McCook weekly tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 188?-1886, April 24, 1884, Image 2

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F. M. * E. M. K1MMKIX , Jabs.
A party of duck hunters who went
out from Wayne returned with a handsome
white wan , which they had killed. It is
to be sent to Norfolk to be mounted.
Three incendiary fires were recently
startdin , Crete , two of them accomplishing
their purpose by burning up two stables.
A. negro has been arrested and is held on
suspicion. He was seen running away
from one of the places just as the fire broke
The local paper figures up that the
improvements in Clarksville as amounting
to a little over $40,000.
The Pawnee Press says that Beatrice
Is about the same distance from Omaha as
Pawnee City is , yet you can get a round
trip ticket between those two points for
16.40. It will cost just$5.20to get a round
trip ticket between Pawnee City and Lin
coin , just half the distance. Competition
explains the low rate.
The Beatrice Express learns of a ter
rible accident which resulted in the death
of a sixteen month * ' old son of his brother ,
Mr. John Downey , who lives near Plym
outh , in Jefferson county. A tub of boilIng -
Ing water was left in the room , and while
co one wag there the child came in. It
went to the tub and fell in. It was badly-
scalded , but lived thirtepn hours in th
most Intense suffering.
Orleans county has perfected an im
migration society , electing a secretary ant
treasurer and appointing a standing com
mittco to take charge of all matters per
tainlng to immigration.
The stable and hay stacks of Mr
Henson , of Wayne county , a new-comer
were destroyed by fire last week. He wa
burning prairie , when the fire got the bes
of him and destroyed bis stable.
Chas. Oldman , a tramp , was arrestec
s few days ago for placing"an obstructio
on the track between Exeter and Friend
ville. A couple of "fishplates" had bee
irmly strapped on one of the rails in such
manner that had the train struck it a wrec
would have been inevitable. Oldman was
arrested and will be held for trial. .
The state horticultural society earn
estly calls for early reports of arbor day
planting , giving the kind of trees , etc.
from any school district precinct and neigh
borhood in each county.
The Union Pacific is about to put on
a solid train from Denver to Omaha , mak
ing the run in seventeen hours or less.
The will of D. W. Stebbins , of Crete
which bequeathed all of his property to on
of his children , was set aside by Judg
Corey last week , for the reason that th
child to whem the property was given de
dined to accept only her proportionate
share , and desired her brothers and sister
to chare equally with her , and appeared
before tre judge and expressed her desire
and stated that if the will were not se
aside that as soon as she came in possession
of the property she would make an equa
division herself.
The meat market of W. J. Garvin
Alexandria , was destroyed by fire a few
nights ago , the loss being about $400.
Twety Union Pacific cars were load
ed with sheep at Beatrice a few days a ° o
and started east. The sheep were raised in
Gage county and belong to B. W. Johnson ,
sn eastern man.
The new Presbyterian church to be
built at Lincoln will comfortably seat 500.
It is to be supplied with all the modern
conveniences , including parlor , Bible-class
rooms , vestry , choir room , kitchen , dining
room , etc.
Mr. Mariner , of Johstown , Brown
county lost his store building and entire
stock of general merchandise by fire. There
was $2,500 Insurance on the property lost.
It is supposed the fire was set by an incen
The school population of Nebraska
City is 1,655. That of Plattaaiouth 1,559.
From the number of her' school population
Nebraska city figures her population at
9,163. According to the same method of
figuring Plattsmouth's population would
be 9,188.
Articles of incorporation have been
filed by the Pioneer Co-operative associa
tion of Beatrice. The general nature of
the business to be transacted is the managing
and carrying on of a co-operative store and
other business incidental thereto. The
capital stock is $4,600 , divided into 2,000
shares of $2 each. There are sixty members
Frank Peperell , of Pawnee county ,
has been herd to answer to the United
States grand jury for selling beer at a Cath-
ollc fair.
A Norfolk man , Henry Schroeder ,
went to Pierce , and there intoxicated him
self. In his budged condition he visited of
the house of a German family , lately ar
rived , where , in the absence of the hus :
band , lie made an indecent assault upon
i the woman. The return of the man fright
ened Schroeder away , but he was followed
by the husband a few minutes later and
overtaken in a saloon , where the late ar
rival from Germany gave the offender a
thorough thrashing. of
Postoffice changes in Nebraska for
the week ending April 12 , 1884. Estab
lished Dunn , Lancaster county. Wm. H.
H. Dunn , postmaster. Discontinued
Buckeye , Hamilton county ; Chase , Gree-
ley county ; Ford , Holt county ; Latrobe ,
Johnson county ; Spencer , Hall county.
The instruments for Seward's fe
male band have arrived , and the girls are
expected to make their first public appear In
ance on the 4th of July.
High license prevailed in Sterling ,
and now it is thought there will be no diffi
culty about providing more school room ,
of which the town stands greatly in need.
The Seward County Coal and Mining
company have made arrangements to begin
operations on the lands leased by them at
once. They propose to go down at least
1,000 feet , if they do not find coal sooner ,
and have contracted with F. K. Copeland ,
of Denver , to do the work.
Thetelegraphoperatornamed Church
who has held forth at Oreapolis for some
months past , has absconded for parts un
known , leaving several to mourn Bis unex
pected departure.
The test of the city well at Lincoln
was finished a few days ago. The contract
required to show 50,000 gallons per hour for
seventv-two hours , or 86,000,000 in all ;
4.000,000 gallons were pumped , and the test
showed a flow of from 75,000 to 90,000 gallons
lens an hour. The water is pure and clear ? "
and the council and citizens are jubilant.
Fourteen years has elapsed sirfoe the
first school was started in. Sterling , and
during that time only one child of school
age has died and that death was caused
by an accident. The Press thinks this is
not a bad record for the town.
Pawnee county has no licensed saloon
within its borders , and the disposition is
that there shall be none in the future. at
A paper is being circulated af Ster
ling to form a joint stock company to pros at
pect for coal ; $1,000 is the amount to be
raised , and the shares will be placed at
$10 each.
In the analysis of the ' stomach of
Mrs. Lee , recently poisoned at Crete , Dr.
Clark , the chemist , came near being fatally
poisoned by touching two drops to his
tongue of a solution of lees than one-half of
the stomach hffour ounces of chloroform ,
indicating therprasenee of a largb-quantity
Near-Beatrice , a few 1 days ago , the
hind wheel ofa front trucit of ; A Union Pa-
ciffo car slipped the track and dragged half
a mile ovev the ties before the train could
be stopped. In this short but dangerous
journey the train passed over two bridges.
The expenses of the last term of the
district court of Lancaster county foot up
to about $5,000. Not a very encouraging
outlook , for tax-payers.
A man named Neide , living in Doug
las county , was sent by his employer to
Omaha to sell a team of horses. He effected
a sale , getting $200 , put the money in bis
pocket and decamped for parts unknown.
Quinn Bohanan was put on trial at
Nebraska City on the 17th for the murder
of James Cook at Waverly , in February ,
1882. The prisoner was tried at Lincoln in
May , 1882 , convicted of murder in the second
end degree and sentenced to life imprison
ment. The supreme court set the judg
ment aside for want of formality as to the
grand jury.
A Rhode Island gentleman has been
looking over the ground at Orleans with
the view to establishing a woolen mill there.
The Press thinks the indications are favor
able for securlng'the enterprise.
A move is on foot at Atkinson to or
ganize a driving park association with a
capital of $1,000.
The grand jury of Saline county
found a true bill against John S. Lee for
murder in the first degree. It is assumed
that he is the poisoner of his wife. The
report of the expert who had charge of the
stomach of Mrs. Lee , reports that there
was poison enough in it to kill two hundred
and forty persons.
Young men of Stella engage in ball
playing on Sunday , notwithstanding the
editor of the local paper takes strong ground
against such desecration of the Sabbath.
W. H. Russell , an old resident of
Cuming county , who served as county com
missioner for four vears , committed sui
cide by shooting himself , while on his way
home from Wisner with a load of lumber.
Temporary insanity was the cause.
Hon. E. L. Reed , of Weeping Water ,
was heartily congratulated by his neighbors
and friends on return from the First dis
trict convention , which selected him as a
delegate to the Chicago convention.
Lorenzo Curtis , of Cass county , was
drowned in the Missouri * river near Hock
Bluffs last week while engaged in catching
drift wood.
One Man Killed and Two or Three In
An accident occurred last week on
the Omaha and Republican Valley branch
of the U. P. railroad , resulting in the
death of the fireman and badly injuring the
engineer and a brakeman , besides the de-
s'.ruction of considerable property.
The train was a mixed one , consisting of
a freight train with a passenger coach at
tached , coming toward Omaha. When
about four or five miles from Wuhoo a team
belonging to a farmer became frightened ,
presumably at the train , and started. No
one was in the wagon at the time and no
one had hold of the reins. The public road
runs along near the railroad track , and
down thlrf road the team ran , until they
finally switched over .on to the railroad
track ahead of the train. They had run but a
short distance until they -reached a culvert.
In attempting to cross it one of the animals
stepped between the ties and fell. The en
gineer saw them and attempted to stop bis
train , but was too close to do so before
striking them. The engine gave a lunge
and plunged down the embankment , taking
with it the tender and several flat cars.
The fireman , Ernest Gould , was caught in
attempting to get out of the way , and was
crushed and mangled in a horrible manner ,
causing almost instant death. The engi
neer and a brakeman were also badly in
jured .
The Substitute for CaMldT'fl Bill Adopted
by the Committee on Territories.
The house committee on territories ,
by a vote of 7 to 5 , adopted the substitute
offered by Mr. Alexander to Mr. Cassidy's
bill , providing that the president appoint a
commission to govern Utah. The proviswa
Ions relative to marriages require that they ea
shall be solemnized by a minister , judge , til
or justice of the peace , and the person so
officiating shall file a certificate of marriage
with the county recorder within thirty days ap
after the ceremony. Failure to file on rec
ord is punishable by a fine of $500. The
substitute makes the solemnization of marriage - .
riage , when either party to be married has Jai
tmsband of wife living , a misdemeanor pun
ishable by imprisonment in jail for not less
than six months nor more than twelve.
At a meeting of the representatives
the various boards of trade of the coun
try , held at Willard's hotel , Washington ,
o urge upon congress the policy of discon
tinuance for at least two vears of the coin
age of silver dollars , delegates were present
from commercial bodies at Portland Provi
dence. New Haven. New York , Phlladelati
phia , Baltimore , Cincinnati , Chicago , St. ad
Louis and Minneapolis. Martin Cple ,
St. Louis , presided. Besolutions
approving a policy discontinuing sil
ver coinage were read from a number of
other boards of trade. A memorial * , signed
by 2,600 citizens of New York , was read , to
favoring the same policy. Brief addresses
were made by a number of gentlemen , set
ting forth that thoughtful business men of
the country wei e viewing with alarm the a
present and piospective effects of the silver
issue , and a fso that a very decided change
popular sentiment on silver coinage is
taking place in various localities west and
south. Kepresentatives of the board of
trade now here will have a hearing before
the House committee. ' the
Nebraska First District Convention.
NEBRASKA Cixr , April 15. C. A. 000
Holmes called the convention to order.
Capt. G. M. Humphreys was elected chair
man , and Fred Nye and John Steen secre the
taries. Committee on credentials : D. G.
Courtney , of Lincoln ; E. M. Bartlett , of
Douglas ; J. P. Crother , of Nemaha ; N. B.
Larsh , of Otoe ; T. B. Wilson , ot Saunders.
Speeches were made by Hon. J. M. Thurs-
ton , E. Bosewater , Pat Hawes , Walter
Bennett and Capt. Witchell. After a spir
ited contest E. L. Beed , of Cass county , inl
and Church Howe , of Nemaha county , pete
were elected delegates to the Chicago con tomi
vention. N. B. Larab , of Otoe , and W. J. mi
Broach , Douglas , were elected alter he
nates. A resolution instructing for Blaine
was injudiciously introduced , but voted de
down. " ' * J
A National Cattle Show. rem
The secretary of the National Agri cli
cultural association addressed ra
, having a
letter to General Jas. S. Brisbin , com CO
mandant at Fort Keogh , Montana , request
ing his views in regard to holding a na se1
tional cattle show the COon
, general replies urg
ing that a show be held and suggesting that on
the same time a national convention of , ,
cattle breeders and stock growers be held ,
which all the stock associations through
out the country shall be represented. He
takes strong grounds against congressional
interference with the cattle trade , and says
there are no cattle diseases in the country and
worty of notice , much less of national leg due
An uncomfortable railway the fence the
rail-way , with tar and feather accoui
paniment. was
The Postoffice Appropriation
Bill Finally Acted Upon in
the Senate.
The Bill to Provide for the Ap.
pointment ot a Missouri
River Commission.
Action of the House Committee Re
garding the Closing of Public
Lands-Other Notes.
WEDNESDAY , April 14. Among the
petitions and memorials presented were
resolutions from the recent convention of
inventors , held at Cincinnati , opposing any
change in the patent laws that may tend to
injure property in patents : also , a petition
signed by MM. James A. Garfield and 600
other cit'zeus of Cleveland , Ohio , praying
for the passage of c , bill providing for the
return of the Nez Perces Indians to their
old home.
Mr. Slater introduced a bill to forfeit the
unearned lands granted to the Northern
Pacific railroad and restore the same to set
The senate resumed consideration of the
naval appropriation bill , the pending ques
tion being on the amendment proposed by
the senate committee to provide for the
construction of new cruisers.
Bills were introduced and referred : To
re the supreme court of the United
St .
By Mr. Turner ( Ky. ) , to equalize taxa
tion. It recites that bondholders and mil
lionaires have paid no tax on their incomes
to support the federal government for over
twenty vears : that taxation should be
justly imposed , and that there should be no
favored class , and enacts that an income
tax : of 3 per cent on over $6,000 ; 6 per cent ,
on over $10,000 , and 10 per cent , on over
$100,000 shall be levied and collected.
By Mr. King , to place on the free list all
agricultural implements , all machinery
used in manufacturing agricultural pro
ducts , cotton ties , flannels , blankets , hats
of wool , knit goods , all goods made on
kuhting frames , balmorals , woolen and
worsted < yarns , and all manufactures of
every deocripiion composed wholly or in
part of worsted.
TUESDAY , April 15. Mr. Dawes
called up the bill to divide a portion of the
great reservation of the Sioux nation of In
dians in Dakota , and separate the reserva
tion and to secure relmquishment of the
Indian title to the remaii-der.
Mr. Dawes moved to amend the bill so as
to make the amount of land to be given in
severally to the Ponca Indians one-quarter
section. Agreed to 40 to 2.
Pending action on the bill , the chair laid
before the senate the unfinished business ,
being the bankruptcy bill , Mr. Dawes re
marking that he would to-morrow , after
the morning business , call up the Indian
bill for futher consideration.
Mr. ] Morrison moved that the house go
into ! committee of the whole for the consid
eration of the tariff bill. There-was no
division and the motion was agreed'to , Mr
Cox , of New York , being called to the
chair. ; Immediately upon the committee'a
assembling , Mr. Eaton objected to the con
sideration of the bill , and his objection was
reported ] to the house and a vote was taken
upon the uestion whether the bill shall be
considered. ! By s vote of 140 yeas and 138
nays the committee decided to consider the
There was intense interest manifested in
the roll-call. At the conclusion of the
first call tbere appeared to be a majority of
one in favor of the measUre. Then went
on the second call/and the members crowd
ed around any one of their colleagues who
was keeping tally , earnestly listening for
each ( response. The vote was so close un
the final announcement that nobody was
quite sure how the vote stood , but upon
the announcement tbere was a round of
applause from the democratic side. :
. WEDNESDAY , April 16. The chair of
laid before the senate the resolution offered
by Mr. Morgan , directing the judiciary of ,
committee to inquire whether Paul Stro-
bach , whose nomination for marshal of the
middle and southern districts of Alabama
was rejected by the senate , and who is now
performing the duties of that office , is en ; ,
titled to the office. Agreed to.
The bill left undisposed of yesterday to
divide a portion of the great reservation of
the Sioux nation of Indians in Dakota into fi
several reservations and secure the relinquishment -
linquishment of the Indian title to the re
mainder , was passed. on
The senate proceeded with the consider
ation of the bankruptcy bill , but soon after to
The Morrison tariff bill was consid
ered. '
Mr. Russell ( Mass. ) spoke in opposition
the bill. He made an elaborate argu
ment in opposition to the measure and dep
recated the reopening of tariff agitation
after the country had enjoyed a rest but for
short period of twelve months.
Mr. Chace was especially antagonistic to
that portion of the pending bill which re
duced the duty on wool. The woolen in
dustry was already burdened , and if a fur
ther reduction of 20 per cent , was made a
pretty large proportion of all the mills in
country would be stopped ; a reduction n
20 per cent , on the entire tariff list would }
throw out of employment 1,700,000 persons
who , with their families , consume 53.000-
bushels of wneat. They would be the
forced to the cultivation of the soil and the o
production of wheat would be increased to
extent of 163,000,000 bushels. The
producers' cereals were already In danger ,
owing to the growing competition of the
wheat fields of Bussia and India. The only
safe market for wheat was the home market.
THURSDAY , April 18. Mr. Cockrell
introduced a bill to provide for the ap
pointment of a Missouri river commission ,
carry into effect plans for the improve
ment of said river from its mouth to its
Wilson offered a preamble and resolution
declaring that it is competent for congress
exercise Its power to regulate inter-state
commerce and to provide by law for such
regulation in the transportation of com
merce among the several states as shall in : o
clude a system of maximum and minimum
rates of charges for the same and for free ral
competition within the limits so fixed.
The ! senate passed the bill authorizing the
secretary of war to adjust and settle the ac
counts for arms between South Carolina
and the federal government.
Consideration of the bankruptcy bill was
then resumed , and amendments were of and
fered by George , Morgan , Wilson. Hoar
others. Among the amendments
agreed to to-day was one proposed by
George , giving debts due to laboring men
domestic servants priority over debts
to the state or the United States. bill
The house went into committee of
whole , Springer in the chair , on the
pension appropriation bill.
After au hour of general debate the bill
read by paragraphs for amendment * .
Mr. Goff offered a proviso that no proof
cballbe required , either in pending cases
or'thosb hereafter filed'as to the'Physical
condition of a soldier at the time he waa
mustered into service , and all claims heretofore
tofore rejected on account of the lack of
such proof shall bo re-heard. After dis
cussion the provision was ruled out of or
der and the house adjourned.
FRIDAY , April 18. Mi. Sherman re
ported adversely the newspaper copyright
bill. It was , however , placed on the cal
endar. Also adversely the joint resolution
providing for the erection of a bronze
equestrian statue to Simon Bolivar. In
definitely postponed.
The senate then took up thopostofflceap
propriation bill.
Amendments proposed by the committee
were agreed to , the only departure being
in the adoption of the amendment proposed
by Mr. Plumb , adding $25,000 to the appro
priation for the river mail service. The
bill was agreed to as a whole.
The senate went into executive session
and when the doors were reopened a mes
gage from the house announcing the death
of the late Beprcsentatixo Herndon was re
ceived. Remarks in memoriam of the de
ceased were delivered by Messrs. Morgan ,
Gibson , Jones ( Fls. ) . and Pugb.
The bill passed authorizing the con
struction of a bridge across the Missouri
at Sibley Mo.
On motion of Mr. McMillan , the bill lim
iting to two years' time within which pros
ecution may DO instituted against persons
charged with violating internal revenue
laws was taken up for consideration.
Messrs. White , Miller and others ad
dressed the house , at conclusion of which
the pill passed *
Unfinished business coming over from
last Friday was the bill to relieve certain
soldiers of the late war from the charge of
desertion. After debate it was laid aside
with favorable recommendations.
Kecess was taken till 7:30 p. m. , when the
house passed twenty-six pension bills and
SATURDAY April 19. The senate
was not in session , having adjourned till
The house went into committee of
the whole on bills reported from the com
mittee on labor.
The first bill considered was for the es
tablishing and maintaining of labor statis
tic * .
On motion of Mr. Warner , the salary of
the commissioner of labor statistics was re
duced to $3,500 ,
Numerous amendments were offered and
generally voted down , and although no de
bate was allowed upon them , the commit
tee was the scene of a good deal of con
fusion. Finally the bill was reported to
the house and passed yeas , 182 ; nays , 19.
It provides for the establishment of a
bureau of labor statistics in charge of a
commissioner at a salary of $8,000 , who
shall a < iulre all useful information on the
subject of labor , its relations to capital and
means of promoting the material , social ,
intell ctual and moral prosperity of the
laboring classes.
The navy department has been in
formed that a rumor prevails at St. Johns ,
N. F. , that tne Greely party has Ieen
rescued from a mass of floating ice by the
crew of a whaling schooner. In a commu
nication on the 'subject the United States
consul at St. Jonns says the report is not
believed there.
Senor Batcis , Central American min
ister to this city , received a telegram from
the ministry of foreign affairs for Guate
mala and Salvador saying thatit is true that
an attempt was made to assassinate Presi
dent Barrios , but adding 'hat no harm was
done him , and lie is perfectly well. The
dispatch also says that there is no disturb
ance of public order and the attempt at as
sassination is universally execrated. Gen
eral Barrios is receiving the congratulations
of all classes of people.
The president has nominated Charles
E. Conn , of New York , as assistant secre
tary of the treasury , to succeed John C.
New , resigned.TREASURY
The house committee on coinage ,
weights and measures have unanimously
instructed Bepresentative Lacey to re
port favorably his bill to prohibit
he issue of treasury notes for less
than $5 , and provide for the issue
$1 , $2 and $5 silver certificates. The bill
provides that on and after the passage of
he act it shall be unlawful for the secretary
the treasury to print and issue treasury
notes of a smaller denomination than $5 ,
and any holder of standard silver dollars or
silver certificates may deposit the same with 000
he treasurer or any assistant treasurer of
be United States in sums of not less than
flO and receive therefor silver certificates In
lenominative at the option of the holder atwa
, $2and$5. " Un
At a meeting of the house committee
law respecting the election of president
and vice-president , a proposition to limit
twelve months the time during which tlie
cabinet officers may perform the duties of
president was acted upon favorably. It
provides that if the duties of the presidency )
'all upon a member of the cabinet for more
than twelve months before the next ensuing
presidential election , he shall issue a proc-
amation for a special election. Mr. Eaton
was directed to report the proposition to
he house as an amendment to the senate
bill providing for the performance of the
duties of the office of president in case of of
removal , death , resignation or inability of
both the president and vice-president.
The secretary of the navy has issued
accordance with a resolution adopted by ; o
oth houses of congress , < a proclamation of ng
fering $25,000 reward for the discovery and
rescue by any private person or vessel of
Artie signal service party of Lieutenant
Ex-Senator Jos. E. McDonald was
Formally announced as a candidate for the
presidency by the Indiana democratic asso
ciation here. Besolutions favoring McDon
ald's candidacy were unanimously adopt 100
. Senator Voorhees made a speech sup
porting the resolution.
The houss committee on public lands
baa instructed Representative Payson to
formally report his bill to prevent the un
lawful occupancy of public lands. The
measure provides that all inclosures of
public lands In any state or territory , by
parties who have no titles to the lands ,
shall be declared unlawful. It further pro
vides that it shall be lawful for any person
demolish any such inclosnre when it
includes 640 acres of land or any agricultu
Messrs. Dockery , Buckner , Bland ,
Burns , Graves , COBPTOVO , O'Neill and
Alexander , of the Missouri delegation in lhat
congress , made arguments before the river
harbor committee in favor of th * ap
propriation of $1,000,000 for the Improve near
ment of the Missouri river. The congress
men from Missouri , Kansas , Nebraska and
Western Iowa are to hold a meeting at an
aarly date to secure united action on the fore
creating a Missouri river commission. ton-
The first blast made was by a tin
trumpet. Giant powder is a later in
The best place to loaf is in a bakery.
Accident to a Union Pacific
Train Resulting in the
Death of One Man.
Veritable Foot and Mouth Disease
Prevailng Among the Cattle
in Kansas.
Affairs Politically Instructions to
Delegates to Chicago Miscel
laneous Newg Notes.
Ellen Cole , a single woman of con
siderable means , and living alone with an
illegitimate son nearJoJiet , III. , threw her
illegitimate baby , just born , into the stove
and roasted it to death.
The motion for a new trial in the
case of Bubling , convicted of the murder
of Lucas at Sterling , III. , was overruled by
Judge Eustace. lie is sentenced to hang
May 16th.
The Grand Army of the Republic
posts of New York have made further ar
rangements for a theatrical entertainment
for the benefit fund to build a home for dis
abled ex-confederate soldiers at Rich
Investigation of the Cincinnati riot
has begun and will be continued several
The chamber of commerce of Pitts-
burg , at a meeting , denounced the evils of
the present Jury system and passed resolu
tions recommending amendments so that
three-fourths be empowered to render a
verdict , and making it obligatory upon jur
ief to accept the law as laid down by the
courts , rather than to be themselves judges
of the law as well as facts , and that jurors
be selected without regard to political ser
Hail advices from Havana state that
Auguero has penetrated the rich jurisdic
tion of Colone , receiving everywhere on
the road men and horses , and having burnt
several plantations where help was denied.
Michael Ourmer , the Ohio prospector
who has been having trouble with the In
dians in the Turtle mountains , has returned
to Fargo. He says trouble may be antici
pated , as the Indians have been reinforced
by a large band from across the boundary
under the chief "Little Shell. " The In
dians refuse to allow settlers upon that por-
ion of their reservation recently thrown
open by the interior department. The In
dians are killing many cattle and are be
coming very bold.
City of Mexico advices say the stores
an all open and business is entirely re
sumed. : Favorable reports are received
from all other cities. The tax will produce
considerable ! revenue.
The executive committee of the Irish
national league of America met at Chicago
In secret session. Alexander Sullivan ,
president of the league , presided. All the :
members were present or represented. It
was decided to hold the next national con
vention at Boston , on the second Wednes
day of August next.
Colonel Hammond , one of the
wealthiest residents of Chicago , died sud
denly while seated in the retail store of
Marshall , Field & Co. He was one of the
first settlers of Chicago and held a number
positions of public trust in that city. ,
A freight on the Western and Atlan
tic railway ran into a washout near Ack-
worth , Tenn. Fourteen freight cars were
wrecked , two of which contained live stock.
The stock was killed. Engineer St. Glair
McDonald and Fireman Edward McCul-
lough were also killed.
An expert reports the defalcation in
Chamberlain's church , Troy , N. Y. , the
firbt three years more than $50,000. Bonds
men will be asked to make good the amount.
The maratime exchange of New York
unanimously adopted a memorial to con
gress , asking for the suspension of the coin ;
age of silver dollars for two years.
The drougth on West Nueces river , >
Texas , still continues , and damage to the
stock interest is increasing daily.
The house committee on commerce o
has agreed to favorably report the bill pro
viding for the appointment of a Missouri-
river commission.
All the business places in Trenton ,
La. , three excepted , burned. Loss , $38-
; insurance , $22,000. >
The body of George Leah was found
White river , near Indianapolis. Leah
wa the oldest locomotive engineer in the
United States , having been the first man to au
drive the locomotive "Rocket , " whicnwas
xhibited at the recent Chicago railway ex-
libition. He was 81 years old. It is sup
posed to be a case of suicide.
The government of Mexico is nege-
lating with a representative of the Franco-
Egyptian bank for a loan of $20,000,0 0 ,
)10,000,000 to be paid to the present admin-
stration and $10,000,000 to the incoming
administration , $3,000,000 to be advanced s
The mining towns of Colorado are
excited over alleged important gold discov
eries in the vicinity of Pike's peak , seven
ty-five miles southwest of Denver. Crowds
people from the neighboring towns are
flocking to the new camp.
The large increase in the Northern s
Pacific earnings this month are due to s
through business. The company expects
earn $13,000,000 for the fiscal year end-
June 80th.
John G. Tilford , a passenger on the
iron Mountain railroad from Pine Bluff ,
Ark. , en route to Ireland , was robbed of -
17,000 on the train , near Popular Bluff ,
. , byC. M. Dennett. " The robber was
arrested on the train by one of the secret
service men of the Gould system. as
Charles Hollenbeck , postmaster of y
Parker , Dak. , defaulter to the tune of $1-
, has been suspended.
A break in the levee at Lathrop ,
. , threatens to destroy 10,000 acres of ief
wheat. the
The house postoffice committee has
decided to prepare a bill for a postal tele
graph on the contract plan. all
A rock slide in Black canyon , Col-
ornda , threw an engine from the track , ; o
killing the engineer and injuring the fire the
Two hundred cases for violation of
the'electlon laws were dismissed from the
United States court at Charleston , 6. C.
Wendell Phillips memorial services ail
were held in Boston. It was the largest
gathering of notable people * ever held In
city. ast
A wretch was identified as the ng
wrecker of a train on the Panhandle road , ice
Dayton , Ohio , and narrowly escaped all
lyncbiug. ceive
Gov. Ordway desires to appear be
the United States grand Jury at Yank-
- eig
Spanish journals which represent the "
ministry. In comment respecting the resig
nation of G n. Adam Badeau , consul gen- >
oral of the United States at Havana , thank
the American government for its kindly
and sympathetic feeling toward Spain.
They say there IB no doubt but that' Secre
tary Frellnghuyseu may bo relied on Jo act
as did Secretary Hamilton Fl h toward ,
these Cuban revolutionists.
A Cairo dispatch says it L stated that
England has presented proposals to the-
powers for sottllns , ' financial difficulties. It-
is expected that the proposed scheme con
templates the disbanding of Sir Evelyn-
Wood's Egyptian army.
News of the death of Dr. Pupgo , thet
German explorer , at St. Paul do Loanda ,
March 17th , has been received at London.
It h reported that the French fleet
has occupied Amoy in order to secure the *
payment of indemnity from China. The-
capture of Hung lion terminates the cam
paign In Tonquln. The financial question )
re to be settled with China. The
P : demands will bo very heavy.
The remains of Charles Reed were-
interred to-day at Willesden. The funeral
was private. George Augustus , Sala , Edwin -
win Arnold and few other literary friends
of the deceased were present.
The London Times says : Henry M.
Stanley , the African explorer , who was an
nounced a few days ugo to bo coming to
Europe on a long leave of absence , has re
solved before leaving Africa to break up
entirely ] new ground , and solve a problem *
which ] will excite the gratitude of geograph
ers. He intends to reach from the Congo-
country one of the Egyptian stations in the *
Morabutter country , on the Willemakna.
river. This is the task that General Gor
don was intending to attempt before he was-
diverted to Khartoum.
An English lady at Cairo has offered
20,000 for the rescue of Gen. Gordon. The
latter has telegraphed that his position is ,
Advices from the far cast state that an
great fire is raging at Eagoon , the capital
of British Burmah , and that Mandolay , the-
capital of Burmah proper , lecently half de
stroyed by a conflagration , has been afflic
ted with another extensive fire.
A letter received at Paris from an
Irish sympathizer with the dynamite party
states that the dynamite campaign Is not
yet ended. Two hundred and fifty pounds-
of dynamite has been sent from France to.
England within the past three weeks.
A telegram from Gen. MPlet , com
mander : of the French forces in Tonquln ,
dated Hanoi , April 16th , says : 11 > en
emy has already been encountered not far
from Hunghoa and completely routed. Af
ter the engagement we destroyed the cita
dels of Pholam Tram , where the leaders of
the Black Flags had taken refuge. Our
forces are now following the right bank of
the Biver Dal with the object of threatening-
the enemy in the boutb and obtaining re
dress for the massacre of missionaries.
Advices from the far east bring ru
mors of fresh massacres of Christians In.
The republicans of Alabama last
week selected delegates lathe several dis
tricts to Chicago. It is thought that they
generally favor Arthur.
At the democratic convention of Bu
chanan county. Iowa , to appoint delegates ,
to the state convention at Burlington , a.
resolution was unanimously adopted , amid.
* reat applause , instructing the delegation
o support men for delegates to Chicago-
who favored the nomination of Samuel J.
The republican county convention at
Los Angeles , Cal. , elected unpledged
delegates to the state convention. Their-
preferences are for Blaine.
The Illinois republican state conven
tion nominated Richard J. Oglesby for gov
ernor and Gen. J. C. Smith , of Cookcoun-
y , for lieutenant governor. The conven-
Ion was J rgely in favor of Logan for pres-
South Carolina delegates to the Chicago
cage convention will go uninstructed.
The Pennsylvania republican con
vention , held on the 16th , showed a very
arge Blaine element.
The republican primaries of New-
York city resulted in the election of dele
gates to the state and national conventions ,
who largely fayor Arthur for president.
The greenbackers of the Thirteenth
N. Y. ) congressional district elected dele
gates to the national convention at Indian
apolis instructed for General Butler for-
The civil service reform association
Chicago has sent a circular letter-
the members of congress from that
city requesting them to work for the pas
sage of the bill repealing the four years.
imitation upon the term of postmasters ,
district attorneys , revenue collectors , etc. .
and making official tenure subject to good
ebavior and efficiency.
At the meeting of the house co'mmit-
ee yn reform of the civil service , Bepre-
entative , Hoblitzell was directed to report
adversely the bills for the repeal of the
civil service laws. An unfavorable report
was also ordered on Representative War
ner's bill to reduce the salaries of the pres-
dent , cabinet officials , judges of the su-
reme court and congressmen.
The Minneapolis Tribune publishes a
abulated ( statement of answers to a clrcu-
sent out through the state regarding
references for'presldent. The following
the result : First choice , Blaine 973 , Ed
munds 199 , Arthur 182 , Lincoln 80 , Logan.
, scattering 54. Edmunds , second
choice , 981.
Foot and Mouth Disease.
It is stated now that the disease ?
among cattle near Neoshoi Falls , Kansas ,
veritable foot and mouth disease , but it
stated that it is not only not spreading ,
nit is thoroughly quarantined and practi
cally stamped out. Dr. Laws , of Cornell
university , perhaps the bestveterinarianin
this country , together with Dr. Halcombv
state veterinarian , and members of the
f-tate sanitary commission , are making a
thorough investigation of the matter , but
whatever their report may be , no fear is.
apprehended that the disease will spread ,
it has been clearly shown not to be con-
agious and all cattle affected arc complete-
The'Work of Relief.
A Cincinnati dispatch says : The re-
committee appointed February last by
chamber of commerce to receive and
distnbute supplies for the people made
destitute by by the flood , are about to close
their labors. They have received $184 , COO ,
of which has been distributed except
6,000. Tnis will be used to help the poor
restore their dwellings. A large part of
money has been used outside of Cin
cinnati. _
Lynched by Regulators.
Fifty masked men went to Jackson ,
Breathitt county , Ky. , and took from the
Henry Kllburne ( white ) and Ben Strong
colored ) and hung themKilburue was
charged with the murder of "William Thorp
January. Strong was suspected of be-
concerned in the same murder. A no-
was pinned on the victims stating that
perpetrators of such crimes would re
a like punishment. Kllburno bad
killed eight men.
Of , the city rulers of New York thirty
eight were born in Ireland , twelve in
Sermany and three in other foreign
ands. The roster stands fifty-three
breigners to thirty Americans. A
native in New York stands a mighty
oor show.