Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, May 13, 1909, Image 6

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    aturaay tne opening day of
An advance price cutting event of j
In fifteen days , beginning Saturday , May 22d , we will reduce our mammoth stock , if the mas
season is over. THINK OF IT ! This store's bg : stock dumped on the market at prices rej
our store chuck full of these recent purchases , all radically reduced now. It gives yoi
satisfaction what you will pay for these goods. This * is to be a sweeping sale. Ever ]
- ting period. Our store will be full , yes overflowing with customers at the very opei
that our prices are money savers and we know the people of our territory well encr
low and prepare to be here bright and early on the day of the opening - \
Remember this is only for 15 days ! 15 days of the biggest sale
Ladies hemstiched Cambric 12 x 12
The best bargain we ever offered go
in this sale for 2c
A 27 inch Percale of good quality.
Snappy patterns at Gc per yard.
( Ten yards to a person. )
Newest waists at saving prices.
The big range of styles and patterns we show is the very cream , not culled from the seasons selling
Prices are so low during this sale YOU must buy now.
Ladies' mercerized nainsook nnd India Linen , regular $2 and $2 50 value now 8gc
These are all embrodieiied aud laced fronts with new sleeves and strictly up to the minute.
MessoHne silks of Mulberry , raspberry , carnard blue and green , $7.50 value , now $4 98.
TnfTeUiin and Messolines , all new shades.
The daintiest line we ever carried , it will pay you to see these $6 50 now $4 33
Pure linen , euibrodiercd Inumlcried collars , best effect fronts with dainty plaiting , $5 now 3 34
Pure linen launderied collars and cuffs , good quality of linen , $3 now $2
All India linen waists now 1-3 off just to make this sale a hummer.
Here's your chance to buy this summers supply of underwear. We've got a big lot of these goods
and are making prices accordingly. This is truly an important sale of these every day mtides.
Ladies' ribbed bleached vests , taped and trimmed , regular 12 2 now 6J $
Ladies ribbed , bleached , nicely trimmed and taped regular 150 value now 8 }
Muslin'skirls , lace and cmbroduiied flounces , good quality muslin , full aweep , 650 aud 750 , now 390
Muslin drawers , laced , embroderied tuck , good muslin and tucked 35 and 500 , now aoc
Muslin corset covers , fine quality , lace and embroidery trimmed , 50 aud 6c now 350
Muslin gowns , lace trimmed and ribboned , $1 now 5 c
All other numbers in our line at 50 per cent discount profits forgotten.
1-3 off Embroideries and Laces 1-3 off v-
This represents thousands of yards of the prettiest and dainties pat
terns in this seasons goods. You can use this \-ight now as its in the
heighth of the embroidery and lace season and we offer 1-3 off on the lot.
Curtains at Clearing Prices
Our regular prices are low and the prices we make are unusual bargains. (
A good curtain 2 yds long for 350 $2.50 Lace cable net , full size for | i 98
A good curtain 2 # yds long for 450 , oc ' u u 2 12
A better curtain 3 yds long for 650. , „ „ „
1,50 grade , full size , for 970 3 A 2 89
- grade , full size , for ft 39 4 oo " " < : < 329
We have these in white and colors.
Ladies' Skirts
Ladies fine tailored skirts in excellent
fabrics. This will be your opportunity
to buy at less than whose sale prices.
One lot in a bunch , made of Panama Mohair suitings ,
etc. , former prices 4 50 to $6 now on sale at $2 15
One lot in a bunch , made of Panama Mohair etc. , former
price $5 50 to $7 now on sale at $3 15
$5 oo Skirts in Panama , all colors and best styles , $3 78
' " " " "
550 412
" " " " "
750 525
$ li oo Panamas , Mohairs , fancy suitings , latest styles ,
during this saJe $7 40
$12 50 besr of materials , profusly trimmed , satin stripes
aud buttons during this sale go at f 3 98
$15 oo Voile and beautifully trimmed , satin stripes and
buttons , during this sale go at ? I2 98
Come early for best selections
Bleached 7-8 muslin , extra good grade.
Only 12 yards to a person.
5c Favorite unbleached 4-4 a good grade.
( Only ten yards to a person. )
Safety Pins.
An extra good safety pin
Stewart Brand on sale 15 days for
American Thread
During this sale only we will
offer Merrick's spool thread at
Smooth nice pearl buttons in all the
practicable every day sizes regular
5 and lOc sellers now on sale at
Common Pins
Good strong common pins , sharp
points , during this sale , per paper
Hair Pins
Extra fine hair pins in wood barrels
Assorted sixes regular lOc values
Good servicable wire hair pins during
this sale go at Ic
Trochan Laces
These are good laces and conimonty
sell from 6 to lOc per yard go for
Same good grade as we offer for 4c only
narrower and sells for 5 and Sc , for this
sale only will go for 3c
No coupons will be given
during this sale.
Men's shirts , all t
newest pattered
These we have bunched and ma
they are bound to interest.
One lot in percale , Madras , etc. , good color
One Lot in fme materials and designs , wor
Also have a nice lot of neckwear fix
I lot of 50c values j
I lot of 50c values g
"We couldn't leave out this depa
know we carry the highest grade ol
ular prices at this store are always
make them unusual bargains. " * *
Marzall corn ilakc
Dr. Prices Whcal
Puritan "Wheat fooi
wheat )
Extra fancy Jap Ki
A good grade of co
A good 25c coll'ec :
Extra fine large ml
Extra fine large wli
1 gallon can apples
Extra fine sweet <
Extra fine evapony
Extra fine evaporal
Extra fine dried yiv
Extra fine ring app'
Extra fine cored ap :
Fine plums , pear *
Try Wyandotte clca
the dirt fly. If you don't
ed. All we ask is for you t <
We save you