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    The Glister Gounly Republican
D. M. AMHU13UHY. Editor
National , Political , Personal and Other
Matters In Brief Form for All
Classes of Renders.
Special arrangements have boon
iiinilo by Postmaster General Hitchcock -
cock for the rapid transmission of
mail intended for dolhery abroad by
Clirtutmas. day ,
The not Income of the 2G2.490 cor
porations of the United States which
are subject to tax under the corpora
tion tax law was ? ! ! , 125,470,000 for the
year , which ended on .111110" ISO.
United Stales Senator Klklns maybe
bo able to appear in his seat in the
coming session of congress. According
to a statement regarding Ills condi
tion glvon out at his Washington resi
The Secretary of interior lias ap
proved the decision of the commis
sioner of the land office In appeal of
William Angelin , dismissing his con
test against the homestead entry of
llessle K Stamlford Alliance , Neb. ,
land district.
Nebraska pensions granted : Elon
. Doers , $20 ; Willurd N. Evans , $15 ;
Krank W. Hammond , $12 ; Tobias
Hanson , $20 ; Noah .1. Kinsley , $12 ;
Gelina P. Shepard , $12 ; ncnjamln F.
Watts , $15 ; William Williams , $20 ;
Lewis A. Williams , $15.
Secretary Ualllnger recently an
nounced the withdrawal from entry of
( J44.000 acres of coal lands In' Mon
tana. The land lies between Miles
City and Glendlve. The secretary
also withdrew about 7,000 acres of
oil lands in Kern county , California.
Animals Imported for breeding pur-
loses after January 1 , 1911 , must bo
accompanied by certificates of the bu
reau of animal Industry that the ani
mals are pure bred of a recognized
breed and duly registered in tbo for-
olgn book of record for that estab
lished breed. '
Crlppcn , the wife murderer , left re
quest that his remains be cremated.
Michael Cudahy , founder of the
Cudahy Packing company , died In
Chicago. i
President Taft and family had a 37-
pound turkey for their Thanksgiving
Republicans undecided on program
to bo carried out at coming meeting
of congress.
Business of the country is on a firm
foundation although moving just a little -
tlo bit slowly.
Mranclsco Madoro issued n procla
mation declaring himself provisional
president of Mexico.
Gov. Clark of Alaska declares In his
annual report against the policy of
not working the coal lands.
A. H. Spear , former cashier of the.
Oberlln'National bank , .ootcd by Cas
tile Chadwlck of $300,000 or more , died
suddenly in Detroit.
The Chicago Tribune says that
Gunator-eloct Hitchcock ot Nebraska
, is wearing the mantle that has fallen
rom Bryan's shoulders.
1 The returns of the recent election
in Pennsylvania show that John K.
Tenor's plurality for governor waa
: ? 3,481 over William II. llerry. indo-
p.endcnt , and 28G.21G over Webster
Grlnini , , democrat.
The claim of the Railway Utisiness
Association that its members would
bo put out of business unless the rail
roads were permitted to increase
freight rates , will bo investigated by
the Interstate commerce commission.
Ten million dollars worth of dam
age Is done annually In the 1'nltcd
States by ground siiuirrcls , according
to a bulletin Issued by the Department
of Agriculture.
Andrew Carnegie was showered
with congratulatory messages on his
seventy-third birthday , which ho mil-
otly celebrated at his homo in Fifth
avenue , New York.
Justice Lurton , of the United States
Kupremo court , notified the attorney
general of Iowa that ho will not suspend -
pond the Iowa mulct law In Hoone.
Carroll and Marshall counties.
For the extension of a dike at the
Mare Island navy yard the Navy de
partment 1ms awarded the contract to
the Thomson Bridge company of San
I'Vanclsco at Its bid ot $102iOO. ;
Prince Henry of Prussia has sent
nn order to the United States for an
oven score of aeroplanes. Ho Is said
to have secured two unljnown makes ,
noroplnnrs Invented by dreamers.
The Brazilian naval revolt has been
checked by congress voting to uccecd
to the demands of the mutineers.
The wliolo of Manchuria Is official
ly declared to bo Inflicted with the
bubonic plague and not with cholera
iif was erroneously reported.
Thu Australian steamer Go.ltla from
Now Orleans to Trieste , with a valu
able cargo of cotton arrived In Nor
folk , Vn. , with u fire in her hold.
A threatened split between the la
bor unions of the United Stales and
Canada was smoothed over in the
American Federation of Labor at St
Louis by President Gompors.
Mayor Gaynor of New York has
made it plain that all gambling house -
e must go.
Cardinal SnnmlnlntolH died txt
Rome. Ho was born at Radlcondell In
1840 , nnd was proclaimed a cardinal
In 1001.
Secretary McVeagh says records of
corporations In his control are not for
the public eye.
Miss Lonevo , to marry whom Crlp
pcn killed his wife , has sailed fiom
London for America.
lack of scientific ; methods wus
charged against railroad managers at
( lie shippers' hearing.
Mrs. RiiHsolI Sage has given Vassal1
SI50.000 for ( ho construction of a new
residence hall or dormitory.
A limited parcels post for rural free
delivery routes will bo recommended
by Postmaster General Hitchcock.
At Troy , Ala. , the Atlantic Compress
company's warehouse and press were
destroyed by fire. Nearly Il.OOO bales
of cotton were burned.
Jacob M. Dickinson , secretary of
war. received word of the death ot his
son Overto nDIcklnson at Hello Mcade
stock farm , near Nashville , Tenn.
Employes of tlm Urooklyn Rapid
Transit company were notified of a 5
per cent Increase In wages to take ef
fect at once. About 12,500 men are
Festivities were hold in Panama In
celebration of Panama's Independence
of Spain , which was gained in 1811) by
the republic of Colombia , of which
Panama formerly was a part.
John Wlndon of Randolph county.
Alabama , and Joe Wheeler of Carrel !
county , Georgia , were nonulttcd of a
peonage charge in the United States
district court in Montgomery , Ala.
"Leave the cities and settle on
farms , " was the burden of the addresses -
dresses delivered nt the annual con
vention of the Federation of Jewish
Farmers of , America Jr. New York.
At San Antonio , Tex. , R. O. Gray ,
a mining engineer of St. Louis. Mo. ,
was found dead in bed. He was fully
dressed and u bullet wound was in
his head. In his hand was a pistol.
The twenty-fourth case of typhoid
fever developed at the naval academy
when Midshipman K. C. Woodward
of the first class was admitted to the
naval general hospital for treatment.
The condition ofMoses C. Wetmore ,
retired millionaire manufacturer and
democratic national committcenmn
from Missouri , Is reported critical.
Ho was run down by a horse and
A plea for the upbuilding of the
American merchant marine was made
by Congressman William S. Green of
Fall River , In an address before the
alumni of the Massachusetts Nautical
Training school In Boston.
Captain Simeon P. Gillette , former
president of the Citizens National
bank ot Evansvllle , Ind. . who is under
federal indictments for alleged mis
management of the bank , shot and
killed himself ut his home In that
Unless unforeseen complications
arise , the Indicted members of the so-
called "beef trust" will bo placed on
trial Dec. 20. Counsel for the govern
ment nnd for the packers In the Unit
ed States district court agreed upon
this date.
Facts and figures made public by
Labor Commissioner J. C. A. Hiller ,
reveal that Missouri holds exceeding
ly high rank as a horticulture state ,
having an annual product ; on from its
gardens and orchards , worth , In round
numbers , $22,000,000.
To ask that the president recom
mend additional pension legislation.
Representative Phil Campbell of Kan
sas called at the Whlto house. Mr.
Campbell suggested to the president
that ho enforce the bill adopted at
the last grand encampment of the
G. A. R.
Secretary Hallingor has filed In the
District of Columbia supreme court
his answer to a mandamus proceed
ing instituted against him by James
F. Rottoll of Oklahoma , in which thu
latter seeks to compel liim to issue
a patent for 1(10 ( acres bordering on
Lawton , Okln.
A half million dollars annually will
bo saved to the postolllco depart
ment. It is believed , as a result of an
order issued by Postmaster General
Hitchcock discontinuing the practice
of re-enclosing registered mall In spe
cial envelopes before sending It from
the office of origin.
United States Senator Lafayette
Young , appointed by Governor Carroll
to servo until the coming general as
sembly , has formally announced that
ho Is a caudldato before the legisla
ture to fill the unoxplrod term of the
late Senator Dolllvor , which termin
ates March 4. 1913.
T. U. Fltzpatrlck , national treasurer
of the United Irish League , cabled
$10.000 to John E. Redmond , leader of
the Nationalists In the British pal'llu-
mcnt , for the furtherance of the cause.
This makes the total sent since the
recent annual mooting of the league
at Buffalo. $50,000.
Alfred G. Vandorbllt , second son of
the late Cornellous Vanderbllt , Is
president of the Now York horse
show. Mr. Vanderbllt's chief Interest
is In his tine stable.
Mayor Gnynur says gambling houses
cannot exist in Now York.
Ambassador Wilson thinks the Mex
ican rising Is doomed to failure.
A monument to General James Ed
ward Ogeltlmrpo , founder of Colony
of Georgia , was unveiled at Savan
President Kavanaugh. of the deep
waterway association , fours President
Taft is not Interested In the move-
President Taft has signed a procla
mation restoring to the national do
main 107,020 acres from the Los An-
forest In California
Recommendation that the Law Pro
viding for Investments Be Some
what Amended.
Secretary of State .lunkiu has prepared -
pared several ii'coinniendatlon.H to bo
submitted to the coming legislature
regarding a change in laws which af
fect .his department an well as the
board of educational lands and funds.
He recommenilB that the law relating
to the filing of articles of incorpora
tion be" changed so that the- fee charg
ed shall be based on the ""
Capital stock. AH the law Is now
neither the authorized or the paid up
capital stock IH mentioned , so the le
gal department of state held that the
law should bo interpreted to be the
"paid up" capital stock. Until 1)07 ! )
the law provided the fee to be based
on the "authorized" capital stock and
when the fee was increased , by a cler
ical error , the word "authorl/ed" was
omitted , so Mr. .finikin says.
In discussing the annual occupation
tax , which IK collected under a law
enacted last \ \ Inter , the secretary rec
ommends that the fee be a per cent
um based upon the "paid up" and
"subscribed" capital stock of the cor
poration. Foreign corporation * doing
business in Nebraska he recommends
Irti required to pay only upon such nro-
portion of their capital stock as their
property located or used in thin state
bears to the total amount of their pro
perty and capital outside tlio state.
Mr. Junkln joins with other mem
bers of the board of educational lands
and funds in recommending that the
law providing for investments be
amended so that state bonds held by
the state treasury may be disposed of
at not less than par and the money
thus-secured be reinvested In munici
pal and school bonds of the state.
These state bonds pay the state be
tween ; : and 3 % per cent , while the
municipal and school bonds will pay
the state from ! to1 % per cent and
tit the same time reduce the amount
of interest that has to be paid by
those who issue them. During the
last year the board has refused to
take over $1,000,000 of these local se
curities because of a lack of funds.
The money invested in state bonds
is between $3,000,000 and $1,000,000.
Mr. .lunklii says the Issuing of tags
to nutomobllo owners , registering tiio
machines and notifying the owners
has become such a task that , it re-
iiuircs tin * time ot one clerk and ,
therefore , ho has asked for nn increas
ed appropriation for his office , to pay
for an extra clerk. Four years ago
there were registered 1.087 automo
biles and now the registrations num
ber more than 15,000. The now regis
trations , ontsido of the renewals , av
erage about 5,000 a year.
Suggestions From the Governor.
In answer to a letter from Congress
man Chump Clark of Missouri , Gov
ernor Shalli'iibcrger has replied , giv
ing the democratic leader several sug
gestions regarding the plan of work
of the next democratic house. The
governor advocates naming commit
tees by a standing commit tec and giv
ing the author of a bill the right to
suggest to which committee It should
first be reported.
Governor Takes Last Jaunt.
GovcM-nor Shallonborger left for Chicago
cage to attend the meeting of the Na
tional Live Stock association. From
there ho went to Louisville , Ky. , to
attend the annual conference of gov
Notice to State Auditor.
Attorney General Mullen has in1 ad
dition to notifying foreign corpora
tions to file witli him an annual re
port of tholr financial condition , noti
fied State Auditor Hurton. who is
agent for several hundred foreign cor
porations , that ho must file a report
fur his companies or bo prosecuted.
Auditor llarton , as agent , says liu Is
agent only for these corporations to
receive service In case of legal suits
of certain kinds nnd that ho Is unable
to file a financial report for the com
panies which have under a state law
made him agent to receive legal ser
, Republican CapTpnlgn Expenses.
Chairman \Vllllam Husenotto" nnd
Treasurer Charles IJ. Anderson of the
republican state central commit tec
have filed their report with the county
clerk , showing total receipts for the
republican stuto central committee :
Receipts. ? 7.102.8 ( ) . Total expendi
tures. $7,088.88. Hulanco on hand ,
Court Orders Treatment.
Judge Frost of the juvenllo court
ordered the parents of eight German-
Russian children afflicted with tra
choma to have the children treated
by a competent physician.
Police Court Record.
Judge Rlssor has gone to the trou
ble of looking over the policy' court
records and finds that during the first
six months of IHIU there wore 245 ar
rests fur Intoxication and during the
corresponding period In I'.HiS there
\cie i.J'i arrests.
Minors Cannot Plead Illegal Enlist
A minor who opllsts In the Nebras
ka national miard In an Illegal mun <
net- cannot himself plead his age or
the Illegal enlistment to escape pun
ishment by a military court. This IP
the decision of the military board In
Its general findings after the recent
national guard court-martial. The
lax manner in which enlistments ,
loaves of absence , numinous for trial
and similar mailers have been hand
led Is criticized.
The gouorul findings \\ore ti'.nod
over to Adjutant Gouorul llartlgaii
several days ago. Although they con
tain a criticism of his office for con
tinuing ttie > prictloo ! of many years In
not examining enlistment papers
enrofullj , the adjutant gouoial mnilo
the findings public. They read as fol <
lows :
"Tho board , after lunlnp tried al !
the cases before It. respectully ! sub
mits the following recommendations
and sugge.-itloiiM :
"It has been conclusively proven
Unit In a good many cases the officers
of the companies and other organlxa-
lions were greatly at fault by not Issuing -
suing proper orders or not sending or
ders and summons properly accordIng -
Ing to the established laws and regu
lations , thereby nullifying to a great
extent the intended proceedings and
those officers are called upon to por-
lorm tills work more promptly and ac
"It bus boon proxiMi that company
captains have been careless in mak
ing out enlistments according to the
laws and regulations , and thereby
caused a great deal of trouble later
"It has loon absolutely piovon that
the adjutant general's office has
boon negligent and careless in re
viewing enlistment papers by not re
turning or disapproving Improperly
and illegally made-out enlistment pa
pers for correction or completion and
thereby minor enlistments without
consent. It is recommended that the
adjutant general's office Immediately
go through all the enlistment records
and have all those irregular enlist
ments either properly corrected or
issue discharges to the men so en
"It is also recommended that the
rules and regulations be changed as
to need the consent of parent or
guardians Instead of parents or guar
"It is at this occasion also stated
that alter carefully perusing the laws
and decisions of the higher courts in
the United States that the board gives
the following rules in case of enlist
ment of minors : / ) . minor's enlist
ment Is not void but only voidable ,
and a minor committing a crime jifter
enlistment so enlisted is punishable
by court-martial or military courts
for violation of military rules the
same as if regularly enlisted , and his .
enlistment contract can be only an
nulled by action of the parents or
guardians or by proper higher mili
tary authority before the commitment
of crime. A minor can under no
circumstances make his enlistment
void or enter plea of not guilty on
that account.
The sending by registered mail ot
orders , charges , summons , etc. , shall
constitute proper service If return
receipt by postal authorities has been
received , showing delivery.
Senate and House Bills.
The State Journal company won the
competition for the printing of the
Semite and house bills and bill titles
during the coming legislature , getting
the bills at $1.72 n page and the titles
uj , 115 cents. The only bidders were
Lincoln llrnui. Two years ago thu
prlco was $1.44.
Mr. Thompson Leaves For Mexico.
D. E. Thompson , former ambassador
to Mexico , who has spent two months
in Lincoln , loft for the City of Moxlco
Civil Service Examinations.
The United States civil service com
mission > announces the following ex
aminations to be hold at Lincoln ,
Grand island. North 1'l.itte , Norfolk
and Omaha : December 7 , mineral ex-
aminer. chief of the Held divisions of
the general land office ; December 7.
superintendent of construction , Unit
ed States penitentiary ; December 7
and 8 , cartographic draftsman ( male )
naval war college ; December 7 and
8 , fortification draftsman ; December
7 and 8 , scientific assistant in soil
bacteriology ( male ) , scientific assist
ant in tobacco chemistry ( male ) .
Referee in Donahue Case.
Arthur Million , attorney general
and \V. .1. ConnoU , attorney for Chief
of Police Donahue of Omaha , against
whom quo wurranto proceedings were
Instituted by Attorney Goncnil
Thompson , will have a conference
soon to determine upon a referee to
take testimony In the case. Should
they disagiee , the selection of the re
feree will bo left to the supreme court
to namo.
Magoon in Lincoln.
C. E. Magoon. former governor or
Cuba , former governor of the Panama
strip and Interested In Mexican af
fairs , arrived in Lincoln to remain
for about two weeks. Ho "lias not been
in the government service for a year
and a half and has spent most of lib
time In Washington. In an interview
hi ; said that the progress made by
the Cubans since thu United States
withdrew from the island has led him
to belUno that American Intervention
In the affairs of the Island will not
again bo necessary
Material Increases In Douglas , Lan
caster , Scottsbluff , Thurston
and Other Counties Loss
In Some Counties.
Lincoln. Thorc are I7flr. ! ; ! ; ! persons
between the anus of five and twenty-
one In Ncbrnslia , according to the com
pilation imido by State Superintend-
out of Public Instruction Bishop. Ac
cording to this there Is one child of
pcliool aso attending school In the
state for every three and n Hfth of our ! ! ) ! ! ot Dopulation. The total
uchool pojiulation of the state In 190't
was I)73.0i7. ) ( so that during the past
year there IUIH been a sain of . ' ! ,2G8.
The table reveals that there , were
heavy lo ? es in some counties , but
this was more than offset by strong
Kains iu others. The loss of r > 7U In
DeiU'l county Is explained by the fact
that its area and population have been
decrouHed on account o\v the crea
tion of Garden county. The total
shown in Deticl and Garden counties
together shows an increase ofICC
over the total in Ueuel county for 1000.
The heavy loss shown for Dodge coun
ty was not explained by the superln
tendent's olllcc.
Douglas county experienced the
heaviest gain having an increase of
1.512. Other counties having mater
ial increases were Scottsbluff , Lan
caster and Thurston.
Similar statistics were compiled in
Kansas and published some days ago.
They show that there has been an
Increase in the school population of
the .Tayhawker state of fi.SOU , or a gain
of 1.15 per cent. Nebraska's increase
baa been .87 of 1 per cent. The gain
in the total population of the state in
Kansas has been about 15 per cent
and in Nebraska 12 > pcr cent. This
shows that though the growth of Kan
sas both in total population and in
school population has been somewhat
more rapid than in Nebraska , yet the
proportion of the school population to
the total population of the two state ?
remains practically constant.
Tribute to Mark Twain.
New York. The intellect , the pow
er and the wealth of the land gathered
at Carnegie hall to pay tribute to the
memory of Mark Twain.Vllllnm Dean
Howell presided. Uncle .Toe Cannon ,
speaker of the house of representa
tives , and Chumn ( 'lark , the speaker
that may be , spoke from the same plat
form. Dr. Henry Van Dyke of Prince
ton , Henry Watterson , George W.
Cable , Uooth Tarkington , .T. Pierpont
Morgan , John Luther Long and many
others were among those invited. The
meeting was under the auspices of ( he
acadeniv of arts and letters.
No Panic In This Theater.
Pittsburg. Inversely to the rule at
theater ( Ires , spectators of a moving
picture show at Mount Washington , a
suburb acrops the Ohio river , sat spell'
bound while flames devoured the big
canvas , on which the pictures worn
thrown. As if determined to have
their nickel's worth of excitement
they calmly awaited the arrival of flo
engines and had to be ordered out so
ar. to make room for the fire-lighters
Gospel Must Come First.
Kno.vvlllc' Tenn. The ministerial
association of Johnson county at its
meeting issued an address to < . ' ) (
women urging them to remove thcMr
hats at Sunday evening church & ;
vices. The adrtntss. signvd T > > vv < ry
minister in town , except one &ays it
is not because the ministers do not
admire the lovely creations worn , 1m' ,
In order that the gospel may have full
Nebraska Again at the Front.
Chicago. The University of NP'MUS '
ka was again to the fore at the imi-r
national stock exposition. In the
slaughter tests the university was flrtt
In one class and first and second In
( he other. In the college awards UK-
university was first with a yearling
steer and second with a steer under
eleven months.
Chicago. Delegates gathered here-
for the Methodist national conference
for social service were told by one of
their number that Sunday basclTall and
motion pictures , long under the ban of
the Methodist church , were all right ,
should have official sanction and
should be attended instead of
Ottawa , Ont. The use of opium ex
cept for medicinal purposes , will bo
made a punishable offense by an act
introduced in parliament by MntKen-
zie King , minister of labor.
Thinks Lot of Champ Clark.
Now York. Champ Clark and
Speaker Cannon , those well tried ene
mies and trusted friends , took dinner
together before going to the Mark
Twain commemoration meeting at Car
negie hall. Until smiled broadly when
they wore recognised.
"Every time I think of Clark " said
Mr. Cannon , " 1 think what a good ftl
low ho is I lm\e known him for
years and we always get along splen
dldl > "
How a Severe Case of Kidney Trouble
Was Finally Conquered.
Byron Dcnnotto , 1018 St. Glair
Ave. , East Liverpool , O. , says : "Slii
months I waa helpless
In bed with kidney
trouble. Kidney secre-
tlonn were painful , my
bead nehetl terribly
and my body bloated.
I ran down until I
weighed but 80 pounds
and everyone thought
I had consumption. A
specialist gave mo up and BO did my
homo physician. Surprising an It may
seem , I was able to leave my bed after
using six boxes of Doan's Kidney Pllla
and for BX years I have remained free
from kidney trouble. I confidently be
lieve Donn's Kidney Pills saved my
life. "
Remember the name Doan's.
For sale by all dealers. CO cents n
box. Foster-Milburn Co. , Buffalo , N. Y.
Desperate Situation.
"There's no use trying to deny it. "
remarked Mrs. DeFIatt , "this Is thei
worst cook we've had yet. There
positively isn't a decent thing to eati
on the table. "
"That's right , " rejoined DeFlatt
"But , " continued his wife , "there's
one thing in her favor. She can't be
beat when it comes to washing. "
"Pity we can't eat the washing , "
sighed the hungry husband.
Costly Talent.
"You are sure that airships vttt\
make war so expensive as to be utter
ly Impracticable ? " said one military
"Quite sure , " replied the other.
"Tbo flying machines won't cost BO
much , but wo won't be able to pay
the sums required by aviators for goIng -
Ing up in them. "
Curiosity Is all the appetite needed
for a mysterious dish.
"I regard my cold ears 03 being better than
a Ljfe Insurance Policy.MUNYON ,
A few doses of Munyon'a Cold Cure will
break up any cold and prevent pneumonia.
It relieves the head , throat and lungs al
most instantly. These little sugar pellets
can be conveniently carried in the vest
pocket for use nt any time or anywhere.
Price 25 cents nt nnv druggists.
If you ncqd Medical Advice write to
Munyon's Doctors. They will carefully
diagnose your case and give you ndvico
by mail , absolutely free. They put you
under no obligations.
Addrets Munyon'e Doctors , Munyon' *
laboratory , 53d and Jefferson streets , Phil
adelphia. Pa.
nnd be compelled to pay to your landlord most
nf your hard-earned profits ? Own your own
farm. Secure n Free Homestead In
Manitoba , Saskatchewan or
Alberta , or purchase
| land In one of these
districts and bank n
profit oC SIO.OO or
$12.0O an oor
| every year.
Land purchased 3
I years OEO at SIO.OO an
acre has recently
[ chanced hands at
$25.00 an acre. The
I crops crown on these
lands warrant the
advance. You can
far mine and cruln trrowinu In
the provinces of Manitoba.
.Snskutcliuwun mid Alberta.
I'Vco humcMcud anil pre
emption arcus.aswell as land
held by railway nnd land com
panies , will pro\ldu homes
( or millions.
Adaptable- Roll , healthful
cllniatp , splcndlil schools
n nil churches.ioodrnll\ ! .
J'or ' settlors' rates , ilescrlm.M )
lltorntiiro-Labt Jlost West,1'liow
to rpaculliocauntrr unit other par
ticular ) ! , wrlto to Siip'tor linml-
erntlnn , Ottawa , Cunuiln.orto tlio
( san.uUan Uuvuiumtmt. AguuU
801 Kev York Lift Bide. Omaha , Neb ,
( Use address nearest yon. ) B3
18-20-22 West 20th Street , New YorK \
Ilranch UstcblUlitnents under SAME NAME at
Gcruiauy Kugland Viaiice
Buying nnd tilling representatives In all Im
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