Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, June 23, 1910, Image 4

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fcV' V , .
$1.00 Per Year.
All subscribers arc considered permanent
i\nd If they wish to discontinue arc expected
to pay all arrearages and notify publisher ,
Entered at Broken Bow , Nebr kn , for tram-
million In the United States malls
at second class rates.
D..M AMSBERRY , Hditor and Publisher
Where matter IB net on wood bane electrotype
n Hat prlco of twenty cents per Inch.Mnulecol-
nran.'for each Insertion , twe or moro ItiBortlons
IS cents per Inch. Special position , nlnirlo lit ,
ertlott 2U cents per inch. Metal base , electros-
two or mure times , IS cents per Inch. Payment
first of each mouth.
Local advertising- five cents per line each In
Notice of clinrch church fairs , sociables and
entertainments where money Is chawed , one
halt rates.
Death notices free , half price for publishing
Card of Thanks , 50 centri.
Legal notices at rates provided statutes of
Society uotlccsand rcsolutlous.tme-hail rates
Wedding notices free , half price for list of
Call For Republican Convention.
ThcnepubllcanBot the County of Cusicr ,
State of Nebraskaare hereby called to meet
In convention In the city of lirolccn now , on
Monday July IBtli , IU10 , at 11 o'lock In the
forenoon , In the forenoon , In the cadwcll
building , for the purpose of selecting nttie-
teen delegates to attend the Republican
State Convention to meet at Lincoln , on
Tuesday , July 2t > th , 1910 , and to select the
County Central committee , and for the
transaction of such other business as may
properly come before the convention.
The Convention shall be made up of dele
gates chosen by the Republican of the re-
ftpectlve townships of the County at caucuses
held for that purpose , prior to said IHth day
of July , 1910.
The basis of representation shall be one
delegate for cacli 10 voles or major fraction
thereof cast at the 1010 general election for
John II. iiarncs , Republican nominee for
Supreme Judge.
Said apportion nent entitles several town
ships to the following representation In said
convention , to-wlt :
Algernon 10 Garlleld 5
Ansley 14 Hayes 3
Arnold 8 Kllfoil 11
3lerwyn 7 Lillian 7
liroken How 30 Loup H
Cliff 7 Myrtle (1
Ouster 8 Sargent IS
Comstock S Triumph 4
Douglas Grove 8 Victoria 7
Delight 15 Wayne 0
3211m 6 Wcstcrvllle 9
> 21k Creek 8 West union o
tirant 0 Wood Hlvcr 11
Total 231
no proxies beallowcd.and that the delegates
present from each of the respective town-
uhlps be authorised to cast the full vote of
their delegation.
The members of the County Central Com.
Tnlttcc who arc to conduct the 1010 campaign
must be chosen at this convention.
Alpha Morgan , Chairman.
William M. Dunn , Secretary.
Dated this Sjnd day of June , 191U , llrokcn
Dow Nebraska.
We notice from the Blaine
County Booster that Carl Ams-
"berry ot Mason City is the asso
ciate editor of that paper. Carl
is the oldest son of J. M. Aiiis-
foerry and has practically been
"brought up in a printing office
and ought to make good. The
REPUBLICAN hopes for his suc
The Beacon's offer to "give $10
for a valid reason why a man
living in Custer county shoulc
vote to uphold a protective tariff1
seems to be all wind. We gave
the Beacon four good reasons two
weeks ago and as yet have not
seen a red cent. Until we can
lave some real evidence that the
offer is genuine we do not deem it
wise to advance other reasons
for fear of being accused of cast
ing our "pearls before swine. "
Governor Shallenberger has
decided not to call an extra ses
sion of the legislature in order
to pass an initiative and refrcn-
< lum law. His decision not to
call the extra session in face of
the fact that the Bryan forces
liad secured a pledge from three-
fifths of the members of the legis
Jature that they would support
the bill would indicate that the
governor and Mr. Bryan are not
eating their ice cream out of the
Same dish in this campaign.
Side Walks.
The time has come when everj
body in Broken Bow should urge
the building of better sidewalks
Most of our board walks are in a
bad state of repair. Then there
s re several residence streets with
'no walks simply because one o
1 wo parties do not care to go to
the expense of putting in cemcn
i r brick walks on their property
unless they build their walks so
1 hey can get out without wading
i hrough mud. Let the agitation
liecome general. If necessary the
council should plan a system of
walks throughout the several
tosidence districts leading to the
business part of town and pass
on ordinance meat the whole
pystern compelling walks put in
[ * hc remark is frequently heard
o be made by strangers that
broken Bow is behind the times
with her side walks. This should
not be. Let us begin at once to
mt in a complete line of walks.
It is true that Kinkaid did
> rovc of some service to the peo-
ile in procuring the passage of
, he Kinkaid homestead law but
a similar bill had been introduced
by his predecessor , Judge Neville
ind that Kinkaid simply reap
ed the reward that should have
come to Neville. Beacon
We have seen the statement
before that Judge Neville was
the author of the Kinkaid bill ,
) Ut the statement is false.
The section homestead law
was originated in Broken Bow.
The matter was suggested to
uembers of the state legislature
> y two men at Lincoln when the
natter of the Detrich bill was
> cnding in congress to lease the
government Ihnd.
These two men from Broken
Bow urged upon members of the
state legislature to pass a reso-
ution opposing the leasing bill
and suggested that instead that
he homestead law be amended
allowing 640 acre homesteads in
he sand hill country. The
memorial to congress was passed
and forwarded , out of which the
Kinkaid. Judge Kinkaid is
entitled to full credit for draft-
ng and securing the passage of
he Kinkaid law. The whole
matter was originated and pas
sed after Judge Neville's death
Did Not Enter A Coal Claim as Claimed
bv Onnnsitinn.
It is interesting to note how
the opposition will magnifiy and
misconstrue a fact in order to
make a political capital.
That such will be done is not
confined to the democrats only ,
rival candidates in the republi-
lican party for personal gain
resorts to democratic tickets. As
we stated last week any one le
gally qualified may file on a
homestead or a coal claim , but
Congressman Kinkaid did not
enter a coal claim in Alaska , but
did buy a quarter section of land ,
with coal on a part of it , of the
entryman who complied -with the
law and made final proof thereon
The title to the land was there
fore private property , and con
sequently exempt from conservation
vation policies and legislative
enactment. The right to buy
this coal land was equal ant
similar to the right any citizen
has to buy land which has been
homesteaded , after the eutryinan
has complied with the law. Ac
cordingly , Glavis himself swore
there was nothing wrong in the
transaction and Attorney Bran-
deis , also representing Pinchot ,
said it was neither wrong nor
improper. Congress Kinkaid was
looking over deeded land in
Custer county with the view of
investing in it. Has he not as
good a right to buy deeded lane
in Alaska as in Custer county ?
Having Illed with the proper odlcer. I
now announce myself a candidate for the
olllce of county Attorney subject to the ap
proval of the republican party at the Primary
election to be held August 10th , 1910.
It is perhaps needless for me to say ; 1
am unalterably adatnst the Liquor Inter-
osts. I am for county option , tor state anil
nation wide prohibition.
I am a republican , but am most emphat
ically for the revision of theTarUf down ward
and for the removal of tariff upon things
essentially necessary to the comfort , health
happiness and prosperity of the citizen.
My present term ol omcc does not expire
until January 1911 , my time and ability there
fore Is the property of the citizens of the
county , of all political complexion ; that be.
1 have not been absent from any meeting ol
the board of supervisors have been on hand
at all times when called upon by county
olllcers from the least to the highest , lurlucl-
Ing Township and School district olllcers :
When needed by the private citizen , cither
over the I'hone , or In person t have been on
hand by day or night , and this I will have to
bay at the end of my term of olllce rcgvrdless
of the results of the primary election ; If you
need the county attorney , you will tlnd him
ot his ofUce , not out In campaign , using your
time to turthcr his personal Interests. II
absent , It will be because of business , and In
' that event , there will be a competent lawyer
In charge of the olllce.
I am human , and no doubt have made
mistaken during my term of onlce. but I have
no excuses to offer neither any appologles to
make ; I havesoueht to discharge duty to
the best of my ability from mv view point
thU I will continue to doj I will thank : vou
for your consideration and will appreciate
your support.
' Ilespcctfully Yourn ,
N. T , Q ADD.
Having filed as a candidate for Supervisor
nt the third supervisor district subject to the
will of the republican primary , I will ap-
> rcclaloyour support. If nominated and
elected I will use my best efforts for the ad
vancement of the best Interests of the tils-
rlcl and the county In general.
t am a candidate for county attorney sub
ject to Uiu approval of thu republican pil
ii.ii If- , .
Candidate for Congress.
lam a candidate for the republican
nomination for Congress from the sixth
district. I believe in good government ,
a square deal and that the Roosevelt
policies should be put into operation ,
have always been opposed to boss rule
and machine politics. I believe in repre
sentative government , in government by
the people and not by corporations. ]
believe in loyalty to republican priuci
pies and the protective tariff but do not
believe that downward revision has been
fully accomplished ; particularly with
with reference to the woolen , cotton
lumber and wire schedules.
I believe a congressman should have
convictions and courage enough to vote
them ; that he should not dodge , side
step and vote "present ; " that he shoulc
not insurge at home and stand pat in
Washington , That he should keep his
ante-election promises and vote agains
Mr. Cannon for speaker after having
promised the people to do so ; and he-
should not vote to tax barbed wire al
$ i 5 oo per ton after publicly announcing
that it should be placed to free list.
A congressman is elected by the public
and paid by the public to serve the
public and not to serve himself. He
should be satisfied to render public ser
vice for the public salary and not seek to
further enrich himself at the expense ol
the public by acquiring coal lands in
Alaska belonging to the public domain.
His duty is to conserve the public re
sources and not to absorb them unto
himself and Mr. Ballinger's assistance in
acquiring a coal claim in Alaska is not
sufficient proof of either regularity or
ethics of the tiausactiou.
M. E. Church. R. II. Thompson , Pastor
Sunday School 10:00 : a. m ;
morning sermon 11:00 a. m ; Jun
ior league 2:30 : p. m ; Epwortb
league 6:30 : p. m ; evening sermon
7:30 : p. m ; E. L. Mission Study
Class , Wednesday 7:30 : prayer
meeting Thursday 7:30 : p , m
Coire sji worship with us you
wilj H - < . .jfcre.nger in the church
but once.
Baptist Church. A. T. Norwood , Pastor
Sunday School 10:00 : a. m ;
preaching 11:00 : a. m ; Junior
union 3:00 : p. m ; B. Y. P. U. 7:00
p. m ; preaching 8:00 : p. in ;
teachers' meeting Monday 7:30
p. m ; Agoga class Tuesday 7:30 :
p. m ; prayer meeting Wednesday
8:00 : p. m ; Amoma class first and
third Tuesday of each month
7:30 : p. m.
Christian Church Z. 0. Doward , Pastor
At the Christian church next
Sunday. Communion and preach
ing services at 11:00 : a. m ; spec
ial song service and sermon 8:00
p. m. ; Special music by the choir
and others. There will several
selections at both services.
Bible school 10:00 : a. m. ; Christ
ian Endeavor 7 p. m.
U. B , Church S. Al Zikc. Pastor
Sunday school 10:00 : a. m
preaching | 11:00 : a. in ; Junior C.
E. 3 p. m ; Senior C. E. 7. p. m.
Custer County
Land Man
If you have a snap in a
farm , or ranch for sale list
with me. If you want to
buy a snap in a farm or
ranch , conic and see me.
Phones , office 42 , resi
dence 129.
Try tint White Suliu flour at
W. H. O'Rorkc's Feed Store
There is none better.
Phone 409.
Sheppard & Burk
Say they have the FINEST
o f Fruits n n tl Vegetables i n
Broken How. A11 theyv nsk , to
Drove it , is an order and you will
be convinced.
Below is n partial list of their
great variety.
Suukist Oranges and
Black Oregon Cherries
New Potatoes
Sheppard & Burk
Phone 125 South Side Square
Episcopal Church W- JDunville. . Rector
Sunday School 10:00 : a. m ;
morning prayer and sermon 11:00 :
a. m ; evening prayer and address
at 8:00. : The Ladies Guild will
meet at the home of Mrs. James
Ledwich. *
FRANK J. CHENEY makes oath that be la senior
partner of the firm of F. J. CHENEY & Co. , doing
business In the City of Toledo. County and Stati
aforesaid , and that Mild firm will pay the sum o
ONE HUNDRED DOLLAH8 for each and every
case of CATAKIIII that cannot be cured by the use o
Sworn to before me and subscribed In my presence
thU 6th day of December. A. D. . 1886.
Al w > QLEASON ,
Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Internally and acts
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Bend for testimonials , free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO. . Toledo. O.
Sold by all DruKclsts. 7Bc.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
July 4
Send Your Abstract Orders to
J. ft. Leonard , Bonded Abstractor
Office in Security State Bank Building
Screens Keep 'Em out
We Sell Screens
Good Ones Too
Phone 79
G. L. Turner Lfor. Co.
Burlington's ' New Main Line
Through Central Wyoming
the richest undeveloped country in the west. Farmers here have no fear of
drouth , wind storms or hail storms.
is now so well started on its great wealth producing era that it not only ap
peals to farmers looking for new land upon which to establish new hcuies
under most favorable conditions , but appeals as well to the investor , who
wants to turn his money quickly , and to the
Business Man , Professional Man ,
Mine Operator and Manufacturer
in towns that are springing np like magic and where raw material in plenty
can be handled at a profit.
The new line will reach Thermopolis about July I ,
connecting the outside world with one of the greatest
health resorts in America.
days. Send right away for our ue-.v booklet just off the press , then go with
me on one of our personally conducted excursions.
D. CLEM DEAVER , General Agt.
Land Seekers Information Bureau
1004 Farnum St. , Omaha IMebr.
How to Get Rid of The Flies !
If you will call upon us in Broken Bow
we will show you how this is done.
We have the largest stock of SCREEN
in Broken Bow.
We can furnish you in any standard
size screen door or screen window.
Plione 23. J. S. Molyneux , Manager.
Have You Deeds
Insurance Policies , or otner valuable papers ?
If so you need a Safe Place to keep them.
One of our
is an Ideal
place for suck , and cost is only nominal.
Come in and let us show them to you.
( Strictly a Homo Institution )
W. A. GE011OE. president JULES HAUMONT , Vice President
L. H. JEWETT , Cashier R , D. PICKETT.iAsst. Cashier
Good Work.
We had a good day at Lillian
last Lord's day. A house crowd
ed at morning and evening
service. Two professions at the
morning' meeting.
At three o'clock a large crowd
assembled on the bank of Vitoria
creek when 13 , were baptised.
There are additions almost
every Sunday.
E. D. Eubank.
Special Itliof July Notice.
We want you to take part in
the Comic parade July 4th.
There will be three prizes award
ed first $7.00 second S5 00 third
$3.00 masks furnished free.
For further information see
W. B. Schaefer chairman.
r *
Chicago's "Flghtlno Parson" at