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    The Guster County Republican
D. M , AMSBERRY , Editor
The Busy Header Can Absorb In a
Few 'Mordents a Good Deal of
Nlcholao , emperor of all the RUB-
ins ; ! , made a triumphant entry into
Italy. Whatever may have stirred be
neath the surface the outward mani
festation was a cordial and popular
welcome to the head of n friendly
At Czonstoehowa , Russian Polant
during thfe night robbers entered the
chapel of the Pauline convent and
despoiled the Imago of the Virgin of
the Robe of Its pearls , the diamond
tt ; ml dud crown and many votive offer
ings of jewels. The imago itself was
not damaged.
Lieutenant Governor James Duns-
mulr of British Columbia gave his con
sent to the dissolution of the British
Columbia government , and an an
nouncement was miide that the legis
lature would he called for January 20.
While the pope only recently
Keemod determined not to have a con-
History until 1910 , It Is now suddenly
announced that one will be held about
the middle of December , and another
next spring.
The socialists at Brussels made i\
violent attack on Spain in the cham
ber of deputies with reference to the
execution of Ferrer. There were
cries of "down with Spain. " Deputy
Vandervelde , the socialist leader ,
called It a frightful crime. "The Span
ish ministry is a government of as
sassins , " ho shouted.
The competition of the Kosmos
Hteanishlp line , which is subsidized by
the Germany government is causing a
shipping Crisis on the west coast of
South America. The South American
Steamship company lias asked the
government for u subsidy of $250,000.
The Chilean Steamship company is
Helling its steamers and the minor
companies engaged in similar traffic
also dispose of their vessels.
The Burlington has announced Its
Intention of building an additional ex
tension In Wyoming to run as far east
us the Powder river and to form a con
nection with the Northwestern.
Mra. Theodora Benner , daughter of
former United States Senator Van
WyCk of Nebraska , has filed a peti
tion in district court Keeking : i di
vorce. Mrs. Bennor was Miss Happy
Theodora Van \Vyck. She was born
in Washington , though most of her
life has been rasscd in Otoo county ,
J. F. Malloy has begun suit in the
federal court at Sioux Falls against
the Milwaukee railroad for $30.000
damages for alleged false arrest and
The board of governors of the Amer
ican Textile association has ordered
all the big cotton mills of North and
South Carolina to close down for a
period of from fourteen to thirty days ,
in order to curtail the manufacture of
Dr. Frederick A. Cook , who lectured
at St. Paul , announced that Prof. L.
L. Dyche of the University of Kansas
has been definitely decided upon as
one of the members of his forthcoming
Mount McKinley expedition ,
Blown fifty feet in the air'two men
were Instantly killed when a firebox
on a Big Four freight engine at Sha
ron , Ohio , blow out.
Charles F. Murphy and the entire
executive committee of Tammany at
tended the funeral of Senator Patrick
II. McCarren in Brooklyn.
A rumor in in circulation at St. Pe
tersburg to the effect that the powers
have addressed a joint note to Russia
with regard to Manchurian affairs.
Co-operation of governors of all
Btates and territories In a nation-wide
campaign for safe and sane celebra
tion of Independence day in every
hamlet , town and city throughout the
country in the object of a movement
now inaugurated at Washington.
Dr. Cook promises within two
months to submit proofs of his dis
covery of the pole.
Seven persons and possibly more
were killed In a wreck on the PanHandle -
Handle division of the Pennsylvania
railroad near Colllnsville , O. , in a
William II. Gallinger , 39 years old.
a son of United States Senator Gal-
linger of New Hampshire , died of
heart failure in New York at the
homo of his cousin , Mrs. Adelaide 10.
More meat is condemned as unfit
for human food in the United States
than in any other country.
An even dozen men of standing will
pass judgment on the polar con-
The department of commerce and
labor telegraphed to Los Angeles , Cal. .
iiulhority for the release on ball of
Gulterrez do Lara , who was arrested
as an anarchist and an alien , who en
tered this country without Inspection.
At midnight Juno 1C thu 15,000
electric light of the Alaska-Yukon-Pa-
elfic exposition were put out , closing
the World's fair of 1909.
'Labor leaders are to renew their
agitation for representation in the
president's cabinet.
Copies of circulars Issued In north
China by a body of Chinese , calling
themselves the popular association of
the three eastern provinces , have boon
received In Japan , after having been
ppread broadcast among Chinese of
the lower classes.
Governor Hughes will take no part
IK the Now York municipal campaign.
On the historic ground at Yorktown ,
Va. , where Lord Cornwallls sur
rendered one hundred and twenty-
eight years ago , patriotic Americans
gathered together to celebrate the
Enraged because his chorus girl
wife preferred a life on the stage to
his companionship , William H. Short
of New York City shot and perhaps
fatally wounded her on the west portico
tico of the Union station In Wash
President Osborn of DCS Moines col
lege announced that the gifts toward
the $100,000 endowment for Des
Moines college have reached $80,000.
Henry Charles Lea , widely known
as author , banker , scientist and pub
lisher , died In Philadelphia aged -IS
A second cardinal for the United
States may be appointed at the next
papal consistory.
Dr. Maurice C. Stack , for thirty-
three years assistant superintendent
of the government hospital for the In
sane died in Washington Sunday night
of cancer of the throat.
David Taft Robinson , aged 91 , a
cousin of President Taft , died at Richweed -
wood , O. He was u retired farmer.
Commission men of Nebraska arc
.supposed to get licenses , but only a
few have done so. The state is pre
paring the answer to the railroad tes
timony In the rate case.
. Postmaster General Hitchcock has
been requested by a MIssourian to
make good tiie loss of a live dollar bill
which was chewed up by the Mis-
sourlan's "young pup dog. "
United States Senator Martin N.
Johnson of North Dakota died from
an attack of acute Brlght's disease.
Ten men are dead , two Injured and
one missing as a result of an explo
sion In mine No. 10 of the Rock Island
Coal Mining company at Hartshorne ,
More than half the republic of Nica
ragua is In the hands of the revolu
Whether lie intends to bo a candl-
date for the republican nomination
for congress in the Third Nebraska
district next year Is a subject on
which ex-Congressman Boyd is non
committal at this time.
Government officials at Washington
do not look upon action of Franco re
garding American exports as a tariff
The National Paint , Oil and
Varnish association wont on record
favoring a parcels post. The report
was adopted unanimously.
A loud-mouthed man who said he
wanted to kill Taft was arrested at
Albuquerque , N. M.
The announcement of the death of
Justice Peckham , while expected ,
came as a shock to his associates on
the bench and In official circles , and
everywhere expressions of regret
were heard. Justice Peckham was a
democrat and before taking a seat on
the bench gave considerable atten
tion to politics In New York. Ho was
born in Albany , N. Y. . November 8.
1838. and had been on the bench ,
state and fcdcual , for twenty-six
years. Ho was appointed to the su
preme bench by President Cleveland.
Using a roll of bills as a weapon ,
Charles C. Glover , president of the
Rlggs National bank , is charged with
having attacked a depositor who
called at the bank. The depositor ,
Kmilio Jasselll , brought suit for dam
ages against Mr. Grovcr , asking $10-
000 for the bodily and mental pain lie
Despite rumors , no one has yet been
selected for fuo post of minister to
China to succeed Charles R. Crane ,
whose resignation was recently ac
cepted by the president. Among the
many names that have been men
tioned , one of the most recent is that
of Judge Thomas Burke of Seattle ,
Wash. , but this and other reports in
regard to the post wore characterized
by Assistant Secretary of State Wil
son as-mere speculation.
Announcement was made at the
navy department that Rear Admiral
Gottfried Blockllnger will bo transferred -
ferred to the retired list on account of
old age October 23 , and that Rear Ad
miral Thomas C. McLean will be re
tired October 25. for the same reason.
Admiral Blockingor was born In Iowa ,
and entered the navy in July , 1SC3. Ho
reached the rank of rear admiral in
October , 1908. and has had over
twonty-ono years service at sea.
The Right Rev.yiillam Hobnrt
Hare , bishop of the Episcopal dlo-
ceso of South Dakota , died at' Aber
deen after a long Illness. Ho was
72 years of ago.
A man who died in destitution at
Hastings , Neb. , has been partly iden
tified as Francis Schlatter , the healer.
In a speech at New York Judge Gay-
nor designated William R. Hearst as
a bellowing demagogue.
President Taft took a minor part In
a cattle ( roundup on his brother's
Texas ranch.
James .1. Hill , builder of the north
western empire and a powerful fac
tor in the development of the north
ern section of the west half of the
United States , will bo the guest of
Omaha during the National Corn ex
At Carthage. Mo. , Edward Brooks
a millionaire. 25 years old , attempted
to murder his wife by cutting her
throat while the two were out walk-
Jim Jeffries sent a wireless message
that ho is well and anxious to fight.
Street car strikers In Omaha have
determined to go on with the fight
A Reception by the Governor and Mrs.
Shallenbcrgcr. Other Notes From
the State Capital.
By n law passed by the last session
of the state legislature It was provid
ed that any person , firm , or corpora
tion wishing to carry on a commis
sion business must secure a license
from the pure food commissioner , payIng -
Ing therefor $10 , and filing with the
application certain information. At
the same time such company is or
dered to execute a bond for $2,000 to
the county judge of tno county In
which business is done which bond
must be approved by the county clerk
and placed on file.
Though there are a good many
firms in the state who carry on a com
mission business , that is , buy and sell
consignments of wares and merchan
dise in the state , only seventeen of
these have received and paid for a
license. All of them arc Omaha and
South Omaha firms , and have parted
with their $10 under protest. It Is not
known whether they have executed a
bond each , as that duty falls without
the scope of the food department. The
law attaches a penalty for those who
conduct such a business without tak
ing out a license under bond , From
the wording of the law there is no
other authority to compel obedience
than that of. the county attorney. He
would probably bo governed by com
Reception by the Governor.
A reception by oGvornor Shallenber-
ger and Mr < 3. Shallcnberger will be
one of the features of the Nebraska
State Teachers' association. The
event will take place at the executive
mansion on the evening of November
5 ; from 4 to 0 o'clock. The reception
line will bo composed of Governor
Shallchbergcr , Mayor and Mrs. Love ,
President W. A. Selleck of the Com
mercial club , and Mrs. Selleck , Presi
dent A. L. Caviness of the association
and Mrs. Caviness , State Superintend
ent E. C. Bishop and Mrs Bishop and
Chancellor and Mrs. Avery. The re
ception Is extended to the teachers by
the governor and the city.
Telephones Go to Depots , i
The Burlington has notified the
Railway commission that It has or
will install telephones in depots in
several communities where It believes
they are needed. It also states In the
communication that the Bartos act in
unconstitutional and it is not In com
pliance Avith that law that the tele
phones arc being installed. The Bar
tos act provides that railroads must
furnish telephones in their depots.
Juror Gets Full Time.
The county of Douglas must pay L.
D. Spauldlng for serving as a juror
for three weeks or twenty-one days ,
Sundays oxccpted. The county com
missioners of Douglas county docked
Mr. Spauldlng when lie handed in his
bill for twenty-one days because they
held court did not meet on Saturday
and for that reason the juror was not
entitled to pay for those Saturdays.
The court held , however , that a juror
is entitled to pay for the time for
which ho was summoned , Sundays excepted -
cepted , unless excused.
Johnson Gets i-iis Daughter.
The supreme court has decided J.
A. Johnson should retain possession'
of his daughter , under 14 years of age ,
whom Seth Terry and others have at
tempted to get away from Johnson.
The county court of Gage county Is
sued a writ of habeas corpus for the
return of Ellle .lohncon to that county
from Douglas , county , where she lived.
The court has decided that this Is be
yond the jurisdiction of the county
court. Johnson went into district
court to preserve hln rights , but upon
the admission of the litigation in
county court the higher court dis
missed Iiis case.
Trophy from Arizona.
Miss Loach , brand clerk In the ofllco
of the secretary of'state , received the
skin of a full grown rattlesnake some
llvo feet long , with twelve rattles and
a button attached , sent to her by her
brother In Arizona. The brother had
killed the reptile In his front' yard by
chopping Its head off with a. short-
handled hoe. The skin is nicely
tanned and will bo used in the future
as a decoration for the \\all3 of the
office of the scretary.
Although a reward of $1,500 has
been offered for their apprehension ,
no trace has l n found of the iob-
bers who rectluly wrecked the bank
at Manley. Detectlvey arc at work on
the case , but the chances of finding
thu robbers seem rather small.
Druggist Gets New Trial.
Nicholas McCabo. who runs A drug
store at North Platte and who was
convicted on four counts of selling
liquor , secures a now trial because
the supreme court holds that where
the lower court permits the introduc
tion of a county judge's search war
rant as Independent evidence it will
bo hold In error when the complain
ant charges the defendant with hiv
ing sold liquor personally and the defendant -
fondant Is not n witness at the trial
to face his accusers. The case will
again be tried.
Some Questions That Need to Go
Passed Upon.
Inquiries have been addressed to
the secretary of state regarding the
marking of the ballot In the coming
election , and the secretary Is waiting
for the attorney general to pass on the
question before making a statement.
One party desired to know for
whom a vote would count if a voter
should make a cross In the circle at
the head of the ballot and then vote
for one candidate for judge on an
other ticket.
Without having given the matter
any study the legal department of the
state said off baud It would appear
that the party after whose name the
mark was made would receive the
vole and the candidates on the other
ticket for the same office would not
receive the vote.
For instance , if a democrat should
make a cross in the democratic circle
at the head of the ballot and then
vote for one of the candidates on the
republican ticket for judge , it is the
belief of the legal department that the
vote would count for the one repub
lican candidate for judge and for all
the candidates on the democratic
ticket except the three judges. Or the
election board might throw out the
ballot entirely , though It would be an
Injustice to the candidate after whose
name a cross has been made , but no
more so than to two of the judicial
candidates on the other ticket , for
each person Is entitled to vote for
three candidates for judge.
Homesteaders Ask Help.
The Sackctt law for the removal ot
derelict officials may be brought into
use to remove from office some coun
ty commissioners who have failed to
clean roads along section lines In the
west end of the state.
Governor Shallcnberger received a
letter for help from a homesteader out
in the hills near Dalton in the weat
end of Nebraska. The writer , Mrs.
L. G. Slmer , says lands owners have
fenced in the land along the section
fines and in going a distance of two
miles she had to open five gates. She
wrote that in-going to town it was
necessary for her to take her three
children , the eldest of whom Is four
years of age. These , she had to leave
In the buggy while she gets out and
opens and closes the gates. She Is in
constant fear of a runaway , to say
nothing of the fact that she has ruined
several skirts getting In and out of
the vehicle.
Wh9ii she complained to the land
owners , she wrote , she was told that
If she ever left the gates open they
would be fastened with wires and she
would be forced to stay In the hills
and never get to town at all.
Homesteaders , she wrote the gover
nor , are trying to develop western Ne
braska and they are undergoing all the
hardships of pioneers and she believes
they are entitled to the help of the
officials to the end that life may be
madeas bright us possible.
Others , she said , wore In the same
fix as she is and she is writing for
them all , asking for relief from the
minorities. In answer to the letter ,
the governor wrote that he would
render all possible help. (
Odd Fellows Elect Officers.
The grand lodge , independent Order
af Odd Fellows , selected Lincoln for
Its next meeting place. The lodge
alected the following officers : Grand
Master , C. J. Kelly , Deputy Grand
Master , Paul Story ; Grand Warden ,
W. G. Vosburg ; Grand Secretary , I. P.
Sago ; Grand Treasurer , F. P. Bryant ;
CJraml Representative , R. H. Miller.
No Count Till November 15.
Word was received from Judge T. C.
Munger that the petit jury for the
federal court to be held in Lincoln will
not be called before November 15. Un-
till that date there will be no motions
lieard and no cases up in either the
circuit or district court for the Lin
join division.
Wallace Gels a Vacation.
. Dr. Charles W. Wallace , who re
cently discovered important docu
ments relating to the life of Shakes
peare , was granted a year's leave of
absence by Chancellor Avery of the ,
State university. Dr. Wallace will re
turn to London to continue his investi
Commission Men Hang Back.
The law requiring commission mer
chants to register their names with
the secretary of state and give a bond
after paying a license fee of $10 is
evidently pretty much of a dead let
ter. Up to tills time only seventeen
iiave taken out the licenses and of
: hese live are grain merchants. Every
3110 paid his money under protect.
Brief in Occupation Tax Case.
Judge Sullivan and his fellow coun
sel have filed In llio supreme court a
jrlef in support of their contention
: hat the occupation tax enacted by the
ate legislature is not constitutional.
Soldier Under Arrest.
James Miller was arrested by Chief
\falone and is held on the charge of
Inserting from Hie army. Pictures
iii-l papers found in Ills pockets indi-
. alt' that his true name is James 1'-
linyery , who Is accused of the murder
) f William Walsh at Mollnc , 111.
Test for Corporations ,
Secretary of State Junkln has pc
lared an affidavit for the signature of
lioso corporations , which their officers
Malm are not organized for profit and
.herofore do not come under the pro
visions of the occupation tax law. The
iC'davlt ' is to set out the capital stock
if the corporation ; how it Is invested ;
lie statement under oath that it was
lot organized for profit. These who
ilgu the affidavit will have their cor-
locations stricken from the list , which
lovornor Slmllenborgor will cancej
icxt November.
Nine Supposed Accomplices of As
sassin Arrested Posthumous
Honors to Be Paid the
Elder Statesman.
Toklo. The body of Prince Ho , the
murdered elder statesman of Japan ,
will be taken aboard the Japanese
warship , Iwato , at Dlaren and will
be brought to Japan , accompanied by
a full suite , representing the entire
nation. The body lay Wednesday in
a hotel at Dalren , the coffin covered
by a simple white pall. Guards sur
rounded the hotel and only the prince's
personal staff was admitted. Through
out the day telegrams poured into
Toklo from every country of the
world. Before the official announce
ment of Prince Ito's death , dilllculty
was encountered , which was of a
purely technical nature , in securing
acknowledgement of the stateman's
actual demise. This was obviated
later , when the death was officially
announced , an ordinance beng simul
taneously Issued and antedated , be
stowing usual honors , one of them be
ing advanced from the junior to the
first grade in the court rank.
Those closer to the throne say that
the emperor Is deeply affected by the
assassination of the prince. He has
asked for every detail , and apparently
is unable to understand why the innr-
der was committed , in view of the
evident popularity of Prince Ito. But
when informed of all the facts , so far
as they have been learned here , the
emperor ordered that there must be
no change in the policy toward Korea.
'The ' emperor of Korea has cabled
his sympathy to the emperor of Ja
pan , as well as to Princess Ito at
Olso. The assassin probably will bo
tried at Dairen. Nine alleged accom
plices have been arested , and it la
believed that the investigation will
show that the plot was hatched at
Seoul. The Japanest authorities arc
determined to unearth the source , be
cause the assassination of Prince Ito
is believed to have ben planned by
the same persons who planned the
murder of Durham White Stevenu , the
former diplomatic adviser to the Ko
rean government at San Francisco in
1908. The newspaners hero comment
on the escape of one of the associates
of the murderer of Mr. Stevens.
The leading statesmen of Japan ,
who have been interviewed on the
subject , assert that the death of
Prince Ito will not affect the avowed
policies at home and abroad. While
Prince Ito was powerful and popular ,
the general policy of the Japanese
government today Is not dictated by
the elder statesmen , but by the active
politicians , who are determined to fol
low peaceful development.
Faith in Dry Farms.
Billngs , Mont. In spite of the fact
that the railroads Interested In the
northwest , as well as practically every
land agent In the northwest and mid
dle west , who is interested in dry
farming , wanting the name changed ,
the dry farming congress , by a vote of
372 to 118 decided to let it stand. The
railroads and land agents declared the
term "dry farming" a misnomer and
a deteriment to the movement. The
farmers themselves , who had the votes
objected to making the name more
attractive. These officers were elect
ed :
President F. W. Mondell , Wyom
First American vice president
Frank ( ' . Bowman , Idaho.
Foreign vice presidents George
Ilarcourt , Alberta. Canada ; Senor
Lauro Viado. Mexico ; Laszto Coyer ,
Hungary ; Dr. Theodore Kryshtofo-
vitch , Russia.
The executive committee includes
Ora Williams. Iowa ; Mlley Bunnell ,
Minnesota ; D. Clem Deavcr , Nebras
ka ; J. W. Worst , North Dakota.
Billings is entertaining the largest
crowd in its history.
The fight for the next congress is
still on , with Spokane and Colorado
Springs chief contenders.
Police in Running Battle.
Indianapolis , I ml. Two men caught
attempting to rob a house were shot
l > y Bicycle Policemen .Mullen and
Steward Wednesday afternoon in a
desperate running battle. One of the
men , who is probably fatally wounded.
Is Mike Foley. The other , shot in the
leg and the arm , gave his name as
Samuel Cardwell , Chicago.
The policemen were called by
neighbors , who found Cardwell and
Folej ransacking a house. When the
policemen arrived the robbers were
in the street , and at once opened fire.
Mullen stopped his bicycle so quickly
that lie was thrown to the ground.
Ljing there he returned the fire and
Steward also began firing. The rob-
icrs , after emptying their revolvers ,
an. the policemen after thorn. Mul-
in followed Foley Into the shed. The
man had been shot through the lungs ,
iiid was writhing in agony , hut he
lad reloaded his revolver and ho shot
'nil at Mullen as he entered the doon
Mullen struck the man on the head
with his mace , and ho fell back sense-
Albany , N. Y. The funeral of Jus-
ice Rufus Peckham of the United
States supreme court was held Wed-
lesday afternoon from St. Peter's
Episcopal church , Rov. W. W. Batter-
shall officiating. The honorary pall-
tearers included Chief Justice Mel
ville W. Fuller and associate justices
of the United States supreme court ;
'hlof Judge Cullen and associate
udges of the court of appeals ; former
. 'hief Judges Alton B. Parker and
'harles Andrews of the same court ,
former United States Circuit Judge
William J. Wallace and several prom-
neat Albany citizens.
Items of Interest Taken From Hero A
and There Over the State. /
Franklin's new opera house has
been opened for buoineas.
Mrs. Alexander Hunter accidentally
shot herself with a rifle at their
home near Murray , the ball entering
between two ribs on the left side. Her
case Is serious.
Nebraska City Is suffering from a
cement famine and many of the large
contractors have boon compelled to
5ny all of their help off on that ac
Mrs. Frank B. Spear of Diller was
instantly killed two miles north of
Pickrell , being thrown from an auto
mobile. She struck on her head ,
breaking her neck.
John M. Phipps , who claims to bo
over 98 years of age , was In Nebraska
City , enroute to Farragut , Iowa , on a
visit with his son. He has been mak
ing his home with daughter In
Richardson county.
James Hartshorn of Havelock , 100 , I
years old , died last week at his home . , I
He was born in England August 4 ' '
1809. Until a few months ago lie was W
In perfect health and then began to
fall , though his deatli was unexpected.
The general store of Wilson & Ost-
bloom at Marquette was entered by
burglars and quite an amount of
goods. Including cutlery , silverware
and other valuables taken. The safe
was not molested.
While crossing Rose creek bridge ,
in the soutlieajt corner of Thayer
county , M. M. Bass , who was running
a threshing machine over the high
way without first planking the bridge
lost his life. The engine went down
and Bass' neck was broken by the
The York county corn contest prom
ises to be one of the big events and
commences November 23 and ending
November 28. No business house or
building could be secured that was
large enough to hold the displays and
an effort will be made to secure the
court house.
The 1 CO-acre farm of L. W. Colby
of Gage county sold to John Connor
of Hamburg , la. , for $32,000 , or $200
per acre. The land Is finely improved
and has been used for several years
as a dairy farm. This price is the
highest paid for land in that part of .
the state. \
The Fremont Stock Yards company j
is having a big run of sheep at its * x
feed yards in South Fremont this seav
son , more shippers slopping off to * \
feed there than for some seasons. One
day the books showed 10,500 in the
yards for feed , which is about the
average so far this season.
In the great collection at the Na
tional Corn show in Omaha will be-
eecn why of the seven billion five
hundred million dollars worth of plant
and animal products , produced by the
United States each year , more than M
one billjon dollars worth of this sum Jr
can be credited to agricultural '
Ecience. Reproduction is truly the r
basis of wealth.
By the explosion of a gasoline stove
on which he was cooking his dinner ,
Charles W. Goldsberry , 50 years of
age , of Lincoln , was so severely
burned that his recovery is very
J. E. Kelby , on behalf of the Bur
lington , challenged the constitution
ality of the Barton act , passed by the
last legislature. This measure pro
vides for telephone service in depots
and express offices. He filed a brief i
with the railway commission , asserting - '
ing that the scope of the act was
broader than its title.
The site for the tuberculosis sani
tarium has been chosen by the state
hoard , which lias been in session at
Broken Bow and the institution will
be located about two and a half miles
from that town. The city had agreed
to donate 1CU acres , but the board
thought this entirely too small , and
decided that it would need at least
1,000 acres. This will be secured.
The work of surveying the Nomaha
fiver teritory through Johnson county
for the proposed drainage ditch was
? ommenced by the government en
gineering and surveying force , last
week. The crew includes three sur
veyors and four helpers and the work
was commenced on tno county line ,
northwest of Sterling. It is not known
liow long it will take the men to com
plete the work.
A double tragedy , accepted by the
authorities as a murder and a suicide ,
was disclosed when a farmer four
miles from Clay Center found the
lead bodies of Leroy Foster and Miss
Inez Cox in a buggy near the roadway
adjoining his farm. Apparently they
Imd been dead a number of hours.
Uoth were shot in the region of the
licart , and near the man lay a re
volver. It Is presumed he killed the
Slrl , then himself.
Anton Horalik was arrested at Cen-
: ral City on the charge of stealing a
; eam of hordes from Robert J. Griffin ,
i farmer living near North Bend. He
.valved preliminary examination In
lustico court at Fremont , and was
bound over to the district court. She-
iff Bauman took him directly to the
: onrt room , where ho pleaed guilty
md was sentenced to two years In
: he penitentiary , less than twelve
lours after his arrest.
One of the worst prairie fires of the
season raged about three hours about
, wo miles east of Dickinson destroy-
ng everything in its path. The lire
, vas started by a westbound passenger
rain on Hie Burlington.
After working from i o'clock until 'V
5:30 : in the morning in'an effort to
> reak open the strong box of the Man-
ey state bank , robbers gave up in
lisg'ist and departed , taking prec.xu-
ions , however , to leave no clues be-
iliul as to their Identity. The bank
, vas tobbed October 29 , 1908 , and the
abhors secured between ? 2,000 and