Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, September 23, 1909, Page 8, Image 8

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"Gee ! Won't It Ever Get March 4th17 ' ] ? ' . ! ULTI '
Dent forget the Suit ,
Cloak and Skirt sale at Mfivis &
Co ( his Saturday. Up to date
Barmen's from New York.
Bally Day.
The U. C. Sunday school will
observe the first Sunday in Oc
tober as Krilly Day. A special
program will be arranged. Every
member is urged to be present
All are invited.
The Republican caucus of voters
ers ofVst Ouster I'recincl will
held at the Gustcr school I ous
rm Saturday , Sept. 25 , at 2 o'-
lock p. in , to place in norm-
1 ilion one township clerk , one
mvnship treasurer aud to trans-
tot any other business th\t may
properly come before the meeting1.
Joseph Uaefele , Comm.
Notice is hereby given that the
Republican caucus will be held at
the Ilicks school house in Cliff
township on Salurnay , Oct. 2 ,
l'J09 , at 2 o'clock p. m , for the
purpose of placing in nomination
a township ticket and to transact
any other business that may
come before said caucus.
W. J. Rice , Comm.
Notice to lcliiuucnls. ) |
Notice is hereby given that the
rental upon the lease contracts to
the following1 described school
lands in Custer county , Nebraska ,
as set opposite the names of the
holders thereof , is delinquent and
if the amount which iv , due is not
paid within sixty days from the
date of this notice said contracts
will be declared forfeited by the
Board of Educational Lands and
funds and said forfeiture will be
ntered of record in the manner
> rovidcd'by law.
Advertised list , 1st , 1909.
Custer county.
Description. Sw. ( , Sec. 16 ,
T. IS , R. 17 ; Lessee , W. W.
Description. Sw. y Ne. # ,
Sec. K > , T. 17 , R. 19 ; N YNe. .
Sc. , ' 4 , Nc. # , Soc. 16 , T. 17 , It.
19 ; Lessee , Jennie Gustafson.
E. 13. Cowles ,
ommissioner Public Lands and
Hy C C. Haslow , Deputy.
Ouitc a number from this vi
cinity attended the county fair
last week. All report having had
a good time.
No school at New Hope last
Thursday and Kriday as the
teacher and pupils took a vaca'
lion and attended the county
fair ,
Mrs. Laura Taylor returned
home last Sunday evening from
Lincoln where she has been vis
iting relatives the past two
Earl Hammond returned home
from Lincoln county last week
where he has spent the last six
weeks on his claim.
Miss Bertha Iluffakcr commen
ced her school last Monday morn
ing seven miles north of Broken
Mrs. W. II. Cline and son ,
Emory , returned home last Sun
day evening from Saybrook ,
My city residence for sale or
trade. Call or address W. T.
Jones. Sept.-23-tf
J. S. Molvncux has been drawn
as a jjraml jurnr for the Omaha
division ot the United States
courts. lie hai been ordered to
report at the federal building1 in
Omaha at 2 p. in. next Monday
Broken Bow in petting in line
with Lincoln and Omaha in se
curing a large Vacuum House
Cleaner. Mr. Julc Sitnott'ion in
forms in bo will be ready for or-
dcra in a f w diy * with prices in
reach of all. Watch for further
I offer for sale a new 7 room
modern up to-date dwelling
house , four bleaks from business
centre and two blocks from school ,
fruit and shade , location finest ,
in city , in established neighbor
hood overlooking city and valley.
For price and terms see James
You are invited to attend the
Harvest Home services at the
Presbyterian church next Sunday
morning. Autumn decorations
will be arranged by Mrs. H. T.
Bruce and Mrs. Stevenson and
the music will be appropriate.
Addresses will be made by Geo.
B. Mair , Prof. Elliot , E. E.
Squires aud Miss Fannie Drake.
A short address by the pastor
will close the program.
Sliccp Farms.
Do you know that farmers in
this county arc making a big
mistake that that they do not
keep sheep. First get a large
acreage of alfalfa. Be sure you
have plenty of hay , ( alfalfa ) and
grain. Buy say 100 ewes in the
early fall , join with your neigh
bors , and buy a car load and dis
tribute them out in bunches ol
one or two hundred lots. Don't
be in a hurry to get a lot ot ex
perience and be a big sheepman ,
chances are you will lose , but
commence small , bread the ewes
for early lambs. Give them
plenty of range so they can gather
up all the roughness and clean
the farm of weeds. Feed enough
alfalfa hay and grain during the
winter so they will gain in flesh
and be in fine condition at lamb
ing time. Then keep crowding
them along with a view of fat
tcning both ewes and lambs.
You should have a fine fat bunch
of sheep and lambs by early sum
mer which , together with the
wool clip will give you three
crops from your investment , one
crop of wool and two of mutton
and all within eight to ten
mouths time. There are three
things to insure your Msucccss
Buying weight , plenty of feed
and proper care. The market
you will have to take your chan
ces on. The first ( three is your
business andI ; believe you wil
and a good market. I hope to
try it another year when' I ge
more-land in alfalfa.
Willis Cadwell.
Map Showing Hie Proposed Lines of County Division.
N. W. Qr. 730 sq miles N. E. Qr. 516 Sq. miles.
S , W. Qr. 7GO sq , miles S , E. Qr. 576 sq. miles.
J'OMflH'8 ' fwar
Tuesday ; October 5 ; Fireworks
( Wednesday October 'Q ; Electrical Paratte
I i Thursday,1 October ) ,7 , , ' Military Parade
M * . Friday , ; October 8 , Coronation * Ball
'Saturday , ' Ootober O Children's Ball
Frank Currie returned from
Mexico Wednesday morning1.
Mr. and Mrs. E , Taylor spent
a few days this week on the Mid-
lie Loup.
George and Laucks Xanders
aud Will Jenkins left Tuesday
or Callaway.
Mrs. Judge Kay received word
Wednesday of the serious illness
of her mother at Harrisonville ,
Fred Vaughn arrived in the
Bow Thursday from Grafton ,
Pa. , and is the guest of his aunt ,
Mrs. Robert Skinner.
E. W. Morrison , who has been
looking after business interests
in this city left Thursday for
liis home at Lincoln.
Mrs. Davis and children who
have been spending the summer
in this city , left Wednesday for
their home in Salt Lake , Utah.
Mrs. H , F. Townley who has
been visiting1 her parents , Judge
and Mrs. Benjamin , the past few
weeks , left Thursday for her
home at Edgcmont , S. D.
Miss Twila Crawford of Ar
kansas is the guest of Miss Or-
cclia Lanphear. Miss Crawford
will teach this winter in the
Public Schools at Ocouto.
The Misses Alma and Ina Sul
livan and Ethel Johnson left
Thursday for Lincoln. The
young ladies enter the Sopho
more yeai at the State Univer
F. M. Rnblee and Walt George
made a business trip to Arnold
Wednesday in F. M's. machine.
The men had quite aa experience.
When in Powell's canyon the
chain broke for the sixth time
and "night's dusky manth" had
long , longdecanded upon hill and
canyon before they returned to
the Bow.
Mrs. O. S. Tngg of Galva , 111. ,
who has been visiting1 her parents ,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Newman ,
ard sister , Mrs. Holla Towsley ,
for the past three weeks , left
Thursday for Lincoln. Mr. and
Mrs. Rolla Towsley accompanied
her to Lincoln where they expect
to spend several days visiting
Mrs , Ilattie Speaks returned
last Thursday from a seven weeks
trip to Cheyenne , Wyo. , where
she met Mrs. Dodds aud John
Gillings , both employed in the
Land Ofiicc. Mrs. Speaks also
visited in Denver , Colo. , where
she took a number of lessons in
painting from one of Denver's
famous painters.
Additional Local.
S. K. WiXrrick of Alliance , is
in the Bow looking after busin ess
Father Moser left Wednesday
evening1 on a few days trip to
Grand Island.
Joe Baisch and son , Jake , will
leave Friday for a few days visit
with friends at Alliance.
Sam Blackman and G. Ed.
Stuckey of Oconto , were county
seat visitors Wednesday.
The Ladies Guild of the Epis
copal church resume their week
ly meetings today with Mrs. Joe
A. J. Elliott and Rodney Her- /
mon left last Saturday for Ravenna - J
venna and a few days visit in
Clyde , Kan. "V
Rev. and Mrs. Thompson returned -
turned Monday evening from the
annual conference meeting held
at Kearney.
Mrs. Charles Oschuer and chil
dren who have been visiting Mrs.
Annabel Bishop left Thursday jTj
for Ravenna. ' jp
Miss Anna Ilaurnann who has S
been visiting Mrs. Allen Adams
the past week , left Monday even
ing for her home at Thedford.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith left
last Thursday for Mineral , 111.
They were called there by the
death of Mrs. Smith's mother.
John Dalton who has been en
joying his vacation with his par- \
cuts , left Thursday morning to A *
resume his studies at Annapolis ,
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Kiffin
have had for their guest the past
three weeks , Mr. Kiffin's sister ,
Miss Sadie Kaffin , who returned
to her home at Lincoln Thursday.
Miss Sara Gruninger of Cleve
land , Ohio , arrived in the city
Wednesday evening and will be
the guest for a few weeks of Mrs. .
C. L. Gutterson and Mrs. A. II.
Miss Jean West who resides
near Berwyn took the train at
the Bow Thursday morning for
Galva , 111. Miss West expects
to become a pupil in the Episcopal - (
pal Jubilee School near Peoria , i
111. *
The Young Peoples Union \
have contracted for six good en
tertainments for this season-
These entertainments will be the
best ever given in the city and
tickets will be op sale in a very
few days.
Meet me at the
Pheonix Cafe
_ _ _ \
Fresh Oysters Served any Style
Private Chairs for Ladies , .
C. H. KENNEDY , Proprietor.