Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, August 18, 1910, Image 2

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Miss Innes , nplnstcr nnd guardian of
Ocrtrudo and Hnlsey , established summer
hcrulcumrtern nt Hunnyslda , Amidst nu
merous dllllcuHles the Bcrvnntfl drscrtnd
As Miss Innes 16ekod tip for Uio night
BIC ! waa Btartled by a dnrk flgura on the
varnnda. Unseemly noises disturbed her
ilurlng tlie night. In Uio morning Miss
Innes found a strungo llnlc cuff-button In
n Immpcr. Gertrude and Ilnlsey nrrlvod
with Jack Ilalley. The house wan awak
ened by ri revolver nhot nnd Arnold Aim-
ktrong was found shot to death In Uio
hall. Miss limes found llnlnoy'fl revolver
on the lawn. IIo nnd Jnek llnlloy Imd illH-
nppenred , The link ciiff-liutton tnyBterl-
pu.sly dlnnppcnrrd , TJetoctlvo Jninloson
Arrived. Of-rtrudo rovenlcd silo wns cn-
tn ecl to Jack llalloy. with whom 8ho
fnllccd In the bllllnrd room a fevmo -
hientB bpforn the inurdor. J.amlcson no-
cuscd Miss Innes of holding hack evi
dence. IIo Impilsoned nn Intruder In an
empty room. The prisoner escaped down
n laundry chute. Gcrtrudo wns ( inspected.
A netfro found the other half of what
proved to bn Jack Ualloy'n cuff-button.
Halsey ronppears and says ho anil llallqy
left lir response to n toleRram. CJcrtruda
euld oho had given Ilnlluy fin uti ended
revolver , fonrlng to lvo him n loaded
weapon. Cannier Dalloy of Taul Ann-
BtroiiK's bank , defunct , was arrested for
embezzlement. Ilalsoy nnld Armstrong
wrecked his own bank and could clear
JlalH-y. Paul Armstrong's death wes an
nounced. IlnlHcy's llancee , I ) tilso Ann-
ntrong , wan found at the lodge. The
lodcckecper Raid Txiulso nnd Arnold had
n long' ' talk the nlpht of the murder. I.ou-
IRO wilfl prostrated. Louls told Ilalscy ,
that while slm ntlll loved him who was to
marry another , find thai ho would dowplso
her when ho learned the whole story.
It developed that Dr. Walker nnd T-oiilBo
wore toibn married. A prowler was heard
In 'the' liouno , Louisa wan found at the
bottom of the circular staircase. Loulso
Bald she hnd heard a knock nt the door
nnd answered It. Something brushed .past
her on the stairway and she fainted.
CHAPTER XVII. Continued.
"You heard no other sound ? " the
coroner asked. "Tltero was no one
with Mr , Armstrong whori ho en
tered ? "
"It waa , 'porfcotly ' dark. There were
no voices and I heard nothing. There
wns Just the opening of the door , the
shot'and the sound of somebody fall
ing. "
"Thenwhile you went through the
drawing room and upstairs to alarm
the household , the criminal , whoever
It was , could have escaped by the east ,
door ? "
"Yes. "
"Thank you. That will do. "
I flatter mysc\f \ that the coroner got ,
llttlo enough out of : no. I saw Mr.
Jamlcson sti'HIng to himself , and Uio
coroner gave tno up , after a time. I
admitted I had found the body , said I
had not known who Jt was until Mr ,
Jnrvls told me , and ended by looking
up at Barbara Fltzhugh and saying
that In renting the house I had not
expected to bo Involvqd In any family
scandal , t which sbo turned purple.
, The verdict was that Arnold Arm
strong ! had , met his death at the hands
of , a' parson 6r' persons unknown , and
wo prepared to' leave. Barbara Fltz-
htlgh flounced out without waiting to
speak to me , but Mr. Ilarton came up ,
os I know ho would.
"You have dqcldnd to give up the
house , I hope1 ; Miss Innes. " ho said.
"Mrs. Armstrong has ' wired -mo
ngalti. " ,
"I am not going to give It up , " I
maintained , "until I understand some
tilings that are puzzling mo. The day
that the murderer Is discovered , I will
leave. "
"Then , Judging by what I have
heard , you will bo back In the city
Tory Boon , " ho said. And I know that
ho suspected the discredited cashier
of the Traders' bank.
Mr. Jamlcson came up to mo as I
was about to leave the coroner's of
"How Is your patient ? " ho asked
with his odd llttlo smllo.
"I have no patient , " I replied ,
"I will PT * It In a different way ,
then. How is Miss Armstrong ? "
"Sho she IB doing very well , "
"Good , " cheerfully. "And our ghost ?
Is It laid ? "
"Mr. Jamleson , " I Raid suddenly , " 1
wish you would come to Sunnysldo
and spend a few days there. The
ghost Is not laid. I want you to spend
ono night at least watching the cir
cular staircase. The murder of Arnold
Armstrong was n beginning , not an
end. "
Ho looked serious.
"Perhaps I can do It , " ho said ,
have been doing something else , but
well , I will come out to-night. "
Wo , yore very silent during the
trip back to Sunnysldo. I watched
Gertrude closely and somewhat sadly
To mo there wag ono glaring flaw In
her story , and It seemed to stand out
.for every ono to see. Arnold Arm
strong had had no key , nnd yet she
said she had locked the east door. IIo
must have boon admitted from wlthlr
the house ; over and over 1 repeated 1
to myself.
That night , as gently as I could ,
told Loulso the story of her step
brother's death. She sat In her big ,
pillow-filled chair , and heard mo
through wjtlfout Interruption. It was
clear that she was shocked beyond
words ; If I had hoped to learn any
thing from her expression , I had
( ailed , i She , waai ns much in the dark
' ' '
. A Hole In the Wall.
My taking the dotectlvo out to Sun-
uysldo raised an unexpected storm of
protest from Gertrude and Halsey. I
not prepared for it , and I scarcely
know how to account for It To mo
Mr. JamloBon was far less formldnblo
under my eyes , where I know what ho
was doing , than ho wns off In the city ,
twisting circumstanced and niollvua In
suit lilinsrlf ami learning what ho
wished to know about events at Sun
nysldo in some occult way. I was
glad enough to have him there , when
excitements began to cotno thick and
A now clement was about to enter
Into affairs ; Monday , or Tuesday at
the latest , would flnd Dr. Walker back
In his green and whllo house In the
village , and Louise's attltudo to him
In the Immediate future would signi
fy Halsey's happiness or wretched
ness , ns it might turn out. Then , too ,
the return of her mother would mean ,
of course , J-liat she would have to
leaveus , and I had become greatly at
tached to her.
From the day Mr. Jamlcson came
to Runnysldo , there wan n subtle
cliango In Gertrude's manner to me.
It was elusive , dlfllcult to analyze , hut
It was thoro. She was no longer frank
Llddy heaved a sigh.
"Girl and woman , " she said , "I've
been with you 25 years , Miss Hachol ,
through good temper and bad " the
Idea ! and what I have taken from
her In the way of sulks ! "but I guess
I can't stand it any longer. My trunk's
packed. "
"Who packed It ? " I aakcd , expecting
from lior to no tn bo told she had
wakened to flnd If'dono by some
ghostly hand.
"I did ; Miss Rachel , you won't be-
llovo mo when I toll you this house
Is haunted. Who was It fell down the
clothes chute ? Who was It scared
Miss Loulso almost Into her grave ? "
"I'm doing my best to find out , " I
said. "What In the world are you
driving at ? " She drew a long breath.
"Thero is a hole In the trunkroom
wall , dug out since last night. It's big
enough to put your head in , and the
plaster's all over the place. "
"Nonsense ! " I said. "Plaster is al
ways falling. "
But Llddy clenched that.
"Just ask Alex , " she said. "When
There Was Something Baffling In the Girl's Eyeo.
with mo , although I think her affec
tion never wavered. At the time 1 laid
the change to the fact that I had for
bidden all communication with John
Bailey , and had refused to acknowl
edge any engagement between the
two. Gertrude spent much of her
tluio wandering through the grounds ,
or' taking long croas-country walks.
Halsey played golf nt the Country
club day after day , and after Loulso
loft , as she did the following week ,
Mr. Jamlcaon and I were much to
gether. IIo played a fair game of cribbage -
bago , but ho cheated at solitaire.
The night the detective arrived ,
Saturday , I had a talk with him. I
told him of the experiences Loulso
Armstrong had had the night before
on the circular staircase , ami about
the man who had so frightened Roslo
on the drive. I saw that ho thought
the information was Important , and to
my suggestion that wo put an addi
tional lock on the east wing door ho
opposed a strong negative.
"I think It probable , " ho said , "that
our v"ltor ) v-Ml bo back again , and
the thing to do Is to leave things ex
actly as they are , to avoid rousing
suspicion. Then I can watch for at
least a part of each night and prob
ably Mr. Innes will help us out. 1
would say as llttlo to Thomas as pos
sible.1 The old man knows uioro than
ho is willing to admit. "
I suggested that Alex , the gardener ,
would probably bo willing to help , and
Mr. Jamleson undertook to make the
arrangement. For ono night , however -
over , Mr. Jamleson preferred to watch
alone. Apparently nothing occurred.
The detective sat In absolute dark
ness on the lower stop of the stairs ,
dozing , ho said afterwards , now and
then. Nothing could pass htm In
either direction , and the door In the
morning remained as securely fast
ened as It had been the night before.
And yet ono of the most Inexplicable
occurrences of the whole affair took
place that very night.
Llddy came to my room on Sunday
morning with a face as long as the
moral law. She laid out my things ns
usual , but I missed her customary
garrulousucsB. I was not regaled with
the new cook's extravagance as to
eggs , ami b . ' oven forbore to mention
"that Jamleson , " on whore arrival she
had looked with silent disfavor.
"What's the matter. Llddy ? " I asked ,
at last. "Didn't you sleep last night ? "
"No , ma'am , " she said sillily.
"Did you have two cups of coffee
at your dinner ? " I Inquired.
"No , nm'm , " indignantly.
I sat up and almost upset my hot
water I always take a cup of hot wa
ter with a pinch of salt , before I got
up. It tones the stomach.
"Llddy Allen , " I said , "atop combing
that switch and toll mo what Is wrong
with you. "
he put the now cook's trunk there last
night the wall was as smooth as this.
This morning it's dug out , and there's
plaster on the cook's trunk. Miss
Rachel , you can got a dozen detectives
and put ono on every stair In the
house , and you'll never calch any
thing. There's some things you can't
handcuff. "
Liddy was right. As soon as I could ,
I went up to the trunkroom , which
was directly over my bedroom. The
plan of the upper story of the house
was like that of the second floor , In
the main. Ono end , however , ever
Iho east wing , had been left only roug-
ly finished , the intention having been
to convert it Into a ballroom at some
future time. The maids' rooms , trunk-
room , and various storerooms , includ
ing a large airy linen room , opened
from a long corridor , like that on the
second floor. And In the trunkroom ,
as Llddy had said , was a fresh break
in the plaster.
Not only in the plaster , but through
the lathing , the aperture extended. I
reached into the opening , and three
foot away , pernnps , I could touch the
bricks of the partition wall. For some
reason the architect In building the
house had left a space there that
struck me , oven In the surprise of the
discovery , as an excellent place for a
conflagration to gain headway.
"You are sure the hole was not here
yesterday ? " I asked Llddy. whoso ex
pression was a mixture of satisfaction
and alarm. In answer she pointed to
the now cook's trunk that necessary
adjunct of the migratory domestic. The
top was covered with line white plaster
as was the floor. But there were no
largo pieces of mortar lying around
no bits of lathing. When I mentioned
this to Llddy she merely raised bet
eyebrows. Being quite confident that
the gap was of unholy origin , she die :
not concern herself with such trifles
as a bit of mortar and lath. No doubt
they wore even then heaped neatl >
on a gravestone in the Casanova
churchyard !
I brought Mr. Jamloson up to see
the hole In the wall , ' directly after
breakfast. Ills
expression was vor >
odd when ho looked at It , and the flrs
thing ho did was to try to discovoi
what object , If any , such a hole couh
have. IIo got a piece of candle , am
by enlarging the aperture a little was
able to examine what lay beyond. The
result was nil. The trunkroom , al
though heated by steam heat , like the
rest of the house , boasted of a fire
place and mantel as well. The open
Ing had been made between the flue
and the outer wall of the houso. There
was revealed , however , on inspection
only the brick of the chimney on one
side and the outer wall of the house
on the other ; in depth the space ex
tended only to the flooring. The
breach had been made about four fco
from the floor , and inside were all the
missing hits of plaster. It had been
a methodical ghost.
It was very much of a disappoint
ment. I had expected a secret room ,
at the very least , nnd I think oven Mr.
Jamlcson had fancied he might at last
have a clew to the mystery. There
was evidently nothing more to be dis
covered ; Llddy reported that every
thing was serene among the servants ,
and that none of them had been dis
turbed by the noise. The maddening
Ihing , however , was that the nightly
visitor had evidently more than ono
way of gaining access to the house , and
wo made arrangements to redouble
our vigilance as to windows and doors
that night.
Halsey was Inclined to pooh-pooh
the whole affair. IIo said a break In
the plaster might have occurred
months ago and gone unnoticed , and
that the dust had probably been
stirred up the day before. After all ,
wo had to let It got at that , but wo
put in an uncomfortable Sunday. Gertrude
trudo went to church , and Ilalsoy took
a long walk in the morning. Loulso
was able to sit up , nnd she allowed
Halsey and Liddy to assist her down
stairs late in the afternoon. The east
veranda was shady , green with vines
and palms , cheerful with cushions and
lounging chairs. Wo put Louise In a
steamer chair , and she sat there
passively enough , her hands clasped
In her lap.
Wo wore very Bllent. Halsey sat on
the rail with a pipe , openly watching
Louise , as she looked broodingly
across the valley to the hills. There
was something baffling In the girl's
eyes ; and gradually Halsey's boyish
features lost their glow at seeing her
about again , and settled Into grim
lines. Ho was like his father just
Wo sat until late afternoon , Halsey
growing more and more moody. Short
ly before six he got up and went into
the house , and in a few minutes he
ame out and called mo to the tele-
ihone. It was Anna Whitcomb , In
own , and she kept mo for 20 minutes ,
elllng me the children had had the
measles and how Mmo. Sweeny had
jotched her new gown.
When I finished , Llddy was behind
me , her mouth a thin line.
"I wish you would try to look cheer
ful , Llddy , " I groaned , "your face
vould sour milk. " But Llddy seldom
replied to my gibes. She folded her
Ip § a little tighter.
"Ho called her up , " she said oracu-
arly , "he called her up , and asked her
to keep you at the telephone , so ho
could talk to Miss Louise. A thank-
ess child Is sharper than a serpent's
tooth. "
"Nonsense ! " I said brusquely.'I
night have known enough to leave
.hem. It's a long time since you and
I were in love , Liddy , and we for
get. "
Liddy sniffed.
"No man ever made a fool of me , "
she replied virtuously.
"Well , something did , " I retorted.
Concerning Thomas.
"Mr. Jamieson , " I said , when we
found ourselves alone after dinner
that night , "the inquest yesterday
seemed to mo the merest recapitula
tion of things that were already
known. It developed nothing now be
yond that story of Dr. Stewart's , and
that was volunteered. "
"An Inquest is only a necessary for
mality , Miss Innes , " ho replied. "Un
less a crime is committed In the open
the Inquest does nothing beyond get
ting evidence from witnesses whllo
events are sUll in their minds. The
police step In laler. You and I bolh
know how many important things
never transpired. For Instance : The
dead man had no key , and yet Miss
Gertrude , testified to a fumbling at
the lock , and then the opening of the
door. The piece of evidence you men
tion , Dr. Stewart's story , Is one of
those things wo have to take cautious
ly ; the doctor has a patient who
wears black and does not raise her
voll. Why , it is the typical mysteri
ous lady ! Then the good doctor
comes across Arnold Armstrong , who
was a graceless scamp de mortuls
what's the rest of It ? and ho Is quar
reling with n lady in black. Behold ,
says the doctor , they are one and the
same. "
"There is a certain sameness about
natural scenery , " said the man who
looks bored.
"Do you mean to compare a mng-
iiillcent mountain with the broad ex
panse of the sea ? "
"Yes. Wherever you flnd a spot of
exceptional beauty somebody Is sure
to decorate It with sardine tins and
biscuit boxes. "
Not So Bad. j
Nervous Lady Don't your experi
ments frighten you terribly , professor
ser ? I hear that your assistant met
with a hgrrlblo death by falling 4,000
feet from a balloon.
Professor Oh , that report was
greatly exaggerated.
Nervous Lady Exaggerated ! How !
Professor It wasn't much more
than 2,500 feet that ho foil. Puck ,
Rural Bride Was an Easy Prey When
Assured That Her Frecklea Would
Not Show.
Obviously , they were on their ton
oymoon. That they were from th
country was also patent , says the Bui
tlmoro Star. Ho , attired In a now
ready-to-wear suit in which ho waa
most uncomfortable , felt himsnlt the
center of admiring glances as ho
walked down Baltimore street , with
his blushing bride clutching jealous
ly his arm as though she feared some
of the fashionably atlired clly glrla
would steal her handsome swain. She
also wore a new dross , but It wasn't
made In Paris , or even Now York.
The peregrinating man with the
picture taking machine marked them
as legitimate prey.
"Como along , " ho shouted to the
newlyweds , "bo a sport. Got your
picture taken to take back to the
country. Only a dime. I'll take you
In any position. "
The pair halted. Ho wanted hla
photograph taken. She didn't. The
peregrinating photographer know hla
business. Ho wasted no time on the
swain. Ho wns easy prey. On the
bashful bride lie focused all the blan
dishments of his art. "Come along , "
ho coaxed , "this is a wonderful ma
chine. It will make J-ou look beauti
ful. You can hand the picture down
to your grandchildren to admire. " The
brldo blushed deeper.
The swain had straightened his four-
in-hand tie , bought already tied. Ho
was ready for the ordeal. But the
brldo hung coyly back. Finally she
summoned courage and slipping her
arm from that of her husband oho approached
preached the photographer and whis
pered in his ear. The photographer
didn't smile. Ho was out for the
money. A contented smile suffused
her sunburned face at his reply. Aft
er patting her hair , she stood besldo
her husky swain and the photographer
snapped the camera.
The reporter was curious. Report
ers generally are. After the couple
had departed to spend another ten
cents on some other attracllon , ho
asked the voluble photographer what
the brldo had whispered to him.
The photographer smiled , and It was
good to sco so hard working a man
"Sho asked mo If her freckles
would show In the picture , " ho con
fided. "I told her that this machine
was made especially to conceal
freckles in a photograph. "
Our Files and Mosquitoes.
They were discussing the fact that
there are no flies or mosquitoes In
Now York except In the parks and
perhaps in a few places where the
standard of cleanliness Is not hold
high enough , according to the New
York Press.
"I don't think It Is quite true , "
drawled the western man , "that there
are no files or mosquitoes In Now
York , but there aren't enough to go
around. There are so many people
that they outnumber the Insects and
there Isn't even one fly nplcco for you.
Now , I'd like to ask if each of you
hasn't seen at least one mosquito this
season. " Reluctantly the Now York
ers admitted that each had such an
experience. "Then that is your mos
quito. You may have another this
year. If you should have you would
bo robbing some other follow , who
then would not have any and who
would stoutly maintain that there are
none In your fair city. There are sev
eral millions of you. Now , several
millions of mosquitoes or files would
make a big showing In a small town.
Every rltlzen would have all ho could
possibly use , but spread out over New
York they don't make much of a
show. "
Childish Sayings.
From Boston comes the tale of
some children whoso tender mother
had promised them a bedtlmo story , a
promise held in abeyance by the in
opportune appearance of vlsllors. Ap
peals for drinks of water nnd oven for
a chance to say certain forgotten
prayers proving futile , the eldest boy ,
aged seven , played his trump card In
a final effort to lure the dear mother
"I guess you/d better como up for a
mlnuto or two If you can , momslo , "
ho pleaded over the bannisters In a
shrill whisper , "for the baby's nose Is
coming awfully unwlped. "
"Mother , " sighed young Michael ,
weary llttlo mainstay of that mother
In the matter of caring for the already
generous quota of household bless
ings , "I don't want to seem mean
when you're just getting over such a
bad headache , but I don't think you
ought to have lot the doctor play It off
on us Hko this , oven if wo do ewe
him money. We've got plenty of chil
dren , anyway , without even ono more
baby , and I do think you needn't have
taken two. "
"Dog Days. "
The first of the Canicular , or Dog
Days , Is BO called from the ancient
custom of sacrificing a brown dog to
appease the wrath of Slrlus as soon as
that star became visible to the naked
eye. Slrlus was supposed to cause the
hot , sultry weather usually attendant
on 'its appearance , and the ancients
believed that on the first morning of
Its rising the sea boiled , wine turned
sour , dogs grew mad and that man be
came nllllctcd with burning fevers ,
hysterics and frenzies.
At Argos a festival was hold during
the Dog Days called CyuonphontOB ,
from four Greek words signifying
"from killing dogs , " when It was the
custom to kill every canine creature
that was met with.
Ovcrsupply of Alcoholic Stimulants
Disturbed Schedule of Funeral
Dean Ramsay's memoirs contain nn
anecdote of an old woman of Straths
pey. Just before her death she sol
emnly Instructed her grandnephew :
"Willy , I'm dceln' , and as yo'll hao the
charRo o' a * I have , mind now that as
much whisky Is to bo used at my fu
neral as there was at my baptism. "
Willy , having no record of the quan
tity consumed at the baptism , decided
tn tlvo every mourner as much as ho
wished , with the result that the fu
neral procession , having to traverse
ten miles to the churchyard on a
short November day , arrived only at
Then It was discovered that the
mourners , halting at a waysldo Inn.
had rested the coffin on a dyke and
left It there when they resumed their
Journey. The corpse was a day late
In arriving at the grave.
The Motive Power.
"A western editor says nobody waa
ever hurt whllo taking a 'joy ride' on
the handles of a plow. "
"That's where he's mistaken. Many
a gpod man has been kicked by a
mule. " Birmingham Age-Herald.
After marrying for money , many a
man wishes ho had been brought up to
work for a living.
Oonttlpatlon canmsnnrt nBgravatcs tunny sertons It Is tlmrouohly cured l > y Dr. 1'inrco'a
rieusjut relicts. The fuv-rUo tutnlly luiaUvo.
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fore you can make a success of it.
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are also affected and the
whole system of diges
tion and assimilation is
blocked. You can eat
heartily and without fear
of distress if you will
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dose of Hostetter's Stomach
ach Bitters. It regulates
the Appetite , aids diges
tion and prevents Gas on
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Malaria , Fever and Ague.
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WN1. E. SCHELL , President
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