Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, February 03, 1910, Image 1

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    State Historical Society
* L
County IRepublican
The People's Choral Union
Advanced Pianoforte Students
Tuesday Evening , FeVy 8 , 1910
North Side Opera House v
Mrs. Charles L. Gutterson , President ; Rev. J. E.
Aubrey , Vice-President ; Mrs. Frank Taylor , Sec.-
Treasurer ; Miss Zuie Holcomb , accompanist ; Miss
Adah Dell Bowen , Conductor.
A. Geibel " 'Tis Morn. "
Chopin Valse brillante.
HelleiTarantelle. .
Miss Pearle Eddy. "
J. " - "An Secret. "
Huntington "Woodman Song"An Open
Mrs. A. H. Stuckey.
Bishop "Now Tramp O'er Moss and Fell. "
Solo by Mrs. Frank Taylor.
Smart Trio , "Down i i the Dewy Dell. "
Mrs. A. H. Stuckey ,
Miss Adah D. Bowen , > ' ,
Mrs. C. L. Gutterson.
Mac Dowell "In Autumn , "
Hadiey < 4La Princesse , " Concert Polka.
Miss Louise Ledwich.
PART ii . ;
Millard Parks , "When the Tide Comes In. " ,
Chorus. < *
Vocal Duet. : .
Mrs. Frank Taylor. , . .
Miss Adah D. Bowen. . : . - > .
Cornet Solo :
Mr. _ .Frank _ Taylor. . .
. ,
i J * rJ * t4 * *
" r
Cowen"For a Dream's Sake. " -
Chadwick Quartette , "Thiwtledown. "
Mrs. A. H. Stuckejr ,
Miss Adah D. Bowen ,
Mrs. Frank Taylor ,
Mrs. C. L. Gutterson.
Beethoven First Symphony.
First Movement
( Transcribed for four hands. )
i r Miss 3ernice McComas.
( First piano part supplied by Miss Bowen. )
Cowen Bridal Chorus , from "The Rose Maiden. "
Seats on sale Saturday , Feb. 5th , at Jas. Stockham's
Furniture Store and Hoicomb's Book Store. Prices
25 and 35 cents.
Yes"right now and and all the
time for that matter , mail order
houses are flooding the country
with their advertisements and
catalogues. The way for home
merchants to successfully meet
opposition is not by complaining
and growling , which has the
effect of driving away business ,
but by imjtatjng far , more than
they do the methods of their
competitors. Advertise.
Berwick Castle No. 23 , Royal
Highlanders , will celebrate their
thirteenth anniversary Tuesday
evening February , 15th.
The Finest Line in the City.
i Here are Some of Them in Fancy Packages
Veroniqe Delico Nabisco Festino
Social Teas Oswego Biscuits Fruit Cake
Cheese Sandwiches Cheese Sticks
Vanilla and Lemon "Wafers
Also a complete line of Bulk Cookies fresh and nice.
Jonathans Bellflowers Black Twigs
Phone 161 THE GROCER Phone 180
Agent for De Laval Separators Cream Station
Washington Letter.
"The world and hia wife"
seemingly were present at the
first reception given by the Vice
President Wednesday cvaning in
honor of the senate of the United
States. Never in recent history
has there been such a crowd
present at a function in a private
house as p-athered within the
hospitable humc of Vice Presi
dent Sherman on the occasion
mentioned. President Taft was
one of the most democratic
guests of the evening ; and his
smile , his hearty laugh , his
engaging personality and the
warm-shake accompanying his
greetings marked him as one
especially fitted for the high
office which he holds.
Senator Burkett and Senators
Gamble and Crawford of South
Dakota had a good natural
colloquy recently over Gamble's
bill opening the Rosebud lands
in South Dakota. Senator Bur
kett was of course heartily in
tavor of the bill ; but he insisted
that there ought to be some other
way devised for drawing than
that in vogue for the last few
years. Former Commissioner
Richards of the general land
office , when in Washington in-
augrated a so-called lottery
system of having the registra
tion , and then putting the num
bers into a wheel or a hat
corresponding to the number of
registrations , and by that means
determining who should have
priority of right inse'eting land.
Senator Burkett told ot experi
ences he had had incident to the
opening of the Gregory county
lands in South Dakota ; that he
had had to spend a week along
the northern border of Nebraska ,
and that he met thousands of
people enroute for registration.
Accomodations were bad , "the
weather was hot , the trains were
crowded beyond their capacity
by a motley number of people bl
all shades in social world ; and
the women and children among
them were compelled to hear at )
sorts "o'fVile" Tangna"gefrStnd < Mvta
witness scenes not for their eyes ;
and that the 'registration and
drawing were a good deal of a
farce. He hoped some means of
alloting the land might be devis
ed , and the same results accom
plished with out so much hard
Hia story was a graphic pic
ture , and down east senators and
senators from the middle and
western states , were much inter
ested in the account , which is
now associated only with states
having Indian reservations , the
land in which from the very
nature of things must be opened
to white settlement.
"The Story of the Insurgent
West" which Ray Stannard Bak
er ia writing for a popular maga
zine , shows how easily one's
fame may be dimmed by the ab
sence of a letter in spelling a
name. A well known writer ,
in fact , , Bryan once said that
the height of fame was reached
when a soldier serving his coun1
try with all the power at his
command , leading his legiment
in a desperate charge against the
enemies works , falls mortal ) ]
wounded. and then his name
misspelled in the official gazette
Such is fame. Judge Norris
wnose ooia lacasianas out among
the insurgents of the west in the
picture printed in the magazine ,
must be contented with a photo
graph , for he is called "OR-
K-I-S" of Nebraska.
Even though a letter has been
dropped from his name Norris
has made himself familiar in
other ways , on the floor , aud in
the committee room ; and as a
debater he is looked upon as one
of the earnest representatives in
the house.
W. P. Trew , of Cumro , was
over the first of the week tran
sacting business and visiting
friends. Will is something of a
land owner being the proprietor
of over 1200 acres of Custer
county real estate. He has been
a resident of Nebraska for thirty
nine years , having come to the
state with the Soldiers' Free
Homestead Colony that set'led
Gibbon , Buffalo county in 1871.
The finest line of dre s trim
mings ever shown in Broken
Bow , just received. KiffinLucke
If you attend the concert next
Tu sday evening you will hear
1 music that will please anyone.
. The Question of Sewerage.
There has been more or less
agitation of the matter of public
sewerage for several years in
in. Broken Bow , but thus far
nolhinu tangible has resulted.
Conditions have become such
that more than agitation is need
ed ; The sanitary conditions of
thji city is of greater importance
than the expense of putting in a
system of sewerage that would
accomodate the city for a gener-
'Bonds could be voted in suf
ficient amount to provide at
sewerage system for the public
buildings and the entire private
district. The new court house
to be built this season should be
provided with sewerage , as well
as hotels aud all other public
While the city council will
have to pass on the plans and
amount to be spent , the commer
cial' club could aid materially in
formulating those plans and
ascertaining the probable cost ,
so that the question could be in
telligently submitted to the people
ple ior their approval. At the
present writing we have made
no attempt to ascertain the
probable cost of a system that
* ould be adequate for present
needs. Let tbat be great or
small , there is no doubt but that
the valuation of the city is great
enough to admit of a levy for a
bond that would provide the
necessary means without burden
ing any of us. Sewerage is a
matter tbat must come sooner or
later and it is better to have it at
once and avoid possible epidem
ics of typhoid fever for the lack
of it.
The present generation whjch
has sacrificed aud borne the
hardships and inconveniences of
the early stages of the commun
ity , are entitled at least to share
; in the benefits of ttfeir accumu
lations for the geneiations to
follow , and should insist on such
modern public improvements as
are calculated to add to tha con-
niericeV and , f h > pplpesa s olits
citizens. Among these are pub
lic sewerage , electric lights ,
cement walks and a city hall.
With proper energy we can
have all these this year , and
with such energy and enterprise
continued the population of
Broken Bow will reach ten
thousand in the next five years.
Are you ready to help.
Catlaway Marshall Makes Arrest.
Acting under Sheriff Kennedy's
direction , Marshall Penny of
Callaway arrested a stranger
there Friday. In the forenoon
the marshall telephoned Sheriff
Kennedy that a new arrival in
Callaway was acting in a manner
that put him under suspicion.
He said the stranger had disposed
of a superior make of shotgun
worth at least S40 for 18 and later
in the day sold a fine horse and
saddle for $35. He though the
horse alone worth $100. The
sheriff told the marshall to arrest
and hold him there , as Broken
Bow is still without a county
The sheriff had hardly began
investigating when another
phone from Sheriff Miltonbcrger
of North Platte warned him to
be on the look out ior nenry
Gibson , whom it is charged ,
disappeared from there with a
horse and saddle , shotgun and
other things. The description
of Gibson and the stolen property
tallied exactly with Marshall
Penny's capture and the North
Platte official waa informed by
Sheriff Kennedy that he thought
his man was in safe hands.
Sheriff Miltouberger will go to
Have you tried the New Globe
Hotel under present manage
ment ? Good meals , clean , warm
beds , courteous treatment. The
only dollar a day hotel in town.
Come once , you'll come again.
Mr. Palmer , who lives south
west of town , has purchased the
old Frey property in the north
east part of town and is having
the roof shingled and the pro
perty otherwise improved.
Our men's shoes are giving
satisfaction. You owe it to your
self to try a pair. Kiffin-Lucke
Pretty and catchy choruses at
the concert next Tuesday even
ting- .
"A Heart of Gold"
"Big Jim , or A Heart of Gold , " will be
presented at the
This i6 a new Rural Comedy Drama in four acts.
It has a real comedy and plenty of genuine pathos ,
Special scenery for every act. Specialties between
acts. Seat at Hoicomb's Book Store and Stockham's
Furniture Store. Prices 25c , 35c and 50c.
Court Adjourned till Next Monday.
Monday morning after Judge
Hostetlcr bad arrived here to
convene the equity term of dis
trict court it was found that the
opera house in which the court
was advertised to be hold was
not in the original town of Bro
ken Bow and consequently not in
the legal county seat. Super
visors Headley and Dewey , who
happened to i > e in town , secured
the old Armory and court was
called in that building Monday
afternoon. Upon consideration
the Judge concluded that court
could not be legally held there
until that fact had been advcr-
tiffed , and adjourned until nest
Monday that proper notice might
be given.
The fact that this was an
equity term in which title to
property might be tried , foreign
ers naturalized and divorce cases
heard , made it necessary thkt
the location of the court should
be legally advertised.
. . . . Collie Men Will Dine.
' THe College MeTu's club , co
posed of college men of this
vicinity will hold their second
annual dinner at the Grand Cen
tral Hotel on Monday evening ,
February 7th , at 8 o'clock p. m.
The members of the club arc men
who took the whole or part of a
college or university course
aside from those offered in the
professional schools. All such
men arc made welcome. Edwin
F. Myers , president of the club
will preside and the following
list of toasts will be given :
Some Things That I Miss ,
Clyde Wilson.
Years That I Spent , C. W.
The Ideals of College Men ,
Professor Elliott.
What the College Man Owes
to the Rural Community , Rev.
J. E. Aubrey.
The University of Hard
Knocks , Dr. Buckley.
The College Man in Politics ,
Judge Dean.
6 per cent money for Farm
Loans no commission optional
payment. James Ledwich.
An elegant assortment of wash
dress braids Kiffin-Lucke Co.
M. E. Church. R. II. Thompson , Pastor
Sunday School 10:00 a. m ;
morning sermon 11:00 : a. m ; Jun
ior league 2:30 : p. m ; Epworth
league 6:30 : p. m ; evening sermon
7:30 : p. m ; E. L. Mission Study
Class , Wednesday 7:30 : prayer
meeting Thursday 7:30 : p. m.
Come and worship with us you
will be a stranger in the church
but once.
The Woman's. Foreign Miss
ionary Society will have a social
afternoon today ( Thurs. ) at the ,
home of Mrs. C. B. Snydcr.
From 5:30 : p. m. to 7 p. m. dinner
will be served. The public is
uvited to aid the cause by their
presence and patronage.
The Queen Esther Circle will
ncct for the purpose of reorgan
ising , with Mrs , R. H. Thompson
Saturday afternoon 2:30. : An
invitation is extended to frirla
from ten to fourteen years of-age.
The work promises to be quite
Baptist Church. A. i Norwood , Pastor
Sunday School 10:00 : a. mi
preaching 11:00 : a. m ; Junior
union 3:00 : p. m ; B. Y. P. U , 6:30 :
p. m ; preaching 7:30 p. m ;
teachers' meeting Monday 7:30 :
p. in ; Agoga class Tuesday 7:30
p. m ; prayer meeting Wednesday
7:30 p m.
Christian Church 2. 0. Do ward , Pastor.
Communion and preaching ser
vices 11 a. m. Special song ser
vices and sermon 7:30 p. m.
Bible school at 10 : a. m , Christ
ian Endeavor hpur 6:30 : p. * in.
The widewake farmer is
engaged these days in overhaul
ing his harness and getting his
machinery in shape for spring
work. Aud the wideawake busi
ness man is using newspaper
space to tell the farmer where
he can get what be needs for
that purpose. Are you a wide
awake business man ?
Columbus Smith , of George
town , was in town yesterday.
Columbus is an old time Buffalo
county man.
A full gallon am of Apricta only Oranges , the genuine Sun Kilt
40 a pouud price 400 , or Peaches navels A silver orange spoon
undApplea , Juat atop aud won given away by the growers for
der only six wrapperi , 150 , 302 , 350 ,
400 , and 450 a dozen.
The finest Saur Kraut , The Sil
ver Thread , loc a quart Sealshlpt Oysters , Fresh Fish
and Salt Fish during lent
Welnerwlrst and Luncheon Loaf
the finest 150 a pound.
Pig Souse , good eating a pounds
for 350
Onr White Feather Syrup at 6oc a
pail is a high grade syrup at a
I/jacious new Mackerel , a for
moderate price , so the people Bay.
The finest Pepper Sauce made
and in the prettiest bottle * the Full Cream York State Cheesi ,
hot stuff aoc. 350 a pound
Cnster County Baled Hay joe a 6 cans Utah White Cherries $ i 26
bale delivered. 6 cans Utah Table Peaches $ i 02
6 cans Utah Table Apricots 6c
Broken Bow , Mason City and This Is very cheap for Ihe quality
Aurora Flour of the fruit All in a # pound cans