Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, April 22, 1909, Page 7, Image 7

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f \
Estate of James M. Caldwell Deceased in
Couiitv court of ( Mster County. Nehr.tblc.i
Tlic State of Nebraska , to nil person * in
U-resti-d in said estate , take notice , that the
i-M-cutori HI said estate have filed a final ac
vomit .uid rpooit of thcMr administration
and a volition lor final settlement and dis
Uiar o as such which have beeu set Jor
heat Ing before said Court on April 17th ,
IM ) at 10 o'clock A. M. when you may ap
lu'tir and contest the same.
luted March Mrd. 11-09.
A. It. utTMi'itiinr. County Judge.
- - - -
t-T'S SAL.K.
Xotlce Is hereby Given. That by virtue of
au Order of Salc.lssiiud to me from the Dis
trict court of Custer County , Nebraska , up
on a decree of foreclosure rendered la said
rnurt , at the February loot ) term thereof , to.
vIt : On the 6th day ot February IHiW la fa\
or of William Wilde and against E j. and L.
1have let led upon the following Described
real estate , to-wii the North ' < , of the South-
i-ast Vi and the South 14 of the Northeast H
ot Section S3 township 19 Ranges : In Custer
County. Nebraska and 1 will , on the intli day
nt April 1P09. at 3 o'clock 1 > . M. , at the east
door of the Court House , in the city or iirok-
< -n now. Nebraska , In said county , sell said
real estate at public auction to the highest
bidder tor cash , to satisfy s < tid decree , In
tel est and costs , the amount due thereon
to the sum ot JiH)3.t.5 ) . with 0 per cent Interest
f trotn February 8th HHW and court costs
auiouutlng lotW.OO ami accruing costs. Said
above real estate will be sold subject to all
prior Hens and Incumbrances , as per cet
tltlcates on tile In District Clerk s ofllce.
Dated this 18th day of March \m.
II. F. KONNKUY , Sheriff.
A. P , JOHNSON , Attorney.
M-18 A-ISSt
Department of the Interior , U. S. hand
Oillce at Broken Dow , Nebr. March l.V hint
Notice Is hereby given that Thomas S.
Smith , of Round Valley , who , on December
1st , IB0.1. made Homestead entry No , OI07J
serial No. 3120 , for N. V , N. K. section . ' ,
township 18 N. , range 19 W. . sixth principal
meridian , has filed notice ot intention to
make llnal live year proof , to establish cll.un
to the laud above described , before Register
and Ueclcver at Drokon How , Nebraska , on
the fifth day of May , 1909.
Claimant names as witnesses'
Douglas Thompson , Itouiul Valley. Nebr ,
Nathan A. Smith , of Hroken How , Nebr
Kdward Smith , Uound Valley , Nebr Sam
uel Thompson , of Hound Valley.
M-18 A-8Z C-t JOIIN HKE K , Register.
Notice Is hereby given that pursuant to an
order of the District Court of Custer County
Nebraska , made by the Hon. Hruno O , Hos
teller , Judge said of District Court , on the 'JO ,
day of February 1U09 In the case of D. M.
Amsberrv vs the llrokcn How mislness and
Normal College et al.
I will on Tuesday the 4th day of May , 1009 ,
at 2 o'cloc p. m. . at the east front door ot
the Court house In the city of Broken How ,
Nebraska , sell at public sale for cash , lots a
and 1 of block Os Railroad addition to
Hroken How , Nebraska , to-gethcr , with all
buildings and appurtenances on said lots.
Dated this 1st day of April 10U9.
A 1195t John M. Tiw.NEii. Receiver.
In the District Court of Custer County
In the matter of the Estate of William
Thompson , deceased.
This cause came on for hearing upon the
petition of T. T. Hell , administrator of the
estate of William Thompson , deceased , pray
ing for a license to sell the south west quar
ter of the north east quarter and lot two In
section one ( I ) In township fourteen ( II ) [
north of range twenty-one ( il ) west ot the
Uth principal meridian in Custer County
Nebraska , era sutllclent amount of the same
to bring the sum ot $17500 tor the payment
of debts allowed against said estate , the
cost of administration and the expense ot
this proceeding , there not being sufilrtent
personal property to pay said debts and ex
H Is therefore ordered that all persons in-
infested In said estate appear betore me at
jvparney Nebraska , on the 15th day of May ,
J'.Wflat < imt o'clock ' p in. to show cause why a
license should not be granted to said ad-
inlnlstrator to sell so much ot said real
rstate of said deceased as shall be necessary
to pay said debts and expenses. Notice to
be published In Custer county Republican ,
luti-d this 25th day of March UU'.i
A I A 22 5t
I" In the county Court of custcr County No-
' '
\ In'the'matter ot the r.stato of Daniel T.
I , Matik. Deceased.
Notice to Creditors :
The State of Nebraska , to Creditors of
said Ksutu :
Take Notice , that I will sit In the County
Court Houui. In Hroken How , In said County ,
on the nuih day ot April IIHW and Die llth of Octoher liwy at lu o'clock A. M , to re-
ri-f\f and examine all claims Illed and pre
sented against said estate , with a view to
their adjustment and allowance ; and that
on the llfbt date ahove named the pi-tltlon ot
the widow will he heard f < , r homestead , ex
emptions and allowance , and other .statutory
The time limit for the presentation of
claims against said estate Is six months from
theSO , day of March ItKWand the time limited
for tlie payment of debts ! > one year from
said date.
Dated March 30 1009.
A. H. HUMpniiKY , County Judge.
Department of the Interior. U. S. Land
Otllce at North 1'latte Nebraska , March
H. UKI. )
Notice Is hereby given that cliarles Koch ,
of Urokun How , NeLraska , wlio , on March
H , 1UOI made Uoraestead Entry . < o HIS u. lor
M tr , ( > rtlnii nli > i > ii. tnwnshln it ! north.
range 2i west of the sixth principal meridian ,
has Hied notice of his intention to make final
live year proof , to establish rlalm to the
land above described , beforu A H. Humph
rey , county Judge , at Hroken How , Nebr ,
on the eighth day of May , 190U.
i laimant names as witnessess-
Emmet LShoup. Sylvester Dale Joseph
Obde , Michael Onde all of Hroken How
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® Author of "Tho Fighting Chance , " Etc.
Copyrltfht , 1907 , by Hubert W. C h a in b c r a ] : '
( Continued from last week. )
"Then what Is It ? 1 have boon
have loft mo HO nuicli alone tills winter -
tor , niul 1 supposed I understood"
"My work , " ho said , lint she. sraree-
ly know the vnloo for hK
"I know ; yon have had no tlino. 1
know that. I nunut to know It by thN
Ilino. for 1 have told uiysolf often
enough. And yet when wo are to
It N- 1ms becu--dllTerent
Bother NIt - -
( ' 'nn yon toll moliy ? Do yon think
ino ehiinged' ' "
"Yon must not change , " ho said.
The mounting sea of passion swept
him. lie turned on her unsteadily , Ids
hands clinched , not daring to touch hor.
Shame , contrition , horror that the damage -
ago WUM already done , nil were forgot
ten. Only the deadly Brim duty of the
moment hold him back.
"Dear , " ho said , "hecanso I am un
changed-because I--1 love yon so-
help mo. and Cod help us lioth ! "
" 'i'ell mo. " slio said steadily , lint It
was fear that stilled her voice. She
laid one slim hand on the tahlo , hear
Ing down on the points of her linger *
until the mills whitened , lint her head
was high and her eyes met Ws , straight ,
"I-1 knew It. " she said. "I under
stood there was something. If It Is
trouble , and I see It Is bring It to mo.
If I am the woman you took me for ,
give me my part In this. It Is the
quickest way to my heart , Captain Sol-
wyn. I ask It. "
"Why ? "
Her eyes wavered , then returned his
gaze :
"For love of you , " she said , as while
as death.
He caught his breath sharply and
straightened out , passing one hand
across his eyes. When she saw his
face again In the dim light H was
"There was a aomnii , " he said , "for
whom I was once responsible. " He
spoke wearily , head bent , resting the
weight of one arm on the table against
which she leaned. "Do yon under
stand V he asked.
"Yes. Yon mean Mrs. Kuthven. "
"I mean her. Afterward , when mat
ters had altered. I came home. "
lie raised his head and looked about
him In the darkness.
"Came home , " he repeated , "no lons-
pr a man the shadow of a man , with
no hope , no outlook , no right to hope. "
| Ie leaned heavily on the table , Ids
firm rigid , looking down at the lioor as
ho spoke.
"No right to hope. Others told me
that 1 still possessed that right. I
knew they were wrong. 1 do nut moan
that they persuaded me. I persuaded
myself that , after all , perhaps my
right to hope remained to me. 1 per
suaded myself that I might lie , after
all , the substance , not the shadow. "
He looked up at her.
"And so I dared to love you. "
She gazed at him , scarcely breathing.
"Then , " he said , "came the awaken
ing. My dream had ended. "
She waited , the lace on her breast
scarce stirring , so still she stood , so
pitifully still.
"Such responsibility cannot die while
those live who undertook It. 1 be-
lle\ed It until I desired to believe It no
longer. "
lie took one step toward her , and his
yolce fell so low that she could just
hear him.
'She has lo t her mind , and the case
i-i hopeless. Those to whom the laws
if lh > ' land have given care of her
turned on her , threatened her with dis
grace. And when one- friend of her- '
halted this miserable conspiracy her
mal.uly came swiftly upon her , and
Middonlv she found herself helpless ,
penniless , abandoned , her mind already
iouded and clouding faster. Klloon.
was Uiero then the shadow of a doubt
us to the responsibility ? I dare not
niter one word of love to yon. 1 dnre
not touch you. What chance Is there
for such a mini na } ' ( "
"No oliunco for us , " she whispered ,
"no ! "
For a fiocoad he stood motionless ,
then , swaylnu slightly , turned on bin
And long after he bad left the house
Hhe still stood there , eyes closed , col- lips set , her slender body quiv
ering , racked with the llrst fierce grief
of a woman' * love for a man.
Chapter 26
EUfl.YTCU had already
begun tu make mistakes
Tlie was In thinking
that , among those whose
only distinction was
their wealth , hl.s own
wealth permitted him the same Inso
lence and ruthlessnes that so t'rc-
fluently characterized thorn-
Ho had sneerlngly dispensed with
Gerald ; bo had shouldered Fane and
Harmon out of his way when they
objected to the purchase of Neer
gard's acreage adjoining the Slowltha
preserve and Its incorporation as an
integral portion ot the club tract ; thus
he vras preparing to rid himself of
i < < liv > > n foiimilW.r r. > nKiin ItUt ho
was not jet unite n .id > in spurn Until
ven , beein ! ii ho wnntod a little more
Qlinlys Orchil.
out of him , Just enough to place him
on a si't'tiro footing among those of
the younger set where Kulhveii , a-i
hack cotillon leader , was regarded by
the young with wide eyed awe.
\Vliy Neergard , who had forced hlm-
self Into the Slowitlia , ever camu to
commit so gross a blunder as to dra
goon or even penult the club to ae-
Ittire the acreage , the exploiting of
which had threatened their existence ,
is not very clear.
Mready the familiarity of Ills ap
pearance and his name seemed to
sanction his presence. Two minor
clubs , but good ones in need of dues-
had strained at this social camel and
swallowed him. Card rooms welcomed
him not the rooms once Hung open
contemptuously for his plucking , but
rooms vthoro. play was llercer and
where those who faced him expected
battle to the limit.
And they gel it , for he no longer
felt obliged to lose. And that again
was a mistake. He could not yet af
ford to win.
George Fane , unpleasantly involved
In Hlock Copper , yngry , bat not very
much frightened , turned In casual good
faith to Neergard to ease matters un
til ho could cover. And iS'cergard
locked him In the tighter and shoul
dered hla way through Hosamund'n
drawing room to the sill of Sansnn
Orchil's outer olllce , treading brutally
on Harmon's heels.
Harmon In disgust , wrath and fear
went to Craig ; Craig to Maxwell
Hunt ; Hunt wired Mottly ; Mot My , cold
and sleek In his contempt , came from
Palm Hcnt'h.
The cohesive power of caslo Is an
unknown element to the outsider.
That ho had unwittingly and prema
turely aroused some unsuspected force
on which he had not counted and of
which he had no definite knowledge
was revealed to Noergardhen he de
sired Rosamund lo obtain fur him an
Invitation to the Orchils' ball.
It appeared that she could not do so
that even the threatened tendency of
Ulock Copper could not sharpen her
% \ Its to devise a way for him Very
Innocently she told him Ilia I .1 u I ;
Itnlhvon was loading the Chinese co
tillon with Mrs. Dolmour-Carnc" . I nun
one end , ( lerald ICrroll with ( ! lid.\- :
froni the other a hint that a card
ought to bo easy enough to obtain In
spite of the strangely forgetful Or
Long since he bad fixed upon < ; iadyH
Orchil as the most suitable silent part
ner for the unbuilt house of Neergnrd ,
unconcerned that rumor was uliv.idj
sending her abroad for the double pnr
pose of getting rid of ( 'erald and of
giving denervlng aristocracy a look In
at the fresh youth of her and her sell
ng price.
Ho had porno < n various occasions
lese to the unrullled skirls of Mils
oung girl not yet , however , In her
own house. Hut Knnxon Orchil had
ecently condescended to turn around
n his olllce chair and leave Ids amus-
ng railroad combinations long enough
0 divide with Xcergurd a quarter of
1 million copper profits , and there was
another turn to be expected when
Xoergard gave the ward.
Therefore It puzzled and confa ed
Neergard to bo overlooked where the
gay world had boon summoned with
an accompanying blast fiom the pub
lic press ; therefore lie had gone to
Itosnmund with the curtest of hints
that ho would llhe to liuvo U cnrd to
die Orchil affair.
"There Is no "use In Kpcaklng t
George- , " she said , Blinking her ln-ad.
"Try It , " returned Xeoigaid , ' "h n
hint of a snarl. And ho took his u-uvo
and his hat from the man In waiting ,
who looked after him with the Blight
est twitching of his aim veil upper lip ,
for the lifting of an oyohrow in the
drawing rooms becomes warrant for a
tip that runs very swiftly below Blairs.
That afternoon , alone In his olllce ,
Koorgnrd remembered Gerald , aud for
the ilrst time ho understood the mis
take of making an enemy out of what
he had known only as a friendly fool.
But It was n detail , after nll-mcrcly
a slight error in assuming too early au
arrogance ho could have afforded lo
\\ult for. He had waited H long , long .
\\hilo for some things. (
As for Fane , ho had him locked up
with his short account. No doubt he'd
hear from the Orchils through the j
Fanes. However , to clinch the matter
he thought ho might as voll slop In to
see Kuthven.
So that afternoon lie took a hansom
at llroiul and Wall streets and rolled
Miioothly uptown , not seriously con
cerned , but willing to have a brief un
derstanding with Ituthroii on one or
t\\o subjects.
As his cab drove up to the Intricate
ly ornamental little house of gray
Mono a big touring limousine wheeled
out from the curb , and he caught sight
of Sanxon Orchil and I'hoenlx Mottly
Inside , evidently Just leaving Uuthven.
His smiling and very cordial bow-
was returned coolly by Orchil and ap
parently not observed at all by Mott-
y. He sat a second In his cab motion
less , the obsequious smile Htlll sten
died on his Unshed face. Then the
Hush darkened. lie got out of his cab
and , bidding the man wait , rang at the
ise of Ituthven.
Uuthven In a lounging suit of lllae
silk , sashed In with Hcxlble silver ,
stood with hli : buck to the door as
Neergnrd was announced , and even
after he was announced Huthven took
his time to turn and stare and nod
with a deliberate negligence that ac
cented the a IT rout.
Neergard sat down. Ituthven gazed
nut of the window , then , soft thumbs
hooked in his sash , turned leisurely In
impudent Interrogation.
"What Is the matter with you ? " asked -
ed Neergard. " 1 see ( hero's some trou
ble somewhere. What Is It ? What's
the mailer with Orchil and that hatch
et faced beagle pup , MottlyV Is there
anything the matter , .lackV"-
"Nothing Important , " said 'Rutliven ' ,
with an Intonation .trhlcli troubled
Neergard. "Old yon come here to
ah-ask anything of me ? .Very glad
to do anything , I'm sure. "
"Are you ? Well , then , I want a card
( o the orchils' . " . .
"Awfully .sorry. "
"You mean you won't ? ' '
"Well , If you really Insist they ah
don't want you , Neergard. "
"Who why how do you happen to
know that they don't ? Is this some
petty spite of that young cub , Gerald ,
or"-and he almost looked at Ituthven
"Is this some childish .whim of
yours'/ "
"oh , really now"
"Yes , really now , " sneered Neergard.
"you'd heller tell me. And you'd bet
ter understand now , once for all , just
exactly what I've outlined for myself
so you can steer clear of the territory
I operate In. 1 need a little backing
but 1 can get along without It. And
what Fm going to do Is ( o marry Miss
Orchil. Now you know ; now you nn
derstaiid. 1 don't care n bang abon
the Krroll boy , and I think Fll dls
count right now any Intentions of an.\
married man to bother Miss Orchl !
after some Dakota decree frees him
from tin.1 woman whom he's driven Inti
an asylum. "
Ituthven looked at him curiously.
' So that Is discounted , Is It ? "
"I think so , " nodded Noergard. "f
lon't think that man will try lo oh
aln a divorce until 1 say the word. "
"Oh , why not ? "
"Meeause of my Knowledge concern
ng that man's crooked methods in oh
tabling for mo certain options thai
neant ruin to his own country club/
said Neergard coolly.
"I see. 'How extraordinary ! Hu1
: ho club has bought In all that land
hasn't It ? "
"Yes. but the stench of your trench
> ry remains , my friend. "
' .Not treachery , only temptation , " oh
honed Until veil blanUly , " 1'yu talket
\ *
Impnrktnt , " said Tlitthvcn.
It all over with Orclill and Mottly. I
told Orchil what yon persuaded mo to
do. "
" " " '
"Not at all ; not at all ! " protested
Ituthven , languidly settling blmuclf
once more among the cushions. "And.
by I ho way , " ho added , "there's a lav
-bylaw. Homethlng or other thai
understand mny interest you"- <
looked up at Ncergard , who had sunk
back In hl-j cli'-ii. ' ' "about unpaid UH-
BossmentH. "
Neergarii tttTT Tor liui rst time was
looking d.'rocUy'BS hSrn.
"Unpaid nfecsvmcnt , " repeated Ruth-
von. ' 'Ifn n ( Ivtall a Jay , never en
forced nulusi woahal < ! It couveu <
lent lo rid ourselves of u member.
"ThoiDjht It Jt < 5t as well to'mentloa
It , " said Uuthwn blandly , "as they've
been lit to take advantage of the ah
opportunity - under legal advice. You'll
hear from the secretary , I fancy
Mottly , ynii know. Is there anything
more , NeergardV"
He looked at Ituthven , scarcely Bee-
Ing him. Finally he gathered his thick
legs under to support him as ho rose ,
stupidly , looking about for his hat.
Ituthven rang for a servant. When
ho came. Neenrard followed him "wltUj
I ( Continued Next Week. )
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It's our new : inil linineii.sely popular pt.ui
ol NI-IIIIIK Oliver Typewriters on little easy
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Save your Pennies and Own
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tluu or bee the nearest Oliver Agent.
The Oliver Typewriter Company
116 South 15 Street ,