McCook weekly tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 188?-1886, September 13, 1883, Image 3

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    Homo Journal.
Thou dear Lenottc ! A 1mdo is in-
y deed for many days , to ovcry ono'who
does not marry her , and especially to
me , a poor mcagro show-bread , but I
* " pxcepVono hour , the hour on th'o morn
ing of the wedding day , when , the hith-
i orto free girl , trembling in her finery ,
"V- ' overgrown with flowers and feathers ,
soon with'like ones to be plucked out
by destiny ; with anxious , pious eyes ,
which for the last time and the loveliest - '
est , shod tjieir tears on the mother's
bosom ; when standing- adorned on the
scaffolding of joy she celebrates so
many partings and ono sole meeting ; '
and when the mother turns away from
her and goes to her other children ,
abandoning the anxious girl to a stran
ger ; this hour , I say , touches me.
Thou joyfully throbbing heart , I" then
think , not always wilt thou beat thus in
thy sultry years of married life ; but
often wilt thou shed thine own blood
that thou mayest nioro freely step down
the path that leads to old ago , even as
the chamois hunters support themselves
by the blood of their own heels. Then
dp I feel tempted to go out to the vir
gins who Bland by the wayside that
leads to the church , looking on with
envious eyes , and say to them : "Do
not grudge the poor girl so much the
rapture of a perhaps fleeting delusion.
Ah ! like her yo see to-day the beauty
and strife-apple of marriage hanging
only on the sunny side of love , so red
and so soft , but green sour side , hidden
by the -shade , no ono sees. And if yo
have ever pitied from the bottom of
> - your hearts "an unfortunate wife who
chanced ten years. after marriage , to
pull out of a drawer her old bridal
dress , while all the tears which
she had shed in tliost } ton years over her
sweet delusion pressed into her eyes at
once , do ye then , know so surely that it
will be otherwise with the envied one
who now flits past you so gayly and so
brightly ? "
I Happy Once Blore.
: ' ST. LouiSjMo. A Chronciclo reporter
\ . was told by Mr. Alirod J. Papin , of this
\ city , that his nephew had the most ob
stinate case of inllaiumatoryrheuuiatism
which baffled all kinds of treatment un
til St. Jacobs Oil , the great pain-con
ic queror was used. It cured the young
manand ho recommends it as the great
est cure for pains in the world.
Manual Labor Schools.
New Tork Tjlbuno.
I saw la&t week a school of instruc
tion in a portion of a vast .cigar estab
lishment nere , where between every"
two boys of German origin sat a Span
iard from Cuba teaching them to fill
aud roll according to the Havana style ,
since the German-made cigars are dis
tinguishable from the more solicited
imported cigars , the manipulation hav
ing been different , and some machinery
being used here like the mold , or the
India rubber roller. The boys are paid
Jr and receive prizes and have a library ,
and must be the sons of cigarmakers.
The Zjoan of a Lover Forbidden.
Chicago Tribune.
A young lady on Monroe street re
fused to allow her sister to borrow the
former's beau as an escort to a party ,
saying , "Iti * not good that the man
should bp a loan. " She had uot been
a member of a Bible class for , nothing.
WHEAT No. 2. lie. |
BAKLEY . .No.2 , 46h'c. I
BARLEY No. 3 , 33c. , . '
KYE No. 3 , 413iC.
CORN No. 2 , Si c. i
OATS No. 2 , UoJie.
i FLOUR Wheat Graham , $2 23. i
* * ' CHOP FEED Per cwt. i)0c. ) ,
SIIOKTS Per ton , 14 00.
ORANGES Per box , $3 75(34 23. ;
LKMOXS Per box , ? 6 00ra < 5 50.
APPLES Per barrel $2 75'S3 00.
BUTTEK Creamery , Or ± 2c. ,
BUTTER Choice country , 1015c.
EGGS Fresh , Wfa/lBa. \ „
HAMS Per ft . 14Hc.
SHOULDBKS Per fb. 8c. .
POP.K Per bbl. $17 00. . ( ta
* LARD In tierces , per li > . ISHc j 4
. . .
00 S . - " = * -
ft SirEEPf3 75.
CATTLP $3 00(5)3 ( ) 75.
HOGS ? i 05(54 55.
WHKAT Per bushel ,
- CORN Per biinhel ,
OATS Per biibhel ,
PORK $11 SOSll 25.
LARD # 8 05. " '
'V HOGS Mixed , $4 73fo5 10.
CATTLE ExportS , yG OOr&tf 35.
SHEEP Medium to good , J3 } 75 { 4 25.
WHEAT Per bushel , $1
CORN Per bushel. 4-iKr < f46lic.
OATS Per bushel , 20ft26Xr.
CATTLE ExportH. $5 SQCdG 15.
SHEEP * 2 nu 4 50.
fcJHtTJ ' - - - - v -
1 HOGS Mixed , $1 9JO00. . ,
Cheerfulness is an excellent' wearing
quality. It "has been called tho" bright
< A' . weather of the heart.
HORKHOUND AND TAR instanter. ! I
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in 1 Minute. I' I
It is wi rimn tx > think , and folly to sit
without thinking. _ . ! <
, /f - S5ns of the Fathers Visited on the Cliil-
Jf \ A en.
-r _ . Phvslclnns snv that scrofulous taint cannot
-'v becrad'cnted : Ve deny it ' * in toto. " If
* , * v you s" through a thorough course of Bur
dock Bitters , your blood ill get as pure as
.jf- : * you can wish. " Price , 31.00. ,
) * C , -A kind reception is better than a
feast. [ Tel ugu"
For I > r * "cpi > l . > ndlseInn. Depression of
Bp rits and G noml Debt Itr. > " tho'r va fous forma :
tlK > a np rcTO tlve-8aanst FeTor and Afae , and
otter Intermittent fcvow , th ' 'rerro-Pho i > ho-
VWed E Ix ' 'at * ! > { " " lafAo byCa wolI ,
Haz-r ' & Co . Kcw York , and so d , byall druftnlsts. Is
the best toac : nnd for'pitle'ms iocoreilng from
fever or other slctnMs. K ha no e n & 1.
Lo life in an Indian camp. [ Boston
1 '
If n sprain is nothing morn than a Hprain ,
that is , if HQ bones are broken , bathe the
afflicted part well with Perry Davis * Pnln
Killer and wrajj the pirt in se'veral folds of
flannel , and a few applications of Pain Killer
< and entire rest will.cffcct a Bure cure. > j >
The cot of .stopping a , railroad , train
is said to be from 40 to CO cents.
TJ , ,
There was a younir man HO woll'bred ,
That the hair v.'ould not stay on his head ,
But the Carbollnn OH
Put new hair on the soil.
And now to an heiress lie's \vcd.
The way to wealth is open to all. tjIt
depends chiefly on industry and 'ffn-
galityl -
Nervousness , debility and exhausted vital
ity cured by using Brown's Iron Bitters.
Song of the Western Union. "Never
mind the wire-fare. "
Facts Kpouk for T/ioniHolvos.
C. It. Hall , Grayvilie , III. , writes. "I
never hold anj' medicine in ray life tbat gave
finch univerrial satisfaction us Ihomas'Ec-
lectrlc Oil. In my own case it cured a bad
ly ulcerated throat , and in threatened croup
in my children it never failed to relieve. ' '
Conversation on a journey is equal tea
a conveyance. [ Tamul.
See the following Latest Fashionable Japa
nese Decorations for 10 cents.
One Japanese Hand Painted Crepe Mat.
One Japanese Picture on heavy Crepe.
( Makes an elegant tidy ) . ,
One Japanese Mat , (5 ( colors ) .
One Japanese Napkin , 18x18 , (5 colors ) .
A beauty.
One Japanese Gossamer Napkin , ( Lace
Design ) .
One set of 3 Chromo Cards , new , just out ,
or 3 of each , no two alike , for 25 cents.
Stamps taken.
Buffalo , N. Y.
At a stand still The pea-nut busi
ness. [ New York News.
Personal Blon Only.
The Voltaic Belt Co. . Marshall , Mich. ,
will send Dr. Dye's Celebred Electro-
Voltaic Belts and Electric App'Unces on trial
for thirty days to men ( young or old ) who
are afflicted with nervous debility , lost vital
ity aud kindred troubles , guaranteeing
speedy and complete restoration of health
and manly vigor. Address as above. N. B.
No risk'inourred , as thirty days' trial Is al
Stop at the Metropolitan Hotel when
in Omaha. The best $2.00 per day
house in the west. Tsibles as good as
any 83.00 per day house.
The weakest kind of fruit drops earl
iest to the ground.
BTJCH1T-P.ia.rB A. " Quick , complete cure all
anuoying Kidney and Urinary ulseazos. } L
The yellow fever the love of gold.
[ Philadelphia Bulletin.
THE habit of running over boots or shoes
corrected with Lyon's Pat. Heel Stiffeners.
General Sheridan and President Ar
thur are both of Irish parentage.
Look Out.
See that every bottle of Allen's ' 'Iron
Tonic Bitters' ' boars the signature of J. P.
Allen , St. Paul , Minn. All others are base
frauds , gotten up to deceive the public and
defraud Hi. The-very fact of their beiLg
imitated is a compliment to them , for if
they had not proved a grand success , there
would have been no imitations. Apply the
test of the signature all the samo.
The world has nothing constant but
its instability. [ Oriental. Long.
Josinh Duvia's Trimble.
.Tns.5ih Davis , No. Middletowu , Ky. ,
writes :
i am usins a box of your HENRY'S CAR
BOLIC SALVE upon an iilcer , which , for
ten days , has given me pain. This
' ahe is the only remedy that has given me
any eaf-c. My ulcer was caused by varicose
veins , and I was pronounced incurable by
my doctors. I find , however , that
a care.
The fool is a cock which sings at the
wrong time. [ Turkish.
3To her Swan'a Wor yrui > , " forferernh-
ne.f.rcbt essness.worms.corHilpatlou , tnstoies ? . Sic
Too much luncheon hampers the pic-
nic. [ The Judge.
Virtue Acknowledged.
Mrs. Ira Mulholland , Albany , N. Y. .
writes : "For several years I hare suffered
from oft-recurring bilious headaches , con
stipation , dyspepsia , and complaints pecu
liar to mv se'x. Since using your Burdock
Blood Bitters I am entirely relieved. "
Price f 1.00.
If you engrave it too much , it will
become a hole. [ Malabar.
FT.IE8 , roacbw , Hnt < . bed-bugs , rats , mlco , crows ,
chlpmunkH.Llearcrt out by "Kough on Knls. " 15c-
All roads lead to roam. [ Life.
A patnet runs for seventeen years.
Restless , fretfnl , crying children are suf
fering , and need for fhelr relief DR. WIN-
useful not only for all the disorders of
teething infants , aut cures coughs , colds ,
croup , sore throat , colic nnd cramps of older
children , and should be kept in every house
for ' emergencies. Try it ; only 25 eta. Sold
by all druggists.
A farmer's wealth depends on the condi
tion , of his stock. When scraggy and feeble
they ' are especially liable to distempers ,
fevers , colds , and all diseases which destroy
animals. Thousands of dollars are saved
annuallv by thrt : valuable old standbv , UN
One-third of all who die in active middlo-
life ' are curried off by consumption. The
most ' frequent caute is a neglected cold ,
cough. hoareeness bronchial trouble or
asthma , all of which mav be permanently
AND WILD CHERRY. ' Sold by druggists.
An economical man will keep the leather
of his harness soft and pli.ible , which preserves -
serves it from cracking or ripping. HR
OIL. Sold by all harncs mnkcrs.
Worms cause peevishness , fevers , convul
sions and frequently death. A pleasant
safe and certain remedv is DR. .TAGUE'S
druggists ; - .
Headache , constipation , liver complaint ,
biliousness arc cured i > y that mild , cleansing
remedy , which never produces pain , EIL
25 cte. Sold by all J '
Sprains , bruises , Htiff joint" , burns , scalds
and rheumatism are relieved byUucle Sam'n
Nervp and Bono Liniment. " Sold by all (
The offender never pardons. v
Lately irfcdals with the named.of their re
cipients thisuribed therein and marked
" 306" were feeut to the men who blowcd
Grant's horn at the Chicago con
That splendid compound Dr. Thomas'Ec-
lectric , Oil H daily { jivcn medals liner than
men ever d.rcampdi , i. o. , the unsolicited
compliment's of .tbousan'ds whom 1t has
frced'from ache-i , sprain ? , and pains. Some
assert that these men at Chicago were uot
worthy of their medals , but uone of the
pufchasurh of Thomas' Eclectric Oil dare
deny'that it is entitled to its medals. Its
purpose in this wbrjd is not the promotion
of any one man's interests , but the well-
being of every human soul. It nominates
aud elects 16 comfort with ovcry application.
It K certain , cllL'ient , and economical. It
is obiously certain because it is unfailing ,
efficient because it relieves , aud economical
because a fi-w diops will cum a bruise , a
bite , an ache. , or a lameness , : i small bottle
will cure rhcumutibin , or neuralgia , and in
haled or swallowed for catarrh nnd colds its
effects , are wonderfully beneficial. The hale
of Thomas'Eclcctric Oil attests its worth ;
vast qtiatititicb of it are shipped daily to all
parts of the United States. Every bottle
receives a medal thu unqualified and un
stinted praises of its purchaser.
i < 9 Of
When you vlbit or leave New York City ,
save Baggage , Expretsagu and Carriage
Hire , and stop at GRAND UNION HOTEL ,
opposite Grand Central Depot. COO elegant
rooms , fitted up at a cost of one million dollars
lars , reduced o $1 and upwards per day.
European plan. Elevator. Restaurant
rappiied with the bost. Horse-cars , stages
and elevated railroads , to all depots. Fami-
licx win live better for le s money at the
Graurt Union Hotel than at any other first-
clash Lotol in the city.
When 3rou come to Omaha , take the
Street Cars or 'Zfws for the Metropolitan
Hotel. $2.00 per day. Tables as good
any $3.00 per day hnusp.
'llope is the brightest star in the firm
ament of youth.
ROUGH O2OCA.T8 , " , Clears out rata. mlcf ,
flle3ru ciu .i > ed-ba2s jntavermt .chipmunks. 15c
Over candid A sugar-coated pill.
[ Boston Star.
BAI.TIMOIIE. Mi > . Dr. Irwiii H. Elder-
idge &a\s : "I would recommend a trial of
Brown's Iron Bitters in all cases of anaemic
debility or when a tonic or appetizer is indi
cated . ' '
It is-after a-woman has emerged
from a salt water bath that figures don't
lie. [ Rochester Post-Express.
HAY-FEVER. After trying in vain for
eleven yeara to cure my Hay-Fever , I pur
chased "a bottle of Ely's Cream Balm , which
entirely relieved me. R. W. Harris , Letter
Carrier ( , Newark , JJ. J.
For twenty years I was a sufferer during
the summer months with Hay-Fever. I
procured a bottle of Ely's Cream Balm , and
was cured before it was used. Charlotte
Parker ] , Wavcrly , N. Y. Price , 50c.
If taken to excess , even nectar is
poison. [ Tamul.
In fever and aiue
districts. In tropical
nd other icg ont
vis ted by ei ldcmict >
in d indeed In nil lo-
callt cJ waere the
cond II mo me un-
laiorable tohc-Hh ,
.this famous vtveta-
blo ifvteorant and
nlterbtvo. 11 it 8-
t 'rV St'imaih t It-
tcrs.liaa been found
a po en n.ife nird
even to feeble o n-
s hutUn n il f w-
Hc : ri ec.whllca a
cure for ndjiiMti n
i i 11'nctwnni ! J-m-
Urccl con ) > liiltits It is
Without a uvai.
< -oi- sale bnil
Drug i-1 nnd Deal-
a , s > oneililj. .
P" -
Tbl3 arUcin l-v a c irefully prepr.rsxl phyeldttu's
prc orlptl < jn aiid bus fc en in coiibtnnt tue for NEAR
LY A CEKTT-RY sind ncitwtU > ntTidln tSn many ottct
preporutioi.a that hsvo hoan IntmiJucsd into ins
market , ih esle of this article is constantly increae
ins. II the rtlrcctions ore follower ! it will never fall
Wo partieulnriy I/trite tno rtioRtiiin of phyfiicmnt tc
on the line of the
Full particulars
Land Commiss'ncr'
Best tn the World. Get tbo Rennlne. Kv.
cry pncltaae lina onr Trartr-niarlc nnd is
marked Krn fr'MM ) I.VRK VWUKKK.
BeatCOTRh Syrup. TaswiRood. p
Use in time. ScidbydrueKiats. g
MISS LOOMIS' SCHOOL , for the reception
111 of a limited number < > f botuilinx pupils. Special
attention .ivea 10 h lr home trcl .Injr. Terms , JZU
ryear. For circu'ars , apply to U B. LOOMUJ , 1011
Ss'ebsterUree : , Omaha , Neb.
on the smoothest ficc la
i-ooef refiinlrf. heicrfalts.
crsUt cr ; 3 parkagw fir Jl. Jtenarecf < hosp
; &on other genuine.
I tl > e .
Acldruss U BAVt.i-T , Uuljuyue. la
S7 AN I1OUK tor itll'who wll1 mafcfporg tl"
vt > irofiuibl ; njtoodua i gba-ines * if y ucmde-
voioyou'tl uoio t. MtiiiiAV HILL. UuxYad , N. Y
AOENTsiVVXTKD for ihe best und
soliluif Pic.oriol Hooks in , Hiolcfricea r.Muctd
oSpercent. N .T OAI. I'UB < u.ct. IxmK Mo.
iin perdaratbonie. "amp eswtmhfS free.
IU o. . ' 'ort > ncUMatne
JCC i > week in vuur " u l > HII. Termluid si outnt
VUU free. A.idredi II II jtlet& ( > . . Portlinrt. Maine.
5579 a week ; < Uad-y nth ) ni eu > lly uin . i o Uy
fcouiflttr s UK
Rheumatism , Neuralgia , Sciatica ,
Lumbago , Dackacho. Headache , Toothache ,
, n ,
Iluriu , .SeutilM , Front Ultc * .
Wrcclioiiila 11
-run cnAJua-A.TooEi.Eit co.
llalUrnorc , lid. , US. A.
A Specific for
Be Dr. S. A. EIcMoMIei Co. , Prop. , St. Mi , Mo.
UorrcfipondencofreelyansvrorcdbyPhysldaiis. 056)
applied by
the linger into the
nostrils , will bo ab
sorbed , effectually
cleunsiujr the head
of catarrhal virus ,
causing healthy se
cretions. It alluys
iuflaminatiou. pro
tects Ihc membrane
of the nasal pass-
apes from addition
al colds , completely
heals the sores and
restores taste and
smell. A few ap
plications relieve.
A thorough treatment will positively cure.
Agreeable to use. Send for circular. Price
60 cents by mail or at druggists.
EI.Y KKOTHEJiS , Owego , If. Y.
Phnip Tourlpp ? I
J } Uiluil Lualluio !
School Teachers !
BKLLR , We. By
Emerson. Uoiu-
_ _ _ _ _ .ms , too. W. o.
rerkl > * . JTfiirF'oIiwiii , flte ; JIESRY JniiiES ,
50ovoKruo 1x. All are KOcd , cheerful , gtn-
lui ( .oBecilotiB i f sciiOttl music.
WELCOHB ' "nonus , n. By
For BM scliools jni . LiATTRGC.Vr.EATU ,
UCO. nv Perkins. VOOAI.
V iic& . < ; WEU.ES1.EY HOI LEOE
. , 81 ; HIGH > ciioot. Cnout.Sl ; notrii
3,11. Ajlmo excellent UovSa tyilio tea :
i't-niina. 'iuB ma L , lav. classes with o th.r tl
these uie ture to be Eucc&sca.
" " ; ronuirawowor. „
* Tfi wiiriu jira ; ic i x lo the oit-y HrT > - niul
] i > A2 , < V > . . and tli ijna t-onu n-iti t
" , A w > - > i ! iai D-ntoru , V.a =
! ? mi filmin SiiEnn-iui OIUPCTI CUIIICTIOX ,
fUl UliullM81-25 ? 1'tH .E , ? ! ; HEItAHX-l rltAWE
. .pMTi - BntTu3n MA HP Slii ; E.j b < .N'
MiHiitoK A > 'iui.Mbfi.'Jiiuiicn fpnuiM'.SisS.
GBMG l.'ANElin&U uijn > otlivid. ct-nl fyrae-
tcript vo li ts '
Any boo ! , me ! ill fur ihe relsil prlo .
I > lnt3 fiee. InqulriM 01.03 fu'ly tnswi re „
I/5ro-fi .t HE.VI.Y , Chlc = so , I.I.
OLIVER I > ITSO.V & CO , , I5oston ,
KDY. An unfail
ing ccroiorsem-
inal we..kne h ,
a'l diH > aes thnc
fu luw a a s > e-
qiicnce of i-elf-
3ouiO-y , I'nl- - :
fu' ' Virlun , I'rcm-taro O'd Ago. on < l mnny
otha--dlsen' cfl thit lad to Insanity cr cnnsnmptlon
nd jirema. Lrexrave.
fZ"Vu\ ir.iciil . in fur ca-npiilet , whi'Ji we de-
BlretOfondf.te by mall 'oevo-yone. J2fjhe pe
< he all dlcui e (3 ( so d by nl drupilaia ut il f cr pac < -
npe or tlx puotti.fs lorM orwi 1 be eot fiee by
malloniUiClp 01 the mowy rnddrps-ina
1 HK t. It AT ilKmc-iTvB t O. , BuffHlo , N. V.
( nre tn * rant-'Cd One bx will test ita mejir. < > n
account of counter pits TTC h v adopted the \ellow
wrap > or the only Rcnui&u told ut um .t * . by C. P.
odm n.
By takinr ? V/rls tN Isfiian Vc
PlUs , -which clc ar o the I3owela , priy the
Blood , and by rirrrinct nil oV-'rr'iitiori *
secure hcn' - " . . i - . i ror n ( . ' .4 : t
E. FfeSRSTT , Agerit ,
S'J'i Pearl fit. . > .vw "ir. i.
W N TT Omnh.-u 171-37
please Kiy you saw the aclverrisaiua in
thi paper.
nv. , . , ( j
Do you want a pure , bloom *
Ing Complexion ? If so , a
few applications of Hagan's
Ify you to yonr heart's con
tent.It does away Tvitli Sal-
lowness Bcdness
, , Pimples ,
Blotches , and all diseases and
imperfections of th6 skin. It
overcomes tli o flushed appear
ance of heat , iatigno and ex
citement. It makes a lady of
THIRTY appear bnt TWEN
TY ; and so natural , gradual.
and perfect are iis effects.
that it is impossible to detect
its application.
Treatini ; Consumption , Aftthma , UrouehltlHN H
Catarrh , Sore Throat , Lois of Voice , cad othei
Haladlcsof the Xoso , Throat , nn < l Lungs.
DH. TVOI.PE trea'js the above named dlsoaicobj
Msdlcfttotl Inhnlatlona. When thuB administer
ed , rcncdlea are brouuht "face to " In eon-
tact with the disease ; whereas. If they are swal
lowed they mis with the contents o ! the stcaicch
and never reach the < .r cna of rcsplnitlon.
DR. "W'OI PE has , by tljo Judicious omployiumt
I l alatlon . udateted thousands to
their health , ninny ol
whom had been pronounced incurable , and
given up to dla by their family pliyslcaca nnd
DK. 1VOI.FE has prepared a list of questions for
glck people to answer by icail. They ere In char
acter the same would ask were he by the bod-
aide of the Invalid. By writing answers to those
questions any ono can send on aocurrxto state
ment of his dl8eoaeand receive nnd IIKP InballnH
remedies at home. In any part of hc Untied
fc tales orCantdawithout.lnciiniHKtia cxpcnso
and discomfort of mating n visit to Cincinnati.
Any one sendlnK nla name and pcst-cCbco address
trlth a throe-cent postage stamp , trill receive e.
copy of the"Clrcnlu of queutious" by retunv
SIC. WOLFE has published a medical book call
ed "Common Benoo , Cause and Cure of Con
sumption , Asthma. eUx , " a copy of vt hlch he T7ll )
send to any body who orders it , by moil , and en
closes 9 cents in po ta e stamps irllh bis name
and poet-offlcc ad ess. The booh Is of fTcat
value to any ono affilctod with any dlGcnse of i&9
Nose , Throat , or Lunijs.
DK. 'WOLFB ha also pabllshed another book oi-
& 1 pages entitled "LlKht about the house Tfe live-
la , " which every healthy person aa well as slcfc
ought to read. This book has a spial ictvrcal
to persona Lo ha veT uiife luncs. or any symp r-
toms of Consumption , Asthma , Uron < .hilisor Ca
tarrh. Sent to any addresi free by mail , on
receipt of 9 cents In posta
I JG Kiaith St. , t incinnati , O.
v A ISBA ir. r. rusTi MOXI AX.S.
, , „
52 O , :
Dr.\i : tiitu c v.erc nav-
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CQ5 & 03 Wyandotte bt , 15 years practice
KANSAS CITY. - . MO. K In Colcagot
Anthorire.1 by the State to treai
Clironc , Kervoos ind 1 1 Tata Oia >
eises ; A-'tlinn. Epilepsy. Hiieunutlara ,
Pll < a. lap > worin. Urtmry and Skin
Diseases , bzMi > fAL. WKAENZSO ( niyfil
to t ) , bczcju. DsaiLiTT ( tea of
P"ic r ) , ftc. Cures guaranteed
or money refunded. Cliarceslow. TtousaniBofcMea
cured. So injurkrai medlduca nwL No detention
rum btsln a % All medicines Jnraished evi-n to
patients at a distance. Consultation lro < 3 c.cil con3 lea-
tti ( c3il or write. Ag3 : md experience are Impiruat.
A BOOK for both tcse-l'lu tratc < l and drcnlara ol
other i hingsssnt sealed for t wo Jc stamp > > . My Musecra
is now open. EOUTB : 8 a. mtop. m. Saadaje : 10 tc
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A W.L'.l'byneAiarsii Iit < wn.Iowa.
E MInSTEIl V/MO FAILS to interest his congrcga-
L'oa and build up his church is generally accused of being-a poor preacncr ,
Or of not studying hard enough. That is not always where the trouble
comes from. Dyspepsia and liver disorders are responsible for many a
dull sermon and many a vacant pulpit When the Dominie's digestive
apparatus is working wrong and his nerves are giving him pain , and his
brain , refuses to do its duty , it is almost impossible to make or to preach a.
good sermon. > . Give your suffering minister a bottle of Brown's Iron Bit
ters. You will see its effect on next Sunday's preaching. The Rev. Mr.
Zehringof Codorus , Pa. , v ras paralyzed , and could not walk except with
crutches , until Brown's Iron Bitters made a new man of him. The Rev.
Mr. White , of Rock Hill , S. C. , says : "It restored me to strength and vi
gor. " BrpwnVIron Bitters is not only forjhe . ministcrbut , _ for all people. „ . -