Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, September 30, 1909, Image 3

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( Pretty girl In elaborate negllgoo
Edited before a silvoi-littered dre3slng
table doing her hair. Whenever her
emotions overpower her she uncon
sciously brushes harder , slowing down
In the more meditative moments
These are her thoughts. )
"It is simply atrocious and unforgiv
able ! I've considered the subject very
carefully , very carelully Indeed , from
all sides , because I believe In always
being Just , even when you are the In
jured person. Why , I've considered It
fully 15 minutes and I believe my
'head aches from the Intensity with
which I've devoted myself to It , and
headaches make wrinkles and I'm not
going to be such a geese as to start
wrinkles In my face because of a man
like Winchester Henderson ! Not I !
"I'm not going to glvo him the sat
isfaction of knowing that anything ho
could do would affect mo In the least.
That's the trouble how to snow
proper resentment that will bo notice
able even to a stupid person like him-
nolf without giving him ground to flatter -
> ter himself that ho has disturbed me.
I "Men are so frightfully conceited.
' [ They think all they have to do Is look.
at a girl and she Is simply overcome
with gratitude at being noticed And
Winchester Is as bud as the rest , even
If he does cover up with that air of
retiring modcfaty It really is deceit
ful when jou come to think about It.
"If ho thinks for one minute that
I'm going to stand his forgetting an
engagement \sith mo ho 1-3 very much
mistaken ! What if the head of his
firm did come to town and keep him
and what If his sister did telephone
that the baby had the measles and her
husband was away and she was scared
to death ? Little things like that
shouldn't entliolj upset his mental
processes. I wonder that ho dared put
such feeble excuses on paper !
"I suppose.ho fancies that \\hon ho
calls to night , as ho says ho will. I'll
receive him as sweetly as usual. Well ,
I'll fool him !
"It won't do , however , to go In with
a tragedy queen air. I think on the
whole I'll bo downstairs when ho
comes , and reading. A person can bo
almost Insultingly rude and absent
minded looking up fiom n book with
an Instant's fat away stare as though
cho couldn't qulto plaro the caller who
had Just entered. Her subsequent
elaborate sweetness doesn't remove
the shock ho has of feeling there was
even an instant's time when she could
forget him Hut then J'd have to con
tlnuo being sweet and that wouldn't
"It might ho better to como down *
stairs with m\ chin not tip In the air ,
" Afc J
r H
& 4 > * ' \ ? ; . u
A-v.V. ! , ! * ,
- QJ
but potrectly level , greet mm witn
elaborate politeness and keep the con
versation on the most peifunctory so
ciety plane just as though ho was
some one I didn't In the least care
about , but was going to bo courteous
to If I died for It. And bo so nice to
him that ho wouldn't have a single
thing to got off untied at and yet keep
a regular stone wall between us ! It
would take clover handling , but I
could manage that kind of situation
very nicely. There's nothing that will
so balllc and Infuriate a man ns that !
"On the whole , that's too much effort - '
fort to waste on Winchester. It doesn't
matter suftlclently to cause me to ex
ert myself as much as that. I might
act Just plain boicd , reply absentmindedly -
mindedly and when ho tried to repeat
his excuses say carelessly , almost as
though I were amused at his thinking
anything ho did affected mo , that It
didn't matter in the least , that other
things which were more Important
had quite swept It from my mind.
"I could say , 'Oh , did wo have an en
gagement that night'1 and tlioii laugh
kind of helplessly and murmur some
thing about how shockingly I forget
things. That would beat Into his brain
the novel Idea that inayhn ho wasn't
so Important after all !
"I'd just like to stir him up a bit
and make him humble and apologetic.
I suppose he's too devoured by conceit
to have anything llko that affect him ,
though. He knows there arc plenty
more ulrls on earth besides mo silly
ones , too , wno wouin op outiuo
to have him come-to see them.
"You t pally can't blame the men
whpn giils are so foolish. Annette
Hillings , now would simply bre.'ik her
nc'ck if she thought theio was a
fhanco to gpt Winchester away from
mp , and goodness knows when a girl
llko that starts In it is all up so far
as any other gltl is concerned. Men
are such Idiots that way they always
run after a girl who Hatters and
cajoles them and takes such an Inter
est In them and their careers ! Ouch !
My , how I pulled my hair !
"I expect the real clover , subtle
poison would let even her desire for
tovcngo go if she wanted to outwit a
Ival who was lying In wait. It would
ho my cue to receive Winchester as
usual , listen sweetly , and forgive with
gcnoinus magnanimity , thus putting
him In my debt. He'd bo entranced
with my lovely nature , because ho
really crawls In that note. Ho did
seem to ho dreadfully ashamed of
himself. Maybe ho Is !
Tl c mova I think about It the more
I bellcvo If I want to finish Annette's
chaiu'i'si forever and over and really
wlpo her off the map It's up to mo to
do the grand act of forgiveness ! I'll
wear my pink dress , too ! Annette
looks a flight In pink !
"Not that I care In the least about
Winchester but really , It Is wicked to
cherish revenge ! " Chicago Dally
New s.
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Barrel Organ In Church.
A curiosity In church organs Is now
In use at Hilghtllng ( iOng ) church.
It ! s a ban el oigan which has boon In
use there blncu the oaily pnt of the
eighteenth century , possessing an ex
ceptionally gootl tone , declared equal
If not bupeilor to the average plpo or
gan , which It closely resembles fiom
the point of view of the congiogatlon.
Consldciable skill is inquired to
play It , for H has six stops , which
have to bo manipulated with the left
hand , whllo the light Is turning the
handle and the wind is being pumped
lit with the left foot.
Theio aie two rolls of music , each
containing 12 tunes , compi Islng Kastcr
hymns and selections suitable for vol-
Peculiar Quake-Proof Building.
The eaithquakc proof building of
Prof. Hoermel lests In n imu'ilvo bowl ,
and has a locking foundation with u
cuivod surface of somewhat less rn
dlus than that of the bowl. A hall-
spherical pivot Ills into a cup-bout ing
at thu center. At eight points ncai
the outsidu of the bowl aio spring
buffets , which keep the hounp or other
building from being canted too freely ,
and lessen the force of any shock
transmitted. The structure on this
foundation is to have a light steel
framework , nnd la expected to resist
the severest earthquakes.
That's Shcnvin
Williams paint. Why ?
Because it covers
more surlacc , wears
longer and looks bet
ter than any other
high grade paint on
the market.
It adds greatly to
the beauty and at
tractiveness oC a pro
pertyand often 1 e'ps
to sell it at a profit
much greater than
the cost of painting.
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