Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, December 08, 1910, Image 8

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The story In told by Nicholas Trial. Ills
rlilcf , Homitor John Cullicnin , uffuied the
portfolio of Hecrctary of Btntf In Tyler'n
cabinet , Is told by Dr. Ward that his tlmo
In nhort. Calhoun declares that he Is not
JCivdy to die , and If IIP ncncptH Tyler's of
fer It mentis Hint Texan anil Oregon must
tin nililud to tb Union. Ho plans to learn
tlio Intentions of England with regard to
Mexico through Daroiicss Von KHz. secret
Hpy and reputed mistress of the * 1'jiigllsh
iiinbnssiulor , Pnkenham. Nicholas Is sent
to bring thu baroness to Culhnun'H apart-
incntR nnd mltws n mi > utlng with his
Fiweellienrt. Elizabeth Chuicblll. Whllii
iienrchlng for the baroness' hnusw a cnr-
rlngp dnshcs up and Nicholas Is Invited to
' CHAPTER IV. Continued.
"Your narruil" she again demanded.
' I told her the first ono that catno to
! my lips I do not remember what. I
Ulil not deceive her for a moment.
"Of course that Is not your name , "
fciho said ; "because it does not fit you.
( You have mo still at disadvantage. "
J "And mo , madam ? You arc taking
tmo miles out of itjy way. How can I
hiolp yon ? Do you perhaps wish to
liunt mushrooms In the Georgetown
[ woods when morning comes ? I wish
( that I might join you , but I fear- "
"You mock me , " she retorted. "Very
good. Let mo toll you it was not your
personal charm which attracted mo
when I saw you on the pavement !
'Twas because you were the only man
In .sight , "
I bowed my thanks. For a moment
nothing was heard wivo the steady
patter of hoofs on the ragged pave
ment. At length she went on.
"I am alone. 1 Imvo been followed.
I was followed when I called to you
by another carriage. I asked help of the
first gentleman 1 saw , having heard
| that Americans are all gentlemen. "
"Truo , " Haiti 1 ; "I do not blame you.
Neither do I blarao the occupant of
tlio other carriage for following you. "
"I pray you , aside such clat-
tori" she uxclaimed.
"Very well , then , madam. Perhaps
the best way is for us to bo more
otrnightforward. If I cannot bo of
service I beg you to lot me descend ,
for I have'business which 1 must execute -
ocuto to-night. "
She dismissed this with an Impa
tient gesture , and continued.
"See , I am alone , " she said. "Come
with mo. Show mo my way I will
nay 1 will pay anything In reason. "
Actually I saw her fumble at her
purse , and the hot blood ( low to my
"What you ask of me , madam , Is
Imposolblo , " said I , with what cour
tesy 'I could summon. "You obllgo
rae now to tell my real name. 1 have
told you that I am an American gen
tleman Mr. Nicholas Trlst. Wo of
this country do not offer our services
to ladles for the sake of pay. But
do not bo troubled over any mistake
it is nothing. Now , you have per
haps had some little adventure In
which you do not wish to bo discover-
lod. In any case , you ask mo to shako
oft that carriage which follows us. If
that IB all , madam , it very easily can
bo arranged. "
"Hasten , then , " she said. " 1 leave
it to you. I was sure you knew the
city. "
I turned and gazed back through
the rear window of the carriage. True ,
there was another vehicle following
ua. Wo were by this time nearly at
I the end of Washington's limited pave
ments. It' would bo simple lifter that.
[ leaned out and gave our driver some
brief orders. Wo led our chase across
the vallqy creeks on up the George
town hills , and soon as possible
abandoned the last of the pavement
and took to the turf , where the sound
of our wheels was dulled. Rapidly as
wo could wo passed on up the hill , our
going , which was all of earth or soft
turf , now well wetted by the rain.
When at last we reached a point near
the mimmit of the hill 1 stopped to
listen. Hearing nothing , I told the
driver to pull down the hill by the
aide street , and to drive slowly. When
wo finally came into our main strcot
again at the foot of the Georgetown
hills , not far from the llttlo creek
which divided that settlement from
the main city , I could hear nowhere
any Bound of our pursuer.
"Madam , " said , turning to her , "I
Jthlnk wo may eafoly say we are alone.
'What , now , Is your wish ? "
"HomoI" she said.
"And where IB homo-
She looked at mo keenly for a tlmo ,
ps though to read some thought which
perhaps she saw suggested either in
jtho tone of my voice or In some
'glimpse ' she might have caught of my
( features as light afforded. For the
( moment she made no answer.
I "la It here ? " suddenly I asked her ,
iproaontlng to her Inspection the sealed
imlsalvo which I bore.
"I cannot see ; It Is quite dark , " she
, eaid hurriedly.
"Pardon mo , then " I fumbled for
jny cnso of luclfers , and inado a faint
light by which she might road. She
ipursod her lips and shook her head.
"I do not recognize the address , '
| sald oho , smiling , as she turned to-
fward mo ,
"la It at this door on M street , as
you go beyond this other street ? " I
, pUed bar. "Come think ! "
Then I thought I saw thu Hush
deepen on her face , oven as the match
flickered and failed.
1 leaned out of the door and called
to the negro driver. "Home , now ,
boy and drive fast ! "
She made no protest.
. One of the Women In the Case. ,
Tlicro IH n woman at the beginning of
nil great things. Lumattlno.
A quarter of an hour later , wo
slowed down on a rough brick pave
ment , which led toward what then
was an outlying portion of the town
ono not precisely shabby , but by no
moans fashionable. There was a single -
glo lump stationed at the mouth of the
narrow llttlo street. As wo advanced ,
I could sou outlined upon our right ,
juat beyond a narrow pavement of
brick , a low and not moro than semi-
respectable house , or rather , row of
houses ; tenements for the middle class
or poor , I might have said. The neigh
borhood , 1 know from my acquaintance
with the city , was respectable enough ,
yet It was remote , and occupied by
none of any station. Certainly It was
not to bo considered lit residence for
a woman such as this who sat besldo
me. I admit I was puzzled.
"This will do , " she said softly , at
longth. The driver already had
pulled up.
So , then , I thought , she had boon
hero before. Hut why ? Could this
indeed bo her residence ? Was this
Indeed the covert embassy of Eng
land ?
There was no escape from the situ
ation as It lay before mo. I had no
time to ponder. My duty was hero.
This was my message ; here was she
for whom it was Intended ; and tills
was the place whicji I was to have
sought alono. I needed only to ro-
mbmber that my business was not
with Helena von Rltz the woman ,
beautiful , fascinating , perhaps danger
ous as they said of her , but with the
Baronosrt von Illtz , in the belief of my
chief the ally and something moro
than ally of Pakonhum , In charge of
England's fortunes on this continent.
1 descended at the ctlgo of tlio nar
row pavement , and was about to hand
her out at the stop , but as I glanced
down I saw that the rain had loft a
puddle of mud between the carriage
and the walk.
"Pardon , madam , " I said ; "allow
mo to make a light for you the footIng -
Ing Is bad. " '
I lighted another lliclfcr , Just as she
hesitated at the stop. She mudo as
though to put out her right foot , and
withdrew it. Again she shifted , and
extended her loft foot. I faintly saw
proof that nature had carried out her
scheme of symmetry , nnd had not al
lowed wrist and arm to forswear
themselves ! I aw also that this foot
was clad In the daintiest of white slip
pers , suitable enough as part of her
ball costume , as I doubted not was
this she woro. She took my hand
without hesitation , and rested her
weight upon the stop an adorable
ankle now moro frankly revealed. The
briefness of the luellern woa merciful
or merciless , as you like.
"A wldo stop , madam , bo careful , "
1 suggested. Hut still she hesitated.
A laugh , half of annoyance , half of
amusement , broke from her lips. As
the light lllckcred down , she made ns
though to take the stop ; then , as luck
would have It , a bit of her loose
drapery , which was made in the wide-
skirted and much-hooped fashion of
the time , caught at the hinge of tlio
carriage door. It was a chance glance ,
and not latent on my part , but lsfiaw
that her other foot was stockinged ,
but not shodt
"I beg madam's pardon , " I said
gravely , looking aside , "hut slio has
perhaps not noticed that her other
slipper is lost in the carriage. "
"Nonsense ! " she said. "Allow mo
your hand across to the walk , please.
It is lost , yes. "
"Hut lost where ? " I began. i
"In the other carriage ! " she ex
claimed , and laughed freely.
Half hopping , she was across the
walk , through the narrow gate , and
up nt the door before I could cither
offer an arm or ask for an explana
tion. Some whim , however , seized
her ; , some feeling that in fairness she
ought to tell me now part at least of
the reason fur her summoning me to
her aid.
"Sir , " she said , even as her band
reached up to the door knocker ; "I
admit you have acted as a gentleman
should. I do not know what your
message may be , but I doubt not it is
meant for mo. Since you have this
much claim on my hospitality , even ,
at tills hour , I think I must ask you
to stop within. There may be some
answer needed. "
"Madam , " said I , "there is an an
swer needed. I am to take back that
answer. I know that this message is
to the Baroness von Illtz. I guess It
to bo Important ; nnd I know you are
the Baroness vou Illtz. "
"Well , then , " said she , pulling
about her half-clad shoulders the
light wrap she wore ; "let me bo as
free with you. .If I have missed ono
shoo , I have not lost It wholly. 1 lost
the slipper in a way not unite planned
on the program. It hurt my foot. 1
sought to adjust It behind a curtain.
My gentleman of Mexico was in wine.
I lied , leaving my escort , and ho fol
lowed. I called to you. You know the
rest. I am-glad you are less in wine ,
and are moro a gentleman. "
"I do not yet know my answer ,
madam. "
"Come ! " she said ; and at ouco
knocked upon the door.
I shall not soon forgot the surprise
which awaited mo when at last the
door swung open suddenly at the hand
of a wrinkled and brown old serving
woman not ono of our colored wom
en , but of some dark foreign race.
The faintest trace of surprise showed
on the old woman's face , but she
stepped back and swung the door
wide , standing submissively , waiting
for orders.
Wo stood now facing what ought to
have been a narrow and dingy llttlo
room In a low row of dingy buildings ,
"And Where IB Yotlr HomcJ"
each of two stories and HO shallow in
extent as perhaps not to of.'or space
to more than a half cloven rooms. In
stead of what should have been , however -
over , there was a wide hall wldo as
each building would have been from
front to back , but longer than a half
dozen of thorn would have been ! I
did not know then , what 1 learned
later , that tlio partitions throughout
this entire row had been removed , the
material.serving to ( ill up one of the
houses at the farthest extremity of
the row. There was thus offered a
long and narrow room , or series of
rooms , which now I saw beyond pos
sibility of doubt constituted the resi
dence of this strange woman whom
clianco had sent mo to address ; and
\vhom still stranger chunco had thrown
in contact with me even before my er
rand was begun !
She stood looking at mo. n smile
Hitting over her features , her stock
inged foot extended , toe down , serving
to balance her on her high-heeled sin
gle shoe. <
"Pardon , sir , " she said , hesitating ,
as she held the sealed epistle In li'er
hand. "You know me perhaps you
follow mo I do not know. Tell me ,
are you a spy of that man Paken-
ham ? "
Her words and her tone startled
mo. I had supposed her bound to Sir
Richard by ties of a certain sort. Her
bluntuess and Independence puzzled
mo as much as her splendid beauty
enraptured me. I tried to forget both.
"Madam , I am spy of no man , unless
I am such at order of my chief , John
Calhoun of the United States senate
perhaps , If madam pleases , soon of
Mr. Tyler's cabinet. "
In answer , she turned , hobbled to a
tiny marquetry table , and tossed the
note down upon It , unopened. I waited
patiently , looking about me meantime.
I discovered that the windows were
barred with narrow slats of iron vjith-
In , although covered with heavy dra
peries of amber silk. There was a dou
ble sheet of iron covering the door by
which we had entered.
"Your cage , madam ? " T inquired.
" 1 do not blame England for making
it so secret and strong ! If so lovely
a prisoner wore mine , I should double
the bars. "
The swift answer to my presumption
came in the flush of her cheek and her
bitten lip. She caught up the key from
the table , and half motioned me to the
door. Hut now I smiled in turn , and
pointed to the unopened note on the
table. "You will pardon me , madam. "
I went on. "Surely It is no disgrace
to represent either England or Amer
ica. They are not at war. Why
should we he ? " Wo gazt'd steadily at
each othnr.
The old servant had disappeared
when at length her mistress chose to
pick up my unregarded document. Do-
llborately she broke the seal and read.
An instant later , her anger gone , she
was laughing gaily.
"See" said she , bubbling over with
her mirth ; "I pick up a stranger , who
should say good-by at my curb ; my
apartments are forced ; and this is
what this stranger asks : that I shall
go with him , to-night , alone , and other
wise unattended , to sco a man , per
haps high in your government , but a
stranger to me , at his own rooms
alone ! Oh , la ! la ! Surely theao
Americans hold me high ! "
"Assuredly wo do , madam , " I an
swered. "Will it please you to go In
your own carriage , or shall I return
with one for you ? "
She put her hands behind her * buck ,
holding in them the opened message
from my chief. "I am tired. I am
bored. Your Impudence amuses me ;
nnd your errand is not your fault.
Come , sit down. You have been good
to mo. Before you go , I shall have
some refreshments' brought for you. "
I felt a sudden call upon my re
sources as I found myself In this sin
gular situation. Hero , indeed , moro
easily reached than I had dared hope ,
was the woman in the case. But only
half of my errand , the easier half , was
( TO I3 < 'O
Sense of Direction In Animals.
The remarkable faculty which cats ,
dogs , pigeons and other animals pos
sess of returning in a straight line tea
a point of departure has awakened
much curiosity on the part of natural
ists. Some refer it to instinct , some
to intelligence similar to man , some
to an internal mechanism which
makes the animal fclmply automata ,
but none of those attempted explana
tions does anything toward solving
the mystery. Ono of our ablest modern -
ern scientific writers supposes that
when an animal la carried to a great
distance in a basket its fright makes
it very attentive to the different odors
which It encounters upon the way , and
that the return of these odors , In In
verse order , furnishes the needful
In Fig-Leaf Days.
First Prehistoric Where did Adam
get such an awful grouch ?
Second Ditto He's kicking because
his spring clothes don't make htm look
ns broad shouldered as thu fellows In
the advertisements. Puck ,
_ . . . . . (
News Notes of Interest From Varloui
The Nebraska legislature meets in
January and will hold sixty days.
John A. Reno has been chosen city
attorney of Omaha , succeeding Mr.
Burnhatii , deceased.
The Webster County Medical so
ciety will hold its next meeting at
Guide Rock December S. A goojl
program Is being arranged for the
Miss Edith Lathrop , co.mty super
intendent of Clay county , WUH elected
\ce ! president of the state teachers'
association at Its recent meeting in
Frank Kcsslor of Homer has
brought suit i district court for
$5,000 milages over a severe beating
that he says he received at the bunds
of the defendant.
Policeman Wright and family of Ne
braska City woke up to' "find their
house on1 lire and had barely time * ;
nave their lives. The building and
contents was destroyed.
At the recent meeting of the state
teachers' association In Lincoln Con
gressman Norrls made an address ,
discussing something of the history
of the recent Insurgent movement.
In the district court of Douglas
county Aug. Schultz was found guilty
of manslaughter for killing Krug , the
brewer , by fast driving of an automo
bile Sentence at this writing has not
been pronounced.
Rev. Gusta\e Zobel , for over forty
years a minister of the German Luth
eran church was found dead in his
chair at his home in Beatrice. An at
tack of paralysis of the heart Is glen \ -
en as the cause of death.
State Representative T. .1. Coop-
erlder of Adams county died after a
lingering illness. He was elected to
the legislature on tlte republican
ticket in 1008 and had for a long time
been active in public affairs in Adams
Fine weather of thd past few weeks
has put farmers in good shapa so far
as the matter of gathering the corn
crop is concerned. Help in some in
stances lias been hard to get , but good
weather has largely overcome this dlf-
Thirty-five kind-hearted neighbors
helped II. K , Paulson of Douglas coun
ty rebuild his barn destroyed by fire.
In the , structure thirty-live cows
perished , Paulson being a dairyman.
The oonllagrntion la believed to be of
incendiary origin.
W. F. Crossloy , thu contractor who
is building1 the north wing of the State
Normal school at Kearney has fin
ished the work 'and the radiators , the
last work , are being installed. The
contract called for completion of the
wins before January 1.
Word was received in Beatrice from
llrixhain , Utah , announcing the death
of OIo Jansen , a former engineer on
the Union Pacitlc , who lived in Bea
trice for ninny years. He unit railroading
reading some time ago and engaged
in thu fruit business in Utah.
Dr. C. A. Flippin. colored doctor of
Stromsburg , on trial at Osceoln on a
charge of malpractice , resulting in the
death of Julia Kath , over a year ago ,
has been acquitted. Tlio case was
hotly contested and considerable feel-
int ; was aroused over the affair.
Citizens of Kc irney are boosting
for capital removal. Money is being
subscribed to further the object. The
secretary ol the organization was in
structed to have 50,000 envelopes
manufactured which shall be placed
In the hands of Nebraska business
men to be used by them.
Custer county people are making an
attempt to sccuro a now court house
and at a meeting held in Broken Bow
action was taken in tlio matter. The
general opinion seems to he that a
suitable court houpcshould be erect
ed as quickly as n vote on the same-
can be procured. The proposition to
call a special election and vote si levy
for this purpose was favorably acted
A requisition was honored at the
governor's office lor the return of
( Jrunt G. O'Neal of Sewurd county , for
attempting a statutory offense toward
Emma Brakslek , a telephone operator
at Utica. O'Nealas under arrest at
Stunherry , Mo.
Roy Ward o | ( illtner met with a
painful accident while operating a
corn husking machine. His mitten
caught in the machine anil his hand
was drawn into the machinery. A
companion who was with him was
unable to extricate the hand , and seWard
Ward was thus pinioned to the ma
chine while the filend went for help.
The result was. all the fingers of the
hand were fearlully crushed.
At : i meeting of the Young Men's
club of Blair preliminary Kteps were
taknn for tlio Farmers1 Institute and
Corn show which will he held In that
i Uy the first \\ook in January of next
year. It is tlio Intention of the club
to make this show tlje best yet , be-
ca.i ° v the members of the Hub feel
that with the experience gained hist
year they will ho better able to meet
the many dilllcultius that are always
. neountered In a proposition of this
ClMti cotton , one of the moat power
ful and deadly explosives known , was
found in and near the ruins of the
Henry Paulson dairy on the ( -enter
street road two miles west of Oimilm
\vhlch was mysteriously dostro.xed by
Rev. II. A. Seholl of the Chrlblhui
church of Hastings was- severely injured -
jured in an automobile accident on
inuto to Konesaw. The car struck a
bridge culvert and' caused the minis ,
tor to lode his neat hold. His head
struck a cross bar on the top of the
cur and a throe-Inch scalp wound re-
Much has been said 'about the
cost of living , Its causes , uud tlio possi
bilities of ItB reduction. I3ut llttlo has
been nald about tlio most costly leak :
Uio falsa economy existing today in near
ly every household ,
Much foodstuffs arn bought with but
ono point In view : "How cheap can I
Ket It" without a thought or ( luallty or
"after cost. " Ono of tlio most serious la
baking powder.
By the use of perfect baking powder
tha housewife can dcrlvo us much ccotn
oiny as from uny other article used In
baiting and cooking. In udectliiK the
baking powder , therefore , care should
be exercised to purchase ono that ro-
talns Us original Htrnngth and always
remains the mime , thus making tha food
swret and wholesome and piodliclng
sufficient leavening gas to miiko tliu
baking light.
Very little of this leavening gas Is
produced by the cheap baking powders.
making It necessary to usa double the
quantity ordinarily required to sccuro
good results.
You cannot experiment every tlmo
you mnko a cake or biscuits , or test thu
ntrength of your baking powder to find
out how much of It you should USD ;
yet with most baking powders you
should do thin for they are put together
so carelessly they are nuvcr uniform ,
the quality and strength varying with
ctich can purchased.
Calumet Baking Powder Is made of
chemically pure Ingredients or tested
strength. .Experienced chemists put It
up , The proportions of the different
materials remain always the same.
Scaled In air-tight cairn , Calumet Baking
Powder does not niter In strength nnd
Is not affected by atmospheric changes.
In using Calumet you nro bound to
have uniform bread , cuko or biscuits , as
Calumet dors not contain any cheap ,
useless or adulterating Ingredients HO
commonly used to increase the weight.
Further , It produces pure , wholesome
food , and Is a baking powder of rare
merit : therefore , is recommended by *
leading physicians and rhetnlsts. It
compiles with all pure food laws , both
STATE nnd NATIONAL. The goods nra
moderate In prlrp , and any lady purchas
ing Calumet from her grocer. If not sat
isfied with It , can return it and have lier
money refunded.
McLean Met His Match.
John 11. McLean stopped in front of
a lurching Irishman , one evening ,
and obstructed the sidewalk no that
the Irishman was obliged to .stop and
look at him. McLean said :
"Hero's that half dollar I borrowed
of yon. Now yon must quit telling ;
the neighbors that I never pay my ,
debts. "
Half drunk , and wholly dazed , the
Irishman took the silver piece , looked
at it Intently , and then said :
"Bo dad , ycz can't get off thot alsy.j
It wor a whole dollar thot yez ,
borryd ; so fork over. "
And ho forked over another half
dollar , and went his way , laughing )
heartily at the quick wit of the Irish- )
man. Illustrated Sunday Magazine. '
Ten Beautiful Christmas Cards Free
To quickly introduce the biggest and
brst farm Journal In the West , wo make
this special 0 day bargain offer : Send ID-
cents for trial S months' subscription and.
wo will glvo you free our collection of 10
very finest Gold Embossed Christmas post
cards. Nebraska Farm Journal , 313
Raince Building , Omaha. Neb.
The Simple Life
Mrs. Knlcker You will have to get
up to light the fire.
Knlcker Unnecessary , my dear ; I1
never smoke before breakfast.
. * > < 2
* . /
Nurse Hlvlns ! The baby swallowed - '
lowed a bottle of Ink an' no a bit of ;
blotting paper In th1 house !
Metropolitan Dallies Giving Advlco
How to Check Rheumatism and
Kidney Trouble.
This is a simple home recipe now
being made known In all the larger
cities through the newspapers. It IB
Intended to check the many cases of
Rheumatism and dread kidney trouble
which have made so many cripples ,
Invalids and weaklings of some of our
brightest and strongest people.
The druggists everywhere , even In
the smallest communities , have been'
notified to supply themselves with tlio
Ingredients , and the sufferer will have
no trouble to obtain them. The pre-j
scrlptlon IB as follows : Fluid Extract >
Dandelion , one-half ounce ; Compound ,
Kargon , ono ounce , and Compound'
Syrup of Sarsaparilla , three ounces.
Mix by shaking well In a bottle. The
dose is ono teaspoonful after each
meal and at bedtime.
Recent experiments in hospital
cases prove this simple mixture ef
fective in Rheumatism. Because of
its positive action upon the elimtna-
tlvo tissues of the kidneys , It compels
these most vital organs to filter from
the blood and system the waste im
purities and uric acid which are the ,
cause of rheumatism. It cleanses the ,
kidneys , strengthens them and re
moves quickly such symptoms as"
backache , blood disorders , bladder
weakness , frequent urination , painful
scalding and discolored urine. It acts
as a gentle , thorough regulator to the
entire kidney structure.
These who suffer and are accus
tomed to purchase a bottle of medi
cine should not let tv llttlo Incon
venience interfere with making this
up , oc have your druggist do it for you ,