Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, September 30, 1909, Page 2, Image 2

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Three millioa acres of govern
ment land to be opened for. set
tlement' about . .October 1st in
South Dakota. Uncle Sam's
greatest land drawing. These
lands td be opened finder the
United States homestead laws.
For reliable information about
these lands , send 25 cents ( sil
ver ) for our interesting little
booklet , "The Cheyenne and
Standing Rock Reservations , "
tells about the history , topogra
phy and soil , climate , rainfall ,
who may take homesteads , etc. ,
compiled by state historian. In
cludes also up-to-date map of
South Dakota showing lands to
be opened.
If you arc interested in secur
ing'160 acres of this rich land ,
wrap up a quarter and send for
this booklet and map at once.
Address Homestead Informa-
1 tion Bureau , Pierre , S. D.
If you need' help of any kind ,
tell as many people as possible.
There are more than 40,000 people
ple who subscribe for the Oma
ha Bee. ' You can tell them all
or one cent per word per day.
Write today.
All hunters found trespassing
on Sunnyslope ranch will be
J29-tf * ' W. B. FRMV. .
Land' for'Sale.
160 acres of land located ten
miles north of the city for sale
on reasonable terms. Inquire of
W.'D. Grant. M27-tf
Business Personals
-Drink "Blue Ribbon" coffee.
Roasted fresh every day. 24
Drink "Blue Ribbon" coffee1
Roasted fresh every day. 24tf.
Drs. ' Farnsworth & Beck
Eyes tested and glasses fitted ,
We are-in the market FOR
Will pay -the highest price of-
fared on the Broken Bow mar-
' ket. 'Cairand see us before sell
ing. ' v 34-tf
. . ' .S. J. LONKROAN
The City Livery
And Feed Barn
-V ,
Feeds your horses no poor grain
and'will supply you with good
Horsesand Rigs
at reasonable prices.
Come and see me.
W. A. Tooley
scon be a
thing of the past
I can locate
' <
you in Grant ,
Hooker and McPherson -
Pherson Go's.
Call on or write
Lena , - Nebraska.
1 'McPherson County.
Fitting of glasses.
Onice lu Dlerks iilfc. Phone 200
Detective Work
I wan telephoning Ilntidnll about a
dfltnll Umt hud popped Into
my bond just tu I was leaving the
theater , when the thing happened.
"I am Hiiro that number Is not
busy , " I assured the operator , find
there followed the usiml provoking si-
lenco. "I'laguo take It , " I miittorod ,
when I hoard something llko a moan
through the 'phono.
"My God , they'll kill mo ! "
I almost dropped the receiver In
surprise. The words , uttered In a low
tlmo , evidently , a woman's , had the
effect of coming from blank space.
The uhock sot mo to quivering.
"They'll bo back in a moment.
They'll Imvo no mercy. Help mo , for
God's Bake. "
Tbo words -umo Jerkily over the
'phono , cut Into sentences , and wore
spoken in a repressed fnnhlon as if
the speaker were trying to conceal
thorn from sonicono. Hut they began
to grow louder and more charged with
"Thoy can't bo gone much longer. I
think I hear thorn on the stairs now.
Good God , they're coming ! Help mo !
help mo ! They're "
It was Randall's blutant volco that
broke In. "Hollo , " bo said. "Hello.
Well ? "
"Hang up your receiver , " I shouted ,
"This Is mo , Robinson. Hurry , you
Idiot. Something terrlblo's happened. "
It took an endless tlmo to make him
understand. The moment ho did cut
off I began violently to work the re-
oeivor-ho'.dor of my phone In an effort
to attract the operator's attention.
There waa a snap somewhere. The
'phono suddenly became absolutely
dead. It took mo nome time to realize
tKbi ; then I Jam mod It down on the
desk and ran to tbo door.
As I opened it , a cub was creeping
by. Hailing the driver , I jumped in.
' 'Go llko the devil , " I said , and gave
him , the address of the west oxchangn
with which I know my 'phono was con
I fairly gnawed my nails to the
quick as the driver whipped his liorso
along at top speed. The words wore
ringing in my oars. "Help nio ! Help I
mo ! " What had happened ?
Around the corner wo whirled nnd
the lights of the exchange Hashed
into .flight. "Walt , " I shouted to the
driver , as I leaped out and dashed up '
the stairs. A girl pointed out to mo
the manager.
"Tho forces have Just been
changed , " ho snid. "Tho operator or
your line has gone home. "
"But can't anyone else toll mo what
phone I was connected with ? " I ex
Ho said they couldn t.
. Then another resort carao Into my
mlud. "Wbero does the girl llvo ? I'l
go , to her homo. "
Ho asked each separate girl am
none know. I was growing desperate
when the boy who did c a Jobs said
ho , thought sbo lived with her aunt on
Queen and Oak streets in the Mills-
worth suburb. The next Instant I was
In the cab , driving llko fury. The
Mills worth suburb was six mlles
away. It wns throe o'clock when wo
reached Uioro. The girl and her aunt
bad moved buck within the city fully
ton mlles from where wo woro. As
soon as possible I changed cabs , for
the borso I had boon using was utterly
done up. "Drlvo for all you arc worth. "
I said to my now cabby.
Tbo words I bad heard over the
phone kept running through my brain :
"Help mo , help mo ! " Perhaps it was
too luto.
There was a growing light In the
east when wo stopped before a small
frame house. Aching in every joint
from my hard drlvo , I ran up the
stops. IJur-or , wont the bell. There
WUB n wait , tb patter of feet , then
the gas In the hall was lighted.
I shouted wbo I was and whom 11
wanted to BOO.
The door cracked and a bead done
up In curl-papers appeared. "I'm her.
What's the trouble ? "
I tola her , clenching my b.inds , knit
ting my brows , filling my tones with
dramatic emphasis tbo while. She
started , slowly her eyes opened , then
her mouth expanded into a smile. Fern
n moment I stood unbelieving.
. "But , do you understand ? " I cried.
"Ttila Is a life and death matter.
'Whom was I connected with ? "
"Me. "
"What ? "
She extended a yellow-back volume
through the door. "I had got to the (
third chapter ' , just where the princess
had been th'rown Into the dungeon ,
when I bad to go on duty ; so I took the
book along : with me , and was reading
n bit out to Mamie Moore when
asked for a number. Listen : 'My God > ,
they'll kill me ! They'll bo back in a
moment. They'll have no mercy. Help
me for God's sake. They can't bo no
much longer. I think I hour them on
the stairs . Good '
now. God , they're comIng -
Ing ! Help mo , help mo ! They're '
Tbo boss came along about that time. "
I turned brusquely away. "Good
night , " I said.
She giggled.
German Shipbuilding Depression.
During the year 1908 there \Voro'99
( against 435 in 1907) ) seagoing steam ,
ships , of an aggregate of 147,270 grona
register tonnage , built In Gorman ship ,
yards ; at the close of tbo year IP67
ocean steamships were In course of
construction , representing 187,362 ton-
nage. Ship-building and the shipping :
trade have not been prosperous In the
last year , w * * 4 , f J'
The Cook Came
MM. Jnrr and Gertrude Come la
nn Umlcritanding.
"Gertrude IB back ! " Bald Mrs. Jnrr
to t Mr. Jnrr when bo c-omo homo the
other evening.
"It seems llko old times lo have her
around the house , " Mrs. Jnrr went on.
"After till , there Is Biich n thing nu
attachment from long service , In uplto
of nil you say , and It also showB that
n pays to be kind and connldomte ,
too ! "
"Do you menu , Gertrude , that grim
Amazon , who condescended to burn
food for us for one day and then
rough-boused the place till wo paid
icr for a full week ? " asked Mr. Jarr.
"Now , yon mustn't talk that way , "
said Mrs. Jnrr. "Gettnule wns very
sorry. She said that she didn't think
we loved her , and nho comes from n
very flno family that has seen better
lays , and she has a lot of property
! luit she wnn cheated out of before sbo
wns born , and It IB a great mystery
whore It is or what It la , but Gertrude
blnks It's very valuable real estate In
Syracuse , because her aunt's people
como from Syracuse. "
"Well , I have troubles of my own
and I don't want to hoar hers , " said
Mr. Jarr. "If you are satisfied I suppose - ,
pose 1 will have to bo. But what did ,
sbo como back for , to bring back the ,
door key sbo took away ? "
"No , " said Mrs. Jarr ; "she wants
to keep the key. She feels It is n tic.
She came back because she said there
bud boon a mistake. We had only paid
her $4 and sbo never worked , not even
for society people , for less than $5 ti
week , and only for that as a personal
favor. And sbo wanted another dollar ,
BO , ns the now girl wo got yesterday
left this morning when 1 asked her to
help me rtust the parlor I thought .I'd
use diplomacy , and I told Gertrude I'd
give her the dollar If she'd take up her
place where she left off. "
"And she wont right out In the
kitchen and burned the salt and bread
the only two things she left un-
scorched the day she was hero ? " asked
Mr. Jarr.
"Now , you mustn't talk that way , "
said Mrs. Jarr. "Gertrude Is very sen
sitive , and I think It was something
I she must have hoard you Hay that
made her act the way she did when
she left. But she Buys she fools like
ono of tbo family and likes to stay In
n plnco" 'A day at n tlmo , " Inter
rupted' Mr. Jarr.
"If sbo bears you tall ; lll'o that she
won't stay at all , " said Mrs. Jnrr. "Sho
really In attached to us. "
"Ah , the loynlly of the old fnmlly
retainer ! " tiald Mr. Jnrr. "How touchIng -
Ing It IB how It apponln to our tender-
oit emotions when wo SPO It on the
stngo. Wo never see It anywhere .
elHo. "
"That Isn't BO. " nnld Mrs. Jnrr.
"Mrs. Stryvor's second mnld has been
with her for nearly throe months Of
course alio IB lazy and untidy and
makes trouble by carrying tales on the
ether servants , but Mrs. Stryver likes
to bear kitchen gossip , and , besides , '
the girl Is BO Impudent she Is afraid
o discharge her , so you see It Isn't
only on tbo stage that there Is devo
tion ami loyalty In servants , and Ger
trude says "
" 0 , Gertrude must Imvo been ex
tremely loquacious , " said Mr. Jarr.
"YoB , I never hoard her talk so
much. She Boomed feverish and excit
ed , but I guess It wns Joy In getting
her old place back , " said Mrs. Jarr.
"Maybe it was gin , " said Mr. Jarr.
"Now , once nnd tor nil , " snld Mrs.
Jnrr , sharply , "onco and for all , you
must stop Interfering with the sorv-
ants ! How can I keep n girl If you
do ? You nro always detecting liquor
on ether people. "
"You nro always detecting It on
" Bald Mr. Jarr. "
mo , "But If you are
satisfied I am , and I hope Gurtru 9 Is
satisfied , too. "
"Well , " said Mrs. Jarr In n hcKltat-
Ing manner , "sbo wants different wall
paper on her room. She says the pat
tern looks as If It were moving. And
| she wants us to patronize the other
I butcher , because tbo delivery mni : of
tin ono wo Imvo Is sj rol' nnd dlstnnt.
I think thnt's why she left. And she
says she has to have her evenings out
and Bho has scruplea against cooking
on Sundays , and she thinks It will
show wo appreciate her If I buy her
n nice hat. "
I "Anything else she wants ? Gnrtrudo
I Is so modest in her demands ? " asked
Mr. Jarr.
"Now , you leave mo to alter ' to
how tblB bouso Is run ! " said Mrs.
Jarr. "Sbo Just comes back when the
house needs u thorough cleaning.
We'll Bturt In to-morrov and wash
the windows and woodwork "
"What's tbo matter with doing It
now ? " asked Mr. Jarr.
"Well , you see , " stild Mrs. Jarr , "aft
er I gave Gertrude tbo doll r I owed
her she remembered nn appointment
Bho had with her lawyer and had to
go. She'll bo hero early to-morrow. "
But Mr. Jarr laid n mental bet often
ton to duo .that Gertrude wouldn't.
For a Hard Man.
An American guest for the night at
nn Inn in Stirling , Scotland , descend
ed to tbo otllco at break of day nnd
complained to the person In charge
that tbo bed wns bard.
i "It was llko sleeping on a board , "
I ho said.
The person In charge replied with
cold austerity :
"Tho great duke of Wellington once
slept In that bed. "
"No wonder they called him the
Iron Ddko , ' " remarked the guest , rue
fully rubbing his person as he turned
'away. ' Youth's Companion.
CO ,
Selling men's
youth's and boy's
clothing at half
price until all
are closed out.
Henry \V. \ ValtermlreValiermlre
Ills wlte , whose llrst name Is unknown ,
Charles llarnes ; ana the unknown liclrs ,
ilcvhecs ami legal reiiresi-ntatlven of Km in a
Ilarni'.s , deceased , defendants , Take Notice ,
that on August .toth , IW9 , Joseph K. Walter ,
uilre , plalntllf , Illeil his petition In the Uls
trlct Court of Custcr County , Nebraska ,
against Caroline Waltcrinlre and .the above
named ilofciulants , the object and prayer of
which arc to foreclose a certain mortgage
executed by the defendant Caroline Walter-
mire and Jacob Walternilre , now deceased ,
to the plalntllf upon the west half of the
northeast quarter , the southeast quarter of
the northeast quarter , and the northwest
quarter of the southeast quarter of bectlou
twenty-six , In township fourteen , range
twenty-live In Ouster county , Nebraska , to
secure the payment o [ a certain promissory
note dated June < Hh. UKI ) , for the hum of
Jtuo.o0 : , due and payable on or , before June
Uth , 1H.'J ( , at 8 per cent Interest , that there Is
now due on said note and mortgage the sum
of CSti.OO , with intercut thereon from this
d.itc , for which sum and Interest and costs
platntlil prays for decree that defendants be
required to pay the same or that said prem
ises may he sold to satisfy the amount found
du , with general rollet and for such other
matters as appear In said petition and
prajcr thereto ,
You and each of you are required to ans-
s er said petition on or before the 31st day
of October , 1909 , as ordered by the Court In
making order for this notice.
Dated Sept. mil , 1W .
JosiH'ii K. WAr/ruiiMiiiB , Plaintiff.
i Hy his attorney , J. A. AHMOUII.
I siG-Oli-Gt
In the matter of the estate of wUllam
Thomson , deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that Hi pursuance
of an order of iiruno o. Hosteller , Judge of
the district court of Ouster County , Nebras
ka , made on tue 22nd day of May , 1909 , for
thesale of the real estate hereinafter de
scribed , there will be sold at the main en
trance door of the Court House in Broken
How , IA custer County , Nebraska , on Satur
day , thu second day of Ootober , 1W9 , at one
o'clock p. in. , at public vendue to the high
est bidder for cash the following described
real estate to-wlt : The southwest quarter
of the northeast quarter and lot two In sec
tion one in township fourteen north of
range twenty-one west of the 6th I1. M. In
Custer County , Nebraska. Said sale will
remain open one hour.
Dated this 13th day of September , 190o.
T , T. IJKi.r , ,
Administrator of the estate of
William.Thompson , deceased.
S 10 30-3t
Delicate and de
lectable odors all
the new summer fan0
cies and the old-time
Perfumes of refine
ment sweet , soft
and lasting- .
We have all the
newer varieties.
J. G. Haeterle
If you think you need a tonic ,
ask your doctor. If you think
you need something for your
blood , ask your doctor. If you
think you would like to try
Ayer's non-alcoholic Sarsaparilla -
rilla , ask your doctor. Con
sult him often. Keep in close
touch with him.
Wo publiih our formula !
We banlih alcohol
yersWe Wa urea you to
yers ooiuultyour doctor
Ask your doctor to name some of the
results of constipation. His long list will
begin with sick-headache , biliousness ,
dyspepsia , thin blood , bad skin. Then
ask him if he would recommend your
using Ayer's Pills.
Mad * by the J. 0. Ay cr Co. , Low U
Don't You Forget It.
We will have everything1
for you in the line of Fruit
and Lunch.
Cheese Dried Beef
Minced Ham
We want all our friends
to call and see us.
tfieppard & Burk.
You have to buy the coal and we have to have
the money.
Let us furnish your lumber , building- material
and coal.
You know we always have the stock and we
can take care of you and your wants in our line.
Dierks Lumber and Coal Company
J. S. MOLYNEUX , Mgr , Broken Bow , Net.
1888 Welcome 1909
Oil sardines , 0 cans ' 25c
Mustard sardines , 3 cans 25c
Potted ham , 5 cans 2Sc
Nut butter , a large "bottle 30c
Sockeyc Salmon , the best 20c
The best Red Salmon , per can ISc
Fancy minced luncheon loaf per pound 15c
Extra fancy bologna , per pound 10c
Extra fancy weinerwurst , per pound 15c
Summer sausage , per pound 20c
Hig-hest price paid for fancy butter , fresh eggs ,
melons and produce during fair week.
"We buy , test and pay cash for cream.
Phone 5 PURE FOOD CENTER North Side
Our Officers and Direc
tors are CUSTER
Our Stockholders are
Our Depositors are
Our Loans.are made teA
A Custer County Bank
Broken Bow , Nedraska.
Try Tte for Farm Loans. \
Advertise in the