McCook weekly tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 188?-1886, September 06, 1883, Image 5

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    The Tribune.
Call For Judicial Convention ,
8th Judicial District.
The Republican Elector * of the
Eighth Judicial District of Nebraska
arc hereby called to send delegates
from the several counties of said dis
trict to meet in district convention at
.Alma , Ilarlan county Nebraska , Scp-
timber 15th , 1883 , at 1 o'clock p. m. ,
ior the purpose of placing in nomina
tion a Candidate for District Judge for
.siid Eighth Judicial .District.
The several counties are entitled to
representation in said convention as
follows : Apportionment same vas by
State committee for state convention.
"unties * , 4 Delegates.
" " 1
1'iin'ly , 1
J'ruirlor , 3
< Jo- < per , 5
Tf.irlnn , . . . . i
- - - , - -
.J'ittMlOock ,
i Willow ,
" \Vtbstor ,
Totill 39
Ewvix 0.
District Committee. .
Call For Republican County Conven-
- tion. *
The Republican Electors of Red Wil
low county are herebv called to send
delegates from the several precincts
to meet in Indianola , Nebraska , on
Saturday , September 22 , 1883 , at 1
n'lrlouk p. in. , at the Court House , for
the purpose of placing in nomination
One Camlidiito for County Clerk :
" " " " Treasurer ;
" " " PherliT
< 44 44 44 Coroner ;
" ' " " inut
Supt pub
" " , " " Surveyor ;
" " " " OiminlMsli .
> iicr.
to elect i delegates tojtliu state convention.
And to transact such other business as
inay'c-ome before the convention. The
{ evcral precincts are entitled to repre
sentation in the convention as follows :
based upon the vote east for lion. J. W.
J'awcs for Governor , at the list general
flection , giving one delegrate at large
to uach precinct and one for every fif
teen votes und one for the fraction of
iive or more.
T-vlinlol i prcci
Willow Grove
K"d Willow
I" rift wood
Ji ! iver
Knst Vnllcy
No proxies will be allowed unless
held 1)3 * a person or persons residing in
the precinct proposed to be represented.
Tndianola , from 1 to 5 p. in. , at Col.
Red Willow , from 2 to 5 p.m. . at
Buck's school house.
Willow Grove , from 4 to 7 p. m. , at
Starbuck's office.
Driftwood , from 2 to 5 p. in. , at
School house district No. 8.
Gerver , from Itp 3p.m. , at A. Good-
Danbury from 3 to G p. m. , at Gra-'s school house.
Beaver. from 1 to 4 p. m. , at usual
voting place.
Mast Valley , from 3 to 5 p. in. at
School house district 14.
For the purpose of electing delegates
t-Jthc county convention.
By order of the Republican county
central commStte. RoVAL Birjc.
( Jr. S. BISHOP , Chairman.
Secret : ! rv.
Republican Primary.
The Republican Primary of Willow
< in vc precinct , for the purpose of
electing ten delegates to the Republican
county convention at Indi.uiola , Sept.
1'188S , and for nominating ] reeinet
"fficors , will be held at the office of L
J. Starbuck ? McCook , on
Saturday , September 15th , 1883.
i" < in 4 o'clock , until 7 o'clock P. 31.
This is a very important meeting and
it is hoped that every Kepubliean voter
in the precinct will attend.
Central Cum. for W. G. Precinct.
The cpnb'can CVntriU Coramlttco at tfce trluh
.It.ilc'al It trcc of Kebnuka ig ttvrelijcmlltil to
ctcct In the town of IlloomioRtOn , Ncbrnskn on
Thursday , the 6th Day of September , 83
i. 2 o'plock r. M. of i Id Uiy for Uie purpow of piv
v ! L'c - for holding a ISrpiibliesu Judids ! onnvcntlon
ilt-trlct ! or for Uklng such action tn relation
proper to salil cominlttc * .
E. ti. CUADvnCK , CliUnnan.
In amiuining the duties df editor RJK
publisher of TUB TRiBUNKwe. are fullj
aware of the reriponsibilitioH that wil
devolve upon UF , and we shall laboi
earnestly to perform them to the satis
faction of our patrons and readers. Th
object of our labors will be to publish : .
good , newsy , local paper , one that will
chronicle the events of the neighbor
hood and that will be an advertisement
of the town of McCook , and Red Wil
low and adjoining counties. We shall
always 'approve the good aetions of
men in political and other positions of
trust , and we shall not hesitate at. any
time to condemn and expose the wrong
doer. We shall keep our columns clear
from all objectionable language , and
hope to make it , as it .should be , an ed
ucator in the family. To our fcllow-
journaiists in the valley we extend a
friendly hand , and if they will meet us
half way our column * will not be filled
up with personal bickerings. To the
people of McCook and vicinity we only
ask a patronage worthy of our merits ,
nnd add that if the patronage be lib
eral , it will only be a greater incentive
For us to work the harder for their
THE corner stone of the new capitol
> f Dakota was laid at Bismarck , on
RKPOUTS from Java indicate that the
ntimated loss of reported has been ex-
iggerated. It will take some time be-
bre the actual facts become known.
THE New Orleans Picayune advises
hat politicians who have become too
imminent be put on the police force ,
nd then they will not be seen around
Donah CITY , Kansas , has redeemed
icrselt at last. List : Sunday , for the
irst time in her existence , not a saloon ,
ance house or gambling hell was open.
ramblers and prostitutes are very in-
fcnant , and arc shaking off the dust {
f their sandals as a judgment against
lie city.
TIIK Portland Board of Trade have
nthori/cd the finance committee to
lisethe sum of $ : ( ) , OUU to del'rav tin-
ecessary expenses of giving a grand
ilcbration on the completion of the
orthern Pacific niiln--.d , and a reeep-
011 to Henry Villard and his distin-
nished party.
A NHV building at Cambridge ,
a theatre and church combined.
here is a stage , with scenery and foot-
jjhts for dramatic use , and in the cen-
r is a large trap , out of which an altai
raised on Sundays and other holy
lys for lloman Catholic services. The
; terior is made church-like by a stec-
DCRIXO the last fiscal year 01,000
) plications for pensions have been dis-
iscd of by tin ; Pension Buieau. Com-
issioner Dudly says that the office has
indled every case brought before it.
il applications were passed , rejected ,
additional evidence required , so no
se is left untouched.
THE "first coin of the United States
> rc struck with a portrait of Martha
ashington. When George saw them
was provoked and ordered the mc-
iliion changed. The features were
ghtly altered , a cap was put on the
ad and thus 3Irs. Washington's por-
iit was converted into the present
e. Kx.
THE famous packet liner. Great Wcst-
n , now sailing between San Francisco
d other Pacific ports , is already twice
old ae ship ? usually get to be. She
st sailed from New York to Liverpool
rty years ago , and remained in the
lantic fleet twenty-nine years * . She
issed the Atlantic 116 tinwg , brought
.000 passengers to New York , has
il 1,500 births and 200 marriages on
ird , and in all her experience never
t one of her ercw or eo much as a
IT in c. gale of wind ,
TIIK Supreme Court him decided
against granting the mandamus to Sil
ver , aud the contract \ra awarded" t <
TIIK editors of two Fall City paper *
arc anxiouH to put their characters on a
nubstantial foundation before" tlie.j
reach metropolitan proportions. The
News chief has sued the mud geyser of
the Observer for $10,000 to put a po-
'ns plaster on his lacerated morals. ;
TIIK change in the law "regarding the
, -'iie.y order 5yst"in which went into
effect September , has-the. following
effect : It enlarges the amount that
may be covered by a single money ordc T
ro $ J)0 ( ) , but makes little changes in the
present lates. On the same day we
will have the use of the new postal
i-'tesa device invented for the sa'e
sending of small sums by mail ,
and which fills a void which
habeen fVlt i ce the dis
appearance of the convenient but shab
by fractional currency. The postal
notes will resemble' somewhat a con
ductor's check , the dollars , dimes and
cents called for by punching correspond
ing figures printed on the card. It is
made payable to Learer and will be is
sued only for a sum under five dollars.
I : is assiimed that these postal notes
will be used largely as currency , but
the fact that they will become invalid
upon the expiration of the three calen
dar months from the last day of the
month of issue will prevent them beincr
held back for use as currency to any
Additional Locals.
Prohibition in Kansas.
Kansas , it will be remembered ,
idnptcd a constitutional prohibitory
iinciiflinciit on the liquor question and
passed a law to enforce this temper-
nice principle. Those of our people
ivho wi > h to have an intelligent idea of
: his struggle in Kansas , can secure
i'cry full information upon the j ubjeci ,
} \ sending for the Weekly Capital , of
Copeka , Kansas. The Capital is eight
lages in size , carefully edited , the
Official State Paper , end a stahvar : ad-
rocate of prohibition , giving much in-
'ormation upon the temperance issue in
hat State. It is sent postage paid : to
my address one year , for One Dollar ,
simple eopy free to all applicants ,
send money by registered letter or post-
'fficc ' order , to J. K. HIDSO.\ ,
Editor and Proprietor ,
Topeka , Kansas.
Public Notice.
Notice is hereby given that there
; ill be held at the office of I. J. Star-
uck in McCook on the 24th day of
September 388 ; } , at 4 o'clock p. m. . a
lecting of TIIK McCooic CKMKTKY
issociATiox for the purpose of * com-
leteing the organization of this asso-
iatiou by the election of officers and
ic transaction of such other business
s may be legally transacted at said
Published by order of association
uted McCook , Neb. , Aug. . 20th 1883.
State Fair , at Omaha , commences
opt. 10th and continues to the liith in-
Lancaster county Fair at Lincoln ,
apt. 4 , 5 , t > and 7th.
Eighth Judicial convention meets at
lina on Sept. 12th.
lied Willow CountyHepublican con
dition meets atlndianola , on Saturday
iptember 22d , 1SS3.
A one half , one third or the whole of
fine lot of cattle and stock ranch on
e Frenchman not far from Culbertson.
good bargain. For information call 1
i 3. P. ISRAV.L ,
3IcCook. Neb.
9 For Sale.
The No. 8 Washington hand prei < s for
column paper , now uscdjn the Tur-
? NK office. Will be sold cheap for
ah. .
At thia office , two numbers of last
? ek'e issue of the TRIBUVK , under
te of Aug. IGth 1SS3.
To the Mentors and Friends of
thu 1'rot. Episcopal Church.
i You have all learned by this time tlmt
the Bi hop has appointed me to take
Charge of the missions in the Republi
can Valley. I have made/ several mis
sionary tours through this extensive
field , which I hope will -profitable to
the church and myself. I have made a
thorough investigation int < the state of
religion in this large missionan district ,
and I csin realize the need of the" Church
the Bride of Christ and vital Chris
tianity in this section of the Diocese.
L have come here a perfect stranger
to you all and I am glad to say that
every person has treated me with
utmobt kindness and respect and I hope
that my visits through the Valley will
be the means of doing good to my feilow-
uieti. I know that this portion of our
dear-Lord's vim-yard Jias. had many llia-
eouragemeiits and disadvantages since
Ili.s Mystical Body , "the Church which
he purchased with His own blood , * ' was
first presented in your midst ; but now ,
my beloved brethren , T ask you in the
name ofliod for your co-operation in the
work . ( if establishing the historic church
of-qnr blessed Redeemer in this beauti
ful town. If I do not get your sympa
thy and love at all times 1 need never
begin ifiy work amongyou as a minister
of Jesus- Christ , "but [ am persuaded
better things of ion. my beloved
biothrou. even thu things which accom
pany your salvation. ' '
I havu every reason to believe that if
we all work together "intlie-unity of the
Spirit , in the bond of peace and in rinht-
! OiiMie.'S of life , " a good church can tie
stabiHied here at no distant day. Let
is , then , show to the world the power
uf the blessed Spirit who dwelleth in us.
> y earnest , united effort , that no part
if tiod's work may suffer IONS at this
icriod of transition. Let us stand fast
n one Spirit , with one mind striving to
gether for ' -'the faith which was once
Icliverfd nnto the saints " "
As T am ordained a minister of Jesus
Christ for the carts of souls , T desire to
ay to you and to all people , thatwhen-
ver any person is in ' 'trouble , need ,
ickncss. or in any other adversity. " T
hall be ready to minister to their
rants , or in whatever way T can make
ivsclf useful to the Church of God and
he temporal and eternal welfare of His
For this part of our dear Lord's
ineyard I shall ever pray that it may
e watered with the Divine blessing ,
ud continue to bear fruit to the praise
nd glory of the Church's cxhaltcd and i
loshed head. And may the ' -God of I
eacc , who brought again from the
Liad our Lord Jesus Christ , the great
icpherd of all sheep , through the i
lood of the everlasting covenant , make
; > u perfect in every good work , to do
iis will , working in you that which is
ell pleasing in His sight through
esus Christ , to whom be glory for
t'er and ever. Amen. "
1 am , your faithful servant ,
S ept. 4 , 1883.
As Others See Us.
Last Saturday , 3-0 junior editor
eppcd aboard the ' 'Cannon Ball" and
ado a hasty business trip to the fa-
ous city of iMcGook. Passing up the
alley at the rate of 45 miles per hour. |
2 noticed many marks of improvement
ice we were up the Valley , several i
ars ago. At Rep. City they are I
lilding a fine church , and at Oxford
j noticed man- new buildings in the
ursc of construction. " and at Cara-
idgc many fine brick buildings , while
cCook. a division station , with her
rge eating house , round house and
pot , the magic city of the far west , is
ing her best to put on metropolitan
rs. We called on G. L. Laws and
F. Babcock. the gentlemanly officials .
the new land office , and found them
awded with work ; we also dropped in
the TRIBUNE man and chatted until
p train came thundering along on
lich w htarted for home , and as the
lin doert not stop at Franklin going
st wi ; tried to get the conductor to
w tip and let us jump off , .but the
n'n rui hed by at the rate of GO miles
r hour. Republican Valley Echo.
One Thousand Bottles of Karsh'i Golden
den Balsam to be Given Away.
Krery person in McCook , vrhoi. s uf- t
fcring With Coii : uption. Weak Lung ? ,
ttrocliitift , a Cough or Cold. Sere , Hoarseness , C-onp. Whoopinir
Cough , Asthma , or any disease of tin1
Throat or Lung * , can obtain a trial
bottle of M.VKSH'S GOI.UK.N UAI.SAM ,
the great cough remedy , free of charge. . f
hv calling at S. L. Green's drug store , r
Pers"0ns who have tried this valnabl'j ,
medicine can procure the large bottles -T.
at 50 cents and 1. Thousands of Jetties - ' I
ties have been given away to prove 5t <
extraordinary merit. Two doses AVI 11
For all Blood disorders and Liver
complaints use MAKSII'S Goi.nsx TJr.oou
& L"iVKU Toxic. It pnrifie.s I he Blood ,
invigorates the Liver , Stomach and
Bowles , regulates the Kidneys and
strengthens the system. Sample bottles
tles free.
Ask your storekeeper for it. or write
direct to the manufacturers.
Cleveland , . - - Ohio.
D. KendalFs"
AXH -jf
Js the place for
ce Cold Lemonade ,
Ginger Beer , Pop ,
Choice Cigars. Candy. Nuts. Etc.
iilliard&Pooi Table
( Preserves Linen , gives . . '
satttiful finish , prevents the
'on from slicking , save. :
5 Cents a Cake.
Ask your Storekeeper for it.
Mude by
Standard Oil Co. ,
f F.roui"'now"until ; ; Vlf
anuary. 1st 133 $
50 Cents.