Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, July 14, 1910, Image 3

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Scholarly , Dignified Man , Esteemed
by Ass-oclatco Was Enjoying
Good Health and Friends
Arc Shocked.
Bar Harbor , Maine. Chief Justice
Melville W. Fuller , ot the United
States supreme court died of heart
failure at his summer homo In Sor-
route "Monday " morning.
The death of the chief justice was
entirely unexpected , as ho had 'been
In apparently good health lately,1 * and
there had been no premonitory symp
toms of any kind of trouble. Sunday
ho attended church as usual , and
when ho rotlrcd he was to all ap
pearances In his customary health.
Death came about C o'clock. His
daughter , Mrs. Nathaniel Francis and
Rev. James B. Freeman , who was a
guest of Justice Fuller , were with the
jurist when ho died.
For many years the chief justice
had spent his summer ! ) at Sorrento ,
a summer colony located on French
man's bay , five miles from Bar Har
The chief Justice felt Ill soon after
daylight , and the members of the
household and his physicians wore
summoned. Nothing could be done
to avert death , however , and Justice
Fuller died' ' In the arms of Mrs. Fran
cis. Her daughter , Miss Aubrey , was
also present
Washington. 'News ' of the death of
Chief Justice Fuller occasioned sur
prise hero because of the general be
lief that ho was enjoying good health
for a. man of his years. For twenty-
two years Mr. Fuller had been the
chief justice of the United States.
Probably not since the time of Chief
Justice Marshall , who presided over
the court for thirty-three years , did
questions of such moment came be
fore the court us In the period when
Justice Fuller was Us most promi
nent figure. It was he also who ad
ministered the oath of inauguration
to every president at regular Inaug
urations clnco Harrison's.
Just a day or two 'before the chief
justice left Washington for Bar Har
bor he made a tiresome business trip
to Chicago and return.
Aside from the grief over the death
of the chief justice regret was heard
on every side that the country was to
be deprived of his services just at
the time when many important cases
were to bo passed upon.
Faith In Democratic Voters.
5 > > Lincoln. In a statement Issued to
\ the democrats of Nebraska W. J.
' T3ryan expresses disappointment at
the action of Governor Shallenberger
In refusing to call a special session of
the legislature to deal with the Ini
tiative and referendum. Ho declares
that if he had had the support of
< Jovornor Shauenuerger , ' .Mayor Dam-
man of Omalia and Congressman
Hitchcock , one of the candidates for
the United States senate In this mat
ter , a special session would have been
called , an initiative and referendum
law would have been passed and the
local political atmosphere would have
been so cleared that the democratic
party of the state could have chal
lenged the republicans to defend their
record on national Issues.
Now , ho concludes , the county op
tion Issue must he met squarely.
"The first thing , " he says , "to agree
upon Is that the policy of the party
should bo determined by the voters of
the party ; when we have reached an
agreement upon this proposition we
can then proceed to ascertain what
a majority ot the democrats desire. "
He holds that the party should de
clare Itself on the county option Issue.
Ilcferring to the position of candi
dates for the gubernatorial nomina
tion , who , If elected might vote any
law passed by the legislature , Mr.
Bryan asks a few questions :
"Is It possible for a candidate for
governor to go through a campaign
without announcing his views on a
jnxmt question , upon tho. decision of
which ho will exert so large an in-
iluence ? "
"Is a candidate worthy of the confi
dence of the voters If he Is not willIng -
' Ing to announce his position on such
an Issue ? "
"Since Urn declaration of the candl
date's position would 'be equlvalonl
to a platform declaration , what ob
jection can there be to the declara
tion being made by the party ? "
"Is It fair ( o the candidate to throw
upon him the burden of stating the
party's position on a disputed quor
tion ? "
"Is It fair to the party to throw
upon it the risk of having the candi
date state a position antagonistic to
the views of the members of tin
party ? "
Jeffries a Broken Idol.
Heno , 'Nev. ' James J. Jeffries , of
California , winner of twenty-two
championship fights , the man who
was never brought to his knees be
fore 1 > y a blow , has passed Into his
tory as a broken Idol. He met ut
ter dofcat at the hands of the black
champion. While Jeffries was not
counted out , he was saved from the
crowning shumn by his friends ask
ing Johnson not to hit him again
and the towel was brought Into the
ring from his corner.
Newo Notes of Interest From Various
The soiling of life Insurance Is be
coming to bo n profession , and to at
tain the greatest success professional
training Is required. The day Is past
when men who have fulled in other
linen can with profit to themselves'
or a company take up life Insurance.
The Midwest Life has an opening In
the city of Lincoln for a bright , cap
able man from 20 to 24 years
of age who wishes to prepare himself
for a position as one of Its genera )
agents. The company will pay hta
tuition fee for two courses In sales
manship , one general ( Sheldon
school ) and the other special ( Ameri
can School of Insurance ) , both of
which can bo completed In a year ;
also a nominal salary for the first
twelve months. For the first year ,
office work one-half time , other half
soliciting life Insurance on a com
mission basis ; thereafter full thno
soliciting wholly on a commission
basis. Hero Is a splendid chance for
one to make his way from the start.
There Is no other business which n
young man of energy , ability and
good character can enter where the
opportunities to make money with
out the previous Investment of
capital , is so great. Apply or write
to the Midwest Life , No. 119 South
10th Street , Lincoln.
At Beatrice two women held up a
man and robbed him of $10.
Hon. W. J. Bryan has arrived
home In Lincoln from his European
flight In the mlilst of hot weather
had a three weeks' religious revival
Court laud is to have a new bank ,
stockholders being largely made up of
Wymore had a lire which wiped out
a block of business nouses , entailing a
loss of over $200,000.
Ghadron is elated over the action of
congress In appropriating $15,000 for a
site ior the federal building.
A. Newton , for many years a resi
dent of Sutton , and a painter , was
found dead nt his lodging place.
Charles Henslgcr , jr. , son of O. C.
R. Hensjger of the Grand Island Gas
company , was overcome by gas at the
works and died from Its effects
At Sutherland the 18-months-old
daughter of Fred Lewis got hold of
some ilyklller , which she swallowed.
Prompt medical aid resulted In sav
ing the child's life.
The city opera house at Madison
was discovered to bo on fire , but before -
fore largo damages was done the
flntnes were subdued.
Mayor Duhlman of Oirahu IP get
ting ready for an active out-In-the-
state campaign for the democratic
nomination for governor. /
N. M. Hanson , of Fremont , a local
hardware man , was miked oui of
about $70 when two crooks entered
his store and tapped the till for the
above amount.
Articles of incorporation have been
signed for the Farmers nnd Merchants
bank at Sargent , with a capital stock
of $25,000 , to begin business on
August 1. 1910.
Word was received announcing the
sudden death of Miss Marie Johnson ,
n former Beatrice girl , which occured
at Anderson , Ind. Tainted straw
berries are supposed to have caused
her death.
Clarence Whlto , a twenty-two-year-
old boy , In district court of Dodge
county was sentenced to a year In
the penlentlary. White has served
two terms In a reformatory and one
In the state penitentiary prior to this
The Falrbury band which was re
cently organized has been offered a
chance to enlist as one of the regi
mental bands of the Nebraska Na
tional guard. This would give the
members ot the Falrbury band a
chance to attend the national en
The harvesting of wheat Is In full
progress in Hall county. ICstimates
run from eighteen to thirty bushels
per acre.
William J un ok a in trying to jump
out of his buggy after his team became -
came unmanageable because of an
automobile caught one of his feet in
the wheel and his leg _ wns broken
twice below the knee.
Gilbert K. Hanks has. shipped In
1.300 Angora goats with which to
clean up some brush lands which he
has south of Hastings. The farmers
In that part of the state use these
goats to clean brush land and find
them a success.
The resignation of First Lieu
tenant Roy C. Shanklaml and Second
Lieutenant Albert C. Dahl of Company
II , Second regtsmcnt , Nebraska Na
tional Guard of Aurora , have been re
ceived nnd accepted at the office of
the adjutant general
Edwin H. Barnard , one of the men
who laid out the city of Fremont nnd
who has been active in business af
fairs there until within the last few
years , will leave with his wife for
California , where they will spend the
remainder of their days.
Some portions Nebraska havo'of
late had good rainfalls. In other sec
tions there has been no precipitation.
Leslie McDrlde , aged fifteen years ,
the Omaha boy who killed his com
panion , Harry Long , at South Omaha
last Thanksgiving day , was placed In
the Norfolk hospital for Insane under
Judge llstelle's orders.
Rev. ( j. 1C. AViencke , former pastor
of the German Evangelical Lutheran
church of South Auburn , has ac
ceptcd the position of superintendent
of home missions for the districts of
German Nebraska and Wartburg
synod ?
Sorrowful Face Due to Other Troubles
YORK. A small , quiet , but sorrowful -
rowful if not disgusted looking
man sat by the side of a medium-sized
automobile that was drawn out of the
road as a largo touring car came
along , driven by a man with an Inter
rogatory aspect. The man in the
louring car had scon that auto every
: lmo ho passed that day , so ho slowed
up and leaned over :
"How long hav.o you been hero ? "
"Several hours. " "
"Can't you find out what the matter -
tor Is ? "
"No. "
"Inlet valve all right ? "
"Yes. "
"Trouble with spark plug ? "
"Think not"
"How arc your batteries ? "
"O. K. "
"Haven't got a short circuit , have
you ? "
"Oh , no. "
"How's your commutator ? "
"Great. "
"Perhaps your worm gear In
clogged. "
"No ; all clear. "
"Got any gasoline in your tank ? "
"Plenty. "
"How about your circulation ? Cylin
der isn't bound , is it ? "
"No , sir. "
"Tires seem nil right ? "
"Never better. "
"Wei , maybe your vibrator Isn't ad
justed. " s
"That's all right"
"Have you looked at your carbure
tor ? "
"Yes. "
"How about tha cam shaft ? "
"Grand. "
"Have you tightened your ' connect
ing rods , examined your clutches nnd
gone over the differentials ? "
"Yes , yes. "
The man in the touring car paused
a moment and then , looking at the
stranger by the roadside , said at last :
"What's the matter with that machine
of yours ? "
"There Isn't anything the matter
with this machine ; but since noon my
wife has been in that honso over thcro
kissing her sister's first baby goad-by.
When she gets through , if you arc not
more than a thousand miles away and
will leave our address , I will telegraph -
graph or cable the glad news. "
How a Bride's Roses Led Her to Tears
CITY , MO When Willie
Boy got married ho bought his
wife flowers , of course. And after the
wedding Mr. Willie Boy naturally de
cided to preserve the flowers to look
at for all time by pickling them In
alcohol. That was all right It didn't
cost much , just $2 or $3 but there
was a 700-mllo trip before Mr. and
Mrs. Willie Boy got home.
At first they decided they'd pack
the treasure in the brass jardiniere
"Art" sent and bring it homo in the
bottom of one of the trunks. Then
Emallno that's her first name re
membered that among other things it
might explode and ruin her perfectly
good rose-colored dress that "Doc"
went crazy over before she was mar
ried , and that there was a 20-Inch wil
low plume In the same trunk , not to
speak of a pretty coat , a lavender
gown , a few more hats , a couple of
hundred doodads or some more
clothes. So the natural consequence
camo. Willie Boy carried the remains.
The Pullman was hot and Willie
Boy thought of the explosion. No use
leaving the Jar out on the vestibule.
It might break there. Ho wanted to
stay in the Pullman , but ho couldn't
Ho had to stay outshlo and hold the
pickled roses. Night came and Willie
Boy was sleepy. Ho wont to bed , but
ho didn't sleep ; hO'Wan ' too busy hangIng -
Ing the roses out of the window to
keep the alcohol-cool.
Kansas City came , and then home ;
Emallno walked into the house and
Willie Boy followed with the pickled
once-wero rosen.
"Whnt'll wo do. with 'orn ? " ho asked.
"Why , put them in the attic , ol
course , " Emallno answered.
Willie Boy hadn't been married
very long and ho wasn't independent
Still thcro surged into his face the
blood of battle and his voice splut
tered as ho spoko.
"A-at-tlc ? " ho asked. ' "Will wo ?
We won't. I carried those things 700
miles , and If they're worth carrying
that far they're worth looking at , oven
if I don't think they amount to much.
Attic nothing. Mantel , that's where
they're going , understand mantel.
Hear me ? "
And that'o the reason Emallno cried
the first day she had got to her now
Mosquito Gets Credit for a Runaway
YORK. A mosquito which apparently
parently was a cross of the famous
or notorious families of Jersey well-
borers and Staten Island rock-drillers ,
saw Qcorgo Gordon's nose , buzzed a
little song about "Oh , for a pasture
new ! " and swept down upon the nose.
The nose and George were at that
moment behind n horse that George
was driving.
Now , Gordon had had all ho could
do to manage that skittish steed be
fore the advent of the insect When
he felt the first Jab of the skeeter's
surgical scissors George started to
knock the squatter off his nasal terri
tory. But ho restrained his bund , for
in that Instant ho remembered that ho
needed both hands to handle the frac
tious horse.
And there was George in a dilemma
equal to that ancient * ono that concerned -
corned a devil and a deep sea. If he
didn't knock that mosquito off his
nose he'd lese his life blood , but If ho
took a band from the reins to deliver
that knockout swing away would go
his bad-tempered horse !
Gordon shook his head violently
and blow his breath toward the mos
quito to dislodge It , but all to no pur
pose. The insect held on and just
bored and bored. Gordon gritted hla
teeth and remembered the story he
had read in school about the Spartan.
But what was a mere fox gnawing at
a boy's vitals to a real , war-size Jersey
mosquito sinking an artesian well in a
man's nose !
George could stand it no longer. Up
went one hand in a savage sweep. It
missed the mosquito. Forgetting all
except his desire for vengeance ,
George swung with the other hand.
And as the skccter buzzed 'Ha , ha ! "
the horse , freed from control , bolted.
Perhaps the wind created by the speed
blow the mosquito oft Gordon's nose.
At any rate the pest vanished. Jusl
as Gordon grabbed the reins and
started to saw on the bit a wheel
struck a stone and out ho shot Ho
landed bruised and stunned at the
sldo of the road.
Dr. Frederick T. Wltte , who was
passing in hie ante , got out , revived
Gordon and took him homo In his ma
chine. When they arrived at the Gor
don domicile , lo ! there wns the runa
way horse standing quietly at the sta
ble door.
Eat Muskrat , Maybe : Farm in Chicago
) . "L/oln of Chicago Grown
\ # Muskrat with Dullrush Sauce. "
Bills of faro in Chicago restaurants
will carry the foregoing Item as a
"special , fresh today" entree If the
plans of three pioneer "muskrat fann
ers" culminate in success.
The flrst muskrat farm has been
started. Its products are to bo food
and fur. Its market will bo Chicago ,
as a beginning at least , but success
may broaden its scope. Mark Gelder ,
loan merchant , 1732 South State
street ; Jack Eck , painter , 348 Twenty-
sixth street , and John Horan , Willow
Springs , are the proprietors of the
farm. Its location Is in the "Sag" in
the towns of Worth and Pales , 20
miles southwest of Chicago. It com
prises 190 acres , is more than u milo
long nnd consists of tire fairest stretch
of swamps and shallow , little lakes to
bo found in this section of the coun
try. It already has a largo muskrat
The birth of the farm came when
Geldor signed a lease for the land
with Mrs. Catherine Jlawlhigs , Its
owner , for a terni of 1G years , start
Ing on April 1C , at n rental of $200 a
year in advance.
The farm may figure as a worthy
champion in the fight against the high
cost of living. Secretary of Agrlcul
turo Wilson recently rocommendot
the meat of mnakrats as a food. * He
emphasized Its cheapness and its
good qualities , including flavor am
nutritious value. The farm may en
able many people to follow his advice
"Our flrst Idea was Just to trap for
the furs , " Bald Gelder , "but knowing
muskrats were good to cat , wo docldot
to investigate conditions and try to
promote muskrats ns a popular article
of diet. Wo have strong hopes of nue-
COGS , for a trial will convince people
that the meat of the maekrat is good. '
Remedies are Needed
' Were wo perfect , which we ore not , medicines would
not often bo needed. But since our systems tmvo become -
como weakened , impaired and broken down through V
indiscretions which have gone on from the early njjcs ,
through countless generations , remedies art needed to a
aid Nature in correcting our inherited and otherwise
acquired weaknesses. To reach the scat of stomach
weakness and consequent digestive troubles , thcro is
nothing BO good as Dr. Pierco's Golden Medical Discov
ery , a fttyccrio compound , extracted from native medic *
inal roots sold for over forty years with great satisfaction to nil IMPW. For
Weak Stomach , Biliousness , Liver Complaint , Pain in the Stomach after eating.
Heartburn , liad Breath , Bclchinit of food , Chronio Diarrhea nnd other Intestinal
the " " is and efficient remedy
Derangements , "Discovery" a time-proven most *
The genuine lias on Its
outsitlo wrapper the
You can't afford to accept n secret nostrum as a substitute for this nonalcoholic
holic , medicine OP KNO\VN COMPOSITION , not oven though the urgent dealer may
thereby make a little bigger profit. I
Dr. Picrco'fl Pleasant Pellets regulate and Invigorate stomach , Uver end
bowels. Sugar-coated , tiny granules , easy to take n candy.
Johnny Probably Told the Truth , But
at a Dreadfully Inopportune
A teacher In one of the lower grade
schools was entertaining two visitors
to the classroom. Several days pre
viously the teacher had furnished
amusement nnd at the name time in
creased the children's store of knowl-
cilgo by a series of questions of the
following nature :
"What do wo sit on that rhymes
with hair ? "
Some child would answer "Chair. "
Today the visitors would bo pleased
to observe how readily the pupils
could answer.
"What do I wear on my head that
rhymes with cat ? " asked the Instruct
ress.Up wont the hand of a boy with rod
"Well , Johnny , " said aho , "you may
toll us. "
Johnny arose and appeared fright
"It's a rat. " ho blurted.
And then the tableau.
Dcgrceo or Misery.
Two young ladles were talking the
other day about a third who had just
become engaged to a widower who
plays the cornet and has four children.
"What could bo worse , " exclaimed
one. "than four children and a cor
net ? " "Nothing. " said the other , "ex
cepting , perhaps , six children and n
trombone. "
Bird. 'WluslOTV'n Bootlilnj : Hynip.
For chlMrnn tw'thlnu. &uf tcnn t lie ICIIIIIH , mlnrrt I n-
n.uuumUou.alLiysiiJ.In.iuiu wind colic. ! K > ou LotUo.
It's the things wo don't got that
wo should sometimes bo most thank
ful for.
Many who used to smoltn lOc cigars
now buy fowls' Single Binder etraighb Co.
Don't throw kisses , my boy ; deliver
| thcm in person.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief Permanent Cure
fail. Purely veget
able act ( urely
but gently oa
the liver.
_ Stop after
cute indication -
cation improve the complexion brighten
fluj eye * . Smell Pill , Small Dote , Snail Pries
GENUINE must bear signature :
Try Gillette Shaving
pill or Up or , wll
noUoilorlnJurta. . ;
Choice quality ; retlu ami roans ,
whlto faoeii or lingua bought on.
orders. Tens of Thotihaudn to
Delect frcm. Satisfaction Guar
anteed. Corresmimlenuo Invited.
Como and see ( or yourself.
National Live Stock Com. Co.
Al eilber
IhnuiCIIy.Mo. SI. Joseph.Mo. 6. Omaha.Neb.
s SIMM romenlo valley , Cal. Meal climate
Rich soil. Blx and bcvcu cuttings of alfalfa.
First class poultry and dairy country. All tba Traits.
Bo y terms , n. J. litliuur * C
What Prof. Shaw , the Wall-Known Acrl
culturlat , Suva About It :
"I wonM sooner rslm o ttlo In Wntorn
Canada lima In tlio rnrn tall of
ho Unltml fitato. Frd
! s olieapar nnd ollmnt *
xittcr for tha piirro * * .
Your ir.nrsel will Ira.
rirovn fuller than | ror
faimora will prmlum th *
uppllvs. Wheat ran b *
grown up to the COth par *
nllel I6GO mllci north ot
the International t-onnrt.
am. Your vacant land
trill lift taken at n rata
Ixijond pre nt concep
tion. i 0 rmvs noimn
K-opIo In the Uultwl
Btftics nlpnn who want
homes to take up this land. " Hwrlj
70,000 Americans
v III outer 11 ml ninketlielrliome *
In Wmtcrii Cnnmln thla.yonr.
11)01) produced nnotlior lurr *
rroi > f Mrlicnt , nnl * nnil bnrler ,
In nddltlou to which tlio cuttle
oxporli vrns nil IIIIIUMISO It fin ,
CiiUln rolling , ilalrjlng , tulxad
fnrmliiB nnd crnln crowlna In th
jinnliioon of Alnnltoba , SasUnt-
cliawitii nnd Alliortn.
lrroo lumicitcnil nnil pro mp-
llon nraiis. rm well as lands tield
1 > X railway nnd Innd comniinlM.wlll
proTldn home * for millions.
Aduptnlilo Mill , Iirnltlidil rll-
innto , vplcndld ocliools null
cliurclim. nnil cnoil nitlwny * .
tor setters rntr , dnrcrlrtlro
lltoroturo "JUit Host Wo t.I how
to rt'noli thomuntrrnnaothrrpar *
tloulnrs , nrlto to Bup't c < Jmml.
uratlon. Uttnwn. Cnnnila. or to th
Oauaulan Uorernuont AscnU
Room 4 Dn Dlig. Oraiha , Rib.
' ( Via -ilrr > 3nonrottyou.j (3)
pa Soud postal for
H Free Package
ho of Paxtluo.
Dettcr and more economical
than liquid antiseptics
Gives one a aweet breath ; clean , vrnita *
derm-free teeth nntiacpUcnUy clean
mouth and throat purifies the breath
after smoking dispel * all disagreeable
peropiration and body odoru much np-
prociated by dainty women. A quick
remedy for aero eyes and catarrh *
A lltllo Paxtina powder dis
solved in a clas * of hot watti
makea a delightful nntueptic eo-
lution , pouetiuiq extraordinary
cleaosffig , germludal and heal
ing power , and absolutely harm-
IRSI. Try a Sample. 50c. a
large box at druggiiU or by mail.
Wo tell you about how peed von'11
fool after takintr a CASCAKET
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and recommend them But that's
talk you buy a , box now take as
directed to-ninht and got the proof
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CASOARETS youfll never bo
without them. jag -jti3
T" !
CASCARETS lee a box tot n vreek'a
treatment , all druggists. Biggest seller
in the world , Million boxes mouth.
Saint Katharine's School
For Girls
Dnvcnport , Iowa
Academic , preparatory , nnrt primary graAt t
Certllloate accepted by Eaoteru colleges. Bpo *
clal advantages In Music , Art.Domestlo Bclcnoa
and Uymnnimiia. Address TlieSlsler Superior J
Wanted Confidential Correspondents !
Fvorvwhom ln V10 UNITED STATES. n J
L.IUI J nllClu pcrlcnco unnecessary , Behoof
Toachera , BtenOrrapherBTelerrapb Opera torsV
Clcrku and Profetmlonat nieu or women " '
glblo. An unusual opportunity tolnoreaMyourlny
como.D. . 1'artlculars. 110x071 1.09 AnnelosCaij
Cleni < i and UiaUIlM ths tail.
I'romolol * InnuUnt growth ,
evar Palis to Restore Or y
"sir to ita Youthful Color.
i italp dlMUM * iulr U
DEFIANCE Gold WaterStarch
makes laundry work a pleasure. 10 ot. pkg.-lOo *
W. N. U. , LINCOLN , NO. 28-1010.
i * * * i ii "i"i f-.f * 'r %
- HH
i A U l _ i la-lLu O
is the turning-point to economy
in wear and tear of wagons. Try
a box. Every dealer , everywhere
( Incorporated )