Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, March 11, 1909, Page 7, Image 7

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Department of the Interior , f. K. Land
( Jlllce at llrokcli liow. Nchr. . Jan. SS. IWJ.
Notice Is hereby Klven that James Samn-
sou. of Itrofcca How Nebr.vlio , on pebruarv
ic , 1W2. made Homestead Entry No. MM ,
Ke.rlalNo.Oli'(7forse scSoctloa it.To\vnslilitl7 : ,
North of Hange 3) . West of tlie lli 1'r.
Meridian , has Hied notice ot Intention
to make ilnl'5 year proofto establish claim to
thu land above described , before Register
aid KcU'lVi-rat lirokcn How Nebraska , on
Hie V.'th day of Match , l'W.i. '
Claimant names as witnesses :
.Joseph E. liradford , Mack O'llrlcn , Cieorni'
t ircenwalt. Charles Hoblnsoa all of llrouen
How , Nebr. John Keese.
I'i'b.-t-Mar. Jl-Ot HeKlster.
In the County Court of Custer County Nebr. .
In the matter of the estate ot John Collier ,
Sf. , Deceased.
The State of Nebraska , to the Creditors :
Take notice , that \villslt In the County
Cum t room. In lirokcn How. tit said County
on the 31st day of March , 1WI9 and the llith
tt.iv ol AuKust. HKIU at lo o'clock a. in . to re
ceive and examine all claims tiled an I pro
l aualnst said estate , with a v ew to
their adjustment and allowance : and
< m the lirst date above named the petition of
the widow will be heard tor homestead , ex
emptions ami allowance , and other statutory
limit for the presentation of
cl tlm * against said estate Is six months irom
the I'Jth day of February , HKW. and the time
limited for the payment ol debts Is one year
from said date ,
JSUAL ] A. K. HUMi'iianv , County .ludge.
t'eb. 13 Mar. Il-lt Dated Kebruarv 12. U'J'J. '
Department of the Interior. IT , S. I and Lincoln. Nebr. . Keb.lU , IWU.
Xotli-els hereby given that Sarah E. ilrlm.
ot liroken How , Nebr. , who on March SI , UKII.
made homc'Htead entry No. 17W1 , serial No
o.V.3. itM neH. section 4 township 15 n. r.uige
L'O w. ith. principal meridian , has filed notice
of Intention to make ilnal live year proof , to
establish claim to the land above described.
before A. H. Ilumhprey county Judge , at
llvoken How , Nebr. , on the 'Jltb day of
March , loan.
claimant names as witnesses :
Uohrrt V. Hurnett , Thomas 'I'orKersoa.
Ell Cox. . Jerome Taylor , all of Hroken now ,
Nebraska. CHAS. II. KIIKIHI.
Feb. IB-Mar 2.r.Ct le ! lster.
\Vllllam T. Huston , Non-Uesldeiil Dclea-
Yoii are hereby notified that on the iMth
day of December , HKW , Mary K. Huston
Hied her petition In the district court ol Cus.
ter County , Nebraska , the object and prayer
of which are to obtain from you an absolute
divorce on the ground of extreme cruelty ,
non-support and desertion ; to secure the cus
tody and control ot your minor children ,
and to procure their appropriate relief. You
will answer said petition on or before the
rn day of March , iwa.
Mary E. Huston. I'lalntifl.
lly .Sullivan & Squires her attorney. ' )
Feb.t.Pcb. . 2. " > It
Estate of Kachel Fleming deceased , In the
County court of custer County , Nebraska ,
The State of Nebraska , to all persons In
terested In said estate , take notice , that J. II.
Fleming has Hied a Hual account and report
ot his administration , and a petition for ilnal
settlement llndlng of lieirs , dfstributatlon
and discharge as such , which have been set
lor hearing before said court on March 22 ,
ITOi , at 10 o clock a. m. , when you may ap
pear and contest the same.
Dated February 17. IMW.
[ SEAL ] A. H. HU.Ml'ltUHV. County Judge.
Feb. IB-Mar. 11 n
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* * Author of "The Fidhllntf Clmncc , " Etc. 1 | ?
. { ' " " " ' " ' =
* { o II }
® Copyritfht , ' 1007 , by Robert W. Chambers *
( Coiitiuucil from last week , )
"it-tin you reallyV" slu .slainnu'rcil ,
tihriukltiK away frnin him.
"Truly. Nullilnir l-j nllcivd. Nnlh-
Ini ; of the lioml ln'l wi'i'ii us livoak -
t'hcil. On the I'onlrary. It N Ktivn th-
< 'iic'l. , You raiinot unilorstantl tliut ;
now. lint .vlmt you are to holiovo and
nhvays undi'ir.tatnl ly our frh'inl-
Hlllp Uilisl UllllUl'i' . "
"I vanl lo ask you soniPthliifr , " Hliu
snld , "incriMy to prove that you are a
lltlli' I It Illogical. May IV"
Ho uud'toil. snillliii. : .
"Could you and 1 care for each oilier
more than vo now do 11' wo were mar
ried V"
" 1 think HO , " ho aal.l.
"WhyV" I'll.1 dor.iiindo.l , astonished.
Evidently aho hud L-J peeled nnuthor
Hii.iniie no rcjily , and she lay back
luiuxiK the cushlun : > eounlderliiK what
iie had said , the Hush of Hiirprixo ullll
HiijVriiiK In he r i'hool ! .
"Ilow ran I marry you , " she asked ,
"WKM ! 1 would- would not rare to on-
ltnv a-a earosa from any man , even
from you ? It-such tiling would
upoll it all. 1 don't love you that way.
Oh. don't look at me that way ! Have
1 hurt you , dear Captain Kulwyu ? I
did not mean lo. Oh , what has be
come of our happlno.-wV What baa In-
I'omo of It' . ' " And she turned , full
length hi the swln ; , ' , and hid her face
hi the silken pillow.s.
Ho looked down at her , slowly real
izing that it was a child ho still was
dealing with 11 child with a child's hi-
noconce , repelled by the graver phase
of love , unresponsive to the deeper
emotions , bewildered by the glimpse
of tlie mature role Ids attitude had |
compelled her to accept. That slio al
ready had reached that milestone and
for a moment had turned Involuntarily
to look back and llnd her childhood al
ready behind her frightened her.
Thinking perhaps of his own year.- !
and of what lay behind htm , he sighed
find looked out over the waste of moor
land where tlie Atlantic was battering
tlie sands of Surf point. Thou his pa
tient gui-.o shifted to the east , and ho
saw the surface of Sky pond , blue us
the eyes of the girl who lay crouching
in the cushioned corner of the swing
ing feat , small hands clinched over
the handkerchief , a limp bit of slull'
damp with her tears.
"There is one tiling , " he said , "that
we mustn't do-cry about it , must we ,
lOiieen ? " , . , x ,
" "
lie was silent , and presently she
nald , "I llio reason of it my crying
is b-b-because 1 don't wish you lo be
unhappy. "
"I'.nt , dear , dear little girl , I am not. "
"Xo , indeed. Why should I be ? You
do love mo , don't you ? " * - . <
' You know I do. " , . ' : "t
"Hut not In that way. "
' 'X-no ; nut in that way , 1 w-wish I
did. "
A thrill passed through him. After
moment lie relaxed and loaned for
ward , ids chin resting on his clinched
li uitK " 'i lieu let us go back to the
old footing , Klleon. "
' ' " " '
" " '
"Can weV"
"Ye.1 , wo can , and we will back to
[ he old fooling when nothing of deeper
siMitimonl disturbed us. You know
how It Is. A man who is locked up in
imrailNc Is never satisfied until lie
can climb tlie wall and look over.
Now 1 have climbed and looked , and
now 1 fliinb bade Into the garden of
your dear friendship , very gHd to be
there again with you very , very thank
ful , dear. AYill you wflcnnii1 me back ? "
She lay quite still a minute , then sat
up straight , stretching out both hand. "
to him , her beautiful , 1'ea.rlfsa eyes
( irilliant as rain washed stars.
"Don't go away , " site said. "Don't
over go away from our garden again , "
"Xo. Klleon. "
"Is It a promlKo-riiillp ? "
Her voice fell exquisitely low.
"Yes , a promise. Do you take me
back , KileenV"
"Yes , I tiiko you. Take me back , too ,
Philip. " Her hands tightened in Ids ;
she looked up at him , faltered , waited ,
then in a fainter voice : "And and hu
of g-good courage. 1 I nnnpt \ very
old yet. "
An hour later , when Nina discovered
thorn there together , Klleon , curled np
nmong the cushions in ( lie swinging
wat , was reading iiloiul "Kvldonrns of
Asiatic Influcnco on the Symbolism of
Ancient Yucatan , " and Selwyn , astrldo
n chair , chin on his folded arms ,
listening with evident rapture.
opi'ia-d from end to end
to the soft : jea wind , was
cmwdi'd with the gayest ,
noisiest throng that had
gathered there In a
twelvemonth. The Orchils and the
I.a\\ni : \\ero there , the Minsters , the
Craigs from Wyossutt , tlie ( Irays of
T.ako , the Draymoroa , Fanes ,
Mottlys , t'ardwolls in fact , it seomcu
as though all Long Island had been
drained from C'--darhurst to Isllp uml
frnin O.vste'r May'ln Vr > - . < i > i ( Id | n > i r
a stream of garrnlmis and animated
, \onIh and beauty Into the halls and
over the verandas and triraro-i and
lawns of llillier\\oud House.
It was lo be a lantern frolic and n
lantern dance and supper , all most
formally ami Impressively informal.
And it began \\llh n caudle race for a
big sliver gilt flip and a motor boat
rare won by Moots nnd ( icrald. Out In
the ba.\ lay Xoorgard's yacht , outlined
in oli-i Irlflly from stem to stern , every
"It In .s/ivrni/r / / , " t-lic sttlil.
spar and funnel and contour of hull
and superstructure twinkling In Jeweled -
eled brilliancy.
On a great Improvised open pavil
ion set up In thu Hither woods , garlanded -
landed ami hung thick with multi
colored paper lanterns , dancing hud
already begun , but Selwyn and Kl-
leen lingered on the lawn for awhile ,
fascinated by the beauty of the lire-
works pouring skyward from thu Xlo-
' 'They seem to be very gay aboard
her , " murmured the girl. "Once you
said that you did not llko Mr. Js'eor-
gard. Do jon lemember saying It'r"
Ha replied simply. "I don't llko him ,
and 1 remember saying ao. "
"It Is strange , ' FIO ! said , "that Cer- !
aid does. "
1 .Selwyn looked at the Illuminated
yacht. "I woader whether any of
Noergard's crowd is expected ashoiv
here. Do you happen to know'/1'
She did not know. A moment later ,
to his annoyance , Kdgcrton Lawn
came up and asked her to dance , and
she wont , with a smile and a whls-
1'cred "Wait for me , if you don't mind ;
I'll come back to you. "
At Intervals ho cauglil glimpses of
Eileen through the gay crush around
him. lie danced with Nina and sug
gested to her Itva : < time to leave ,
but that young matron had tasted just
enough to want more , and Kileon. ' too ,
was evidently having a mot : dellghi-
fid time. So he settled Into the har
ness of pleasure and was good to the
pink and while ones , and they told
each oilier what a "dear" he was and
adored him more inconveniently than
Truly enough , as he had often said ,
these younger ones were the charm
ingly wholesome and refreshing anil-
dole1 to the occasional misbehavior of
the mature. They were , as he also as-
fjorlcd , the hope and promise of the
social fabric of a nation , this younger
Supper and then the Woodland co
tillon was the programme , and almost
all the tables were tilled before Selwyn
had an oppoitimlly to celled Xlna and
Austin and capture Kileen from a very
rosy cheeked and Indignant boy who
hud quite lost his head and heart and
appeared to be on the verge of a head
long declaration.
"It's only 1'ercy Draymore's Kid
brother , " she explained , passing her
arm through Ids with a lltlle sl h of
natIsfaclIon. "Oh , hen- come Xiiu
and Austin. Mow pretty the table *
look all lighted up among the treeV.
And such an uproar ! " as they came
Into the jolly tumuli and passed i'i
among a labyrinth of tables , greeted
laughingly from every side.
Cndcr a vigorous young oak trco
thickly festooned with lanterns Ans
tin found an unoccupied ( able. Then
were a great deal of racket and laugh
ter from the groups surrounding them ,
but this seemed to lie the only avail
able spot ; besides , Austin wasi hungry ,
and' he said so.
Xlna , wilh Selwyn on her left , look
ed avound for derald aicl Lansing.
When I he latter came .sauntering up
Austin questioned him , but he replied
carelessly that ( .Jerald had gone to Join
some people whom he , Lansing , did
not know very well.
"Why , there ho It now ! " exclalnie.1
Eileen , catching bight oC her brother
seated among a very noisy group on
the outer edge of thu Illuminated /one ,
"Who are those- people , XiiiaV oh ,
Rosamund Fane ( a there , too ; and
.Shu coaml speaking EO abruptly thai
Selwyn turned around , and Nina bit
bur lip In vexation and glanced at bii
husband , for among the ovcrnnlinateil
and almost boisterous group which \va- )
iittraulng the attention of everybody
In the vicinity sat .Mr * . Jacl : Ituthvcii
And HL-IW.VII nw hot1.
For a momuiit he luukod at her look
cd at Gerald besldo her , and Xeorgaril
on the oilier side , and Rosamund op
posite , and at tin- others whom he luu
never before scon. Tln-n quietly , but
with heightened colt.r , he turnul hh
attention to the glasu which the scrv-
juit had Just filled for him and , restIng -
Ing Ida bund on the stem , stared at tin *
bubbles crowding upward through It
to the foamy brim.
Nina and Uoots had begun ostenta
tiously an exceedingly animated con
versation , and they became almost ag
gressive , appealing to Austin , who Bat
bock with a frown on hi.s heavy face ,
nju.l to Edcon , who \vns japing her
mineral water and staring thoughlfully
at a big. round , orange tinted lantern
which hung like
tlio It a r v o H t
moon behind
( Jerald. throw Ing
Ids curly head
Into silhouette.
What oonvor-
Katlon there waste
to carry , Hoots
and Nina car
ried. Austin si-
liln hunger , eatIng -
Ing niul drinking \vltli a sullen dotor-
MiliniHiui to niili ! ; > no pretense of Ignor-
Ina situation ( lint plainly angered him
ili'i'iily. ' Ami from minute to minute ho
raised his Jtoad to glare itpro-w at ( ! or-
aKI , who evidently was unconscloiH of
tin- presence of his own party.
When Nina spoke to Klleon. tlu > girl
answered briefly , but with perfect com-
pixnro. SYlw.xn , too , added a quiet
word at Intervals , speaking li\ a voice
that s-onmK'd a little tired and strained.
It was that note of fatigue In his
voli-o which aroused Klleon to eiVorl -
the liiHllnctlvo move to protei1 ! . to sns
tain him. Conscious of Au tln'-i sup
pressed hut Increasing linger at her
litlier. ) . anur/.eil and dlslrexsed at what
( Jerald had done-for the hoy's very
pivoiiro there with the set of whom
they disapproved was an alVnml to
them all -she was still more sensitive
to Sclwyn's volee. and In her heart she
responded passionately.
Nina looked np. surprised at the sud
den transformation In the girl , who
had turned on Hoots with a sudden
How of spirits and the gayest of ehal-
li'iiges. and their laughter and badi
nage became HO genuine and so porsNl-
ont that , comlilnliig with N'lna. they
fairly swept Austin from his surly ab
straction Into their tolls , and Sclwyn'a
Giib'luod ' laugh , If forced , sounded pleas-
anl iiuw , and Ids drawn face seemed
to relax a little for ( ho time lielng.
Once she turned , under cover of the
general conversation which she had set
going , ami looked straight Into Scl-
wyn's eyes , Hashing to him a message
of purest loyally , and his silent In
response sent the color llylng to her
cheeks. . . * „ tl.
U was all very well for ii\\hllc , a
brave , sweet effort , but ears eonld n < d
remain deaf to the Increasing nol.-o and
laughter , to familiar voices , half caught
phrases , indiscreet even In the frag
incuts understood. I'.esldcs , C ! era hi had
fcen them , and the boy's face had be
come almost ghaslly.
All.\o , unusually Unshed , was con
ducting herself without restraint. Xeer-
gard's snickering laugh grew more sig-
nlllcant and persistent. Kvon llosa-
iniind spoke lee loudly at moments ,
and once she looked around at Nina
and Solwyn while her pretty , accent-
less laughter , rippling with Its under
tone of malice , became more frequent
In ( he Increasing tumult.
There was no use In making a pre
tense of further ga.vely. Austin had
begun to scowl again. Xlna , with onti
"Hint't yo. I cure loroil / /on / 7in/r7i / In
tit , ! ; it. "
chocki'd ; ; laiici' at Allxe , leaned tnt'i
tuwnnl lit'i * hrollit'i1 :
"II Is iiii'i'cdllili' ! " slic iiinrmmvd
"Sin1 iiniHl hi iii'i'fi'ctly mad tti make
Midi an cxlilliltlon of lii > rm > ll' . Can't
anyliody tihiji lu > r ? f'an't anybody send
lit11 ! liuini'V"
Austin Haiti Kiilli'idy , but dlHtini-tly
"Tho tiling for list to do hi to gi t out.
Nina , IT you are roady" -
"Hul-lmt Ci-raldV" I'al-
- what about - -
torcd ISlli'cu , lurnlm ; pllcnusly to Si-l
\ vyii.Vo fan't lilni-tlicn- ! "
The man straightened up and turiu-.l
his drawn face toward her :
"i > f > you wish me to get him ? "
"V you can't do lhal , ran yoiiV"
"Yeii. 1 eau , IT you wish II. l o you
think there IM anyllilnt , ' In the world 1
can't do , If you wish IIV"
At ho I'oiju K.he laid her hand on hl
"I I dou'l ask It" rhc lieKiiu.
"You du not have to ask II , " he nald ,
with a Hiulle almost Kcnulne. "Austin ,
I'm going to gel Cerakl , and Xlnii will
explain to you thai he's tit be left tome
mo If any normon Is. roqulivd. I'll jn ;
buck \\llh him In the motor boat
Hoots , you'll drive homo in my place. "
As ho turned , ullll tunUIng and self
possessed , Klleon whispered rapidly :
"Don't go. 1 onro for you too mm-li
t-i ask it. "
lie raid under his breath , "Dearest ,
you cannot umlorutaml. "
"Yes , I do ! Don't go. Philip , don't
jro near her. "
"I must. "
"If you do-if you go-h-how can
you c-cani for mo as you uy you do-
wheii I ask you not to when I cntinot
endure to" -
Hlio turnrd nwlftly and Htared across
at Allxo , and Alixo , unsteady In tlui
flushed brilliancy of lior youthful beau
ty , liulf rose In her neul and Blared
bud ; .
Instinctively the young girl's hand
lightened en fUlwyn'ti arm. "Shc-
Bho l.-i heautifnl , " she faltered , bill la
turned and led her from tlie table ,
following Austin , his sinter and
Hlng , and she clung to him almost con
vulsively when ho hailed on the cdgt
of the lawn.
"I must go back , " ho whispered
"iloiirost ili-uri'Sij J luiivt. "
( .Continuea Next Week , )
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puldli : hentment , are
t > ralnliiK a vast army
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Save your Pennies and Own
The Standard Visable writer
Tills "ITrents aila ) " selling plan make
the Oliver as low as to rent. It places tin :
machine within easy reach of every home -
every Individual. A maa'H "rlgar money
a woman's "pin money"- will luiy It.
Clerks on small salaries ran now afford to
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Important positions.
School hoys and h.-houl t'lrb can buy Ol
vers by saIni ; their pennies.
You can buy an Oliver on this plan at tilt-
regular catalogue price -tliw. A small llr t
payment in Ings UHmachine. . Then yo- :
have 17 coins a day and pay monthly.
D And the possession of ail Oliver Type'ATllrr
enables you to earn money to ilnlsh paying
for the nuchlme. '
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Can you spend 17 cents a day to better aJ
vantage than In the purchase ot tills wonder
tul machine. '
write for Special Kasy Payment Pronosl
tlon or see the nearest Oliver Agent ,
The Oliver Typewriter Company
116 South 15 Street ,