McCook weekly tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 188?-1886, September 13, 1883, Image 5

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    The Tribune.
IYTHUUSDAY / , SEPT. iath , isss.
The Week's Doings.
New goods at Rogers' .
Fine sponges atB. & M. Pharmacy.
Go to Rogers' and see his new goods.
Pure white lead and oils at B. & M.
For ; dry goods of every description go
tu Rogers1.
rf John King , of Benkelman , was in
i the city on Monday.
Hats and caps , boots and shoes and
fictions at Rogers' .
Alma is building a new Opera House
forty by eight } ' feeL
Fancy and staple groceries , at Rog
ers' , atlowes market prices.
Mrs. M. A. Spalding is visiting rela
tives this week at Rtverton.
Freckle lotion , for removing freckles
and tan at B. & M. Pharmacy.
1rto" *
Austin Everist- and John Cruts were
; i.sitors at our office this week.
Don't forget that Rogers' has re-
veived a fine line of new goods.
For melons and sweet potatoes tht
JMeCook maiket beats the world.
Charles Love , editor of the Culbert-
son Sun , was in the city on Wednesday.
D. Hawksworth , G. M. M. of the B ,
vt 3J. Railway was in die city ou Sun-
It was so cold on Saturday and Sun-
< lny that overcoats and lirs were in de
S. II. Colvin and wife of the McCook
3louse arc "visiting friends in Platts-
Geo. J. Frederick dropped into our
vflice Jast week , and subscribed for the
J. P. Israel returned home from the
. jKe-union Monday night.
Freight traffic has been heavy for
several days , and extra trains came in
' -at all hours.
The blonde damsels at the Re-union
feemed to be very attractive to several
of our young men.
Mr. W. H. Hayden , of our enterprising -
ing firm , Ha\den & McCartney , was in
the city on Saturday.
Mrs. J. E. Berber and her sister ,
Miss Flora Shaw , are -visiting friends
in Lincoln and other points.
Mrs. Laws and Mrs. Bosley were
admitted to the fellowshin of the Con
gregational church on Sunday.
It required one dray all day to haul
to J.E. Berger's business place the new
.goods he received on Wednesday.
H. B. Straut and Noah Mishler , of
Culbertsoncre down taking in the
attractions of McGook on Monday.
The haiidsome residence of Mr. G.
L. Laws is neanng completion , and
y will be ready for occupancy at an early
Dr. And. J. Willcy , who was indis
posed for a few days the first of the
week , we are glad to say. has entirely
Professor H. A , Spaldiug who
stopped off At Franklin on his way
home from Hastings , reached home on
Monday night ,
J. W. Dolan , or Indianola , Presi
dent of the Citizens' Bank of McCook ,
took dinner at the B. & M. Eating
J louse on Monday.
On account of the Harvest Honier en
tertainment this evening , the meeting
of the Ladies' Sewing Society was
postponed until nest Thursday.
When you come to town drop jn at
, ,0. H. Rogers' and examine the fine line
uf new goods just received. You will
surely find something to please you.
A dance'at the McGook House on
Wednesday cvening"wa8 well attended.
The pay car came up Tuesday even
ing , and the boys were all wealthy this
FOR SALE : A good well auger
cheap. Address , PHILLIP WEICK ,
McCook , Neb.
Fou SALK : My residence on Madi
son street- Good tiew house , three
large rooms and pantry. J. P. ISRAEL.
Jacob Daniels , Jr. , of Beverly , West
Va. , lather of G. W. Daniels , of this
city , arrived in McCook on No. 39
"We are in receipt of a card from
Father J. A. Fanning , stating that he
would say mass in McCook , on Tues
day , the 25th inst.
Hayden & McCartney received a car
load of dry goods on Monday night ,
and have been busy this week in put
ting them to place.
County Treasurer Goodrich , was in
the city on Tuesday. Mr. Goodrich is
a candidate for re-election with a good
chance of getting there.
Mrs. John Sanders , who has been
visiting friends at Friend , this state , re
turned home on Sunday evening. She
was accompanied by Master Ray.
II. M. Ashmore and J. W. Maiken
of Itidianola , were in town on Wednes
day. Both gentlemen are interested in
the growth of Red \V5Ilow county.
Rt. Rev. Bishop Clarkson , Episcopal
Bishop of this state , will conduct ser
vices in McCook at an early date. Let
no one miss the opportunity to hear
Mr. Harry Clark , operator at Strat-
and sister , Miss Lou , of this city , re
turned from' Hastings , Monday night ,
where they had been attending the Re
It is said that at the Re-union there
were 25G rnusicicns with brass instru
ments and 75 with fifes and drums.
No wonder that the bovs could not
skej ) .
T. W. Hughen , Cashier of State
Bank of McCook , parted for his old
home in Iowa , last week. Mr. H.
thinks of returning to Nebraska and go
into the stock business.
Among the exchanges that came to
our office this week was a fac smiic of
the first number of the New "fork Sun ,
published September 3rd , 1833. The
first publisher still lives.
Rev. Stuart Crockett held services at
the church on Friday evening , but as
most of the church-going people of
McCook were at the Hastings Re-union ,
the consregatiou ; was quite small.
We would like to receive a weekly
communication from each section of
the county. If you know any news
that will interest the readers of the
TRIBUNE , send it in , and give them the
benefit of it.
Tom Bissett , the gentlemanly young
machinist in the shops at this place
has purchased of H. C. Rider the resi
dence erected lor Engineer Weir , and
Tom is now busy furnishing it up for
housekeeping purposes.
A state organization of the Brass
Bands of Nebraskawas , formed at Hast
ings , last Friday morning , and thQ cifi-
cier.t young Cashier of the Citizens
Bank of McCook , W.F.Wallace , was
elected Chairman of the Board of Di
As No. 39 was pulling out on Sun
day , a tramp was discovered ou a truck-
under the sleeper attempting to eteal
a ride The train was signalled by a
passenger who thought he was dead ,
ami stopped. As soon , however , as
the train stopped , the aforesaid tramp
made awful lively 'tracks down toward
the river for a dead man.
After this week we will have the
largest and best stock oF dry goods and
groceries ever in the Republican Valley
and at prices that defy competition. Be
fore buying call and see our goods and
get prices. Respectfully ,
SWWr'Jta/i-iTitrtlLJi.- i ! * 3-t-r j . - , * .
Mr. Tom MoUartncy had Che pleas-
nre of showing his mother , who stop
ped off to BCC him on her way home
from San Francisco , and his beautiful
little neice around the city on Saturday.
He accompanied them as far as Indian
and remained there over Sunday.
The B. & M. band of Plattsmouth ,
Nebraska , passed through the city on
No. 1 , Tuesday evening , en route for
Denver and the mountains. This is
what is termed General Manager Hoi-
dredge's band , it being ' 'omposed of the
painters in the B. & bl. shops. They
were provided with passes and a special
car and seemed to be enjoying them
selves , They discoursed a couple of
beautiful pieces at our depot , and prom
ised to stop over a day in McCook on
their return. Our boys must prepare
to give them a suitable reception.
Work was resumed on the tank to
supply McCook with water on Satur
day last , and the indications are fail-
that it will be pushed until the water
works are completed. The completion
of the water system will give our little
city a now impetus , and will attract
strangers into our midst. It will be
but a short time until McGook will do
the largest business , and contain the
largest population in the valley. The
rapid growth of McCook , the enter
prise of her citizens , and the natural
beauty of her location are matters of
wonder to the strangers who daily get
off at the station. 3IcCook possesses
all the natural advantage necessary to
the growth of a large city , and there
can Le no doubt but that she will grow
at such a rate in the next two years
that her population will run up into
the thousands. Live , energetic men
are wanted here , and they will be warm
ly welcomed and well treated.
Tne Bridge Assured.
Pursuant to call in last week's TRIB-
UNK , the subscribers to the Bridge
Fund met at the office of J. B. Meserve
ou Saturday afternoon , and , after can
vassing the ground thoroughly , voted to
locate the bridge on the half section
line just south of the town. That
evening a party consisting of the Coun
ty Surveyor , the B. & M. Engineer and
J. E. Bergcr , went down to the river
and made a preliminary survey. They
found an eligible location about twenty-
five rods east of the line , with good
banks and approaches on both sides ,
and a distance of only two hundred and
seventy feet across. At the meeting
a commit'oe consisting of J. B. Me
serve and C. F. Babeock , was appoint
ed to go to Lincoln and confer with the
Lincoln Land Company. Mr. Meserve ,
of that committee , returned home on
Tuesday evening , and he stated to the
writer that there was every prospect of
the bridge being built at an early date ,
that the indications were fair that the
B. & M. Railroad Co. would build the
bridge , the absence of Mr. Holdredge
in Dakota leaving the question open ,
but that if the Railroad company could
not spare the men to build the bridge ,
it would haul the the timbers free. The
Lincoln Land Company also agreed to
increase their subscription $200 , if
necessary , and otherwise aid in its con
struction. Our readers will readily see
that the bridge is assured , and , ' the ad
vantages to be derived from it are so
many that we will not stop to particu
larize. _
A Fowl Assassination.
As a young man , connected with the
Train Despatches office in this city ,
was wending his way home on Monday
night , he was attacked b some un
known foe in a manner that threatened
his life. Knowing that self preserva
tion was one of the inalienable rights
of mankind , he quietly drew his weapon
pen of defense and with one blow , slew
his assailant. Remorse then capturing
his soul , he carried it into the B. &
M. Eating House , and the following
day he and the genial landlord dined
off of it. The query now is , was it one
of Mr. Sander's chickens , or did it be
long to somebody elsa.
I. 0. 0. F.
McCooK , Sept 13th ' 83.
All Odd Fellows of good standing
are requested to meet at B. & 31. Phar
macy , nest Thursday evening , Sept. 20.
The Htsiings Re-Union.
The G. A. R. re-uni < yi ut Hastings ,
last week , attracted the largest crowd
of the people that was ever in Adams
county at any time since its organiza
tion. The trains leading to that city
were crowded to their full capacity
from Monday until Thursday , with ex-
soldiers , civilians , w omen and children
The number of band * , too , which were
in attendance was wonderful , and the
sound of music never ceated. The
camp was pitched on a level plain
about two miles from the city , and the
snowy tents as seen when approaching
it presented a pleasing appearance.
The men and children , however , on the
broad avenues robbed it ot the marked
distinction of a military camp , and
many an old veteran remarked that it
was not much like war times. The at
tendance was variously estimated at
from thirty-five to sixty thousand people
ple , the larger majority of whom came
from Nebraska , but there was quite a
fair sprinkling from other states , some
few coming from as far as New York.
The B. & M. management sent 20,000
trip tickets from Hastings to the en
campment grounds , supposing that
would be sufficient. Thursday morning
the agent at that point was obliged to
re-issue 18,000 tickets , and ex'pressed
the opinion that 50,000 tickets would
be required before Saturday night ,
making the receipts for the plug train
$6,000. That the re union was a good
advertisement for Nebraska is patent ,
and a number of parties who came from
eastern states returned home to pack
up and move to prosperous Nebraska ,
where the willing workman can always
line his pockets with money.
The G. A. R. post at Indianola , un
der the command of C. D. Cramer ,
turned out in strength , and together
with the McCook Liirht Guard Band ,
represented Red Willow county in a
manner that was creditable to them
selves and the county.
The re-union itself was a success in
numbers , but there was a lack of en
tertainment which detracted from its
pleasures. A year ago at Grand Island
a great many of the prominent men of
the state , not a few of whom had polit-
icial aspirations , took an active part ,
and different ingenious means were tak
en to entertain the crowd ; this year that
element was missed , and the labor de
volved upon younaer men who lacked
the experience necessary to meet the
requirements of the occasion. The
action of the people of Hasting was far
from creditable. Instead of hospit
ably opening their doors , and endeav
oring to entertain the strangers they
had invited to come to their city , they
each one vied one with another to see
how much money they could fleece
from the crowd. The city officials also
showed their moial turpitude by allow
ing , gambling devices of various kinds
to be conducted openly on her streets
and in public places. Hastings has
made some money , but she has estab
lished a reputation that will be hard
to live down.
We will continue to send the TRIB
UNE to all persons whose names appear
on Mr. Israel's subscription list. If
there be anyone who desires to discon
tinue the paper , he will notify us at
oncu. otherwise he will be held liable
for the paper sent to his address.
Look Here !
St. Louis white lead for $ S per hun
Pure boiled oil 80 cent ? per gallon.
150 test headlight. 2f > cents per gal.
Machine castor oil § 1.50 per gallon.
Coal pressed castor oil SI per gal
All monies due the TRIBUNE for sub
scription come by the terms of the sale to
me. Parties who know themselves to be in
arrears for subscription will be warmly
received at any time , if they come cash
in hand. A. B. COFKROTH ,
New Home.
M. A. Spalding. agent for the light
running. New Home sawing machine.
Legal Notice.
To Abblc Johnson nonrtnidcnt dofendanl :
You ae ; bcrt'by notiMtil that on thd xecotni
tliiy of August 1 83 , Lvvl Johnson flled a peti
tion you lu the District Court , of Ited Willow
couuty Nebraska , the object mid prayer of
which are to obtain a dlvorcu fro3 you on the
ground that you bu\-c committed ndultery , in
violation of pec Gchujitor IK of the statutes of
NcbrttHka. You are hereby required in utumor
Hulil petition on or bel'oru Mondaythe 17th dav
of September 18SJ. L vi Johnson.
Uy I. J. Sturbuck his attorney. n-9
Land Offlcu at McCook. Neb. . 8t-pt. 10 , 1883.
Notice Is hereby given that tinfo'lowlni : unmi il
Hcttler hswnieil notice of hl lutcnUon to innkt : fltiil
pnxif In support of hi' claim , mul that * al < l proof will
be made before ItcKUtvr and Hccclvcr at McCcxik.
Xch. , on S.itmilHr. October 20th , Jf83 , viz.- Austin
Evcrlst , D. S. No. 3366 tar th N. E. M S. E. fc Sec
34. and N. H S. W. y , and N. W. > * S. E. M S.-ctlon
35 , Township ' , north , Range 81 , wet. He nnmcs thr
following witnobhCM to prove his cuntlnuuuH mtldcnrr
upon , and cultivation ol , wild land , viz , : John Cruir * .
John MniHon , i lurli-s A. Smith and Mills , ull of
Driftwood , Neb L. LAWS ,
Land Offlcent , McCook Neb , , Aup. US ' 83
Notice In hereby ( riven that the following named
settler ha ) tiled notice of liN Intention to make flnul
proof In Mippnrt of his claim , nml that > > aid proot
w HI In : nmdr before rrglitur or receiver ut MeCook
Nft > r. , on Monday October 8 1883lz : Knorh
M. Matron hd No. 2C.85 > *
for the a / n-c * & a H - -
J i Sec 17 tp 2 n r 0 west.
He name * the following witnesses to prove his con
tlnuouxruHld'-iicr npuii and cuUlvaUou of ,
\lz : Kichiird M , Williams , Joseph Wiilium- ,
Rotfcr Barnes and Peter Swanson. all of Vulltou
06 G. L. LAW.S ,
Land Offlre at McCook , Neb , . Sept. 4 , 1883.
Notlc-e 1 : hereby l\en that the following nanu-d
settler hai filed notice of hl intention to nmke tl-
nal proof In upxirt of liN claim enl that s.ild proof
will be tnndr bVfore KrKister&Uceelvcrat McCouJc.
Neb. , on Monday , October 15 , li&Jlz : Di-iinl-
MrKtlllp , D.S. No. 2G57for the n-w J n e 4 j n <
Ji * n-w * i s-e ' , sec > tp G north , runc JJl w-t
He names the following wltnt > .e.s to pnuelil-
contluuoiis residence U [ > on , and rultlv.itlon of , > ui < l
land , viz : Wllllum r.lack. Montgomery DojK
Oliver I' . Fairbanks , and Kobert Walker , all ol
Thurnburj , ' , Neb. G. L. LAWS. Itcgliter.
Land Office at McCook , Neb. , Aujr. Hth ,
Notice N hereby ghen that the followIng-
settler lulu tiled notice of her Intention to make Unit
proof in bupport ufliLT claim , and that clM proi.r
tti.l bcmaile bvfore rvRbteror receiver sit MCC'OOK i
Neb. . 0:1 Sat urday. Sept. S.MSJ , viz. , Miehaol
Weick , ils. No. 3HW for the b-war section 21. tp : >
uorth.nnifrr uO west , lie names tin * following wit
ne i > L's t prove hi.5 continuous rcsiUeucc UM > U. anil
vuUlvuttim of , iialdlandU : ( jvorpe Tvhife..i M
Hiiet , Austist Hose anil Itanium Tole all ot .Mc-
COOK ltd ! Willow Co. , NebnMvH ,
o-O . L. LAWS , KivNtt-r.
Land Office at MeCook , Neb. , Au ? . 10 , 'Ki.
Notice is hereby Driven that the follow inx
named settler bus tiled notice of his intention
to make filial proof of his claim , and that wild
proof will be made befoi e Register orRwivcr
at McCook , Nob. , on Tuesday , Sept. Kth , jw ; .
vix. , Abhacl N Nettleton lid No. 247.'i for the u-
( jr.see&t tp3 north i-anyelW west. TIeuames th -
toHowin r witnesses to prove hid continuous
rexidunce upon and cultivation ot , wild lan l
viMatber S Johnson John "Wbittakur C. I. .
NettleionandHomcr S Colvin , G. L.
n-10 Il
Lvxii OKFICE at McCook , Neb. , AHR. 30th , 'J-3.
Notice Ii < hereby ! \en tluit tin * following ntiini'd
settler hiix Hied notice of her lutrntlun to m.ike fitril
proof In tllIKr of her claim , and that ald pro-'f
uHlb m.idi > bofurcIrNeror IJeceUerat Mct'un't
Nebr. on Monday October 13 " 8t , \ U : Aimie S Kf <
dall hd No. 80S for the s-c 't s-el Sec i&n > i u-i-1
& n-e ' i n-w * i sec a tp - north , nmxe S3 w f-5t.
She names the following wltni-M-ei to prohi r
contliiuoHN roldvnce upon .mil eulthatlnnnf , < .ifil
land.iz : A. Jones and Jev-li' II. Klljiorf , nf In-
dl-mrla , ITeb. , ind John E Kurraiul Chester Ebi-rt.
uf Uoudvllle Neb.
G. L. LAWS. iept > n-rr
L S. L-md OITlce , MC'OOK. Neb. , i n
July - 5 , 183. 1
Complain ! having been entered tit thlt > otltcc bv
Fnineis L Spicur iipnlnst George Aln-1 t *
fiilltirc to comply with law ate t-c entry No. It ?
dated at North I'latte Nel > . March 20 1J)78 , upouTii
swi w at tp 7n'li ntugc - ' . ' uest. In Ked V.'illo
county , Nebr. ulth it view to the cancellation 'if
gaid entrj" : contestant alleging that sKiri Abel hii-
failed to plant to trees , heeds or cuttings , liv
aei cs of huid tract during the llr.-t three \ ears r &l
of his entry ; the said prrties are lierc ifn
bv humiudiied to jppcirat thisoHIce oil the " 7th d.i\
of Oct , , IS'sJ at " oVloek p. m. , to n i .inl ami
furuUJi testitnmiy concerning Fnldnllivil ta'liii' *
n-9 G. L. Liiwt ? ,
U. S. LiNi > OFFICE JicCook Neb. , Jur , 2. ,
Coinliint having lieen enterep at this olficc
by Frederick UWilkes afrainstGeoi-jre I JJainl
for failure to comply with law ai > to t-c uiur\
No. r 5 dated at North Piattc Neb. , April ID 1S71'
upon the s-e U see 5J tp 1 north 'u 2U wysi
in Ited Willow county Ncbnibkr with a view tn
the cancellation of said t-ntty : contestant. : il-
Ic injr that said IJaird ha. ) failed to jilant to
licet- , weds or cuttings 5 acres of said tntt-i
wijbin thice years from the date ot hisaid
entry : the said parfjes are hereby Mimmounl
to appear at thN oflice on the 7th day oft. . .
18J at 1 o'clock p m , to ivspond and tnriu-h
testimony concerninjf baid alle 'd lallui-
n-9 G.LLaws , Kejrister
LAD FC ; = : AT coo- : L . .
Auy. , Cth ' ? . < .
Notice If hereby given that the following-Ram * < i
settler has llled notice of his intention to make fiuil
proof in Htipport of In'- * claim , and that said pie < i :
wiil te made before the liestatcr or Receiver at .M <
CVjk. Neb. , on Saturday Sept l. " > th 1'SJ. izAi-
UStC Hotre hd No 310 1 for the n-e M * > iot-
4 & 5 , ec 19. & lot 1 see 0 tp 3 n r 30 we.-t.
He names the following w Itiiesi-e.s to pro\ lit- con
tinuous residence upon , and cultiinonof. ! said Issd
viz : Joseph M. Hnet , George White. MJch.i-
Wcick and Au u t Plasmyre. G , L LA - .
n-iO i : - ! si * r.
Lmd OHirc at MeCooK. Neb. . Au ? . Jth ? , 'SH
Notice I * hereby jrfven that the following nara * d
cettlea ha flled notice of his Intention to m.iK' S-
nal proof In t-upport ut his claim , and thai -M
proof will be made btfore ri-K ! ttr or rtetUer a : > ! -
Cook. Neb. , on Friday. Fept. , Hth , : sJ. : xlz. . > : -
phen A Hogers. hd No. 34hS for the n-w iv of
S-w 'J of seel. * n ' ot s-e A : ot " ( ' 4 -
sec 2 tp JJ north r.mjre 23 wett.
He nnmt' < the following % itni""e < 'to JTOVC bion
tluous t evidence n 'on , and culthation of stld -jiJ I
\iz ; Alexander Jouef. of lied Willow Natluin M v-
ers Allen A Phillipi and 11. H. Picken" .f Mc-
Cook n-10 G.L. LAV.s. . lld-r.
Land OtHce at > Tcfook Neb. . Auff. . 2nd 'S ? .
Notice is hereby given that the foilowInK-n-.i-'J
i set'ler has Cled notice of his Intention to make nai
proof In oupfiort of hicla'.ci , and thit iirt proofu-i.l
be made b.-fore IJeslner or receiver at McC < v > k
Xen. . on FridaySept. . 11 1&S3 , \ Iz : Jamet Gto's. . . -
c h no. 2245 for the n yt 6-e < jr sec 21 ! c w & s-w
He iiamea the folio * Ins witncbje-f to prove 1-Js
continuous residence upon , and cultivation ofs.'S.
land. George G owing and Pyl'/anu * Will > : r 1
Carrico , and N'-hemiah IJurrless of Va ! " > >
Grauge.und William Porters of O&born.
u-9 G. L. LAWS , Register
LAND OFTICE at McCook Neb. . AU . 21 1S3.
Notice is hereby jriven that the
named settler has tiled notice of his intention
to make tlnal proof in support of hi * clainj.
and that said proof will be marie before Reis -
or Receiver at McCook Neb. , on Saturday
Sept. ' 9. IfcM , viz : Mary H Oimefor thesliv ,
H sec 20 & lots 3 & 4 , fcec 29 tp 3 n r 3d we t.
He names the followingwituertses to
prove his continuous residence upon , and cul
tivation of , wild land , viz : Laura Phillips
Minnie Hates , Charles E. McPherbonisd Willliia
Orme , ull of McCook , Neb ,
G. L. LA F , 1
n-12 Htgict'-r.