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    The Ouster County Republican
Embracing a Condensation or tventa
In Which Readers Generally Art
Washington. ' * T
The population of the Island of
Porto Rico Is 1,118,012 , ns shown by
the complete returns of the recent
census. This Is a uain of 1G4.799 or
17.3 per cent as compared with the
census of 1S09. San Juan Is shown
to bo the largest town In the Island ,
its population being 48,710.
Modesto Barrios and Sebastian
Salinas , special ambassadors of the
Madrlz faction In Nicaragua , paid an
official call at the state department
nnd presented their credentials.
Three letters In Spanish addressed
to Secretary Knox were also present
ed. These were turned over to trans
lators. The contents are not known.
More regiments of Infantry , a gen
eral service corps nnd n system ot re
tirement for aged employes of the
war department are the recommenda
tions to the adjutant general by Brig-
ndler General C. L. Hedge , command
ing the department of Dakota. Troops
returning from the tropics should
liavo at least four years In this coun
try to recuperate , General Hodges
eays , and ho believes there Is no
probability that It will bo possible un
less the Infantry Is Increased.
r Foreign.
Fighting continues In Formosa , ac
cording to advices received from
China , and popular subscriptions are
being collected to supply the Japanese
troops with comforts.
The Spanish ambassador to France ,
Boner Pcrez-Caballero , declares that
the report that King Alfonso Is show
ing signs of mental weakness Is a ma
licious Invention of the clerical press
Baroness Vaughn , who was reported
to have been the Morganle wife of the
Jato King Leopold of Belgium , has an
nounced her approaching marriage
with Emmanuel Durlux , a retired
merchant living at Neullly-Sur Seine.
A catch-as-catch-can wrestling
match for $1,000 a nldo was contested
ot a London music hall between
the American wrestler , Dr. B. F. Rol
ler and Gama , the champion of India.
Gauia won the llrst fall In 1:40 and
the second fall In 0:09 : , winning the
Democrats of Minnesota nominated
John Llnd for governor , but It Is aald
bo will not accept.
Congressman Carter gave Important
testimony before the congressional
committee at McAlostor.
Automobiles will bo flfty per cent
cheaper next spring. Unsold thous
ands are being stored away by manu
facturers to prevent the public from
realizing the true conditions of the
market. Thousands of 1910 models
will bo dumped on the market next
year as models of 1911 , and at one-
half the present prices. Several of the
largest automobile manufacturers are
laying off men In all directions ; two
or three factories already closed.
Many dealers who started In last
cprlng when the boom was on , are
now out of business.
Balllnger reached Portland nnd re
ceived calls from prominent republi
Senator Aldrlch replied to the
charges made against him by Senator
Bristow of Kansas.
Major J. B. Hanson , aged 73 , presi
dent of the Central of Georgia rail
road , Is critically 111.
John Mitchell was suggested to Mr.
Hoosevolt as good material for the
Now York governorship.
The steamer Princess May was lost
In Alaskan waters , but the passen
gers and crew wore saved.
In their state convention Oklahoma
democrats endorsed the administra
tion of Governor Haslcoll.
Representatives of the Mndrlz fac
tion in Nicaragua called on the state
department at Washington.
Vlco President Sherman reiterated
his previous denial of any connection
with Indian land contracts.
President Taft nnd ox-President
Iloosovelt sent sympathetic tele
grams to Mayor Gaynor of Now York
over his attempted assassination.
Sixty farmers from Auburn , Neb. ,
liavo Just become aware that they arc
victims of a land fraud In which they
nro losers of $110,000 cash , ns the re-
milt of lax methods of the Utah State
Land board.
The population of Kansas City , Mo. ,
Is 248,381 , an Increase of 84,029 , or
C1.7 per cent , as compared with
1C3.752 in 1900.
The , president of the United States
andtlio , president of Chill met nt Bov-
orly-wltWpn oxuhango of formalities
that werot cordially Informal.
The Panaomn congress at Buenos
'Ayres ' approved/ resolution recom
mending all governments of America
to create a Ponaman commission and
the application of the decisions of
the third congress relative to Uio
natural , commerce and
monetary system *
t * * *
Inspector Dew denies n report that
Dr. Crlppon lind confessed.
The standpatters were badly defeat
ed by the Insurgents In Kansas.
rostmnster Gcnornl Hltclicoclc Is
cutting down the deficit In his depart
The corn crop of the counttry Is not
tin to the ton-year average.
Speaker Cannon says ho Is not wor
rying over the result In Kansas.
Joseph Wondllng , alleged olnycr of
Alma Kelncr , reached Denver on his
way to tioulsvlllc.
President Tuft helped dedicate n
montimont lo the pilgrims who landed
at I'rovlncetown , Mass.
Wholesome legislation for Indians
In expected to follow an expose of the
charges of Senator Gore.
The papal nuncio nt the Spanish
court lias been warned to make ready
to depart on short notice.
Claude A. Swanson has been ap
pointed U. S. Senator from Virginia In
place of Daniels , deceased.
At the meeting of railroad men at
St. Louis the decision was reached to
demand an eight hour day.
Representative Bird McGnlre of
Aklahoma savs Senator Gore la not
much better than a slanderer.
With the coming election Cuba la
facing as serious n crisis as has yet
confronted the young republic.
Swarms of locusts recently Invaded
Athens , rendering the streets slip
pery with their crushed bodies.
The total population of the United
States under the last census will
hardly bcknown before October.
Serious floods continue throughout
Japan. Thousands of houses are sub
merged and many lives were lost.
Ono of the first duties of the United
States supreme court will bo to pass
on the Kansas bank guaranty law.
Sweeping authority Is given the
commerce commission by the law
which IB ( o take effect August 17.
Secretaries Wlckersham and Nngol
arc keeping out of the Alaska
quarrel whllo visiting the territory.
The establishment of n national
homo for the deaf nt Colorado Springs
was urged nt the world's congress of
the deaf held thoro.
The prohibitionists opened their
campaign nt Liberty , Mo. , In the In
terest of the Btate-wldo prohibition
constitutional amendment.
The funeral of Bishop Dunne of Dal
las , Tox. , who died at Green Bay , WIs. ,
was hold at Chicago In the Church of
the Immaculate Conception.
An army paymaster's safe contain
ing $6,500 was stolen from the maneu
ver camp at Polo mountain , twenty-
five miles west of Cheyenne.
Frltz Mergonthalor , son of the In
ventor 'of the linotype machine , was
killed at Capo May , N. J. , when an
express train ran Into his automobile.
The Carriage Manufacturers' asso
ciation of the United States In session
at Louisville resolved to advance the
price of vehicles for the season of
Lionel Waldron and Jules Pages ,
the American artists and Alexander
Gnrflold , the American explorer of
Africa were decorated with the legion
of hoilor.
The Nebraska Stnto board of canali
zation told Omaha bankers they can
not deduct $1,211,531 full value from
assessed value of capital ttock on ac
count of prospective bad loans.
Acting Secretary Plorro of the In
terior department appointed n com
mission to determine the competency
of Indian allottees on the Santco In
dian reservation In Nebraska.
The supreme lodge Knights of Pyth
ias has decided not to tnko over the
Las Vegas , N. M. , sanitarium for tu
bercular patients now under the juris
diction of the Knights of Pythias.
John Wilson , Jr. , long absent from
his homo In Johnson county , Nobr. ,
/Dturncd and established his identity
as right to the $30,000 estate left by
his father , who died five years ago.
With her throat cut from car to
ear , the body of Mrs. Joseph Wolfe ,
aged 51 , wife of a Donnlson , Tex. ,
contractor , was found by her daughter
lying fully dressed on a bed in her
Robert Black and Miss Margaret
Fltzpatrlck , who were among those
Injured when an automobile was
wrecked by a Southern railway train
at Birmingham , Ala. , died Monday ,
bringing the total dond to four.
Because of the race riots nt Gray ,
Jones county , Georgia , Governor Joseph -
soph K. Brown was requested to Im
mediately spend troops to that vicin
ity , the request coming from the sher
iff of the county.
With an armed guard on each side
of him , Dr. Crippon attended divine
services In the Catholic chapel of
the provincial jail at Quebec. Miss
Lonovo declined to join the proles-
tant prisoners nt this service.
Nebraska was well represented at
the Knight Templar conclave in
The police ot Cleveland , Ohio , are
convinced that Lawyer Illco was kil
led by thieves.
John D. Griflln , one of the best
known comedians on the stage , for
years a favorite in vaudeville , died in
Jacob Hamon accused Congressman
Crcager of soliciting n bribe from
Lawyer McMurray.
_ Congressman Creagor of Oklahoma
explained the charges against him
made by Jake L. Hamon.
Thirteen wore killed and twelve
Injured in a train collision between
San Francisco and Santa Rosa.
Attorney General Wlckersham soya
there is no law to warrant the re
moval of the statue of Robert E. Leo.
A man believed to be W. J. Mugfur
of Ishperulng , Mich. , was found dead
In the hydraulic elevator tank on thereof
roof of a hotel In Chicago.
Result Between Shallenberger and
Dahlman In Doubt , Both ClaimIng -
Ing Victory Half of State
Yet to Hear From.
025 precincts out of a total of 1,700
precincts In the atate give on senator :
Hitchcock , 10,784 ; Xlctcalfe , 6,513 ;
Heed , 2.700 ; Burkett , 11.8IM ; Whodon ,
5.237 ; Adams , 1,031.
589 precincts out of 1,700 In the
state on goxcrnor give the following
totals : Shallcnbcrger , 13,849 ; Dahl-
man , 17,26-1 ; Aldilch , 10,489 ; Cady ,
While early returns of the prlmarj
election Indicated that Dahlman had
won the nomination by lienvy voting
In the eastern part ot the state and
that ho would win by a substantial
majority , and while the friends of the
Omaha mayor were congratulating
each other over a splendid victory of
the liberal forces , later leturns do not
Icnvo the result BO much that way as
had been anticipated. When Douglas
county rolled up a tremendous ma
jority for Dahlman , Platsmouth coming
ing in strong with almost as much of
n lead , Lancaster gling Dahlman 500
over Shallcnborgor , and other returns
equally optimistic for the liberals , the
mayor's friends concluded the victory
was won , but when the returns from
the state at largo begun to roll in
the Shallenberger stork- began to look
up. In the southwestern jwrt of the
state his majorities are tremendous.
In the northeast he Is more than bolding -
ing it level , a locality on which Dahl-
man counted strongly. Otoe county ,
which was considered as altogether
for Dahlman , was about neck and
neck between the two.
Aldrieh leads t'ady for the repub
lican nomination on the face of the
returns , outside of Douglas county ,
where Oady reeehed a majority of
about -,500. Returns from the Fifth
and Sixth districts , the "cow coun-
try , " are coming blo\\ly and are in-
sutllclcnt to give n definite idea of
the result in those distrk > s.
A report from Omaha says :
"Returns on goveinor tram 715 out
of 1,1525 precincts in the state. Includ
ing Douglas and Lancaster counties ,
glvo D.thlnmn ( democrat ) , 1S.298 ,
Shallenherger , 11,112 ; Aldrieh ( repub
lican ) . 10,612Cady ; , 9.091. These pre
cincts include many of the counties
admittedly Slmllenborgor tcrritoij
and an extraordinary gain In the re
mainder of the state will bo required
to overcome Dalilman's lead. "
Congressional Contests.
Returns from the congrebslonal dis
trlcts are too Incomplete to give n
definite notion of the successful can
didates. Up In the Third district ,
a few counties have been heard from
and show that Boyd has received 570
and Brian 372. Brian was considered
a standpatter.
In the Fourth district Bailey of
Falrbury and Good of Walioo are run
ning neck and neck. Mains , Miller
and Gilbert are far in the rear.
In the First district Ha > ward's land
slide may bo extensive enough to land
him the nomination by 3,000 votes.
Ills managers are claiming that the
majority will not bo UES than that
and may run as high as 3,500.
The Second district is the only one
where the vole Is complete. There
Judge Sulton. progressive , has snowed
under ( . ' . L. Saunders , standpnt , to the
tune of 3,284 to 1,080 , almost double
the vote.
In the Fifth district It is almost
evident that Harmon has lost to For
mer Congressman Sutherland , who
will oppose Norris In November.
Douglas County Returns.
Omaha. Complete returns from
Douglas county are as follows :
Republican For United States sen
ator : Burkett. 2,295 ; Whedon , 723 ;
Adams. 584 ; Sorcnson , 508 ; Birming
ham , 286.
Governor duly , 3,506 ; Aldrieh , 8C3.
Democratic For United States sen
ator : Hitchcock , C.G40 ; Metcalfe , 1.-
211 ; Reed , 534.
Governor Dahlman , 7,190 ; Shallen-
bcrger , 1,897.
Lieutenant Governor Clark , 4,088 ;
Green , 3,095.
Mayor Dahlman "The returns in
dicate that I am nominated by a sub
stantial majority. I will make the
greatest light for election that has
ever been staged in Nebraska. "
Governor Shallenberger "I am con
fident that I will be nominated , though
by a small majority. I will carry ev
ery congressional district except the
Second. "
C. O. Whedon "I will not venture to
predict the result of the primary elec
tion. But whatever the result of that
election may be for my personal feel
ings it has no disappointment in store.
Congressman Hitchcock "Th si/.e
of my majority has suuprised me
Not only is the majority which the
voters have given me surprisingly
large , but it was very evenly distrib
utetl. "
Arnot's Expense Account.
Charles Arnot of Schuyler , demo
cratic aspirant for the nomination for
state superintendent of public instruc
tion , was the ilrst candidate to file his
expense account In the olllce of Secre
tary of Stnto Junldn. His affidavit
shows that ho expended a total of
Shallenberger Ahead.
Lincoln. Shalleubcrger's headquar
ters claim that forty counties practi
cally complete , including Douglas ,
show Dahlman only 1,800 ahead.
The > believe the returns from the
remaining fifty counties will wipe out
this , lead and nominate Sliallenborger.
The democratic primary vote is
much larger than the republican votes.
The state is normally about 20,000 re
publican. Two > earo ago the repub
lican primary vote was 18,000 larger
than the democratic. So far as re
turns on governor have been received
the democratic vote Is C.OOO larger
than the republican with the pros
pects good that it will far exceed that
Swelling of Bank Account to Good
Proportions Coincident ? With Pay
ment of a $750,000 Fee to
Lawyer McMurray.
Sulphur , Okla. Douglas H. Johnson ,
a Chlckasaw Indian and chief of the
80,000 members of that tribe , answered -
swered "I don't remember , " before the
special congressional Investigation
committee when asked how it was that
he was able to deposit the $75,000 to
his personal credit a few days after
J. F. McMurray had received $750,000
as attorney's fees.
Johnson has testified that he has al-
wajs approved of what are known as
the present McMurray co.itrncts ,
which provide for the sale of $30,000-
000 worth of land belonging to the
Indians and which would allow Mc
Murray 10 per cent , or $3,000,000 , In
fees. He also has urged other Indians
to sign them. He testified ho was a
particular friend of McMurray. He
testified In what are known as the
citizenship eascL several years ago
that he approved of a contract in
which McMurray got a salary of $5-
000 a year and ? 2,700 a year expenses.
A short time afterward he approved
of another contract on which McMur
ray obtained for doing the same work
a contingent fee of $750,000. The lat
ter fee was to have been $1,500,000.
but was cut down one-half by the
Roosevelt an Insurgent.
New York. Theodore Roosevelt has
matched strength with the "old guard"
of the republican party in New York
state and met decisive defeat. The
republican state committee , in session
here , by a vote of 20 to 15. refused
to recommend him for temporary
chairman of the state convention at
Saratoga September 27. Instead Vice
President James S. Sherman was se
lected. This is Colonel Roosevelt's
second defeat at the hands of the
"old gunid , " the first having been the
legislature's refusal to pass the Cobb
direct primary bill , although Mr.
Roosevelt especially endorsed it. With
his setback today plans for harmony
within the party in the state received
a severe setback , and as soon as
Colonel Roosevelt lieard the news he
issued a statement in which he en
rolled himself as a progressive , so far
as the New York state situation goes
Struck by Overland Train.
Junction City , Kas. Crawling into
camp and bringing news that he and
liis companion had been struck by the
overland limited on the Union Pacific
railway. Charles H. Lightfoot was
the mcBsage bearer of the first acci
dent at the maneuver camp. An am
bulance was sent , out and found the
dead bodv of Jesse Moore lying beside
the railroad. The men were walking
along the track together about mid
night. They heard the train coming ,
but thought they had plenty of time
to get out of the way. When Light-
foot regained consciousness he was
across a twenty-foot ditch and could
find no trace of his companion. He
started for camp on Ills hands and
knees. He is in the hospital in a dan
gerous condition.
Women Biblical Students.
Lake Geneva. WIs. The annual cen
tral city conference under the au
spices of the nntoinnl board of the
Young Women's Christian association
has opened here and will continue
until August 24. Several hundred
joung women legistered at the open
ing and many more are expected to
put in an appearance before the end
of. the week. The conference is
planned for all members of the Y.V. .
C. A. , students and teachers in edu
cational institutions , and other per
sons interested In Bible study and in
missionary work.
, Expect to Sail at Once.
Quebec. The dominion govern
ment's order for the release of Dr
H. H. Crippcn and Ethel Clare Le-
neve from the provincial jail and their
transfer to the custody of Inspector
Dew has not yet arrived. It Is ex
pected soon , liowevor , and the Impres
sion still prevails that the prisoners
will leave Quebec for London thli
Dying by Thousands.
St. Petersburg From July 31 to Au
gust G , 20,668 cases of cholera were
reported throughout Russia , with 8,679
Proclamations Signed.
Washington. The president has
signed proclamations eliminating 132.-
430 additional acres of land from the
national forests in Colorado. The un
appropriated portions winch have
which have been eliminated from the
reserves later will be opened lo home
stead settlement.
To Hold Examinations.
Washington. Civil service examin
ations will bo hold September 17 for
rural carriers at Davey , Farwell , Funk
Laurel and Tul.le Rock , Neb.
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Chicago , 111. "I waa troubled with
falling and Inflammation , and the doc-
got well unless I
had an operation.
I know I could neb
Island the strain oC
one , BO I wrote to
you sometime ago
about my health
land you told mo
what to do. After
taking Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound and
- Blood Purifier I am
to-daya well woman. " Mrs.
AHRKNS , 088 W. 21st St. , Chicago , 111.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound , made from native roots and
herbs , contains no narcotics or harm
ful drugs , and to-day holds the record
for the largest number of actual cures
of female diseases of any Blmilar medi
cine in the country , and thousands of
voluntary testimonials are on fllo in
the Pinkham laboratory at Lynn ,
Mass. , from women who have been
cured from almost every form of
female complaints , inflammation , nl-
corationdisplacomentsfibroid tumors ,
rregularitios , periodic pains.backachc ,
Indigestion and nervous prostration.
Every such suffering woman owes it to
herself to give Lydia E. Pinkham's
vegetable Compound a triaL
If you would like special advice
about your case -write a confiden
tial letter to Mrs. Pinkham , at
Lynn , Mass. Her advice is free ,
Rnd always LelpfuL ,
Saint Katharine's School
For Girls
Davenport , loiva
Academic , preparatory , nnd primary graded.
Ccrtltlciite accepted by eastern colleges. Spe
cial advantages In Music , ArtDomestic Science
RiidGynin.iBluni. Address TheSlsler Superior.
Cleuuci and Ltautlflei the hair.
ProinotM n luxuriant growth.
Sttvtr Falls to Reitoro Gray
Hair to 1U Youthful Color.
Curtl icalp dliftir/i & hair tailing.
Oc.ancl > lUQat
If nffllctMlwIth Thompson's Eye Water
Euro i-jrcs. use ;
Per Cent , of Sufferers Is Enormous
and There Seems but One
From several Investigations that
liavo been made by the National As
sociation for the Study and Preven
tion of Tuberculosis , it Is estimated
that on an average about fifteen per
cent , of the prison population of the
country Is afflicted with tuberculosis.
On this basis , out of the 80,000 prisoners -
ers housed In the penal institutions
of the United States at any given
time , not less than 12,000 are infected
with this disease. If the Philippine
islands and other Insular possessions
were taken into consideration the
number would bo much larger. Some
of the prisons of Pennsylvania , Kan
sas and Ohio show such shocking conditions
ditions with reference to tuberculosis
that many wardens admit that these
places of detention are death traps.
Similar conditions could bo found in
almost every state , and in the major
ity of cases the only sure remedy Is
the destruction of the old buildings
and the erection of new ones.
The Creditor Will you pay this bill
now , or never ?
The Debtor Mighty nice of you to
give me my choice , old scout. I cheese
never. i
Didn't Want His Chewed.
Bill Don't you like to see a dog
chewing a bone ?
Jill Yes , if It's not one of my own.
For Any Meal
Are always ready to
serve right from the box
with the addition of
cream or milk.
Especially pleasing
with berries or fresh
Delicious , wholesome , \
economical food which
saves a lot of cooking in
hot weather.
' 'The ' '
Memory Lingers'
Battle Creek. Mich.