Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, July 21, 1910, Image 7

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Ortcllo News.
Miss EuniceJ3urrow spent last
week with Jeddic Edwards ,
Miss Blanche Milligan spent
Saturday and Sunday at home ,
Miss Nellie Hill and Chancy
Stiller 'if Merna spent Sunday
at M. Hill ? .
Mr. and Mrs. Bccklcr visited at
M. Ingrains Tuesday night.
Laura Hill spent Sunday at
h" tne.
Miss Ida Ingram and E. Myers
were Sunday visitors at James
Jack Bolin and family and
J hn Leon rd and family spent
Sunday at B. F. Edwards.
Alilldale Items.
Intended for last week- v
The farmers in Ibis locality
arc busily at work harvesting and
cultivating their corn.
We had 5 fine rain Monday
which was of course very accept
, John Wicr is working for Wm.
Jehu , Stappleman marketed
hogs in Omaha' Tuesday.
H. B. Chcsly hid the misfor
tune of having a horse struck by
lightening Monday.
Everett Ramsey .and Fred
Beschler visited friends in this
vicinity Sunday.
Hillsdak Items.
Mrs. Templar is on the sick-
list at this writing. s
Mr. and Mrs. George Smith
went to New Helena Sunday.
Mrs. Ed Brant spent Sunday
evening at W. Al. Bishops.
Arle Grant was out to the farm
Dwight Harrnan went to Call-
away Saturday to visit his
Chautauqua Music
Hath Charms
Mies Bunnell , Soprano.
Mrs. Brown and Choir Boys ,
Cleveland Ladles' Orchestra.
Seven musical companies a change
cnch day fourteen musical preludes.
No asficnibly nmnagoinent has offered
n better balanced program. Get ready
by buying season tickets for sale by
nil business houses and others.
Mm. D. Coulter's mother Mrs.
C. W. Booth of 13crwyn is visit-
itig1 her at present.
Mr. 'and Mrs. W. M. Bishop
spent Sunday at New Helena.
Chautauquacorning soon Au
gust 10.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Alspaugh
came out to the frui Sunday.
Some well men are hoarding1 at
Ed Uraiits while putting * well
down for W. M. Brandenburg.
Mary Bishop is home again.
New HeLiia Scribe.
Miss Jennie Simms went to
Broken Bow Tuesday to have
some dental work done.
Geo. Chandler has been visit
ing relatives in Iowa. ,
Tom Kttucs the road overseer
a kept busy repairing bridges
nd washouts in the roads.
The farmers are busy cutting
rain now most of the small
; rain is fine.
The many friends of John
orsyth formerly of this place
now of Great Falls Mon. , will he
pleased to-lnow he was married
on July 16th to Miss Edith
vlcGown of Fort Collins , Colo.
Ed Ross gave another dance
n his new barn last Saturday a
arge crowd atteded and all re
port a fine time.
The Camp [ meetings are in
progress here now and are inter
Deacon Fnran marketed hogs
n Anselmo Monday
Mrs , John Kelley and NTS.
Sllen Smith and son , Dominic ,
arrived from Jolict , 111. , Satur
day for a visit with relatives.
Mrs. Will Powers gave a din
ner Sunday in honor of her two
aunts and cousin. Those present
were Deacon , Susan and Mrs.
Forau , Jim , Tom anri Dominic
Foran and families , Charles and
Jerry Hickey and families , James
Bickey and Charley McFarlcn.
A nice time was enjoyed.
E. J. Power and wife of Wai-
worth vere in this neighborhood
Thursday delivering goods.
Miss Rosa Powers attended
Mass at Dale Sunday.
Deacon Foran gave a dinner
Sunday in honor of his tbre't
aunts and two cousins who leave
for Caldwell Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesser , Jame- *
and Rosellsi Uickey Sundayed at
Tom Koran's.
J. G. Leonard and wife of
Broken Bow , > 'r. and Mrs. Mil e
Leonard and Pat Leonard ol
Anselmo came out Sunday in
Pat's auto to visit relatives.
Mr. aud Mrs. A. Jessen anri
Resell a Hickey were Sunday
visuOrs at John Lconaius.
Dominic Smith is working for
Will Powers.
Most everybody is busy liar
Mrs. Maltha Foran and daugh
ter Mary of Joliet , 111 , and John
Dougherty of Li'cbn\-ll ' ( , Minr. .
arrived Tuesday lor short visit
with relatives.
Jim and Deacon For. n market-
d in Auselmo Wednesday.
Auslcy Scrib ? .
Intended for last week.
B. C. Empfield of Broken Bow
was in town this week.
Mrs. N. Carter and two child
ren returned to her home in
Washington after a visit with
her parents Mr and .Mrs. J. II.
Mrs. Lewellcn of .Chicago is
visi'ing IUT parents Mr. and Mrs.
J. II. Carothcrs ,
Thus far this week Ansley is
indulging in shows. There
being three every night.
The M W. A. Camp is tnaldrg
great preparations for their
Annual Picnic to be held litre
August 12th , at which National
Lecturer Whelan will speak.
The evening before the picnic
there will be a class adoption
aud neighboring campr are asked
to come ami bring candidates.
Arrangements have been made
lor the Krarnpy Band this briud
renders line music as is evidenced
by the fnct that it has just .been
mustered in as the 2nd regiment
al band.
Lewis Booknau is Up from
Lincoln looking after Ins tanning
interesv in this vicenity.
Mrs. John Davis is rcportel
as being seriously ill Jit this
N D.wiglit Ford made j.'pnv
fcssional trip to Kcarary Wed
nesday of this week.
Because ho r--d 1'fsn n most suc
cessful pastor in Kotno of the other
prominent pulpits of the denomination
Dr. Frank LaFnyctto Loveland wan
called to the First M. 13. Church Of
Omaha n Httle over three years ngo.
The church was lu bud
mighty bad ; the cr.ngregatlon
small and discouraged ; the building
was In had condition and a funeral
pall seemed to pervade Omaha Meth
Nothing daunted , Mr. I.ovelttnd took
the whip hand. Things soon began
to pick up. Ills preaching tilled the
pews Vand his business judgment
helped to untangle the financial dif
ficulties , Today that congregation Is
paying Dr. Loveland the largest salary
of any preacher west of Chicago , and
he has two asalalwvtawhich enable.
himto fi ta tometJma to oatsiJ ( < a
The Omaha preacher brings a virllo
message to the Chautauqua platform
He is a man -with a purpose ami drives
straight to his object regardlesa of
obstructions and difficulties. He does
not seek to say the popular thing ,
rather to say the necessary thing when
the occasion seems to demand.
Dr. Loveland has become one of the
most popular platform speakers of
the United States and the manage-
rticnt of the Chautauqua fpels pleased
10 announce that his time has been
fully taken by the'Redpath System for
the season of 1910.
For The Cornplexfo'n
we have eveiythiiitf worth keep-
ii ) } ; Thenaie o manjvnrlh -
k-as and even hmintul prepar -
lions on the market that it u.Il
be well for you to buy where is
kept oflly
Rulinblo Toilet Goods
\Ve iuvife you to pay us a visit
and inspect \vhat we liavu
in that line If you know the
bestprepantion , you'll reccgnue
them here.
; Shcppiid & Burk
Woul'l like to have you try some
of their high giartu goods. Such
Little N'cc1Clams
Jlarr.tjri'i Shrimp
IVsnr Caviar
M ihhroons
I'imientos Mnrrohcs
Maraschino Cla-rde
In 350 And 50e Uotla | , .
fm * * > f1tMf *
Sheppard & Burk
i Phone 125 South Side Square
I.K AM OTlCtt. N"
To II.V Wt-kson Mro H. W. DlrhMfl , Ills
wife , \vhrtefirst and further oamelMUlikuwn ,
T. r. t anuoii. Mrs. T. 0. cannon. hi wire ,
whuw nrm and furthrr name Is unknown ,
nnd the Hcllance Trtwt Oomptny :
You nnfl each of you are Hereby notified
that on November , > 8ili. iw i Adclia M. Kirk-
untiii'k , i roha ert at prhvve me lor tines
fur . IWT. the following detcrlbeil
trac-t of'lantl , td-wlt ; . . .
Iot ! lxi | and iiercn | 7 | ofblork IT7I
raid road aiUlton t" the town of nrikeililow ,
ouster ( Joniltv , Nebruntsil , ld lAnd was tax-
rdlu thcnamVof the IteHnucs Trust 0 iin-
innv anil Artclla M. KlrkptilMCM. The time
ol mli-muilou fnimURk- will expire Nnvein-
lier. i.ith , lOlo , nuil xmiev * > rtrteeinoil I wri
ftjil'ly for tn-flsurer'n i.oc l inmld uroiwrty
on or after said mtti , d y o' November , 1010.
UattMat Urohon Ilo\r. s iir.lH i\ , this Wtli ,
AtrtaViUlflcyttrlck , <
There is no ,
better place
i . . -
to buy past- - .
i '
ry than the
u * .
The :
City lalrcry
.1-1 a v e you
The abqyc reward , vrill be paid
for tesliinony that will convict
in court any ouc for stonliny
calves , cat le or hcrscs belonging-
i'i rithor of the undersigned ,
All information kept strictly pri
vate until uftcr arrest is made.
JOHN B. Cor/roN ,
Brand 306 on left hip.\
1'rnnd S ou rig ht hip and
on rijjbt sidi- .
U. S. HRw ,
Brand on left hip.
Brandy- with "over if ,
on loft hip.
E. D. ,
Tvo burs on l < rft Uip , thus
* uVo bnroneeuieft hip
thus T , Jso seventy six on
the lei" l.\y \ thus Z
„ OF
Great Leclures
Inspiring Music
Refined Enterlaimncr. ] :
Chautauqua F adiny Circle
Set on Indian Lchcoi for the
Invite your fri.'nds in the East
to visit you during Chautauqua
Plan to spend all possible time
on the assembly ground. Get
into the spirit of occasion. Meet
the lecturers face to face ,
Read the catalog of the assem
bly and co-operate with the
management to make the as
sembly an annual affair for our
Get your seison tickets early
for the whole lamily then use
them ,
A Comfortable Cl.autauqua Scene.
They rlrg deMiiii.fully , and two of
the lm > t ! . .ra arn rt.'deia of nvat
Jty. Tl'.ty arn fi-i.iircu "f tl.o'
,1. B. SOHKOOK , D.O.M.D.
Omce III Dler : 8 block.
Calls answered at all hours In city or country
I'honesomceUJKeftldeiice , While 331
I wuit to buy your cream mill sell
you your Hour mid feed of nil
j kinds , everything guaranteed ,
W. H. O'Rorlce's Feed Store
Phone 409.
Good Crciim ou hnnd nt
I South Side of the Square.
No Dirt. No CllnkorAH 8
Coal The Good Kind. fi
For St\lo. Both Wholosixlo N
and Rotcvll. Hiuhost Market x
Prlco for All Kinds of Grain
st Elevator
F. J. BAIIR , Prop. Plione 62
ctr. NO. : wut.
ToM. S Allni :
You aru liuri'by notified tliat on Nov. 0 ,
I'.OS , L A Wight purchased at public sale
for taxes fur tlic year 10UI the following
described laud to-wlt : The west H acres of
North if of North Kast U of section 29 Township -
ship 18 KaugeZSlu custer county , State of
That salil latul was assessed In tlic name of
M. S Allen , anil that , alter October 11,1010 ,
lax deed will lie applied tor.
imi'd June lie , wo.
1-0 Jj , A. WIUIIT.
Notice Is liercby given that in pursuance
of an order of IlrunoO. Jlostctler , judge 01
the district court of Custer County Nebraska
made on the 7tli day ot juiio UUU for the bale
ot the real estate herelnatter mentioned and
described , thtre will be sold at th ; south
front door of the oadwcll building In the
city of Broken HOW within the county seat ot
( 'uster County Ncbrnnk.i , that being the
place in vlilcii the district court ot said
county was held at Its last session and tlio
pUcedi rilgnated by the supervisors ot Ouster
County wliere terms of the district court
shall be held , on the lioth day of July , 1'JIO ' at
the houi ot TU'O o'clock p. in , at public von-
due to Die highest bidder for cash , the South
\vrst n.u "trier ol-scetlon 14 Township 17 ranic ;
21 Ciister county Nebraska-said sale to re
main open for one iiour. .
June 3Uth 1UIU George iCvKussom
( Juardlan of Walter
Von and Kowona I-
one KUKSom heirs
under the will o f
N. T. oailtl , Mary H . Wuodley ,
Attorney. (5-8) ( ) deceased.
J. G. Hrenlxer ,
' .
, vs 1'J.alnllff. Notice of
diaries \vrluht , et al , 1'libltcatlon.
To the defendants Uliarles H. Wright
and Jennie 1' . Wright ;
You and each < il you are liercby notified
that the jilaintlif on the lltli day of Juiy lliui ,
bi'K-in an action anil filed hla petition
against J on In the ills rlct court of Custer
o'Uuty. l-th Jiuiclal District ol NebrasUa.
ti.e ohjci't , purpose and prayer ofvlncli are
to ijnlet tllie In the plnliitill In and to the
toll wing des'-riiicd preiulsert to wt ( ] Tlie
West hall oi the Notihwesinuarter and the
West half of the Southwest quarter of
Sertu , , iS , Tuwiirtlilii It ) , North Uatig'iUl , West
Oih I' , y , In ciihiet county , Nebraska and to
cnjoln , ; < ' debar you and each of yoil.deteiid-
aiiti tlie.e i , from having , claiming or assert-
KB t > 'O iir.'n' title , interest or estate in anil
. said above described premises.
Yon are it.ulled ; to answer nikl ; petition
on or before Monday the i2ud day of August ,
Willis Cadwell and J. 0. Hronl/.er.
Silas A. lloicomb 1'lalntllf ,
Attys lor Plaintiff ,
i eo n Malr ,
Clerk Uist , Oourt . [ m : A I. ]
Delay Has Been Dangerous in Broken
Do the riyht thinat } the rhjht lime.
Act quickly in times ot 'anger. '
Jlucktichu in kidney dangnr.
Loan's Kidney 1'iils act quickly.
Cure all distressing , dangerous kidney
Plenty of evidence to prove this.
Or II. Tuulc , , Rogers Street , Uroken
Uow , Nel > r. , says : "I have nothing to
regret for the public stittuuicnt I gave
three jears ngo in favor of Down's Kid-
n y I'llU and I liuvu hrul no nut.I of a
kidney nadicine bincu. For several
years I fell kidney trouble coining on me
uii'l a cold WHS the means of bringing it
to n chum * . Aly back was stiff ami fre
quently I had sharp- shooting pains in
my loins find kiduh > s. I wus confined
to the house for weeks and was unable
to wallf futther than ten eet ut n time
The doctor said I had gravel and treated
iue for this trouble lor .suverl weeks. In
time hib medicine helped me and I was
d'.jie to net out , but before long the dim-
cullies returned with renewed severity.
Tlie kidney secretions became highly
colurcd. contained a sediment and bnth-
eri-tl me by their frequency in passage
When koint'one ndvhed me to try Dunn's
Kidney 1'ills , I procured a box nt line ,
burle's Drug Store nnd they brought re
lief HlmoM uiiinedlately , In a few weeks
I was cutecl tm\ \ from that day to this , I
I have had no further cause for " com
plaint. "
1'or sale by all dcnV-rs Trice 50 cents
I'oster-Milburn Co. , Ut.ffnlo , New York ,
sole agents for the United States ,
Ui member the name Douu's aud
luUe 110 other ,
No More Flies.
Flies arc her in crn-
cst and pestering- stock
nearly to death.
If you will use Great
Western F 1 y Chaser
your stock will get the
be ic fit of the food they
eat , in other wosds it
is a stock food.
Gallons - x $1.00
Half Gal. - .50c
Quarts - ,35c
Try a can and
Be Convinced.
S. R. LEE.
The Busy Druggist.
A New Clean Stack of
Frcah IOLA Portland Cement.
FrcsliCar of ACMA Plaster.
A Splendid Line of Fence Posts ,
If you contemplate using any of
the above this Sprung or if
younccd _ a nice load of
Broken Bow , Nclr. Phone 234.
* -
Consult Him If You Want Water ,
llrokcn liow , Nebraska ,
Onice over Holcomb's book store.
Omcc phone Mii Uesldence to
IJrokcn Uo\v , Nebraska.
Practices In all the courts. Conv.iynnctng
and notorlal work. Olllce up stairs over
State Bank of urokcn How.
llrokcn Uow , Nebraska ,
East Side of Square
Ilrokon How , Nobra&ka.
( Licensed )
lluslncss phone , 301 Residence ,3011 }
Uroken Uow , Nebraska.
( Licensed )
Uulouilllock llualiies'a plione.85 , Resldencel823
Droken Bow , Nebraska.
Glasses Fitted.
All calls promptly attended day .or night.
Mus. W. T. JONES
Mrs. W. T. Jones lias had 17 years exper
ience In drcsstmiklnir. It Is useless to look
further. Worn guaranteed. Uooin 7 , Dlerlcs
Heal Kstate , Insurance , Randiesand
Farms for Kent , Legal Papers Drawn.Sur
veying and flatting.
llrokcn now , Nebraska.
E , M. F. Studebftker , Buick and
New International Automobile *
See 0. II. CONRAD.
SAU * A fine resident
block one block south of ball
ground. Will sell by quarters
if preferred. B. W. Blair , 42U