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3i5 00 For Yeiu
All iUOHOnti > u sue turnWereii permanent
alia it they wmn to discontinue are exfifcfd
lo pay alt arrearages and notify r jniiHiiur
R refl at Urr. ' 'u Jloir , Nebraska , tor trann-
mtulM the United States mail *
- > . tecond claim rates.
D M. AMSDERRY , Editor and Publisher
Senator Hartley ( Texas ) says ho
never sinned against the principals
of democracy. Hard to offend any
thing you can't find.
The legislature promises a drouth
for Nebraska but of a sort that will
make pork and beef out of corn , In-
Htead of turning It to "personal lib
erty. "
If the democrats of Illinois had
enlisted the support of the W. C.
11. U. In the recent campaign there
would bo no necessity for the
French Lick Springs camp meeting
hold last week.
The Callaway Courier Tribune
smya "lot the farmers draw the next
lines for division" now If the Trib
une speaks for Callaway , county di
vision Is over and old Ouster coun
ty will remain as It Is and as It
nhould be , in one hunk.
"Whiskey has been causing fights
for ages hut now that Nebraska ltan
a good chance of going dry. A wat
er fight Is promised that will Inter-
st the Platte river farmers trlliu-
tray to North IMattc , Cozad and
Lexington. Even the water wagon
cotneR high.
Before election its always a guess
but after election its the real thing
You know who the fellow is and
sidestepping don't go. Wo are now
living in ti progressive up-to-the
minute ago and the fellow who mad
promises to"get there" will have tc
deliver the dope or "go way bacl ,
and Bit down. "
Some body put grease on the poll
and the'cost of living la slipping
down , but Dr. Wileythinks some
mutt will put sand on the axis of
exlutonce and let 'em climb up again
Then comes uncle Jim Wilson with
H statement that there's plenty of
grub and if some "personal liberty"
feller don't block the game between
producer and consumer wo can all
fill up by spring.
Wlllard F. Dalloy , secretary of
the Nebraska Capital Removal asso
ciation , will call a meeting of the
executive committee at either Kear
ney or Broken Bow soon to perfect
the organization of a legislative com
mlttoo and to censlder other uncom-
ploto work. The fight will be push
ed to a finish. Ex.
Broken Bow capital of Nebraska
Wouldn't that swell your thoughts ?
It may happen.
When a town Is growing so rapIdly -
Idly that Its schools become crowded
to such an extent that some of the
young * people of school ago are un
able to get on the student rolls.
That a new thirty-five thousand dollar
lar school building Just about com
pleted will not accomodato these
wanting an education. Wo think
there Is some prospects of a bright
future. That's Broken Bow and for
all wo know may be the capital of
Nebraska some day.
Saturday NOV. 12 , was held
one of the largest sales of isolated
land over had In one day at the Brok
, n Bow land office. The price
rmiged from $1.2F to $4-00 per
acre. The purchasers were Theo.
Loop of MilburH , Chas. M. jjrowu
of Gundy , Hugh W. Hitchcock of
Midvale , John T. Huffman of Mll-
VwrM , William Turnbull of Brewster.
Jan. S. Dlllavou of Dunning , Mae 10.
Mullen of Hyannls , Thomas Thomp-
on of Seneca , A. N. Larson of Enlk
John M. Carpenter of Whitman , N.
E. Trcgo of Mayflower , George B.
Mason of Whitman , Fcatus Caro-
thers agent for Dorsoy Carothcrs
Whitman , Onus. Solrks Dunning.
Daniel Hanoy Hyannls , Guy Drake
I Whitman and Alvcn Evans af Hyan-
nU. Gcorgo Mown paid the high
est price which was § 4.00 an acre
and Miss Mao E. Mullen bought the
largest , tract , She purchased the limit
480 acre for which she paid only
$1.25 an acre.
W. A. Yatcs of Whitman was In
the city Saturday looking after the
Isolated land sales in his vicinity.
Frank Florlan of Whitman was
In the city Monday to file on a Kin-
hald homestead.
James II , Luther of Anslcy was
in the city Monday and made entry
on 040 acres of land in Brown coun
ty. Ills brother Jess who was with
him filed on a contest In a section
In the sumo vlrlnlty.
James nnd Arthur IMckorall of
ManrlicKttr , Kansas , filed on homo-
Hlcadtt In Cherry county Tuesday , j
The former purchased a rollnpulsh-
mont together with the stock and
machinery owned by the claimant. '
Howard Gould and John I. Dnlton
of Ashland were in the city Tues-
day. They each filed homesteads
on government land. j
Ruben MeKlnnoy of Llnscott was
in the clly Tuesday making proof ,
on hlH homestead. Ills witnesses'
wore H. E. I'holps and Henry A. Ke
lor of Anselmo.
Harry Lchind of Arnold was in
the city Tuesdaj making proof on
his homestead. Chas. Vogel of Ar
nold \vas one of his witnesses.
J. M. Scgrlst was In the city Tues
day as a contestant against Lottie
Hay , the dotendant being In default.
I These who want government land
will have to get a move on them-
solvea. Over 200 claims were filed
on In September and October , 1910.
J. M. Ingrain nnd wife nnd HOU
Ollle and Miss Edith Cantrell took
In the box social at the Cedar grove
school house Friday night and re
turned Saturday evening.
Miss Ida Ingram cnmo home Sat
urday evening accompanied by Earl
Myers she roturncd Sunday.
Dick Ilemstcad and family and J.
M. Ingram and family spent Sunday
at JOSH Cantrell's.
F. S. Smith and Win. Hjatt and
families spout Sunday at Jim Hyatts
Miss Blanche Mllllgau was a Broken
on How visitor Friday.
Broken Bow Motheis Should Not
Xeglcct Kidney Weakness
in Children
Most children have weak kidneys
The earliest warning Is bed-wot
ting.Later comes backache , headache ,
'Tls a mistake to neglect these
TO blame the child for Its own
to cure the kidneys
Save the child from deadly kidney
Ills ,
noun's Kidney 1'llls cure sick kid
neys.Broken Bow parents recommend
Mrs. J. W. Jones , of Broken Bow
Nebr. , says : "The public statement
I gave in favor of Doan's Kidney
IMlls In July 1907 , still holds good.
J then said that our Httlo girl was
greatly troubled from childhood by
a kldiioy weakness and that nothing
helped her until she used Doan's
Kidney Pills. The contents of two
boxes of this remedy effected a
cure and I am glad to say that thera
has been no recurrence of the
trouble. We procured Doan's Kid
ney Pills at Haeberle's Drug Store
and they not only corrected the
kidney weakness , but acted as a
tonic to the entire system. "
John Marcney bought 40 head of
hogs near Mcrna Monday.
Miss Llzcnna Reed Is visiting her
sister Mrs. Charley Leonard this
Miss Mary Sullivan of Falrbury
arrhed Saturday for a visit with
Miss Nellie McGown.
Tlio danro given at Will Powers
Saturday night was well attended
and all report a good time.
Mlus Ore Ross of Ansolmo spent
Saturday evening with Mrs. Charley
Mr. and Mrs. Foran spout Sunday
afteinoon at Asmus .lessons.
' Mrs. Dominic Foran and Misses
Nellie McGown and Mary Sullivan
spent Wednesday at .lessons.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Forau , Mr , and
Mrs/ Jerry Hlckey and Jack McDermott -
mott were Broken Bow visitors Sat
Charley Mlcholc of Falrbury ar
rived Saturday and will remain hero
for some time.
Mlfases Fannie and Rosa Powers
and Mike Condon were Sunday visit
ors at J. S. Hlckej's.
Everybody from this neighborhood
attended the funeral of Mra. Henry
MonlBoy Friday.
Mrs. Titos. McDermott spout last
week In Ansolmo with her mother.
Dominic , Jim and Deacon Foran
and Chas. Hlckey shipped a carload
of hogs to Omaha Wednesday.
Albert II. Souders offers u remedy
For Catarrh. The Medi
cine. Costs Nothing
if It Kails
When a medicine effects a suc
cessful treatment in a very large
majority of cases and when wo
offer that medicine on our own per
sonal guarantee that It will cost the
user nothing If It does not complete
ly relieve catarrh , It Is only reasonable -
enable that people should believe
us , or at least put our claim to a
practical test when wo take all the
risk , Wo want them to try Roxall
Mucu-Tono , a medicine- prepared
from a prescription of a physician
with whom catarrh was a specialty ,
and who has a record of thirty
years of enviable success ' to his
Wo receive more good reports about -
bout Roxnll Mucu-Tono , than wo do
of all other catarrh remedies sold
In our store , and If more people
unly know what a thoroughly do-
liendahlo remedy Rcxall Mucu-Tono
Is , It would bo the only catarrh rem-
jdy wo would have any domandfor.
Rcxall Mucu-Tono Is quietly ah-
4orl > ed and by its therapeutic eftoct-
Leiids to disinfect and cleanse thu
ant Ire. inn com ) membraneous tract ,
Lo destroy and remove the parasites
which Injure the membraneous tis
sues , to Koollio the Irritation nnd
lical the soreness , stop the mucous
illscharge , build up strong healthy
Llssuo and relieve the blood and
system of diseased matter. Us In
fluence. Is toward stimulating the
muco-cclls aiding digestion and 1m-
| ) iovlng nutrition until the whole
body vibrates with healthy activity
In a comparatively short tlmo It
brings about a notlcablo gain In
iitrength , good color and feeling of
We urge you to try Roxall Mucu-
Tone , beginning a treatment today.
At any tlmo you are not satisfied ,
almply como and tell us , and wo
will quickly return your money with
out question or quibble. We have
Rexall Mucu-Tono in two sizes , 50c
and $1.00. Remember you can ob
tain Roxall remedies In Broker Bow
only at our store , The Rexall
Store. Albert H. Soudcrs.
Nlckoll Peterson loaded his per
sonal effects for TVxas this week.
Ho expects to make his homo In
the lone star slate.
R. D. Weaver has broadened his
smile considerable since last Sun
day , it Is a boy.
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Wlere arriv
ed last week to visit tholr daughter
Mrs. A. C. Walker. Mr. Wlero re
turned to their home in S. Omaha
Sunday evening and Mrs. Wlere
returned ( Tuesday morning.
Bunnoll and Rusmissell shipped
a load of hogs to S. Omaha , Tues
The foot-ball kids went to Ansley
lant SMurday and got cleaned to
the tln-o of 4T. to 0 but Fritz Per
kins says , "Its alright wo couldn't
expect to beat men we're only kids"
J. G. Diffendaffer was a Ravenna
passenger Tuesday morning.
T. J. Wood went to Lltchfield
Sunday to visit with Masonic friends
Mr. Wood bears the distinction of
being ono of the best posted Masons
In Central Nebraska.
Agent Slmonds and son made a
trip to Broken Bow Saturday even-
W. N. Hurley returne from a week
visit with his brother in Mernad
Monday morning.
John T. Wood of Broken Bow
was In Mason on business last Sat
The new cement block hotel Is
growing rapidly , the second floor
joist being laid last wck. This will
add much to the business Interests
of our little berg.
John Wheeling of West Table is
offering 5 cents a bushel for corn
John and Esther Bcal spent Sun
day at Broken Bow.
Mr. and Mrs. John Longfellow and
daughter Esther went to Dunning
Tuesday evening to spend a few
. Mrs. Elgin Bcal spent a few days
last week with her son at George
Mr. Lovl Poor went Tuesday tote
to spend the winter In Mosourl.
Dophia Taylor of Richmond , Va. ,
Is husking corn for Wes Thomas.
Formally Designr.tes Tlmi-sday , No
vember " 1 , as Day to Rejnlce
at WneUts.
Lincoln , N'ob. , Nov. 11. In his of
ficial Thanksgiving day proclamation
Govoinor Shallenbergor congratu
lates the state that It has kept stop
with industrial and civic progress.
He says "We have found ourselves
today the recipients of unusual boun
ty from the hand of Providence. "
In his formal statement , In which
ho designates Thursday , November
24 , as Thanksgiving day , he says :
"In confoimlty with long estab
lished custom , and In accordance
with the proclamation Issued by the
president of the United States.set-
tlng apart a day for the especial pur
pose of expressing our gratltudo tea
a bcnoficicut and allwlso Creator for
manifold favois bestowed upon us
as a bt.ito and as a people , 1 here
by designate Thursday , November 21
Thanksgiving day , doing so by the
authority Inmo vested by law as
governor of Nebraska.
"U Is meet and proper that wo of
Nchraski pause In our daily pursuits
to express our gratltudo to Almighty
God tor the bounty ho has bestowed
upon us and upon our state. Our
fields nnd orchards have brought
forth abundantly ; the wheels of our
Industries have been kept busy trail
qulllty has found an abiding place
in the hearts of our people ; our be
loved commonwealth has kept step
with the onward mach of civil and
Industrial progress , nnd we find our
selves today the recipients of un
usual bounty from the hand of
"That we may give proper voice
to our thanks to all these blessings ,
I recommend that no business be
transacted upon that day and date
above sot forth ( and 1 earnestly urge j
the people of Nebraska to make ap
propriate observance of the occas-
slon by profound devotion nnd rover
cut thanks to Almighty God. "
Both Teams Win.
Both the High School and Custer
College foot hall teams won out-of-
town victories last Friday. The
former team autoed to Ord and de
feated the high school of that .place
with a score of 20 to 0 ; while the
college boys used the same conveyance - I
anco to Sargent and played a hotly
contested game with the city team
of that place , which resulted in a
score of 3 to 2 In favor of the col-
logo. The two teams belonging to'
the high school , aud the college
team , are putting in long hours and
plenty of extra work , so that they
may close the season on Thanks
giving day In a blaze of glory. All
three of the elevens have played
good ball durlngthe season , the high
school boys being particularly suc
Woodmen Are Getting Busy
At the last meeting of Custer
Camp 4477M. W. A. two prizes wore
offered to members bringing In the
most applications for beneficiary
membership between now and Feb.
I , 1JH1. The first prize will be a
gold watch neatly engraved with the
emblem of the order on the back.
The second will be a gold ring. The
Woodmen do not hesitate to tell
prospective members that they will
"got a good run for their money"
when the "goat" time comes. The
contest now on promises to furnish
excitement galore and add to the
Kebekah Kensington
The Rebckah Kensington society
which was recently reorganized met
In the Odd Follows hall last Friday
afternoon with a good representatio
of the membership present. The after
noon was profitably spent in mak
ing comforts 'for ladles of this city.
The Odd Fellows home at York
which is now In course of construc
tion will be completed within a year
and the ladies of the several lodges
throughout the state arc doing good
work and expect to be able to fur
nish a number of rooms In the home
with the money earned by the sew
ing societies. We understand they
will do all kinds of plain sewing.
The amusement of children Is of
ten a problem for everybody and
always a study to the conservative
mind. We wish to call attention to
one form of past time practiced by
some of our little boys and ask you
to consider the dangerous chances
they are taking almost dally. We re
fer to the little follows catching on
the rear end of wagons and buggies
that are being driven along the
streets. It Is not only good judg
ment but very necessary for a driv
er to look ahead and on a busy
street he has no time to look to the
rear of his wagon. A short time
ago a little boy was killed In Lin
coln by an automobile. He had bee
riding on the rear end of a coal wag
on and the driver did not know he
was on the wagon until some time
after he had jumped off the wagon
and been killed. We have a numbo
of automobiles In our city and just
such an accident could occur here
although a word of suggestion might
prevent It.
Let Tnviu Cut Ills Foot Off
It Is not a very uncommon thing
for persons to become discouraged
and throw themselves before a mov
ing train with the Intent to commit
suk'ldo , but for one to deliberately
poke his foot under the wheels of a
moving train and thus have It ampu
tated Is something seldom If over
heard of until the other day when
a tramp performed the act between
Junlata and Konesaw. The man wh
did the foolish act told the follow
ing story to a reporter of a news
paper who Interviewed him after the
occurrence :
"My name Is Sam Childs ; I was
thirty years old October 20 ; my par
ents llvo at Leotl , Kansas. I was
born In Tennessee. When my brotl >
er and myself were old enough to
work a little my father became
cranky and grow worse as we grow
older. 1 got out of bed once at I
midnight and ran away , but later re-
tuiiKd on the advice of my friends ,
only to be driven away again. Ihavo
been a wanderer for fifteen years
'V-Wf.TrrtWk.HS >
. . . . . .
Some Good Things to Know.
Where to buy Chan Coal , Coke , Eastern Hard , all sixes I
And Posts , Cement , Plaster , Prepared Roofing- Wind
ows , Doors and everything1 to keep out the storms.
Let us figure with you. We can please you will only
give us the chance ,
Phone 23. J. S. Alo'yneux , Alanager.
TO THE SOUTH : Homeseekers' excursions will continue during the
winter to the South and Southwest ; winter tourist excursions "re
in etfcct every day to southern resorts ; these excursion rates ofler an exce'-
leut chauce to escape lhn Northern winter in looking over the land inn I re
creation possibilities oi the new South
HOMESEEKERS' EXCURSIONS On the first ami third Tuesdays to
the new lands of the West , including the Big Horn Basin which coun
try today otters the greatest combination of industrial and fanning resources
at the cheapest rates in the country.
TO CALIFORNIA Every day excursion rates with choice of routes g"ing
and returning , to include the whole Pacific slope. Thousands of Americans ,
enpeciallo iuvalibs and elderly people , have selected' Southern California for
tbeir rernioueut place for a winter sojourn.
Through tourist sleepers to California via DSnver , Scenic Colorado and Salt I/ike ,
the all year routp ,
Send for Burlington publications , "California Excursions , " "Pacilic Coast
Tours. "
Let ine help you plan the tour of the greatest attraction at the lowest rates.
H. L OR MS BY , Local Tick © Agent.
Broken Bow , Neb.
L. W. WAKELEY , G. P. A.
Omaha , Neb
I Send Your Abstract Orders to
B Leonard , Bonded Abstracts ?
Office In Security State Bank Building
Your ITew Machinery
Will work smoother and stay new longer
ROOFING to keep it under shelter.
Phone 79
Turner Lbr ,
rldlng freight trains and expecting
to lose my life. 1 did this act October
ober 24th of my own free will In ac
cordance with the catholic Bible.
My parents had no more religion
than dogs and 1 had 7iever been bap
tlzed , so 1 baptized myself with my
ortii blood , having no one to help
me. First I removed my old shoe ,
rolled down my sock and pulled up
my pants and drawers and when the
train whistled for the bridge I stuck
my right fpot across the rail. Zip !
and It "waiTdone. Then I pulled my
self around the abutment of the
the bridge and let her bleed awhile
and then'checked the flow with my
garters and pulled my drawers and
my pants over the stubI ; was forced
out of hiding In the weeds the tol-
lowlng day by thirst aud discover
ed by the section men. This is all
I care to say. " Ex.
( jasolinc Explosion.
What might have been a serious
accident and loss of life occurred at
the Thompson homo Tuesday even
ing. Miss Hoa generated the gaso
line flat-iron , so she went to call
her mother , who was standing out
In front of the store. Mrs. Thomp
son quickly ran Into the kitchen
where the iron was all ablaze , but
seeing the danger ran out of the
room and closed the door when a
fearful explosion occurred. Miss
Vlrdlo Wilson was about to enter
the room but Mrs. Thompson told
her not to go In , just before the ex
plosion. Had either been In the
room they would have been killed.
The partitions were all blown out
of place , doors bursted and a chim
ney torn loose from the wall and
other damage done , and all caused
by the explosion of about an ounce
of gasoline. Dr. Thompson Informs
that the damage will amount to
$109. Oconto Register.
All persons Interested in the esato
of Nancy Agor , deceased , ,
Take notice that ,
Whereas , Albert I Routh , has filed
his petition In this court alleging
that Nancy Ager , his mother , an
inhabitant and resident of Custer
Co. , Nebr. , departed this life there
in , Intestate , about six years ago . - . * /
stezed and possessed of the sw Vi , S
the w % nw % , the ne J/4 nw VI , and the
mvVInoVI , sec. 15 , tp. 17 , range 20
In Custer County , Nebr. ; that the
estate of the said Nancy Ager has
never been administered ; That the
said real estate Is now wholly ex
empt from attachment , execution , or
other prosess , and not liable for the
payment of the debts of said Nancy
Ager If any existed , ; That the petit
ioner Albert I. Routh , Who Is 53
years of ago and whose residence
and address Is Broken Bow , Nebr. ' ,
is the sole and only heir of the said
Nancy Ager , deceased , and that the
said real estate descended to the
said petitioner at the death of the
said Nancy Agor , and the same Is
now discharged of al debts and
claims against the said deceased and
her estate ; that the said petition
prays for a finding and a decree ,
That .Albert 1. Routh , is the solo
heir of Nancy Ager , deceased , That
said real estate descended to him
on the death of said deceased , and N e-
Is now discharged of all debts and f
and claims against said deceased , a
her estate , and further asking for an
order that the regular admlnistra- *
tlon of the estate of said deceased
bo dispensed with , all of which peti
tion and prayer appears more fully
and specifically In said filing.
It Is accordingly ordered that said
petition bo heard In this court on
the 22nd day of Dec. 1910 at 10 o'
clock a. m. when aud whore all in
terested parties will bo heard , and
that this order bo published four
succsslvo weeks prior thereto , In
the Custer County Republican.
It Is further ordered that the ev
idence of Jane and Henry Rakestraw
to bo used on said hearing , bo taken
before the County Judge of Filmoro
County , Nebr. , at his office at Geneva -
ova , Nebr. , on the 19th day of Dec.
1510 , beginning at 10 o'clock a. m.
with power to adjourn fromdaytoday
Witness my hand and seal of the
Court this 23rd day of Nov. 1910.
( seal ) C H Holcomb ,
-G-28 County Judge ,