Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, July 21, 1910, Image 1

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Historical Soct'
uueter Ucari
Don't be Satisfied
With your Watch
you can absolutely upon it's
truthfullnes ? .
If it varies do one of two things let
us fix it or get n new one.
Often the latter plan is the better.
If you think it is you can find a
choice here of many dependable watches.
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Drop in some day and let us talk
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guaranteed values.
Government Land in Broken Bow District.
The following is a list of gov
ernment land in the Broken Bow
land district subject to 640 acre
homesteads in the several coun
ties July 11910 Custer 2160 acres ,
\ Elaine 25280 , Brown 82,400 ,
Hooker 137,340 , Logan 43,200 ,
McPherson 83,480 , Thomas 87-
120 , Total 615,100.
Important Noiice.
I - - ' '
ISIoticc is here by given by the
Water Commissioner to all pa
trons that all bills for water rent
must be paid without fail on or
befoee August 5 1910'or water
will be turned off without fail.
We must collect these bills.
Notice further that" the office of
Water Commissioner is to be
changed from the council room
to the office of Harry Kiinball
where the books will be kept and
rent can be paid at any time.
H. McBurnie ,
Water Commissioner.
' Lost.
Black valise containing ladies
apparel between Broken Bow and
Humphrey's ranch July 12. Find
er please return to Bessie Reyner
or this office.
Mrs. Morgan , Mrs. Sullivan and
Mrs. Haeberle entertained Fri
day afternoon1 in honor of Mrs.
Hayne of Hyannis , Mrs. and Miss
Scrubbs of Tennessee , Mrs. Hub-
lee of this city who leaves soon
for Los Angeles , Mrs. Chaptaan
of Chicago and Mrs. Hall of
Sidney. The affair was in Jthe
nature of an informal reception
and at the proper time refresh
ments were served.
Republican Candidate for Govern
or Announces Attitude on
Question of State
Helped Defeat Corrupt Lobby in Legis
Introduced Measure in Legislature of 1905
Which Brought About Creation of
State Board N o t
Lincoln , Neb , , July 16. ( Spec-
al. ) A. E. Cacly , who has filed
lis name as a candidate for the
the republican nomination for
jovernor , has issued a statement
; o the voters of the state. The
statement is as follows :
"In announcing- candidacy
'or the republican nomination
'or governor , I wish to make a
briet statement of my attitude
relative to matter of most public
"While it is inevitable that
new questions of pressing im
portance will arise from year to
pear , the issue of clean and pru
dent government , I deem always
to be paramount. Simply be
cause I was zealous , advocate of
an issue of passing importance ,
would not entitle me to public
confidence. It is not alone what
[ stand for today , but what has
jeeti my attitude in the past
that should be the the real meas
ure of my value as a public ser
vant. Within the sphere of my
imited Influence , I have always
contended for clean men and
clean methods , and I firmly
jeleive that whatever beside may
be essential , that unless built on
this foundation , an enduring re
public hopeless.
"I have been a resident of Ne
braska nearly thirty-four , years ,
part of that time engagedin news
paper work and the remainder in
: ommerical pursuits. My office-
tiolding record is confined to two
terms in the legislature in the
house 1SS9 and senate in 1905.
In the session of 1889 I was
fortunate in being permitted to
aid in accomplishing the defeat
and downlall of the best organis
ed and most corrupt lobby with
which the state was ever infest
ed. I also prepared legislation
that prevented exploitation of the
state saline lands. I prepared
and introduced the bill providing
for the submission of an amend
ment to the constitution creating
an elective railway commission
which passed in the session of
1905. The adoption of this
amendment , together with the
legislation enacted to give it
effect , have worked a beneficent
reform felt in every depart ment
of our state government. I ad
vocated and voted for an ant -
pass bill in the same session.
Though not a member when
passed , I advocated the primafy
law , believing then and now
that it is desirable not alone to
If it is in tlie Brocen ?
The Best Flour.
English and Holland Wafers.
The Advo , Holiday , J. M. and
Nebra brands of cannded goods
Barrington Hall , Vigora , Ak-
Sar-Ben , Blue Bibbon , Ah-Ha-
Mo , J. M. 1846 , Crown and
Breakfast Delight Coffees.
161 THE GROCER Phone180 _
Agent for De Laval Separators Cream Station
To land owners adjoining- public high way : * ,
You are hereby notified that the statute of Nc- j
braslca requires you to cut all weeds to the center of.
the road running along your premises between the
15th day of July and the l * > Ui day of August of each
year and fixes a } renalty for not doing so.
You will take notice accordingly.
,1. S. McflRAW ,
Township Cleric.
armg the government near to
: he people , but what is of greater
importance , to awaken in the
individual voter a keener sense
of the responsibilities of citizen
ship. While the law may not
lave realized in full the anticipa
tions of its most zealous adocatcs
? et I confidently believe that it
s destined to be a tov/er of
strength to good government. *
"I have always affiiliated with
he republican party , whose can
didate I now aspire to be but I
Irmly believe that the highest
> artisan service is rendered by
an honest effort to demonstrate
that theparty with which one affili
ates is the best medium through
which to attain good government.
[ do not believe in making the
public institutions havens for
ndigent politicians , or auxiliaries
of a political machine , but that
they should be conducted on
strictly prudent business lines ,
always with a view to the welfare
of the inmates.
"Personally I have never be-
ieved the adoption of county
option necessary to control the
.iquor traffic. The enactment of
ttfis law , however , is purely a
legislative function , with which
the executive has nothing to do ,
until presented to him for his
approval or disapproval. It the
people through their representa
tives demanded this legislation
[ should deem it my duty , if gov
ernor , to approve. I do not con
strue the power of veto vested in
the chief executive to be a per
sonal asset , but a discretionary
power necessary to vest in some
ane , to meet the requirements of
jrave emergencies and possible
invasions of the constitution.
To threaten in advance of its en
actment to the veto of this legis
lation might consistently be sup
plemented by the threat to invoke
the pardoning power in behalf
of every vidlatcr of the law ,
should the veto be disregarbed.
"I believe that President Taf t
is in full sympathy with the
policies of Mr. Roosevelt , and
that his administration will
merit and receive general com
mendation. There has been no
wiser legislation in recent years
than that creating a tariff com
mission , giving assurance that
future legislation will be based
on a more impartial , scientific
and less sectionail and partisan
"With this purely personal
statement , I Submit my candid
acy. Should the people see fit
to nominate and elect me gov
ernor , 1 will devote to their ser
vice whatever of experience and
ability I may possess , animated
by the sincere desire to adminis
ter their affairs in tf dignified ,
economical and business-like
manner. i A. E. CADY ,
'St. Paul , Neb.
Pioneer Dead.
Michael Conley was born at
New Ilaven Conn. , August 23 ,
1S42. Later he moved to Illinois
Was one the early settlers in
Cubter couuty , Nebraska. Lo
cated on a ranch neai Oconto.
Was engaged in the real estate
business at Callaway about 1890 ,
and kept a hotel at that place
about the same time. During
the past few years has been en-
gageu in the real estate business
at Oconto.
Was a prominent Mason , and
became a memberof , that f rater-
S'y at , * lip , _ Illinois. . , , Was a
arter member of Emmet Craw
ford Lodge No 1 IS of Broken
Bow , atd \ \ t , the first Master
of that Lot1 j .
He was - . i , i charter member
of lion h Ch Royal Arch
Masons Broken Bow. He took
an active part in lodge matter
and was held in high esteem by
his brethren of the several fra
ternities to which he belonged
He died at his hprne in Oconto
July 15 , 1910 from cancer of the
mouth , from whic he had been a.
great sufferer for several ytoars.
lie was buried in the Broken
Bow Cemetery on Saturday ,
July , 16 , by Emmet Crawford
Lodge , with masonic honors ,
the services were held in. the
Methodist church of this city ,
Rev. R. -Thompson preaching
an eloquent funeral sermon.
The pall bearers at his previous
request , were chosen from those
who were associated with him in
founding ' Emmet Crawford
Lodge. About sixty masons
marched in a body to the ceme
tery and took put in the cere
monies at the grave , number of
the brethren from Callaway and
Anselmo being among the
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Republican Caucus.
The republican caucus of Brok
en Bow township was hold in the
Catlwell building- Saturday after
noon at 2 o'clock.
The meeting was called to
order by A. Morgan , on motion
Mr , Morgan was elected chair
man and 13. F. Myers secretary
on motion of D. C. Konklc the
chair was authorized to appoint
a committee of three to present
to the caucus a list of delegates
for the couuty convention. The
chair appointed D. C. Konkle S.
k. Cannon and John Reese as
such committee.
On motion the caucus elected
the members of the committee
named , as three of the delegates
by acclamation.
On receiving the report of the
committee it was adopted and
the following persons were de
clared elected by acclamation D.
3. Koukle , b. L. Cannon , John
Reese , Alpha Morgan , Willis
Cad well , E. F. Myers , N. T.
Gadd , Dr. Bass , W. S. Boyse.
Dave Coulter , Jules Ilaumout ,
M. G. Montmomcry , B. B. Sands ,
D. M. Amsbcrry. Joe Cole , Chas.
T. Wright , Leonard Ilersh , Lon
Davis , Austin Loyd , W. A.
Scorgc , Joe Pigman , A. R.
Humphrey , Dr. A. II. Shoemaker ,
Jud Kay , Prof. Elliott , Jae > .
Dsborne , A. J. VanAntwcrp , 0.
S. Brcuiaer , Chas. Penn , Morris
Hyersou , C. A. Waters , J. A.
Junior Normal Entertainment.
The Broken Bow Junior Normal
Quartette assisted by Prof. Chas.
\V. Cole of the Broken Bow Con
servatory pjf Music , Mr. Flliott
Harris Basso , of Grand Island1 ,
a Ladies Octette from Ravenna
and a boy soprano will give an
eutcrtainmcnu in the Methodist
ChurchMonday EveninA July 25
Adinissou 2oth. The music will
be such- thai it will be appeciated
b all. This is the only ertcr
taiument given by the Junior
Normal this year to which ad
mission has bern charge. The
Junior Normal Male Quartet is
recognized aa being one of the
best in the state and the other
talent is considered equally as
good. Prof. Cole is a specialist
on tile French horn and this part
of the program will be appreciat
ed by every lover of music. The
special bass soloist , thn ladies
octet and the boy soprano are
consideied exceptionally fine by
those who have heard them. Be
sides this there will be severa
selections in reading rendered.
You cannot afford to miss this
excellent program. Come out
and see what your neighbors can
do and at the same time show
your appreciation for thu excell
ent Junior Normal Quartet.
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Amsberry
left for the lakes north of Dun
ning Tuesday morning for a
vacation from his duties as
Receiver in U. S. Land Office.
O1U papers for sale at this
Old Settlers Picnic.
The Old Settlers Picnic of
Custer county will be held at
Broken Bow on August 3rd and
will be bigger and better than
ever this year. Judge H. M.
Grimes of North Plattc has been
invited to speak and has accept
The public generally is invited
to come with their lunch baskets
well filled. There will be a
picnic dinner at noon.
In the afternoon a splendid
program will take place consist
ing of excellent music , the ad
dress of Judge Grimes and short
talks by old timers of the county.
A splendid program of sports
will also enliven the afternoon ,
consisting of foot races and con
tests of various kinds for which
pmes will be offered. The
usual pmes will also be given
for the oldest settlers and the
first born children. Prizes of $10
and $5 will be given for the best
chorus of three or more voices
from any part of the Custer
county Broken Bow people can
not compete in this.
You are entitled to a day of
rest , and recreation and visiting
and this will be the time to get
Junior Normal.
U. S. Senator E. J. Burkctt delivered
an address before thu students in chapel
Monday. Ills speech was educational and
very interesting , lie wasjiutroduced by
I'rca. A. U. Ilumprcy of the board of ed
Word has been recievcd from Prof. An-
drus who 53 in New York at the bedside
of his mother who is very ill.
The regular monthly examinations
\yere held last Friday and Saturday. The
finals for the Junior Normal will be giv
en on Wednesday of next week.
A large number plan to take the exama
in order that they may receive credit
with a view of reurning next summer.
The Junior Normal quartet has arranged
to give an entertainment nt North Side
Opera House Monday , July 25. Prof.
Lewis , who has charge , secured the Rav-
cuun Ladies Octette.and Mr.Elliott Harr
ison , prominent Iiassoto assist the quar
tette. Prof. Cole of the'conservatory
will play an instiimcnta ! solo and several
readings will he given.
Supt. Etta Brooks , pwho has been nt
her farm near Drewstor , returned Tues
Prof. J. G. W. Lewis is giving a series
of chapel talks on Current Events.
I. A. Downey.Ex.Normnl Trniuing Inspector
specter of Nebraskn , visited the school
this week in the interests of Row Peter-
sou and Co.
Jess Gandy and wife returned
last Thursday from Texas where
they have been for several months
Jess was circulating a petition
Saturday among his political
friends to file as a candidate for
representative candidate on the
democratic and populist ticket.
Miss Alice Ruth Palmer , the
national W. C. T , U. evangelist ,
who has been staying at the
home of Mrs. Jules Haumont
went to Ansley Friday for a
series of lectures. Miss Palmer's
address at the U. B. church here
was appreciated by a large audi
ence m spite of an extremely
warm evening.
A Imi.ll.iii.i3l .imit..ii n. A J I
. . . . . . . - . ' , nlj
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