Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, May 20, 1909, Image 1

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Held Tuesday Starts Organiza
tion to Work.
One of the Greatest Celebrations Ever
Seen in Western Nebraska is Being
Planned by the Committee.
A. E. Anderson was elected
chairman and H. G. Myers sec
retary of the meeting of the
Fourth of July contributors held
in the court house Tuesday even
ing. Monday , July 5th , was
selected as the day for the cele
bration on "account of the 4th
coming on Sunday. A commit
tee consisting- A. E. Ander
son , Sam Lee , Sam Miller , J. K.
Herman , Joe Molyneux , Raniah
Ryerson , and II. G. Myers was
selected to have charcreof the
work of preparing for the cele
bration. This committee organ
ized Wednesday morning by
electing A. E. Anderson chair
man , Joe Molyneux treasurer ,
and II. G. Myers secretary.
This will be Broken Bow's first
celebration in about eight years
and the committee plans to make
it'a hummer in order to make up
for lost time. The merchants
, have subscribed very liberally
v and the committee is amply sup
plied with funds. It is planning
wv.Jr to have one of the best displays
of fireworks ever seen in this
part of the state. One of the
new and most attractive features
"will be the automobile parade.
The committee will offer a prize
to the three , best decorated autos
in the parads. A cqmic parade
' '
will a 'new and unusual
feature. One of the best speak
ers in the state will be secured
at once. The committee de
sires to secure the services of
three bands to furnish the music
for the day. All kinds of sports
will be arranged for. The pub
lic square will be elaborately
Farmer Burns , the world cham
pion wrestler , will be here with
his two boys and a good wrestler.
The committee has arranged to
have the farmer's two boys give
a free exhibition during the day
and the wrestle between Burns
and his opponent will probably
be in the evening.
The following is a list of the
sub-committees appointed by the
general committee :
J S. McGffiw , O. II. Conrad ,
Aubrey Martin and W. E. TnMit.
W. B. Schaeffer , A. R. Hum
phrey and II. F , Kennedy.
Dr. W. J. Buckley , 0. S. Martin ,
-C. W. Bowman , W. A. George
and Sam Miller.
" *
Luther Miller , Ramah Ryerson
and A , J. Elliot.
* > Sam Miller , J. K. Harmon , S. R
Lee , A. E. Anderson , J. S. Molv-
neux , Ramnli Ryerson , II G. Myers
and D. R. Rockwell.
N. T. Gadd , J. S. McGraw , II.
N. Sullivan and R G. Moore.
A. E. Amloraon , C W. Beal , E
R. Purcell , H G Myers.
0. H. Enqlaml , Put Stevenson , S.
R , Leo , F. L. Roeoker.
Grand Open Air Concert.
The committee appointed to
make arrangements for weekly
band concerts in the public
square during "the coming sum
mer has been able to complete
satisfactory arrangements with
the band leader , F. D. Taylor ,
and the first of the concerts will
be given next Saturday evening
The committee plans to have
these concerts given every Sat
urday night that the weather is
favorable. The committee con
sisting of II. G. Myers , Sam Lee
and Ramah Ryerson will begin
next week to raise the necessary
funds by subscription. The fol
lowing is the program for the
concert Saturday evening :
1. March "The Promoter , "
O. E. Holtncs
2. "Mlgnonncttc"-Overturc Facile
J. Dauman
3. The Old llarn Dance-"Fluffy Kuffles" . .
. ' jocll' . Cortn
I. American Fantasia "Owns of Stephen
Foster" \ Tbco. M. Tobanl
fi. March "The Prospector".O. E. Holmes
0. Overture-"Silver Star" . . . .Edward Hazel
7. "Q-Jcrida" Mexican Serenade
. . ' , . . ' H. A. Vamlcrcook
8. March "Loyal and True"
Gco. Itoscnkraua
Committee Desires to get Five Teams
Into the Organization.
The baseball committee con
sisting of F. C. Kern , Ray Kuns ,
Aubrey Martin , and F. LRoeck -
er met this week and organized
by electing Mr. Kern chairman
and Mr. Kuns , secretary. The
matter of the organization of the
league of teams has been turned
over to them. The committee is
planning a league of five teams
and they expect each team to
play two games ? . week , one at
home and one in foreign territory
Andrew Christensen , who
has been visiting relatives here ,
left Tuesday night for Portland
to take up his work as chief of
the Field Division- number 1 of
the General lyana
headquarters in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Hunter re
turned Thursday from an ex
tended tour of four weeks
through Oklahoma , Texas and
Mexico. Bob says he likes the
southern country , but he did not
find anything that would beat
Custer county.
The annual exposition for the
patrons of the public schools of
the city -will be given next
Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
All of the rooms will be open to
the public , and the patrons are
cordially invited to see the work
that has been done during the
The religious services for Dec
oration day will be held in the
Christian church in the after
noon of May 30th. The other
ceremony in commemoration of
the dead soldiers will be on Mon
day. Hon. J. B. Dunn , of Calla-
way , will deliver the address of
the day.
Mrs. A. J. Elliott left for
Springfield , Missouri , Sunday
night for an extended visit with
her sister , Mrs. F. H. Goss. She
will be accompanied on a trip to
New Orleans by Mrs. F. H.
Goss while absent. This is Mrs.
Elliott's first vacation since she
came to Broken Bow seven years
Mr. and Mrs. Altnon M. Baker ,
who have been guests at the
home of the latter's father , J.
Sheffield , left this morning for
Humbolt , Nebr. , where they will
visit a short time , after which
they will return to Coffeyville ,
Kansas , where they will make
their future home.
Undertaker Cole was called to
Berywn Wednesday to prepare
the body of Mrs. Diana McRay
for burial. Mrs. McRay died of
dropsy Wednesday morning at
the age of 67 years , three months
and 22 days. The funeral will be
held in Berywn Friday. Her
husband died about three years
ago. She leaves two daughters
to mourn her loss.
WTX ( yns
% 4mW
Mrs , Ilattic Spcakcs lias Been Eleven
Students for the Cast.
Bar Haven , a three act comedy
drama , will be presented by the
students of the Broken Bow Bus
iness and Normal college at the
Broken Bow Opera house on the
evening of June 3d. The play is
written by Gordon M. May.
Eleven of the college students
will take part in the play. Mrs.
Hattie Speaks has been training
the cast for a couple months.
Mrs. Speakes-lraS * coached some
very successful home talent com
panies and this play gives prom
ise of being a very successful
Following is a east of characters :
Captain Hiram Hopper , an old fish
erman , A. C. MoClintook.
Elardy Stone , hia helper , with atnbi
tion to be Kate'a. Murl G. Welob
Leo Brady , in search of an heir
Herbert Derris
Gideon Graham , a wealthy raaca' '
Roy E. Thompson
Rev. John Wesley Wiggins , parson
atBr Haven..Ray McOandleas
Oy Braokett , who is fishing for fifth
and Arabella. . . .Ray Lanphear
Mrs. Wardell , of "Tbe Manor"
Lulu Williams
Florence Wardell , her daughter. .
Emma Johnson
[ Cite Wnrdell , who comes into her
room Minnie Foster
Spray Hopper , the Captain's dangh
ter , who laughs at love
Mabel Smith
Arabella Wartendyke , between the
devil and the deep sea
M ry Bernsobein.
Committees Instructed to Obtain Informa
tion Prom Other Cities.
At the meeting of the school
byard held last week the matter
of the erection of a high school
building came up for consider
ation. The board voted to send
L. II. Jewett and E. R. Purccll
to.IIoldregc and Aurora to look
over the buildings there and S.
M- . Derris and Jules Haumont
will go to Alliance to inspect
the Alliance building. Iloldrcge
an , * . Alliance have builditfgs
which are used exclusively for
high school purposes. The Hoi-
drege building cost $23,000. The
school board plans to build the
new building for the exclusive
use of the high school. The
wo pres ent buildings will about
accommodate the grades and the
board plans to have a third ward
building in the east part of the
city at some future time when
the enrollment increases suTfi-
ciently to demand it. After get
ting reports on the buildings
used in other cities the board
will decide on the amount nec
essary to build a proper building
for Broken Bow. It will be nec
essary to get a majority of the
legal voters in the school district
to sign a petition asking the
board to call a special election to
vote bonds before the board can
call the special election.
Dr. Pennington returned Wed
nesday from St. Joseph , where
he went with Walter Cole. He
says that Walter underwent the
operation in good shape and
seemed to have some chances of
recovery. A postal card written
A Foreign Dispatch 8aye Teddy Will Bo Lionized Abroad.
by his father this morning states
that Walter is doing nicely and
that the doctors feel encouraged.
The operation was performed to
remove the pieces of broken
Alan Who Was Injured by Explosion in
Canadian .Mine . Pound in bad
A man who later gave his
name as Huff man was found
partly unconscious in W , A.
George's yard Sunday by Deputy
Sheriff Craig. On investigation
the man seemed to be i a criti
cal condition. lie had a bad
fracture in the left side of the
skull and the right sTdc was
partly paralysed. In talking
about the matter later Huffman
stated that he had been working
inthc silver mines in Colbart ,
Canada , and had been accident
ally injured. lie entered the
mine one day just as an explo
sion occurred in blasting and a
sixty pound rock struck him on
the head. lie was in the hos
pital in Canada for ten months
and two weeks. He left there
the lf th of March and went to
Boston. The Boston doctors
told him that the skull might be
raised at the point where it is
caved in and that if this could
be done and a silver plate put in
under it he would get over his
paralysis. They told him that
it would be a very dangerous
operation and that it would be
best for him to go to his home in
Great Falls , .Montana , ad that
relat/vcs could Jielp him and he
would be at home in case the
operation proved fatal. lie had
been sent on liis way home a
short distance at a time by the
people. Supervisor Cushman
and Mayor Rockwell arranged
for his transportation from here
to Great Falls.
The Broken Bow high school
base ball team played the Ra
venna high school team at Ka-
venua last Friday and was de
feated by a fccorc of 3 to 1.
Garland K. Lewis , of Anselmo ,
who is a candidate for county
superintendent ; was in the city
Monday shaking hands with his
The senior class address for the
graduating class of the high
school will be given Sunday at
2 p. m. in the North Side Opera
house. M. B. Reese chief justice
of the Nebraska Supreme Court
will deliver the address. No
admission fee will be charged.
The announcement of the can
didacy * ot Julius F. Oltutn , of
Sargent , for county treasurer ap
pears in this issue of the R -
PUHUCAN. Mr. Ottum is an old
resident of this county and a
man who is very favorably
spoken of by the people who
know him.
The high school commence
ment exercises will be held at
the Great Opera house at 8 p.
in. , Friday night , May 28th.
The class of twenty-four pupils
which will graduate this year is
the largest that has ever been
graduated from the city schools.
The class of eighteen which
graduated last year , is the second
end largest. There were sixteen
graduates in the class of 1000.
Mrs. Nancy Clinebell , of Custcr
Center , died Thursday morning
at 10 oclock. Mrs. Clinebell was
nearly 66 years old at the time
of her death. The iuncral ser
vices will be held Sunday at Cus-
ter Center. Kev Buswell , of this
city , will conduct the services.
Mrs. Clinebell leaves a husband ,
one daughter and five sons to
mourn her loss.
Wins r\\o Straight Tails in Wrestling
A l.arjjc Crowd Witnessed Hie .Match. .
People Coming From all Over
Custcr County.
The wrestling match between
Farmer" Burns , the world cham
pion wrestler , and Jack Miller ,
of Chicago , last Saturday even
ing in the Broken Bow Opera
house brought out people from
all over the county. A large
crowd came from Mason City
and Ausley and Berwyn were
well represented. People also
came in automobiles from the
other towns over the county.
Over four hundred people wit
nessed the match.
The first of the preliminaries
was between Rodgcrs and An
derson of this city and the second
end was between two Mason City
The match between Burns and
Miller was interesting and ex
citing in spite of the fact that
Burns seemed at all times to be
easily the winner. Miller is con
siderable heavier than Burns ,
but he hasn't the science to make
his weight effective. Burns won
the first fall in 19 minutes and
33 seconds , and secured the second
end fall in 20 mionics and 18
May I.recl Modern Opera House Just
North of the Postofflcc.
The Odd Fellows lodge of this
city voted at their last meeting
Monday to take up the matter ot
building a new hall on their lots
just north of the postoflice. A
committee was appointed to take
up the question of raising the
money and to consider the advis
ability of building an opera
lionse. A number of Masons
liavc expressed a regret that they
did not build a building more
suitable lor an opera house when
they put up their hall , since there
is a demand for a modern opera
house located on the south side
of the city.
Miss Inc/ Spain , daughter of
Mr. and Mrs J. II. Spam , left for
the Hot Springs , South Dakota ,
hospital last evening to be
treated for cancer.
Callaway will hold a combina-
nation race meet and celebration
on July 2\ and 3.1 > The regular
race meet will be on the 2d and
the 3d will be taken for Uie cele
Capt. II. F. Kennedy , who is
mustering officer for company M
desires to extend an invitation to
the young men in the country
surrounding Broken Bow to come
in uud join company M.
Judge Cole and J. W. White
arc cleaning up the city park
this week. They arc planting
some ilowers also , and trying to
give things a more life like ap
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Darnell's
little baby died Thursday even
ing. The child- was only one
day old. The funeral services
will be held Friday at 10 a. in. at
the residence.
L. O. Nelsou went up to
Alliance Tuesday night to try
and fix up the amount of the
damages due L. O. Nelson & Co.
from the Burlington railroad on
account of the horses killed and
injured in the railroad wreck.