Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, June 16, 1910, Image 2

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Clergyman Rcmombor , my friend ,
"whom God hnth joined together , lot
no man put nmindor. "
Seeker After Dlvoice 15r it wan n
justice of the pence.
A Cynical Synonym.
"I'oor iMyra Kclloy , " tmld a maga
zine cdllor at the AuthorH1 club in
Now York , " \\HH almost us distressed
HH Mr. Caincgk' at the spirit of graft
and fTookednuHB lampant among IIH.
"Tin- young writer , at a dinner of
mngiiT'.kiu contributor * , said that we
worshiped wealth that was our trou
ble. Then she crystallized her mean ,
ing In ; ui anecdote.
"She said that one man asked an
other :
" 'What position dor > Blank hold In
the community ? '
" 'A very honorable position , ' was
Iho reply.
" 'Is he wealthy'1
" 'Wealth and honor , " Bald the other ,
'arc synonymous terms In America to
day. ' "
At the Bovine Faucets.
"I sent my little boy on his flrnt visit
to the country last week , " said a Wash
ington Heights milk dealer. "Although
my boyhood wan pasted on the old
farm , Willie ban grown to the ago of
eight In the city. Ho had been watchIng -
Ing Uncle Hezoklah milk the cow on
his first evening , and when ho re
turned to the house his aunt asked
him :
" 'Is Uncle Ilezzlc through milking
yet , Willie ? '
' "Not yet-anaweicd Willie. 'Ho
has ( InlstU'd two faucets and has just
begun on the other two , ' "
* Casey nt the Bat.
This famous po < ? rit Is contained In the
Coca Cola Baseball Record Hook for
1910 , together with records , schedules
for both leagues and other valuable
tmscbull information compiled by au
thorities. This interesting book sent
by the Coca Cola Co. , of Atlanta , Ga. ,
on receipt of 2c stamp for postage.
Also copy of their booklet "Tho Truth
About Coca Cola" which tolls all about
this delicious beverage and why It is
BO pure , wholesome and refreshing ,
Are you ever hot tired thirsty ?
Drink Coca oSla it is cooling , re
lieves fatigue | nd ( quenches the thirst.
At soda fount ] IB and carbonated ID
bottles Oc e | rywhere.
A Motor Boat.
Anybody that likes can have a mo
tor boat of his own. .lust make a thin
jtioco of wood , or a calling card into
the shape ot n boat and put a notch In
the stern. Put a piece ot common cam
phor gum Into the notch so thatIt
reaches below the bottom of the boat.
Then put the boat Into a pan of clean
water. It will move steadily forwaid
tia the camphor dissolves. The water
must , bo perfectly clean and there
miist bo no grease of any kind on the
Inside of the pun or on your lingers
or the experiment may bo spoiled.
OTATB 07 OHIO air or TOLEDO , t . .
FRANK J. , CHENEY mikes oath ttwt lie li
partner ot the linn ot 1' . J. CIICNKY ft Co. , doing
business In the City ot Toledo , County mid [ Half
nioiroalil , and that iwld flrm will p y tlin eum ol
OKI : HUNDIIKD JJOLI.AHS ( or cncti nml c\rry
case ot CATAnmi that cannot IK > cured Uy the use o !
Hworn to before mo and subscribed In ray presence ,
IbU Cth day ot December , A1836. .
NOTAltY I'unuc.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally and acti
directly upon thu blood and mucous eurlaees ot the
lyitcm. Bend tor testimonials , frw.
r. J. UIIINIY : & co. . Toinio. o.
Bold by all nrugKUU. 75c.
Take lull's ttuuUy 1'IIU tor constipation.
Such a Polite Little Boy.
"Wo keep our own cow , " explained
the hostess , proudly. "So we're sure
of our milk. "
"Well , " interrupted the small sqn
of the guest , setting down his cup ,
"somebody's stung you with a sour
cow. "
Rather Personal.
Tnllman Only a fool makes the
came sort of mistake tho'Bccond time.
Shortman Do you mean to Insinu
ate that 1 am a fool ?
Tallman Certainly not.
Shortman Well , I didn't know. I've
been married twice.
Important to Mothers
Examine cuietully every bottle of
CABTOKIA , a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children , nnd see that it
Dears the
Signature of <
In Use For Over 3D Years.
The Kind You.Have Always Bought.
Still a Chance.
"Have you ever loved and lost ? "
asked the sweet young thing.
"Not yet , " replied the man who had
been divorced three times.
Dr.I'toreo'i rinnrant relicts first put up 40 renn
ixa. 'flier rrauluui nnd Invlcorutu stomach , liter
Hid bowels. Butur-co-Uixl tinur.vnulos. .
Who has a favorite sin has n hard
master. *
Lewis' Single Hinder Oc cigar oquala
in quality most lOc cigars.
Whan a man dries up like a mummy
ho usually thinks he is u saint.
or tuaoj-rnttuifcA
Mini Tnni" ) . spinster unil Ktinnllnn o
Ocrlriido anil Jlulney , rntalitlAliud mminior
) iemlimrlt'ifl | nt Htinnysldc Ainlilst mi-
ineroiiH ( lllllrulllffl tlin norvnnlB ik-sprtcd
As Miss InncM locked up for the nlKlit ,
uha wan Hlnrtled by u dark Hsuro on the
vorandii. She pmaod u loriittk * tilsjlit.
which wnn tilled with tmncomiy IOM" ! <
In ( ho nioinlnir MH.H ! JnncH found u
BtraiiBo lnU | culf button In a i'l < > tlu > H
liiuiiiicr. (5filtu < lo mid IliilMuy unit d
\vlth Juulc liulluy. The IIOUHO was nwnlt-
cnt-d by fi revolver shot A Hti.uiRi" nmn
wnfl found idiot to dentil In the hall
It proved to bo the body of Arnold Arm
strong , whiiHo banker ffithcr owned the
conntiy linuno. MIsH Innux found IIul-
Hny'H jrvolvrr on the lawn , llo mid .Turk
lliilloy had dls.ippcatcd. The link purr
button inynti'iloimly dlsapfioared De
tective Jttmleson and the coioner arrived
aortrude tevealed that fdio wna on"i'd !
to Jurk Hulloy , with whom Hlu > had
talked In the bllllatd loom a tow mo-
tnctitH befuio ( ho murder
CHAPTER V. Continued.
"Tho quarrel , I believe , " ho per-
stated , "was about Mr. Armstrong's
conduct to you , Miss Gertrude. lie
Imd been paying you unwelcome at
tentions. "
And I had never seen the man !
When she nodded a. "yes" I saw the
tremendous possibilities involved. If
this detective could proro that Ger
trude feared and disliked the mur
dered man , and that Mr. Armstrong
had been annoying and possibly pur
suing her with hateful attentions , all
that , added to Gertrude's confession
of her presence In the billiard room
at the time of the crime , looked
strange , to say the least. The promi
nence of the family assured a strenu
ous effort to find the murderer , and If
wo had nothing worse to look forward
to , wo were sure of a distasteful pub
Mr. Jnmlcson shut Ills note-book
with a nnnp and thanked us.
"I have an Idea , " ho said , apropos
of nothing at all , "that at any rate the
ghost Is laid hero. Whatever the rap-
pings have been and the colored man
says they began when the family went
west three months ago they are like
ly to stop now. "
Which shows how much ho knew
about It The ghost was not laid ;
with the murder of Arnold Armstrong
ho , or it , only seemed to take on fresh
Mr. Jnmlcson loft then , and when
Gertrude had gone upstairs , as she did
nt once , I sat and thought over what
I had just heard. Her engagement ,
once so engrossing a matter , paled
now beside the significance of. her
story. If Ilalsey and Jack Bailey hat
loft before the crime , how came Hal
oey's revolver in the tulip bed ? What
was the mysterious cauoo of their sudden
don flight ? What had Gertrude loft
in the billiard room ? What was the
significance of the cuff-Jink and where
was it ?
In the East Corridor.
When \ho detective loft ho enjoined
absolute secrecy on everybody in the
household. The Greenwood club
promised the same thing , and as thcro
tire no Sunday afternoon papers , the
murder was not publicly known until
Monday. The coroner himself notified
the Armstrong family lawyer , and
early in the afternoon ho came out.
I had not seen Mr. Jamlcsou since
morning , but I know ho had been in
terrogating the servants. Gertrude
was locked in her room with a head
ache , and I had luncheon alone ,
Mr. Ilarton , the lawyer , was a little
thin man , and ho looked as if ho did
not relish his business that day.
, "This is very unfortunate , Miss In
nes , " ho said , after wo had shaken
hands. "Most unfortunate and mys
( terlous. With the father and mother
| ln the west , I find everything devolves
on mo ; and , as you can understand
it is an unpleasant duty. "
"No doubt , " I said absently. "Mr
Ilarton , I am going to ask you some
questions , and I hope you will answer
them. I feel that I am entitled to
some knowledge , because I and my
family are just now in a most amblgu
ous position. "
I don't know whether ho under
stood mo or not ; ho took off his
glasses and wiped them.
"I shall ho very happy , " ho said
with old-fashioned courtesy.
"Thank you. Mr Ilarton , did Mr
Arnold Armstrong know that Sunny
side had been rented ? "
"I think yes , ho did. In fact , I my
eolf told him about it. "
"And ho knew who the tenants
were ? "
"Yes. "
"Ho had not been living with the
family for some years , I bellevo ? "
"No. Unfortunately , there had boon
trouble between Arnold and his fa
ther. For two years ho had lived In
town. "
"Then it would bo unlikely that ho
came hero last night to got possession
of anything belonging to him ? "
"I should think it hardly possible , '
ho admitted. "To bo perfectly frank
Miss Inncs , I can not think of any
reason whatever for hla coming her
as ho did. Ho had been staying a
the club house across the volley fo
the last week , Jarvls tolls mo , bu
that only explains how ho came here
not why. It la u most imfortunat
family. "
Llo shook his head despondently
"The Quarrel , I Believe. "
xnd [ felt that this tlried-up llttlo man
vas the repository of much that he
lad not told me. I gave up trying to
elicit any information from him , and
vo went together to view the body
) oforo It waa taken to the city. It
mil been lifted on to the bllllard-ta-
> lo and a sheet thrown over it ; oth
erwise nothing had been touched. A
soft hat lay bealdo It , and the collar
of the dlunor-coat was still turned up.
The handsome , dissipated face of Ar-
lold Armstrong , purged of its ngly
Inos , was now only pathetic. As we
went In Mrs. Watson appeared at the
card-room door.
"Couio in , Mrs. Watson , " the lawyer
said. Out she shook her head and
withdrew ; she was the only one in
the house who seemed to regret the
dead man , and even she seemed rath
er shocked than sorry.
Before Mr. Ilarton left , ho told mo
something of the Armstrong family.
Paul Armstrong , the father , had been
married twice. Arnold was a son by
the first marriage. The second Mrs.
Armstrong had been a widow , with
a child , a little girl. This child , now
perhaps 20 , was Louise Armstrong ,
tiavlng taken her stepfather's name ,
nnd was at present in California with
the family.
"They will probably return nt once , "
lie concluded , "and part of my errand
here today is to see if you will relin
quish your lease hero in their favor. "
"Wo would bettor wait and see if
they wish to come , " I said. "It seems
unlikely , and my town house is being
remodeled. " At that ho let the mat
ter drop , but it came up unpleasantly
enough , later.
At six o'clpck the body was taken
away , and at seven-thirty , after an
early dinner , Mr. Ilarton went. Gertrude -
trudo had not como down , and there
was no news of Halsoy. Mr. Jamie-
son had taken a lodging in the vil
lage , and I had not seen him since
mid-afternoon. It was about nine
o'clock , I think , when the bell rang
and he was ushered into the living
"Sit down , " I said grimly. "Have
you found a clew that will incriminate
mo , Mr. Jamloson ? "
Ho had the grace to look uncomfort
able. "No , " ho said. "If you had
killed Mr. Armstrong , you would have
left no clews. You would have had
too much intelligence. "
After that wo got along hotter. He
was fishing In his pocket , and after
n mlnuto ho brought out two scraps
ot paper. "I have been to the club
house , " ho said , "and among Mr. Arm
strong's effects , I found these. Ono Is
curious ; the other is puzzling. "
The first was a sheet of club notepaper -
paper on which was written , over and
over , the name "Halsoy B , Inncs. " It
was Ilalsey's flowing signature to a
dot , but it lacked Ilalsoy's case. The
ones toward the bottom .of the sheet
were much bettor than the top ones.
Mr. Jamlcson smiled at my face.
"His old tricks , " ho said. "That
one is merely curious ; this one , as I
said before , is puzzling. "
The second scrap , folded and re
folded into a compass so tiny that the
writing had been partly obliterated ,
was part ot a letter the lower half of
a sheet , not typed , but written in a
cramped hand.
by altering the plans for
rooms , may bo possible. Tlio best way ,
lit my ojMuloa would bo to the plan
for lu ono ot tlii > rooms chim
ney.That was all.
"Well ? " I said , looking up. "Thoro
is nothing In that , is there ? A man
ought to be able to change the plan
of his house without becoming an ob-
icct ot suspicion. "
micro is little in the paper Itself , "
ic admitted ; "but why should Arnold
Vrmstrong carry that around , unless
t meant something ? He never built
a house , you may be sure of that. If
t is this house , it may mean anything
'roui ' a secret room "
"To an extra bathroom , " I said
scornfully. "Haven't you a thumbprint -
print , too ? "
"I have , " ho said with a smile , "and
the print of a foot in a tulip bed , and
a number of other things. The odd
est part Is , Miss Inncs , that the
thumb-mark is probably yours and the
footprint certainly. "
His audacity was the only thing
that saved me ; his amused smile put
me on my mettle , and I ripped out a
perfectly good scallop before I an
"Why did I step into the tulip bed ? "
I asked with interest.
"You picked up something , " he said
jood-humoredly , "which you are go
ing to tell me about later. "
"Am I , indeed ? " I was politely cu
rious. "With this remarkable Insight
of yours , I wish you would toll mo
where I shall find my four-thousand-
dollar motorcar. "
"I was just coming to that , " ho
said. "You will find it about 30 miles
away , at Andrews Station , in a black
smith shop , where it Is being re
I laid down my knitting then and
looked at him.
"And Ilalsey ? " I managed to say.
"Wo are going to exchange information
mation , " ho said. "I am going to tell
you that , when you tell mo what you
picked up in the tulip bed. "
Wo looked steadily at each other ; it
was not an unfriendly stare ; wo were
only measuring weapons. Then ho
smiled a little and got up.
"With your permission , " ho said , "I
am going to examine the card room
and the staircase again. You might
think over my offer in the meantime. "
Ho went on through the drawing
room , and I listened to his footsteps
growing gradually fainter. I dropped
my pretence at knitting nnd , leaning
back , I thought over the last -18 hours.
Hero was I , Rachel Inncs , spinster , a
granddaughter of old John Innes of
revolutionary days , a D. A. R. , a Co
lonial Dame , mixed up with a vulgar
and revolting crime , and oven at
tempting to hoodwink the law ! Cer
tainly I had left the straight and nar
row way.
I was roused by hearing Mr. Jamie-
son coming rapidly back through the
drawing room. He stopped at the
"Miss Innes , " ho said quickly , "will
you como with mo and light the cast
corridor ? I have fastened somebody
in the small room nt the head of the
card room stairs. "
I Jumped up at once.
"You mean--tho murderer ? " I
"Possibly , " ho said quietly , as wo
hurried together up the stairs. "Some
ono was lurking on the staircase
when I went back. I spoke ; instead
of an answer , whoever it was turned
and ran up. I followed It was dark
but as I turned the corner at the
top a figure darted through this door
and closed it. The bolt was on my
side , and I pushed it forward. It Is a
closet , I think. " Wo were in the upper
hall now. "If you will show mo the
electric switch , Miss Innes , you would
better wait in your own room. "
Trembling as I was , I was deter
mined to KOO that door opened. 1
hardly know what I feared , but BO
many terrible and inexplicable things
had happened that suspense was
worse than certainty.
"I am perfectly cool , " I said , "and I
am going to remain here. "
The lights Hashed up along that end
of the corridor , throwing the doors
Into relief. At the intersection of the
small hallway with the larger , the cir
cular staircase wound its way up , as
if it had been an afterthought of the
architect. And juwt around the cor-
iier , In the small corridor , was the
door Mr. JamloKon hud Indicated. I
was still unfamiliar with the house ,
and I did not remember the door. My
heart was thumping wildly In my ears ,
but I nodded to him to go ahead. I
was perhaps eight or ten feet away
and then ho threw the bolt back.
"Como out , " ho said quietly. There
was no response. "Come out , " he
repeated. Then 1 think ho had a re
volver , but 1 am not sure he stepped
aside and threw the door open.
From where I stood I could not see
beyond the door , but I saw Mr. Jamie-
son's face change and heard him mut
ter something , then he bolted down
the stairs , three at a time. When my
knees had stopped shaking , I moved
forwaid , slowly , nervously , until I had
a partial view of what was beyond the
door. It seemed at first to be a clos
et , empty. Then I went close nnd ex
amined It , to stop with a shudder
Where the floor should have been was
black void and darkness , from which
came the indescribable damp smell
of the cellars.
Mr. Jnmioson had locked somebody
in the clothes chute. As I leaned over
I fancied I heard a groan or waa it
the wind ?
A Sprained Ankle.
I was panic-stricken. As I ran along
the corridor I was confident that the
mysterious Intruder and probable mur
derer had been found , and that he
lay dead or dying at the foot of the
chute. 1 got down the staircase some
how , and through the kitchen to the
basement stairs. Mr. Jamlcson had
been before me , and the door stood
open. Llddy was standing in the mid
dle of the kitchen holding a frying
pan by the handle as a weapon.
"Don't go down there , " she yelled ,
when she saw me moving toward the
basement salrs. "Don't you do it , Miss
Rachel. That Jamleson's down there
now. There's only trouble comes of
hunting ghosts ; they lead you Into
bottomless pits and things like that.
Oh ; Miss Rachel , don't " as I tried
to get past her.
She was interrupted by Mr. Jamie-
son's reappearance. lie ran up the
stairs two at a time , and his face was
flushed and furious.
"The whole place is locked , " he said
angrily , "Where's the laundry key
kept ? "
"It's kept In the door , " Llddy
snapped. "That whole end of the cel
lar is kept locked , so nobody can get
at the clothes , and then the key's left
in the door , so that unless a thief
Bolted Down Stairs , Three at a Time.
was as blind as as some detectives ,
he could walk right in. "
"Liddy , " I said sharply , "como down
with us and turn on all the lights. "
She offered her resignation , as us
ual , on the spot , but I took her by the
arm , and she came along finally. She
switched on all the lights and pointed
to a door just ahead.
"That's the door , " she said sulkily.
"Tho key's in it. "
Hut the key was not In it. Mr.
Jamlcson shook it , but it was a heavy
door , well locked. And then ho stooped
and began punching around the key
hole with the end of a lead pencil.
When ho stood up his face was exul
"It's locked on the inside , " ho said
in a low tone. "Thoro is somebody in
there. "
"Lord have mercy ! " gasped Liddy ,
nnd turned to run.
Where It Goes.
"That man made an immense for
tune out of a simple little Invention. "
"Indeed ! What did ho invent ? " "In
vent ? Nothing , you dub ! Ho wai ths
promoter ! "
Didn't Mean Beloved Pastor's Diges
tion Should Suffer If She Could
Help It.
One morning a popular young min
ister was presenting his views upon
nn Important subject under discussion ,
fmys the National Monthly , nnd Insist
ing that he held certain things to be
true , the commentators notwithstand
ing , lie continued , "I hold this to bo
true- , even though the commentators
disagree with me and again I say ,
oven though the commentators disa
gree with me. "
At this point an old lady was scon
to leave the church , bn his way home
fi om the service the minister was
met by this old lady , bearing n basket.
She stopped and handed It to him ,
saying : "Dear brother , 1 heerd you'
nay thft common 'tatois disagree with
you , BO I've brought you a basket
of Virginia yams. "
Up to Pa.
"i'apa , sister's a liar ! "
"Why , why ! .Jennie , you mustn't say
such things. "
"I can pitne It by your own self.
Lns't night 1 heard her say , 'Charlie ,
I'll call papa if you dare to do it
again ! ' And he did It twice more. Did
you hear her call ? "
Question of Precedent.
"What makes you doubt 'that all
men arc born equal ? "
"The absolute conlidonce of every
parent that' ' his baby Is superior to
any other In existence. "
Some choirs have the artistic tern-
poniniput so bady they will sing a
lullaby just before the sermon.
for nil sorts of ruts. bniKcs , Inirim and Mrnlnt.
Taken Internally It euros dl.iirh > > .L und dysentery.
AVuld Milislllull's. 2jc , 5f > cnnd KK > .
If a man would be himself he must T *
cease to think of himself. 'i'- *
What Prof. Shaw , the Woll-Known Acri
culturlst. Soys About It :
"I wouM sooner rnltn cattle In Western
Caniuiu than in thu irn bolt of
the United 8tntos. Feed
Is.rbrnwr and ollmute
better for the
Your market nil ! Im.
prove faster thnn your
farmers Mill produce the
nurplletf. Wheat ran he
grown up to thoCOth pur-
nllel [ M mllM north of
the International bounden -
on ) , lour vacant land
nil I bo taken at u rate
beyond present concep
tion. ' , We lm\o enough
rwopio in the United
1 ' ' "BtatCH alone who want
homes to tnko up thin land. " K rlj
,000 Americans
nil ] enter itiiilinnkotlielrlionicn
InVe torii Cniimlu till * joar.
1000 ] ) r < Mlurcil another Inrco
crop or hrnt , imta and bnrlr > .
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uxmirts MIIR nn Inimoiioo Item.
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farming and araln eronlna In the
provluccH of Alnnltoba , Saeluitn
ctiounn nml Alhertn.
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tlon nrcns. as vroll DS lands hold
l > y rnllvf ny nnd land cornpnnlC3.ii111
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Ad iitntil neil , lienltliful rll-
uiatn. Hiilentllcl < ho4ili nnd
cliurcheH , nml itooil rnllnnjs.
For * * ttlers1 rntLS , doscrlptlvo
llterntura "ijuit Ik-ht Wi t , " how
to reach the country and other par
ticulars , wrlto to Bup't ot IrnniU
uratlon , Oltnwn. Canada , or to the
Canadian Qo\crnuient Agent.
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ol' I'axtine.
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than liquid antiseptics
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Hair to lu Youthful Color.
Cuni iculp dlif tr & hilr itU