Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, June 23, 1910, Image 9

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State Executive Instructs Attorney
General to Get Busy Referee
Rlckard Says Fight May
Be Held Elsewhere.
San Francisco. Stirred to action by
Insistent protests from all parts of the
state , Governor James Gillette took
steps to prevent the championship
light between James J. Jeffries nnd
Jack Johnson , scheduled to bo held
In this city July 4.
In a letter to Attorney General U. S.
Webb , the governor expressed his dis
approval of prize lighting in unmeas
ured terms , directs that the aid of the
courts bo invoked to prevent tie
match , and concludes with u positive
that in case the plea for a retraining -
training order Is not granted , and
viio light is held , the attorney general
shall proceed to gather evidence and
prosecute the principals and thee In
terested In the light for violation of
the penal code of the state.
The letter declares the supreme
court of California has never defined
a prize fight , and suggests an oppor
tunity be given to do so.
Governor Gillette telegraphed to At
torney General Webb to take similar
action in the fight between Al Kauf
man and Sam Langford which Is
scheduled to take place Saturday ,
June 18.
Reno , Nov. Heno made the first
bid for the light as soon as the Asso
ciated Press bulletins announced the
action taken by Governor Gillette-and
Attorney General Webb wore made
public. Tex Rickard was sent a tele
gram signed by A. J. Aylesworth ,
manager of a local theater and repre
senting prominent business men , stat
ing that this city would erect a suit
able arena and furnish the $1,000
bonds required by the state law if the
promoters will bring the contest here.
Appointments and Pensions.
Washington. Eli/.abeth M. Long of
Lincoln Nob. , has been appointed
nurse at the Indian school at Albu-
cuierque , N. M.
Hugh Wcthcrbce of Omaha has
been appointed examiner in connec
tion with the Interstate commerce
Nebraska pensions granted : Emma
S. Crawford , $12 ; Ella M. Drake. ? 12 ;
Martha E. I ewis , $12 ; Mary J.
.Mathers $12 ; Alarior Parker , 12 ;
Jen Shehan , $20.
comptroller of currency has
auu\orlzed the First National bank of
Lynch , Neb. , to begin business with
a capital of $2ri,000. C. E. Rose is
president , T. 13. Rose vice-president ,
Dan Melsher cashier , and J. A. llodgo
assistant cashier.
Floods in Europe.
Rellgrade , Servia. 'Floods ' following
torrential rains have caused havoc in
the valley of the Morava river. Thir
ty-live lives have been lost. Thu towns
of Chupria , Jagodyna and Svilainatz
have been Inundated. Water to the
depth of from seven to ten feet has
Vlled the Btreets. Many'houses , un-
, On-mined , have collapsed. King
3'eter and the minister of public
\sorks has loft for the scene.
Police Guard State House ,
( itithrie , Okla. Police are still on
duty about the state house with in
structions to report at once any at
tempt to remove the state records in
violation of an Injunction issued by
the court. Judge Huston of the dis
trict court said ho would rule on the
attorney general's demurrer to the In.
Won at once.
Taft Meets Rough Riders.
T'arkersbiirp , W. Va. President
Tuft and ono hundred rough riders.
Joyously on their way to New York
by special train to participate in the
Roosevelt reception next Saturday ,
passed through here Tuesday. Mr.
Taft will receive the old Roosevelt
' * troopers at the while house.
Conference on Coal Strike.
Kansas City. Thomas L. Lewis ,
president of the United Mine Workers
of America , held a conference with
ittiarlea S. Keith , chairman of tlio con-
Ibronce committee of the Southwest
ern Interstate Coal Operators' associ
ation , in an effort to settle the strike
of the coa'l miners of the southwest.
Hot Weather in Chicago.
Chicago. The arrival of belated
summer has announced itself wltli the
jlrt-t heat prostration of the season.
The victim was an eleven year old boy
who succumbed while playing with
rompaulons at a picnic.
Declare Independence.
Berlin. Advices received by the
( Jerman Cablegram company from Ulo
| do Janeiro state that Insurgents in
the jtfefocture of Jurua , In the Aero
Il /i , < > t of western Brazil , have do-
their Independence.
Acre territory , where an insur
rection is reported to have occurred ,
IIHS an nrcur of about 7-1.000 square
miles and n population of about 70-
000 The territory was acquired by
Bril from Bolivia In 1Q02. The In
dian element predominates.
The male is half the pen it pays to
get the best you can buy.
Pullets arc the best layers. Old
lens bring the egg record down. But
of course there nro always exceptions.
The removal of nesting material ,
mil refilling with clean dry nesting ,
is a great help In keeping down the
Poultry IB ono of the best-paying
things on the farm when properly
cared for and brings In something
every month of the year.
If one wants to breed from 20 to a&
liens , two males should be used on al
ternate days. While ono Is running
with the hens the other should bo
cooped nnd fed extra.
Ono of the most difficult things for
a beginner in poultry raising to learn
Is to cull closely , and there arc others
besides the beginners that need to
practise this jiecessary thing.
A film of kerosene over the drink
ing water will * prevent ono chick's
catching disease irom another ; also it
will cure alight colds ; an easy pre
ventive and no possible harm In U.
The hens will lay better and do bet
ter every way if no males are al
lowed to run with them , and the eggs
will not become stale anywhere near
so quick as when males are kept with
the Hock.
A uniform Hock all of one kind of
fowls is moro satisfactory in app'car-
ance , moro easily handled and gives
moro uniform results , and a consider
able greater profit , than a mixed lot of
different kinds.
Beware of feeding new corn to tur
keys or fowls you are preparing for
the market. For heavy feeding for fat
tening purposes old grain is safest and
gives much the best results. This Is
particularly true In regard to fatten
ing turkeys.
Ono good male and eight or ten of
the best females will produce all the
hatching eggs wanted on the average
farm , and separate quarters should bo
provided for them and the run of the
farm given to the main flock of laying
hens and pullets.
Onions chopped line and mixed with
the lien's food occasionally will pro
mote health. Onions arc a great poul
try tonic and they are relished by
fowls old and young. Our fall hatch
ed chicks tumble over one another to
get to their feed when onions arc
mixed with H.
Permit Poultryman to Keep Record
of Each Hen and Weed Out Poor
Ones How Used.
I presume every one knows what
trap nests are by thla time , and so
will merely say that they arc nests in
which the hen that lays the egg is
confined until a record Is made of her
achievement , when the trap is again
set for another hen. I know of just
two kinds of trap nests , ono that
closes as soon as the hen goes in and
the other that is closed only after the
egg has been laid. In the former kind
the hen Is shut In whether she lays
or not , and as hens are often curious
they may be caught In this way and
confined unnecessarily , writes W. 11.
Home-Made Trap Nest.
Warner In Orange Judd Fanner. In
the other kind the hen may go in and
out at pleasure , but cannot bo con
fined until after the egg has been laid ,
since tlio egg itself Is used for closing
the trap ' \
A trap nest is to the practical poul-
tryman what the Dabcock test Is to
the dairyman. It gives each hen's
record of egg laying. Thus the poor
layers may bo picked out and the good
ones favored. It Is better for the
poultryman to get rid of these hens
and their progeny as early as possible ,
especially where poultry are kept for
eggs , and it is easier to build up n
laying strain of fowl than a good
milking strain of dairy cattle.
A handy trap nest Is shown Ju the
accompanying picture. It is so simple
that any ono can make It. It is , in fact ,
merely an ordinary nest with a cir
cular or square opening In front. The
door , as shown , is of very light stuff ,
pivoted at the top. When the nest is
set , a wlro runs across the opening
and rests against a piece of tin pro
jecting from the opposite hole. When
the hen enters , she lifts the loose end
which permits the door to drop be
hind her. After she has laid , she Is
removed and the trap set for the next
Provide Shade for Chicks.
Provide chicks with shade and
where a cool breeze can fan them In
warm weather. This should bo sup-
piled , even If a temporary board roof
Is tbo only thing that can be fur-
Should' Possess Egg-Laying Qualities
and Mature Quickly for Mnr-
ket Plymouth Rock Excels ,
< Uy AV. M. KKM.Y. )
The HrRt tiling to consider \vhon se
lecting n breed IH tbo purpose \vo desire -
sire tlii'iii for.
There are some breeds of poultry
Hint nru adapted to but onu purpose
and Hint IH laying eggs , among thorn
being what poultrymcn call tbo Medi
terranean breeds , such ns the Leg-
UOIIIB , MlnorcnH , lamburgs and oth
Those are very good breeds but
what n beginner la after IB n hen that
will not and hatch some lco young
chickens and take rare of them In thu
bust shape.
Ho will also want a breed that will
bo ideal for market , one that will ma
ture early , have a nlco clean color , bo
good layers , lay good-sized eggs , ac
tive enough to be good rustlers after
True Type of Barred Rocks.
grasshoppers and worms , bo good set
ters and mothers , easily tamed and
handled and a breed that will bear
con fin cm cut well.
There are many excellent breeds of
this class found among what are
known as the American breeds. The
Plymouth Rocks , Rhode Island Reds ,
the Wyandottes , and other breeds belong -
long to this class.
The Hrahmas , Cochins , Langshangs
and others of the large breeds of
Asiatic class nro not as good layers ns
the smaller breeds , they are more In
clined to be broody and as n rule are
not as good rustlers as the American
breeds and for that reason I would
not ndvisc one to select one's founda
tion stock from that kind of breeding.
When we look the Held all over
there is no breed that stands preeminently
nently at the head of the utility
class like the Plymouth Rocks nnd I
do not believe that a person would go
wrong if ho selected stock from some
good flock of that breed.
The Plymouth Rocks lay good-sized
eggs that are of a nice shape and
color. Of the various breeds of Rocks
I would choose the White Rocks , as
it is easier to breed them true to
color , they dress very clean and white
when killed for market.
The Duff Rocks and the Warred
Rocks are excellent fowls and are ful
ly as good In many respects as the
White Rocks , but one will llnd It much
easier to breed birds of a solid color
and keep them true to typo and mark
ings than to breed the colored breeds.
For a chicken that will grow fast
and mature early I know of no breed
superior to the White Rocks. They
have a plump body and are attractive
in the market and when full grown
have the weight that makes them
bring home the money that it cost to
grow them.
The cockerels that are to be sold In
the fall make quite an Important Item
for us to consider and the White
Rocks cannot bo excelled in this point.
When the hens are too old to keep
for egg producing purposes it Is quite
an important item to have them weigh
six to eight pounds.
There is an increasing demand for
dressed fowls and if you have egg cus
tomers you should be able to make ar
rangements to supply them with
dressed poultry whonovcr ordered and
get the lop price for your .surplus
Charcoal for Chicks.
Charcoal may bo obtained from any
dealer in poultry supplies at a cost
of about one dollar per 100 pounds.
If the reader does not understand how
to burn wood for charcoal , It Is per
haps cheaper to buy the prepared ar
ticle. Wood may be easily converted
into charcoal by getting a quantity of
it to burning In a pit , then cover the
top of the pit with an iron covering
and leave it to smolder till the flre
dies out. Pulverize the charcoal till
it becomes powder and mix It with the
soft feed.
Dry Picking Chickens.
Most markets require that picking
be done dry. Any one can become an
expert in this manner of picking with
a little study and experience. As soon
as the bird has been killed and while
It Is still bleeding , the feathers should
be removed , care being taken not to
tear the skin. The picker should not
wait till the bird has bled , because
it will become cold then and the feath
ers will not bo removed so easily.
Killing is generally done by sticking
the knife In the roof of the mouth.
White China Geese Popular.
The white china gecKe are thought
by many to bo the best layers of all
A good breeding goose two years
old or older with good care will lay
from 35 to GO eggs in a season. Breed
ing geese should not bo too fat , as
the eggs from fat geese never hatch.
In the summer , when they can get
plenty of grass , they do not need a
single kernel of grain and they will
thrive and keep in fine condition with
out If ,
Farm lands Jn Canada Increased In
value tlilH Spring from ilfteeu to twen
ty per cent , and an u result of this
Increase thousands of those who havn
gone there within the past few years
have had that much uioro value added
to their holdings. Thcro la proof hero
that ns n Held for investment there
Is nowhere to bo found n uioro profitable -
able ono than in purchasing farm
lands in Canada. And , ns n field for
occupation and working the farms
there Is uowboro on the continent
where moro sntialactory return Is
given. The crops are always sure and
the prices nro nlwayH good. With
railroads entering and traversing all
the settled pa ta , there nro' very few
districts In which the farmer will bo
more than from ten to twelve lullca
from a railway station. Roads are
good , nnd big loads nro easily handled.
The price of getting grain to the pri
mary market IB low on tula account ,
and then in reaching the world's mar
kets the railways have their rates con
trolled by the Government , and what
may be considered a fair deal Is cer
tain. Good prices for nil kinds of
grain is the rule , nnd If the Investor
has made good money by the Increased
value given to Ills unworkcd land , H
Is not diiricult to understand that the
profit to the man who works his land
Is just that much more , and there
will be no depreciation. The man
who holds a Ireo homestead of ono
hundred and sixty acres of land ,
which he got for $10 as an entry fee ,
has land which at Its lowest estimate
Is worth $10 nu acre yes , $1C au acre
the moment ho has completed his
three years' residence duties. It will
continue to Increase In value until Its
earning power gives n , reasonable In
terest on a certain sum. That \B \ , If
he takes off the land fifteen to twenty
dollars per aero clear profit each year ,
his land Is worth to him , nt a fair rate
of interest , $200 nn acre. If ho only
realizes $10 an ocro clear profit , It Is
worth $100 per acre. Now , thou
sands of farmers tire dupllcnting these
figures. The price of land In Canada
to-day is much less than Its realizing
value. The fact that the fifty thou
sand Americans who went to Canada
year before last were followed by ono
hundred thousand last year offers
some evidence , nnd good evidence , too ,
that there la getting to be n pretty fair
knowledge that money Is to bo made In
Canada lands. AH an Investment money
Is to be made , but more by living
upon the land , secured either by home
stead or purchase. The ono hundred
thousand of last year will bo one hun
dred and fifty thousand this year.
These comprise- people from every
state In the Unlonr.nnd It Is Just being
realized the asset that awaits the
homeseeker in Canada. The largo
numbers that have gone , though ,
makes no appreciable difference In
the supply of land. There Is still left
vast quantities ol the best of it. But
the longer a delay Is made Jn anlvlng
at a decision , the prlco will advance
proportionately , nnd the moro de
sirable homesteads near the railway
lines become moro difficult < o secure.
The Government publishes Interesting
literature , which may be had on ap
plication to any of the agents whose
offices arc located nt different points
through the States , and they ( the
agents ) will bo pleased to assist In
any way possible in the choice of lo
Casey at the Jet.
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asked MeGInnla.
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"G'wan ! What did bo do ? "
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and sat down and waited. " Every
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury ,
ns mercury will mirrty iJealroy llio wnrn of rniell
and ruinpli tcly ilcranci ; tlio wlioto syptcm when
entcrlne It tlirmisli llm mucous nurMr . Hucli
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tlons from rrimtublo iitiy-BlcUrn. aa tlio damauo they
will do I * tri InI'l to tljii KiKxl you ran possibly < 1e-
rlvo from them. Iliill'o Ctttarrh Cure , manufactured
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tlio blood and tnmoim Hurfurefl < ) I the njKtem. In
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genuine , it In taken internally and made In Toledo.
Ohio , by I' . J I'lieney A. fo. Testimonials free.
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Take llall'B rurally I'll ! * tor constipation.
"And did your wife die a natural
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the end rnme. "
Mr . Wlnnlow'H Hooililni ; Syrup ,
Tarclilldren t4 > ethlni < , MiflrMHllmKuniKredurmln-
fUuimution.allaT * ' juilu.cun-n Ahnlnullc. ! &ca UitUw.
Ilonc-st politicians arc as plentiful
) n some places as while blackbirds.
iiiuUljjUUlUl U ' n i nniiTjir H mji i jj u uuiliJWJI
XNfetfctablc Preparation for As
similating ihcFoodaixinegula-
ling the Stomachs mid Bowels of
Promotes DigcslionChccrful-
ness and Rcst.Contalns neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral
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lion , Sour Stomach.Dinrrfwca ,
Worms .Convulsions. Feverishness -
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP
Facsimile Signature of
Guaranteed under the Foodnn
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
ffor Infanta and Children ,
You Hava
Always Bought
Bears the
. .
You no longer need wear your
self out with the weakening
heat of an intensely hot kitch
en. You can cook in comfort.
Here is a stove that gives no oufisidc beat , All its heat
is concentrated at the burners. An intense blue flame ( hotter than
either white or red ) is thrown upwards but not around. AU the
heat is utilized in cooking none in outside heating.
entirely removes the discomfort of cooking. Apply a match and
immediately the stove is ready. Instantly on intense heat is pro
jected upwards against the pot , pan , kettle or boiler , and yet there
is no surrounding heat no smell no smoke.
Why ? Because The New Perfection
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practically perfect. You cannot use
too much wick it la automatically
controlled. You get the maximum heat
nocmokc. The burner 13 simple. One
wipe with a cloth clcano It consequently
quently there is no emell.
The New Perfection Oil Coot-Stovo
Is wonderful for year-round uce , but
especially in summer. Ita beat oper-
atea upward to pan , pot , or kettle , but
not beyond or around. It la usclean
for heating a room.
It has a Cabinet Top with shell
for keeping plates and food hot.
It has lon/j turquoise-blue enamel
chimneys. The nickel finish , with the
bright blue of the chlmneyo , mokcn
the Qtovo ornamental and attractive.
Made with 1 , 2 and 3 burners ; the 2
nnd 3-burner stoves can bo bed wither
without Cabinet.
tlmt the name-plate
rcade "New Perfection. " i : pryclfjlfr f\rtf\\litrf } If not nty nr , writs
lor UcicrlpllTO Circular lu Urn uauoUaueuc etui *
Standard Oil Company
( Incorporated )
Rejected by Hobo.
Weary H'H a poor rule that
work both ways.
Willie G'wan ! H'H a poor rule to
work at all. '
When Rubbers Become Necessary
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elioc.s Allon'H Foot-Kaso. tlio untlsppllu
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ference how many dead cats you
throw Into the well BO long no you
keep the pump handle polished.
Kor Itnl , ItfliliiK ICyelldn , C > ( , .Slye
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GENUINE mutt Lear n'gnature :
Senator Dolllver , of Iowa , says :
ilTlio itrenm of emigrant * from the United BtktM
IM | _ to Canada will continue. "
Uouator UollUur rwontlr p M
\lilt to Woileru Canada.
> ud * arm " 'Intro U a
of l ni'lUu tpeaklnff poo-
pa ! ; till * will account for
tuo rnranvul of no 'many
lena larnion to Ontinln.
Our t oplo ara plowx !
with it * Clnr rnm nt nd
tlio uicmlnnt nJinlpU.
trillion of law. and the )
nro comlnu to you In
ten ) of thmuunJ * . nnd
lonncontrtbu ted large
ly to the 7O.OOO AmerU
mil fnrnirm wlin made CnuAdn
liolr hoiao Uurlni ; 1UUQ.
i It-Id crop returns nlnno
of thccountry upward * of
Grain cronlnc. mixed funu-
luff , rritua ratline nnd dnlr Jliitr
aronll ( irofllnblu. Free IIouio-
Klrmln of 10O acre * nro to r >
liad In tlio torr best dlatrlr ! i.
lUOucrupro-oruvtloiMBtfS.i J
l > or nrro nlttila certain om .
bcliooU nnd rhurchea In cvvi-y
noetlriiioiit , dlmntn unexcellixl.
f Uljj8 richest , wood , water uuil
bttllillui.- material plentiful.
I iir particular * at tolooulon , low
Mttleni' rullmir rate * and ilewrltv.
t TO Illuitrate.I . p molilot , "Lait
lo t Wr t , " and other Informa
tion , write to Hui/t of Immigra
tion , Ottawa , Can. , or to Coa4U
Government Accnt.
Rota 4 Sit Cldf. Oaubj. Xih.
( Usaaddrt-MnearMtyou. ) ( I )
irmll fur un apHlnm' " raxllr used and effectual
Write plain. 1,11