Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, March 17, 1910, Image 2

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Do farmers eat the proper sort of food ?
The farmer of today'buys a much
larger proportion of the food that goes
on the table than ho did ton years n o.
tt'0 a good thine that this Is so because
he has A great variety to select from.
Ho chould , however , tiso great care
In selecting for the best results In
health and strength.
The widespread tendency In the city
to Increase the amount of Quaker Oats
eaten Is duo very largely to the recent
demonstrations by scientific men that
the Quaker Oats fed man Is the man
jwlth greatest physical endurance and
greatest mental vigor.
Farmera should glvo this subject
careful thought and should Increase
tha quantity of Quaker Oats eaten by
themselves , their children and the
farm hands. 57
f Teddy Say , what makes ycr have
a gun wld such n long barrel ?
Jeddy 'Cause yor kin got closer to
do rabbit
Avoid the Cheap and "Big Can" Da-
king Powdero ,
The cheap baking powders have but one
recommendation : they certainly civo the
purchaser plenty of powder for his mon
ey but it's not all baking powder ; the bulk
( i made up of cheap materials that have
no leavening power. These powdcra nre so
carelessly made from inferior materials
that they will not make light , wholesome
food , further , these cheap baking now-
den have . very imall percentage of leav
ening gas ; therefore it takes from two to
three times as much of such powder to
taise the cake or biscuit ns it does of Calti-
tnet Baking Powder. Therefore , in th6
long run. the actual cost to the consumer
of the cheap powders is more than Calu-
rnet would be. Cheap baking powders
leave the bread sometimes bleached and
Held , sometimca yellow and alkaline , and
mlways unpalatable. They are never of
uniform strength and qmlity.
Why not buy a perfectly wholesome ba
king powder hko Calumet , that , is at the
arne time moderate in price and one
vhich can be relied upon ? Culumet is nl-
Ways the snmo. keeps indefinitely and
tlves the cook the least trouble.
Entitled to It.
"How arc things lookln' over to Din-
Eledoll ? "
"They've been lookln' purty sQuenm-
tab for a spell. Th' creek got so blame
high It overflowed Peasloy'o dam , an'
there's two foot o1 water In Wldder
Brown's cellar. "
"Well , well , I a'pose you folks over
there will bo BO stuck up pretty soon
thet you'll bo callln' yourselves th'
Parisians of Ameriky. "
Simple But Powerful Prescription for
rxheumatlsm and Lame Back.
This was previously published here
and cured hundreds , "Got one ounce of
syrup of Sarsaparllla compound and
ono ounce Torls Compound. Then got
half a pint of good whiskey and put
the other two Ingredients into It. Use
a tablespoonfut of this mixture before
each meal and at bed time. Shako the
bottle each time. " Good effects are felt
the flrat day. Any druggist has these
Ingredients on hand or will quickly get
them from hla wholesale houso.
Called Her Bluff.
"He'n a brute ! "
"What boa ho been doing now ? "
"I threatened to leave him and he
told mo he would button my gown up
the back IX I would hurry , " Houston
Important to Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA , a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children , and see that It
Bears the
In UBO For Over f JO Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought.
Don't kick when your wife asks if
her hat Is on straight Rather feel
proud that oho has the graclousness
to liken you to a plumb.
Beautiful Poet Card * Free.
Bend 4c stamps for flvo samples of our
very best Gold and Silk Finish Birthday.
Flower and Motto Post Cards ; beautiful
colors and loveliest designs. Art Post
Card Club , 793 Jackson St. , Topeka , Kan ,
The diminutive chains of habit are
eeldom heavy enough to bo felt till
they are too strong to be broken.
Samuel Johnson.
"Pink Cre" la Kplilrmlc ,
Attacks the Eyes In the bpnnutlme. Is
Contagious and Cnlla ( or Immediate Ac
tion. Murlno Bye Remedy Affords Reli
able Keller. It Soothes. Apply Murlno
freely and Frequently. Doesn't Smart ,
No Deposits.
"Do you think there's money In
hens ? "
"Well , If there Is they keep It wel
iwured. " Exchange.
ZO plST llNTig-n | rant m to core nnr cast
t Itehtof , HUnd. IU * tlnx or J'rotrudinif 1'Ileii In
teUa Jiormo&rr riuided. jfla.
Always hold In mind that even fall
are can be the alphabet of success.
iikn eoTlable reputation of orer Mrrnty rcai i ni a
U bl reunvly ( or Inmbayo , tclntlca. pleurUr
Utetiilto. , dS ) aoauic. AtallilrutTKiiu.
Borne men go to their graves with
out discovering that they wore not at
Important as they thought they wore
Mrs. AVliultm's Southing Syrup.
Forehlldreo t < H'ttilnif , Botti'n tlinguiii , reducfjln-
BLMamailon.ttllajr ( M.lucuru wlnacolic.'i-ouUjltlu.
The man who worships a woman
will never develop Into n free thinker
Gather the eggs several times a day.
Clean out the nest boxes and burn
the old straw.
The heavy laying hen usually laya n.
normal , mc'llum sized egg.
Start right by getting better hens ;
end right by keeping them bettor.
Cull the surplus poultry. Keep only
such fowls as you tire assured nro
Do not try to start n now breed.
There are plenty now , and you would
bo sure to get nothing but scrubs for
your pains.
Lime is a great cleanser. Hens must
have lime or they cannot manufacture
luggshells. Lime Is very useful about
the poultry premises.
If your Hock of hens does not pro-
( hiao a god average of fcrtilo eggs ,
better Introduce now blood. Secure
jsomo healthy males from another
Ono necessity for the turkey raiser
.011 the avcrngo farm is n trco for
iroostlng purposes. A turkey does netlike
like a house , but much prefers an open
place to roost.
Many wno keep the poultry houses
clean overcrowd their chickens and
then wonder why they lese their
ifowls. Let the chickens have plenty
or rooms and fresh air.
Keep your chicks tamo. It Is a nui
sance to have to use u shotgun to
catch ti chicken. Insubator chicks
have this advantage , they nro accus
tomed to being handled and are never
rendered unmanageable through fright.
First Object la to Make Them as
Heavy as Ponslble and In Short
est Possible Time.
Gecso being prepared for the mar
ket should bo grown to large slzo
and then finished for the market In
the shortest possible time. It Is a
Toulouse Goose.
good plan to shut thorn up in a lim
ited Inclosuro and food them to the
limit for about two weeks , selling
thorn as soon ns possible after this.
Jn many markets the heavier n geese
weighs the more It brings per pound.
So it Is an object to make thorn ns
, henvy as possible.
Will Produce an Everlasting Article
and One That Will Glvo Excel
lent Satisfaction.
While many similar fountains for
the poultry have been made of tin
cans , that soon rust and nro useless ,
yet this i-amo" principle applied to a
concrete fountain will produce an ever
lasting article nnd one that will give
excellent satisfaction. A largo flat
dish Is used to mold the bottom , into
this lay a one-Inch course of concrete
nnd have it como up on the sides , as
Concrete Fountain.
shown in sectional Illustration , about
two Inches high. In the center sot a
short section of stove pipe and Inside
this place a smaller piece that has
a less diameter BO that the wall of the
tank will have a thlckncsn of at least
three-quarters of an inch nil around
the saint1 ; for the center core nn old
tomato can or even n round piece of
wood of the right size is excellent
The holes for the water nre made b >
Inserting a largo spike about one-half
Inch from the bottom , through the
outer core or section of stovoplpo nnd
BO It will mold a small hole through
the concrete ; four or six of these
should liu made , but placed below the
lop edge of iusldo dish. The concrete
Is placed between the stovepipe and
the core , thus molding the wall nnd
bonding with the concrete bottom so
the fountain Is all In ono piece. When
dry the forms may bo easily removed
and you have an article that will glvo
good satisfaction , keeping the water
clean , with Just enough In the lower
basin for the poultry ; something they
cannot tip o\cr and spill , the eunply
for the day being placed In at the top
of the tank
( lustration Shows Structure Intended
for Chlckeno All the Year-
Cost Is Small.
A practical poultry house , 20x32 , IB
Bhown In the llluBlrnUon herewith.
The center part Is 12xUO feet , 9 feet
o the square , having n solid floor 3
cot nbovo top of Bill ( dotted. line
shows where iloor should bo ) . ThlH
department IH used exclusively for
aylng and roosting. Ground plan
shown partition through length of
made of plastering lath , and
Practical Poultry House.
flooring up nnd down in roosting
room. The frame Is of studding 2x4
Inches , weather-boarded with worked
barn boards , also lined with same ,
with smooth side out , having building
paper ( or tar paper ) , tacked up to the
studding under it. Hoosts hang from
celling on Iron rods to within 14 or
1C Inches from the floor ; a board set
in grooves in the walk divides floor
space under roosts to keep droppings
from mixing with litter on balance of
floor. Feed troughs are placed around
walls as shown In plan. Ladders lead
up from scratching floor to each roostIng -
Ing room. This roosting department
is scaled up on tinder sides of rafters ,
which permits of n window In each
gable above the square of the build-
ng , giving splendid ventilation with
out any patent arrangements. The
vlngs are 3 foot high In front and 7
oet whcro they Join roost rooms. The
space under floor of main biilldlnt ; Is
a part of scratching floor with n lath
partition extending through. It is cal
culated as an all year poultry house ,
t can bo used for ono flock by omit-
Ing the partition In the center of the
louse and scratching floors. The ap
proximate cost Is $90.
Experiment Demonstrates That It Is
Excellent as Green Feed for
the Growing Chickens.
I have demonstrated to my satis
faction during the past year , that nl-
"alfn excels clover both as a green
food for growing chicks , and a winter
relish for adult fowls.
Wo have a field of ten acres sown
to alfalfa stretching Just below the
colony coops nnd pens where I raise
my chicks.
A year ago last summer I noticed
that as soon as I gave the chicks free
range they would seek this field nnd
spend hours in the growing alfalfa ,
particularly when it blossomed ready
for cutting.
Dy close observation I found that
they ate the tender tops and purple
buds ravenously and certainly seemed
to thrive on the food.
I tried sowing some seed In my
nursery pen , and it was wonderful to
see how the chicks enjoyed It wee ,
fluffy fellows just from the incubator.
This sot mo to thinking.
When last winter came on I housed
100 pure Buff Cochin pullets In a fair
ly roomy nnd comfortable house. The
large hay barn was stored to thereof
roof with alfalfa nnd millet hay. Prom
the former the leaves and dried blos
soms , still green In hue. fell In masses
of fine fragrant litter , useless to the
cattle and horses which only ate the
bulkier stems.
All winter long I used this alfalfa
chaff for litter in my houses , bedding
the floor deep every day. The hena
scratched In It for their grain nnd ate
every available bit they could pick up.
Dy night the floor would bo bnro
and n fresh supply was thrown In
ready for the morning meal.
My hens have always done well as
winter layers , but last season they
outdid themselves and made a record
which Is the wonder and envy of all
my neighbors.
1 give the credit to alfalfa , especial
ly ns some close neighbors with warm
er houses ono of them heated who
bought patent egg-making foods , pro
tein and blood meal In largo quanti
ties and who have bone mills and fed
green bone all winter , with oyster
shells , mica grit nnd cut clover got
next to no eggs at all.
In fact , the one who has the heat
ed chicken house , did not average
three eggs a week and the other bare
ly got enough for family use. Ono
has a fiock of 500 Brown Leghorns
and the other 250 pure Barred Rocks
In past winters eggs from my old
hens have been few and far between.
It was the pullets that laid the eggs ,
but not only did the hens lay last
winter but want to set Just as If It
was summer weather.
I broke up ns many as n dozen
broody hcnp last January. In the face
of facts like those I naturally glvo the
credit to alfalfa.
J This was the sole addition to their
I feed and the only grain they had was
i com and an occasional feed of boiled
j outs for wo did not BOW wheat last
I year.
Religious , Social , Agricultural , Pollt
leal and Othsr Matters Given
Due Consideration.
J. C. Stlllinger and wife of Boone
county , celebrated their golden wed
A big Ice house near the Davis ele
vation In Beatrice was burned to the
ground , entailing a loss of $1,000 , ful
ly covered by insurance.
C. A. Mclslngcr of Springfield was
taken Into custody and was adjudged
u fit subject for treatment as a dip
somaniac by the insanity board.
Krnest Hahn , for twenty-four years
Connected with the
Fowler Grain company at Fremont ,
assumed the office of deputy cbunty
treasurer succeeding Harry Ilimes ,
who went to Colorado Springs to ac
cept a. position with a creamery com
As J. E. Gosncll and Mark Coffey
were coming to Republican City from
Woodruff , Kas. , the buggy was over
turned. They got up and righted'It ,
Mr. Gosnell having thp lines In his
hand. The team was a spirited one ,
and as the buggy was being turned
the team Jumped and Mr. Gosncll was
struck on the side of the head , his
skull being badly .fractured. 111 ?
chances for recovery are slim.
General Munacer Mohler of the
Union Pacific and several other of-
Ilclals came to Norfolk and decided
to build a sightly modern brick passenger -
senger station.
A dog at Wymore belonging to
James Shelld acted strangely and bit
u number of children , before it was
killed. It is supposed the dog had
rabies , and the head was cent to the
Pasteur Institute in Chicago for ex
Omaha is fast getting to be a man
ufacturing center. Paxton & Gal
lagher have their big coffee mills at
Omaha , the Uncle Sam Breakfast
Food Co. have established their head
quarters there , and now it is said the
Hen Cracker Co. are to build one of
the finest cracker factories in the
world at Omaha. The great need , how
ever , is cheaper power In Nebraska.
A gentlemanly burglar perpetrated
an immensely rich joke on himself at
the residence 'of R. II. Watkins in
Alliance. He entered Watkins' bed
room , secured his pants , took them
out through the sitting room Into the
kitchen and removed .about ? 3 in
silver and nickels , but entirely over
looking ? GOO in large bills which Watkins -
kins had put in the watch pocket of
the pants.
Death of Henry Bedford , one of the
pioneers of Seward county occurred at
Enid , Oklahoma , on February 27. Mr.
Bedford had gone there only a weelc
before to visit his daughter.
Attorney H. B. FIchdrty of Omaha
appeared before Governor Shallen-
berger with a plea for n commuta
tion of sentence in the case of Leon
Angus , under sentence of life Impris
onment in the Nebraska penitentiary.
A Beatrice real estate dealer as
sorts that over one hundred residents
of Ga e county have disposed of their
farms during the past few weeks and
are now removing to other states A
number have located in Canada.
Three thousand dollars was paid on
an old issue of school bonds by the
county treasurer of Buffalo county
last week. They were Issued in the
amount of $00,000 seventeen years
ago , and this is the first payment on
The corner-stone of the magnificent
now Presbyterian church in Aurora
was laid with impressive ceremonies.
The surveyors of the Kearney-Boloit
railway are Hearing the end of their
last journey over the route between
Kearney and Beloit. The report of
the surveyors has been favorable , low
Grades being found moat of the way.
William Brown died at his homo
In Stranton as a result of injuries
sustained by falling from the roof of
a barn on the Zilmer farm. He was
shingling the building and slipped ,
falling some twelve feet striking on
his shoulders.
The city" council of Fairbury has
called a special election for April 2G
to vote on the mutter of Issuing $135-
000 bonds to purchase or install a
light and water plant. The franchise
offered by the Fairbury Light and
Water company will be voted on at
the same time.
Dawson county has been looking
forward for some time to the erection
of a much needed new court house.
The county commissioners have set
March 19 for the voting of bonds to
the amount of $100,000 for this ele
gantly planned structure.
Rev. Frank W. Dell , pastor of the
Friends' church at Central City , has
departed for Oskaloosa , la. , whqro ho
will hold a two weeks' series of meet
ings among the students of Penn col
lege , the Quaker institution of learn
ing at that place.
County Judge Wray 1ms bound Geo.
Stryker , who Is charged with embez
zlement of funds of the York Alfalfa
Meal company , over to the next term
of district court , evidence showed
that during Stryker's short term of
olllco na treasurer of the company ho
received $3,800 , and when ho resigned
there was only $ C3 In the treasury.
The State Board of Public Land
Twenty-four Carloads Purchased for
Lewis' Single Binder Cigar
What la probably the biggest lot of
all fancy grade tobacco held by any
factory In the United States has just
been purchased by Frank P. Lewis , of
Peorla , for the manufacture of Lewis'
Single Binder Cigars. The lot will
mnko twenty-four carloads , and la se
lected from what Is considered by ex
perts to be the finest crop raised In
many years. The purchase of tobacco
1 ? sufficient to last the factory more
than two years. An extra price was
paid for the selection. Smokera of
Lewis' Single Binder Cigars will appre
ciate this tobacco.
Poor/a Btar , January 16 , 1909.
"I can sing , " said one Toucan , "you bat , "
"I , too , can , " said ono that ho root.
"So If I can , and you can ,
"We two can , we Toucans. "
So the two Toucans sang a duet.
Los Angeles , Cal. , Jan. 2 , 1910.
1427 West 28th St.
Undo Saui's Breakfast Food Co. ,
Omaha , Neb.
Gents :
My mother has used your food
for over ono year , and It has done her
so much good that she feels she can't
get along without It , and as no ono has
It out hero , I want to know what a case
of 1 or 2 dozen packages will cost
me , F. O. B. Omaha or Los Angeles , by
Yours Truly ,
We certify that the above letter Is a
true copy of the original and was not
solicited. *
U. S. BF. F. CO.
Thinking of Garden Time.
Bacon I think much of the man
who can make two blades of grass
grow where ono grew before.
Egbert I've not got my eye on him.
f admire more the man who can make
only ono weed grow where a dozen
grew before.
$100 Reward , $100.
The readers o ! this piper will be pleased to learn
that there Is at least cue dteaucd disease that wienco
has been able to cure la all Its Blades , and that Is
Catarrh , llall'a Catarrh Cure Is the only jxjsithe
cure now Known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
bclns a constitutional disease , requires a constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure to taken In
ternally acting directly upon the blond nnd mucous
surfaces of the system , thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease , and chins the patient
strcnsth by bulldtm ; up the constitution and n-sK-
Ing nature In ( loins Its work. The proprietors hue
BO much faith In Its curative powers that they otter
Ono Hundred Dollars for any case that It falls to
cure. Send for list of testimonials
Address F. J. CIIRNCY & CO. Toledo , O.
Bold by all Drutrclsts " 5c.
Take Hall's Family 1'liu for constipation.
Excellent Connection.
"Is his family well connected ? "
"Extremely so. They have an ex
clusive private 'phone , "
irttbAVen'i l.ung Itiilvim , the popular family rem
edy. It cures where other remedies fall. All deal
ers. 25c , We , H CO bottles.
The decollete-gowned woman is sel
dom deceitful ; at least , she doesn't try
to conceal much.
Pain J.A.VATU'H 1IUUMO Quinine Tablet *
lniL"lntsrctiiiiJ ( money If It falli to cur * . E. W
tillOvli'S Sc.
It doesn't take one long to become
an expert fault finder.
A Worthy Remedy ,
If you suffer from any Stomach
ach , Liver , Kidney or
Bowel trouble , you will find
Hostetter's Stomach
Bitters a thoroughly reli
able remedy and worthy
of your utmost confidence.
Give it a fair trial and see
for yourself how good it is in
cases of Poor Appetite ,
Belching , Sick Head
ache , Indigestion , Cost-
General Weakness. Get
Your Liver
is Clogged up
That's Why You're Tired On ! * 8
Sorta Hare No Appetite.
will put you right
in a lew day * .
They do
their duty.
tioB , Dil-
iouineit , Indigtition , Bad Side
GENUINE mutt bear ngn&ture :
Cured Right at Home
by ELUCrnOPODES. Ne Eltctrfc Treatment.
G lTanlc Inloles coppr and rifle worn IniMo
ihoes. Imrltrorate entire body. Nerre * b come "lira
wlrn. " Positive cure lor Rheumatism , Neurilel * .
Backache. Kidney and Llrer cotnpUlcts. Frlco
only SICOYour money returned II net latliUctory.
Guarantee lzned with ch taJe. Klectropode ir
mallable. II not it your Drurrltf. Mod us Jl.00.
State irhether lor ma _ or woman.
215 Lea Angcle * SU If * Aascle * . Ctl.
"I used Cascorets and feel like a new
man. I have been a sufferer from dye-
pepsia and sour stomach for the last two
years. I have been taking medicine and
other drugs , but could find no relief only
for a short time. I will recommend A
Cascarets to my friends as the only thing
for indigestion and sour stomach ana to
keep the bowels in good condition.
They are very nice to eat. "
Harry Stuckley , Mauch Chunk , Pa.
Pleasant , Palatable , Potent , TastoGood.
Do Good. Never Sicken. Weaken or Gripe.
JOc. 25c , 50c. Never sold in built. The gen
uine tablet stamped C C C. Guaranteed to
cure or your money bade. 929
For Steel ana Wood Frames , 125 an *
up WrlU ) usbeforo joulnij.
, Wo save you money. Alto
'I'umps and Wind illlls.
rrntiltk A Liwr n , Washington.
U a lilt , to si * . B t ref ertacM.
W. N. U. , LINCOLN , NO. 11-1910.
The Tenderfoot Farmer
Itvas one of these experimental farmers , who put green
spectacles on his cow and fed her shavings. His theory
rras that it didn't matter what the cow ate so long as the
rras fed. The questions of digestion and nourishment had
not entered into his calculations.
It's only a "tenderfoot" farmer that would try tuch
nn experiment with a cow. But many a farmer feeds him *
self regardless of digestion and nutrition. He might almost as well eat shav
ings for nil the good ho gets out of his food. The result is that the stomach
grows "weak" the action of the organs of digestion and nutrition are impaired
and the man Buffers the miseries of dyspepsia and the agonies o ( nervousness.
To strengthen the stomach , restore the activity of the or *
tfans of digestion and nutrition and brace up the nerrcs ,
use Dr. P/ercc'a Golden Medical Discovery. It Is an an *
falling remedy , and has the confidence of physicians a
veil as the pralso of thousands healed by its use.
_ In the strictest sense "Golden Medical Discovery" is a temperance medi
cine. It contains neither intoxicants nor narcotics , and is as free from alcohol
os from opium , cocaine and other dangerous drugs. All ingredients printed on
its outside wrapper.
Don't let a dealer delude you for his own profit. There is no medicine for
stomach , liver and blood "just as good" as "Golden Medical Discovery. "
Oureo the sick and acts as a preventive for others. Liquid given OB
the tongue. Safe for brood mares and nil others. Best kidney remedy : M
cents and II 00 a bottle ; 5 00 and 110 00 the dozen. Bold by all druVcUw
end horse goods houses , or Bent express paid , by the manufacturers !
' . RHEUM-
\fU ITt C.O
25c BOX
A limited amount of Great Western Port
land tVraonl , paying a dividend of 8 #
Wo nro oltllcwl to enlarge our plant , duo to the Increase In buslnesn.
and oiler the above
stock to those seeking investment * .
For particulars , address
is the turning-point to economy
in wear and tear of wagons. Try
a box. Every dealer , everywhere