. V. For sa'o by nil Uruiwlnts and
Fancy Roods Dealers. C7 He are of b e Imita
tions. Jl.OOO Howard for arreat and proof of any
selling tn i game. _ _ _
AH tliosn painful Complaint *
* and Wonknessfs HO common *
* , * * * * to our best * * * *
Price $1 In liquid , pill or loimge fora.
n purpose is solely for the legitimate healing of
disease and the relief of pain , and that it does all
it claims to do , thotuandsoflaillea can gladly testify.
It will cure entirely all Ovarian troubles , Inflamma
tion nnd Ulccratlon , Falling mid Displacements , and
consequent Spinal Wiakness , and Is particularly
adapted to the chaugeof life. '
"It removes Faliitn > a. Flatiil < ncy , destroys all cnmnjr
for stimulant * , and relieves WiaknL- of the Stomach ,
It cures Bloating' . Headaches , Nervous lTotr tion.
General Debility , Sleeplessneiei , Deprenalon and IndJ-
KCstloa. That feellntj of bearlnjj down , causing pain ,
nnd tackache. Is always permanently cured by its use.
Send stamp to Lynn , Ma&s. , for pamphlet. Letters o
Inquiry conlldentlally answered. For tale at druggists.
Will bay 25 per cent , more Groceries at the Old tl *
liable Store of
than can be bonght elaowhe a in the state. Thx ; mti
1 lb > . JL Miiyur for . . . . (
IS 1-8 lb . Extra O ? agor for - 81. OO
11 1lb . OritnululeU Snxurfor - Hl.Od
14 Ib . New Orleun * Sulfur for - ttl.OO
And other goods In proportion. Bend for Moaui
Price List. J. B. FRENCH & CO. OH A u A
Iiou Later * . Sterl Brtrtnr * . ! ! itt
Ttra leni ! unit Beam Box ,
JONES tia | r tlir f reljtht fur Irrt
Price LJt metitlnu til' ' * fiAiwrantf
llaa a 1'iul dillcrent from cup shape , with Evlt-
AdJiiitinRKallln oenter.adup'r
it. cirtonllpo-itlonsortbotKk.'r
while tlic ball In the run
_ . „ presses back the intes-
* * r tines just as a person
does With tne f inner. V.ith light pressure the Her
nia is held securely u-iy and nl tt , and a. radical cnre
certain. Itlseosy.ilnralilonnilelieap. Rent br moil. Ctr.
Cularsfree. IMiUSTOV T < H bS til. , 111.
" : > "
nrnt employm-nt
and oed salary selling Queen CUf
Sample outfit Free. Address Quern
Cltr Sutpendcr Co. , Cincinnati. * ) .
COShotCun Revolvers ,
Rifles ,
Sold by ALL DEALERS throughout the Woric.
Gold Me'dal Paris Exposition , 1873.
feet prevent- of this terrible < H eaee ; SOc'perbot.
directions for its.U'C in emh box. ' 'J hih \ > a Uoit
Cholera medicine only , it Is u ed largely by tne D.
8. Government t tbe Solrlera' Ilon-e. Send Toronr
new General informal on Book , fiee , & ntalnina a
lar e an ount of information about Horses and Cat
tle , their diseases and treatnent. For further par
ticulars addre s , DK. \\.ClllliEh&COr
cold by all drngglste. Dayton. Ohio.
Bellevue College ,
September 7 , 1884.
Clastical , Scientlflc. Commercial and Art Depart
ments. .Both eexes admltied. 1 nlf.on low , bosrdiox
cheap. C2TAddres mr particulars , Kev , W. W.
ba. D D. , President , bellevue Iseb.
Froteitunt Episcopal Seminary fur Yuuaj-
Ladles ,
Th" Bi'hopof Nebraska. Visitor The Rev.7to > -
ert Doherty. M. A. . Hector , has been nineye r ai
tbo bean of the vchool. and is eM ttd t > y > nable
anrt experienced Faculty. 'Ihe Twenty-nn > t Teacr
begins Wedne < ! ny , ( September IO. 1084.
lir ? ( alalcgueand particular.- , apply to the Kector.
offered to se 1 the official and Authentic biographiesof
Convention. FINE nTKEL POKTBAtTa. Outfits
5Uc. by return mall. Tall on or adores ? , KANSAS
ClTT iTjB. UO. , 10J W. Ninth st. , Kansas C ity , ilo.
JllustrH ed College Journal -
, nal , specimens of penman-
- - - * - * - ship tent free
i * i- * , Addren
.Ij , MCSSELMAS. Gem City Bus. Coll. , Quliicy , 111.
Elegant Pi Ice * for Fmsll collection of Empty
HnrliamTnhaccollaK . Particulars free.
Thompton J5ro. . 357 .nuInHt , Cincinnati , O.
Be"ttV > nqifcyrup. !
Ubu is time , tsjld by drug ista.
I JTornhlnorZaljitCorcd In 19
, to OUn.TH. opnT till Cared.
_ I Da. J. bTm jncLebanon. . Ohio.
T FARM Telejernphyor hort-hand and type
I ( .Him wrltlu ? here. Situations furnished.
U Address Valentine Bros. . Janesvllie , Wte.
r T > . y. 3et "Jli iDe-it Onlr Oalck-
GEH Co , liJJ Or ind Ave. , Kausa * Oity , it i.
PATENTS ! J0108- PSimpson. . Wasb-
r . ? , ? . lntton.D.C. NopayaakBd
for patent untU obtained. Write for Inventor's Guide
WANTED 11 experienced aook and Bible Agents m
every County. Liberal Salaries Paid. Afidret *
rtatlng experience. P. O. Box g. g. . Btl ult. Mo.
IgQg A 1210 F r..Omah .
Positively cure SICK-HEADACHE , Biliousness , and all
BLOOD JPOISON , and Skin Diseases ( ONE PILL A DOSEK or
have no equal. "I nnd them a valuable Cathartic and Liver Pill ; Dr
"In my practice I use no other. J. Dennlson , MJQ. , DeWltt
a il for ct. . in .t np. . Vlu.bie mrorm.tion