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    The Tribune
Thursday , May i4th , 1884.
Indicates that your subscription to Tire
X TUIBONK baa expired , and that an Invita
tion to renew the name Is extended.
All locali under tbis hendinir Kte. a line for
each insertion , and same Inserted until order
ed discontinued , unless time Is spaciflcd. Bills
payabin monthly.
Local Intelligence.
Graham Flour at City Bakery.
Chickens wanted at the City Market.
"Thunder and lightning" at Hayden
& Co.'s.
AH kinds of blanks kept for sale at
this office.
For the best Flour in town call at
City Bakery.
Fresh fish every Tuesday and Friday
at City Market.
Choice raisins , 10 cents per pound ,
at Hayden & Co. ' a.
If you want cheap pork call at John
Farley's meat market.
Blank notes , neatly bound , 50 in a
book , for sale at this office.
Our merchants are drawing largely
from Northwestern Kansas.
1 Highest cash price paid for hides ,
furs and pelts at City Market.
Plunkett Sisters at Menard's Opera
Hall , Friday and Saturday evenings.
The very choicest cuts of ham , beef ,
pork and mutton at the City Market.
Go to Green's drug store for wall
paper. A fine stock at bed-rock prices.
Wilson & Hickling have purchased
the old Gump business , and are conduct
ing the same at the old stand.
Now is the time to secure Wind Mills
at car-load rates. Inquire of or address
G. B. Nettlcton , McCook , Nebraska.
Seventy-five families of Hungarians
hare settled on the Beaver in the vicinity -
ity of Hcrndon , during the past spring.
That delivery wagon purchased by
John Farley , last week , belongs to the
order called "daisies , " and is quite fine.
Call at City Market for early vege
tables : Tomatoes , peas , string beans ,
onions , sweet potatoes , raddishes , let
tuce , etc.
Times were a little lively on Main
street , Saturday afternoon for a few
minutes. Nobody injured , and dam
ages nominal.
We are seriously contemplating.going
into partnership with the general govern
ment. The McCook Land Office receiv
ed in one day , Saturday last , $1079.24.
The pay car came up to McCook ,
Tuesday evening , and lightened the
boys' hearts and ladened their wallets.
The car went west Wednesday morning.
A party of cow boys from the range
nortli of here were in town , last week ,
and imbibed sufficient "mountain dew"
to make them feel funny , but harmless.
The contracts for building houses for
Will Dolan on his claim north of town ,
and for Mr. Coulter on his claim on the
south side , are in the hands of Con
tractor Mclntyre.
The Kyler claim on the river bottom
between the bridge and W. H. Smith's
place has been purchased by H. C. Kider
for $850 , which , at the price river
claims are selling , is a bargain.
Look out for the bread wagon ! Be
ginning Saturday next , the City Bakery
will deliver bread , pies , etc. , to any
point in the city , once a day before
dinner. Be prepared with your orders.
The railroad crossing on the bridge
road east of "town was put in by Super
visor Farley on Tuesday. This matter
has been deferred long , but will be none
the less appreciated by the travelling
A gentleman representing J. M.
Wolfe , Publisher of the Nebraska State
Gazetteer and Business Directory for
1884-5 , was in town , the first of the
week , gathering information for the
forthcoming directory.
Old Fashioned
Ice Cream and Lemonade at Gump's
old" store , to-morrow evening , by Wil
son & Hickling.
Old Fashioned
Ice Cream and Lemonade at Gump's
old store , to-morrow evcMing , " by Wil
son & Hickling.
The latest addition to the stock grow
ers of Bed Willow county is John San
ders of the B. & M. Eating House. Ho
recently purchased a bunch of 100
steers thafe are now in the care of C. L.
Ncttleton up Driftwood.
A fine little girl came to gladden the
hearts and make brighter the home of
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Lytle , Thursday
last. We digressed from our habit to
accommodate a fine specimen of the
weed , in celebration of the auspicious
Let every land owner and homestead
er break at least ten acres on his land ,
this year , and a great increase in re
tained moisture and consequent better
crops will be his reward. The larger
the acreage of buffalo grass turned un
der , the better , so don't be. afraid to
use the plow extensively.
Next Monday C. J. Davis , Fred Frink ,
C. T. Henderson and Col. Heartwell ,
will start for the Republican valley with
a herd of 500 head of cattle belonging
to J. B. Heartwell. The boys expect
to have a good time , and come back in
the fall with an unlimited capacity for
hash. Hastings Nebraskan.
Burn your waste paper instead of
sending it adrift on the streets. Pro
vide , if possible , some better place for
waste waiter , tin cans , etc. , than the
alley or back part of your lot. To be
sure , we will miss the perfumes of ori
ental sweetness , but it won't injure the
appearance of our town irreparably.
The influx of people continues un
abated , and is becoming greater as the
season advances. For the past two
weeks McCook has been crowded with
people seeking land and town property ,
and many have come to move on land
upon which they put papers during the
winter. Our land officers have more
work on hand than they can attend to.
A most enjoyable card party was
given to the young people by Mr. and
Mrs. Robb at their pleasant residence ,
Monday evening. Those present were
the Misses Papan , Miss Jennie Fisher ,
Miss Hollister , Miss Rowell , Messrs.
Forbes , "Frank Harris , Fred Harris , W.
D. Gumming and our religious editor ,
and all enjoyed themselves to the full.
Two Upper , Willow cattleman , J. G.
Stokes and Schuyler Braugh , came down
to McCook , Saturday , for supplies and
wire. Stokes & Troth are fencing in a
large pasture , and reports stock picking
up rapidly. Mr. Braugh has one of the
largest herds on the Willow , and being
all range cattle , his loss has been re
markably small. Out of 2,000 head he
fed but 20 during the winter.
We have readers in all sections of
Red Willow county , and numbers in
Hitchcock , Frontier , Dundy and Hayes ,
and as we cannot be omnipresent , will
of necessity be compelled to rely upon
our friends in these different counties
and localities keeping us posted as to
the neighborhood news. So , don't be
backward in giving us whatever news of
importance transpires in your section.
As full particulars of the storm which
struck Decatur on Monday of last week
come in , it is evident that it was the
most destructive cyclone that has ever
visited that section. Houses , barns ,
corrals , etc. . were blown out of exist
ence , a number of people more or less
injured , and some well nigh miraculous
escapes are chronicled. The storm is de
scribed as having been grandly terrific
doubtless more terrific than grand.
S. Hoge of Knoxville , Iowa , arrived
in McCook. last week. He cemes bear
ing very flattering recommendations
from responsible parties in Knoxville ,
both as to his character as a man , and
his ability and responsibility as a con
tractor and superintendent of construc
tion , and he desires those contemplat
ing building to give him a call. He
will guarantee the work done in a work
man like manner.
The Council at their last meeting
instructed the Chairman to perfect ar
rangements for providing a pound and
having the ordinance regulating animals
running at large enforced. A large and
substantial enclosure has been put up ,
and Mr. Olcott intends to discharge his
duties of pound master impartially ,
without fear or favor. And now let us
give the boys a pointer : For every
horse , mule , cow , oxen , sheep , goat or
pig you take to Mr. Olcott he will give
you twenty-five cents.
All themselvesin
persons knowing *
debted to Drs. Willey & Johnson at the
time of the dissolution of their partner ?
ship are requested to call on Dr. John
son and settle.
The Plunkett Sisters supported by
Hart & Campbell's Dramatic Company
played at Rogers' Opera House , two
nights last week. In our opinion this
is one of the best companies now on the
rpad. The first night they gave us
"Lost in London , " one of Wats Phelpa
great melodramas. The second night
they rendered one of Craven's Laugha
ble English Comedy's , "Milky White. "
Aurora Republican.
Our town would look . cleaner and
more inviting to the eye , and to the nos
trils would smell far sweeter , and be
much healthier withal , if by some means
a few stench-emitting and disease-pro
ducing carcasses were removed from the
streets and alleys. We beg lief to call
this matter to the attention of the prop
er authorities , as it is certainly deserv
ing of attention as a sanitary , and pre
cautionary measure , independent of the
vast improvement a little cleaning up
would make in the appearance of the
town. "Cleanliness is akin to Godli
ness. " Let us bs clean if we kin.
When business men of a town fail to
advertise extensively , they diminish the
importance and trade of the place and
permit enterprising localities to take the
latter from them. Although done for
their individual interests advertisers
should be looked upon by citizens of the
town where they reside as in some sense
public benefactors , and they should be
encouraged accordingly. One merchant
who advertises extensively , is worth to
his town and its people more than forty
who never' show themselves in print ,
and should be , for , this reason alone
preferred , assuming of course that he
is a fair business man. '
Arrangements have been completed
for the erection of stock yards , in Mc
Cook , and the same have been located
south of the railroad track and west of
the race course. It is proposed to hold
auctions at this point on Saturday of
each week , and J. F. Wray has secured
the use of Dunbar & Olcott's yard for
that purpose. The first auction will
take place at the above mentioned yard
on Saturday of this week , as Bee notice
elsewhere in this issue. This will bring
many people to town , and be a benefit
to our business men as well as those
interested in stock. Be sure to be pres
ent at the auction next Saturday.
The many patrons of Boyer & Shaw ,
dealers in general merchandise at this
place , have been not a little surprised
at the discovery of the fact that A. E.
Alexander , their head clerk , had been
tampering with the money of the firm ,
and his summary dismissal from their
service. The news struck our commu
nity like a thunderbolt , as no had ever
dreamed that the energetic , attentive
and gentlemanly clerk was other than
perfectly honest , yet with all these qual
ifications , he , according to his own ad
missions , so far forgot himself as to
appropriate the pitiful sum of eleven
dollars paid him by a customer , and also
a five dollar bill marked and placed
where he would be apt to and did find
it. As to whether he had taken other
or further sums from the firm , they do
not know , nor would he admit that he
had wronged them further than as they
had absolute evidence against him.
A party from York county , number
ing twenty-nine , were in McCook , Sat
urday , entering land which they had
selected in Frontier county , during a
land.hunt of some day's duration. And
a well pleased party were they. We
were pleased to meet a number of the
party , and to note their astonishment
at finding so fine a country. Among the
number was Mr. Morgan of the York
Republican , one of the early settlers of
York county. He passed up the Re
publican Valley three years ago , and
was at that time impressed with the be
lief that it was only a matter of a few
years when this valley would be teeming
with people , and he now sees a strong
move in that direction , tfe was partic
ularly surprised at finding such a "phe
nomenal town as McCook. " "No town
of its size and age in the state has such
an air of substantiality and elegance as
your town , " and other like'expressions
evidenced his surprise.
Old Fashioned
Ice Cream and Lemonade at Gump's
old store , to-morrow evening , by Wil
son & Hickling.
Gco. P. Weick has had an addition
built to his house in South McCook.
, 1
Senator Dolan made a business trip *
to McCook , Tuesday.
Sheriff Welborn was circulating
around town , Saturday.
H. H. Troth of Carrico dropped in to
see us , Thursday morning.
Fred. Harris made his weekly pil
grimage to the hub , Sunday ,
Mr. McKim of Kansas was in town ,
"Wednesday , on legal business.i
J. E. Cochran , Esq. , went down to
Arapahoe , Friday , on legal business.
Mrs. W. H. Thompson was an eastbound -
bound passenger Wednesday morning.
John Tolman has gone to Danbury ,
Neb. , in Red Willow county. Orleans
Mrs. Samuel Wheeler and daughter ,
Miss Jessie , went down to Lincoln ,
Register Laws went down to Alma ,
Saturday , on business , returning Sun
day morning.
Mrs. T. G. Rees and mother went to
Fairmont , this state , Wednesday morn
ing , on a visit. ' |
J. B ; Meserve and W. W. Fisher
came down from their Hayes county
ranches , Sunday.
Jos. Menard arrived in McCook , Tues
day night on No. 1. His family will
follow him next week.
Judge Ashmore passed through Mc
Cook , Wednesday , on his way home
from his Hayes county ranch ;
Supt. Campbell goes the slow process
of growing grass in his yard from the
seed , and has sodded the same.
R. 0. Phillips of Lincoln Land Co. ,
came up to McCook , Saturday , going
down the valley again on Sunday.
Sam Ashmore drove down from Hayes
county , Sunday , made some purchases ,
and returned the following morning.
Miss Rowell went down to Indianola ,
Saturday afternoon , on a short visit to
Mrs. McCartneyreturning Sunday night.
The Misses Papan , sisters of Mrs.
McCartney of Indianola , were in town ,
Monday and Tuesday , guests of Miss
Mr. A. E. Chandler of the Oberlin
Land Office was in town , Monday and
Tuesday. He made this office a very
pleasant call.
Mr. A. J. Brent and Miss Jennie
Jamison of Bondville , were in town ,
Saturday. Both had contests before
the Land Office.
W. S. Morlan of Arapahoe , Prosecu
ting Attorney of this district , was in
town , Wednesday. He had a case be
fore an arbitrator.
J. P. Israel disposed of his restau
rant and grocery to J. J. Dunbar , last
Friday , and is now engaged on the Cul-
bertson Sun as editor and publisher.
Mr. and Mrs. Noah Mishler were
down Saturday and Sunday to see the
baby their grand-daughter , which now
adorns the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lytle.
Conductor J. E. Sanborn has given
the contract for the building of a resi
dence on Macfarland street , above Joe
McManigal's , to Conductor Hoge , .re
cently arrived in McCook.
Postmaster Hemming , of Quickville ,
Thomas county , went down to McCook
on Wednesday , after supplies. Quite a
wagon train left for McCook on a simi
lar errand. Atwood Citizen.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hayden and
daughter came up to McCook , Friday
nightj returning Saturday afternoon.
W. H. is proud of his little girl , who
inherits in a great degree the genius of
Mrs. ' Hayden for art.
Mrs. Frank Sibley of Lincoln came
up to McCook , Monday night. S.he
formed a degree lodge of Good Tem
plars , Tuesday evening , and took No.
40 for Orleans , Wednesday , where she
also instituted a degree lodge.
J. D. Gerver , the father of Gerver
precinct , William Relph , James A.
Gregrey and others from the southside ,
were in the metropolis , Friday , attend
ing to contests and final proofs , before
the land officials. Mr. Gerver is one
of the old settlers , and speaks encour
aging words of his section : He has in
50 acres of small grain , which is look
ing fine. ' An unusual amount of land
is being turned and cultivated , and
small grain all through that-locality is
looking well. He is one of those who
hhs made money here , and is entirely
satisfied with Red Willow county.
An individual of unknown nationality
indulged in some peculiar freaks at In
dianola , Tuesday. He attempted to
tear u the railroad track , and in other
respects gave distinct indications of
being non compos mentis. He was
adddressed by seven different persons ,
but none were able to make themselves
understood or understand his peculiar
Joseph Odwarker of Dorchester , this
state , was in town a number o days
last week. He informed us that he had
purchased all the property owned by
Fred. Vondrcs in McCook , and that ho
would complete the dwelling house
started by Mr. Vondrcs on the lot west
of Supt. Campbell's residence. He also
made a trade with H. C. Rider by which
he became owner of the skating rink
property , giving , we understand , his lot
adjoining and $600 cash. He will in
the course of time make McCook his
permanent abode , and thinks now that
she discounts any town in the Repuoli-
can Valley , and we are j like opinion.
A Rare Treat.
The Plunkett Sisters , decidedly -the
best dramatic company that have visited -
ed this city , appeared at McClellen's
Hall , Tuesday and Wednesday evenings ,
in the two popular plays , "Ticket of
Leave Man" and the "Serious Family. "
There are nine in this company and all
good actors. The celebrated melodrama ,
"Ticket of Leave Man , " brought out
a full house Tuesday night. The play
was excellent , and at times they kept
the audience in continuous uproarous
laughter. Their excellent entertain
ment brougt out a full house Wednesday
evening. The "Serious Family , " which
they acted that evening was the best of
all. It fairly set the audience wild.
They were to have been with us three
nights , but owing to the bad weather
Monday night it threw them out of one
night's engagement , which our public
regretted very much. Should they ever
visit us again they will be greeted with
a crowded house. Blue Hill Times.
Mr. Fuel has gone down the valley
to work.
Some of eur people go to Indianola ,
this week.
H. W. Davis will move his cattle to
the head of Medicine Creek , next week.
Sabbath school at W. H. Pickens
every Sunday at 2 P. M. H. W. Eaton ,
That "long Johnston" has been put
ting down some wells on the divide
during the past week.
A new bridge over Dry Creek is one
of the improvements long needed on the
road to McCook from the south.
We noticed a dead horse and a lone
some looking buggy in the road near the
old Valley Grange P. 0. , Sunday P. M.
Miss Bessie Ausbourne will start in
a few days for the mountains , that hav
en where the "wicked flea doth cease
from troubling" and the "festive gnat
is having a rest. "
Mr. Beatty of Iowa , a nephew of Mrs.
D. H. Babbit , arrived last week , and
will spend the summer acquainting himself -
self with the business and prospects of
our country. Also , Mr. Barber of Au
burn , N. Y. , a friend of N. Burtless ,
came last Thursday with the same laud
able object in view. Mr. Barber will
"take in" the round-up in company with
Mr. Burtless. JOSIE.
I will be in McCook on
SATURDAY , MAY 17th , 1884 ,
and will sefl at Public Auction 20 head
of broke and unbroke horses and mules.
Notice to the Public.
I have just purchased 28 head of the
finest beef steers in Western Nebraska ,
and am now prepared to furnish the
choicest cuts of beef at the City Market.
TUB rates of travel from Denver east
arc coming down rapidly. It is proph
esied that the rate to-day to Kansas
City will be one dollar or less.
THE editor of the Cambridge Monitor
is a "bully boss boy" and no mistake.
He speaks of a "boss" boy , a "boss"
man , a "boss" farmer , and then by way
of spice uses "bully" boys.
TUB Republican attributes General
Grants financial difficulties to his allow
ing ' -boys and dudes manage his affairs , "
and thinks that had the "old command
er been on guard , ho would have fought
it out , 'if it had taken all summer. ' "
It will doubtless bo an all-summer job
if the failure is not greatly exaggerated. .
OUR city council of saloon-kep ? ra and
their assistants imagine that they fcav
found an ordinance by which th Slo-
ouinb law may bo evaded. They propose
to harmonize with the state law requir
ing $1,000 to bo paid at once for a
license , by taking $250 when the saloon
opens , $250 after three niontkfl , $250
after six months and $250 at the cad
of nine months. At this juncture $1,000
will have been paid , and a license will
be issued. Thus our saloons will run
nine months without license. This is a
beautiful manner of beating the deril
around the bush , and if there is any
legal method of preventing it , somebody
ought to "come to the front" withHhe
method. It is more than passing strange
that the liquor interests of this city
cannot find it judicious to obey a decent
law , preferring instead by their efforts I
at lawlessness to offer a premium for
the prohibition movement that is raging : i
on every side of as. llepublican. t „
THE initial number of the Frontier
County Faber reached us last week.
Bro. Powers labored under many digad-
vantages in preparing his first paper for
issue , but still makes a very creditable
showing , and will take front rank in
the journalism of Southwestern Nebras
ka beyond a peradventure.
THE Gazette-Journal critique , in de
scribing the costumes worn by the per
formers in an opera given by home
talent "Mrs. So-and-so attired
, says : - - was
ed in a neat blue silk , which exactly
fitted her complexion. " And still Wall , f
street continues colicky.
S.V. . SWITZER , Register of the .
Bloomington land office , was robbed of *
personal property to the amount of over
a hundred dollars at the Commercial
House , Lincoln , recently.
Plunkett Sisters at Menard's Opera
Hall , Friday and Saturday evenings.
Marsh's Golden Blood and
Liver Tonic is an Excel
lent Remedy.
" wife cured of Liver
"My was com
plaint and disordered Blood , with
TONIC. It is the best of all remedies. "
Jas. J. Wright , Des Moines , Iowa.
IC is an excellent remedy for billious-
ness and loss of appetite. I have used
it several times. " Mrs. Mary Thomai ,
Fort Scott , Kans.
"My Blood , Liver , Kidneys , Stomach
and Bowels , where out of , order. I tiled
several remedies and prescriptions with
out benefit. MARSH'S GOLDEN BLOOD &
LIVER TONIC cured me. It'is a grand
medicine. " John G. Hill , Kaniaa
City , Missouri.
TONIC , the great Blood and Liver puri
the famous Throat and Lung medicine ,
are for sale by S. L. Green , druggist ,
McCook. Large bottles 50 cents and $1.
Locals under this head 5c. a line for cftch
insertion. Bills payable monthly.
Wheeler & Wilson sewing- machine ?
at Lcc's.
Go to John A. Lee's for sewing
We have just received a handsome
assortment of calling cards.
Parties wishing to purchase a firat-
class machine can be accommodated by
calling on John A. Lee , who hag the
agency for the celebrated Wheeler < fc'
Wilson Sewing Machines. . . ,
_ _ TH
Noah Mishlers celebrated stallions ,
Tampaco Messenger and Marquis will
stand at Russell's barn , McCook , on
Saturday of each week , from May 1st
to August 1st. Call to see them.
Blank Deeds , Real Estate Mortgages , ; )
Leases , Bills of Sale , Bond for Deed ,
Quit Claim Deeds , Contracts for Build
ing , Mortgage Deeds , Release of Mort
gage , Official Bonds , Soldiers Discharge
Petition for License , Notes , Receipts , , THE TRIBUNE office.
CHALLENGE ! To any Chemist in
the U. S. One Hundred Dollars will
be paid to any Chemist finding anything
but Grape Cream Tartar and Bi-Carb.
Soda in DeLand's Chemical Baking
Powder. It is one of the few brands
that are absolutely pure. Sold by Hay
den & Co.
Attention , Land Attorneys. [ '
We have Jn stock "Ca h Application" and * j
"Proof * blanks , under net approved.June 15 , }
1SSO. Same are put up in $1 and $2 packaged , 1
ready to iiiuil. Send in your order to ?
THE TIUUUNE , McCook , Kcb ;