Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, July 14, 1910, Image 2

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    .V VI.
"Thoro nro very few women archi
tects. "
"No wonder. Women do not rollah
being called 'designing creatures. ' "
"When my boy was nix years old , ho
Buffered terribly with eczema. Ho
could neither oil still nor llo quietly In
bed , for the Itching was dreadful. Ho
( would Irritnto cpots by scratching
; wlth hla nalla and that only made
thorn worse. A doctor treated him
jund wo tried almost everything , but
, tbo eczema seemed to spread. It
started in a email place on the lower
'extremities ' and spread for two years
.until . It very nearly covered the hack
'part of his leg to the knco.
"Finally I got Cutlcura Soap , Cutl-
cura Ointment and Cutlcura Pills and
gave them according to directions. I
used them In the morning and that
evening , before I put my boy to bed ,
t used them again and the Improve
ment oven In these few hours was sur
prising , the Inflammation ccomod to
bo so much Icsa. I used two boxen of
Cutlcura Ointment , the came of the
Pllla and the Soap and my boy was
cured. My son is now in. his sev
enteenth year and ho has never had
ft return of the eczema.
"I took care of n friend's child that
bad eczema on its face and limbs and
I used the Cutlcura Soap and Ointment.
They acted on the child Just as they
did on my Eon and It has never re *
turned. I would recommend the Cull-
.cura Remedies to anyone. Mrs. A. J.
Cochran , 1823 Columbia Avo. , Phlla
dolphin , Pa. , Oct. 20 , 1909. "
When Father Helped.
The fond father held the manu-
ccrlpt whllo his con practised the era-
, "Shall wo permit the ruthless hand
, of the hydra-headed tyrant , " cried the
youth , "to to to well , what Is It ? "
The father was wrestling with the
"Oh , yea , " ho muttered , "hero It la :
'to desslcato. ' Go on. "
"It's desecrate , " cried the boy , In
dignantly. " 'Shall wo permit the
Ruthless hand of the hydra-headed
.tyrant to desecrate the the the '
why don't you prompt mo ? " '
The father was staring hard at the
[ manuscript.
"Tho the poodle paddle poodle-
lam of our llvor'tles , " ho stammered.
I "It'a the 'palladium of OUK liber
ties , ' " roared the boy. "Qlmmo that
paper I'll say It moself. "
And ho stalked away angrily.
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Bond 2o stamp'for the Coca-Cola Base
ball Record Book for 1910 contains
the famous poem "Casey At The Bat , "
records , schedules for both leagues
and other valuable baseball informa
tion compiled by authorities.
Oh , Mr. Wrightl
Wilbur Wright was talking to n
Dayton reporter about the Dally Mall's
(50,000 aerial race from London to
"It was shocking , though , " said the
reporter , "that Graham White , an An
glo-Saxon flying man , let himself bo
beaten by a Frenchman , "
Mr. Wright smiled.
"Shocking ? " ho said. "It was more
than that. It was a-Paulhan. "
" A
The best medicine to safe
guard your health is the
Bitters. Its merit has
been thoroughly proven
during the past 57 years.
Try a bottle for Poor Ap
petite , Gas on Stomach ,
Cramps and Diarrhoea.
u *
ev eaaai-iftnuaacA
Miss Jiiiii'B , uplnntcr ami punrdlan of
Oertrude mid IIulHpy , cntnbllnhcd mitnmcr
liandqiinrtrrH nt SunnysldP. AnildHt mi-
liUToim dllllcultli-s the SurvuntB ilcsortrd.
AH Miss limes locked up for the nlRltt.
Bhu wild ut art led by a ( lurk llKiiro on the
vcrnndn. Blio pnnsod u terrible nlRht ,
which wiw lillc-il wllli unseemly tiolHCH.
In DIP niornluK Mlna Innes found u
HtrniiRo link cuff button In a plotlicM
hamper. ( Jprlrudo nnd Ilnlsey urrwcd
with .Inch lliillcy. The IIOUHO wnn awuk-
ened by n revolver nhot. A Htrnnjo iiiivn
wixs found Hhot to dentil , In tliu bull.
Jl proved to bo the body of Arnold Arm
strong , whoBP banker father owned the
country IIOUHP. MIRH liinca found IIul-
ncy'H revolver on the Inwn. Ho nnd .iticlc
Unlloy Imil dluiippcnrcil. The link ouff
button inyntcrloiiHty illwiuppureil. On-
tpctlve JiunlrHon urn ! llio coroner iirrlvcd.
Ocrtriulo rcvi-alcd tlmt nlm WIIH ( > ngnKuil
to Jack Hnlluy , with whom Hhu bud
talked In the billlurd room a few mo-
nipntH before tbo murder. .Jninloson told
MlHS Inni'S tlmt Him wus liltllntf ovldc-wo
from him. Ho ImpHnoncd an Intruder In
un empty room. Tbo mlRoner p ruped
down ti luundry chute. It dovolop.-d that
the Intrudpr WIIH probably n woiiuin. nor-
trudo WIIH Hiispci'tod , for tbo Intruder
loft ft pi lilt of u bare foot. Oortrudo re
turned homo with her right uiiklii
sprained. A npgro found the ntlior halt
of what proved to bo Jack Uulloy'H ruff
button. lliilBcy niiddonly reniipeiued.
Ho nnhl lie and nallcy bad loft ImctuiHe
they had received a telcKram. Gertrude
Rnld that Rim hail Klven Uallpy an un
loaded revolver , frarliiR to ( dvo him Hal-
nny'H loaded weapon. Cashier Ualley or
I'anl ArniBtroiiB'H bank , dpfunut , wan ar
rested , charged with embezzlement.
CHAPTER X. Continued. '
"In cash ? "
"In cash. "
"But the intln. who 'did It he would
ho known ? "
"Yes , I toll you both , as suru as 1
stand here , I bollovo that Paul Arm
strong looted hlo own bunk. I believe
ho has a million at least , as the re
sult , and that ho will never coiuo
back. I'm worse than a pauper
now. I can't ask Louise to share
nothing a year with mo , and when I
think of this disgrace for her , I'm
crazy. "
The most ordinary events of life
Beeincd pregnant with pos'slblltles that
< ] ay , and when llalsey was called to
the telephone , I ceased nil pretense
at eating. When ho came back from
the telephone his face showed that
something had occurred. IIo waited
however , until Thomas left the din
ing room ; then ho told UH.
"Paul Armstrong IH dead , " he an
nounced gravely. "lie died this mornIng -
Ing In California. Whatever he did ,
ho Is beyond the law now. "
Gertrude turned pale.
"And the only man who could have
cleared Jack can never do it ! " she
said despairingly.
"Also , " I replied coldly , "Mr. Arm
strong is for over beyond the power
of defending himself. When your
Jack comes to me , with some $200,000
n his hands , which Is about what
fou < have lost , I shall believe him In
nocent. "
Halscy Makes a Capture.
It was about half-past eight when
\ < To left the dining room , and Btlll en
grossed with ono subject , the failure
of the bank and its attendant evils ,
lalsoy and I wont * out into the
grounds for a stroll. Gertrude fol
owed us shortly. "Tho light was
hlckenlng , " to appropriate Shakes-
earo's description of twilight , nnd
once again the tree-toads * and the
crickets were making night throb
ivlth their tiny llfo. It was almost op
pressively lonely , In spite of its beau-
y , nnd I felt a sickening pang of
lomeslckness for my city at night
or the clatter of horses' feet on ce
mented paving , for the lights , the
voices , the sound of children playing.
The country after dark oppresses me.
The stars , qujto eclipsed In the olty
by the electric lights , hero become In
sistent , nssdrtlvo. Whether I want to
or not , I find myself looking for the
few I know by name , and feeling rl
dlculously now nnd small by contrast
always an unpleasant sensation.
After Gertrude joined us , we avoid
ed any further mention of the murder.
To Halsoy , as to mo , there was over
present , I am sure , the thought of our
conversation of the night before. As
wo strolled back and forth along the
drive , Mr. Jamlcson emerged from
the shadow of the trees.
"Good evening , " ho said , managing
to include Gertrude in his bow , Ger
trude had never been oven ordinarily
courteous to him , and she nodded cold
ly , llalsey , however , was moro cor
dial , although wo were all constrained
enough. Ho and Gertrude went on
together , leaving the detcctlvo to walk
with mo. As soon as they were out of
earshot , ho turned to rue.
"Do you know , Miss Innos , " ho
said , "tho deeper I go into this thing ,
the moro strange It seems to me. I
am very sorry for Miss Gertrude. It
looks as If Dalloy , whom she has tried
so hard to save , is worse than a ras
cal ; and after her plucky flght for
him , it seems hard. "
1 looked through the dusk to whore
Gertrude's light dinner dress gleamed
among the trees. She had made a
plucky flght , poor child. Whatever
she might have been driven to do , I
could find nothing but n deep sym
pathy for her. If she had only como
.0 mo with the whole truth then !
"Miss luues , " Mr. Jamleaon was BayIng -
Ing , "in the last throe days , have you
MOD a any suspicious figures around
ho grounds ? Any woman ? "
"No , " I replied. "I have a
fill of maids that will boar watching ,
ono and all. Hut there has boon no
Htrango woman nuar the house or
Llddy would have aoon her , you maybe
bo fiuro. She has a telescopic oye. "
Mr. Jamieoon looked thoughtful.
"It may not amount to anything , "
ho eald alowly. "It la difficult to got
any perspective on things around
hero , bccauBo every ono down In the
village IB euro ho Haw the murderer ,
either before or alnco the crime. And
half of them will stretch a point or
two as to facts , lo bo obliging. But
the man who driven the hack down
there tells a Htory that may possibly
provo to bo Important. "
"I have heard It , I think. Was It
the ono the parlor maid brought up
yesterday , about a ghost wringing Its
handH on thu roof ? Oh perhaps it's
thu ono the milk-boy heard ; n tramp
washing a dirty Bhlrt , presumably
bloody , In thu creek below the
bridge ? "
I could HOC the glunm of Mr. Jamie-
BOII'H teeth as ho mulled ,
"Neither , " ho said. "Hut Matthew
Gelst , which in our friend'H name ,
claims that on Saturday night , at 9:30 : ,
n volled lady "
"I know it would bo a veiled lady , "
I broke in.
"A veiled lady , " ho persisted , "who
was apparently young and beautiful ,
engaged hln hack and asked to he
driven to Sunnyaidc. Near the gate ,
however , she made him otop , in spite
of'his remoiiHtrancoH , saying she pre
ferred to walk to the house. She paid
A few feet away In the hall was the
spot where the body of Arnold Arm
strong had been found. I wan n bit
nervous , nnd I put my hand on Hal-
scy'H sleeve. Suddenly , from the top
of the staircase above us came the
sound of a cautious footstep. At first
I was not sure , but Halsey's attitude
told me ho had heard and was listen
ing. The step , slow , measured , In
finitely cautious , was nearer now.
llalsey tried to loosen my fingers , but
I wan In n paralysis of fright.
The swish of a body against the
curving rail , na If for guidance , was
plain enough , and now whoever it was
had reached the foot of the staircase
and had caught a glimpse of our rigid
silhouettes againat the billiard room
doorway. Hnlsey throw me off then
nnd strode forward.
"Who Is it ? " ho called imperiously ,
and took n half dozen rapid strides to
ward the foot of the staircase. Then
I heard him mutter something ; there
was the crash of a falling body , the
slam of the outer door , and , for an
Instant , quiet. 1 screamed , I think.
Then I remember turning on the
lights and finding Flnlsoy , white with
fury , trying to untangle himself from
something warm and fleecy. IIo had
cut his forehead a little on the lowest
step of the stairs , and he was rather
a ghastly sight. He Hung the white
object at me , and , jerking open the
outer door , raced Into the darkness.
Gertrude had conic on hearing the
noise , and now wo stood , staring at
each other over of all things on
The Step , Slow , Measured , Infinitely Cautious , Was Nearer Now.
him , and ho loft her there. Now , Miss
Innes , you had no such vlHltor , I be-
llovo ? "
"Nouo , " I paid decidedly.
"Golst thought it might bo a maid ,
as you had got a Hupply that day. But
ho said her getting out near the gate
puzzled him. Anyhow , wo have now
ono veiled lady , who , with the ghost
ly intruder of Friday night , makes
two assets that I hardly know what to
do with. "
"It Is myntlfylng , " I admitted , "al
though I can think of ono possible ex
planation. The path from the Green
wood club to the village enters the
road near the lodge gate. A woman
who wished to reach the Country
club , unporcolved , might choose such
a method. There are plenty of wom
en fhoro. "
I think this gave him something to
ponder , for in a short tlmo ho said
good night and loft But I myself was
far from satisfied. I was determined ,
however , on ono thing. If my suspic
ions for I had suspicions were true ,
would make my own Investigations ,
and Mr. Jamloson should learn only
what was good forhim , to know.
Wo went back to the house , and
Gertrude , who was more Hko herself
since her talk with Ilalsoy , sat down
at the mahogany desk In the living
room to write u letter. Ilalsoy prowl
ed up and down the entire cast wing ,
now in the cardroom , now In the bil
liard room , nnd now nnd then blowIng -
Ing his clouds of tobacco smoke
among the pink and gold hangings of
the drawing room. After a little I
joined him In the billiard room , and
together wo wont over the details of
the discovery of the body.
The cardroom was qulto dark.
Where wo eat , in the billiard room ,
only one of the uldo brackets was
lighted , and wo spoke In subdued
tones , as the hour and the subject
seemed to demand. When I spoke of
the figure Llddy and I had sepn on
the porch through the cardroom win
dow Friday night , Ilalsoy sauntered
into the darkened room , and together
wo stood there , much as Llddy and I
had done thixt other night.
The wlndtw was the same grayish
rcctunsla In the blackness as before.
earth a whlto silk and wool blanket ,
exquisitely fine ! It was the most un-
ghostly thing in the world , with Its
lavender border and it's faint scent.
Gertrude was the first to speak.
"Somebody had it ? " she asked.
"Yea. llalsey tried to stop whoever
It was and fell. Gertrude , that blank
et Is not mine. I have never seen it
before. "
She held it up and looked at It ; then
she went to the door on to the veran
da and threw it open. Perhaps 100
feet from the house were two figures ,
that moved slowly toward us as wo
looked. When they cnuio within range
of the light , I recognized Ilalsoy , and
with him Mrs. Watson , the house
One Mystery for Another.
The most commonplace Incident
takes on a new appearance if the at
tendant circumstances are unusual.
There was no reason on earth why
Mrs. Watson should not have carried
a blanket down the east wing stair
case , if she BO desired. But to take
a blanket down at 11 o'clock at night ,
with every precaution as to noise , nnd ,
when discovered , to lllng it at JIalsey
and bolt Ilalsey's word , and n good
one Into the grounds this made the
incident moro than significant.
They moved slowly across the lawn
and up the steps , llalsey was talking
quietly , and Mrs. Watson was looking
down and listening. She waa a woman
of a certain amount of. dignity , most
efficient , BO far as I could see , al
though Llddy would have found fault
If she dared. But just now Mrs. Wat-
son's face was an enigma. She was
defiant , I think , under her mask of
submission , and Bho still showed the
effect of nervous shock.
"Mrs. Watson , " I said severely ,
"will you be so good as to explain this
rather unusual occurrence ? "
"I don't think It BO unusual , Miss
Innes. " Her volco was deep and very
clear ; but It was somewhat tremulous.
'T was taking a blanket down to
Thomas , who Is not well to-night ,
nnd I used this staircase , as being
nearer the path to the lodge. When
vented , and through an ugly Btroy
Mr. Innes called nnd then mailed at
mo , I 1 was alarmed , and Hung the
blanket at him. "
Ilalsoy was examining the cut on
his forehead In a small mirror on
the wall , IU was not much of an In
jury , but It had bled freely , and his
appearance was rather terrifying.
"Thomas 111 ? " ho Bald , over his
shoulder. "Why , I thought I saw
Thomas out there as you made that
cyclonic break out of the door and
over the porch. "
1 could BOO that under pretense of
examining his Injury ho was watch
ing her through the mirror.
" ! K this one of the servants' blankets -
ots , Mrs. Watson ? " I asked , holding
up its luxurious folds to the light.
"Everything else is locked away , "
she replied. Which was true enough ,
no doubt. I had rented the house
without bed furnishings.
"If Thomas Is ill , " llalsey said ,
"some member of the family ought to
go down to aee him. You needn't
bother , Mrs. Watson. I will take the
blanket. "
She drew herself up quickly , as If
In protest , but she found nothing to
say. She stood smoothing the folds of
her dead black dress , her face as
white as chalk above It. Then she
seemed to make up her mind.
"Very well , Mr. Innos , " she said.
"Perhaps you would better go. I have
done all I could. "
And then she turned and went up
the circular staircase , moving slowly
and with u certain dignity. Below ,
the three of us stared at one another
across the Intervening white blanket.
"Upon my word , " JIalsey broke out ,
"this place Is a walking nightmare.
I have the feeling that wo three out
siders who have paid our money for
the privilege of staying in this spook-
factory , are living on the very top of
things. We're on the lid , so to speak.
Now and then we get a sight of the
things inside , but we are not a part
of them. "
"Do you suppose , " Gertrude asked
doubtfully , "that she really meant that
blanket for Thomas ? "
"Thomas was standing beside that
magnolia tree , " Halsey replied ,
"when I ran after Mrs. Watson. It's
down to this , Aunt Ray. Rosle's bas
ket and Mrs. Watson's blanket can
only mean ono thing : There is some
body hiding or being hidden in the
lodge. It wouldn't surprise me if we
hold the key to the whole situation
now. Anyhow , I'm going to the lodge
to Investigate. "
Gertrude wanted to go , too , but she
looked so shaken that I insisted she
should not I sent for Llddy to help
her to bed , and then Halsey and I
started for the lodge. The grass was
heavy with dew , and , man-like , Ilalsey
chose the shortest way across the
lawn. Half way , however , he stopped.
"We'd better go by the drive , " he
said. "This isn't a lawn ; it's a field.
Where's the gardener these days ? "
"There Isn't any , " I Bald meekly.
"We have been thankful enough , so
far , to have our meals prepared and
served nnd the beds aired. The gard
ener who belongs here Is working at
the club. "
"Remind me to-morrow to send out
a man from town , " he said. "I know
the -very fellow. "
I record this scrap of conversation ,
just as I have tried to put down any
thing and everything that had a bearing -
ing > on what followed , Uecause the
gardener Halsey sent the next day
played an Important part in the events
of the next few weeks events that
culminated as you know , by stirring
the country profoundly. At that time ,
however , I was busy trying to keep
my skirts dry , and paid little or no
attention to what seemed then a most
trivial remark. '
At the lodge everything was quiet.
There wus a light In the sitting room
downstairs , and a faint gleam , as if
from a shaded lamp , in ono of the up
per rooms. llalsey stopped and ex
amined the lodge with calculating
"I don't know , Aunt Ray , " ho said
dubiously ; "this Is hardly a woman's
affair. If there's a scrap of any kind ,
you hike for the timber. " Which was
Halsey's solicitous care for me , put
into vernacular.
"I'll stay right here , " I said , and
crossing the small veranda , now
shaded nnd fragrant with honey
suckle , I hammered the knocker on
the door.
Thomas opened the door himself
Thomas , fully dressed nnd in his cus
tomary health. I had the blanket over
my arm-
" 1 brought the blanket , Thomas , " I
said ; "I am sorry you are so ill. "
The old man stood staring at mo
nnd then at the blanket. Ills con
fusion under other circumstances
would have been ludicrous.
"What ! Not 111 ? " Halsey said from
the stop. "Thomas , I'm afraid you'vo
been malingering. "
Thomas scorned to have boon debat
ing something with himself. Now ho
stopped out on the porch and closed
the door gently behind him.
Were Not Needed.
"Scientists say that whisky is not
a cure for snake bites. " ,
"Then that must bo the reason
snakes were driven out of Ireland. "
A Teacher In the Making.
She was popular young normal ati >
dent , who hud been to a party the
night before , nnd as a consequence ,
was "not prepared" in the geogpraphy
The woman Instructor , true to her
method of drawing upon the general
knowledge of n student rather than to
permit n failure , after eliciting two or
three inconsequential "stabs" from
tier fair but jaded disciple , asked for
the products of China.
The victim brightened. "Tea , " she
asserted , preparing to sit down.
"Yes , nnd what else ? " encouraged
the Instructor.
The young w omnn smiled with
sweet hopelessness.
"Now you can mention others , I
am sure. Just think about it. "
"Tea , " drawled the fluto-llko volco
of the pretty girl , "and , " puckering
her forehead with an intellectual tour
do force , "and laundry work. "
Youth's Companion.
Of course it was an old bachelor
who said that women ought to hold
their tongues occasionally in order to
give their thoughts a chance to catch
Lewis' Single Binder , the famous
itraipjit 60 cigar annual sale 0,500,000.
Some men are like eggs too full
of themselves for anything else.
Dr. Plcrce's pleasant Pcllots coreconstipation. .
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the cause and jcm euro tbo disease. Kaajr to Uk * .
Ennui is the price wo pay for knowl
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