Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, July 14, 1910, Image 4

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$1.00 Per Year.
AH subscribers arc considered permanent
nua If they wish to discontinue are expected
to pay all arrearage ! ) and notify publisher.
Entered at Broken Bow , Nebraska , ( or trans
mission In the United States malt *
at second class rates.
D. M. AMSBERKY , Editor and Publislicr
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Call For Republican Convention.
The Republicans ol the County of Cusicr ,
State of Nebraskaare hereby callcil to meet
In convention In the City of Urokcn How , on
Monday July IHth , 11)10 ) , at 11 o'lock In the
forenoon , In the forenoon , In the cadwcll
building , for the purpose of selecting nine
teen delegates to attend the Republican
State Convention to meet at Lincoln , 'on
Tuesday , July 26th , 1010 , and to select the
County central committee , and for the
transaction of such other business as may
properly come before the convention.
The Convention Bhall be made up of dele
gates chosen by'the Republican of the re-
spcctlve townships of the County at caucuses
held for that purpose , prior to said IHth day
of July , 1910.
The basts of representation shall be one
delegate for each 10 voles or major fraction
thereof cast at the 1010 general election for
John 1 ] , llarnes , Republican nominee for
Supreme Judge ,
Said apportion nont entitles several town
ships to the following representation In said
convention , to-wlt :
Algernon 10 Qarflcld G
Ansley 14 HaycH 3
Arnold 8 Kllfoll 11
licrwyn 7 Lillian 7
llroken Uow 30 Loup H
CJlff 7 Myrtle 0
Custer 8 Sargent 13
Comstock 5 Triumph 4
Douglas Grove H Victoria 7
Delight 15 Wayne 0
Kllm 6 Wcstervllle 9
Klk Creek 8 West Union o
Orant 0 Wood River 11
Total 331
no proxies be allowed , and that the delegates
present from each of the respective town-
Bhlps bo authorised to cast the full vote of
their delegation.
The members of the County central Com
mittee Who arc to conduct the 1010 campaign
must be chosen at this convention.
Alpha Morgan , Chairman.
William M. Dunn , Secretary.
Dated this 2jnd day of June , 1910 , iJrokcn
Bow Nebraska.
Republican Caucus.
( Loup Township )
Notice Is hereby given that a republican
caucus will be held at the regular voting
place of Ioup township on Saturday July 10 ,
1910 , at 2:30 : P. MI for the purpose of electing
eight delegates to the Republican County
Convention to be held at Urokcn Uow July
18th and for the transaction of such other
business that may come before the caucus.
Republican Caucus.
A caucus of the republican electors of
Broken Bow township will be held In the
Cadwell building Saturday July 10 , 1010 , at
3 o'clock P. M. for the purposu of electing 30
delegates to the county convention and for
the transaction of buch other uuslncbs as
may come before the caucus.
M. Q. Montgomery , Sec.
Republican Caucus.
The republicans of Lillian township will
meet in caucus Saturday July 10th , at 2
o'clock In the Oxford school house for the
purpose of naming delegates to the county
convention and for the transaction of any
other business that may come before the
Uy order of Committee ,
G.T. Christy.
Call from Cliff Township.
Notice Is hereby given that there will be a
Republican Caucus held at the Hicks school
house Cliff Township Saturday July 10 1910
at 3 p. in. for the purpose of electing 7
delegates to attend the Republican County
Convention to be hold at Hroken Uow July ,
IB 1910 and for the transaction of such other
business as may properly come before the
above meeting ,
w. j. Rice ,
Coin in.
Candidate For the Legislature.
I hereby announce myself as candidate
for nomination for Representative In the
Mth district , subject to the action ol the
republican primary Aug. 16,1910
O. II. Moody.
Having ( lied with the proper onicer , I
now announce myself a candidate for the
ofllce of county Attorney subject to the ap
proval of the republican party at the Primary
election to be held August lOlh. 1910.
It Is perhaps needless for me to say ; I
cm unalterably nrtalnst the Liquor Inter ,
ests , I am for county option , tor state and
nation wide prohibition.
I am a republican , but am most emphat
ically for the revision of theTarlff downward
and for the removal of tariff upon things
essentially necessary to the comfort , health ,
happiness and prosperity of the citizen.
My present term ot oiilce docs not expire
until January 1911 , my time and ability there
fore Is the property of the citizens of the
county , of all political complexion ; that be.
I have not been absent from any meeting of
the board of supervisors have been on hand
at all times when called upon by county
oniccrs from the least to the highest , Includ
ing Township ana School district ofllcers ;
When needed by the private citizen , either
over the Phone , or In person I have been on
band by day or night , and this I will have to
aay at the end of my term of ofllce regardless
of , the results of the primary election ; If you
need t.'ie county attorney , you will Una htm
ot his onicc , not out'ln campaign , using your
time to further his personal Interests. If will be because of business , and in
that event , there will be a competent lawyer
in charge of the ofllce.
I am human , and no doubt have made
mistakes during my term of oincc. but I have
no excuses to offer neither any appologles to
make ; I have sought to discharge duty to
the best of my ability from mv view point ,
this I will continue to do ; I will thank you
for your consideration and will appreciate
your support.
Respectfully Yours ,
N. T. O.ADD.
Having Hied as a candidate for Supervisor
ot the third super visor district subject to the
will of the republican primary. 1 will ap
preciate your support , if nominated and
elected I will use my best efforts for the ad
vancement of the best Interests of the dls
trlct ana the county lu general.
I am a candidate for couuty attorney sub-
jcct to the aprroval of thu republican prl
Barlcs ,
Republican County Convention
next Tuesday. Cotne out and
sec how republicans do things.
Both the regulars and insur
gents arc liable to be disappoint
ed in their hopes that Col. Koose-
velt will especially espouse their
their cause. The ex-president is
not liable to do anything of the
kind , Tie is a republican and
his efforts in the campaign will
not be to widen tbe party breech
but rather to weld it. No man is
in a better position to do that
than is Col. Roosevelt.
Al. L. Fries for State Senator-
Since lion. M. L. Fries has
withdrawn from the race for gov.
crnor a move has been inaugu
rated to have his name placed on
the republican ticket by petition
as a candidate for State Senator.
This is the case in which the
office is not sought but where the
office is seeking the man.
Mr. Fries made a fine record
when in the Senate a few years
ago and proved himself worthy
of the honor confered.
0. II. Moody Candidate.
Oliver II. Moody of Ansley an
nounces this week through the
columns of the T HPUBUCAN his
candidacy for the legislature.
Mr. Moody is one of Custer
county's most highly respected
and prosperous farmers of the
Clear creek valley. His father
who was an old soldier was one
ot the pioneers of the county who
located in what was known as
the Moody Valley in the early
eighties , where his family was
reared- For several years O.
II. Moody was one of the success
ful teachers of the couuty. In
the days when the pops predomi
nated he was a candidate on the
republican ticket for couuty
superintendent. His loyalty in
the days of the party's adversity
should warrant the true support
of every republican in the dist
The Other Side-of the Question Shown Up.
Kearney , Nebr. , July 2,1910.
Editor Custer County Beacon :
For _ the purpose of correcting a few
errors in a recent editorial in the Custer
County Republican , and to keep history
straight , I sent the following communi
cation to that paper last week , which
they refused to publish. I aui not seek
ing a controversy , but let us have the
the truth , even if it defeats Mr. Kinkaid
fet a ie-nomiiiaUon to his present job.
Kearney , Nebr. , June 27 , 1910.
Editor Custer County Republican :
Will yon allow me to correct a few
errors in your recent editorial concerning
Congressman Kiuknid and his coal lam
speculations ?
Mr. Kinkaid did not buy his coal lauds
from private individuals who had made
final proof thereon , as you imply , ant
he would hardly want to be put in that
position i am thinking. Mr. Kinkaitl
with inside information obtained througl
his position as Congressman , invested in
an Alaskan coal claim , and his name
appears now as one of the stockholders
in the Seattle-Anthracite Coal Co. *
I think if you will investigate further
you will find that none of the Alaskau
coal lauds have yet passed to patent ,
and this forms the basis of the Ballinger-
I'inchot row that has been attracting so
much attention lately. It was the zen
of the coal land grabbers to get the
government to pass the coal lands to
patent that brought the Alaskan con
scandel to the attention of Congress , and
made the investigation necessary by a
special committee , which up to date has
not reported its findings. I can under
stand that in your enthusiasm to defetr
Kinkaid's coal land speculations j o i
are liable to an error in judgment , bul
you are hardly helping out matters very
much when you put him in the position
of buying his holdings from n "dummy"
claimant whom you allege had made
final proof on a coal claim. A couigress-
man's reputation , like Ca-sar's wife
should be above suspicion , and when it
gets to the place where it needs to be
defended by a false statement of facts , it
would seem that it was time for Mr.
Congressman to retire to private life for
meditation and prayer.
The republican party , if i understaw
its tenets , stands for a moral as well as a
legal honesty in its public servants
and a suspicion of a straining of the
former , and still within the pale of the
latter , is hardly the standard of the
ideal congressman.
Yours truly ,
J. II. Chapman ,
( In the Custer County Beacon. )
"An ideal congressman" in the
the estimation of the people is
one who does not envy every
prominent political position he
sees others occupy ; not one , who
when he cannot get what he
wants in his own party will take
the stump against his party nom
inees or resort to the columns of
the opposition press to gain party
prestige. An ideal congressman
is ouc who is loyal to his party
and docs something for the pee
The date of the introductory of
the above article July 2 , 1910 , is
: is misleading as the body of the
letter itself. The letter which
is a copy of the one we received
is post marked Broken Bow July
5 , 1910. It was received too late
for publication that week so we
"had no lime to prepare copy in
reply to its misstatemcnts. We
never refused to publish the letterer
or intimated we would not. The
letter was prepared for the Bea
con before we got the copy. The
KKPUIIUCAN concedes the right
of any person to aspire to office.
[ But we do not. regard it wise nor
good politics for an aspirant nor
his friends to undertake to build
themselves up by using deroga
tory statements against rivals.
We did not care to publish the
article without comments for
this reason.
The facts are there are no
legitimate grounds for any re
publican opposing Mr. Kinkaid's
reelection to the position he has
so honorably filled the past six
His investment in a coal claim
in Alaska is used as a pretex by
the democrats and as well by the
disappointed office seekers and
those who have a personal ax to
grind in the republican ranks.
The' most that the agitation
can do is to weaken Mr.
Kinkaid's chances for reelection
and strengthen his democratic
opponent , as there is no doubt of
his nomination by the republican
primaries. Even the promises of
postoffices to editors of republican
newspapers and of reuumerative
positions to strikers will not give
Mr. Beeman enough votes to get
in sight when the ballots are
The republicans of the sixth
district know both candidates
and know of their standing. One
is known as a presistant doerthe
other as a presistant seeker.
Mr. Chapman the writer of the
above is pretty well known in
Custer county and those who
know him intimately will not
accuse him of being prompted in
his work unselfishly. What
ever may be his motive they
know his opposition to Mr. Kin
kaid is not prompted upon moral
As a matter of observation
Mr. Chapman does not possess
the knowledge of any facts to
warrent the assertions he makes.
There are no facts which will
warrant such assertions. He is
clearly mistaken as to the facts
he asserts. Contrary to his
statement , Mr. Kinkaid did
acquire his title to the coal
claim by purchase of the original
entryrnan , paying him $2800.00
as the purchase price. Mr. Kin
kaid has not made a coal land
entry , He relies upon the com
pliance with the law made by t'he
original entryman of whom he
purchased , as to good faith etc. ,
and will stand or fall , in claiming
a patent , on such compliance.
It is not true that Mr. Kinkaid
"with inside information ob
tained through his position as
Congressman" made his invest
ment. All that Mr. Kinkaid
knew about the coal land was
known to the public generally
known for three or four years
previous to Mr. Kinkaid's pur
chase. The Congress had no
inside informationand there was
no inside to be had about the
coal lands.
Mr. Chapman draws freely
upon his imagination tor political
purposes. These Alaska coal
claims had been upon the market
and bought and sold , especially
in the Pacific Coast cities , for
several years previous to the
time when Mr. Kinkpid made his
purchase. Articles frequently
appeared in the newspapers about
Custer County
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the coal finds in Alaska , and gov
ernment publications giving full
account of coal discoveries in
Alaska were upon demand to any
citizen as far back as 1904. The
same opportunity was open to
everybody else that was open to
Mr. Kiukaid to purchase and
such opportunies were numerous
ly improved before Mr. Kinkaid
made his purchase. Equal op-
pertunities , as we are informed ,
exist today to invest in Alaska
coil lands as when Mr , Kinkaid
made his investment.
True as Mr Chapman states , it
is a fact that Mr. Kinkaid holds
stock in a coal company , but the
stock represents the identical
quarter-section which Mr. Kin
kaid purchased which he placed
in a group , because he had learn
ed by , the experience of others
that a quarter-section of coal
land in Alaska , held and deveelop-
cd singly , would not be worth
what it would cost , and would be a
losing proposition. We did not
refer to the grouping in cur for
mer article because we assumed
that feature of the case would
be remembered. It was published
in the first instance in the dailv
oapers last winter , in the quota
tions made of the testimony of
Glavis and the interview of
Brandeis. Mr. Kinkaid per
sonally sent out copies of the
testimony of Glavis and the in
terview of Brandeis for publica
tions to weekly papers in his
district , and it was published in
the Ritt'UBUCAN at the time.
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The fact that the claim of Mr.
Kinkaid was included in a group ,
authorized by the Act of May 28 ,
1SOS , was expressly pointed out
by Glavis in his testimony , and
Brandeis in his interview , in
favor of the validity of the holding
ingby Air. Kinkaid. Because it
had been found not to be feasible
from a Gnancial standpoint to
acquire title or hold and operate
one coal claim in Alaska seper-
ately the act in question was
passed under the Roosevelt ad
ministration to authoriae the de
velopment and holding and oper
ation upon the cooperative plan
by the original eutryman or their
assignees. To prevent monopoly
of these coal lands , , the area
which may be grouped or owned
by one company is limited to
four sections , for which reason
the act is popularly known as the
Anti-Coal Trust Law.
We could go into further de
tail if it would interest our read
ers , but we think it would not.
No government official or special
agent or other peison qualified to
judge of the case has ever even i
intimated that there was anything -
thing wrong Involved with the
transaction with which Mr. Kin
kaid is connected. On the other
hand , Glavis and Brandeis , the
best qualified of all persons to
judge , positively state there was
nothing \ vrougin in the trans
action. Mr. Chapman thiuks a
Congressman should be like
Caesar's wife , above suspicion ,
but no public official has ever es
caped the suspicion of his ma
licious politicaJ enemies or com
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