Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, March 17, 1910, Image 6

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The Immcnne Bttcccss which nan fol
lowed L. T. Cooper during the past
year with hla now prepnrntlon hno ex-
cocdcd nnythlnR of the kind over be
fore witnessed In most of tiio lending
cltlea where the young man has Intro
duced the medlclno. Cooper has n
novel theory. Ho believes that the
human stomach Is directly responsible
for most disease. To quote his own
words from nn Interview upon his ar
rival In nn eastern city : "Tho average
man or woman cannot bo elck If the
atomnch la working properly. To ho
Biire , there are diseases of n virulent
nature , such ns cancer , tuberculosis ,
diabetes , etc. , which are organic , nnd
are not traceable to the stomach , but
even fevers can , In nine cases out of
ten , bo traced to something taken Into
the atomach. All of this half-lck ,
nervous exhaustion that la now no
common , la caused by stomachic con
ditions , and It Is because my rem
edy will nnd does regulate the stomach
ach that I am meeting with ouch nuc-
"To sum the matter up a sound dl-
costive apparatus that Is doing It *
full duty , getting every particle of vi
tality out of the food by transferring
It to the bowels In a perfectly digest
ed state this above all else brings
health. "
Mr. A. C. Brock , chef of the Brock
Restaurant , Market District , Boston ,
Mass. , who is a staunch believer in
Mr. Cooper's theory nnd medicine , has
this to any : "I had chronic Indiges
tion for over three years. I suffered
terribly , and lost about thirty pounds.
I was a physical wreck when I started
this Cooper medicine , a month or so
ngo. To-day I nm ns well ns I ever
was In my life. I am no longer nerv
ous , my food docs not distress mo
In the lenat , nnd I have a splendid ap
petite. I am'gninlng flesh very rapIdly -
Idly In fact , at the rate of a pound
a day. I would not believe any medi
cine on earth could have done for mo
what this lias done. It is a remark
able preparation , and Mr. Cooper deserves -
' servos njl his success. "
Cooper's Now Discovery la sold by
nil druggists. If your druggist cannot
oupply you , wo will forward you the
name of a druggist In your city who
will. Don't accept "Bomethlng , just as
good. " The Cooper Medlclno Co. , Day
ton , Ohio.
I :
The clrnffo had n wonderful plan-
He would dress In the garments of manl
But ns each of lilfl collars
Would have cost him ten dollar * ,
Ho decided : "I don't think I caul"
"When I was ten or twelve yoara
old I had n scnlp disease , something
like scald head , though It wasn't that
I suffered for several months , and
most of my hnlr came out Finally
they had a doctor to BOO mo and he
recommended the Cutlcura Remedies.
They cured mo In n few weeks. 1
have used the Cutlcura remedies , also ,
for a breaking out on my hands nnd
was benefited a great deal. I haven't
had any more trouble with the scalp
disease. Miss Jcsslo F. Buchanan ,
R. F. D. 3 , Hamilton , Ga. , Jan. 7,1909. "
Kept with Darnum's Circus
P. T. Barnum , the famous circus
man , once wrote : "I have had the
Cutlcura Remedies among the con
tents of my medicine chest with my
shows for the last three seasons , and I
can cheerfully certify that they wore
very effective In every case which
called for their use. "
Big Bugs.
Dr. Cook was talking to a Washing
ton correspondent
"Tho man Is wrong In his attacks , "
he eald. "Ho errs ns ludicrously In his
Idea of polar conditions as the Brook
lyn domestic , who said :
" 'It must bo a fllthy place , thai
north polo , ma'am. I hoar It's full ot
Ice hugs ao big ns churches. ' " Wash
Ington Star.
Dr. Plerce' Plranant Pellets flrrt put op 40 years
g5vT1"7 * ( nil to nnd InvlKomto stouaonllyer
. and bowsli. bugar-contwl tiny granules.
Every night watchman Is entitled to
bis day drnnms.
Tlie Gtisier County Republican
D. M. AV-SHERRY ( , Editor
Homo and Foreign Intelligence Con *
dcnscd Into Two and Four
Line Paragraphs.
Vesuvius has suddenly become actIve -
Ivo again. There htivo been eruptions
for the past twenty-four hours of
atones nnd ashes , tills being nccom-
panlcd by Internal detonations. Sev
eral llssuros have opened , from which
gases and lava are emerging In great
A special committee oC scientists
is making an Investigation to nscer-
tnin the stability of the leaning tower
nt Pisa , Italy , from the foundation of
which water has been springing for a
long time. Tula has resulted , it la
salt ] , In weakening the understructure
of the historic tower.
Meetings of anti-clericals , who
sock the reopening of the lay schools
and rival meetings of Catholics In op
position to the movement , wore hold
in many parts of Spain. At Bilbao ,
rioting followed a Catholic meeting
and the pollco charged the crowd ,
several persons being wounded. Many
arrests were mado.
The news of the resignation of the
former Persian ministry because of
Us Inability to bring about the with
drawal of the Russian troops from
Persia and because of Its objections
to the terms of the Anglo-Russian
loan , Is not believed in St. Petersburg.
Information is to the effect that the
Persian parliament proposed to raise
funds through the sale of the crown
Trade of the country has its draw
backs , but the spring outlook is
President Taft's congressional pro
gram Is by no means certain of being
carried out.
Motlvo power on "many railroad sys
tems has been put In bad Blmpo by
the severe winter.
The postal savings hank bill is
destined to slumber for n tlmo In a
house committee.
The homo of John P. Cudahy at
Kansas City , was the scene of a son-
eatlonal affray and arrests.
Lands embraced In the Belle
Fourcho Irrigation project of South
Dakota nro BOOH to bo thrown open.
Moat prices have advanced in all
the principal consuming and pro
ducing sections of the world , accord-
lug to statistics.
Railroads and the government have
n different Inception of the twenty-
eight hour Hvo stock shipment law.
Enrico Caruso , the tenor , is quaking
with something worse than Btago
fright. The black hand has demand
ed $15,000 or his llfo in two succes
sive letters.
The governor of Nebraska will par
don no more persons who sell "near
boor" now that n new Interpretation
of the law has been made by the supreme
promo court.
Montgomery Ward of Chicago was
norlously Injured in an automobile ac
cldcnt at Los Angeles. His lofl
nhoulder was broken when ho fel
from the tonucau of the machine.
Victims of the Wellington , Wash ,
avnlancha are now thought to num
Lor a hundred.
Senator Boverldgo introduced n bll
providing for the permanent retention
by the government of the Alaskan coa
President Tnft disclaims responsl
blllty for the selection of Wade Ellis
as republican chairman in Ohio.
The Ncbrask : * plan of distributing
seed to farmers from the experiment
stations prevents monopoly prices.
The German geographical society
has decided to send out n South polar
discovery expedition and so contest
with the United States and Great Bri
tain i'n the race through the Ant
Massachusetts has been aroused to
the fact that greater safeguards are
needed for her treasuries.
Decisions handed down by the
United States supreme court show
that substantial progrcs has been
made In regulating rai.roads by state
The revolutionary cause In NIca
ragua has about petered out.
The burning ot n cotton warehouse
caused a loss of $385,000 nt No\\
Bedford , Mass.
A Dallas , Tex. , mob Invaded n court
room and lynched a negro.
It is not estimated that 22G men
wcro killed In the Tislna and Pa-
tapa ( Nicaragua ) battles.
Portlsnd , Ore. , has been made the
gateway of all the Harrlman Hues.
The Morgun-Uutf.tiiiuuliu syndicate
explained to n senuto committee Its
activity In Alaska.
By the terms of n bill .hat passed
the state Henato railroads in Okla
homa are required to pay a gross
revenue tax.
Fighting has been resumed between
government forces and insurgents in
Omaha Indians In Thurston county ,
Nebraska , nro to bo placed on a now
The court of commerce feature waa
retained In the administration rail
road bill.
Rufus J. Lackland , president of the
Boatman's bank , St. Loula , died , ngcd
90 years.
Twenty-four are known to ho dead
In the avnlanchu in the Conor d'Alcno
lining region.
Insurgents of the house Hope Rep-
oscntatlvo Illnshaw of Nebraska will
land for ru-eluctlon.
President Taft nnd Attorney Gen-
nil Wlckcrslmm have decided to
ush the anti-trust war.
Representative Henry Introduced a
illl to compel the extradition of the
iccf hnroiis to stand trlul.
J. G. BncBchlln holds that retailers
re largely responsible for the higher
est of living those days.
The Hcnnto passed the bill author-
zing the Issuance of $30,000,000 worth
of'cortlllcatcs for Irrigation projects.
A bill was Introduced In the senate
o form n Rockefeller foundation with
icadquarlors probably In Washington.
Sons and daughters of Iowa and
friends to the number of 300 gathered
it the annual banquet of the Iowa
society of Now York at the Hotel
Without excitement or ceremony
President Mendeza was formally in
uiguratod president of Panama , suc
ceeding President Obahlla , who died
several days ago.
The English army estimates for
1910-11 show a total for maintenance
of $138,800,000. This is an increase
over the estimates of the -preceding
year of $1,025,000.
Witnesses In the Chicago olcomar- .
garlno hearing told how the tralllc
was carried on in the west.
At Chicago' Judge Luudis sentenced
a perslHtont violator ot the oleomargarine -
margarine law to six years in the
Prof. Louis J. Moore , brothor-ln-
law of President Taft , was elected
( loan of the college of liberal arts
In the University of Cincinnati.
Attorney General Thompson holds
that Nebraska is not liable for ? 2IS-
000 damages said to have been Inflict
ed by u home rule mob In South
All employes of the breweries in
Buffalo , numbering about 700 men ,
will receive an average Increase in
wages of $1 weekly by contracts just
The bill granting right of way to a
pipe line across the public lands of
Arkansas for oil and gau from the
Holds of Oklahoma was favorably
acted upon by the house committee
on public lands.
From the Lincoln asylum last week
there was sold seventy hogs at $9.20
a hundred. The total amount re
ceived for the bunch was $1.478.44.
The freight , yardage , feed nnd com
mission amounted to $35.37 , netting
the state $1,443.07.
The committee In charge of the
county option convention to bo held
In Lincoln March 14 and 15 has ar
ranged with Governor Hanly of In
diana to deliver the principal address
on the night of the 14th. .
President Taft has sent to the sen
ate the nomination of Howard C. Hoi-
lister to bo United States Judge for
the Seventh district of Ohio.
Colpnel William II. Blxby , chair
man of the Mississippi river com
mission , was examined by the senate
committee on commerce relative to
the improvements proposed for the
Missouri river from Sioux City to
St. Louis or Kansas City to St.
Declining to take advantage of the
pardon given him by President Tnft ,
Thomas Taylor , sentenced In this city
to fifteen years in the Atlanta peni
tentiary for the murder of his wife ,
will remain as one of the "trustees"
of the institution during his long in
A now bill providing for the erec
tion of American embassies abroad
was reported by Representative Low-
den from the foreign affairs commit
tee. The bill , which takes the place
of the ono defeated on the floor of
the house last Wednesday , provides
a limit of $150,000 for any ono build
ing , Including grounds nnd furnish
Internal commerce movements for
the month of January , 1910 , according
to statistics of the department of com
merce and labor showed heavy move
ments of coal and coke in the cast.
Two Chlppowa Indian chiefs who
came to Washington the other day from
Orr , Minn. , to ask congress for addi
tional land for the Bols Forte Indian
reservation , were asphyxiated by Il
luminating gas In their lodging house.
Personal )
Ex-Senator Platt of Now York died
from diabetes.
Louis Klopsch , editor of the Chris
tian Herald , i. dead.
Mrs. John Jacob Astor received a
Ilnal decree of divorce.
Sixty years of married llfo together
without a harsh word is the record
claimed by Oliver Ross and his wit'o
of Spokane , Wash.
Jose Domingo do Obaldln , preul.
dent of Panama , Is dead.
J. Plerpont Morgan has arrived at
Naples In good health.
Secretary Wilson and Mr. Plnchot
clashed before the senate committee.
An American tariff commission will
try to settle differences with Canada.
War Is to be waged upon souvenir
postcards which ridicule the Irish
Meeting Will Bo Known As First
Nebraska Conservation and State
Development Congress.
It has been decided to hold a Ne
braska Conservation and State Devel
opment congress on Tuesday and
Wednesday , March 20 , In this city.
The subjects to bo treated arc :
"Conservation of Natural Resources , "
"Good lloads , " "Seed Corn. " "Prob
lems of North western Nebraska , "
"Public Health" and other kindred
BUbjects. ' '
Governor Slmllonberger has Issued
n call for the convention , during
which ho says :
"Tho benefits to be derived from
improved methods of cultivation , the
Improvement of our grasses nnd
grains and of the Hvo stock upon the
iarm are things which must bo
brought homo to every farmer. Our
dairy interests are over growing and
should ho fostered and encouraged as
one of the most Important sources of
our material wealth. Good roads
should bo built to enable the produc
ers of our products to reach the rail
road markets easily nnd quickly.
Practical and intelligent work up cm
our country roads can be made easily
possible If careful attention Is given
'to ' this matter by those who make our
laws and they who make nnd use the
roads. A great deal is being said
about the vnluo to be derived from
the Improvement of our Inland water
ways , but still greater benefit will
follow n systematic and thorough
Improvement of the roads over which
the farmer must transport his raw
material to market.
"There are problems of develop
ment and proper conservation of our
natural resources which confront the
people of western Nebraska that are
to be considered along entirely dif
ferent lines In the eastern portion of
our state. The representatives of the
different portions of our state should
meet in n state conference once a
year to consider these questions ant
come to mutually understand the
needs and requirements of each sec
tion and discuss those matters that
are essential to every portion of the
state and necessary to a realization or
all the possibilities of the future. It
would bo of vast benefit to us. if for
no other reason than it would open
the eyes of our people and the coun
try generally to the matchless oppor
tunities for the development of mater
ial prosperity and a representative
citizenship In Nebraska.
"With a firm belief that vital bene
fits would come to the neonlo of the
state by calling a convention of rep
resentative men from every county In
Nebraska , to meet at the capital city
of the commonwealth , to consider the
vast problems which I have brlelly
touched upon as essential to our
further advancement. I hereby pro
claim and call a convention to DC
hold at Lincoln , Neb. , March 29 and
30 , 1910 , to bo known as The First
Nebraska Conservation and State De
velopment congress , and earnestly re
quest the entire citizenship of the
state to co-operato In carrying out a
plan for this gathering , so that It may
result in making for the further de
velopment of all the natural resources
of our state and opportunities for
manufacture and Improved agri
culture as well. "
Governor Appoints Delegates.
Governor Shallcnberger has ap
pointed Judge Lincoln FVost of Lin
coln and Judge Leo S. Estelle of Oma
ha delegates to the American academy
of political and social science , which
will meet In Philadelphia April 8 and
9. Among other subjects thn anadomy
will consider Juvenile court methods.
Call for State Convention.
President II. M. Dushnell of Lincoln
has issued n cnll for the state con
vention of the Nebraska association
of Commercial clubs to be held at
Columbus April 27 and 28.
The Industrial Exposition.
Besides fixing dates for Uie great
er Lincoln industrial exposition , May
24 to 28 , the committee arranging for
that event has agreed on some of the
details to be provided. Not only the
auditorium building but also the out
side space at Thirteenth nnd M will
bo utilized for displays nnd the en
tertainment of the crowds. The out
doors department will probably Include -
cludo n number of machinery ex
hibits. The auditorium will bo pnr-
tloned off for booths , and these will
all be constructed In advance.
Six Calves In Year.
H. Huff of Spaldlng has reported tote
to Secretary Mellor of the state fair
board that he has a cow which has
given birth to six calves during the
last fifteen months. The cow is a
registered red Polled-Angus.
Death of University Athlete.
Q. O. Hammond of Pawnee City , n
prominent University of Nebraska
athlete , died a few days ago from a
stroke of paralysis. Ho was a junior
In the engineering college of the uni
Will Take Place at Falrbury May
17 , 18 and 19.
Department Commander LD. .
Richards has Issued an order giving
the following In formation In regard
to the annual stnto meeting of the
G. A. R. , to be held nt Falrbury May
17 to 19 :
The thirty-fourth annual encamp
ment , department of Nebraska ,
Grand Army of the Republic , will beheld
held in Falrbury , Nob. , May 17 , 18
nnd 19 , 1910.
The council of administration will
meet at headquarters on Tuesday ,
May 17 , at 3 o'clock p. in.
A public reception for the people
of Falrbury will bo held on Tuesday
evening , May 17 , at the Christian
church. A splendid program will bo
provided by their .local committee.
Mrs. C. P. Steele of Falrbury will pre
The parade will take place Wednes
day morning , starting promptly at 10
o'clock , under the direction of the
Clilcf-of-Staff , S. B. Jones , of post No.
110 , Omaha. Following this parade
all 'State associations will assemble
at Grand Army hall nt 11:30 : , where
presidents of their respctlve associa
tions will immediately call the com
rades together for the transaction of
A camp-lire will bo put on loathe
opera house Wednesday evening ,
May 18.
Ample accommodations will be pro
vided for all and at reasonable rates ,
in hotels , boarding houses and pri
vate homes , and all comrades who
desire to make arrangements in advance -
vance will address Comrade O. II.
Durand , commander post No. 77 ,
r'alrbury , chairman of the local com
mittee. Tell him what you want and
you will be provided for. Good
speakers have been Invited for the
evening entertainments through the
week to bring good cheer and hip
to revive Interest la the noble order.
A complete program of all of these
exercises , together with a list of all
their local committees , , will be an
nounced later by the committee
of Falrbury , through the press.
Unique Test of Seed Corn.
Besides testing corn to see If it
will grow and warning farmers of
the poor condition of seed corn this
year , the Commercial club of Omaha
has made a test which shows the re
sult of freezing corn which contains
a good deal of moisture. The result
shows that even some of the corn
standing in the fields , supposed to
bo the best seed corn Nebraska has
this year , may be worthless for seed.
Ten ears of corn were selected
which were shown by tests to be
strong. Every kernel tested had
good sprouts and u strong root sys
tem. A government expert at the
Omaha grain exchange tested them
to learn the moisture. It was less
than 1C per cent.
Then these ten good ears were
soaked for various lengths of tlmo
and after the water dried into the
corn they were again tested to find
out how much moisture they con
tained. Those soaked five horus had
22 per cent ; six hours 27 per cent ,
and eight hours 30 per cent. All
were put In a refrigerating plant
whor'o the nlr was 12 degres nbovo
After 70 hours' exposure the corn
was again tested. The ears of one
hundred kernels from which had 22
per cent moisture , only 28 germin
ated ; while hut 20 kernels in one
hundred from the ears with 27 per
cent moisture showed signs of life
and but 21 grains In one hundred
taken from the oars containing 31
per cent moisture sprouted.
This test shows that corn contain
ing more than 22 per cent moisture
cannot stand freezing for even a
short time without killing a largo
percentage of the kernels and mak
ing the ears worthless for seed.
Additional Vacation Granted.
Jack Best , the veteran trainer of
state university athletes , for whom a
fund is being raised to send him to his
old homo in England , has been grant
ed two additional months' vacation by
Chancellor Avery. According to the
custom of former years , Jack's vaca
tion consisted of but ono month dur
ing the summer , for which time he
did not receive pay. Next summer he
will receive three months' vacation ,
two of which will be with full pay.
The fund to date has Increased to
In the opinion of Attorney General
Thompson the Greeks whoso property
was destroyed by n mob u year ago
have no claim against the state of
Nebraska , Douglas county or South
Omaha. Their recourse , ho said , is
in n suit against members of the mob
who are responsible for the damage
done. This opinion was given to the
governor by Ar. Thompson. Some
tlmo ago Governor Shallenberger re
ceived a communication from the
government , asking about the claims
and If the state would pay them.
Is 96 , but Works Every Day.
James G. Russell , familiarly known
as "Dad" Russell , gallery doorkeeper
of the Oliver theater In this city , has
reached his ninety-sixth birthday. Ho
Is still halo and hearty nnd works
every time the gallery Is open. Man
ager Zchrung has looked over the
records for some tlmo and announces
that ho believes that without ques
tion Mr. Russell Is the oldest man
engaged actively In the theatrical
business In any part of the United
States. Mr. Russell was born at Bangor -
gor , Maine , on March 1 , 1814.
Nebraska Directory
_ - _ . „ . - J this proccu all brokeo
parts of machinery maclo good ai now. WeliU
: ast iron , cast steel , nliinilnum , cooper , brass or
any other tnctal. Expert autcrnoblin repairing.
BERTSCHV MOTOR CO. , Council Bluffo.
r y the hlgneat prlae for
Wo furnish complete castings anil pnrt *
machined or In the rough for 3x3 motor. W1U
develop 2 horf.e-power.
DERTSCIIY MOTOR CO. , Council Bluffo. low * .
What Governor Denaon , of Illlnola ,
Says About It :
QorcrnorDonsen.of Illlnolj , owoi o wo
ol land In Haskatchowun.
Canada. Uo baa sold lit
an Interrien :
"As tn American I nm
dollRhtod to tea the re.
mnrKablo progress of
Wcitern Camilla. Oar
the boandnrr In thou
sands , and I have not yet
met ono nho admitted
he bad mn < lo a mlitnkn.
Thejr are all Joins noil.
There 1 senrcnljr B com-
raanttr In the Middle or
Western Stntes thnt hns
not a repretontatlve In Manitoba ,
Saskatchewan or Alborio. "
125 Million Bushels of
Wheat in 1909
Western G/intda field crops for
19UO will rnitlr yield to the farm
er * 17n.OOO.OOO.OO In cnsh.
Free Homesteads of 1 HO ncrea ,
nud pre-emptions of 100 acres
nt 93.OO an aero. Rnllnnj and
Land Companies hare land f or mitt
ntronionnblo nrlcei. Mnnr fnrni-
cru liuve paid for their Innd out
of the proceeds of ono crop.
Splendid cllmnto. peed school * ,
excellent railway facilitiesImv
freight rates , wood , water and
lumber easily obtained.
For pamphlet "L f t Be t Went , "
particulars as to suitable location
and low rattlers' rate , apply to
Hap't of Immigration. Ottawa ,
Can. , or to Canadian Qor't Agent.
Room 4 B Bd ! ( . Omaha , tleb ,
( Uso&ddressnearestyon. ) (1) )
. .
Government Ileports and Vlcwn of
thlti profitable Hardwood timber
grown In Southern California by a
responsible corporation on Irrlsnte
Lends near Los Angeles. Groves
Bold on easy term * .
" \dniLtt 1 f fin1
Roup Remedy
Chicken Roup anil
kindred dUeaar.n are
prevalent the yenr
round , nnd In
many cases tha entlr * nock becomes
diseased and worthless.
Tills condition cannot exist where
en In thu drinking water , the remedy
Just the thing to give the young
It almost Instantly cure * the sick nnd
prevents the well ones from disease ,
and makes It unnecessary to separate
the flock.
If your druggist cannot supply you.
a full Hlzod package will bo sent to
vour nddresa , prepaid , upon receipt of
BO cents nnd your drufTRlsfs name.
E. MARTIN C0..518S.40thS . , OniHiNeb.
Inventors' book * free. Heeler
? , IA'i.b ! > , , V.t' Aitjrs , 1M-1ST
McUIll .
Illdg. , Wana. , I ) , a
is the word to remember
'when you need arenied/