Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, August 18, 1910, Image 1

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It is a sign of an artistic temperament
jti those who desire to own it.-
It is useful , as well a sensible , ser
viceable investment.
We have a tempting array of these
goods. Every design is new and we can
offer our customers sonic exceptional
Many people hesitate at buying Cut
Glass , on account of its supposed cost
liness but dollar for dollar it reveals a
richness that is possessed by few other
articles of art or utility.
Come in and let us show you our dis
play if the least bit interested.
Lev ! Empficld Gets Married Again.
Prominent ranchman on lower
Spring Creek , near McKinlej ,
the preacher a second time
/ * and takes unto himself a wife.
The above caption may be some
what mystifying to the many
readers of this paper who know-
Mr , and Mrs. Empfield , and are
aware of the the fact that they
have been most happily -wedded
x for the last eight years ? have a
splendid ranch and are the par-
0 ents of two bright fine little boys
\ All will be clear , however ,
when it it is explained that the
high esteem in which-Mr. and
Mrs. Empfield are held by their
neighbors was made manifest
last Friday , Aug , 12th , it being
i the eighth anniversary of their
wedding by a big surprise party
being given them , and a mock
wedding , before Rev. G. P.
Netherly , being part of the pro-
On account of a fatal accident
in Callaway and the presence ol
" a threshing machine in the
in ighborhood not more than
half of the friends who intended
coming were able to be present.
However sixty-fue guests were
pit sent , ladies bringing dinner ,
of course , for everybody. This
w.s plated on a long improvised
* s > table outside the house , and was hugely enjoyed.
A. little present of a most
\ iK'iiutiful and rich oak book case
and writing desk combined -was
plsi made to Mr. Empfield and
v lie by their visitors.
The afternoon was spent by
; he gentleuied present in story
telling , pitching quoite and play
ing base ball , while the ladies
did all the work , of course , but
all seemed mighty cheerful about
After a most splendid day
thoroughly enjoyed by every one ,
the parties to this happy surprise
bade Mr. and Mrs. Empfield
goodbye , wishing them many
more eight year periods of matrimonial
menial happiness.
A Disturbance Nipped in the Dud.
Last Saturday night five of the
Reese ranch hands , C. B. Martin ,
J. R. Martin , Ed Gracy , C.
Wright and Layman came driving
into the city behind a pair of
high stepping mules.
While driving around the
streets they became very loud
and boisterous in their speech
and when requested to stop such
talk by Marshal Draper they
hurled abusive epithets at him
and went on down the street past
the post office towards the rail
road station. In , the meantime
their language had been getting
more vulgar and louder every
moment and to cap the climax
as they -were opposite the B. &M
restaurant they began shooting
with a 32 Winchester special.
This proceedure was entirely
too much for our Irish marshal
to stand patiently and hear. At
this time a gentleman was going
by in an automobile. Draper
called to him and turning his
machine they started after the
joyful ones.
The next thing those gentle
men .knew was that the marshal
was navigating rapidly in their
direction in a buzz wagon 'and
the ensuing chase will probably
never be forgotten by the people
in , it as it was certainly a thriller
in every respect. Not until the
galloping mules had put six long
muddy miles between them and
Broken Bow were they stopped
by the arm of the Jaw and by
that time two of the men seeing
that their horse power did not
iqual that of the on coming auto
left the rig to its fate and sought
safety in a nearby corn field.
The remaining three were
brought back and placed in the
city bastile and Sundav afternoon
the two who made their escape
were apprehended and brought to
Later in the day however they
were all released on $300 bonds.
Their hearing is to be this after
noon in Police Judge Shinu's
Ed Gracey and C. Wright were
already under peace bonds of $200
for pjayfully holding up a band
of Gypsies recently.
it is in the Orocory Line
The Best Flour.
English and Holland Wafers.
The Advo , Holiday , J. M. and
Nebra brands of cannded goods
Harrington Hall , Yigora , Ak-
Sar-Ben , Blue .Ribbon , Ah-Ha-
Mo , J. M. 1846 , Crown and
Breakfast Delight Coffees.
PI ) enc 161 THE GROCER Phone 180
Agent for De Laval Separators Cream Station
The Primary Election.
The weather Tuesday after
noon in this locality was very
onfavorable as a vote getter and
as a result a light vote was poll
ed at the primary. A heavy rain
late in the afternoon 2 inches
kept most of $ he farmer voters
from voting at all. In many
precii'Cts of the county the vote
was light vp to the time of going
to press but ttmuiiu voting pre
cincts of the county have report-1
ed the vote cast and a complete
synopsis at this time can not be
ijivcu. However the vote report
ed indicates the general result in
the county ,
The county prccints which
have reported scmi-officially are
Algernon , Ansley , Arnold , Brok
en Bow North and South Side
uster Nos. 1 and 2 Cliff , _ Delight -
light , Gatfield , Grant , Hayes ,
Kilfoil , Sargent , and Triumph.
These township give Burkett
for Senator 307. Weedon 109 ,
Metcalf 144 , Hitchcock 197.
For Governor , Aldrich 237 ,
Cady 223 , Dalbman Dem , 126
Shallenbarger320. PorCongress
Kinkaid Kep , 378 Becrnan Rep.
148 , Dean Dem. 181 , Taylor Deiu.
2o , rshuoiway Dein. 49.
For Tresurer George Rep.
456 Sadilek Rep. 136
State Senator Mattlcy Rep.
280 Fries Rep. 249.
For Representative Moody Rep.
269 Rice 226 Warren 259 Arthur
Dem 147 Hall Dein 70 Gandy
Dem. 203 Jeffords Dem. 176
Boblitts Rep. 87.
For County Attorney Gadd 276
Myers 226 Beal Deui. 384.
The probabilities are that
those reported in the lead now
will maintain it in the precincts
not reported.
The State Ticket.
The results in the senatorial
race are not in doubt in either .of
the parties as Hitchcock and
Burkett both far ahead of thr.
other nominees
Shallenbarger and Dahlmau
are running a great race for the
governorship nomination. At
present the Omaha mayor has a
big lead but the returns which
constantly coming in show .that i
the voters are giving large maj
orities for the governor and is
making a tremendous gain on i
his compeditor. In the south
western part of the State Shall
cnbarger is getting the greater 1
portion of the votes.
Douglas county gives a maj
ority of about 0000 for Mayor
Dahlmau Aldrich has a lead of
about 3000 not counting Douglas
The Douglas county vote was ;
863 for Aldrich and 3,506 for !
Aliss Cutler Entertains.
The Maxuma club and their
escorts went toMernaon Satur
day evening for a house party
given by Miss Dae Cutler.
A hay rack met them at the
station and the crowd of twenty
two were transported in this
manner the remainder of the
journey. Saturday evening they
went to a dance at New Helena.
The crowd returned Sunday
evening rather sleepy it is true
but very happy and extremely
well pleased with the entertair-
ment tendered them by their
charming hostess.
The only regrettable incident
of the affair was that Mrs J. G.
Leonard who went with them as
chaperone had the misfortune to
sprain her ankle as she jumped
from the hay rack. She is able
to be about though by the use nf
a pair of crutches.
Mr. Lewis Kimberlin ' brought
over the returns from Arnold
Well Known Younj ; People Joined
In Wedlock.
At 12 o'clock yesterday at the
home of the bride's parents , Mr.
and Mrs. C. II. Holcomb , occur
red the wedding of Edna L. IIol-
comb and Mr. Sidney S , Parki-
son both ot this city.
Promptly at high noon the
jrals of Meudellsohn's Wedding
March , played by Miss Bessie
Jokfson , burst forth and the two
little flower girls Lacledc Hoi-
comb and Alice O'Banion march
ed down stairs followed by the
bride ami groom and took their
places under an arch of palms
and ferns from which had been
suspended a wedding bell of snow
balls. The impressive ring cere
mony was used and was solouin-
izcd by the Rcvcrand f/4. O. Dow-
Following the wedding a
four course dinner wan served.
The table was tastefully decor
ated with stnilax and roses.
The bride was dressed in an
embroidered silk mull trimmed in
Val and Cluny lace and wore a
viel with a wreath of orange
blossoms and carried a shower
boquet of roses and lillics of the
valley. The groom wore the
conventional black. Only the
immediate families of the con
tracting parties were present ,
The reception held last even
ing between the hours of 8:30 :
and 10:30 was an enjoyable oc
The table was decorated with
roses , smilax , ferns and white
ribbon. In the center of the
table was a large oval mirror
upon which rested the wedding.
Punch was served by Miss
Nettie Holcomb.
Ice cream , coffee and calce
were served. The ice cream for
the occasion had a large red
heart in the center.
The large number of presents
made in necessary for them to be
displayed on several different
tables and consisted f cut glass
silverware , china ware , oil paint
ing , embroidery and linen.
Mrs. Parkison is the youngest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. II.
Holcomb and has lived in Broken
Bow all her life and was an
alumnus of the Broken Bow high
schook. She is well known and
greatly admired by all. For the
past three years she has been the
bookkeeper for J. C. Bowcn
which position she resigned but
a short time ago.
The groom is an employee of
Burlington railroad company in
the capacity as night operator
which position he has held since
last December. He formerly
held this position at Anselmo at
which place his folks reside.
They leave -this evening for
Yellowstone Park for their
Senator Ollis , who is superin
tendent of the draft horse depart
ment informs becretary Mellor of
the board that the entries in his
class are greater than ever before
and that the exhibit of draft
horses bids fair to exceed in
quantity as well as quality al !
previous exhibitions. In fact
the fair this year will far exceed
j all former fairs in the way ol
exhibits in all department. It
would seem each year that i
would be impossible to reach a
greater degree of excellence , but
the next year seems to increase
i the exhibits and 1910 indications
look better at this time of any
former years. Fair dates thisj
year arc Sept 5 to 9 and already
a great time is assured for those
'who ' attend.
Special Report.
South Omaha , Nebr , , Aug , 17 ,
Cattle : 24,000 for three days ,
A little weak on beef steers Mon
day but fully recovcrd yesterday ;
$7.75 top for corn fed I5s5' Ib.
steers. High record for grass
steers $6.75 for 1358 Ibs made us.
Bulk consists of a fairly good
grade at $4.75 to $5.35 , balance
on the common order , $3.75 to
$4.50. Butcher stock in brisk
lemand ; spayed heifers up to
$5.25 also sold by us. Best grass
cows and heifers $4.00 to $4.60 ,
julk being pretty fair grades
$3 35 to $ ? .85 ; goad cutter cows
$3.00 to $3.35 and cauncrs around
$2 75 : veal calves firm at $4.00 to
$0.25 ; feeding bulls in slack in
quiry around $3.00 and Bologna
bulls strong at $3.35 to 83.85.
Feeders arc insufficient to supply
demand , best heavy steers $5.00
to $5.65 ; good medium weights
$4.50 to $5.00 ; yearlings and two
years olds $3 75 to $4.50 ; heifers
$3.10 to $3.50. Receipts will
continue heavy but look for a
well maintained market.
Hogs : 16,500 for 3 days ;
market opened strong to 5 high
er but closing 10 lower on account
of a weak provision market.
Bulk $8.00 to * 8.35 , top $8.70
which is about 35c higher than
a week ago. Light supplies
seem in order with not much
change in prospect.
Sheep : Last week heaviest of
this season , 65,00 head. 45,000
for 3 days this week market
strong. Fat lambs $6.85 ; year
lings $5.75 ; wethers $4.40. ewes
$4.25. Feeders more active.
Top lambs $6.20 ; yearlings $5.20 ;
wethers $4.10 ; ewes $3.70 ; breed
ing ewes $4 00 to $4.75 ; year-
$5.00 to $5. 5 and very scarse.
Look for continued heavy run
but an active market.
Yours very truly ,
National Live Stock Com , Co.
Frank Bealsand wife of Merna
were city visitors yesterday.
Mr..and Mrs. Fred Lindlcy of
Anselmo were in Broken Bow
Miss Alice Johnson who has.
been visiting at home for a few
days rctu.ned to Anselmo today.
Miss Ella Anderson of Mason
City was in the city last evening
to attend the wedding reception
of Mr. and Mrs.Sidney Parkison.
Miss Sarah Snyder has resign
ed her position as teacher of the
6th and 7th grades on the north
side and has accepted a similar
pjsition in Carson City , Nevada.
Bertha Hopkins the infant
daughter of Mr. Miles and Mrs.
Clara Hopkins of Berwyn died at
the parental home one and one-
half miles southeast of Berwyn
on Friday August 12th , 1010
after weeks of suffering with
complex diseases. All that could
be done tor the little sufferer was
done but without results.
Little Bertha was born June
27 , 1909 , and died August 12 ,
1910 , aged one year , one month
and fifteen days. The funeral
was held at the home on Sunday
the 14th at 10 a , in , Sermon by
Rev. H. Bellis and remains
hurried at the Janesville cem
Ansley Had Heavy Rain *
The most rain which fell in
this vicinity last Friday was re
ported by Ansley who had a rec
ord of five inches of rain in two
hours time.
Ansley was the storm center as
the down pour seemed to be
equally distributed oij all sides
with perhaps a little greater fall
northwest of the city and to
wards Berwyn.
The streets of Auslcy were
turned into small rivers wit i the
water in them at a depth of
about six lect , Part of the busi
ness houses of the town and
some of the cellars were flooded
with the .rushing water. Ansley
was entertaining at the time
about 1800 Modern'Woodmen of
America who were holding their
annual picnic ,
The reports so far show the
damage to the caops as being
very heavy.
The railroad bridge near Ber
wyn which has caused so much
trouble before lost some of its
pilings and made it impossible
for trains to pass for some time.
Train No. 43 Sunday afternoon
being the first to cross since Fri
day night. The rest of the road
bed was able to be used by run
ning slowly although it was in
bad shape in a few places.
F. D. Mills of Wcsterville was
a city visitor Tuesday. He remained -
mained over Wednesday on ac
count of the rain.
A suspicious character who
hails from Chejenne was takeu
into the toils by Marshal Draper
Monday night. He had beea
heard asking boys whether the
city had a marshal ! and whether
he stayed up all night. Needless
to say he soon discovered as
Draper nabbed him at about one
thirty a. m.
Ravenna Ilrnnds : Peerless High Patent $1.70 per sack
Tip Top 2nd Grade $1.60 per sack.
Rroken Bow Urands : Cream High Patent } i.6o per sack.
Myrtle and Grade per sack.
Callaway Urand : High patent $1.70 per sack.
5 cents per hundred off on 300 pound lots. 10 cents per hundred off on m
500 pound lots.
Hcin/'s Pure Cider Vinegar fine for pickling 400 per gallon.
Hein/'s White Pickling 350 per jug.
I rein/ Malt Vinegar in bottles 300 each.
Good Cereal Vinegar 350 per gallon.
Cereal White Wine Vinegar 400 pei gallon.
Call on us for all kinds of Bakery Goods.
Ice For Sale in Small Quantities at
The Eagle Grocery Store.
The Square Deal Store Phone 58