Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, January 06, 1910, Image 1

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    County IRepublican
Real Estate Transfers
Union Land Do to Clarence H Doxsec
lots lltli block Id U 11 add to Callaway. . $ 110
Chas W Shauholt to Andrew J Oater-
gara parcel in 3M4-25 . . 013
Lincoln Land Co to Orval L Walcott
lot 1 block P In Comstock . 1
Union Land Co to Frank it Shaffer lot
(1 ( block so UK add to Call.iway . SO
Clarence H Doxsec to H E lirega lots
U & 13 block 10 U U add to C.xllawav . 115
Union Laud Co to J Clyde Brakham
lots 13 & 14 b'ock 57 original town of Cal-
laway . , . 45
J Q Breniaer to Aloiuo F Reynolds NX )
acres In 8-13-23 . . . 3iOO
W A George to F C llrown 180 acres In
3M70M . 1900
Grand 0 Cllne to Oliver O Moseland
parcel lu Sitl-iy-ii . 1783
Allen At ) by to Belden Reagan 100
acrcen in 12-17-lS . 2 uO
James Fletcher to j V Campbell SU
acres lna-ii-17 . 2300
James H Varnev to diaries H Armour
lotsu&io block 4ln Ansley . 8J30
J V Devlne to Frank Dennis lota 7-8s
block i Tobcy's add to oconto . not )
Walter M Henderson to The Kavenna
Creamery Co lot 12 block 4 In Couistuck itt )
Jacob N Greeillec to George W Mill-
vaueyiot ? block 10 original town ot
Mason . , . . 00
\Vtii B Kennedy to Daniel U Kockwell
lot 7 block It ) J I Gandy a add to Broken
How . 300
Lincoln Land Co to waiter M Hender
son lot 12 block 4 lu Comstock . 200
U P H H Co to Henry Peterson 103
acres In 7-14-25. . , . 74'J
U i > R U i'o to Henry Peterson 100
acres in 7-I4-2.1 . 780
Christ S Sot eti.sen to Paul Seycrson lOo
acres In Hi ) 24 . $3000
Stewart H MclCenty to School Dlst No
1WJ 1 acre In 1518 . 1
Isaac ueardort to Krvln i ; Lowersteln
ito acres In 32-K-'JO . . * coo
Oliver O Morelaud to Frank S Davis "
parcels lii.r & ( MD-23 . 400
Claude W wahl to Otta H conrad east
20 teet of lot 14 block fl In Merna . 2300
John W Maiirs to Bessie Maars 3s > 0
acres In 18&12-17-23 . WOO
Union Land co to John Faharty lot 22
blocs aboriginal town of i.'allaway. . . . to
Henry Stuckert to luaac Deardorf 100
acres in 3-MO-20 . looo
Frank L Davli to Charles Prlday 100
acres In : . &C 19-23 . . . . . . . icoo
J J Haug to Henry and Agnes Kelley
100acreslli2i ) 14-20 . goo
D H shlplet to John E Cavenee lOi *
acres In 2fi-H 20 . icoo
Frank N Norton to Mrs Mary A dandy
160 acres in 12-10-20 . lOOOo
John K McMahon to John O Wilson ICO
acres in 25iia3-18-t'l . 8000
Lincoln Laud co to Elizabeth Jane
Uarnlss lots li-20 ) ± 21 block 2 Lincoln's
addtoAnsley . 300
Erally c Ford to Albert F plnkley lot ?
block 17 In Ansley . HOO
Carl E liowman to chanes D and Thos
B Sweeney al33-20-Ji . 10000
ICester to Anna F Spangenberg parcel
H13.VI522. . . . . . . . . . 1
Fred H Johnson to Albert Pierson"
parcel in zMU-23 . . $ i
Laura Button to Lewis I-\ Button 80
acres in 33-.0-19 . OOOQ
Charles c. Gutterson 10 Leona Gutter-
son S54 of lot 3 and all of lots 4 and S
block 48 R Radii to Broken Bow . i
Union Lana co to oiava Richard lots
9 and 10 block 32 In oconto . 70
Union Land Co to Olava Richard lots
7 and 8 block 32 In Oconto . 70
James osborue to Nancy j Osborne
parcel in block 2 A W Gandp's add to
Broken Bow . 100
Lincoln Land co to George E lUdi-n-
our lots l-2.3bock6 ) 3d adU toMerna. . 3oO
Chas M Street to Martha A Street 160 3oOi
acres in 3I&32-20-23 . i
Ralph P Stanford to Walter S West-
fall lots 7 and 8 block 1 in Merna . isco
Lovina L Allen and husb to Henry E
Bishop lots 10 and 11 blonk 11 K E Aliens
add to Arnold . j"0
Dora Johnson and husg to Howard
Loinax lot H block 98 R R add to Bro
ken Bow . 0XX ( )
James p Conner to Victor Btjxt 100
acresln 17-15-25 . 1000
Busannab Keller to Jonn B Palmer
lots l-2-3-4-5-H-l5&Sil3block7 ! in Jewett
and Lilly's add to Broken BOW . 1175
Victor Bllxt to David E Buster 100
acres in 17.15-23 . 4500
George J Anderson to A E Slmouds
lot 1 block 3 original town of Mason. . . 1100
Veru E Dye to Frank Vlsek 010 acres
In 35Si26-19-17 . 19450
Lincoln Land Co to Ralph P Stanford
lot 11 block 1 in Merna . 70
Lincoln Land Co to R P Staulord lots
lots 7 aud 8 block 1 in Murna . 190
C.eo H LauUeur to Mrs Lulu Lafleur
loto block so in caUaway . 100
i Jamea Ledwlch to waiter H Nye 100
acres in 7-13-20 . 1000
Lincoln Land Co to i > R James lot 0
block E Custer add to Ansley .
Godfrey Nansel to Arthur Rotulne
60 acres in 12&13-13-24 .
C D P Langfeldt to Mrs Clara D Fang-
leldt 1,0 ( acres in 23-17-17 . 6000
Willis Cadwell to Jacob waiter 80
acres in 15-17-iD. . . . . 2300
Gertrude M Stoney to Anton Smock
BO acres in 3-13-22 . ' 50
Joseph Kelly to Robert J Kelly ICO
acres lu 25s 201923. . ' . , . . . .U , . . . . . , . . . < .
Anna Kelly to Robert1 J Kelly 160
acres In 25&-40-IP-23 . . . S
Elizabeth Kelly and husb toT K Kelly
100 acres In 25&2 < 5-ifl-23 . . . . / . 1100
Ellen Prelsser and husb to Robert J
Kelly 160 acres in 2S&20-19-23 . 27i
A D Brown to KV Brown 100 acrea In
0 111 20 . 900
Marv L Uundrhilt to Geclllan Rector
1V4 ! of block 8 R R add to Broken BOW 1003
Lincoln Laud Co to Benjamin Talbot
, , Iot7 block lO In Berwyu . 200
"j Clayton K Fellows to Eldrid C Fel
lows 100 acres III 32-20-18 . 300
Mrs Ena O Phillips to Eldrid c Fel-
loVs 100 acres In 3i-20-l8 . 350
llran Blank to William Myers 80
acres in 7-15-24 . icoo
W n Hohubaunc to Jasper W Roblu-
SeOacrcH lu
LlcHlnry R. Stivers , single , to Charles F.
lcJ-d , lots 1-2U In sec 2-10 , rge 23 . 2000
The Union Land Co. to Heury R. Sti
ver ) , lots H-ISS.1U In Block 17 lu Calla-
U'.l * .
L. A. Wight , single , to Jennla S. Pike ,
80 acres In 7 , tp. 20 rge. 20 35
Charles S. Tabor , to L. M. chandler ,
lot 1 In block 3 in Ausley . . 8W >
Hlrain Brooks to Charles P. Howe ,
41 acres In 2I-15&I9 000
Johnathau F.irinullurr. to Mlchial
Leonard , parcel in IO-1B&22 1300
Archie F. Kirk , to Owens A. Owen ,
803 acres in 18-US2I 4.CCO
Elizabeth A. Stafford & et al to Hattie
A. Laurr , 100 acres in 0-1017 COO
Lincoln Land Co. to Orvilla J. Carrel
lots 8-9-llUlilS , in block 2 , 1st add to
.Mason too
Win. U. Frantz , to James Kl-lberand
Harriat Kielber , lot a in block 32 , in
UConto - , . . 30
Tlte Union Land Co. to Win. II. Fraulz ,
lot 11. in block J2 in Oconto 3o
Win. Warren , to A. W. Htrninilright ,
lot 5. in block t ) , original town of Mastn. 310
Lillian L Kluif , to parley Clyde Green
lot ? , block 2. original town of u. B 500
Martha A. Schnieder ct al to S or-
man A Robinson , 320 acres In HCC. 13&1.
1323 1150
Sealed bldu will be received on or before
7 p. m. February 7th , 1610 , byx. H. Jewett ,
Secretary , for the erection ot a High 8hool
iiullding for school District of Broken BOW
Cusler county , Nebraska , in accordance
with plar.s and specifications now on tile
wltu Secretary and aboou Ule with the
architect , John Lateiuer , omaha , Nebraska.
Each bid to be accompanied by a certltied
check in amount Five Hundred Dollars as a
guarantee of good talth. The right is re
vcrved to reject any and all bids.
L. HJuwett , Secretary.
3134 t token How ,
Claude Hofton , who was called
to Franklin the first of last week
to attend the funeral of a sister ,
returned home Sunday night
Wrlres to His friends.
Roseland , S. D. , Dec. 28 , 1909.
four months have passed since I
left Broken Bow leaving behind
many promises "to write. " Most
of these promises have not been
complied with for the simple
reason that we have been too
busy getting settled on our claim.
The weekly visits of The Re
publican have kept us in close
touch with the good people in
Old Custer. Now if you can
give me a little space in her
columns T will try to fulfill all
my promises "to write" with one
Having in mind many inci
dents related to me by home
steaders in Cnster county , I can
plainly see that making settle
ment on a peice of Uncle Sam's
land is by no means the task it
was a generation ago. The de
velopment of Tripp county has
been so rapid that the period of
Hardships for most of the settlers
has been very short indeed.
On the. 15th of last April , eight
months ago , I came to this corn
er of Tripp county to see the
claim I had filed on the day -be
fore. I could see fir many miles
over as fine a prairie scene as I
have ever gazed upon. Yet in
all that scope not a sign of a
building or anything that could
be called a home could be seen.
Now we have one neighbor 30
rods from us , three , each one-
half mile , three each three-
fourths mile , four about one
mile each and a score or more less
than four miles-with the town
of Koseland a litle more than a
mile away. The town consists
of four general stores , lumber
yard , blacksmith shop , meat
market livery barn , bank , post-
office and a saloon , with a school
building and a drug store build
ing being constructed.
We also have three artesian
wells in this community and
more will soon be put down. One
of these wells is one-half mile
south of my claim. It flows
about a barrel of good water per
minute. The water runs down a
draw and parses through the
corner of my claim so I have a
living stream of more than 1000
barrels per day flowing through
my pastures.
The soil is rich and deep. The
percent of rough land is small.
The rain fall is a little greater
on the average , than in Custer
county , this is probably due to
the fact that we arc near to the
Missouri river. My claim is 12
miles west of the Missouri and
10 miles south of the White
The climate here differs but
little from that ot Custer county.
We are having an unusually
severe winter and judging from
reports the same condition pre
vails with you. We have an
abundance of snow and some
bitter cold weather. I believe ,
however that we have been more
favored than most parts of Ne
braska for while we were reading
of the impassable roads in every
paper irom Nebraska I made a
trip to Dallas , thirty-two miles
from here and brought home a
load the gross weight of which
was 5760 pounds with my four
horses. Since then I made a trip
to Reliance , twenty miles north
across the White river and
through some of the roughest
country in this part of the state
and brought home 3200 pounds
of coal. Reliance and Dallas arc
at present our nearest railroad
railroad statious The North
western will build west this next
spring from Dallas across the
country. They have everything
ready to begin work as soon as
spring opens. This will bring
the railroad ten miles closer to
us. We are hopeful , however ,
that the Milwaukee will soon
build through this end of the
We have had some hard work
vnd hardships have been our lot
since coming here but we have
enjoyed it from the first and
have been blessed with perfect
health. Not even a bad cold has
had to be endured by any mem
ber of our small family.
We begun our settlement here
on August 26th by unloading the
top of our covered wagon and a
load of traps which we had haul
ed across the country from Cus
ter county. The first meal we
ate in our new home we' had
company , two visitors. They
stayed all night , we had plenty
of room and enough to eat.
After building a "shack" for
temporary shelter and a barn we
begun work on a six room house.
Good building stone and plaster
ing sand are plentiful here and
as free as the air. I'm building
the house. I have been stone
mason , carpenter , painter ,
plasterer and at the same time
farmer and preacher. How is
that for " "
"jack-of-all-trades ?
Mrs. Brady , who like myself ,
had the good fortune to be born
and grow up on a Nebraska farm
has enjoyed the work of getting
settled very much. She has
climbed the highest scaffold on
our story and a half house and
assisted in putting on weather
boarding etc. She has also
made quite a reputation in stack
ing hay and similar work. Our
boys take to farm life like ducks
to water. They are growing
fast and their appetites will
have to be left to your imagi
We hope that all our Custer
county friends who read this
letter will consider it as a person
al letter and write us one of equal
length or a little longer. We
will be more than glad to receive
the same and try to answer in
due time. All who come up this
way are invited to pull our latch
string , one mile northeast of
With kindest regards ,
Married. ' -
Mr. Roscoe Myers and Miss
Annie Myrtle Dodd were married
on Wednesday , Dec. 22d , 1909 , at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
Dodd , of Rose Valley , at exactly
six o'clock p. m. in presence of
quite a number of friends and
relatives , Rev , R. B. Bellis , of
Berwyn officiating.
A beautiful arch had been im
provised on the west side of the
parlor for the bridal party , colors
red , white and gold. When the
clock struck six the wedding
march was played and the young
people took their places under
the arch. After the ceremony
the party were ushered into the
dining room , where all did ample
justic and showed due apprecia
tion of the elegant supper pre
pared for the occasion. The
young people were the recipients
of many beautiful and useful
The groom is the son of Mr.
David A. Myers , of Swiss Valley ,
and the bride is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Dodd , of Hose
valley , one of the pioneer families *
of Custer county , having lived
on their home place for 23 years
where the young people have
built characters worthy of em
ulation. The young people
have the good wishes of many
The Eli and Jane Co. played tea
a pleased audience at the Opera
house last Friday night. It is a
good company and deserving of
big houses wherever it shows.
One of the moat elaborate of
recent wedding occurcd Wednes
day , Dec. 29th , at the home of
Mr. aud Mrs. J. Flynn , Sr. , who.n
their second daughter , Sadie
Rosella , aud Carl L. Holster
were united in marriage , Rev.
Swob officiating.
At high noon the young couple
and their attendants entered the
parlor to the soft strains of the
wedding march played by Mra.
Swob. The bride was becoming
ly gowned in cream silk and
white lace , The groom wore
conventional black. Miss Isabel
Holster sister of the groom , at
tired in gray silk and white lace ,
was the bride's only attendant.
J. R. Flynn , Jr. , brother of the
the bride , was best man.
Immediately after the cere
mony an elaborate dinner was
served to the guest's , about sixty
in number. Many tokens of
appreciation were received in the
form of useful and valuable
presents. Guests fr. m a distance
were E. M. Flynn and Mrs. Hol
ster and family , of Simmer , and
A. S. Flynn aud family and
Oliver Turnbull and family of
The bride is one of Elk Creek's
most charming and popular
young ladies , and the groom is a
most promising young man and
has longsince made his mark in
the world of sports asball player.
Mr. and Mrs. Holster will be at
home in Sumner after Jan. 1st.
Our press this week , as all
presses arc in the habit of doing
at times , refused to operate in its
usual accommodating manner ,
and in consequence thereof the
people around this shop lost
several hours of time that honest
people usually devote to sleep ,
and the paper comes to its readers
a little late. However , our eub-
scribers will get their paper , but
where will the printer get the
sleep they lost ?
A watch party at the home of
D. M. Amsberry New Year's eve
brought together a number of
Baptist Sunday school and con
gregation to celebrate the pass
ing of the old year and the ar
rival of the new. The evening
was pleasantly spent with games
and social chat. Light refresh
ments were served at the 'mid
night hour.
Owing to a failure on the part
of the city to repair the water
mains in the northwest part of
the city last fall the residents of
that vicinity aie compelled to de
pend on the neighbors who are
lucky enough to have wells for
their water supply.
Mrs. James Kelley , of Canton ,
stopped over night with D. M.
Amsberry and family , cnroute
for Maon City where her father ,
H. T. Coffman , is seriously ill.
She continued her journey to
Mason City yesterday morning.
Misses Verda Thorpe and Marie
Conley , weilders of the birch in
the Litchfield schools , spent , the
holidays in this city with rela
tives and friends. They returned
to their work Monday.
Miss Emily Robertson , who
spent the holidays with her
parents , Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Rob
ertson , returned to Kearney yes
terday to resume her studies in
the state normal.
J. T. Wood will have charge
of the Wash Rankinfarm , northwest -
west of town the coming season.
Mr. Rankin is planning to go to
southern California in a couple
of weeks.
L. R. James , of Arlena , and
Pearle Crouse , of Iluntley , were
married in this city yesterday
and departed this morning for
their home in Arlena ,
A Coral Wedding.
Mr. and Mrs , M. E. Harris of
this city celebrated their thirty-
fifth wedding anniversary De
cember 31st , 09. ft was a quiet
affair , the guests being coufiicd
to the family and near friends.
Those present were Mrs. W. E ,
Gibbs , of Anseluio , Miss Schadd ,
ofion City , Illinois , Miss Loud
er , of Westerville and Mr. and
Mrs W. J. Harris of Una city.
A pleasant time was had and
none enjoyed the occasion more
than Mr. aud Mrs. Harris , who
were the bride and groom thirty-
five years ago. They were the
recipients ot a number of valuable
presents , ,
Nelsoti & Miller's commission
horse sale promises to be a big
thing. Over two hundred horses
will be offered for sale and buyers
will be present from the leading
lorse markets of the country. '
"here is no reason why Broken
Bow should not have a horse
market of considerable magni
tude. Cuater county raises more
horses than any other county in
the state , and as good as the best.
If you have anything to sell bring
t in and help make the first sale
uch a winner that a regular
market will be established. The
date of the first sale is Monday ,
Jaa. 10 , 1910 , beginning at ten
o'clock in the forenoon ,
The city water works are de
cidedly on the bum. This office
has been trying for the pst three
weeks to get the water commis
sioner to shut off the water so
that we may have our pipes re
paired , but have been unable to
do so. In the meantime a con
siderable volume of water which
surely costs the city something ,
is going to waste. We do not
know whether this item will con
vey the information to the water
commissioner or not , but we hope
so. We have been unable to get
his attention in any other man
ner , hence this.
The New York Store is a new
firm that will open business in
the building on the north side
of the square formerly occupied
by Herman & Kern , Saturday
morning at nine o'clock. They
will carry a large stock of cloth
ing for men. women and children ,
blankets , comforts , dry goods no
tions , etc. The firm invites you
to call and see their goods.
The news was received here
Wednesday morning of the death
of H. T. Coffman at his home in
Mason City sometime during the
night. He was an old soldier
and had been in bad health for
yeara. Deceased is a brother-in-
law of D. M. Amsberry of this
Frank Robinson , spent holiday
vacation with his parents , Mr.
and Mrs. G. T. Kobinson , re
turning to Omaha the first of the
week where he holds a position
with the International Harvester
The Broken Bow Ice Co. have
housed one thousand tons of nice
clean ice and will harvest 400 or
500 tons more. Ice consumers
are assured of an abundance of
ice for next summer's use.
The law firm of Holcomb &
Myers has been dissolved. Mr.
Holcomb has moved his office to
the office of C. H. Holcomb where
he will continue the practice of
CarpenUrs are engaged in the
finishing work on J. E. Wilson's
residence at Fairfiew.
Dr. Batholomew made a buai-
trip to Omaha Wednesday.
James E. Ash , of Gates , was a
city visitor Monday.
More snow Tuesday night and
M. E. Church. R. II. Tliompjon , Pastor
Suuday School 10:00 a. m ;
morning scrtnon 11:00 : a. ui ; Jun
ior league 2:30 : p , ui ; Epworlh
league 6:30 : p. tu ; evening ; sermon
7:30 : p , m ; prayer meeting Thurs
day 7:30 : p. ui.
Baptist Uiurcli. A , T. Norwood , Pastor
Suuday School 10:00 : a , m ;
preaching 11:00 : a. m ; Junior
union 3:00 : p. in ; B. Y. PU. . 6:30 :
p. m ; preaching 7:30 : p. ui ;
teachers' meeting Monday 7:30 :
p. m ; Agoga class Tuesday 7:30 :
p. in : pravcr mcetinir Wednesday
7:30 : p in.
' " " *
The President and tltc Corporations.
Nothing official has come from
the White house concerning the
president's attitude toward addi
tional legislation to regulate cor
porations since his message to.
congress on December 7 , in which ,
he said :
"Tho jurisdiction of the gener
al government over interstate
commerce has led to the passage
of the so-called , 'Sherman antirust -
rust law , ' and the 'interstate
commerce law'- and its amend
ments. The development in the
operation of those laws , as shown
by indictments , trials , judicial
decisions and other sources of in
formation , calls for a discussion
and some suggestions as to
amendments. These I prefer to
embody in a special message in
stead of including them in the
present communication , and I
shall avail myself of the first
convenient opportunity to bring
these subjects to the attention of
congress. "
While it has since' been sup
posed that the president might
possibly defer his recommend
ations concerning 'the Sher
man law pending the final decis
ion of the supreme court in the
Standard Oil case , still it has
been surmised that sundry other
proposals , including a federal in-
corporati n act , would be
brought to the attention of con
gress early in the current session'
Now , however , it appc.irs that
some lawmakers at Wa'slington
are advising the execul ve to
hold baclc all messages re erring
to corporation matters , < jr po
litical reasons. To this there
can of course be but the one
answer , that the presidsnl is not
a poliictian , 'nor does his oath of
office require him to further the
fortunes or suit the convenience
of any political party or indi
vidual clique. He was elected
as the executive of the whole
people , regardless of partisan
ship , and as such he will un
questionably fulfill public inter
ests by making to congress such
recommendations as he deems
the situation warrants. It is not
for congress to advise him , but
for him to advise congress ; and
when he has fearlessly done so ,
it will be up to the members of |
the national legislature to show
where they stand on his pro
posals. Bee. ;
Poetry in Prose.
When the dust is on the coun
ter and the cobweb's on the shelf ,
and there's no one in the store
but your own disheartened self ,
and your stock is shelf worn and
everything looks stale , and bills
enough are coming in to make a
banker pale , oh , then's the time
fellow is a-feelin' kind o' blue
and is puzzled with the thought
of the proper thing to do. In
such a situntion but one remedy
applies if you want to get the
customers you've got to adver
tise. Sunbury ( O. ) News.
Grant Turnbull , proprietor of
the Turnbull liotel at Dunning ,
spent Monday in the city , re
turning home in the evening ,