McCook weekly tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 188?-1886, March 13, 1884, Image 5

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Thursday , March i3th , 1884.
All local under this bcadlnff lOc , a line for
cuuh insertion , and same inserted until order
ed discontinued , unless time is specified. Bills
paynblo monthly.
Local Intelligence.
Graham Flour at City Bakery.
Choice Apples , $4.50 per bbl. , at
Rogers' .
Gash paid for Poultry at Dungan &
> All kinds of blanks kept for sale at
this office.
Buckwheat , Flour and Maple Syrup
at Rogers' .
For the best Flour in town call at
City Bakery.
Choice raisins , 10 cents per pound ,
at Hayden & Co.'s.
Highest cash price paid for fat cattle
Ly Dungan & Shekel s.
We have just received 'a handsome
i . assortment of calling , cards.
R Choice cuts of beef , ham , pork and
mutton at Dungan & Shekel's.
Fish and poultry at Dungan & Shek
el's , every Thursday and Friday.
Fine sugar cured hams and-breakfast
bacon sliced at Dungan & Shekel's.
We call your attention to C. H. Rog
ers' advertisement on the eighth page
of this issue.
Great bargains at Hayden & Co.'s.
See advertisement on eigthpage of th'is
T issue for bargains.
We are pleased to note that Samuel
Stevens , who has been quite ill for some
time , is about town again.
If you want the best flour in town ,
call at the City Bakery. Samples given
to those "who wish to try it.
Art. Lytle is nursing a badly mashed
thumb. When iron and flesh and blood
conflict the latter is usually discomfitted.
I. J. Starbuck sold one of his young
Herefords on last Saturday to C. D
Ercanbrack. He has two yet for sale.
They are beauties.
All soldiers and their families are in
vited to attend the soldiers reunion to
be held at Indianola , Saturday after
noon , at 2 o'clock. "
Mrs. S. A. Rowell has rented the
room until recently occupied by Messrs.
McCartney and Chenery , and will in
crease her stock accordingly.
The pay car made its monthly trium
phal entry into McCook , Tuesday even
ing , and.departed some thousands poorer
thereafter. Consequently "dust" was
quite plentiful the remainder of the week
-The Red 6loud Chief is our authority
for the statement that Line Repairer
Thompson contemplates moving to Mc
Cook. Also , that J. L. Scull and family -
ily have alrea'dy moved into Red Willow
"Will Wisher , Es/ Reynolds and Tan-
nahill , went up to the Fisher ranch at
the falls of the Frenchman , Monday
morning. They took with them all nec
essary articles preparatory to spending
the summer on the ranch.
In conversation with parties living
about 10 miles south of McCook , we
ascertained that there are very few set
tlers in that neighborhood , although
they 'claim that the county has no bet
ter adapted land to agriculture within
its borders.
J. W. Zimmerman , who came'so near
sending McDonald to the happy hunting
ground but for the kindly intervention
of a suspender buckle escaped with
the light fine of $10.00. The trial took
place at Stockvillc , Friday , J. B. Jennings -
nings defending.
, . - .
We were afforded the pleasure of a
profitable and entertaining conversation
\vith Mr. Powers of the Wymorian ,
. Eriday. Mr. P' was 'on his way to Fron
tier county , where he has a cousin whom
he will raako a short visit. He made
a flying 'trip to Culbertson and McCook
The members of the Ladies' Union
arelpreparing.-am entertainmcnt-whiclv
will be given in two weeks from to-day.
More extended notice next week.
We are informed that a new\town is
contemplated at the present postoffice
of Driftwood. That considerable lum
ber has been hauled to the place , and
that several buildings will be erected
It is very necessary to happy exist
ence of a boy to indulge in fun which
is not always of a commendable nature.
A broken window pane in the front of
Hayden & Co.'s store is the latest tes
timony to "scuffling" which is becoming
rather too common an occurrence on
Main avenue.
W. F. Wallace and J. F/Forbes have
leased the Menard Opera Hall for one
year. By this move the Hall has fallen
into good hands , and Mr. Menard is re
lieved of whatever annoyance which
may attach to the management of the
Hall. We have reason to expect a finer
class of performances hereafter.
The Colossus of Rhodes must take a
back seat. Bartholdi's Statue of "Lib
erty Enlightening the World" is a reve
lation. New York is to be envied. We
have just been presented with a. superb
picture , 26x36 , by the Travelers Ins.
Co. , of Hartford , Conn. , giving a capital
representation of the majestic image.
A "mill" of two rounds was fought
in McCook , Tuesday , which was the more
celebrated , not on account of the amount
of human gore spilt , but rather in view
of the gender of the principals , the oculars
lars draped in mourning deep , and the
despoliation of sundry bangs , etc. Mc
Cook is determined to be in the van
even in the pugilistic world.
We had a pleasant call from Messrs.
Canaga and Modrell ol the Willow ,
Tuesday. Mr. Canaga has just return
ed from a visit to his old home in Ohio
from which he has been absent 14 years ,
10 of which he has passed within the
confines of Red Willow county. He
says there are quite a number of persons
who will come to the Valley from that
'locality this spring.
A special car containing Hon. J. B.
Alley , ex-member of parliament , and an
English capitalist , the arch-atheist , Col
onel Robert Ingersoll and party , passed
through McCook , Wednesday afternoon ,
attached to No. 4. The party were on
their return from New Mexico , where
an immense land purchase was consum
mated , the purchase of the ex-Senator
Dorsey ranch of star route notoriety.
The Chicago Times has the following
account of the Benkelmau hurrah : The
postmaster at Benkleman , Nebraska , is
in trouble. He has telegraphed to the
authorities at Washington that a despe
rado named Tom Hill has riddled the
postoffice with bullets , that his life is
in danger , and that the civil authorities
provide him no protection. The United
States army would do well to "cash in"
its poker chips and go to the terrified
postmaster's relief.
We clip the following from the
Charleston , (111. ( , ) Herald :
Es. Reynolds , who has been clerking
for Snider & Davis the past year , will
depart next Monday for McCook , Ne
braska , where he will take charge of a
cattle ranche for W. W. Fisher , former
ly of this place. In parting with Es.
we lose one of the best young men we
have ever had in our employ , and we
cheerfully recommend him to the people
of Nebraska as one worthy of their re
spect and confidence , and wish him un
bounded success in his new field of labor.
Mrs. Frank J. Sibley of Lincoln was
in McCook , Tuesday , and finished the
work initiated by Mr. Sibley , last week ,
by the installation of the officers elected
at that meeting , and completing the or
ganization of the lodge in this place.
Eight new members were added to its
strength and the same was placed upon
a working footing. This is a work which
should engage the attention and best
efforts of those .of our people who are
interested in the welfare of the commu
nity. Judicious assistance will work
a far more creditable result than ill-
advised prophesy. Test it.
Jos. A. Snyder showed us some pet
rified bonesthi8 , < mormngf thathe got <
out of a well , hebored near * town , at the
depth of 112'feet. ' ' '
The Uncle Tom's Cabin troupe passed
through McCook , Tuesday night. Their
pack of blood hounds and their donkeys
held undisputed possession of one half
of the baggage car. .
This week has been one of activity
in every branch of trade. The pleasant
weather beguiled the l cautious home
steader and cattleman to town for pup-
plies , and the , hungry land-seeker was
numerous among us , for the same rea
son , and there wap more bustle and life
in town than for some time.
The laugh is on J. B. Meserve. Like
the good Samaritan , Mr. Meserve gath
ered in two young tramps whose ap
pearances and speech were alike pitiful ,
cared for their wounds , provided them
wjth food and raiment , took them over
to his ranch in the family drag and
comfortably established them at the
hotel d' ranch , " where they basked with
much leisure and little work until the
first of this week , when'they gathered
together their new duds , and "vamoosed
the ranch. " We smoke. /
. . /
In response to a petition of 60 Voters
of District 17 , praying that a meeting
be called for the purpose of voting for
or against the issuance of bonds in the
sum of $4,500 , for the purpose of buy
ing a site , erecting a school building and
furnishing the same , the school board
has given due notice that a meeting for
purpose set forth in the petition will be
held in the church on Monday evening ,
April 7,1884 , at 8 o'clock. It is to be
hoped that in the meantime this import
ant matter may be fully discussed and
looked into , and that a suitable location
may be selected. < ?
The recent snow storm whicVvisited
this vicinity"was probably the worse one
of' the season. It is pretty generally
conceded that more snow fell during its
continuance tfyan at any previous storm
this winter , although the fall was not
greater than two inches. The atmos
pheric dampness seemed to have hump
ed stock up considerably , but we have
not heard of any great loss. Mr. Hat-
field reports a loss of four "and Mr. Me
serve , one. The sunshine and wind of
Sunday dissipated the snow with aston
ishing rapidity , and stockmen are cor
respondingly jubilant.
A most contemptible piece of vandal
ism comes to our notice from Stoughton.
Some time previous to the-recent storm ,
some individual or-individuals forcibly
entered the church building at that
place , and commenced his work. All
the seats in the building were torn from
their fastenings and piled up together ,
a nd the furniture demoralized generally
The Sunday school library" was thrown
out of the windows , and after passing
through the storm of last week was
practically ruined. Four window panes
-were also broken. The parties perpe
trating the outrage are being shadowed
as they are pretty well known and
we hope they may be brought to justice
stern and speedy. Such work is par
ticularly reprehensible , and such actions
arc entirely out of date in Red Willow
The news was flashed over the wires ,
last week , that Tom Hill was raising
"old Ned" at Benkelman. Tom , when
free from the accursed influence of bad
whisky , is one of the kindest hearted of
men , and one of the best men on the
range , but "red eye" transforms him
into a very bad man. On this occasion ,
so our information goes , the postoffice
at Benkelman received a charivari in
true cowboy style from Tom. The mail
box' ' was fired into , and the stock of mer
chandise in the room alsol received a
fusilade from his unerring "pop. " Some
party who refused to be convivial with
Mr. Hill , had a number of bullet holes
put through his clothing for his lack of
sociability. We are of opiniou that Mr.
Hill has stirred up a hornets nest this
time. Uncle Sam is rather jealous of
any interference with his affairs , and
especially with the mail service , and
this is most likely to meet his attention.
As it merits.
annual meetingkof * Districfc-17 ,
Red Willow county , Neb. , will be held
in the church in the yillnge of McCook ,
on Monday , April 7 , 1884 , at 7 P. M. ,
for the purpose 9f electing a Director ,
a Moderator , and for the purpose of
transacting any other business that may
legally come before such meeting.
G. L. LAWS , Director.
March 9th , 1884.
Something Perhaps You Don't Know.
One hour is all the regulations re
quire the postoffice to be open on Sun
day any more is for accommodation.
The door is never locked between 12 M.
and 1 P. M. THOS. 'Scorr , P. M. "
H. C. Rider went to Lincoln , Satur
day afternoon.
R. H. Hamilton and Leander Starbuck
spent Sunday in Indianola.
Mrs. W. C. LaTourette passed Sunday
among friends in Culbertson.
We received a pleasant call from
Judge Ashmore , Wednesday ,
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Babcock went to
Cambridge , Monday afternoon.
N. A. Way of Benkelman dropped
down to McCook , Wednesday morning.
William Gumming , familiarly known
as "Scotty , ' * is again performing service
in the station.
J. R. Haigler , who recently disposed
of his cattle , ranch and outfit , was in
town Wednesday.
Major Criswell and Col. Snavely , Tn-
dianola's stalwart legal lights , graced
our town , Wednesday.
Sheriff Welborn and R. M. Sibbitt ,
of Indianola , were among the many
people in McCook , Monday.
Mrs. T. S. Bosley took the early train ,
Wednesday morning , for Fairmount ,
where she will visit relatives.
Miss Elliott , of Riverton , made a fly
ing visit to McCook , Saturday , coining
up on 39 and returning on 4.
Frank Hudson , formerly with R. J.
Finch of Arapahoe , has been added to
Mr. Hayden's fine corps of salesmen.
George Ballentine , B. & M. stock
agent , passed through McCook , Satur
day , on his way from Akron to Lincoln.
J. B. Wallace , R. D. Babcock and
Aug. Schmiut of Hastings , all of whom
have land in this locality , were in town ,
Mrs. Chas. D. Phelps who has been
entertained by Mrs. F. D. Hess for the
past week , returned to her home near
Culbertson , Sunday.
J. R.-Johnston , of Crete , was in town
Friday. Mr. Johnston is one of Crete's
largest cattle feeders , and also owns a
ranch up the Valley.
Miss Rowell returned from quite a
visit at Tndianola , Wednesday. Mrs.
W. H. McCartney , whose guest she
was , accompanied her.
J. L. Brush , a Greeley , Col. , cattle
man , was in town , Friday , leaving for
Denver on No. 1. He reports cattle in
his region as being pretty thin.
Mr. Menard of Chicago , who is the.
gentleman putting the new store build
ing , has been in town since last week ,
looking after his interests. The build
ing is going along rapidly.
Miss Jennie Jamison who taught the
primary department of our school during
the past winter with success , went to
BondvilleSaturday. where she will reside
on her homestead during the s'ummer.
Miss Goding of Riverton , who has
been visiting her sister , Mrs. M. A.
Spalding , for some weeks , returned home
Saturday. Mrs. Spalding accompanied
her sister home , where she Trill make
an extended visit.
Col. Burch , our genial Kansas City
friend , made us a short call Wednesday ,
showing us a few specimens of his forth
coming pamphlet of Red Willow coun
ty. He expects to have "the same com
pleted at an early date.
Mr. Gordon , agent at Bloomington ,
ias-been appointed to 'thepositionof > *
extra agent on Supt. Campbell's divis
ion , left vacant by the appointment of
Frank Harris as private secretary to
Supt. Campbell. Both aie deserving
young men whom we congratulateT
H. II. Troth of Carrico , was in town
Friday , to meet his family which arrived
on the midnight train from New Jersey.
Mr. and Mrs. Israel P. Stokes , of Phila- -
dclphia , accompanied them. The entire
party went up to Stokes & Troth's ranch
in Hayes county , Saturday morning.
Mr. S. E. Hibbert of Mission Creek ,
Neb. , was in town the fore part of this
week looking into the prospects of the
town and surrounding country. He ex
pressed himself as being highly pleased
with McCook and will invest in town
property , as well as take him sonic
claims in the vicinity.
D. W. Irwin of the firm of Inun ,
John & Co. , of Cambridge , had business
before the land office , Monday. Mr.
Irwin made us a pleasant call during
the day and reports the emigration as
being large at present , and gives it as
his opinion that it will be immense dur
ing the next two months.
Locals under this head . " > c. a line for cuch
Insertion. Dills payable monthly.
Samples of the latest designs in Wall
Papers sit W. M. Sanderson's.
"Cleanliness is akin to godliness. "
Call at Sharp's barber shop , and become
A. P. Sharp has all the conveniences
and apparatus to insure a good bath.
Give him a trial.
Hereafter we will require that all con
test notices and proof notices be paid
for at. the time of their first insertion.
We put up all letter heads , note
heads , bill heads , etc. , in blotter tablets ,
if desired , without extra charge. They
are very convenient.
W. M. Sanderson 5s prepared to dc
all kinds of Paper Hanging , Kalsomin-
ing , and Carriage and Wagon Painting
on short notice. Give him a call soon.
Blank Deeds , Real Estate Mortgages ,
Leases , Bills of Sale , Bond for Deed ,
Quit Claim Deeds , Contracts for Build
ing , Receipts , etc. , at THE TRIBUNE
Mrs. Dungan is now ready to take a
class of any size in DRAWING and PAINT
ING. Having received her Art education
in the Yale Art School , she is amply
qualified to teach crayon drawing in it-5
various departments , vis : Portrait , land
scape and flower ; aho , painting of var
ious kinds. She will take orders for
crayon and oil portraits , or for decora
tion work such as flannels , plaques , eas
els , banners and etc. , all to be furnish
ed at the most reasonable rates.
Please call and see her at the resi
dence of Rev. Dungan. first house N. E.
of the Congregational church.
All kinds of masonry promptly attend
ed to. Persons wishing to have a good
cistern will do well to call on us , as we
make that a specialty in our line.
Have for sale Alfalfa seed. Sorgum
seed , Millet seed , Sea Island Wheat and
Oats. Buy before it is all gone.
A three-fourth Durham bull , 3 yearn
old. Apply at my ranch , 2 miles north
of McCook. C. D. ERCANBRACK.
A boy to learn the drug business ,
German preferred. Apply to Dr. A. J.
Willey at B. & M. Pharmacy.
2,000 fence posts and 50 bushels of
seed wheat. ROYAL BUCK ,
Red Willow , Neb.
Girls to learn dress making. Apply
at S. A. & L. C. ROWELL'S.