Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, November 04, 1909, Image 6

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    Pcrtina Secrets
You Should Know
Golden Seal , the root of the nbovo
plant , Is a very useful mcvllclno , Many
people Rather It In our rich woodlands
during the miumicr. Few people know
how valuable It Is In dyspepsia , catarrh ,
and us a general tonic.
Many thoiiBiimlponndflof this root nro
iipcd each year In the famous catarrh
remedy , 1'crunn. This fact explains why
ovorylwdy uses Poruna for catarrh.
An aching back is instantly
relieved by an application of
Sloan's Liniment.
This liniment takes the place
of massage and is better than
sticky plasters. It penetrates
without rubbing through
the skin and muscular tissue
right to the bone , quickens the
blood , relieves congestion , and
gives permanent as well as
temporary relief.
Here's the Proof.
Mr. JAMKH 0. lan : , of itoo nth St. ,
B.iWashington : , J > .awrites : "Thlity
yeiirsiiRO t loll fiomnecnlToM anil eorf.
otialy Injured inylim-U. 1 nnlloieiltoril-
My nt times ; from tint small of wj linclc
nil arnmul my utomneh w.'is Jiibt in If I
liuil boon hu.ituii with a club. J moil
c-very plnntur I could Rot with no icllof.
Hlouu's Liniment took the pain right
out , nnil I ofin no\v do HI niudi Indilur
work as any nlun In the Bhoji , tliauks to
Mr. J. P. KVANS , of Mt. Airy , On. ,
unysi "Aftor being iillllctoil lor tlirc-o
yours with rhoimi.uUin , J used'a
Liniment , and was cured sound and
uell.midam tlad los.'iy 1 Imvon'tbocn
tionliled with since. My
leg won badly swollen from my liln to
; jny Itnno. Ono-half a bottle took the
jiuln iiml swelling out. "
Sloan's Liniment
lias no equal as a
remedy for Rheu
matism , Neuralgia
or any pain or
stiffness in the
muscles or joints.
Meet , 25cEOc. and $1.00
Nlnnu'ft lionlc on
tioraoi , cattle , ihritp ,
it1 ! I ltry cut
IVee. Aililrens
, Dr , Earl S , Sloan ,
Boston , Mass. , U.S.A.
Jl 554 W. Ailnms St. , Chlcnuo
Nebraska Directory
lliilf Tom-saiiil I.lno Ulolilnus. Now ami rom-
plele cnsnivjT " i > l nt 2-111 N HtliSI , Um'uln.
! > < > Mill u.1111 i hi' lli'M Curt ) Shelter lilucll" 11 MI ,
ill ml
Wrllo for rutnlnir or wo your itniler
Let us mnko you figines on jour bill.
Good grades , quick shipment and low
prices. Direct to consumer
F.W. Brown Lumber Co , , Lincoln , Neb ,
yH tlio hlilicBt yrlce lor
Improved nnil mtmpro\ fni-mx lu eastern
South Dakota for hitlu on
Will fix'ct biilKlliigH on any farm on nuinecnxy
H. I'rlc-o tf.1) : ) to WO ju-r iru . I'mlihts ,
, etc. , tultli ALEX. 11. IIA1T , Turinm &
B. . IDth and O 3U. . Lincoln. Neb.
Grain , Provisions , Stock * , Cotton
Main Office , 204-205 FrMernity Bldu.
Lincoln , N bruiU .
Hell riiono 51 ! ! Auto Fhone EOTiO
Largest IInuso In .Slate.
Bent Located on the Side of n Hill to Avoid Standing
Water During the Rainy Seasons
, - > - - 13 y John Sorhum.
This Is a poultry house which I
think will stand the test of all ell-
mates. I think It well adapted to the
cold climate of Alaska , or the hot ell-
mat o of Australia , as well aa all tem
perate regions , writes John Sorliam In
the Poultry Tribune.
It Is best to first select a iildo hill
on which to build , ho that the water
will not be standing around or under
the house during rainy seasons. I
have mine built on level ground , but
shall remodel It soon , digging away
about 12 inches of ground from un
der the hoiibe and icplaclng It with
coarse sand. I shall also dig a trench
around and close to It , two feet deep ,
PUui far Multlng Opening ; tliut
Can He Vurletl to Any
Size to Stilt-By
II. U. Bryunt.
In milking u guto in u wlro 1'onee ,
( iso CxG'H for the K"to posts and -Ixl's
for the rest of the posts In the fence.
The hrnco shown at A should bo a
dxl , and should be placed two-thirds
ol' the height from the ground on the
gate post and one-third of the dis
tance from the ground on the second
post. At U Is hhown a brace nmdo
ol' wlro which should bt > placed around
the bottom of the first post , and nailed
to thai Itill not slide. The other
1'iul.iH placed uuar Ihu ( oil of second
po t from the gate. Hy placing a
stick In the two strands they can be
In the floor through which the honf >
may pass up and down. The stop ( H )
Is hinged at the back , with a hook In
front so It can bo hooked up , com
pletely covering fho opening In the
floors ; each pen Is arranged this way.
The floor Is built two feet from the
ground and the hens arc fed In this
under story In winter. On this base
ment floor there should bo at least
six Inches of scratching material to
keep the fowls busy. This scratching
shed under the building Is closed up
on all sides excepting the front. Each
pen Is 8x2-1 feet , making 192 square
feet of floor space In which can bo
kept a flock of GO hens. In summer I
Poultry House with SubScratchIng Pen.
one fool wide , and shall fill In ono
foot of loose stones , covering with
ono fool of ground. Tile would be
much better than stones to keep the
ground dry around the house.
The h use which 1 have planned Is
S feet wide , ItG feet In length , con
sisting of tin eo pens ( although It can
bo divided Into any number of pens )
each pen being 8x12 feet. The house
is S fool high In front and G feet at
the back , and Is built with a cheap
grade of lumber which is not painted ,
but a layer of building paper Is tacked
on , over which Is plhccd a two-ply
roofing material. The roof Is covered
Section Through Interior.
the same way , excepting the paper Is
covered with three-ply prepared roof
ing. The floor Is double , with a two-
Inch dead air space , which contains
also a layer of building paper ; the
lumber is good shiplap or tongued and
grooved lumber. There Is an opening
Cutting Gate In Wire Fence.
avlbted and brought taut. The second
end brace shown at K should bo nmdo
out of 4x1 fastened to the top of the
styond post from the gate and secured
at the bottom of the third post. The
gate frame shown at II , C and I ? should
be made out of 3x3 well put together.
Stretch the fence wire across the
gate , and cut after stapling firmly to
the triune of the gato. Of course , this
plan can bo varied to any slzo of
length to suit the builder.
Spraying Fruit Trees.
Don't spray only the trees from
whk-h you expect to get marketable
fruit. Spray all the trees , otherwise
the trees you go to the trouble to
spray early in the season may become
infected later by the unsprayed trees.
Money In Sheep.
Sonic men have cleared 100 per
ci-nt on their money la sheep for
jears ; but these are the real shop.
j herds. Not every man has the shepherd -
herd Instlnc' ; but wo may all do bet
ter than we do.
take out the litter and when it rains
the fowls all go under the house for
1 have two windows In every pen
( above the floor , of course ) , anil when
but ono pen is built , t also have two
windows ( ono on each side ) , on the
sides. The windows should all be
hinged at the top , so as to admit fresh
air all over the house when needed ,
and there should also be a shutter for
every window , to bo shut on winter
nlghls. These shutters should be
made of tongued and grooved lum
ber and hinged with loose pin steel
butts BO they may bo taken off In
warm weather and put out of the
way. I always like to have plenty of
light and sunshine in the cold win
ter days , but you know the moro windows
dews In the poultry house the colder
It Is at night , thus you see here is
where your shutters come handy. .
There Is also another point In this
house which should not bo overlooked ,
that Is , the covered roosts. A hinged
hood projects over the roosts which
keeps the fowls' combs from freez
ing In severe cold weather. This hood
is fastened with loose pin hinges Mko
the shutters and may bo taken off In
the spring. The hoods are also sup
plied with hooks and may bo hooked
up in day time If desired. The roosts
( C ) are above the nests , between
which there Is a largo dropping board ,
which also makes a covered passage
way ( D ) for hens to enter the nests.
This passageway Is open at both ends.
You will notice that in my plan 1
have only one entrance , this Is in the
middle pen , while the other pens have
a small door for the hens to pass In
and out. If you like you may have a
door Into each pen from single door
at the end of the building.
Corn and Pork.
The farmer who has a number of
spring pigs ready for the fattening
pens should devote a little time to the
study of feeds and tholr Influence on
the quality of meat produced. When
It Is desired to produce pork , or rather
fat , one kind of feed is necessary.
When the desire is to have lard hogs
for the market , no other kind of feed
should be used.
Corn Is pre-eminently a fat-forming
feed , and when the feeder wishes to
produce an animal with a great deal
of fat to supply the lard trade noth
ing is bettor than corn. When the do-
she Is to produce animals for meat
alone nothing can bo a poorer feed
than corn.
The Influence of corn on the per
centage of fat should bo borne In
mind and the ration mixed to accom
plish the best results.
Manure Currants.
Were you dissatisfied with the size
of your currants ? Let ua whisper a
secret. You can improve the fruit
greatly by heavy manuring. Now is
a good time to apply it. The wood IB
ripe and is going into Us long rest.
You may pile straw manure about the
bushes so heavily that the grass and
weeds , If any , will bo smothered , and
all the bettor for the currants. This
fruit needs mulching enough to keep
the surface cool.
Need of Cream Separators.
With average cows and using the
cream separator It is estimated that
from $50 to $75 per year can bo saved
In butterfat with ten cows. Tula
amount will about pay for a good
cream separator , and its usefulness
will last for many years , making the
buying of ono a good Investment. He-
ing able to sell the cream without
hauling the milk to the creamery also
saves much time and labor.
Value of Potato.
On account of the starch they con
tain , potatoes are valuable as food.
The potato tuber consists mainly of
a mass of cells filled with starch and
encircled by a thin , corky rind. As
stated , the chief value of the potato
as an article of diet consists in the
starch It contains , and to a less ex
tent In the potash and other salts.
The quantity of nlt/ogou lu U' com
position is small.
Thirteen Chicago University Pro
fessors 0. K. the Statement.
Holy Dook Is Neither the Compen
dium of Truth Nor Theology , De
clares an Official Editorial
In the Biblical World.
Chicago. The divinity school of the
University of Chicago gave the world
another startling bit of advanced theology
elegy when the 13 editors of the lllbll-
cal World put their O. K. on the state
ment that the Ulblo Is not a compen-
dlutn of ethics and never was Intend
ed to bo.
The argument appeared In the form
of an editorial In the magazine , of
which Prof. Ernest DeWltt Hurton , D.
D. , head of the department of New
Testament literature and interpreta
tion , is the editor-in-chief. "The asso
ciate editors are members of the fac
ulty , and their unanimous approval Is
necessary before an editorial goes to
the printer. Often two or three col
laborate on an article.
The editorial makes the argument
that the ethical methods of Jesus were
Ideal In that they wore elastic and ad
justed to lit conditions as they were
In an Interview Dr. Hurton elaborat
ed on the presentments made in the
editorial In a manner to emphasize
what many persons had read between
the lines , viz. , that Sunday baseball
and other personal enjoyment of the
Sabbath were not necessarily sinful ,
In the minds of the 13 professors. Dr.
Burton did not mention baseball In his
discourse nor did ho mention saloons ,
but he left room for some very plain
Inferences. As did the editorial , ho
held that the Bible was not an Iron
clad depository of truth and arbl-
Prof. Ernest D. Burton.
trary rules of conduct , but a historical
record. And no less an authority than
Jesus himself was cited in support of
his position.
"The Blblo Is not a compendium of
truth , nor oven of theology , " said Dr.
Burton. "It Is a record of religious
and ethical experiences rather than
the last authority and a composition
of all theological truth , such as It Is
held to be by most churches.
"Taking the Bible at the beginning
and following It through , wo find it
ever-changing , according to the con
ception of the times. We cannot take
It as a compendium and opening .It
say : 'There Is the law ; there Is the
truth. ' "
Parts of the editorial read as fol
lows :
"What shall we say concerning the
commands of Jehovah In the Old Tes
tament to exterminate the women and
children of a vanquished lee ? How
shall we account for the fact that the
Old Testament heroes Indulged In
polygamy , forbidden by our modern
laws ? How can wo teach tttal ah
stlnence from a Blblo which repre
sents Jesus as partaking of wine at
feasts , and which even tells how ho
miraculously produced wine from wa
ter on ono occasion when the supply
fell short ? "
"How , for example , can a Christian
gain in Intelligent understanding of
the Issues at stake In the modern con
flict between capital and labor if ho
simply confine himself to a riftdlns
of the Blblo ? How shall he gain de
fensible moral convictions concerning
the ethics of child labor If he confine
his attention to a literature which
never dreamed of the possibility of
modern factories and machinery ?
"When one turns to the Gospels
one cannot fall to bo Impressed with
the way In which Jesus taught moral
ity directly from life rather than by
the methods of the scribes. Ho de
termined what was right in any in
stance by examining the situation it
self. When sickness needed to be
healed the interests of suffering hu
manity wore of moro Importance to
him' than the Jewish legislation concerning -
corning the Sabbath.
"Is it not time that wo should cease
to apologize for this method of Bibli
cal study which has been universally
adopted In our seminaries ? "
Cure Effected by Radium.
The latest use of radium was upon a
case of Illarlasls , or blood worm dis
ease In Paris. In this mosquito-caused
disease the blood at night swarnm
with millions upon millions of micro ,
scopic maggots plugging up and In
flaming and swelling the kernels li
the armpits. A short course of radium
In the armpits cured the swelling and
nmdo the worms scarcer In &o blood.
A secret that Is worth keeping Is ,
of course , uoubly worth toll ig.
Mrs. Unuer Tell my son-in-law that
I thank him for his Invitation , but am
unable to accept It.
Servant Good. Ho promised me
half a dollar if yon weren't able to
The Steady Man.
We'd like to write a little rhyme
about the steady man , who keeps on
pegging all the time and does the
best ho can ; the man who early goes
to work and doesn't get home till late ;
nor over try to shirk In order to be
great. There are some fellows who
will try to do their business tricks
and have a linger In the pie of .city
politics ; they try to put on lots of
style and play a heavy role , and in
a little bit o' while you find them In
a hole ! I like the man of steady pace ,
his system I admire ; he has no wild
desire to place more irons in the lire !
Los Angeles Express.
Government Sanatoria.
The United Stales government op
crates three tuberculosis sanatoria ,
one for soldiers and officers of the
regular army at Fort Bayard , N. M. ,
one for seamen in the merchant ma
rine , and others employed in coast
service of the government , not in the
navy , located at Fort Stanton , N. M. ,
and one for officers and enlisted men
In the navy at Las Anlmas , Col. The
first hospital Is conducted by the de
partment of war , the second by the
United States public health and ma
rine hospital service and the latter by
the navy department.
Never Opened His Mouth.
"Not Infrequent rays of unconscious
humor illumine the otherwise impos
sible stories that come to my desk
from amateurs , " says a reader for ono
of the magazines. Recently I chanced
upon this choice bit :
" 'John , the husband , and Grace , the
wife , ate on together in silence. There
was indubitably an 111 feeling between
them. The husband devoured a plate
of soup , half a fish , an entree or two
a piece of roast beef , together with
a sweet , without ever once opening
his mouth. ' "
A Resemblance.
Canon Ilcnsley llenson , at a dinner
in New Haven during his Yale lec
tures , condemned the ugliness of the
English archbishop's attire.
"One of our archbishops , " he said ,
"preached in a Kansas church in his
panoply of knee breeches , gaiters and
apron , and the leading paper of the
town concluded an admirable report of
his fiermon with the words :
" 'The archbishop wore Highland
dress. ' "
Ladies Can Wear Shoes
One- size Hinulltr nttcr using Allen' ! ] Font-
Kiise. the antiseptic powder. It mnki-s
tlKlit or now shoes easy. Cures swollen ,
hot , sweating nclilni ; feet , Ingrowing
nails. Always use It to Break in now
Shoes. At nil DriiKKlsts. 25c. Don't diccpt
nny substitute. Trial pncktigo FRRK liv
inuil. Address Allen S.Olmstedl < oUoy.N.Y.
Nature helps every man to become
that which he desires to become. If
he put forth no effort Nature assumes
he wishes to be a nobody , and grants
his prayer. Ulbcrt Hubbnrd.
The U. S. Government lias bought 25
Gio - < CJ.UOO boxes ) of Hough on Hath to
Kind to the Panama Canal /one , because it
deus the-\\oik. The old reliable that iie\i-r
fail- ) . The unbeatable extcimiiutur. 15u ,
25c , 75c.
The Reason Why.
"I wonder why men don't take mon >
interest in the primary ! "
"Possibly because it is a secondary
consideration. " Haltimorc American
Stop KuoiMng ! Try the bct and mo t
certain icniedy for all painful ailment
llnnihns Wuurd Oil. Tinv.i. . \ it le-
lii've-4 all fcorcnera from Mirain * . < nt' .
wounds burns , t.cad ! > , etc. , is
Do You Know Him ?
"What sort of a chap is ho ? "
"Well , he's ono of those follows
who think that anything mean is a
joU < > if It isn't on him. "
Pettit's Eye Salve Restores.
No matter how badlv the t > \ ( , m.iv be
Nc.f-ud or injined. All druggist * or Ilow-
nl BIOS. , lliillalo. X. V.
Only a disinterested third party Is
nble to realize that there are two sides
to a question.
through n haKKlniM-mipli < irlrrliut"il Allen's
mm Jlilh.iii ! will the utfcrllnn ( inlikU und
. -"ic , ' > IK-iiiiill lUholtli s
The bravery ol uome men Is like
that of bulldogs ; they haven't sense
enough to be afraid of anything
And , Coupled with the Unchaining of
the Dog , It < Vl'as Carried
"Well ! " ( lenuimled the sicrn-fnced
wonmn ns aho lenncd over the red-
handled broom , "what do you want ? "
"Lady , " snld the wnyfnrer , with the
long beard and matted hair , "I'm an
actor by profession and In hard luck. "
"Woll , what have I to do with that ? "
"Why or 1 was thinlciig If you
could spare me a quarter to got a
shave and a hair cut I could get a job
In the role of Vlrglnlun. "
"Oh , that's a poor excuse , " Bhe said ,
with a curl of her thin lip. "Go up to
the town without a shave and a hair
cut and get a job In the role of Rip
Van Winkle.
And before he could say another
word she started to unchain the dog.
Non-Coni. ( to recruit ) I don't sup
pose you cv r smelt powder , have
you ?
Recruit Oh , yes. I was In a drug
store before I enlisted.
Cured by Lydia E. Pink-
ham'sVegetable Compound
Milwaukee , \Yis. "Lytlia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound has made
mo a well woman ,
and I would like to
tell thcwholoworld
| of it. I suffered
and fearful painsin
my back. I had the
best doctors and
they all decided
that I had a tumor
in addition to my
female trouble , and
advised an opera-
tion. Lydia E.
riukham's Vegetable Compound made
mo a well woman and I have no more
backache. I hope I can help others by
tolling them what Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound has done for
me. " Mns. EjuiAlirsr , 8333irstSt ,
Milwaukee , AVis.
The t'bovo is only ono of the thou
sands of grateful letters \vhich are
constantly being received by the
Pinkham Mcdicino Company of Lynn ,
Mass.which provo beyond a doubt that
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound , made from roots and herbs ,
actually does cure these obstinate dis
eases of women after all other means
have failed , and that every such suf-
cring woman owes it to herself to at
least give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound a trial before submit
ting to an operation , or giving up
hope of recovery.
Mrs. Pmklmin , ol tiynu , Mass. ,
invites all sick women to tvrito
her for advice. She Las guided
thousands to health and her
advice is free.
Positively cured by
these Little Pills.
They also relieve Din-
trcssfrom Dyspepsia , In-
diRt-hUtm ami Too Hearty
Knllng. A perfect rem
edy for Dizziness , Nau
sea , DroHHlness , Had
Taste In the Mouth , Coat
ed Tongue , I'aln in the
They regulate the llowels , Purely Vegetable.
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Similc Signature
Mary T. Goldman's
Gray Ualr Restorer
re tore * criElnnl colirtr
IDI J , hmlJiful manner
nirom 1 toll diju. Jin-
'tin Is di turentfromnn > -
thitiB elso. ctlpct is
urnl. lias no ppillmcnt. no It's neither ttickv nor
Greasy it'n nu pure nnl rlenr n mitpr. l > < > n'toi-
potliurnt a'onhnttlin > naniUnfotlipNliii\n found
rare nn < l fat. * itlnrv. For mmnlo mnlrr.iuli iilwo.
lutols frro , nrito \.VAIY T. tlOLJUIAN , 47JU/ , ( .
liar. Illda. . ft / > , ! „ / . M „ , , . ItoiurotoiMntMaivrli.
ln l culorctourh lr full n/elx.tlloa for tain br all doaleri
The Modern Razor
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Is the best of all medicines for the cure of diseases ,
disorders and weaknesses peculiar to women. It is the
only preparation of its kind devised by n regularly grndu-
nted physician an experienced and skilled specialist in
the diseases of women.
It is n nafo medicine in any condition of the system.
THE ONE KEMEDYwhich contains no nlcohol
and no injurious habit-forming drugs and which
creates no craving for such stimulants.
THE ONE REMEDY BO flood that its makers
ore not afruid to print its every ingredient on
each outside bottle-wrapper r.nd tsttcut to the
truthfulness of the same undcv ou'K
Itjs sold by medicine dealers everywhere , and any dealer who hasn't it can
get it. Don't toke a substitute of inknown composition for this medicine oir
KNOWN coMi'osmoN. No counterfeit i ns good cs the genuine and tli3 druggist
who says something else is "just as ocd aa Dr. PicrccV is cither mistaken
or is trying to dcceive you for his own selfish benefit. Such a man is not to bo
trusted. Ho Is trifling with ur mo t priceless possession health-
y your
_ _ _ _ _ _ . _ . . _ _ _ , *
I # r * * tt f * t f
may be your life itself. See t'int grt what you ask for.