Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, March 24, 1910, Image 4

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    TttlD OtfStfltt OOU'NTY ' REPUBLICAN
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to pay all arrearages and uutliy publUiier.
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at second clam rate * . I
D. Al AA\SBLRRY \ , Editor and Publisher
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a flat prlcu of twenty ct-riin per InchHlitKlr col
umn , fui eacli liisurilon , two or more Itmcrtloiis
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two or moreUIIUM , IScuutH per Inch , Payment
firnt of each month ,
J.ocal advertlnlnir flvo cents per line each In
< ertlon. ,
Notice of chnrch chtircli lalrn , sociable * and
eiitrrtalnmeuti where money IB cbarued , one
half rates. , . ,
Death notices free , half t r < < ( or publlBulntf
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Legal notices at rates provided statutes of
Society dotlccantul i olntlouii , one-nail rjie
Wedding notices fiee , half price for uttt of
' 1 his hot weather they say -is
caused by Haley's Comet or by
Cannon's V\r th ,
Myers for County Attorney.
Edwin L \ Myera is being men
tioned as a candidate for the
Republican nominal ! > n as County
Attorney and , we understand , is
conferring with his friends as to
advisability of filng for the
place. Mr. Myers is one of the
rising generation of men who
were born and raised in Custer
county. He is a graduate of the
Broken Bow High School , the
State University and took his
law work at the Harvard Law
School. This position is one
usually held by the younger
members of the bar. Mr. Myers
has prepared himself well for
Huch work by his college train
ing and by the partnership he
fprmed with JEx-Governor Silas
A. Holcomb. which was but re
cently terminated. He is a man
of strength and ability and
should give the county efficient
service if he decides to run and
the people choose to elect him.
There Will be no Dearth of Political
Last week when W. H. Hitch
cock Publisher of the World
Herald announced himself as
candidate for United States
Senator on the democratic tick
et it was general supposed that
as his announcuicnt would put a
quietus on the possibilities of W.
J.- Bryan and W. H. Thompson
Mr. Hitchcock would have a clear
field. But such docs not seem to
In- his lot. W. B. Price of Lin
coln who does not drink out of
the same canter of the Omaha
democrats announces himscl :
democrat and populist candidate
on the Bryan platform.
The candidacy of Mayor
Dahlman of Omaha for governor
and congressman W. H Hitch
cock of the World fjera f °
United States Senator has forced
the county option issue to the
front in the democratic ranks.
W. H. Prices announcement
that he will be , a democratic am
populist candate for Unite <
States Senator , subject , only to
the possible candidacy of Wl J.
Bryan is an indication if not a
direct imitation that the Lin
coin Bryanites will not submit
to the Dahlman and Hitchcock
plan of mixing their drinks for
them this year.
Speaker Cannon Deprived of Power.
The fight that has been a
matter of general discussion no
only in the House of Congress
Imt through out the land for the
past two years met its culmina
tion Saturday , succeeding a con
tinuous session of twenty four
hours Friday previous.
The termination of the conten
tion was effected upon the mo
tion of Congressman Norris of
Nebraska which provided for
reorganization of the committee
on rules of six republicans and
four democrats , omitting the
speaker from the committee.
The motion carried by a vote
of 182 to 160.
Jt was only through the united
support of the democrats that
tiic insurgents were able to win.
The prime object of the demo
crats was to aid in widening the
breech in the republican ranks ,
from which they.hoped to secure j
political guin.
In this they were disappointed
in their first move. Oi a motion
by Uurleson of'lVxisto declare
the office of Speaker vacant with
the view of placing Champ Clark
in the chair , a signal defeat was
scored. Although Sp.-akur Can
non invited the motion the insur
gent republicans fell in line with
the regulars and defeated the mo
tion with a greater m j irity then
they had carried the motion for
removing the Speaker from the
committee on rules.
Speaker Cannon is a man of
recognized ability by both friends
and opponents. In his position
he wcilded a power so great that
all legislation was largely con-
troled by him. He is of the
Stone Wall Jackson type and not
disccte in wisdom in cleccrning
the rights of others. He has no
one to blame for his down fall
more than himself. The auto-
ctatic manner in which he cxer
cised his power enganerdcd a
eeling among the members that
wad culminative with years of
coercion , which he augmented
) y personal ostracism df those
who dared oppose him
It was only the loyalty to
? arty that held the majority of
lis own party with him.
As party pledges can only be
enacted in law by the united vote
of its members many feared the
result of revolutionary measures.
In this they were in a measure
justified as no one is worthy of
the support of his party unless
he is true to the principles of his
party that placed him in position
yet this loyalty does not deprive
one of maintaining his personal
convictions or from taking cx-
ception'to means and methods to
accomplish political ends. Yet
in this , one can go to far.
The great danger now is ol
the so called insurgents being
able to realize the seriousness o
their newly attained prominence
They can not expect the as
sistance of their late allies , the
democrats to enact into law the
pledges of tne republican party
neither can they decline to co
operate with the majority ot their
party and impell defeat of ad
ministration measures.
Their constituents will no
condone sulking in camp.
They must now prove them-
seves true to the principles upon
which they were elected and true
to the anministration or make in
their minds to bid adieu to the !
high positions they now hold.
No creature is greater than
his creator nor is it safe for an
individual to assume to be great
er than the party that promote
County Board Proceedings
( Continued from last week , )
Friday , March llth.
Board met at 1 p. ui. with a ]
members present.
The request of J. B. Dunn fo
the appointment of two con
stables for Delight township wa
read , and the clerk instructed to
refer the matter to the township
board of said township.
It was moved and carried tha
that the section and townshi ;
line , commencing at the quarte
section corner on the south side
of sec. 31 , twp. 16 , R. iy , run
ning thence cast three-fourth
miles , intersecting the W. R
Tennantt road be declared a pub
lie highway , and the clerk direct
ed to advertise same ,
The committee made the fol
lowing report.
In the matter of the petition o
Albert R. Knudsou et al. , for the
establishment of a road in town
ship iy R. 19.
We , your committee , recoui
mend that the petition be grant
ed , and damages allowed as fol
lows :
C. w , chapman as stipulated r.A 00
O. Knglelard as stipulated 60 0
II , llnglelanl as stipulated 75 ex
i : . A. lull M stipulated. . . 15 00
H. & K , Ktmdhon as stipulated 3000
ll.Kumlonforfence itX ) oo
All to be levied on Road Distric
No. 2 Lillian township. Road
to be 40 feet wide.
We also recommend that the
petition of C R Demirg et al
for the establishment of a read
in T. 14 R. 24 , be granted and
allowed a" follows :
Henry Sclirelbos for land fence . $139 00
11. U. liruga for land and fer.ce tit 12-14-
si . . 125(0 (
Edwin Flock for land fence In l-H-24 . . US 00
Julia A. Steveus for land and fence In
N\V 1-14-21 . 12500
All to be levied on Road Dibt-
ict No 3 DHif/ht township. '
, K > Doming for land and fence . ICi CoTe
To be icvird on 15. im township
? t > ad to beIQ feet wide.
And that in the matter of the
> etition ot John Zoerb , et al for
he establishment and vacation
f a road in T. 16 II. 24 we rec
ommend that the establishment
) e granted and the vacation re-
ected and damages waived by
consent * of petitioner Wcdeking
) rescnt
Also that the petition of Joe
lautnont et al , for the establish
ment and vacation of a road in
T. 18 R 20 , be granted and
lamagi'S allowed as follows !
Jules Smcts for land and fence . $160 (0
Same to be levied against
Road District No. 2 GarfieUl ,
Also that the petition of John
Schukar et al. , for the establish
ment of a road in T. IS , R. 24 , be
Also that the petition of R. L.
Hriggs et al. , for a change in
a road in T. 15 , R. 21 , be granted
and surveyor directed to survey
and change.
Edward Foley Sr. ,
L. Cushman ,
J. E. Grint ,
Moved and carried that the.
report be accepted and adopted as
read and that the roads be and
hereby are established as recom
mended by the committee.
Board adjourned at 5:30 : till g
a. in. Saturday.
Saturday , March 12 , 1910.
Board met at 8 a. m. with all
members present.
It the matter of the transfers
in the funds of the various school
districts , the board considered
the fbllowing resolution : -
Whereas , there are remaining
in the hands of the county treas
urer various amounts to the cred
it of special , bond , judgment and
high school funds of various
school districts within Custer
county , and
Whereas , these districts are
receiving no benefits from same ,
be it therefore
Resolved , by the chairman and
board of supervisors , that the
county treasurer be and hereby s
instructed to make such transfers
to the general fund in districts
entitled to same.
Moved and carried that the
motion be adopted as read , and
that the clerk be directed to fur
nish the treasurer with a copy of
The following resolution was
read :
Whereas , there is in the treas
urer's hands an amount of money
belonging to a special road fund
in district No.l Lillian township ,
Whereas , all bills have been
duly paid as belonging to said
fund , be it therefore
Resolved , that the treasurer be
and hereby is directed tu trans
fer said amount from said special
fund to the general township
fund , for the benefit of said road
district No. I , in said township.
Moved and carried that the
resolution be accepted and adopt
ed as read.
The committee on erroneous
and delinquent tax made the fol
lowing report :
. We your committee recommend
that the following claims be
granted :
Stewart Lanterman , refund poll tax
( pensioner ) , f2 w
U. K. Cos , refund erroneous assessment. 5 40
A. H Hhenard , poll tax refund , overSO
yeai old. . , . , . . 2 od
We also recommend that the
treasurer be instructed to write
tax sale certificate in the name
of the county on lot 12 block 18
in the village of Westerville and
assign the same upon the pay
ment of the sum of * 10.
And upon the application of
Win. D. Grant , we recommend
that he be refunded the sum of
23 cents on receipt No. 7618 and
that the snm of 54 cents be trans-
Oor shipments of Sp ing
Wallpaper arc now in , and
our > inc Is most com plete ,
with patterns and prices to
Before papering give
our line an inspection--No
trouble to show.
Custer County
Land Man
If you have a snap in a
iartn , or ranch for sale list
with me. If you want to
buy a snap in a farm or
ranch , come and see me.
Phones , office 42 , resi
dence 129.
ferred from the school district
fund of district 258 to the school
district fund of district 277.
And in compliance with the
certificate of Garland E Lewis ,
GJ. Supt. , we recommend that
the county treasurer be instruct
ed to transfer to the credit of
general fund of school district
No. 270 the following amounts
to-wit :
From District No. 2 $31 00
Krora Ulsttlct No , 18 4 Sit
Prom District No. 120 2070
From Ulsirlct No. 12 < i 12637
And that the claims VV. M.
Davis and Peter Peterson be re
jected for various reasons.
And that Wheeler & Stone be
refunded the sttoi of $19.17 by
reason ot erroneous assessment.
And that F. C. Embree be re
funded the stun of $2.50 on re
ceipt No , 6133 , by reason of hav
ing paid poll tax on receipt No.
Moved and carried that the re
port of the committee be accept
ed and adopted as read.
The finance , poor farm , court
house and jail committee made
the following report :
We , your committee , recom
mend that the following claims
be allowed :
Dlcrks Lur. & coal Co. , material for
vault $222 10
J.V. . Orucc & Son , labor 8350
I. H , Harcus , setting hvonuu for court
house , 095
w. o. 1'urcell I'tK ro supplies us 30
WO. . 1'urcell l > tir. C < > , printing for
special election 01 40
Dan Keclln , labor 45 Oo
We also recommend ttiat the
following bonds be approved :
Farmers & Merchants Bank ,
Chas. A. Smith , contract and
bond for cleaning court house
Edward Foley Sr. ,
Ben P. Morrif ,
L. Cushman ,
Moved and carried that the re
port of the committee be accept
ed and adopted as read.
Board adjturned at 12 m. till 1
p. m.
Board met at 1 p. in. with a'l '
members present.
Chairman Morris reported that
the insurance troney due from
the various companies on account
of the burning pf the court
house , has been turned over to
the county treasurer , and said
treasurer's receipt for thirteen
thousand dollars * ' ( > 13,000.00)
was duly filed with the county
Supervisor Dewey offered the
following resolution :
Whereas , the destruction of
the court house bv fire leaves the
county records in a condition
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Phone 23. J. S. Molyneux , Manager ,
likely to result in great damage
and loss the county , and to the
individual property owner resi
dents of the county , and
Whereas , the proposition sub
mitted to the electors of the
county at a special election held
on the first day of March , ' 1910 ,
calling for an appropriation of a
five mill levy to enlarge and re
build the court house , so destroy
ed , has been defeated by a ma
jority of the qualified electors of
of said county voting thereon ,
Whereas , there is available at
the sum of S13.000 fire insurance
money paid into the treasury of
the county as insurance on the
court house so destroyed , and
Whereap , the county attorney
of thia county is in .an opinion
filed with this board , concerning
the powers and duties of said
board of supervisors , holds that
it is within the power of the
board to repair and restore the
building to its former condition ,