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Five Mill Levy can only be Construed
to mean on the Assessed Valua
Since the special election has boon
called , the report 1ms gained wide
" " circulation that this levy of five
"T" mills for a court house would bu
made on the actual valuation Instead
of the assessed valuation , which Is
one fifth of the actual value , and
that Instead of this levy raising
$36,000 as contemplated , It would
raise flvo times that amount. This
positively could not he the case. The
Chief publishes a letter from Silas
A Holcomb , bearing on the matter
Mr. Ilolcomb served as District Judjr ;
of this district and after completing
two terms ns Governor of Nebraska
\vns Judge of the Supreme Court ol
Nebraska for six years and the Chief
Justice of that body. His thousands
of friends over Custer county will
no doubt accept his statement with
the same approval that his work in
all walks of public life have brought
Judge Holcomb's statement follows :
The proposition .submitted by the
Board of Supervisors to "Levy a tax
of flvo mills on the dollar valuation
of the taxable property In Custei
County" , provides only for a levy at
the rate uaiJed on the assessed value
of property , which under the law Is
one fifth of the actual value. This
from the best Information obtainable
will create a fund of approximately
$35,000.00 which can be expended tc
rebuild the recently burned Court
House. The levy provided for In
Commercial Club.
If your name appears in ' the
list of committees following- get
busy :
Extending- city limits South
west Prettymau , Jas. Osborn
and Beal.
Brick Factory House , Hunt
er and Dr. Bass.
Financial statement of the
city's Resources and Liabilities
Kimberling- .
Public Library Morgan , Prof ,
Elliott and Kimberling.
At this particular time , when
contemplated improvements are
under consideration it is impor
tant that every voter should have
an intelligent idea of the finan
cial condition of the city.
Many of the citizens of Broken
Bow have lived therein for a
quarter of a century and if they
ever enjoy modern convenciences ,
they must get them now.
Wiriis CADWBI.I. Sec.
We want to show every man
who is interested in good shoes
our extensive line. Kiffin-Luke
I" * " " " ' ' " ' * * * * * *
thin proposition , If adopted by the-
voters , can bo made for but one year
that Is the year 1910 and must be
made on the same valuation as the
levies are made for State , County
School District and other purposes
There can be no such tiling undoi
the law HS u levy on the actual
value of the taxable , property in the
County. There is no law providing
for such s. levy , and no authority
can he found within the statue for
11. The "taxable property'1 spoken
of in the proposition Is property In
the County mibject to taxation and
taxed at one fifth It's actual value
There can be no two sides to this
question. Section 12 of Chapter 77
provides specifically that property
not exempt "shall be valued at It's
actual value , which shall be entered
opposite each Hem and shall be as
sessed at tiO per cent of such actual
value. Such assessed value shall be
entered In a separate column opposite
each Item and shall he taken and
comiidered as the taxable value ol
smell property and the value at which
It shall be listed and upon which the
levy shall bo made. " The levy con
templated In the proposition men
tioned will be arrived at from the
assessments as made by the County
Assessors at one fifth of the actual
value they find the property assess
ed to bear and then as equalized by
( the County Hoard of Equalization ,
which value when so ascertained will
and must be taken as a basis for any
and all levies made by the County
Supervisors whether it be foi
County purposes , to build a Court
House or for any other purpose.
Respectfully ,
Silas A. Holcomb
Must Be Inspected.
-Dr. S. S. Wertz , the veterinar
ian , is in receipt of a letter from
P. Juckuiess , state veterinarian ,
in which he states that all dairy
or breeding cattle offered for sale
at public sales must be tested before -
fore being removed from the
premises. There is a penalty for
failure to comply with the pro
vision of the law , and as the
season for public sales is now at
hand it would be well for farmers
intending- have sales keep the
fact in mind. Shelton Clipper.
Hriiiff Home My Saddle.
I have been watching you and
have been watching for you to
bring back my saddle. Maybe
you think I don't know who you
are but you are mistaken. If you
don't bring it back you will suf
fer what the law will give you.
Ernest Thornburg , Broken Bow ,
Neb. 37-2t
L. E , Cole , the Undertaker ,
made a pretty good sale Satur
day. He sold the big black team
of horses he drove on the hearse.
The price he received for the
team was $525.
Lenten Specialties
Smoked Salmon.
Smoked HalilDut.
English Bloaters.
Scalled Herring.
. Smoked White Fish.
Holland Herring.
Salt Salmon.
Salt White Pish.
Salt Mackeral.
Ph ° ne 161 THE GROCER Pl e 180
Agent for De Laval Scparatora Cream Station
County Board Cannot Change It.
Section 1IS05 Cobbey's St.ituitc : 1W9 Is as Follows.
"Whcnrvpr it shall be deemed
necessary to uiuct a court house ,
jail , or other public county build
ings in any county in this state ,
the board of commissioners may ,
or upon petition of not less than
one fourth of the legal voters of
said county , as shown by the poll
books of the last previous gener
al election , shall submit to the
people of said county to be voted
upon at a general or a special
election called by the board of
county commissioners for that
purpose , a proposition to vote a
special annual tax for that pur
pose of not to exceed five mills
on the dollar valuation of the
taxable property in said county ,
for a term not to exceed five
years. "
The law is so clear that it
needs no explanation the words
" five mills on the dollar valua
tion of the taxable property in said
county for a term of not to exceed
five years. " Means the taxable
valuation only , which in this
county is tut one fifth of the
actual valuation. In other words
Resolutions passed by the short
course School of Agriculture
held at Booken Bow , Nebr. , Jan.
25-29 , 1910.
Whereas : It has been clearly
shown that in the breeding am\-
improvement of corn it is neces
sary to obtain the best results tc
make the experiments in the
locality wherein tiie field crop is
to be grown. Therefore be it
Resolved. That the County
Board of Custer county be re
quested to appropriate the aum
of $25.00 to be used by the poor
farm committee in experiments
in corn testing and corn improve
ment on the poor farm of said
county during the season of
Whereas : The appropriation
made by the last legislature for
farmer's institute work in the
state was only sufficient , to carry
on one hundred and fifty-two
(152) ( institutes and there are
thirty-one (31) ( ) applications on
file with the superintendent that
cannot be met because of the
lack of funds. Therefore be it
Resolved , That we favor the
election of representatives to the
next legislature who are pledged
to the support of an appropri
ation that will meet the require
ments of this line of educational
Whereas : A bill has been in
troduced in the United States
Congress by Representative Me-
Laughlin of Michigan for the
ourpose of apropriating $10,000
annually to the Agricultural
College of each state and terri
tory of the United States , to be
used for purposes ot agricultural
extension , in Farmers' Institute
schools , in the operation of dem
onstration farms , and for other
work similar to the work now
carried on by the Farmers' Insti
tute movement of this state. Be
Resolved , That we heartily
approve House Roll No. 15,422 ,
and that we ask our Senators
and Representatives in Congress
to vote for this bill and to work
for its passage in the present
NOTICK. Ticket No. 17U9 drew
the 400 day clock at our store.
Party holding this number ticket
will please call for the clock
prior to March 1st , 1910. If not
called for by said date another
drawing will be made. Keep
your tickets. A , II. Soudera.
if the actual valuation be $500.00
the taxable valuation is but
* 100.00. There is no such thing
as a taxable valuation for one
thing or purpose , and another
taxable valuation for some other
purpose , that is an impossibil
The opinion of Judge S. A.
Holcomb is absolutely conclusive
of the question. It is almost
impossible for the board to do
a thing not permitted ! to be done
by the law above set out ; and the
county board , in order to be fair ,
and to avoid any possibility of
being charged with unfairness ,
confined the levy to one year ,
and that the year 1910 ; the board
cannot , by any pretext , subter
fuge , adroitness or anything else ,
go beyopd the levy of five mills
on the taxable valuation for the
year 1910 , and the amount
which will be realized by virtue
of that levy will approximate
Respectfully yours ,
N. T. GADD ,
County Attorney.
One Large Court House , Not Four Dinkics.
We note the Argosy of Ansley
last week had a notice request
ing subscriptions of $25,000 to
build a court house at Ansley in
case the question of division car
ries. The Argosy suggests that
the other quarters of the county
will raise similar amounts at the
three prospective county seats.
Concceding that such amounts
would be subscribed and paid it
only proves the contention of
anti-divisionists that it will cost
more than twice as much to run
four counties than it will to run
one covering the same territory.
The proposition to put $100,000
in four court houses is twice the
amount required to build a court
house at Broken Bow acSaquate
to accomodate the officers and
records of the entire county ,
while as a matter of fact is
nearly three times the amount
asked by the five mill levy to re
build the court house at Broken
What is true of the admission
of the needs of the four proposed
counties would prove true of the
general expenses of four counties
over that of one county.
Admitting for argument's sake
that the four prospective county
seats would meet the first ex
pense with taxing for it. No
one would claim for a moment
that they would meet the gener
al expense from year to year that
would b necessary to maintain
the county government. The
extra expense that it would cost
each year for four counties would
have to be borne by the tax pay
ers. Instead of being an annually
five mill levy as asked this year
to rebuild the court house it
would be four or five times that
much anually. Not for one year
only but for all time.
As not only a matter of gener
al interest to the greatest num
ber of tax payers but as a matter
of perpetual economy the five
mill levy should be voted and a
suitable building provided for
the county's use of which no
citizen need be ashamed.
Advertised Letters.
Unclaimed letters for the week
ending-February 15 , 1910.
Mr. J. M. Davis.
Arostolo Karahalio.
A. L. Mayers.
Mrs. John Morrison.
O. H. Olson.
Mr. Frank Ryan.
Time of Settlement Extended to May 15. Leave of Absence Grant
ed to all for Three Months from January 28 , 1910.
[ PUBLIC No. 23 ]
[ II. K. 16223 ]
All Aft nxu'iultiig the Hint- for rort.iln homesteaders to CHtalilltih residence upon thrlf lands
Be it enacted by the Senate
and House of Representatives of
the United States of America in
Congress assembled , That all
persons who have heretofore
made homestead entries in the
states of North Dakota , South
Dakota , Idaho , Minnesota , Mon
tana , Nebraska , Colorado , and
Wyoming , and the Territory of
New Mexico , where the period in
which they were , or are , required
by law to make entry under dec
laratory statement or establish
residence expired or expires after
December first , nineteen hun
dred and nine , are hereby grant
ed until May fifteenth , nineteen
hundred and ten , within which
to make entry or establish resi
dence upon the lands so entered
by them : Provided , That this
extension of time shall not short-
M. E. Church. R. II. Thompson , Pastor
Sunday School 10:00 : a. m ;
morning sermon 11:00 : a. m ; Jun
ior league 2:30 : p. m ; Epwortb
league 6:30 : p. m ; evening sermon
7:30 : p. m ; E. L. Mission Study
Class , Wednesday 7:30 : prayer
meeting Thursday 7:30 : p. m.
Come and worship with UB you
will be a stranger in the church
but once.
Next Sunday Feby. 20th , will
be Temperence day at the M. 13.
The pastor will preach a tern-
perence sermon at 11:00 : a. m.
In the evening at 7:30 : a special
program , consisting of short ad
dresses by N. T. Gadd , Supt. R.
I. Elliott , and Rev. M. S. Fouch ,
will be rendered.
A cordial invitation is cxtcned
to the public.
Baptist Lliurch. A. T. Norwood. Pastor
Sunday School 10:00 : a. m ;
preaching 11:00 : a. m ; Junior
union 3:00 : p. m ; B. Y. P. U. 6:30 :
p. m ; preaching 7:30 : p. m ;
teachers' meeting Monday 7:30 :
p. m ; Agoga class Tuesday 7:30 :
p. m ; prayer meeting Wednesday
7:30 : p ui ; Amouia class first and
third Saturday of each month
7:30 : p. in.
Rev. Hentley , an evangelist ,
who a number of years ago held j
a series of meetings in Broken
Bow is holding a meeting for the
Baptist church at Ansley. The
meetings commenced a week ago
last . Rev.
Sunday. Bentlcy is an
able and forcible speaker and
preaches the old gospel stright.
We predict good results.
Christian Church L 0. Doward. Pastor.
At the Christian chuich next
en cither the period of commu
tation or of actual residence un
der the homestead law : Provid
ed further , That this Act shall
not apply to an adverse claim es
tablished by entry and residence
after the expiration of the time
allowed for establishing resi
dence of the first cutryman , and
prior to the passage of this Act.
Site , 2. That hoinestoad en-
trymen or settlers upon the pub
lic domain in the States above
named are hereby granted a leave
of absence from their land for a
period of three mouths from the
date of the approval of this Act :
Provided , That the period of
actual absence under this Act
shall not be deducted from the
full time of residence required by
Approved , January 28 , 1910.
Sunday Rev. Doward , the'pastor ,
will deliver an address on another
important subject at 7:30 : p. m.
The music will be special and
pleasing. Sunday school at 10:00 :
a. m. Communion and preach
ing services 11:00 a. m. The
Christian Endeavor meet 6:30 :
p. m.
Presbyterian Church J. E Aubrey , Pastor
Next Sunday as it is between
Lincoln and Washington's birth
days , the pastor of the Presby
terian church has arranged an
appropriate service atll:00 | : a. m.
Judge Reese will preside , ' "Prof.
Williams will pay tribute to
Washington , Judge Dean will
speak on Lincoln and Rev.
Aubrey will speak on I"Patro-
tism and the Bible. " Music and
decorations will suitjthe occas
ion. You are invited.
Last Thursday afthernoon
MrB. Burdick , who resides with
her daughter , Mrs. Avalo Van-
nice of this city , was most agree
ably surprised by a few neigh
bors and the ladies Sunday
School class of the U. U church ,
coming in to celebrate her 75th
birthday anniversary. The af
ternoon was spent in social chat ,
while a number of contests were
participated in , which afforded
much amusement. After the
contestt were over Mrs. Burdick
was given a handkerchief show
er , and they were then invited to
the dining room where a dainty
lunch was served. At a late
hour the guests departed wishing
Mr. Burdick many happy re
turns of the day , declaring
Mrs. Vannice to be a most charming
inghostess. .
Ono Big Week Commencing : Mon
day February 5th.
The Kompton Komedy Ko.
An organization of merit presantinif a stanlurd
Repertorie with Special Scenery for each play.
Lots of Good Things in Specialties and The ONLY
Stock Company in the Wedt offering ; the following'
at populor prices :
"My Dixie Girl" "Mis Other Wife"
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On Monday nig-ht one lady will be admitted free if ac
companied by one paid reserved ticket.
Beautiful pieces of furnitu.e given away. Come out
Monday night and get numbers.
Prices 25 , 35 and 60.