Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, July 28, 1910, Image 5

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Ortcllo News.
J S. Dyke and wife visited at
M. Hills Suuday. . , .
A few Ortelloites . attended
Camp Meeting1 at New Helena
Sunday afternoon.
Lura Hill spent Sunday at
home. „ ' . . . .
M. Ingram and family spent
Suuday at N. F. Waters , j
Martha Edwards is on the
sick list.
llillsdak Items.
Kev. Racey delivered ail excell
ent sermon at the school house
Austin Lloyd had the misfor
tune of getting his house burnt
down last Sunday night.
Mary Bishop visited , Mrs. D. J.
Coulter last Monday , vi
Ed Brant has gone to Lincoln
on bubiness.
W. M. Bishop returned home
A few from here ' attended
church at New Helena Sunday
/ Lee Chrisman spent Sunday
evening at F. Brocks.
f D , H. McQuistcnMs working
for Geo. Srnidt at present.
* J
H. Holden and family have got
, , back from Arcadia.t .
W. Keil and family , went to
New Helena to church Sunday
t t-f - i * - * - * *
New IleLna Scribe.
R. G. Farritor is enjoying a
visit from his two sisters Mrs.
Chas. Callahan and Mrs. J.
Bruce of Streator , 111.
Mrs. Will Doman enjoyed a
visit from her aunt Mrs , Pierpoint
of Minatare Ncbr. one day last
Bert Coz id had a valuable horse
to get cut in a disc on Wednes
day Dr. Ksllenbarger was called
and dressed the wounda.
Mrs. Jennie Sirnms is having
the Chilsou house painted which
improves the appearance very
Mrs. Tim Roberts has been
quite sick the past week ,
Ed Ross has purchased a fine
new piano for his daughters.
Right Rankin spent a few days
at Puts Christens the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bowman
and Mr. and Mrs. John Bell went
to Doris Sunday to spend the
Mrs. Geo. Dewey has been en
gaged to teach the Bell school
the coming year.
Tne two children of Mr. and
filrs , Robt. Farritor are quite
sick at this writing.
Mrs. Frank Cozad is' enjoying
a visit from her brother and
family Mr. and Mrs. John Wield
ing of Callaway.
The Camp Meetings closed at
this place Sunday night.
Prairie Hill.
If we do not have a rain before
long. The corn crop will a fail
ure. , . , ' - " -
Grace and Prudence Bcal re
turned from Georgetown last
Thursday after a two1 weeks
t/ouise Myers had the misfor
tune to sprain her ankle last
Mr. Martin shipped a car load
of cattle to Omaha and spent a
few days visiting at Iloldrcdgc.
Charley Longfellow is on thr
sick list this week ,
Jesse , Ed and Mattie Price
went to Callaway to visit
relatives. . } : '
> > ;
Albert Brown is > going with
Jewels thrashing machine this
Mrs. Joe Dagou and sou from
Broken Bow is visiting this' week
at Li ngfullow'a ,
' '
m- ? - ,
Pan Barrett shi , , eda _ car load
of cattle to 6niahar' . .i-lwedt.
: Mr. and "Mrsfil1 Tf Ncth"and"
daitghter Bell and is. Huffman
of Union Valley . jCiit- Sunday
at Mr. Longfellow's.
Mr. Thomas and family spent
"Sunday n't Mr. Brandenburg
north east of Merna ,
A pleaseut surprise was given
on Grace Beal when the girls of
the nighborhood went and help
ed her to celebate her 13th birth
day. Ice cream and cake were
served in the afternoon. All re
ports au enjoyable time.
I have a desirable property to
rent Aug. 1st G room -house
good barn , coal house and other
buildings fine" shade , see A. W. "
Drake at Fred Hayes shoe store.
8 If.
A conservative estimate would
say that 5000 .people read this
paper weekly. Du they see your
advertisement ? Why not ?
How's This ?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any
coso ot Catarrh tliat cannot bo cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure. '
T. J. CHRNCY & CO. . Toledo , O.
We , the undcrslancd. ha\p known r. J. Cheney
for the last 15 years , and bellc\o him perfectly hon
orable In nil business transactions and llnanelall/
able to carry out any obligations nndc by his llrm.
\ \ holesalo Druggists. Tol6do. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure 19 taken Intermlly , actln > *
directly upon the blood nnd mucous surfaces of lli
sjstcm. acstlmotilila cent free. Prlco 75 cents ft
bottle. Sold bv all UrUKRlsts.
TaKe Hall's Family rills for constipation.
Nebraska fipwortli Assembly Lincoln ,
August 3rd to llth , 1910.
Your addrees on a postal mail
ed to George E. Tobey , Secre
tary Nebraska Epworth Assembly
Lincoln , Nebraska will biing to
you promptly a copy of the
beautiful new prospectus of the
Assembly to be held at Lincoln ,
Argust 3rd to llth. The Assem
bly is an ideal place to spend
a vacation , and the program
this year is fully up to the high
standard of cxwllenca intintaiu-
ed at.former1 . sessions. Indica
tions are that the attendance will
be latgsst in the history'of the
Assembly , and those desiring to
iniUe reservations should do seat
at ouce.
Visitors at the Stale Fair this
year wil1 have uu opportunity to
see the Wright brothers in sever-
il flights in their aeroplane , as
the fair m uiagement have COM
traded with those gentleman
who have made the ole world sit' '
up and take notice , for several
flights each day of the fair , Sept.
5 to 'J. They will'bring with
them three of their full sjged
aeroplanes which will be used in
making their flights each day.
When not in use they will be on
exhibition and their working
.ully explained to those interest'
ed in air navigation. This will
be an opportunity for the people
of Nebraska to sec these wonders
of the20th century.
Great Western Divine Proves .to Be
the Man of the Hour.
Whllo Dr. Frank LaFayette Loveland -
land , of Omaha , haa actiuirod a na
tlonal reputation as n great preacher
and orator , it may not bo known that
ho js the highest salaried clergyman
west of Chicago. And this from a
congregation that was hntlly dllapl
dated and discouraged no longer than
four years ago.
The church had an ovenyhelmlng
debt. Several ministers tr'lfcd the
place and failed to resurrect It. Dr.
Loveland was successful from the llrst
day there.
Ou the evening of last Thanksgiving
day n , release for the last dollar ot
the many debts was read aloud. The
church has been put on a business ba
sis ; the congregation owns one of the
llnest properties In the city. Dr.
Lovoland's salary has been steadily Increased -
creased , and he has been given two as
sistant pastors , which fortunately per-
mils him to devote some time to the
lecture platform.
It Is because Loveland Is a man of
great business capabilities , that the
natural result has been accomplished.
It Is because Loveland Is a man of
tremendous platform and pulpit ability
tlmt targe as his church Is , It Is &tll !
Incapable ot taking care of the crow Is
ot people who want to hear him
The question "Why Church Powa
Arc Empty , " has never troubled Love-
A Ch'icago Pareacher
( .Cdmin { .to
Dr. Frederick Ft. Hopkins
When n pastor o Plymouth cjiwrcu
Dr. Hopkins nseertod * that society wo
raon were becoming habitual ilrlnkufs
in the rcbtaurnnts nntl tlwC spcial vice
was fostered n the eMflQw of ctty
churches , it created u flirore trr t
threatened to "clrlvo tlii > fenrlesa
pronchcr from "hjs pulm't. But tiff
proved it to the people and the jirosa
and the Erej.teat'qrusrtdb o a generation -
tion was begun In Chicago. Hophinq
is n popular lecturer and will nleaso
you at
Hey a I Hungarian Orchestra.
The program for ( "Ijaurauqua Is do-
BlRtaed to etlucato all. ( bases of people
and to present some 'features that wll
entertain and' iqt < t each person
who attends.
For The Complexion
wchn\e rver > thing wnrlh Veep-
ing. There ninny \voith-
less end e\in hnimtul prepnra-
lions on the market ( hut it will
, be well ' for yon to buy where is
Reliable Toilet Geode .
We invite j ou to pny rs a visit
anil inspect whatve have
in that line If you know the
licstpicp.miliou , jou'll ttCoguize
them here.
Sheppard & Burk
Would like to have you try some
7 of their high grnde goods. Such
P us
Little Neck Clams '
Harntnria Shrimp
Prime Cnvinr
Star I oti.
Mii'-hroou,1 ! .
" \ Pimientos ftlorrones
Marnschiuo Cherrie
In 35o r-iid 50o Uo' < tlcs.
Sheppard & Burk
I Phone 125 South Siclo Square
Auyotie , anywhere , can stast
a mail order business at hotnu
No canvassing. He your own
' b s. Send for free booklet.
Tells how. Ileacock , A45a2 ,
j Lockport , N. Y. 45-tf
1.1:0 : A
ijjJI. W. Dli k ou Mri J ! . \v. HrVott. tils
iyfrt hn ollfsl nml fiirlticr liAniclNUilkouil ,
1 j i ( iiunon. Mrs. T C itinon his wife ,
Jf "rsl ! Ultl lnittirr innic I * uliknoun ,
Kcllnnro Trust
\oiiandench of you ni1 * hereby notllled
that cm November , iSth t'Hileil.i M Kirk-
> mltls , purchased at private ! for nixes
< 4iithirar l < x)7 ) , the folluwinx described
tr.ii t of land , to-wlt.
LoiHslxiOl and seven | " | oflilock I 7 ? |
.1 d load adillon to the U' n of lir > kcdllv\ ,
cutior Couiitv N'1''n ' Vii alil intid was tax-
d lit tlnMinnu' of tlio lU'llancM Trlist Cum-
am and Adcllu .v. Klrktintilck. The tlino
iftcdiMiiiiMon Hotn into will ctplie N'n\ctn-
( r Ulh. Iflio , and tinli H so roili'Piui'd 1 nil
I'l'b for trvanuti'i's dui-diosil' '
till or after sud istli , duy of November. I'M
u.itwl at llrokcu How. Nebraska , this 12th ,
daof July , Pit ) .
08 Artdla M. KlvuyntrlLk. '
T here is
to buy
r than tlie
The' City Bakery
* "
. x \ -
"Have y Q u
TUe above reward will be paid
; or testimony that will convict
i court any one for stealing
calves , cat'le or hcrscs belonging
to eitli"er"of ; the undersigned.
All information kept strictly pri
vate until after an est is made.
Brand 306 on left hip.
DlAlI WoODliUl'K ,
IJrand 3 on right hip and
on riyht side.
"U. S HOKN ,
Brand on left hip.
Brand Wi with " over it ,
on left hip.
\ Tv/o bars on left hip , thus
bar cil&oft left hip ,
"f Isp scVQrt&r six on
. ' ' the Jet' 'hljfyhus 5.
j > ww i
2i Ged. L , IV utt , P. P. M.
Mr. MoNutt is ono of the most vor
saUle men op the American platform.
He has spent the best years of his
life in studying the problems of sreat-
est interest to the great common folk.
McMutt resigned t'he pulpit of a
wealthy church to don overalls and
work In a fo 'ndry. There ho studied
ingn and social conditions , He Is in
great demand as a lecturer or , social
nnd economic questions.
The Neil Cunncll Trfo.
Mlog Diumetl Is ri tojira.r\o singer of
national /lutyon ; ; MI & .Cednrgrcen
is one of iixc mwt promlbmg violinists
, of ChlcaQD , nrvd Mies Kveljo Is a
highly accomplished pianist and ac-
' compahist. On the program'at
If you should investigate the !
inside anatomy of a gasbliiic'
'barrel ' with the aid of 'a match
\\hat , would occur would the
barrel or you stand the test.
! The White Steruicr did. Ream
J. 13. SCHROCK , D.O.M.D.
Ofllcc 111 Dicrls block ,
Calls nnswei ed at nil hours In city or country
1'hoiicsOnicc 433-ltcsldcnco , White aM
I wait to buy your cream ntul sell
you your flour niul fcctl of nil
kinds , everything gtinrnutectl ,
W. H. O'Rorkc's Feed Store
Phone 409.
Good Cream on luuul at
South Side of the Square.
No Dirt. No Clinlcora- "
Cocvl The Good Kind "I
For Sale. Doth Wholesale
v nnd Retail. Hluhost Market jj
h Price for All Kinds of Grain *
's SALI : or HKAL. USTATI : .
Notice is licrcby Riven that in pursuance
ot an order of Ilruno O. Ilostutlci' , | mlge ot
tlio district court of Ouster County Ncbrasua
in.ide on the7tli day ot' jinio UHU tor the sate
ol the real estate hereinafter mentioned anil
described. thqre will bu sold at the south
frontdoor of the ( Mdwell building In the
city ot IJrouen llo\v within the county seat ot
ouster Coumv Nebraska , that bcinu tht
piice In which the district court 01 sail
county was held -alts last nesnlor\ and the
place designated by the super\lsorsot Ouster
County u-here ternm of the district court
sh.ill be held , on the KOtli day of July , 1910 at
the hour of TWO o'clock p in. at public vca
due to the highest bidder for c.ish , the South
\ \ < "it iuu ter of .section 14 Township 17 r.uigi.
21 Ouster county NebraskaB.Ud sale to re
main open for one hour
.June 3Jth 1U10 George H. Kussoin
(5ii.u-dl.ui otValtei
Von and Koweua J-
one Rilssoin heirs
under the win o I
N. T ( l.idd , Mary K.Vooclley
Attorney. (5-3) ( ) deceased.
.1. Uv iirviitzcr , 1
Plaintiff lsotlccof
. 1'ubllcatlon.
Chark.sll.wrlgh.etal . , f
Ui'lfiidaiits )
To the defendants Charles II. Wright
and Jennie 1' wrlght :
You .unl i-acli of you are hereby notllled
that tlio plaintiff ou tlio llth day of , hiy [ HMO ,
liugim AH action and lllod Ills petition
agilnst you In the dls.rlct court of Custcr
county , I2tti Jullclal District of Nebraska ,
the object , purpose and nr.ivrr of which aru
t'Miulut title In the pl.ifntilf In and to the
lullowlnn described premises to wit : The
Wist half ot thg NortliWubt quarter and tile
Wist half of the Southwest quarter elSe
Se ton 2ri , Township 10. North K.iligo ai. West
Oth 1 * M , In Custer county , Nebraska and to
cnloln.UK ! debar you and each of y0udefend-
nnU tl" icln , troiu having , rlalnilujjoraKHert'
Ing mo itght , title , Interest or estate lu a d
to saiil , , b nt ; described prumisos.
You are lequlied to answer wald petition
on or before Monday the 22nd day of Augubt ,
I'JH ) .
Willis Cad well and J. 0. Hn-nlzer ,
bllas A. Holcomb i'lalntllf ,
Attys lor Plaintiff.
ATThaTi Quo | l. Malr ,
Clerk Ulbt , Court. [ H1UI < ]
Delay Has Been Dangerous in Brokci
Do the right thing at the right time.
Act quickly in limes of danger.
Ilackache IB kidney danger.
Dotih's Kidney Pills act quickly.
Cure all Ulstresslug , dangerous kidney
1'lcnty of evidence to prove this.
G. II. 'futile , , Rogers Stteet , Urokei
How , Nebr. , snys : "I have nothing to
regret for the public stnteircnl I gav
thre * yenrs ago in favor of DOJII'S Kid
' n y Pills and 1 have had no iieul of
I kidney mtdiciiic since. l < * ur Severn
j jear-s I felt kulncy trouble coming on m
' and a colu was the means of bringing i
1 to n chin.ix. My hack was stiff and Ire
| quently I had sharp- shooting pains ii
my loins and ki < lnhs I was confined
tu the lioiihc for wteks nnd was iindblu
to walk further than ten feet at n time.
The doctor said I had gravel nnd treated
me for this trouble i ( > r ieverl vsceks. Iji
time his mediciue helped nfe nnd I wni
able toget out , but before long the diffi
culties , returned with renewed severity ,
The Kidney secretions became highly
colored , contained a sediment nnd both
ered me by their frequency in passage.
When someone advised me to try Doan's
Kidney Tills , I proc.ired n box nt line-
beile's Drug Store nnd they brought re
lief almost immediately. In a few weeks
I was cured and from that dny to this , I
I have hud no further cause for com-
pltmit. "
For snle by nil denlers Trice 50 cents
Poiter-Mllhurn Co , Buffalo , New York ,
sole ngeiits for the United Stntes.
Remember the name Doan's and
take uo other ,
No More Flies.
Flies are her in ernest -
est and pestering stock
nearly to deaths -
If you will usek Great
Western F 1 y fchaser
your stock1 will get the
benefit of the fqod they
eat , in other wpsds it
is a stock food. ' ,
Gallons - $1.00
Half Gal. - " .GOc
Quarts - - , . .35c
Try a can an'd
Be Convinced.
S. R. LEE.
The Busy Druggist ,
A. New Clean Stack of
7rcsli IOLA Portland Cement.
Fresh Gar of ACMA Plaster.
A Splendid Line of Fence Posts ,
.f you contemplate using any of
lie above this Spnmg--or if
younccd a nice load of
id SEE
H. To Bruce
e& Co.
Broken Bow , Nclr. Phone 234.
Consult Him If You Want Water ,
llrokcn How , Nebraska.
Ofttcc over Ilolcomb's book store.
Ofllcc phone 3M Kcsldence 20
Urokcn How , Nebraska.
Practices In all the courts. Convayanclng
; uul nutorlal work. Olllce Up stairs over
State liank of lirokvn How ,
llrokcn llow , Nebraska.
East Side of Square
Hroko'i llow , Nebraska ,
( Licensed )
Business phone , 301 Residence/JOllJ
llrokeu llow , Nebraska ,
( Licensed )
Uulou'.Block liualneaa phoue'.SS , RC3ldcucO23
llrokcn Bow. Nebraska.
Glasses fitted.
All calls promptly attended day.or night ,
Phone 81. f
Heal Instate , Insurance , Itanchea 'and
Farms for Kent , Legal Papers Drawn.Sur
veying and riauing.
Broken now , Nebraska.
For. , " " f
E. M. P. Studebaker , Buick and
New International "Automobile *
See O. E ; . CONRAD.
POR , SAT.K. A fine resident
block outi- block south of ball
ground. Will sell by quarters
if preferred.--B. W. Blair. 42-tf
An intelligent person can earn
$100 monthly corresponding1 for
newspapers. No canvassing.
Send for particulars. Press
Syndicate , B46S3 , Lockport ,
1N , Y , 45-tf